The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, January 01, 1897, Page 6, Image 6

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WkyU TtaiUt, Trairlcr ad Ma4rt
SbM TUU I t.
There re two mwnii, rltter one f
which ought U U mcluWe ilb
very American cilirro
JVrat.- The trip from IVntr U L'uh
1 Hlo GranUo Urn, "Gnat Suit
Lftk Kout," U tho franJ.-t u h
louoil ant abort" on the contlmtil. N"
Kuriyan trip of eoua! Injr:ti can com
pr with it in variety anJ f ramU'iir of
onnery anJ wi tilth of no el lnU'rvt
SefTm.f -YoufhoulJ to Nfue.when
you hare niiule thia wonuVrful trln, you
Will find l"Uh at the end of it ltah.
OMOf the world faino.i s'U, and a
Und of fold. iIit, epM'r, iron and
001; of luftjr mountain and frrllle ''al
ley; of Tlncjardit, fruit, and Unworn.
Salt Lake City, the capita!, l of great
Intercut on acrountof It hiftorleal nd
rellgiouH aMH-Utioiw Here are Hot
Thermal Springs. Warm Krlnjf, Sul
phur Spring'. Sanitarium, Parks,
Drive, Canyon and the mot health
ful climate on earth. Great Suit Lake,
with the new and tNautlful SalUlr
Beach lUwirl, of Mnorii-ta del(D, baa
0 equal in A merle. Write to K. A
WaJlelch, Salt Lake City, for oopleaof
pamphleU, i't.
f 2WMHI IN .U1.1 t.lVKN.
Or tiptvlal Interest to MudenU and
It II. Woodward Company, of Haiti
more, Md., are making a moet liberal
offer of 1-00 00 to anyone who will Roll
tUO copie of "Gema of Ilolljjlour
ThouRhl." a new hook by Talmane.
Thla li one of the mtat popular book
ever publltthod. Three edition aold lo
90 day. Amenta oll 10 to 15 coplca a
day. An Estey organ, retail price 1270,
given for selling 1 10 coplea In 3 months.
K 1100 bicycle given for veiling K0
ooplea In 2 months. A gold watch for
elllng 60 ooplea in one month. Thlf
premium In addition to commission
Complete outfit 35 cent. Freight paid.
Credit given. Agcnta wanted also for
"Talkt toChildrenJAboutJeaua." One
hundred and fifty thousand ooplea bold.
It la now selling faster than ever
Same term and condition! as or
"Gema of Ilollgloua Thought." Other
popular hooka and niblea also. The
Offer apeclal and most liberal rates to
tudenU and teachera for summer va
oatlon. During last summer a largi
aumber of students and teachers can
Vftaaeu for their books. Among the
list there were 23 who made over 1200,
67 who won the 1200 premium, and 7f
aade over 1150 for their summer work.
Write them Immediately tf
What C 1. l'otter Shy.
Omaha, Neb., Aug. 31, 185.-The
Howard Medicine Company. Gen tie
sen: I desire to say to all who feel tht
strength of their manhood slowly slip
ping away, whose ambition Is at tu
lowest ebb, whot-e mind is beclouded
Md the senses dulled, when you foe)
dyspeptic, and lose your self-respect,
that your blood Is out of order, and all
you need Is some of Howard's Vegetone
Blood I'owder to lone up your system
It will act almost Instantly upon tht
Dlood; you will feel the renewed lift
and vigor coursing through your sys
tem; you will feel the old-time grip in
jour hands; your mind will be as actlvi
a ever; your friends will observe thr
flag of health flying In your face, arm
you will feel like a new being, t havi
not felt so well for five year, as I dt
lnoe taking one package of your HUhh)
Powder, and I feel as strong and aciivi
at ever. I weigh 15 pounds more thai:
aver In my life. The change Is so
marked that It is the subject of com
ment when meeting my friends 1
recommend Howard's Vegetone Bloou
Powder to be, as I believe, the greatest
blood-purifier on earth.
C. A Potter
1302 Farram Street is the Union Pa
Clflc City Tick 't Office.
AvUrnevs, 14K1 Ksrnani Street.
