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K ,wrvd at t'oauiflloa m miooO-clM Matter.
W. C. KKLLKY. Hualaaa Mufr
Mis Mow Ann tt. OajAkA. Nib.
T.).pw. 811.
Ha Papar ba OIrntimid lcpt
Ortiar of Subtcrlbw.
THE AMERICAN la the organ of
any arct. order. aaanrlaMoa. party, clique,
.aclUm or division of Ui population of
thle grand ttepubllc, and rouudlataa and
brand aa fulse all clalnin or rfcarewi thai
It U eucb. Irt euch Malm or charge be
aade t j any prraon or paraooa hom
tWTer. TIIK AMERICAN la a aewepaper of
(varral rlrculatton. Rnln to and being
rad by people uf all rallttloua belief
and political afltllallonaj by Ui wbtta
and lb black, the native-bora and tba
aaturallaed. the Jew and the Qentlla, the
Proteatant and the Komaa Catholic.
Thin claim ran ba auueUntlated Id any
court of juatlc at any time.
, 0. nOMftOH. FrMtmt.
IT must be gratifying indeed to the
publlo to be able to point to a judge of
the character nd ability of Cunning
ham R. Scott.
PERU It going to try to pass a law le
galizing all marriages. K it ii panted
it will be gall and worm-wood for the
priest of Itome.
Neither the World-Herald nor the
Hoe have ei plained why they did not
take editorial notice of O Connor's at
tempt to bribe Judge Soott In Count
Crelghton's behalf. Why?
That was a stinging rebuke Judge
Soott administered to a fellow judge
when, in answer to the question of an
attorney if he would sake a certain
order, he said, "yes, but I will write it
myself." flood for Soott.
Certain Roman Catholics have told
us that they endorse our exposure of the
methods of O'Connor in Crelghton's bo
half, but thry object to our holding the
church up as a party to the dirty deal.
Their objection would have weight
with ua were we not reasonably certain
that the church expeots to oome in for
the bulk of Crelghton's woalth when he
goes to meet the last, Supreme Judge
A larck majority of the people who
read the account of the attempt of
Count Crelghton's attorney to bribe
Judge Scott are of the opinion that Kirs.
Shelby must have established her claim
beyond any reasonable doubt, otherwise
the count's hireling would not have
run the risk of being sent to the pen.
Mrs. Shelby deserves relief, and she is
in tbe right court to receive it If she
has established her right to have the
transfers by her father to the
count set aside.
THE Italian goverommt Is carrying
the war lnt o Africa, so to speak, against
the pope and his pretentions, A recent
dispatch from Rome says, "the Italian
government has resolved to found at
Florence at publlo expense a library of
all the books which have Incurred the
censure of the Sacred Congregation of
the Index. The Vatican hat protested
againtt the measure on the ground
that the majority of the books in ques
tion are Improper to the last degree,
and that the establishment of a collec
tion of such a nature Is an affront rather
against public morality than against
the discipline of the church."
It IS a source of amusement rather
than of Instruction to the patriotic un
biased onlooker to contemplate some of
the screeds that appear in partisan
dally press on the virtue and the merit
which are Involved in being a loyal Re
publican or a loyal Democrat. The
time la coming in the history of this
country and there are portentous signs
ol its near approach when the term
Republican or the term Democrat will
not necessarily mean anything, but
when the designation American, 1
rightfully bestowed, will mean everv
thing that la good, true and noble In
the arena of politics and in the forum
of morals. To be a true and loyal
American should be the principal aim
and chief ambition of every American
citizen, whether he be Republican or
Democrat, wnether he be Populist or
Spain is the most bigoted, most
ignorant, most poverty-stricken, and
most cruel of European nations. Snain
was the first to open and is the most
unwuung to close the Infamous slave
trade. In Spain religious tolerance,
even in the closing years of the nine
teenth century, is a name rather than
a fact. In Spain the oxen plow and
the asses carry water, even as in Pales
tine in tne time of Abraham, Isaao and
Jacob. In Sualm the hands of
clock have stood still while centuries
were passing in silence. Chicago Inter
Once In a great while a fragment of
truth regarding some priest-ridden
country is given editorial expression
in the dally press. But tho CUc-na
Inter Ocean and all the other great
dalUc ever steadily maintain algnlfl
cant alienee at to the underlying came
of the decay of papal nation. Great
edltora ahould atudy the nature, elo
roeota and principles it the papacy.
