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In 1900 Hundred Rome Will
Take This Country and
Keep It Hecker.
She Boasts That ReUgieus Libert; IsOnlj
Endured CbUI the Oppeite Side caa
lie fat Into Effort Without In
J art U the Konian Ibarra.
Freemasonry declares Its faith in
the Fatherhood of uod and brother
hood of man, says the American
Tyler. Yet the tinsel kind of this lat
ter Dart of the Nineteenth century
busies itself In a little selfish circle of
"God bless me and my wife, my son
John and his wife; us four and no
more. Amen." If Freemasonry uses
language with even an ordinary degree
of Intelligence and meaning it plainly
teaches one God. the Creator of all
things, and that the children of Adam
male and female, blac and white,
rich and poor, educated and unedu
cated, moral and immoral, religious
and irreligious as is plainly, posi
tively and repeatedly affirmed in the
Great Light are included in the phase
"brotherhood of man." This is the
only kind of Freemasonry recognized
o leeitlmate by The Tyler. In its
general work of salvation. Freema
sonry can be no respector of persons,
Jf Masons saw this thing as the truth
of their declaration demands, and as
they will one day see it, Freemasonry
would soon preach a gospel that would
compel attention the world over and
with a success that should soon lift
the dark pall of death that now clothes
in oppression and slavery, m ignor
ance and superstition the great ma'
Jorlty of this "brotherhood of man.'
Llstlessness would take her flight
from our assemblies, and the non ami
iates and those suspended for non
payment of dues would no longer ap
pear as a great army of living witness
es aeainst a dead Institution. Ma
sonry, if true to her profession, must
be touched with all the pain of pover
ty and sickness and sorrow and op
pression and dearth of mankind uni
versal. Its closed ears to the cries
of starved and outraged and butchered
ones of this "brotherhood of man"
will not relieve it from responsibility,
because they possibly never crossed
the theshhold of a Masonic lodge nor
stood on the Mosaic pavement. The
on million souls of this "brotherhood
of man" in Cuba that have been offer
ed as a sacrifice for liberty of thought
and speech and life on the bloody
altars of Spain, at the bid of a church
whose unfortunate children they
were, will cry out eternally against the
hypocrisy of a brotherhood that
boasted a relationship while their
eyes beheld the helplessness, torture
' and miserable death, ihe enorts that
true Freemasonry has made in the
past and Is striving for to the death
today is that which hath brought ev
ry Freemason under a declared sen
tence of death. The plea is oft and
thoughtlessly repeated that bulls of
popes against Freemasonry, and edicts
of excommunication against the ehll
dren of its church are of no conse
quence; that Freemasonry being regu
lated by the moon, is equally great
and high with the moon itself, and
therefore beyond injury from the
barking of curs, but It Is forgot that
Roman Catholicism is a beautiful sys
tem for the accomplishment of its end,
which is the enslavement of its de
votees. These people, like all the na
tions who sit in darkness, are mem
bers of this great body the "broth
erhood of man." The essential error
of Rome is the Idea that the pope is
the official representative of Christ
with full authority over every member
of this brotherhood. To this end her
army of workers are found planning
and plotting in every country under
the sun. The kingdoms of this world
are to become her kingdoms. As to
where a Roman Catholic can, under
such obedience, be a loyal American
we ask the careful study of the follow-
ing Roman Catholic authorities. The
language will admit of no qualifica
Education outside of the Catholic
Church is a damnable heresy. Pope
Pius ,IX.
Education must be controlled by
Catholic authorities, even to war and
bloodshed. Catholic World.
I frankly confess that the Catholics
stand before the country as the ene
mies of the public schools. Father
I would as soon administer sacra
ment to a dog as to Catholics who
send their children to public schools.
Father Walker.
The public schools have produced
nothing but a godless generation of
thieves and blackguards. Father
It will be a glorious day in this
country when under the laws the
school system will be shivered to
pieces. Catholic Telegraph.
The public schools are nurseries of
vice; they are godless and unless sup
pressed will prove the damnation of
this country. Father Walker.
We must take part In the elections,
move in a solid mass in every state
against the party pledged to sustain
the integrity of the public
The common schools of this country
are sinks of moral pollution and nur
series of hell. Chicago Tablet
The time Is not far away when the
Roman Catholic Church of the Re
public of the United States, at the
order of the Tope, will refuse to pay
their school tax. and will send bullets
to the breasts of the government
agents rather than pay u. It will
come quickly at the click of a trigger,
and will be obeyed, of course, as com
ing from Almighty God. Mgr. Capel.
