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the American;
By mail, lr Annum. - - S00
iaranablv tm Ad .
Romtl hfPOor Kl' Miwy Ortr. or
1NI . IUhar, lo I a Howard HUM,
Omaha Nl.
W. C. KK1AJCV, -
. r ... Editor.
Bnnm Maaar
THE AMKKirAN to of
aay rrt. r. olaUu.irt cUqua,
.acl'-oa or dlvlaloa of la I awpulatlo of
thl raal lU-publtc aa riilla aad
brand aa U la all clalma or car
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at by aay prraoa or aaraona a-bo-atwrar.
TUB AMKRICAN la a wuapr of
faral circulation. fM to d boles
raad by peoul of all rHgiou belief
aad political afllllaltooa tf la whit
and lb black. U nU bora and lb
alurallHd, U Jew aad th Oeatll. lb
Prutmtant and the Ktitaa Catholic.
TNclalniraabuutaaUat4la aay
court of jualle at an Uni. . ,
i, jo c. nouno. trmunt.
If Spain engages the llulted States
In war It will be with the aecret un
derstanding that the Romanlsta Are
to cause Internal trouble.
We believe they will Incite the In
dians to go on tne warpath, the la
borers to begin strike of mammoth
proportions, and the lawless to pre
cipitate riots In the largo cities.
We believe the Mexican Roman
Catholto Greasers will organise and
cross lntovour souther territory and
harrass our government in that quar
ter, while the Roman Catholic Ca
nucks will perform the name service
for Spain In the northern border
stateB. '
Only by surh tactics can the Ro
man Catholic power which Is now
seen as the Spanish power be able to
win even a temporary victory.
Spain Is not foolish enough to as
sail as rich and powerful a nation aa
the United States after years of un
successful effort to suppress ha re
bellion In as weak and poverty-stricken
an Island as Cuba, unless she has
been assured of assistance by the
pope of Rome, whose word Is law to
every Roman Catholic In the world.
It she has received such assurance no
power under God can keep a Roman
Catholic trite to his oath of allegiance
to this country; no power but that of
Cod can prevent every nation In the
world from being embroiled, for pap
. Ists In every land will be called to
the standard of Spain, the most Cath
olic nation In Europe If not In the
world today.
The struggle will -resolve Into a
great, grand, awful religious wax,
whose counterpart history has never
yet recorded and which no man now
living will ever live to see repeated
or equaled.
That thlw Is true no student of IMb
llcal or profane history will attempt,
to deny. Everything points to such a
conclusion of the present difficulty.
Everything points to Protestantism
arrayed on one side and Romanism
on the other; to a war between l2
norance and superstition and Intel
ligence and liberty just as Gen.
Grant prophesied a quarter of a cen
tury ago and those who Imagine that
(the trouble will be settled In few
weeks or a few mrmlhs toave nntt
reasoned from the right point or have
failed to Bee the renl lengths to which
the friends of Spain have gone. They
have not stopped at misrepresenta
tion. They have professed loyalty
and friendship with treason lurking
In their hearts, and they are prepared
to strike this nation to the death, to
assassinate its officers and to Install
popery by and with the aid and 'con
sent of weak, blind and credulous
Protestants who have Joined with
them and taken an oath that In case
of trouble the president and . those
ranking under him, wfto would suc
reed to the position .In case ,of bis
deaUare to be assassinated,,. Tben
the, conspirators are to take charge
of. the government ..; : .
We say this publicly and thus bold
ly, because we hope to warn those in
danger, and because we further hope
the charge may prevent the conspir
ators from putting tartr dastardlr
plot Into execution.
Yet if It - does neither of these
things we shall feel relieved of the
responsibility which has weighted ns
down since we came into possession
of positive and convincing proof that
our nation's executive and his asso
ciates were in imminent danger, and
would in all probability meet a fate
similar to that of the lamented Lin
coln and of the beloved Garfield. If
the horrors of war were once Invoked
. to free Cuba from the tyrannical and
bloody rule of Roman Catholic Spain.
