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"AMERICA FOR AMERICANS" We hold that kit men are American who Swear Allcgla -e to the United State without a mental reservation.
Nombkb fit
To All Intents and Purposes,
the Marriages not
According to the Kite ef the Bomta
Church Are Unlawful, are nut
True Murrltiges.
-The double faced character of
odern Romanism Is always made ap
parent in any controversial corres
pondence which takes place in the
public press. An Interesting discus
sion in the Sheffield Dally Telegraph
has usfully served to point the con
traat between Rome as she Is seen
la purely Roman Catholic countries,
aad in some of her authoritative dec
larations, and Rome as Bhe strives to
appear to English eyes, and In publi
cations specially prepared for perusal
. hf the unsophisticated British pub
lic. In this correspondence we find
a Roman Catholic priest (Canon Gor
don) protesting that Rome did not re
pudiate an? other marriage ceremony
than that performed by her own min
isters, and on the other hand Protstant
correspondents, Mr. A. A. Fowler in
particular, proving conclusively from
the Roman Catholic dictionary, pub
lished in 1893, under sanction of Car
dinal Manning; from the Roman Cath
11c Directory (1896); from text books
sed in Roman Catholic Seminaries,
etc., that to all Intents and purposes,
in the eyes of the Church of Rome all
aiarrlages not celebrated accord
ing to the rites of the Roman
Church are unlawful and not true
marriages." Rock, October 8th.
Cltv Monev Tor Rnie.
The annual pound party of the Chi
cago City Infants' Asylum, formely
St. Vincent's Infant Asylum, 191 La
Salle avenue, was given on December
This noble institution Is an Illustra
tion of the homage age has for child
hood. In tha fifteen years of Its his
tory it has received liberal support
from all classes. The Institution was
built by private charity, and the do-
nations of the public have supported
it until a few months ago, 'WHEN
LY SLM. This assistance has. how
ever, proved insufficient for the wants
f the institution. The building, large
as It is, is overcrowded, and the sisters
in charge are unable to accommodate
he great number of applications for
admissions. They desire to erect an
other building and depend upon th
annual pound party for a liberal ad
dition to their resources.
The Sisters of Charity, who have
barge of the institution, are not al
lowed by their vows to receive any
compensation for their unselfish de
votion and self-sacrificing labors on
ehalf of the children. Every cent
f the money which goes to this In
stitution, whether from public fundi
or private charltly, is spent on the
The institution is burdened with a
heavy debt., and. as has been stated,
the necessity for a new building will
prevent this obligation from being
paid off in the immediate future. THE
A MONTH falls short of the needs of
the Institution by fully $2,000 a month.
The extra money must be raised by
private subscriptions and by
pound party. Chicago Tribune.
How many Infants can be kept, on is falling off and should he attend , There are none of them In your con
$S,000 per month? j some of the meetings of the patriotic ' gregatlon, and you do not get a penny
When the addition Is built with th orders he wiu flnd manx of his con- j from them. You have all to gain and
city's money In whose name will the ' Bga.tlon assembled there listening to J nothingtoloseby telling the truth. Can
property be?
Why was the name of the Institution
changed ?
Was it to keep the public from get
ting onto the fact that it was a Ro
wan school?
Or was it because the saintly nam
was a "hoo doo?"
How was the ordinance passed?
Who introduced it?
How many aldermen in the couneit
knew what they were voting for
What paper in Chicago published it?
Where was Harlan, Walker. Schlak
and other reformers while the city'
money was being voted away?
Why not give f 1,000 to all th
orphan home?
Does the city examine the book ;
I -iiiSliSf'- ('VfaUn
of the institution to see where the
money is expended?
How many infants are in the in
stitution? Can they care for more
than the Daily News Sanitarium?
Why not give the Sanitarium $1,000 a
month? Is this one of the schemes
to steal the taxpayers' money? j
Where does the moneir rnm fromt'
Out of the street cleaning fund? Does
Harrison get absolution for signing
! inch bills? Why ar so many pnests
cen in the office of the mayor so
j frequently? Are they hunting Jobs for
the faithful? Why do a couple of
priests in civilans' clothes patrol the
city hall and county building? Why
have we a map of Ireland on every
corner of our streets dressed in a blue
uniform and bras buttons? Were these
uniforms made for these terriers be
fore they left Ireland? How did so
manv naas the rlvll nervine ernmlnn-
tlon when so few can read or write?
Who is Alderman Mclnery? Is be the
same Mclnery who robbed the South
Chicago bank a few years ago?
Now, Brother A. P. A. of Chicago,
put on your thinking cap. Put on
that old rusty armor and get to work
again. What Is the matter with us?
Come out of that partisan rank and
be men once more. It seems to me
we have given up and don't care; are
going on the plan of let them do as
they please, they will get it anyhow
and we may as well let them have It
without any trouble. Now, boys, get
back into line and let's see If we
can't do some good this spring.