We hate Protestantism; we detest
it with our whole heart and soul." I
Catholic Visitor. I
"No man has a right to choose his
religion." Archbishop Hughes in
Freeman's Journal, Jan. 29, 1S52.
"If Catholics ever gain sufficient nu
merical majority in this country, re
ligious freedom Is at an end." Cath
olic Shepherd of the Valley, Nov. 23,
Protestantism, of every form, has
not, and never can have any right
where Catholicity is triumphant." Dr.
0. A. Brownson's Catholic Review,
June. 1851.
We have taken this principle for a
basis: That the Catholic religion witn
all Its rights, ought to be exclusively
dominant, in such sort, that every
other worship shall be banished and
Interdicted." Pius IX. in his allocu
tion to a Consistory of Cardinals,
September, 1851.
"Protestantism why, we should
draw and quarter it, and hang up the
crow's meat. We would tear it with
pincers and fire It with hot irons! Fill
It with molten Ieaa and sink It in hell
fire one hundred fathoms detp."
Father Phelan, Editor Western Watch
man. "Religious liherty Is merely endur
ed until the opposite side can be car
ried into effect, without peril to the
Catholic Church." Bishop O'Con
nor. The Roman Catholic is to wield his
vote for the purpose of securing Cath
olic ascendency In this country.
mat Ions of the spectators. The pope After allegiance to (be Ilrltlaa eVeDu liae ecitl a blit.r
offlolated at his own diamond mass, crown had been thrown off. the Jack fM,Ung England, and a lmdon dla-,
the music being furnished by the choir bearing the crosses of St. George and p(,h rpporU (nat but for foreign era-
of the Slstlne chapel. The venerable St. Andrew became Inappropriate, and iarraiMinieBtt the government would
pontiff then attended a mass 01 os iw nu 01 junf, un, ioe lonii- undoubtedly attempt a wholesale sup-
IB Ji.MIUI j .
The United Ireland nepatr saya:
"It would seem as If a heat av of
hell had paused over fair Italy, and
had dried up.ln the hearts of lis p opha.
thanksgiving, kneeling on a prie dleu. nental Congress passed the following pnM,8ln (c th rebellion celebrations everything that was noble and
At the conclusion of the mass his holl- resolution
ness in a strong voice, pronouueed tue Konolved, That Ihe flag of the
papal benediction. He then took hta I'nited States be thirteen stripes, al
seat on the throne and received del- ttrnate red aud white; that the uulon
gallons until 10.30 o'clock, when he be thirteen stars, white, on a blue
was borne out on the sedla gesta- field, rvpreseutlng a new coustella
toria amid the acclamations of those Hon. 4
present. "The colonial troops, while much bel
li! holiness had a most radiant face , ter organized than ever Ix-fore, were
nri It was evident that he was enjoy- 1 still
planned for the current year through
out Ireland.
Ing excellent health. He recelvd hun
dreds of rich presents. Emperor Fran
cis Jo ph of Austria-Hungary bent
him 50.1KK) tloriuB in gold In a noid
casket and the queen regent of Spain
sent a massive gold and Jeweled gob
let. His gift from the United States
was a diamond cross. Presldnt Fau.e
sent six sevres vases, and the present
from the sultan of Turkey was a su
perb diamond ring. Every country
sent a large contribution to the Pe
ter's pence fund.
Servile SUters After Heading-The Amer
ican luur Years (Juit the ('hurra.
The Servile Sinters of America are
extluct. Their passing Imam a
without a regular uniform, ihe certaltity with the sale of their Chi
daut. and Catholic. Weak kneed peo
ple have gone over to Freemasonry la
large numbers. The utterly deprave
have found refuge in the Inner clrclea
of the craft. Many people In Engllaa
spiking countries still regard It aa &
sort of high class mutual benefit soci
ety. In reality Its principal purpose
Is to destroy the Kingdom of God on
earth, and substitute that of tho devlL
The sale of this large brick structure .. of nlarrlaee must be de
nial was owe the center vt culture and B,roy0), hy dVorce. Their hellish plot
learning and art In West Chicago has u up (h k1ngllom (f tll. U
ones. The Freemasons have swora
to establish Satan. The taking Of
Father Hecker, in the Catholic World,
uly, 1870.