On different occasions we have urged
our friends to warn the president of
his dangen We did this because we
believed the president would pay no
attention to anything we should ad
dress to him, since we had caricatured
and censured him for doing what we
then believed and still believe waa
wrong, namely, giving to many plaees
of truat to member of the Roman
Catholic Church which sets M taws
aa aa blading above the taws of the
atatcs aad who communicants claim
to be Romaa Cathyjllca trst aad cltl
sena afterward. Yet,-failing In our
eTort to wara th president through
our friends, and acknowledging allegi
ance to no government but that over
which the American people called hlmt
to preside, we Bay to Wm. McKinley.
your IKe Is la danger; your state eee
rets are not safe la Romaa Catholic
hands, and you can only preserve your
own and tha- nation's life bj sur
rounding yourself with men who have
sworn to defend the principles of Pro
Uwtantlam, the government. Its flag
and Its institutions, with their treas
ure and their blood. There are 3,000,
000 of that class .n America today,
and every one of them Is ready . to
show you that they have learned how
(to live and know how to die for the
principles, liberties and rights guar
anteed by the constitution. If you
want their belp to preserve either
your life or that of the nation, say
the word, and may God have mercy
on the foes, outside and Inside the
republic, who have dared to plot
against you and American liberty.
'Though but humble men In the ranks
of thht vast army, we aay to you, aa
we said to Senator Thurston, every
drop of our blood Is at your command
to repel or put down the enemies of
our form of government, and while
we may not agree with all you do and
are honest and fearless enough, to
aay so In plain, strong language, it
does not lessen our loyalty to you
aa our chief officer, or to our country,
whose government, properly admin
istered. Is the best In 'the world to
While Mrs. Margaret I Shepherd
was addressing a meeting In Haiti
more March 28th, 1898. Mrs. Miller,
a Roman Catholic, arose and asked
permission to answer a state
ment Mrs. Shepherd had made
Permission waa granted and Mrs. Mil
ler' said she desired to contradict the
statement made by .urs. Shepherd re
garding the suelng of a House of the
Good iShepherd for damages. Mrs.
Miller said she had a letter from the
chief of police of Omaha In when he
made an absolute denial of the case.
We have talked with Chief of Police
Gallagher through the telephone re
garding Mrs. Miller's claim and he
says Mrs. Miller wrote asking him If
two nuns bad escaped from a convent
and that he replied that he did not
know of any nuns escaping from
any convent, that the only
escapes he knew anything about were
where some girls ran away from the
Mouse of the Good Shepherd at South
Omnha. Mr. Gallagher says he did
not mention Sellne Clewett only tha
nuns. . It is Quit evident that Mr.
Miller has misrepresented Chief Gal
lagher who Is also a Roman Catholic,
and the people would do well to take
all her statements with a grain of al
lowance or demand her proof when
she makes a claim. It would be well
also to remember that the truth can
always be obtained by telegraphing
or writing this editor. There Is noth
Ing of Importance transpiring in Ro
man Catholic or patriotic circles
which we are not fully Informed of
and no one knows this better than
the priests of Rome.
You can say It anywhere and at any
time that the testimony which wa:
published In the March 4th issue of
the American, regarding the Sellne
Clewett trial, was the truth, and noHi-
lng but the truth, and we unhesitat
ingly refer you to any Protestant in
St. Paul, Minn., where the case U
now being tried for the third time, for
a verification of that evidence which,
waa taken from tha court records- In
the case. ' 1
At the Robert Emmet celebration In
the Academy of Music, New York
Jlty, on the evening of March 6th,
there was a gathering of the Irish
clans; Representative. .Mahaney waa
the orator of tha evening-. - The Irish
volunteers were there of " course,' and
looking towards them he exclaimed i
"As I ook at the troops, I am remind
ed that were this country to be plung
into war tomorrow the Clan-na-Gael
could put 25,000 trained and expert
enced soldiers in the field In one day."
We would ask, "Under what flag?"
