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. C SRLLfcV. HUlaae NuiKf
Wit tlOWAMt fTHIKT. I Ml A, NSB.
Te4ee 911.
Ma Ppr mil t DitrontimM litest
Order of Sulcrtbr.
TIIK AHfcKICAn I o tne orgaa 01
any ew:t.ordrr, umm-IkI Ion. parly, city tin,
.art'oa or 1IIIob of the popuUlloa of
this grand Urpubllc ant rvpudlaw sod
brmail as f.le ell rlatiua or i-hr that
It la aiu-h. let u-h claim or charte be
mA by any prrsou or pri wuoni
eoever. TIIK AMKKIOAN l a Bppr of
geeoral circulation, going to and twlng
read If people of all rellgloue bvllrfa
aad iK.IIII.-al nflHUI lotm; by Ine white
and Ida Mack, the native-bora and the
aaturalltrd. the Jew and the lie oil la, the
Protmimit and the Boiuau Catholic.
ThU claim ran be tulxtanttaud la any
court of JutU at any tluia.
. JOHM C. THOU HO. fmMnl.
DECEMBER 10. 1897.
OK course the A. I. A. la dead.
Don't neglect to renew your sub
scription before January 1.
It would take but little coaching to
tnake moot of our public men (airly ac
ceptable Jesuits.
WKLL, It would do your heart good
to read tho letters from our subscriber
who are renewing for I9SW. We pub
lish a few m another column.
McKlNLKV found a good position in
the cabinet for Romanist McKonna.but
he eould not find any kind of a position
for II. F. Bowers the founder of the
A. P. A.
Wonder If the Romans are real well
satisfied with the death of the A. P. A.
which they reoently announced. Per
haps they will be able to announce its
death again after the next election.
The People's Atlas of the World Is
without doubt the cheapest and best
atlas on the market today. Wt sell
It for 50 cents. Nice book for a present
to a child of school age. Only 50 cents.
No, friknds, the Wandering Jew
Is not about completed. It will last
at least seven months longer, aad the
most telling, the most graphio descrip
tion of Jesuitism is yet to come. Do
not fail to read it to the end.
OUR Republican president could find
good fat berth for Pat Egan, the no
torious Irish Roman Catholic, but he
could not find any room In the publio
service for W. S. Linton, the American
Protestant who opposed the traitorous
brood that harbors such undeslrae'e
creatures as Pat Ejran.
The government at Washington put
Terry V. Powderly Into a fat govern
ment job that of Immigration Com
missioner because Terrenee was a Ro
manist, but it could not find anything
for Representative Hlnde of Missouri,
because he had been the editor of a pa
per that opposed political Romanism.
It WAS possible for McKlnley to find
a comfortable office with a fat salary
for Romanist Bellamy Storrer, the rich
Romanist of Ohio, but we have not yet
heard of McKlnley finding any kind of
an office for Representative Eainer, who
ao ably assisted Mr. Linton in his oppo
sition to sectarian appropriation.
ROME seems to own McKlnley, body,
soul and breeches. He readily found a
. place in the government service for
Mike J. Dow Hug, a member of the Ro
man church and its secret organizations
but he has no public pap for any Prot
estant who is known to sympathize in
any way with this movement against
political Romanism.
The citizens of Kansas City have In
duced W. C. Holden to remove his
paper from Galesburg, 111., to their city.
Mr. Holden has published Liberty for
at number of years, first at Lincoln,
Neb., then at Duluth, Minn., then at
Galesburg, 111., and always as a feat less
and outspoken American paper. The
patriots of Kansas City should see that
Liberty gets the support it will so
richly deserve.
We DO not know how you can do
more effective work against the insidi
ous advance of Jesuitism into our af
fairs of state than by inducing your
friends and acquaintances to read anti
Roman literature. And nothing Is bet
ter adapted to the work than The
AMERICAN. Get it and Chlniquy's
great book "The Priest, the Woman
and the Confessional" and send them to
your friends. You get them both for
42. We will send the book to one ad
dress and the paper to another if you
wish it done that way. The two for 12.