Undoubtedly it is the intention of
the Pope to possess this country. In
this intention he is aided by the Jes-
its and Catholic prelates and priests."
Brownson's Catholic Review, July,
When a Catholic candidate is on a
ticket and his opponent is a non
Catholic, let the Catholic, candidate
have the vote, no matter what he rep
resents." Catholic Review, July, 1894.
In case of conflicting laws between
the two powers, the laws of the
church must prevail over the state."
Pope's Syllabus of 1864.
"We hold the state to be only an
inferior court, receiving its authority
from the church and liable to have its
decrees reversed upon appeal."
Brownson's Essays, p. 282. .
"We do not accept this government
or hold it to be any government at all,
or as capable of performing any of the
proper functions of government. If
the American government is to De sus
tained and preserved at all, it must
be by the rejection of the principles
of the Reformation (that is, the gov
ernment by the people), and the as
ceptance of the Catholic nrtne.inle,
which is the government of the pope.
Catholic World, September, 1871.
"I acknowledge no civil power."
Cardinal Manning, speaking in the
name of the Pope. S. R. S., 1873.
'The Pope, as the head and mouth
piece of the Catholic Church, admin
isters its discipline and issues orders
to which every Catholic under pain
of sin muBt yield obedience." Cath
olic World, of August, 1868.
'In 1900 Rome will take this coun
try and keep It." Priest riecker.
"The will of the Pope is the supreme
law of all lands." archbishop Ire
Foes of the Public School.
The suspicion exists tuat systematic
efforts are being made by the author!
ties of our larger cities to break down
the public school system. This break
ing down process is being carried on
with great Ingenuity and is not openly
avowed. It had its origin in the
dread felt by the wealthy classes at
the spread of education. There is too
much education, and in consequence of
this conviction we see the appropria
tion for the public schools cut down
and the appropriation for the poilce
increased. In the city of New York
the public school system has been
brought under the control of million
aires, with all sorts of theories about
the dangerous classes. It Is an echo
of the wisdom of Mr. Grover Cleve
land, who, with his great learning,
declared that the educated agitator is
a menace to the state. New Time.
It Wait Unfurled ou i'rupecl Hill. Bos
tou, Jauuaiv 1, 17 Id.
Prospect Hill (known also as Mount
Pisgah) was the strongest fonlflcat.on
f ihe American army during the
Beige of Boston, and it was here that
the Union flag was unfurled for the
first time, Jan. 1. 1776. the day on I
which the new Continental army wa3
Upon that day copies of the king's
speech at the opening of parliament
had been sent from Boston by Geu.
Howe to Washington. The speech was
one better fitted to arouse opposition
than submission to the English throne.
It stated that the British nation was
too spirited and powerful to give up
those colonies which had been protect
ed for so many years with "much ex
pense of blood and treasure;" that
both its army and navy had been
strengthened, and that negotiations
for foreign aid were already entered
into. The English authorities enter
tained great hopes of tne salutary ef
fects of this message from the throne
to the rebellious Americans. Ac
cordingly the hoisting of the Union
flag and the discharge of thirteen guns
that saluted it were hailed with great
delight by the BritiBh officers, who
supposed it to be a token of submis
sion to the crown.
Referring to these circumstances,
Washington, in a letter to Joseph
Reed, dated January 4, 176, said:
"The speech I send you. A volume of
them were sent out by the Boston gen
try, and, farcical enough, we gave
great Joy to them without knowing or
Intending It. For on that day the
day which gave being to our new
army, but before the proclamation
came to hand we had hoiBted the
Union flag, In compliment to the
united colonies. But behold, it was
received in Boston as a token of the
deep Impression the speech made upon
us, and as a signal of submission. So
we hear by a person out of Boston
last night. By this, time I presume
they begin to think it strange that
we have not made a formal surrender
of our lines."
The Annual Register, of 1776, gives
a more detailed description of the
flag. It says: "So great was the rage
and indignations (of the Americans)
that they burned the speech and
changed the colors from a plain red
ground, which they had hitherto used,
to a flag of thirteen stripes, as a sym
bol of the number and the union of
the colonies."