The only offer to furnish patriotic
literature at a figure less than cost
which we have ever received comes
from Rev. J. A. Lansing of Cambridge,
Mass. Rev. Lansing has issued hun
dreds of thousands of pamphlets of
32 pages each, of which he has about
5,000 still on hand, and as he is going
to Europe he offers to send to each of
our subscribers, who will send him a
silver dime, 25 pamphlets of 32 pages
each. The pamphlets are the best
anti-Roman literature ever issued
and we advise you to take advantage
of this offer. Address Rev. J. A.
Lansing, 1034 Main ave., Cambridge,
It keeps Rome moving to keep
ahead of the Americans. Tha 10th of
March Mike Corrlgan signed an en
" And still the Maine and Cuban Questions are unsettled, and
the fires of patriotism burn more
Why don't McKinley act?
dorsement of a plan to intimidate
congress Into passing a bill which le
galizes the building of sectarian in
stitutions on government military
reservations, and on the 20th of the
same month a copy of the same was
In our possession and the 25th it was
published to the world. When this
paper speaks It knows what It is say
ing. Capt. A. T. Slgwart can be credited
with making, recently, the best cap
ture he has made in years. He has
won the heart of our pretty, womanly
friend, Mrs. Geo. A. Dennett, an-1
will be married to her In the near
future. Mr. Slgwart has been on the
police force for nearly twenty years,
and Mrs. Bennett has been matron nt
the city jail for the past three years.
If tne president and his cabinet
will listen to us just a minute, we will
tell them this. There is a plot, backed
by an armed and sworn organized
body of men. to assisslnate them and
overthrow the present form of gov
ernment. We are prepared to sub
stantiate this with a witness Jand
proof, and that is what talks.
Now the Romanists are demanding
that the Protestant sailors, who were
killed when the Maine was blown up,
and who -were buried in the conse
crated ground in a Ronmn cemetery
.soon afterward, 1)6 removed. What a
beautiful, tolerant thing Romanism is.
The Democrats of Milwaukee met
last week and nominated twenty-one
men for members of the board of su
pervisors. Seventeen of them are
members of the Roman Catholic
Thechool board of St Paul, Minn.,
recently chose James P. Healy as
secretary, Thomas Mullane as assist
ant secretary and George Gerlach as
superintendent of repairs. They are
all fish eaters and toe-kissers.
Toronto has never had a Roman
Catholic mayor, and only one Roman .
Catholic member of the council at
a time. They know what Romanism
Is In Toronto and keep it in check.
Have you written to your congress
man demanding that be stand by the
constitution of the United States and
not by the priests of the Roman
Catholic church?
, Government by Intimidation, Mr.
Priest, vill -TiOt' be tolerated by the
American 'people!,' We do not want
sectarian. Institutions on our military
Stand up, Mr. McKinley, the Ameri
can people are at your back in de
manding the freedom of Cuba. So is
the Protestant civilized world.
Now Is the Time.
Minneapolis, Minn., March 29, 1898.
Now is the time when everybody
should give the patriotic press a help
ing hand. Our country needs the pa
triotism advocated by these papers.
We have church enemies within and
ferocious enemies , without Every
body wake up
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brightly throughout the land.
Bradford, Eng., Romanists
Attempt to Commit
They Almost Wrecked Teniperauce Hall
Before the Police t'ould Drive Them
Away In Spite of the Howling
Xob Rev. Slattery Speaks.
The Badford Daily Telegraph of
March 8, 1898, gives the following re
port of the attempt to mob Mr. and
Mrs. Slattery in Temperance hall,
Bradford, the evening of March 7.
"Intense excitement prevailed in the
vicinity of Chapel street last night,
In consequence of an announcement
that Ex-priest Slattery would address
a meeting In the Temperance hall. As
early as 6:30 a crowd of people began
to gather In Chapel street, and it was
then noticeable that the proceedings
were to be of a lively character. Soon
a detachment of police under Super
intendent Byng, came upon the scene,
and endeavored to disperse the crowd.
At 7:15 a body of men, numbering
about thirty, evidently of set purpose,
endeavored to force their wav Into the
hall by means of the low entrance in
Chapel street. For a moment the en
ergies of the police were unvalling,
and something like a panic ensued.
The assilants managed to work their
way up the stairs as far as the first
landing, and it was only when the po
lice had drawn their batons and used
them, that they decided on a retreat.