Omaha citizens were afforded an op
portunity to listen to a plain and dis
passionate exposure of the Roman Con-
fi-ulonal by ex Hunantst Koe'elo. laat
Sunday afternoon and evening at Wash
ington Hall. The let ture in the after
noon was to lad U-e only, and that In the
eveoing to men only. The hall was
comfortably filled In the afternoon with
ladles of refinement and culture, w bo
showed their appreciation by frequent
bursts of applause. The evening lec
ture was attend by two hundred and
fifty of Omaha's representative and pa
trlotlo citizen. They manifested their
approbation throughout by liberal ap
plause and left the hall fully satisfied
that bad as political Romanism Is, the
disgustingly obscene questions pro
pounded to Roman Catholic women In
tho Confettlooal are a thousand times
worse. Tbey must have thought the
men who pretend to be American citi
zens, who place their loved ones in the
perilous potltlon necessary to make a
proper auricular contortion, had ceased
being men and wwj slaves to some
power that could oj used lor untold
barm In a free country like America;
for the power that could make them
permit the Questioning of their wives
and daughters about their thoughts,
actions, desires, hopes and conduct
from a sinful and immoral standpoint-
could compel them to vote a certain
way, could make has made them be
lieve theiroaths of allegiance were bind
ing at the will of the pope, and that It
was their duty to obey the laws of the
church whenever and as often as they
con 11 let with the laws lof the state.
Mr. Kostolo made a very favorable Im
pression on those who were fortunate
enough to hear him, and no doubt be
would be accorded a very enthusiastio
welcome were he to return again to do
liver a series of lectures. We have
personal knowledge of the truth of
most of -what Mr. Koitelo uses in his
lecture, therefore we feel justified in
recommending him to our readers as a
trustworthy exponent of Americanism
and as a firm opponent of Romanism.
He speaks next Sunday aftornoon and
evening in Love's Opera House, in Fre
mont. Every American in Dodge
should go and hear him.
Orangevlllc, III, Deo. 6. Thanking
you for your kind offer I hasten to ao
oept the same. Ye, my flag Is the
Star Spangled Banner, and I working
under the flag of my master, Jesus
Christ. Enclosed find postofllce order
for subscription to January, 1899.
MRS. C. L.
The grand old patriot, Hon John B.
Stone of Kansas City, Mo., sends in
twice as much as we would think of
asking for a renewal with the remark,
"for luck." Hundreds of others are re
newing and wishing us success. Have
we heard from you yet? Let us all be
gin the new year with a clean balance
Rockford, 111., Deo. 6. Please renew
the subscriptions of the subscribers
whose names are enclosed. Draft for
same enolosed. Wish I could send In
1,000 names, but will try and get at
least a few more. Our papers have
said that the A. P. A. is dead here, but
No. 3G has taken a new lease of life and
will steer clear of scheming, political
tricksters, and will not lay down till
we ha ve none but "Americans on guard"
May you live long and prosper. F.
Kansas City, Mo., Dec. 6. Friends:
With these few lines I enclose $2. You
will have my support in your good
work from the beginning until Ameri
cans have eradicated all the houses of
the good Bhepherd, and until priests
and nuns are driven from American
soil. Not until then will ours really be
a free country. They hate our free
schools and Protestant churches whloh
are for the upbuilding and continuation
of our present form of government. To
you friends, I have not time to write
much. I offer to help you In this work.
You need support. I cannot do much
but when you need and call on me I
will do my best from $1.00 to 93.00. I
remain, your friend and brother of No.
58. A. H.
Hurley, wis., Dec. 5. tnolosed you
will find your slip with my address and
that of another. You ask if my flag is
still nailed to the mast-head of antl
Romanlsm? Yes, God knows. In this
town of ours almost everything is un
der control of the Romans, and this, j
all because of the fear of the Protes
tants for the Romanists. I am marked
for a very bold A. P. A. because I get
your paper through the office here.
But, while I don't seek trouble with
them. I usually say what I believe to
be right. When I first got your paper
the postoffice clerks (ail Romanists)
became very curious to know what was
Inside of the wrapper, so one day they
took off the wrapper and I think they
found out to their hearts content. I
told some friends I would pay for the
American If the postofflce clerks would
read it, even If I never saw it myself.