Spain, once ruled by the proudeat mon
arch of Europe, hat gradually sunk to
the rank and condition of a third rate
power, and baa reached the loweat
depth of decay among the clrlllzed na
tion of the earth through the opera
tlon of beo'.tod bigotry, fierce fanati
cism and aimonou eaoerdotallam
Spain, prior to the melancholy and
unhappy period at which the papacy
acquired the ascendency over the
Iberian Peninsula, was inhabited by a
truly noble and chlralrlo race. The
pro-papal Spaniards were a tolerant
people. Ilul In the process of the cen
turies the miasma of Romanism has
polnoned the very well springs of the
social and religious life of the Span
lards, so that today Spain la not only
the most Illiterate nation In Europe
but the moat hopolosly superstitious
The backwardness of Spain in all those
elements that relate to a truly enllght
ened and progressive civilization is di
rectly traceable to the teachings of that
church whose priesthood have ever
striven te repress the noblest aspira
tions of the human mind. Spain, If it
shall ever partially emerge from the
moral darkness whloh enshrouds It,
will progress but slowly toward the
life and light of liberty.
"Qod move In a myatnrloua way
Ills wondera to perform."
Aa if to emphasize the truthfulness
ol this sentiment we have this week,
just before going to press, oome into
posseat-ion of the details of the most
damnable conspiracy that has ever
been batched in this country, and after
careful inquiry, and earnest and
thoughtful consideration of oaoh boo
tlon of the plot we are firmly convinced
that our information is reliable, that
the liberties enj yed by Protestants in
tills country today are tottering, and
that before the country is placed be
yond the reach of those who are at the
bottom of the conspiracy to wreck the
government, there will be hundreds of
thousands of lives sacrificed, of homes
made desolate and of treasure spent.
Today there ia but one living man
who keeps the olot from being in full
operation. Ill death may occur at any
moment; It will occur when the Jesuits
are ready to strike.
To the end that the country may be
duly warned of the impending calam
ity, which we shall make so plain that
he who runs may read and understand,
we will publish the week ending Janu
ary 22, a large extra edition with an
exposure of the plot to overthrow this
government and subvert our liberties
by the aword.
We have started detectives on the
scent and have written to different
point for additional information, and
shall have everything ready for a most
startling but reliable article by the
end of next week, but too late for pub
lication in the issue o the 14th Inst.
That edition of the 21st will be sent
to any address In bundles containing
from 10 to 100 papers or mailed direct
from this office to addresses that may
be furnished.
We expect to distribute a large num
ber at own expense, but the question Is
of such vital Importance to each citizen
that we urge upon you the need of
freely circulating that issue in your
Immediate neighborhood.
At least one million men should
read the Issue of January 21st.
If you desire to help arouse the sleep
ing Americans send in your order for
as many copies as you can use to good
advantage. Order early so we may
know how many to print.
We have lead in this fight in the
time of peace in the hope of Orlnglog
about a paolflo settlemebt of the ques
tions involved, but the men in charge
of the affairs of state have continued
to get farther and farther from the
truely loyal American people, and
nearer and nearer to the standard of
Rome, until the hierarchy makes bold
to plot and plan the overthrow of the
government by force of arms. When
she strikes some one will have to lead.
We propose to be that one. Now who
will dare to follow.
But it is not enough to be willing
to follow; your friends and neighbors
must be apprised of the danger. That
special edition will point it out.