Hut Two Parties.
MCOOK, Neb., Dec. 13, '97 Editor
"American" I believe the day Is not
far distant when the Protestant min
ister who is too afraid of becoming un-
popular to preach the truth from the
pulpit, will find that his congregation
speeches and papers that touch on the J0" expect a crown or glory lor allow
vltal question at Issue in our land to- 'n8 the people, whom It is your plain
day and find them striking a death duty to enlighten, to blindly submit
blow at the "beast with seven heads t0 tne degradation which will soon
and ten horns," that is much more to De heaped upon them, unless you give
be' dreaded than the one these same them due and timely notice of an ap
mlnlster are telling of this same proachlng danger. If you are a true
beast that is corrupting our govern- j believer in Him who bore the trans
men t and breeding contention In our gressions of all mankind, and died on
homes. I do not care to listen to a j Calvary, then awake and warm your
sermon that is preached to Increase congregation of this damnable politl
the popularity of the church and Its cal Party of Jesuits that Is allowed to
pastor, but would much rather hear ', flourish in our midst In the guise of a
the truth a it Is without gilding. ! Church. Button your collar in front
This same class of oratorical white
wash is doing more today to keep
our young men from the church than
any injurious belief. At a minister
aid not long ago in his sermon to the
Odd Fellow of thl city: "Th ecrt
r--r t 3r iwT 'ill'' v " tew
z A&.H H xslSSa&v
orders are doing the work today, that
the churches were intended to do."
Can we enjoy a peaceful conscience
while there Is In our midst a hell
blacker than has ever been pictured
from a PuIpitT Many of our ministers
of today know this to be the case, and
why do they not rise up and warn
the brothers and sisters they profess
I to love so dearly? They and all
: Protestants that do not raise a voice
I against this evl1 are Pa88ive t0 tne
damnation they are allowing to flour
ish in our midst,
I am aware that political difference
of opinion has created discord in cer
tain circles because of party lines,
but let me tell you a plain truth:
"There are but two parties," Roman
Catholic and the Protestant. Can you
conceive the amount of money Rome Is
using to control the Judiciary of our
country at the national capital? She
8 paylng ,iberaIIjr for the power she
is gaining ana can you rrotestant
people sit Idly by anu grip your purse
to the extent that not a penny escapes
you, for the good of our people?
If you can do nothing more Invest
a dollar or two In subscription to
some good patriotic paper and after
j reading It, hand it to your Catholic
or Protestant neighbor and -thereby
enlighten them on the only national
issue of today In America Rome or
Rome is patting weak-kneed Prot
estants on the back today and saying
you are all right and we have no fight
to make with you, but, he that is de
ceived thereby, is not wise. They will
stab you in the back at the first op
portunity. Your ministers cannot be
blind to the fact that the Roman
element is trying (and in a measure
succeeding) to control this country,
dominate its religion, and if you be
lieve your religion to be right, then
certainly you cannot sanction idolatry.
, What have you to fear from Rome?
or behind, and let us know whether or
not you stand on praying ground.
R B. K.
"N Paper. "
LONDON, Nov. 17. The meeting
which was held at the Guild hall thl
afternoon to give the candidates for
election to the London school board
an opportunity of addressing the elec
tors was a stormy one. Canon Ing
ram and others were hooted and inter-
rupted with shoutB of "Jesuit priest in
disguise and No popery,
The struggle for control of London's
school board has been raging for some
time past, the bone of contention being
re!'oiis teaching in the schools. The
so-called progressives tend to secular
ism and accuse the moderates of a de
sire to bring the people under the con
trol of the priests and the Church of
England. The opposing element admit
a desire to reintroduce denomination
al teaching in the schools and advocate
economy so far as consistent with ed
ucation. The expenditure under the present
board, which has a progressive ma
jority, shows a rapid Increase In the
Thinks Irfliind and the Irish Did It.
Some kind friend mailed me a copy of
the Irish Standard of December 4. Why
he did so I cannot say, unless to draw
my attention to the fact that Rome is
In politics up to her neck. In a lead
ing editorial on "A Blundering Burch
ard" the Standard speaks very plainly.
It says that the president listened to
a sermon on Thanksgiving day by Dr.
Johnston, upon whom the mantle of
Dr. Burchard of "Rome. Romanism
and Rebellion" fame has fallen; and
which phrase defeated Blaine. The
church went over to Grover I. In a
Then the Standard waxes warm. It
says that McKlnley was, through th
aid of Archbishop John Ireland, "or
rather Citizen John Ireland," and
thousands of Roman Catholics, in
fluenced by his famous letter of last
October, elected to the Presidency last
year. The Standard does not hold
McKinley responsible for Dr. Johns
ton's remarks, but warns him that if
he continues to attend that church it
will be taken as an insult to the pa
pists and will not be allowed to pass
unrebuked, and notifies the president
that "the Catholics of this country are
too numerous and influential to be In
sulted with Impunity by the pastor of
any president, no matter what church
he attends, and McKlnley had better
The Standard says to the Methodist
"hands oft" the McKlnley adminis
tration, for a second edition of "big
otry" from Dr. Johnston may Burch
ardize McKinley, should he run again
in 1900. The church can and WILL
do it My advice to the president would
be to go at once to Mgr. Marttnjelly
for absolution. This thing of attending
antl-Romanlsh surmona is fast re
generating into a dangerous uider-
taking. If the president does not show
his disapproval of Dr. Johnston's
braying and Is excommunicated by the
church, I will be compelled to scratch
his name from my list of Immortals.