Previous to this so-called "Union
flags" were displayed, but were merely
British standards with the legend
"Liberty and Property," or "Liberty
and Union," set upon a field as em
blems of Colonial rights and princi
ples. In 1855 the Historian, Benson J.
Lossing, discovered a contemporary
occasional buckskin uuntlng dress of tago home and academy to the 8I-1 ,. . j,,,lllHa u,iriM,se is the first com-
tlie Southern ritiemeu or of the fron- J ters of Providence. j n,an,m,.nt of Its decalogue. It say a
tlernmeti beiug in pleluiesquo con
trast to the bucolic homespun of tho
New England mluuiemen.
Washington's uniform is described
in a letter written Ju.y 20, 1775, thus:
"His dress is a blue coal with buff
colored facings, a rich epaulette on
each shoulder, buff underdrew, and
an elegaul small sword; a black cock
ade In his hat."
Three of the cannon used at this
time are now planted upon Cambridge
common. They date from the reign
of George the Second. Harper's
1'vpe favors Spalu.
NEW YORK, Dec. 29. A special to
the Journal and Advertiser from
Washington says: It Is current news
In Catholic circles that, Christmas
day, the Pope made a very Important
communication to the Spanish gov
ernment concerning the Cuban war and
the altitude ot tne Vatican toward
Spain in the present crisis.
About three weens ago it became
known that it had been represented to
the Pope, through the usual channels
of Information on this side of the At
lantic, that the cause of Spain was
lost In Cuba. This was so powerfully
influencing European opinion that the
Pope took occasion, on Christinas, to
address an Important communication
to bis nuncio at Madrid.
The Pope declares emphatically that
the Vatican upholds -every form of
legal government which is not antl
Christian in Its situation, and calls the
Carllsts to account, stating that they,
no less than the other subjects in
Spain, owe Implicit allegiance to the
reigning monarchy, and must not at
tempt to use the cloak of religion to
cover purposes that are ulterior to the
proper aims and objovts of the church
This will tend to circumvent the
Carllsts and in a large degree will
shear them of importance as the main
hold of the Carlists has been the posi
tive sympathy received from the Cath
olic priesthood of Spain. It will solve,
or at least modify the dilemma of the
present ministry.
Following this pronunclamento the
pope deals with the existing war, and
sends his especial blowing to the sol
diers of the king of Spain.
Discussing the Cuban question
the positive statement is made
that the Vatican has never
construed into an approval of
the Cuban cause or disappro
val of the conduct of Spain. It
hag suggested that, where possible, the
rigorb of war should be mitigated, but
ut.uer no circumstances has It utter
ed a word that might tend to encour
age the parricidal and fratricidal
Notwithstanding this minimizing
the pronunclamento Is a very distinct
victory for the foreign dynasty. The
whole Influence of the Austrian court
was thrown into the balance to bring
it about. Christina, the queen regent,
is a Hapsburg princess, and for her
sake and the love the pope bears his
godson, the powerful influence of the
Vatican for Spain has been again ex
erted to save the falling fortunes of
the present dynasty.
Trouble In Ireland.
DUBLIN, Jan. 1. The centenary ot
the Irish rebellion of 1798 was ush
ered in here this morning. by a great
torchlight procession, which paraded
hujuju, Jan. 1. tne sixuetn an
niversary of the pope's first celebra
tion of mass was observed at the Vat
ican today. Fully 3,000 delegates
from Catholic societies and parochial
committees were admitted to the Sala
Delia Logia of the Vatican at 8:30
o'clock this morning, and shortly after
that hour His Holiness was carried in
on a sedla gestatoria, amid the accla-
coioreo. drawing mai ior tne ni st time the principal streets, headed by bands
rendered an authentic presentment ot ot mualc playing Irish, American and
French national airs. Memories of
the rebellion are having an unmis
takable effect in awakening national
the flag. It was a sketch of the Royal
Savage (Arnold's flag vessel on Lake
Champlain in the batttle of October,
1776). An ensign was depicted fly
ing at its mast head. This flag dis
played the British union tne combin
ed crosses of St. George and St. An
drew in the usual upper corner, but
the field had been changed from the
solid red into alternate stripes of red
and white. It was doubtless the
Union Jack in the corner of the flag
feeling in Ireland. Daniel Fallon, the
lord mayor of Dublin for 1898, has his
inaugural procession today, and for the
first time in the memory of the living
the English military bands and escorts
were dispensed with. The lord mayor
had arranged for the attendance of the
military as usual, but vigorous pro
tests were made by the Nationalists
JtiHt been completed, and It Is to bo
remodeled and repaired by Us new
owners and converted Into an academy
for the Instruction of young girls. It
brought only $35,000, which Is far be
low Its original cost. Its former ten
ants have gone out Into the world.