Councils should order in thousand
lots. Subscribers should order as their
means will permit. Those men who
are wealthy should not hesitate to back
this movement with their funds for
war would leave them aa poor as their
neighbors. A few hundred dollars
judiciously expended now may save
our liberties in the near future.
In lots of 1000 to one address $10.00
" " 500 " " " $7.50
. ii ii ii i t)o
" ' " 50 " ' $1.25
X ! JQ tc .1 II -3()
Single copies .05
These prices barely cover expense of
printing, unless papers were printed in
larger lots than we anticipate printing.
How many will you want?
Order now.
Do you not wish to have some good
reading the coming winter months?
See our great offer on another page.
rrofttesor Iiombroao, the Italian
rrluuuoioKlHt. tut wvn enda.ioriug t
dlacover why the crime of murder ia
Increasing In tbe I'nlled Stales, and
reaches the conclusion that it la large
ly due to our lax Immigration laws,
which admit the lowest rlas of crim
inals from Kurope. The explanation
docs not agree with the facts In thi
vicinity, at least. In Chicago I. Is a
notorious and somewhat humiliating
fact that tbe most desperato crim
inal and murderers were born right
In tnla city. The Market-street gaiig,
the Mortell-MctJrath gang and the
other bauds of desperadoes with whom
the police once waged a continual
warfare were all Chicago products.
The same Is true of tba thills of the
present day. The men who, like
Merry, kill out of pure wantonness
are usually Americans. Tnelr disre
gard of human life ia due to the
knowledge that their chances of hang
ing are not one In fifty, and until we
have reform In our crimiual Judica
ture murder will Increase, though we
shut out immigration altogether. Mr.
Ijombroso, like most theorists, has un
dertaken to twist facts to nis theory
Instead of fitting his theory to facts.
Chicago Chronicle.
We candidly think that Professor
Lombroso la nearer right than is the
Chicago Chronicle. While it may be
true that the majority of Chicago's
desperadoes, thugs, plug-uglies and
murderers were born in the city in
which they have been operating, care
ful investigation Into their antecedents
would probably reveal the fact that
nearly every soul of tnem was of Ro
man Catholic parentage. What does
the mere fact of a man being born
In this country signify If he have
the pernicious principlee and jdam-
nable doctrines of Rome indelibly im
pressed upon his mind and - con
science? Wuy, in the city of Balti
more and throughout the State of
Maryland there are thousands of Ro
man Catholics who can trace their
American ancestry back to the year
1640. Yet the families to which they
belong bare not been in America long
enough to become so thoroughly im
bued with the spirit of democracy and
of freedom aa to constitute them ser
ious protestors against any of the pol
icies which the papacy is endeavoring
to carry out on this American conti
nent Fractlcally the members of the no
torious Market street and Mortell-
McGrath gangs at Chicago are Roman
Catholics, of either Irish birth or Irish
descent a fact which the Chronicle
was careful to conceal. If the majority
of the criminals of our large cities are
men of Roman Catholic parentage,
tuition and training, and If they were
born In America, then it la the prov
ince of pure patriotism and of en
lightened statesmanship to see that in
the future the progenitors of such as
they are rigidly excluded from these
shores. There are large classes of Ro
man Catholics in Ireland, ia Italy, in
Belgium and other European . coun
tries who, if they contemplate emigrat
ing to the United States, should be
compelled to undergo a thorough ex
amination at the hands of some com
petent specialist in criminology before
they are permitted to Journey west
ward with a view of taking up their
permanent residence in the land of
In a three-column editorial article
that appeared In the Louisville Courier-Journal
on Christmas morning we
noticed this sentence: "It was the ir
religion of the church militant that
Luther fought." In other words, It was
the impious murders, the unspeakable
wickedness and malignity of the lead
ers, doctors and advocates of the
Church of Rome that Luther fought!