ShI". t'nder ami by virtue of hii order
of tale or decree of forecloBiirw of mortgage
Issued out of the district court for IHiuglns
County, Nebraska. Hint to me directed.
I will, on the l"th day of January A
I. IMT. nt on o'clock P. M of said day, at
the (CAST front door of Ihe county cou-t
house. In thertty of CiniihH. IHmglas county.
Nebrsska. sell Ht pulillo auction to the high
est bidder for rash, the property described In
said rder of le follows, uv-wlt.:
Lot seven iTi In block three hundred and
eight (Diixi of the original ulat of ihe city of
Onmha. Douglas county. Nehritska.
Said property to be sold tosatlsfy I'hlllp I..
Johnson, plalnlllT herein, the sum of Bve
hundred and eleven and M-HU dollars
51 1 8 with Interest thereon at the rate of
err (7) per cent prr annum from Septeu.
her 17th. Ism.
To satisfy ccsts In said case taxed at forty
three and Si-HD dollars i43 .ls. tegetl er
with accruing C(t according to a judgment
rendered by the district ecu rt of said Doug
las county, at tt eepteniber term A. D. l(4.
In acert'n act'on then and there pending,
wherein I'hlllp L Johnson was plaintiff, and
Charles H. Hmwn and Mrs.- Krown.
Brat name unknown, his wife, were de
fendants. Dated at Omaha, Nebraska, IVcember lsth,
A D. 18W4.
Spei-lal Master Commissioner.
Saunders & Macfarland, attorneys for plain
tiff. Johnson vs. Brown. Doc. 43; No. Ml.
IS-18 5
Attorney. Uoom 22 ratterson Block.
T KGAL NOTKK.-ln the district court of
Douglas county, Nebraska. Lettle Davis,
vs. Charles B. Davis.
har es B. Davis, defendant will tke
notice that on the nth dav of Deeemtier. 1S..
Lettle Davis, plaintiff herein, tiled her peti
tion In the district c urt of Douglas county.
Nebraska, agaiEst said defendant, thet tiject
and prayer of which are that she n'liy be
divorced from the defendant on the grounds
of desertion, and for such fur' her and
other relief as he may be emitted to.
You are reguired to answer said petition
on or before the 1Mb day of January, 18'.7.
bated, Iecember nth, nam.
By J.T. Patch, htt attorney. 12-11-4
.! MtllH M K. HI. M.
Attorney lum tau. ftrwt
i-H kilt CAI Kv virtue allaa
Q r te iu.-U mil i'f thr m.lri. I
1 ,-nuri !.!. ... -miniv . Netirwka. and l
ii.r U r.vt. .1 I mil ..n llir HklT '
uar. A I' al I"' u'clm k ' '
at tlir r l irum a. -or in
...uri I1..11 la tlirriiy t.f 'n nha l"Ml
,-uin.t, l rnk mIi piiWii' U'H'i u
ll.r l.i.l.. l I. i.l. i. r f it. l. it" ir..( ri U,
. riiJ In U ,.r.l. r ,.f ! f.i.. tu-
111 utl.'t .Mrl.l nf ll'i- 'Ul---!
i.itin i.f Uir iuilii-i K r-i-r
..Ivriii i.l t,ibh'p lifu--u I ' riU
rtiiif ti' r-i .f ihil-im I'rla-
MfrulUo. fMimln In ll H
4-rc .i,-iriltn in lit- Him riim'-i't ur,-r.
l.tfrMln r iitiall l-n-iitil. Ii-r'ill an -l
iiil i.url iiiir- llr,'t. t'li.Uk'lliil- ur
! v.iall l liJ rr. or.1" tl. l llul-U In
Ihiuk'lHK.'iiunlf Kinln.f NrliriM.k
..! jir. (htiv i. Im .ilf to Minify Alt.ln
W K i'.,lnitiT l.i n ln itn- ui.i of l.i
lliuiia' .1 h' nihil ti ti-rour mm
II li .1 IUr I ' li Jil- Kiin in . l h Hi
H r. l iii-r ou hi rir i.r u i ' " ni
,iir milium from t.'p t-inU'r Si'il. Iv.' 1 ti
ii.ouiil or l van i i'H iiiiik i i-u
up n iill r it t - lit ill . Til it
III allV I'liVIU m rv.tii lill Mill in-ri-iu.
