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"AMERICA FOR AMERICANS." We hold that all men are Atnerciana who Swear Allegiance to the United Sutra without a mental reservation.
NUMltEK 23.
Was the Cry Which Echoed
Through the Streets of
Rome Recently.
Pllwe4 By Cries f "Death to the
Paper 'T the Glbbett With the
Ciorlar f Cardlaeto!"
A disp tch from Rome to the Roman
Catholic Irish World of New York,
contains at account of a demonstration
Is the "boly"(?) city which should
have a wide circulation, because it
ahowi the temper of the Italian popu
lation when the pope is In any way con
cerned. The dispatch says:
To the lasting die grace of the I talian
government, on Wtdnesday, I6tb cur
rent, a band of rowdies, constituting the
rank and file of the liberal, anti-clerical
students of the University of the Sa
pienza, now a sad misnomer the fear
of God and consequently all true wisdom
having long since been ban lane d thence
to the number of some 400, reinforced
by the customary specialists in popular
demonstrations thereby swelling the
number to about 2,000, were permitted
act only with the tacit connivance, but
with the manifest protection of the
public authorities and lawfully consti
tuted powers that be, to parade the
streets and squares of the capital of
united Italy the honored and pacific
abode of the sovereign pontiff, declared
equally intangible with King Humbert,
by the famous law of the guarantees
bearing a wreath of fresh flowers with
rich streamers and appropriate lnecrip
tion, to be deposited on the statue of
Giordano Bruno in Campo del Fiori
February 10, his anniversary, as a sol
emn protest on the part of the radicals
against the presence of the Catholic
University students at the papal mass
of Sunday last "in homage," remarks
the officious Popolo Romans, "to that
freedom of conscience the liberal party
so loudly invoke in their own behalf,
but strenuously deny to all those of con
trary opinions."
Throughout the duration of this dem
onstration the air rang with shouts of
"Death to the pope!" "To the gibbet
with the Ciociaro of Cardineto!" "Death
toprleits!" "Death to the Jesuits! the
Clericals!" "The Club of St. Peter!"
"Down with the Popt 1" and "Vive Gi
ordano Bruuol" This on the eve of the
golden jubilee of that national statute,
the first article whereof bears:. "The
Catholic, apostolic, Roman religion is
the religion of the state." No attempt
was made by the large police force lin
ing the path of the cortege to check
this irreverence, nor hinder the hissing
and other Insults greeting every priest
and ecclesiastic met during the march,
their remarkable tolerance having un
doubtedly its chitf reason in fear of the
cobble stones laid ready for the repay
ing of the tquare, wnlch might prove
efficient missiles in the hands of an ir
ritated, unruly crowd. The wreath
being deposited within the arms of the
statue of Bruno speeches breathing
contumely and insult to religion, t the
pope and to the clericals were pro
nounced by two students, their elo
que nee being finally brought somewhat
summarily to a close by the decidedly
significant protruding of brooms from
some of the windows fronting on the
The demonstrators thereupon re
traced their ateps toward the university
breaking some windows of the Church
of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart on
passing before it, and, reaching their
alma mater, closed the day's proceed
ings by purchasing and committing to
the flames all the procurable copies of
clerical journals and displaying from
the main entrance the official universi
ty flag, duly draped In mournlcg, in
honor of Giordano Bruno. The official,
officious and liberal organs, as was to
be espected, carefully refrain in their
respective reports from in any wise
acting the derisive shouts mentioned
above and characterized the episode as
It hte froze there, if not, wlny doe- Vie keep the Nfition
in HUHpeone V
"most dignified, civilized and highly
appropriate, viewing the provocation
Astrology en Trial.
The Chicago Tribune, April 3rd, pub
lished the following:
Here is an opportunity for everybody
to test the claims of astrology and its
practitioners. A Chicago astrologer,
whose standing among his kind is Irre
proachable, says war is certain to break
out this week probably tomorrow;
that it will be long and serious, and
will ever tually involve nearly all the
world that, indeed, this is to be the
"Battle of Armageddon, " foretold lc
Holy Writ. He also says the hour for
Cuba's freedom has struck; and adds.
by way of good measure, that our new
battleship Kearsarge will sink on it
first cruise.