We have no council of the A. P. A.
here but the people are studying this
question of Romanism in politics. In
my work I come In contact with a great
many people every day and I never let
an opportunity slip to put in a word
against Rome. May the good work go
on and so continue until ever Protes
tant in our beloved land shall be on
their guard against the machinations
of Rome, and every Romish priest be
Is the wish of
Naabvllle, Teno., Dec, 0 I like the
American very much and think it a
great paper, and I am not going to be
without It a long as I am able to rsUe
the price and It Is printed. I am as
poor as a church mouse but I will have
your paper If I have to go without my
dinner. I hope -your paper will live
forever and hope It and iu supporters
111 live to down that old scoundrel
sitting in Rome and his gang. We are
seeing some f their work here at tbe
present time and It Is nip and tuck with
us to hold our jobs in tbe fire and po
lice departments, and I see you have
the same kind of a gang to deal with.
Long live the American and iu whole
crew. J.
Kansas City, Mo., D..-C. 3. Yes sir,
you shall have my subscription, and I
only wish I could send thousands more,
and that I could1 take stock in your
fearless, true American paper and
mske it a dally la plaof once a week,
tbat I could see the good work that 1
believe you are doing, go on to victory.
It makes the weeks seem so long when
I can soe only once a week a paper tbat
is not largely controlled by a nod or a
wink of the old man on the Tiber. 1
believe there are very many good,
honest Roman Catholics but they are
blind and I think If they would read
and enlighten tnemselves they would
become good, true American citizens as
many of them are doing, but they are
born In Ignorance, raised in Ignorance
and die In the same state of mind be
lieving that their priest can pray them
out of that mythical place called Purg
atory, and deliver them safe In heaven
for a stated sum of money. Oh, what
nonsense, to think any mortal man Is
possessed of so much power! If we
could only get them to believe In our
free schools, our free churches, where
we teach from the Bible that the re
ligion of Jesus Christ is free to all
without money and without price, and
without any comments from priest or
pope, how dlflerent things would be
in this land of freedom. Yes sir, I am
willing to do all I can to enlighten tbe
vicious and ignorant, to open up all the
houses of the good shepherd, as they
are called, for Inspection by all or close
them up for all time to come, rid our
selves of all Jesuits, stop all pauper and
criminal immigration and compel every
one to respect all our free institutions
or brand those who refuse as traitors
and send them from whence they came
never to return, and for all Americans
to stand up for and rally around the
American flag and, If necessary, de
fend It as long as our blood shall course
through our veins. I am also opposed
to the appropriation of one cent of the
publio money from the National treas
ury for the benefit of any religious or
sectarian association or Individual.
Further I am in favor of every corpora
tion, which owns property of any klud,
being made to pay taxes. Also,I am in
favor of an income tax. Let us all be
free and equal under the law and we
will be prosperous and happy.
C. R. W.
It LOOKS as though the Nebraska
supreme court bad fixed a soft place to
light on in the i Broatch-Moores case.
Moores wlll;probablybe declare eligible.
Our supreme court is rapidly acquiring
an unenviable reputation among tbe
common people.
AT the recent session of the state
council of the A. P. A. a complete set
of new officers were elected, and the
secrecy and non-partisanship which has
distinguished it for two years will be
Its future policy. We expect a revival
of interest in the work in this state.
line to Romanism.
Companies of priests and nuns have
arrived In New York from Ecuador,
South America. They call themselves
exiles, driven out by persecution. They
are nothing of the kind. All travelers
for years have represented Ecuador as
the most priest-ridden country in the
world. Education was limited and
languid, enterprise hardly existed, a
low state of public and private morals
prevailed. There has been a revolu
tion, of which very meager reports
have been made. As far as they go,
they indicate that Ecuador has thrown
off the yoke of the Roman hierarchy,
as Mexico, the Central and South
American Republics generally .have
done, and it is possible that some of the
chiefly obnoxious orders have been
banished from the country. No coun
try in North or South America has
been so far behind the times in desira
ble attainments as Ecuador, and the
fact has been due to the supremacy of
Roman Catholio prie sta and sisters.
Herald and Presbyter.
Pretest Against McKenna.
Washington, D. C, Dec. 6. Presi
dent Echols and Secretary Palmer to
day issued a special address to the
American Protective Association.