Was "the church miltant" of Luther's
day an institution that persecuted, tor
tured, maltreated and murdered here
tics? And when Luther fought "the
irreligion of the church militant" did
he not protest and contend against
the Church of Rome? Lid he not with
stand the powers of aggressive tyr
anny, cruelty, malignity, fanaticism,
hatred and malice clothed in the pur
ple of religion? If so, why did the
Louisville Courier-Journal not Bay
that it was tne damnable doctrines,
sanguinary methods and diabolical
deeds of the Church of Rome which
Luther condemned and fought? Lis
ten to the declaration which the Cour
ier-Journal makes in another part of
its elaborate Christmas article: "The
spirit of God, working through Christ,
and Him crucified, never made a war
nor killed a man; never burned a her
etic; never tortured either sinner
or saint; never damned a soul. The
gibbet and the stake are hell's inven
tions." From which we deduce the log
ical conclusion that the epirlt which
impelled the Romish church to perse
cute, torture, maltreat and burn here
tics was not the spirit of God or of Ills
Christ, and hence that the church
which did these things was not a
Christian church. If the Church of
Rome, as it was constituted in Luth
er's time, was not a Christian church,
at about what time did it become
such? What fundamental or pivotal
doctrine of the Church of Rome has
undergone material change since the
time of Luther? When did the church
of Hlldebrand and Torqemada abro
gate or annul a single tenet of its an
cient faith? By what process of rea
soning can "the church militant" of
Luther's time be made to appear es-
aentlally different from the Roman
Catholic church of today? True it U
that the Roman Catholic Church does
not In our day actually put heretics to (
death, and in moat lands does not now
resort to torture; but nevertheless all
the decrees of the Council of Trent
stand sure and steadfast aa integral
porta of tbe faith of Rome; and it was
largely through the power and au
thority which those decrees conferred
that the priestly Inquisitora were en
abled to visit Impious and merciless
punishment upon those who had the
moral courage to indulge in freedom
of thought and action.
Rome has been shorn of much of
her power, albeit Rome is the same
yesterday, today and forever. Can the
Ethioplanchangehisskln or the leop-
ard his spots? No more can the Beast
of prophecy change Its nature. The pa- '
pacy has ever exalted the right arm
of its power at the cost of the sacri
fice of the most precious human in
terests and tbe destruction of the in
alienable rights of dissenting mortals.
Every cburchly denomination in
Christendom, unless it have a Roman
Catholic taint, unless it be fashioned
somewhat after the model which the
"fathers" of the Council of Trent de
signed and established, has taught
toleration and charity to dissident
religionists and sought to usher in the
era of brotherly love among tbe var
ious nations of earth, has tuned its
bells to "ring in the thousand years
of peace."
Pnpe Won't Hare It.
The official Journal of the Vatican
announces that the Laurler-Greenway
compromise on the Manitoba school
question, will not be accepted by the
Pope. The Pope will hereafter par
ticipate in the future elections in
France, and in furtherance of this
purpose has dispatched two special
agents to convey Instructions to the
French electors. The latter is not
only true of France, but of every na
tion of the world, and he now has a
hand in the politics of the world, down
to the mayor of a city in the United
States. The end justifies the means
and when prayers are ofTered in the
Roman Catholic churches previous to
election day for the success at the
polls of a thirty-third degree Mason(!)
The Tyler is led to question as to
whether the church or the thirty-third
degree man is most the Jesuit. Both,
eh? American Tyler.
Must Pay Taxes.
The supreme court has ruled that
the paroachial schools of Pennsylvania
are subject to taxation. In Franklin,
which is under Bishop Mullen's juris
diction, as well as Erie they compel
them to pay the tax. In Erie the as
sessors return them as taxable, and
the board of revision exempts them.