Ih- aillii of ltirt-t t!niiml Ihri-f fll' H H
anil IIV i'ii'0 Mi ll .ih I.U iiiinni it. I 4i
ImlifiiK'iii lull rt-ni Hi. rum l rm-in
li .In. n-r .--ni iM-r kiiiiuiii fruii rroi,'inivr
tril Ip: wli'rti miiioiiiiI U it M-i'oiiii vllil
tint tit 11 uuiii i ri-al t-Nit' itlHiv
ili-M-rit il. mill nul'.wl imljf li tin' iH'ii Ihf
li).,li-rv tin' -..ill. or mi i w.i nn -.1 iuii
l..llr ht-n-lu toiri-il i r itli w-
i-ruiim 'oii Ai'i'orilliitf t i h tuiltf nl ttn-
.;i'r, .l l. il, iliHirn i roiirl of s.iti.1 ! uvlnt.
I'olllll V. HI II f-I'lHi'liltNT liTIII. A li l'i.i In
.-. rlHlu b. ii. ii l hi ii huh iiii i-c plll'llll ln All.; t y I lililnlllT Hint hi' tf. Hit.'k l .i puny lit i iir(ortli.ii nr-
VHtlr.l nil. I.r III" li,H of llii' IH of f -
lirHkit. luiiu Klui'k mill ivlU M I rr ri'
CIllkllH Ni'lTMNlll. I HM'fllllilT 11 h l'l
JOHN W Mi iim.II.
Mn r ffu' Hiiiiuliiit t 'oiinlr . Ni'1-rni.kH
H ii lull r 9c M i'f .irlHiiii. hi lor hi y .
H .lol.H K Kl..k I'll rial
(ikv au. N.i -A'! :! IN
NtlMHKS A M A I A Itl. M.
AUornryM. 1414 Kiirniiii Mn-i-l
HIIKKIKK'S SAl.K-l:y virnir of ;in
oriliT of Ma lo Imn-il out of I In- liitnrt
I'ourl for I loiiKtiiH I 'ounl y, Ni-l.r.iHk.i. iin.l
In im' .III. . I. .I. I will, mi Hi.- :'i.lti il.iy of
J.inuiiry, A. I1 tvii". at ion o i lo. k n in ,
of i.. i l.l .l.i y . nt Mo- KiiNt front it. .or of I li
I 'ounl. v I'oiirt lloum. Ill I In' I'Hy of
diiiului. IMiiikI'is loiinty, NiliniMkii. i-ll
at pulillr mi. 11. hi to tin' hlclii'Kt lil.l.l.T
for i'jihIi, tin- iiroiM-rly ili-Mrnln-il In Haul
oiilor tif hiiIo us r.illiiHN, io
Lots llilrl.'. n (I II unit foul li'i n III! In
liliH'k two CI In Amos I'liirc, nil a.l.lllwul
lo tin- illy of Omaha, n.i hiii vi-yiit. plat-
li-.l mill roi' nil hIIiiiiIi-iI In IIoiikIiih
,-ouniy. Ktulo of Ni-lii aikii.
Salil lot llillliin till In lilmk two (2) III
AniiH I'lai-c. an nil.lllloii In tin' rlly of
Oinnlia nfori-Hiil.t. to l- Holil In satisfy
llarrv J. TwIiiIIiik. plaintiff IhtvIii, tin'
mini of two Iniiiilroil nn.l t mil y mill M UNI
itL'Jii Ml ilollars iil. Willi Hiti n-Mt
iIiiti-oii in tin- rati- of tin ilm por rout
pit iinniiiii from S.-ti-iiili-r iMIi. U'H'i, an. I
to Hiillsfy I ! fiirtlii-r sum of twenly-two
Hint fi lim iH.- itollars ntmrni'ys ron.
Halil lot l.iiirl.'i-n 1141 In hlo. k two l-l.