"Mercury," says he, "is the ruling
planet of the United States and is po
tent for weal or woe, according to It
relation to other planets. Neptune re
lates to countries as Mercury doe-to in
dividual, and astrologers throughou
the country have watched Neptune',
transit through Gemini with muct
anxiety for this country in general am
with especial relation to the cities o
London, New York and Chicago. Sa
turn and Uranus are now Spain's rullnj
signs approaching our opposition V
Neptune, and in very close oppositioi
to our rising degree, which is probabl.
the ninth degree of Gemini. 1 Mars, th
planet of war, is in our 'house of got
eminent,' in evil aspect to the opposlni
planets that are now In the signs rulln,
the United States and Spam. Mercury
our ruling planet, just enters Taurus
the sign ruling our 'house of secret en
emies,' and the moon on the 4th o
April will be in evil aspect to everj
planet. The 4th of April is, therefore,
fraught with , dire portents .: for thi
country every sign points w the be
ginning of the long delayed con 11 lot.
"The planets also foretell that the
war will not be the sixty-day affair
which most people Imagine. Neither
will it be a single-handed war between
two nations, but will bring into the
conflict first one and then another of
the European nations. The real power
back of it all against the United States
will be ecclesiastical; and the essence
of the fight will b religious haired.
England will be deeply Involved and
will be forced to assist the United
States. Continental Europe will be
against us, and the struggle for su
premacy will see some of the hardest
aad quickest fighting on record, with
calamities following rapidly on each
other' footsteps."
Now we shall see how trustworthy as
guides these same stars are.
' The News of Denver has a peculiar
streak through it and it looks as if the
streak were green. In a comment on
the warships being painted black a
person could read between the lines
and see the position held by the writer.
It also claims there are some cranks
who are threatening the life of the
president, and seems to try to lay the
blame upon those who desire to avenge
the death of the Maine marines. When
the Roman Catholic church tries to
cover up its tracks it publishes re
ports exactly opposite, as the outlaw
who wrote on the black board of a
schoo house, "I am going west and the
men who follow me will be filled with
holes," and then started east. That is
the same tactics taken by the Roman
Catholic church. Look at Lincoln;
and what is said about the one who was
with Guitea, who killed Garfield.
If there are detectives at wont let
them look well to the "cranks" who
have Roman Catholic backing. If
anything could be done to injure the
United States, so that Spain or any
other Roman Catholic country could
get any advantage over it, it would be
done by the "faithful" notwithstanding
their protestations to the contrary.
Their object is and has been to "down
the government," and they will do it
if they can do it secretly. Indians
have no more "flannel" in their mouths
than the political Roman Catholics.
They want to put down the schools of
the nation and have the nation build
their religious institution and if it is
not done then threaten to "boycott"
those who are running for office. If
one million of the fifty million could be
used in seoret work to find out who are
trying to intimidate the leading offioers
of the nation it would be a wise pro
vision and then we would know where
our danger as a nation originated. The
pope and the people of the United
States cannot run this government at
the same time, A.
Wants More Swill.
The following Is taken from the Pres
byterian of Philadelphia:
The ArchbiBhop of Philadelphia, the
Rev. P. J. Ryan, D. D., has been before
the committee of the Senate of the
Uulted States on Indian Affairs to make
a plea for the continuance of what is
known as "contract schools" among the
Indians. The various religious bodies
which formerly maintained schools of
this kind, and received appropriations
from the Government to help defray
the cost thereof, have, in later years,
declined this aid and assumed the sup
port of the schools for themselves. The
Home mission Board of the Presbyter
ian church said in its last report: "The
Indian problem remains still unsolved."
The church must continue to provide
Christian instruction especially for
those Indians who are particularly her
wards. To do otherwise would be un
christian. Among the various tribes
there are ten b)arding and industrial
schools, and nine day schools with
eighty-six teachers. These schools are
supported wholly by the church; no
government aid is asked.
The Roman Catholic arch bit hop
stands on a different ground, and one
that is, we believe, antagonistic to the
fundamental principle of our Constitu
tion, which wholly separates church
and state. This principle is, further
more, denounced in the journals of the
Raman Catholic church as "a mere
fetish, a constitutional fiction. ' It is
represented as the "shibboleth of sec
tariacism" and the 'maintenance of this
bugbear" by the authorities of the
United States, is styled a "monstrous
disgraceful injustice and cruelty." Are
the people of the United States ready
to abandon a principle wrought into the
administration of our national govern
ment at its foundation, because men
who handle the money of the nation
are scattering abroad bitter words, or
cajoling congressional committees into
forgetfulness or the established rules of
our Constitution?
We fear, however, that the bland
and specious Archbishop will carry his
point. It Is said that since his plea
has been entered before the Senate
committee it has been decided to rec
ommend an addition of ten per cent to
the appropriation "already voted by
the House." This is a monstrous
abuse. 1 Uses the nation for one ag
gressive sect. It Is an unconstitutional
and unjust measure.
To Replace the Maine.
Starting in a pubfio school in New
ark, N. J., March 15, the plan by which
another battleship Maine is to be built
by contributions of school children has
rapidly covered the entire country.