They have practically left the mother
church, and they have laid aside tholr
holy robes and have donned the ap
parel of the secular. Attached to this
rausfer of property and the reuuu-
clatlon of sacred vows by; the Servile
Sisters is a story that teems with the
exceptional and peculiar.
The home of tho Servite Sistois just
sold is situated at Albany avenue aud
West Van Buren street. The slhters
first came to Chicago In 1875, and soon
had a flourishing community here.
They built the academy and were in
structors of scores of children and
young people. It was close to 1880 that
the first trouble arose, which finally
resulted in their entire disruption. It
is said that the mother In charge of
the community refused to obey an
order of a superior and take a trip to
Cugland on some trying mission. For
this disobedience the nuns were ex
communicated from the Servite order.
They continued their work under tho
supervision of Archbishop Feehan, but
from the first set back seemed to em
anate an 111 starred career.
The Sisters were In the habit of so
liciting alms ut the city hall on pay
day, aud this met with the disapproval
of the archbishop. He ordered them
to slop this practice and there was
more trouble, and this caused such a
rupture that excommunication from
the Roman Catholic Church was
threatened and finally befell them. The
large community ot nuns finally fell
away. With the separation of the
community from the Servite order not
a few left tho nunnery and went to
other places. Their difficulties with
the biBhop caused further depletion
from their ranks, and today only three
or four of the old colony remain In
the city.
The Servite order is small and re
tired. It is very weak numerically In
this country, inculding the Servite
brothers, who are under an entirely
separate church government. The
order was founded In Florence, in 1223,
about the same time as the origin ot
the Franciscan and Dominican orders
They proclaimed themselves the ser
vants of Mary, the mother 01 God, and
spent their time In doing penance and
in worshipping her and devoting their
efforts to the mitigation of the suf
fering of humanity. The order was
established in America in 1870 by
few of the brothers who came from
Italy and started a community at
Green Bay, Wis. 1 ey came to Chi
cago under Bishop Foley a few years
later, and the Servite brothers still
flourish here and have a church In
West Jackson boulevard, and also con
duct an Italian church in Illinois
street. The brothers are entirely dis
tinct from the Servite sisters,
The excommunication of the sisters
in Chicago caused quite a stir In both
Church and secular circles. Their pass
ing is now complete, and forms th
last chapter in their career in America
The former nuns are now living In
Congress street, and two of them
wear the ordinary dress of the up-to-date
women. The third clings to the
more sombre garb, and appears in it
occasionally, but will probably give it
up entirely soon.
The transfer of the academy, which
was called St. Mary's, was between C.
J. Foley and Elizabeth Cooley, for
merly at the head of the community
here. She receives the money from the
Home, In 1870, was planned by them.
To corrupt and pollute the infantile
mind they selected masters and mis
tresses of the true blue stripe to ad
minister, In copious draugths, tha
poisoned beverage of secular cducatloa
to the children of Italy In their secu
lar srhoolH. They carried their blaa-
mcmous cult within the walls of the
capilol of Christendom. Female Ma
sons are carefully selected to carry the
sacred host to the temple of sutan to
be desecrated. The hymn to satan, at
their bandiiets and In their temp'ea,
la so blasphemous and so diabolical,
that Marglotta, who had told of their
nefarious practices, dare not translate
them fronj the Hebrew, in which they
were written, into an intelligible
tongue. Why do respectable men re
main In this hell born soctT Because
they are not allowed to examine Its
secrets; they are simply the whltewaaa
that covers the fetid sepulcher of Ma
sonry." Can a man love his mother and hold
his peace while she Is thus villlfled?
Inquires the Masonic Tyler.
Why, Then, Account to a Trlest!
ST. PAUL, Minn., Dec. 31. A large
ly attended reception waa given to
night to the npoBtolic delegate, Mgr.