Aiiii-n riarf, mi n. 1. 11(1. in to (li.- city of
Omaha, to ho nnlil to satisfy salil Marry
.1. Twliitlnit. plnlulllT lii'ii'ln, I lu Hum of
fonrliiii ami T-hi ilH.iii'i Hli
liili-rcst tlii'iinii Ht tht' rati" of ti-n (HI) por
i-fiit por minimi from Sipli'tuhiT ism
IMHi, toKothi r wlih llio fuillii.r sum of our-
ninl 4ii-pm III. 4UI attorneys roes.
'I'o millHfv tin' sum of forty-live anil
iB-liid (Ji:. !.:! ilolhiis rosts liin lii. toKftlu-r
w ith ii. i i iiliik' i-osts, iii'i-orilliiK to a .nnitf-nu-nl by thn Plslrlot Court of
salil 1oiikIii rollllly, lit Its Siplomhi-r
term. A. 1 1. tsmi. In n rertnlii m-tloii Ihi'ti
ami tln-re pi'inllnir, wln-roln Marry J.
Tw luting Is plalnlllT an. I MiikkIo 1.. Hun
tor ami Mr. Humor. Ilrst ami roal
mime unknown, her hushanil. are ilefeml
unts. OhiiiIiii. Nebraska. Ieeemlier '.'lih lVHi.
JOHN V Hi'IhIN At.r.
Sheriff of lioiiKlas County. Nebraska.
Haunilerx Maef.irlaml. niorueys.
'rwlntimt vs. Milliter et ill.
line. ,'i7 No. 117. I2 !."i-.'i
hAUMIKKS Ai M. l''AltIi.M.
AttorneyH. UnA Ksrnain Street.
8I1KKIK1-' S SAI.K.-lly virtue of an
onler of sale Issueil out of the llstrlet
Court for I 'oiii;las . oulily, Nebraska, anil
lo me dlreeleil. 1 will, on the Llilh ilay of
Janunrv. A. 1. lMii. at ten o eloek a. m.
of ii 1,1 tiny, at the east front iloor of the
County Court Mouse. Ill I he rlly of
Omaha. lioui;las fount v. Nebraska, sell
at nubile nuetlon to the hlt-'liesi bl.l.l
for cash, the property described In said
order of sale, as follows, to-wll:
Lots live tfil and six nil. In block four
teen (141. In Carl hate l'lace. an mlilillon
to the cltv of Omaha, as surveye.t. plat
led and recorded, nil situated In liounlas
coiinlv. slate of Nebraska.
Said lot live iM In block fourteen (141
CartluiKi' l'lace. lo be sold lo satisfy
llarrv J. Twlnlltm. plalnlllT herein, tin
sum of eleven and Hfi-liw iJll.Hfil dollars
Judgment, with interest thereon at Ihe
rate of ten (101 per cent per annum from
September Stlli. Wm, together with tin
further sum of one mid lH-ldO (SI li at
torney's foes.
Said lot six nil In block fourteen (Hi,
Carthage l'lace. to be sold to satisfy sai l
Mwrrv J. TwInlliiK. plaintiff herein. Ihe
sum of eleven und ft.-lntl (Ill HiM dollars
linliriiifiit. with Interest thereon al the
rate of ten (l per cent per annum from
Seiileniber 2Mh. IsWi. together with the
further sum of one and lil-liKI (Jl.lHl dol
lurw ullornev's fees.
To satisfy the mini of Twenty-six .mil
ti-imi (JLH mil dollars costs herein, together
u-ith iiccriitni? costs, according lo a. luiiu'
ment reiideied by Ihe 1 "strict Court of
said iHiuglas county at Its September
term. A. 1. lli. Ill il certain action then
mil there nemling. wherein Marry J.
Twlnting Is plaintiff and Charles H.
liroed and Mrs. I treed. Ills wiff
Hirst and real name unknownl. are de
Omaha. Nebraska IVcember Wth. Is'.ki.
JOHN V. MclHiN'Al.H.
Sheriff of liouglas County. Nebraska.
Saunders ,V Macfarland. attorneys.
Twintiiig vs. lined et al.
Hoc. No. is. 12-r.-'
W.H ltl'SSKMi.
Attornev. mil New York Life Hutldlng.