From those who saw the occurrence
many will have cause to remember
the incident for some time to come.
On having their ranks strengthened
by an increased number of men, the
police decided to drive back the crowd
to the bottom and top of Chapel
street. A scene similar to that which
i took place at the Bradford riots oc
curred, and stone throwing commenc
ed tn real earnest. Several windows
of the Temperance Hall were broken
and many persons received slight in
juries. The crowd, however, became
very offensive, and several ladies who
were 'passing at the time had their
head-gear removed.
Two men commenced to argue on
the steps of the hall, when one, be
coming suddenly excited, drew a large
dagger and attempted to use it to his
assailant's disadvantage. His oppon
ent, however, evidently considered
that discretion was the better part of
valour, and he made for a place of
safety. A chase was given and some
thing like a panic ensued, in which
the possessor of the dagger waa
thrown down the staircase, and noth
ing more was heard of him. Another
man was seen making his way into
the hall with a large poker In his pos
session. He was more or less politely
expelled before being able to gratify
his desires.
On the arrival of ex-Priest Slat
tery and his wife, at a few minutes to
eight, a scene of the greatest excite
ment prevailed. Missile throwing was
the order of the day, and the carriage
greatly suffered in consequence. The
windows of the carriage were com
pletely shattered, but the occupants
escaped uninjured. One constable as
sured us that a good many of the reel
dents of Longlands were present, and
took a prominent part in the fray. It
i was also suspected that a number of
persons had arrived from Leeds to
join In the "demonstration."
The hall was crowded by a very en
thusiastic audience, and little of any
the pro-
note) occurred to
ceedtnga Mr . Slattery com
menced hl . addreaa at the ap
pointed time, and received a good
bearing. He defended himself against
tha attacks of his Catholic accusers.
and made a statement justifying his
action In "exposing tha Roman sys
tem." A little disturbance waa ere-.
ated in the gallery, and cries of
"Throw him out" were, raised by the ,
audience, and the intruder waa ex
pelled. Although perfect order waa
maintained Inside the hall, hooting
continued with great vigor from with
out by those who could not afford,
or were not allowed to go Inside. Only
one more Intruder found his way out
side by the order of Mr. Slattery. who
commanded his man to go up into the
gallery and put the offender out
The scenes ouuid during the whele
proceedings were of the liveliest char
acter, and over eighty constables were
on duty during the evening. Superin
tendent Byng expressed great satis
faction at the conduct of his men.
Peveral minor accidents occurred
during the evening, but none of a very
alarming character were reported. In
spector Chapman received a slight in
jur v to the knee,' the result of a mis
sile that had been thrown from the
crowd. P. C. 199 Holt got a nasty
knock near his left eye, by a flying
stone. He was able, however, to re
main on duty. One lady who was
passing at the time, was kicked by
some evil disposed person, and had to
be carried into the schoolroom ad
joining Eastbrook Chapel, where her
injuries were attended to, Several
polh-emen were more or less injured
by the excited mob. and their hel
mets bore marks of violence. Soon
after 10 o'clock the crowd beean to
disperse, and nothing of further note
occurred. .
Considerable annoyance was caused
last night to Alderman Sheldon, who
is at present connnea to nis bed by a
bad cold, by a number of people who
assembled before his house In Union
street and created a disturbance there
under the impression that Mr. Slat
tery was the alderman's guest. There
Is, however, not the slightest truth
In the rumors that have been riren.
lated to this effect. We are able to
state that Alderman Sheldon does not
know, and has never seen, Mr. Slat
tery, The same paper says editorially: ,
The riot in miniature which took
place outside the Temperance
hall. Leeds road, last night on the
occasion of the visit of an ex-Roman
priest. Mr. Slattery, was auite inde
fensible, and I am afraid that some
persons who did not appear on the
scene are to blame for what hannon-
ed. The ex-prlest may be a wilful ma-
ligner or the presbytery and the con
vent, but that does not Justify an ex
hibition of public violence. It was
patent to anybody last night that an
organized force had been raised In
Lonirlandg to give a warm reception
to the apostate priest. Several peo
ple were armed with daneerous wea
pons. For some davs prior to Mr.