The address say it is the duty of the
association to protest to the senate
against Attorney General McKenna's
elevation to the supreme court bench;
asserts that the government depart
ments are being Romanized and Ro
manists given more than half the
offices in certain departments; declares
against the president's latest extension
of the civil service, and urges all
kept In his proper plaoe
jour friend.
members to write to their senators and
representatives In o p pool t Ion to tbe
appropriation of any money at tbe
present session of congress to sectarian
A Weak a nerd IrtrUnt Expetwd.
Evangelist Kootelo used in his lecture
last Sunday evening tbe following: "If
ever there was a time, or an occasion
which calls upon yju to vindicate your
honor, your rlgbw, and justice, now is
the day and now the hour. What and
who U this insolent upstart, this dough
faeed and weak-kneed s (called Protect
ant, appointed and paid by Protectants
who acuas sacretary of the Y. M. C. A?
I tell you friends, I would rather
meet a Roman Catholic than a coward
ly Protestant for you know wbere to
place tbe Roman, but you don't know
wbere to place such men a Mr. S. L
Willis. Who Is be that be dares In
sult, as he has the members of the in
stitution which supports him? How
dare he insult the comuon sense of the
eillzens of this city? He, your servant,
how dare he outrage the fuellngs of
the very people tbat give him bread to
eat? Such men dare call themselves
"Americans!" We bear with such m;o,
but when their arrogance, insolence
and pumped up dignity, presume to
trample upon our rights, tbey deserve
something more than commUeratlon.
A prominent citizen, and member of
the Y. M. C. A. informed me that he in
tended to discontinue as a member of
same on account of tbe audielty of this
man, wbo refused to allow a Protestant
Evangelist to display the advertise
ment of his meetings in the hall, and
who refuses to allow so worthy a paper
as The American u be placed on the
files of tbe association. It is an out
rage which you as Americans should
protest against."
Baptist Sentiment.
The following sentence from the
Texas Baptist Standard is true; and
it is bo Important that we would have
it written over the hearth stone of
every family into which the Recorder
"The pope is extremely desirous of
controlling this country, but whether
he will ever do it depends on whether
Baptists are faithful."
"The Baptists have never perse
cuted," Is a favorite claim of our de
nomination. We have never perse
cuted, but when the time has come for
a struggle for freedom, Baptists have
taken up arms. When tbe time has
come to defend the truth. Baptists
have thrown themselves manfully in
to the breach. If they were right In
struggling for freedom and for truth,
they would be not less than wrong to
suffer our nation to pass gradually
There are Baptists who say we lose
the respect of other people when we
Into the dominion of Rome, when they
come out openly and say Rome should
he held off by holding her subjects
have the power to prevent It 1
out of American politics there are
Baptists who say this. But we do not
care If they do. Baptists are nowhere
with authority commanded to look to
"other people" for approval. It is their
duty to stand for all they are worth
for free Institutions, free government,
free religion, free speech, regardless
of the consequences.
There are Baptists who actually
say nave said to us that Roman
Catholics In Americat are different
from those of Mexico. Brazil. Cuba,
Spain and Italy. It is true, and it is
true simply because there are 1,000,-
000 men in America who would take
up arms and fight to the last ditch to
make it true.
Roman Catholics were recently di
vided by a Romanist in this state
(writing in the News and Observer),
into good Catholics and bad Catholics,
He claimed to be a good one. If they
are true Catholics, they are bad clti
zens of a free country; if they are
bad (that is disloyal) Catholics, they
are hypocrlts to their church.
The pope will be very good to
Americans, and his priests and sub
jects 'will behave themselves and pa
rade their loyalty and their patriotism,
until they have insinuated them
selves into the chief offices of our na
tion; and then Baptists will have the
battle for freedom once more to fight
Catholics are patriotic for power only
Let them get the power, and their pa
triotism will all be opened upon the
"holy father" in Rome, the Infallible
and absolute god of the Romanists
Why the necessity of these words
here in North Carolina Protestant
North Carolina? There is a need for
them: Rome has insinuated herself
into the political parties, and the peo
pie have almost reached the point of
perfect obedience to these parties. If
ever Rome gets a hold upon our state
(she already has a hold upon our na
tion to a certain extent.) it will be
through the blind obedience of the
voters to unscrupulous party leaders.
The Biblical Recorder.
How It Must Be Done.