O Sale. Pnder and bv virtue of an orfier
of sale on decree of foreclosure of mortgage
Issued out of the district court f. r Douglas
r-onnty.slate of Nebra- ka.nd to me directed
1 win. on the l'.Uh day of .lanuiry. A
D. IS'i; t one o'clock r. M of said d iy. at the
NtiKTH front do-r "f tin' count y cou-t house.
In the cltv of Omaha. Dougbn county Ne-
linutt sell Ht mi Hi' auction t ) the highest
e.dd r for rash, the tiroperty tesoriled Id
said order of sale as follows, to-w t:
Lot seven (7i In Anlsrield Addition to the
City of Omaha. I. ug as county Nebraska,
assurvtyed. plat'ed and recorded.
Said property to be sold to satisfy K.lla.t.
f ' intuc . plaintiff herein. Ihe um of one
thousand two hundred and eight v-one dol
lar at d ninety-seven tents J1.2M Hi. with
Interest thereon at the rate of ten ilOMier
cent per annua fro . the 4th day of Keb-
ru iry. A. n. lwm.
To satisfy the sum of nineteen dollars and
Ihlrty-thre- cents if IV 33i costs, together with
accrulrgcosts. according to a judgment ren
dered by the district court of said Douglas
county, at lt.s February term, A. U. WW. In a
certain action then and there pending.
wherein Ella J Shattuck was piaintin. anu
Charles M. Miller et al were defendant.
Dated at Ouiaha, Nebraska December,
Special Master Coin m issloner.
Wm. H. Russell, attorney for plaintiff.
Shattuck vs Miller.
lKc .52; No. r:o. IM
ant To Thomas Wluslow, non-resident
You are hereby roCHed that, on the 15th
day of December. A. D. WW. Jennie Wlnslow.
plaintiff, tiled her petition In the district
court within and for Douglas county, state of
Nebraska, aga-nst Thomas Wlnslo. defend
ant the object and prayer of which Is to obtain
a divorce from you on the grounds that you
have wilfully desertd and abandoned the
plaintiff fur more than two years last past
without jut cause, and 1li:C you have com
mitted the crime of adultery with d:vers and
sundry persons whose real names are to the
plnlnt'tff unknown.
You are further notified that you are re
quired to answer said petltlor on or before
the 2th day of January. A D. W7.
Dated at Ouiaha, Nebraska, December 15th,
A. 1. im. ., ,
jt.l.llt. ni.iiuai.
W. II. IH KhKI.I..
Aiuirnry l V Vurk Lift Huilatat
SH f klr ir HA I E - Hy vlrlue i.f an onlei
of laiyi il oih of I lie Cut Net I ourl
for iH'iKIH county .Nel-m.kH. Hl.d ui me dl
reel. . I I "III. on H i l.'ih day of lanuaty A.
l I K7 Hi leu o I l.' of "SI'l ilay Hi ti l
ft. AT from door of Hie count y inial hoiiar
In il.r rill ui Oii'tlia. liougla cuiliity Ne
tirakH a-ll Hi put. In auction. In lie lifglieal
tii.iiii-i for cttli. ihe pr.ii-riy iliM-rlt-ed li
Ha:d . rdi-r of aaU Ha f.iiloHW. ti-H:
Tl e rt'l i.ot'-l Hif 'i of l -i nun l r I eniy-i-Ul.l
In hii pii-l Add ll n III I lie I'll y
of tltm tin lli'ligla i-liuetv, Net.raa'--i. h
int. ynl. and ris-ordau ail In Ikiug-
a en int v alale of rai-liraa a
r-H d uroperty be Hold to Hallkfy Jul a
WiMalford ptHllillff lierelo. the i-illn of Her, n
hiiliilrt il ami fifty 111,- al.. -It Im . Lilian.
.S.''i -Jut judgn eul, Hllll InlereHl itierton Hi
rnte of ten . In. a-r rem per hiiuuiii from H- p
lent tier tli. I-!; tthl.'ti Hlnount la tlrnt
Inn up. n llieH'ai e ilea ' Ibed ri-ale'tHte.