We Americans cannot afford to op
pose the Irish Standard. ZAMBOT.
The Clewett Case at St. I'aiil.
It Is expected that a moHt bitter
fight will be made when this cele
brated case comes to trial. There is a
constitutional principle Involved that
should interest every true American
citizen, viz.: "The right of a trial be
fore a proper court before a person can
be deprived of his liberty."
This principle has been violated, and
thoBe violating It have been trying to,
Justify themselves by endeavoring to
get their church members upon the
jury. This of Itself Indicates how
hard-pressed they must be, when they
have to resort to such proceedings.
No other church denomination would
dare to Insit upon such doings. No
other denomination would want to do
it If they could.
In no other Instance has a judge
ever permitted such Interested per
sons to sit Upon a Jury, knowingly.
This important question ought and
will be settled before this case is end
ed. This Institution, according to it
own testimony, usurps the right to
open United States mall at will, and to
permit no Inmate to send mail not
satisfactory to the Institution.
It is claimed, upon good authority,
that at least 90 per cent of the mon
eys obtained by this Institution is do
nated by the Protestants, who are and
have been made to believe that this
was a worthy institution.
Yet, during all this time Protestant
sympathizers have been contributing
to a sink-hole of Inqulty. According
to the testimony given in court, its
food was the poorest served in any
charitable or penal institution. The
Institution was alive with vermin.
Girls of tender years were compelled
to affiliate with the most vile and dis
eased persons, and . were deprived of
school facilities, and, like slaves, were
compelled to work that the institution
might make money. Yet. Protestants
have been aiding this kind of an In
stitution. The time will come when this Insti
tution will have to pay dearly for it
wrongful detention and treatment of
Everybody has been made to believe
that this ni i voluntary place of
refuge, and that persons could go and
comeatwlll.when they were of full age.
This, however. 1 not true, as girl
and women of all age have been com
pelled to submit to wrongful deten
tion and erve the institution a
Thl case ought to appeal to evry
true A met lean, to do hi part to bring
Justice to the wronged. It Is danger
ous to tolerate such an un-American
Institution a this In a civilized com
munity. Yet, the professional politi
cian hns been winking at It for year
and, with the weak-kneed business
man, hns boon aiding it either by bis
silence or contribution.
it If? hoped that this action will bring
In the surface the exact situation,
which. If once understood, will force
It either to conduct Itself within prop
er boundr r he forced to go out of
buKincHH, St. Paul Breeze.
Will Withdraw un.
The following dispatch Is interest-
After an exciting meeting last night
the Board of Education refused to rec
ognize the opinion of State Superin
tendent of Schools Skinner that in
unlawful to employ Sisters of Charity
as teachers in public schools if they
wear the garb of their order In the
school room. President Hasklns read
a letter from the Rev. James Nilan of
St. Peter's church, saying that Arch
bishop Corrigan had written that he
had consulted the Superioress at
Mount St. Vernon, and that she had
said that if the board of education in
sisted on excluding the garb she would
recall four sisters now employed in
schools 11 and 12 in this city. Arch
bishop Corrigan said that he fully
concurred in this decision. Father
Nilan wrote further that under the
lease by the city of St. Peter's paro
chial schools, which are known as
school 11 and 12. relicious instruction
Is allowed, but It would 1h discontin
ued after the Christmas holidays. Mr.
HiiHkin then called Commissioner Le
roy to the chair, and said:
"IfiS than three hours sro I had It
from the lips of Superintendent Skin
ner that he will decide against the ar
rangement in our schools. I asked
him. 'If the religious instruction is
omitted will you still decKte that the
wearing of the garb Is unconstitution
al?" and he said that he certainly
would. I asked him, 'Suppose the sla
ters refuse to omit wearing their re
ligious garb in school hours!' and h
said, 'Then they must retire from th
schools.' "But it Is claimed,' I said,
that this case is not analogous with th
Watervllle case,' and he said, 'It Is an
alogous, and I shall decide it just as I
decided that case."
Commissioner Wood said that he
had no doubt the state superintendent
will decide as he say he wilt, and it
there Is no tribunal In which his de
cision can be reversed the board will
have to abide by it. When the Ques
tion of excluding the garb was put to
a tou m reswii was a lie, 6 to f. NO
further action was taken.