We often see a wish expressed that
the convents and other popish prisons
might be inspected. In the Iowa Pa
triot for October, there is a petition
directed to Mrs. McKlnley. wife of
the president, signed by hundreds of
Iowa ladies, and reading as follows:
Fill a bottle or common glass with
urine and let it stand twenty-four
hours; a sediment or settling indicates
an unhealthy condition of tbe kidneys.
When urine stains linen it is positive
evidence of kidney trouble. Too fre
quent desire to lurinate or pain in tbe
back, is also convincing proof that tbe
kidneys and bladder are out of order.
There is comfort In the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Rjot, tbe grett kidney rem dy,
fulfills every wUh in relieving pain in
the back, kidneys, llver.cbladder and
every part of tbe urinary passages. It
corrects inability 1 1 hold urine and
scalding pilo ia passing it, or bad
effects following use of liquor, wine or
baer, and overcomes that unpleasant
uecessity of being compelled to get up
many times during tbe night to urinate.
The mild and extraordinary effect of
Swamp-Root is so m readid. It stands
tbe highest for its wonderful cures of
the most distressing cases. If you need
a medicine you should have the best.
Sold by druggists, price fifty cjnts and
one dollar. You may have a sample
bottle and pamphlet both sent free by
mail. Mention The American, and
send your address ti Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
Binghampton, N. Y. Tne proprietors
of this paper guarantee the genuine
ness of tbls offer.
"We, the undersigned, ladies or
women of America, having heard of
tentimes of the ill-treatment, perse
cutions and abuses received by the
inmates of Roman Catholic convents
and other monkish institutions, from
the hands of those at the head of
such Institutions in America, and be
lieving that there should be no slav
ery, either physical or mental, in this
bright land of our. etc."
Now I am unable to see what Mrs.
McKlnley can possibly do in the prem
ises. She has neither legislative, ju
dicial nor executive powers. Perhaps
it may be merely to show to the world
how many women of the state of Iowa
are opposed to nunneries. Very well,
but why not go to work so as to ef
fect the liberation of these prisoners?
The national covernment neither
McKlnley, congress nor the supreme
court can do anything with the con
vents in any state. Each state must
deal with its own convents. Each
Btate has the right to open to inspec
tion all the convents within its bord
ers, or to abolish them; but the United
States government cannot touch them,
without first amending its constitu
tion. It is not only the right, but the
duty of each state to know whether
any of its citizens are illegally impris
oned, and so to guaranty liberty to
every individual.
If, on inspection, girls or women
are found in such convents suffering
voluntary tortures, such as going bare
foot In the winter, sleeping in cotton
sheets in the winter and woolen ones
in summer, lapping crosses on the
floor, or counting beads and saying
"Hail-Marys," they should be judged
Insane at once, lodged in the state
insane asylum and treated. Most of
them would be cured in a year or two
of instruction and careful teaching by
some graduate of one of our public
high schools. Meantime they could
be made to pay their way, or nearly
so, by doing some useful -vork each
day. Then they would become the
honored mothers of children, and be
a credit to society. No state should
allow a foreign despotism to psychol
ogize and entice its young women into
prisons, there to be kept In seclusion
during life.
If our states, as republics, do not
overthrow this evil now, they will not
be able to do it when the institution,
which supports the convents, has be
come much stronger; and they will be
such institutions in America, and be-
jooted out by an uprising of the people
with bloody sacrifices, and possibly by
the destruction of a Republican form of
a kingdom supported by a powerful
army. The king of Italy, backed by an
army, has abolished the convents. The
states, without armies, have not dared
to touch them. Every state has the
right, but is restrained by fear of the
Catholic vote. Protestant voters, se
lect brave men for your legislators,
and remedy this evil while it is young.
To Care Couatlpation Forever.
t.ToH? 's.carets Cndy Cathartic 10c or 25a.
u c. C. fall to cure, druggists refund money.
Who Will Be the Gerhard Groot.
These three letters stand for co
operation, fratenlty and charity, and
these seemed to be in the mind of
Gerhard Groot when, after preaching
so as to displease the Roman gentry
of the cloth, and had his license taken
away from him, started the organiza
tion of Brethren of the Common Life.