Slattery's appearance the passions of
the Roman Catholics have been in.
flamed by their newspapers and the
printed "Exposure" of the Catholin
Truth Society. I regret that the Ro
man Catholic priesthood did not more
peremptorially command their people
to Ignore the presence of Mr. Slattery.
There Is an effective way of answer
ing ex-Prhest Slattery's alleged slan
ders without any appeal to mob law.
It is not a question to be satisfac-
settled by causing broken
Mr. Joseph Slattery was formerlv a
priest in Ireland In Cardlna McCabe's
time. His version as to why he left
the Roman Catholic church is differ
ent from that of his detractors. Mr.
Slattery says he left from conscien
tious motives. His wife clairxiH to
have been a nun sister in the con
vent at Cavan. Her maiden name waa
Mary E. McCabe, and she says she waa
known as Sister Mary Elizabeth.
A cuestion has arisen as to the
payment of damages caused in last
night's disturbance. Mr. Slattery
says he Is not responsible, and the
trustees of the Temperance hall are In
a quandary.
Popery In Its Dotage.
Every human scheme has its begin
ning and end. Hence we read of the
rise and fall of empires. Tne rise and
fall of Rome pagan has passed into
history.- It was, but is not The rise
and fall of the Papacy Is now making
the last pages of its history. Popery
Is revived paganism under new names;
it Is the old "beast" with a new coat
and trimmings, but the end is not far
distant. The seeds of death are in
tne system, in fact, in every human
scheme, for Jesus says, "Every tree
which my Heavenly Father hath not
planted, shall be rooted up."
Popery Is in its dotage, nothing can
save it from its dreadful doom. It has
passed the flower of its youthi its most
flourishing period was during the dark
ages it made the dark ages, and that
is the age when iniquity flourishes.
but it is now in rapid decline. The
temporal power is hopelessly lost.
Popery In the old world is a decaying
carcass that has become a stench in
the nostrils of virtue and intelligence.
The world is tired of popery and will
not tolerate it much longer. It is a
mystery that it has deceived the na
tions so long. It has bewitched all
nations with sorceries and pioua
frauds has been drunken with the
blood of saints, has been an element
of corruption and disturbance wher-
erer it aets ita foot; the laader la riotaj
and revolutions, aad the JwaaiUhaaoeea
the prince of assassin. Rome if plot
ting the overthrow of . liberty to tall
eooatry today. Tha world is befi
nlag to ae that Rome la mystic Baby-.,.
ion and when their eyes art fully p
Popery will perish and the nation
will rejoice, halleluJaUis will rlac
through heaven stbd ( earth, becanw
thla terrible power is swept from tk
earth ! ' - ,
That leatal Reservatioa,
Some of the leading prelates were
exceedingly vexed because a prieat .,
said that the Romaa Catholics of tne
United States would hotp Spain, ba
cause it was a Roman Catholic cob a-
try. Now. what right have Jack Ira- I
land and Mike Corrlgan making state- ;
menu about what the Roman Catholic '
Church shall or shall not do. They
do not run the Roman Catholic
Church. Let us listen to the soliloquy
of tne pope. There is that Ireland and
that Corrlgan saying what I will do
and what I will not do. If that Mike
Corrlgan is not careful I will take my
old south paw and hit him a welt over '
the mouth that will lay him as flat aa
any man his father ever sold "tangle-:
foot" to. No. Ireland and Corrlgan
would not dare to say what would be
the final decision of tho Roman Cath- .
olie Church but they are taught to aay
this. The Roman Cathoncs of the Unit- i
ed States will not help Spain in case of ,
war with the United States; with the
mental reservation, unless we are com
manded by the pope to do otherwise .
and aid Spain.
We must always take Into consider- -ation
the mental reservation of a Ro
man Catholic. The Pope has a strive .
on every one and every time he pulls
that string the Roman Catholic must ,
The only thing we can do is to get i
the Roman Catholics to think for ,
themselves. E. O. COHAMP.
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