The taxpayers of Detroit, who have
been "touched" to the amout of
about $4,000 annually on a Masonic
temple, devoted exclusively to the
uses of Masonry, should present the
parochial schools and tbe buildings
UBed by the Knights of St John, o
that valiant Sir Knight. P. E. C. of
Detroit Commandery, and 111. Commander-in-Chief
of Michigan Sover
eign ConBistory, the Hon. W. C. May
bury, mayor of the city, for his im
mediate consideration. Tyler.
Lives In a Convent Sleeps at Home.
Mrs. Cragie John Oliver Hobbes
the novelist has taken apartments at
the Convent of the Assumption, Ken
sington Square, in which to pass a
considerable part of her time while
in London. She does not sleep at the
convent, but returns to her own house
at Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park, about
a mile away. She is devoting herself
to reading and religious exercises. In
reply to an inquiry she denied any
intention of entering the sisterhood,
but finds the Quiet and calm of the
convent life agreeable and beneficial.
Mary Anderson Navarro's slter Is a
nun in the same convent under the
name of Mother Dominica. She Is one
of the teachers in a high class and
is very successful In the convent
school. Dispatch from London.
The? (Jot One We the Other.
Society was in somewhat of a flutter
over the reception into the Catholic
church of Viscount Encombe, the son
and heir to the Earl of Eldon, and the
great-grandson of the famous Lord
Chancellor Eldon, who was a most in
veterate and bigoted opponent of Cath
olic emancipation. Lord Encombe's
conversion is announced simultane
ously with his engagement to Hon.
Miss Margaret Fraser, sister of Lord
Lovat, one of the oldest Catholic fam
ilies in Scotland.
Protestants are gratified by the an
nouncement that Miss Darcy, only
child of the greatest Australian multi-
millionaire, of Irish descent, has
' Joined their church on her marriage
1 with a captain in the life guards.
London Dispatch.
To Core Cooatlpatlon Forercr.
Take Ciisiarets Candy Cathnrtic. 10c or 25c.
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Head Kostelo's book. It gives the
questions asked females in confessional.
Awful depths of Roman theology ex-
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TeOarUoed but Venerable Correspon
dent, J. U. V.
From an American outlook I cast
my eye In thought over the country
and Bee the great democratic and re
publican parties contending with each
other for supremacy, laying their
plana for the next congressional elec
tions and especially for 1900, but they
are both black wiih villainy without
moral principle, love of country or
the fear of God, fast damning the
country and leading it to national rev
olution. I look at Romanism and see it on
top today as to wealth, compact or
ganization, political power and Influ
ence over men ia halls of legislation,
in municipal governments, in the
dally press, ia the city public schools
and in presidential appointments.
I look in thought again and see the
great Protestant family of the nation
comparatively asleep as to any proper
sense of the real political designs and
purposes of the papacy to destroy our
public school system, our free insti
tutions and our civil government; and
when Informed of these facts will not
believe them and bo sleep on. The
wily Romanists, seeing the insensible
condition of the Protestants, Improve
well their opportunity and often suc
ceed in obtaining subscriptions to
their pretended causes of,
thereby securing their good will and
thus disarm them of any opposition.