While there were no cast iron rules,
each one put his earnings In the fund
so as to support the institution, and
in this institution Thomas A. Kempls
was educated. They maintained in
their schools a pure Latin and Greek,
and left out the subtle reasoning of
the "schoolmen." And this work was
one pf the greatest and most success
ful preparations for the coming Refor-
mation. What we want at the present
time is to have all people well posted
on the important subjects of the day
and be able to judge for themselve
regarding the issues which may be
presented. There are so many who
have an ax to grind and are planning
to get the public to turn tbe grind
stone. Tbe secular press is to a cer
tain extent Romanized, but weare very
glad to see a change in this respect
for the better. The servants of the
pope have been slapped in the face sev
eral times. They have had their corns
stepped upon and they have been
taken by the nape of the neck and
somewhat choked. And that Is the
cause of it. But we must educate.
There must in some way be a Brethern
of the Common Life. If It were start
ed the papists would surely try to Ro
manize it, but let it be started and let
the papists be thrown over the wall
as often as they climb in.
By this method the school directors
will know in all districts what to do
with Romanized school books and
would know who to get for teachers
to teach their children and would
know how to vote and how to rule
when elected to an office. Who now
will be the Gerhafti Groot? There is
no Charles V or Phillip II now and
the pope says he is a prisoner. T. T. L.
No-To-Bac for Fifty Cent.
Guaranteed tobacco habit cure, makes weak
men auuug. blood pure. AUc. $1. All druggist
Th rough Rome's Protest
Through the protest of Archbishop
Riordanofthe Roman Catholic church,
AT t'Pr'a A tint ant an A faA Airal t3fla
tory has been excluded from the pub
lic schools of San Francisco and Fish
er's History substituted in its place.
Archbishop Riordan contends that the
Roman Church, through the decrees
of its councils and the administra
tion of its infallible head, nc?er erred
from the right, and the Myer's strict
ures upon the Jesuits and the Inquisi
tiftn are objectionable. Therefore the
book that tells the truth most 20.
This same Roman Catholic influence
is now at work in the same city to
discharge one hundred Protestant
teachers on trumped up charges, be
cause of their "unfair references" to
Romanism. Protestantism acknowl
edges what mistakes it has made,
seeking only the truth, but the intol
erant Romanists try to protect their
errors by attempting to suppress the "
record of their ecclesiastlclsm, and con
ceal fangs that have never been
drawn, in order that they may rend
rend and destroy! Books and teach
that never changes. Therefore, noth
ing should be said against the holy (?)
prerogatives of that ecclesiastlclsm to
rand and destroy! Books and teach
ers must go out of our public schools 1
to preserve the unimpeachable record
of this church in its sacred and lawful
vocation of stamping out heresies and
persecuting heretics! Such is the spirit
of intolerant Romanism. Will Ameri
cans stand it? The clearer truth of
our day demands greater Catholicity,
and these old savageries must perish.
Omaha Christian Advocate.
We sell Edith O'Gorman's Corvent
Life Unveiled. Price $1.25.
Excites the Catholics.
Lima, (via Galveston, Tex.), Nov. 16.
Mr. Jarrett, an American Protestant
missionary, has successfully passed an
examination at Cuzcn, capital of the
southern province of that name, former
capital of the Incas, and the most an
cient of the Peruvian cities, with a
view of establishing a school there.
His intention has greatly exeited the
Catholic party. '
Open lour Eyes.
Rome loves education? In 1870 ten
per cent of the population of the Prot
estant countries of Europe was in
school. In the Catholic countries one
in 124 was in school. In the Protestant
countries there was a newspaper or
magazine to every 315 people. In the
Catholic countries the proportion was
one to 2715. Who educates? Open your
eyes; the cloud is rising that will bide
the sun of American freedom.-Masonio
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NervM attend from tbe brain to avary yart
of the body and reach every ergaa.
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NervM are fed by the blood and are aerefeM
like tt la character.
Rtrm win be weak and exhausted 9m
blood Is tata, pale and Impure.
nrM wIU surety be strong and steady
On blood Is rich, red and vtgoroaa,(
rVM and a true ftiend la Hood's Sarsapo
rffla because It makes rich, red blood.
TVM then- work naturally and wen,
the brala Is unclouded, there are a
aearalgle pains, appetite and
Kos are good, when yon take
T One Trot Rood Purifier. AD druggists, ft,
near eart ay 0. L Moot Ce, Lewell, Maes. '
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