Many of the contributors to the fund
known very little of how the plan orig
inated and to enlighten the western
school children the following from the
Newark Daily Advertiser is repro
duced: The plan to replace the United States
steamship Maine by contributions from
the children of America originated in
the Thirteenth Avenue publlo school.
Since the destruction of the Maine the
children belonging to the school have
been most anxious and iaterested lis
teners to and readers of anything per
taining to the lost ship and her sad
The daily papers have been eagerly
scanned, and every available picture of
the boat has been seized and brought to
school. ,
Teachers and parents have been un
der a continual bombardment of ques
tions, and not Infrequently have found
that the young people were bett r
pested than themselves. Naturally,
this feeling reached Its climax among
the pupils of the graduating class, and
last week it was 'suggested that if all
the school children In the United States
would contribute a penny each, a large
fund might be collected toward a new
battleship to replace the Maine.
Little heed was given to the idea at
first, until it began to grow among the
children. Then principal and teachers
realised that a g;eat and beautiful les
son in patriotism could be developed
from the subject if it was properly
By this time the enthusiasm of the
children knew no bounds. A collection
box labeled "Maine" has been fastened
in one corner of the room and was be
coming rapidly filled with pennies and
other coins, and plans were being form
ulated for the spreading of the scheme
throughout other schools.
American Freedom.
Let us rejoice in this attempt. Let
us try to have America both North
and South free from the despot! cos-
troll of the httrellcal church called
the Roman Catholic. Many things are
working for that end and let each of u
do our share to have all the countries
In South America, Mexico and Cent al
Amerli-a breathe the same freedom
that we have here. We may nuke al
liances with England because that is a
Christian country and thy speak the
same language we do, but this Is our
side of the Atlantlo and let us pull the
weeds out of the garden ami keep them
out. Tbure la a bad Inflow from Europe,
but let morality be taught, the Bible
ewt In the schools, and Romanism
kept In Its plane until the whole country
Is eonqtkHred for liberty. AndaaQieen
Victoria said, the cause of the great
oea of England was the Bible, let us
make the Bible the cause of the great
ness of the Americas. If we have it
taught, if we have It read by the fam
ilies, and read In our schools, the shad
ow of papacy will sneak away as night
does before the approaching sun. D
not forget the watchword, "Liberty for
the Americas." U. S. LET.
Americans, Attention!
"No matter bow great Our superior
ity over the power with which we en
gage in conflict, the result would be
disastrous to this country. Formerly,
in regard to war, the only question of
Importance was as to the fee without.
Our ability to vanquish him was all
that was neceisary to be considered.
Now, unhappily, In the event of trou
ble, the-e may be danger from within
as well as without, and domestlo condi
tions are such that we should pause a
long while before entering a contest
with any foreigner. All over the world
the sky seems overcast, and mutterlngs
of battle are heard in nearly all lands."
-Ex-Mlnlster Phelps, Prof, in Yale
Law School, as printed in The Tribes.
, Bible In Public Schools.
Much agitation is being created now
by the determination of pome who want
the Bible in the puhlU: and iM-trtt
schools, to be read "without notu or
comment." There is no book Ln tho
world the Roman Catholics are more
afraid of than the Bible, that they say
their church rests upon, if the United
State wants this land to be free of that
semi-pagan religion, let the Bible be
kept ln every school. It is not a sec
tarian book. M. U. CRAGIT.
Mr. Mij Cubans.
Mr. Moody is filled with sorrow, be
cause of the distress In Cuba, caused by
the Spanish army, and the blessings of
the pope. And Mr. Moody does not
understand why the pope dees not stop
thin work. Mr. Moody does not seem
to be fully acquainted with the pope,
but we would suggest to the evangelist
that Mr. Peccl the pope would be a
good subject for him to work on. The
sooner he commences on him the better.
The Lying Romanists.
My attMtlon is called to the history
compiled by the Roman Catholics and
used In certain schools, giving honor to
Roman Catholic for what was done by
Protestants. This will be done all tho
time if our school books are managed
by them. The sooner the fight begins
between Protestantism and Romanism
the better. Let no one rest as there Is
a deceiving papist, who prefers to lie
than tell the truth. A.
It Continues.
The pope is doing all in his power to
preveat war, and at the same time the
Roman Uatholle newspaoer men of the
United Slates are pounding Hanna and
Wall street over the head,' because they
are afraid if there is war their money
interests will be injured. If you ever
find a Roman Catholic who will not lie
bring him to me, and I will make a for
tune showing the oddity to the world.
For fifty cents w will send you a
sojry of the Atlas of the World, con
taining th latest and most accural
maps of Cuba and th Klondlk coun
try, beside a grant deal of useful and
valnabl tatomatloa. American Pub.