The great body of Protestant minis
ters, too, from ignorance, politics or
fear, are dumb in the pulpit on Rom
anism as to its political encroach
ments on our civil government Prot
estant ministers have also permitted
the great Nek York Methodist Book
Concern to become badly emljched
with Rome in its manufacturing de
partments and refuse to have an in
vestigation of the alleged facts, neith
er will the religious press of the de
nomination allow any reference to the
reported painful facts, but sometimes
refer to the Roman Catholics as "our
brethren." And as I look I see almost
the entire Protestant voters of the na
tion casting their ballots with cor
rupt political parties which eland on
the license principle, sustaining more
than two hundred thousand licensed
saloons, costing the taxpayers, direct
ly and indirectly, two billions of dol
lars annually and causing the death
every year of one hundred thousand
of human lives, besides untold pov
erty, tears and agony which can neith
er be measured nor estimated. And,
more than this, these corrupt parties
are stretching every nerve to secure
the votes of Romanists, not knowing
nor caring if the country is captured
by Rome if their respective parties can
I take a look in thought at patriotic
Americans in politics, but I must con
fess that I am all at sea as to the
knowledge of any combined action
contemplatjd in the fut ire or even of
any plan now in operation to weaken
the political power of Rome and to
strengthen the patriotic cause. But
after all, I believe that this apparent
dearth of patriotic news Is but the
lull of the elements before the gath
ering storm, that the true American
orders know what they are about, and
that they will arise in their strength
in due time in some political form
stronger than ever. But to succeed
well it is highly important that we
sustain our patriotic papers better and
also to greatly multiply their num
ber all over the country. And if all
the American patriots of the different
orders and their friends were true to
their principles and as energetic as
they should be in the American cause,
we might have half a score of well
sustained dallies in this country, com
batting the political power of Rome.
Shall we have them? J. G. P.
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All PratetitanU Are Damned.
NEW YORK. Dec. 21-Father Hen
derson's letter in last Monday's Saa
explaining the teaching of the Romas
Catholic Church that Protestants arc
damned is not complete. Here la what
the church teaches its own children:
In Father Miller's "Familiar Expo
sition of Catholic Doctrine," approve
by Cardinal Gibbons and praised by
him for plainness, one chapter U
headed, "Reasons why no salvation It
possible outside of the Roman Cath
olic church." (Notice that "Roman.")
Here ia part of the catechism.
Q. Must, then, all who wish to be)
saved die united to the Catholic
Church? A All those who wish te
be saved must die united to the Cath
olic church, for out of here there U
no salvation.
Q. Have Protestants any faith la
Christ? A. They never had.
Q. What will Chriat say 10 them on
the day of judgment? A. I know yott
not because you never knew me.
Q. Are Protestants willing: to co
fess their sins to a Catholic bishop or
priest, who alone has power from
Christ to forgive sins? "Whose sins
you forgive, they are forgiven them."
A. No; for they generally have An
utter aversion to confession, ant
therefore their sins will not be for
given throughout all eternity.
Q. What will follow from thla? A.
They die in their sins and are
Q. Will those heretics be saved who
are not guilty of the sin of heresy and
are faithful in living up to the dic
tates of their conscience? A. Invin
cible ignorance or inculpable ignorance
of the true religion excuses a heathen
and Protestant from the sin of here
sy, but such ignorance has never been
the means of salvation. From the fact
that a person lives up to the dictate
of his conscience and who cannot Bin
against the true religion on account of
being invincibly ignorant of it, many
have diawn the false conclusion that
such a person is saved, or is in a state
of sanctifying grace, making this In
vincible ignorance a means of salva
tion or justification.
Q. But is it not a very uncharitable
doctrine to say that no one can be
saved out of the church? A. On the
contrary, it is a very great act of
charity to assert most emphatically
that for no one out of the Catholic
Church is salvation possible, for Jesms
Christ and his apostles have taught
this doctrine in very plain language.
He who sincerely seeks the truth Is
glad to embrace it. in order to be
Without admitting that Christ and
his apostles taught anything of the
sort, two things appear to me clear;
first, that the Church of Rome does
teach the damnation of Protestants;
second, that if it modifies what it
teaches, as Father Henderson claims,
it does so in defiance of the allege
teachings of Christ, requiring it to
teach such damnation. R. N. T.. in
New York Sun, reprinted in Chicago
Bell Is Right.
President Bell of the Central La
bor union, takes the ground that the
question of foreign immigration ia the
most serious one now confronting the
American workingman. , He believes
the capitalistic press, factory and mine
owners are opposed to restricting im
migration because capital uses the
foreigner as his weapon in fighting
American workingmen. Labor Bulle
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worked and burdened with care, debili
tated and run down because of poor, thin
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Hard and Soft
Telephone 18l8,
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