Sebastian Martinelll, by the citizens of
St. Paul at tho Ryan Hotel. An ad
dress of welcome whb read to him by
Hon. Daniel W. I-awler. Mgr. Mar
tinelll, after thanking his hosts, said:
The ability of a man and his great
ness of heart and mind should b
Judged by the work he has done and
the achievements he has attained.
Mankind is made up of domestic, civil
and religious society. Leo XIII., with
his encyclical letters on marriage on
the constitution of civil society, and
on the labor question deals with the
security of a superior mind with the
greatest problems and questions of the
day, and strives to promote the pros
perity and welfare of society aa well
as of the nation, pointing out the
means to be used for attaining that
end and indicating the evils which lead
to Us destruction or ruin. Among the
evils pointed out by the supreme pon
tiff are the want of individual and
social freedom, the want of honesty,
uprightness and religion. Because no
man can be honest, upright and loyal
to his neighbor who Is not loyal to his
God, who is not Impressed with the
idea that there is a supreme being to
whom he mutrt give sooner or later an
account of all his private and public
"There is no need for me to speak
to you of the pope's geat love tor
your country and its institutions, nor
the interest he takes In its prosperity.
The general character of the Ameri
can people, the nature of your pollU
cal constitution, based on one of the
greatest attributes with which man is
endowed, with liberty, stands as a
basis and foundation for this hope. A
keen observer cannot fail to notice that
the marvelous progress made by the
Catholic church In this country is due
not only to Its principles and doctrines
but also to the liberty which it enjoys
in this free land. Such progress tan
not be accounted for unless we admit
the intrinsic force ot Christian prin
ciples and doctrines and the fitness
and adaptability ot the land in which
the seed is sown. Let us therfore con
gratulate you all for your good dispo
sitions and on the work already
achieved, and let me hope that yon
will persevere with united efforts till
it will be completed and become a
hoisted at Cambridge that caused the through the press against associating
sale and Is said to have shared, it with i tion.
the sisters who stood by her during 1" conclusion Mgr. Martinelll paid a
,u v . , j ' warm tribute to Archbishop Ireland.
the years of her troubles, and are now . . ... ,,,. 0f ri
The monsignor will leave St. Paul
I with her. Mr. Foley is a brother ot next Tuesday, having been the guest
I the reverend, mother of the Sisters of Archbishop Ireland since before
of Providence, who have purchased the ! Christmas, other guests during the
English to misinterpret it to suppose
that the Americana intend at once to
submit once more to the rule ot
George III.
The colonial Union flag of thirteen
stripes was also displayed in Penn
sylvania during the year. A letter
describing the departure of the Amer
ican fleet under Admiral Hopkins from
Philadelphia, in February, says it sail
ed "amidst the acclamations of thous
ands assembled on the Joyful occa-
red coats with an Irish civic procession
in a year which recalls such awful
memories of barbarities by English
soldiery in Ireland. The lord mayor,
in obedience to this outburst, counter
manded the invitation to the military.
Thereupon Lord Roberts, the commander-in-chief
in Ireland, forthwith
recalled his acceptance of the lord
mayor's invitation to the inaugural
banquet, and the Unionist members of
tho corporation drew up a protest
sion, under the display of a Union flag j against the insult offered to the
with thirteen Btripes in the field, em-' queen's soldiers, and intimated that
blematlcal of the thirteen united colo- j they could not accept the hospitality
nie8-" of the Mansion House either.
building. Their home and academy
is in Van Buren street, opposite the
former holdings of tne Servites. They
have changed the name of the acad
emy to the Providence Academy, and
are to refit It sumptuously and put It
to excellent elevating uses.
There are only thirty Servite broth
ers in this country, and twelve of
them are in Chicago. Saturday the
last trace of the Servite sisters was
erased from their abiding place of a
quarter of a century and from the na
tion at large. Chicago Times-Herald.
Educate lour lT.ivr.-l. With ('nararru.
Canity Cathartic cure constipation forever
10c 'J5c. It C. C. C. (ail, drutfKistsrutund niont
same time including most of the lead
ing church dignitaries of the northwest.
KvrrvtxHiy o-
Casearets t'andv Cathartic, the most won
derful medical discovery of the age, peas
ant and refreshing to the taste, aet eently
and positively on kitluejs. liver and bowels,
cleansing the entire system, dispel colds,
cure headache, fever, habitual constipation
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