In .llry ihe -i-i.r-ka .-shuoiihi khiih
defetiilHItl heri-tn. Ilie aun of Kfiv one Hint
t Im did am .(.I 4ii judgnient. wild Inlereal
ih. rii-n hi rale of ten - In. per cent per huh mi
fron iN-ceint-er -ud. IKU: wi.l.-h hiuoiiiiI la h
w.'on.l HIil an.) rtlsllng lien uhiii aald
ri a' rslHie ioper y alMive di-acrllM-d.
To aatlsry Ui am of lw,-.ty- gnt ane
H Im dollar .fas in coal a herein. gethel
with accruing coaia h. cording Ui a liidgnieri
rellilereil tiy Ihe illalrict conn nf anld iNnig
laacnuiily HI iln r-epleu. t r leriu. A. II tsa.
in a ferlHln action then and there pi nil ng
ulierelii John la pi lit Iff. nml
I lank tl (Hi"!. Anna I. I'lKen John I
Hr. asler. ll.-ery Horn larger. William K
Maei-r.,. f'Heeiy I. Is Hlfeinrs Hl.d
renl iiHiue u ii kin win. M Kn.l. I h
Wnii-iliai I reamery Aa-uM-la'-nin, Tne Kir I
National Hm.k of tie Hh and Tu Not.ra-.ka
Nail nial Hank are i!i-(. mlaiits.
lnaha Netiraaa a. lh-cen la' ll. si
Ji ill N W. Mi ImiN ALU
o erlff of Douglas County. Nebr tska
Win II Kusa-ll ..llorn.y
Wis. ford i Usenet al
lh- dS: No -"-'S 11-11 &
V II. Ill SSKl-l..
Attorney, "lit New York Life Kulld ng
SH FKIFl 'S SA I.E. - Hy virtue of an eecu
lion on Iranwrlpl Issued onl of Ihe ills
trl -I couri of Ikniglaa i-oiiiiiy Nebraska,
to me directed. I have levied upon the fol
lowing described lauds aid teneiii-lit a. to
wn :
I...I-. eight iSi In tilis-k ten .Im In Jetter's
Addition lo Ihe city of South Omaha n sur
veyed, platted mid reconleil. all situated in
Uiiiiguia coiimy. sliite of Nebraska, as Ihe
proH'rty of Martha Brown and C harles J.
Itrown. defendants h'-n-ln
And I will, on the Itl h day of January. A.
D lsw7. al Klo'cliM-U A. at of said day al the
EWT front ilisTof the count y court house.
In Ihe cltyof Omaha. Douglas county. Ne.
bruska. sell at public auction Ihe pruHTlv
above described. lo satisfy Frederick A. Weed,
plaint I If heif In.thchiiiii of alitv-elght a"d ') 2Ui damiigi s.and four and tft- inn
dollar if4liro i-ohis of suit, which by Ihe
Judgment of Eben K. Ijing. Justice of the
Peace In and for said county, on the auth
day of October. WW (a transcript of
which judgment was on Ihe :ui h day of Of-tolH-r
ISWi. duly tiled and i.h kele.l In Ihe
distil. -I court within and for said cuuinv
by which said Frederick A. Weed, plainttlf
herein, recovered against the said Martha
Ur.iwn and Charlea J. Krown. defendants
herein, with line-est thereon at the ra e of
ten (KM per cent per annum from theUuih,
day of October. Isim. un I' paid: and alsothe
further sum of one dollar and ten cents
fl lilt the ciihis of Increase on said Judg
ment, and 'he accrii ng costs thereon
Omaha, Nebraska. December lath. WW.
Sheriff of Douglas County, Nebraska.
W II. liu sell, attorney.
Weed vs Brown el al.
Ex. Dim'. X: Nu. HI 12 IS S
Attorneys Alt) New York Life llulliling
SHEUII'F'SSAI E.-By virtue of an order
of ssle Issued out of the district. court
for Douglas count y. Nebraska, and to me di
rected. I will, on I he IDth day of January. A.
Il W.i7. at ten o'clock A. M. of said day. at the
EAST frontdoor of the county court house.
In the city of Omaha, Douglas county. Ne
braska se.l at public auction ti the highest
bidder for cash the property described In said
order of H"t. ' tllows to-wlt :
Li t mi' li lit iSi In block ten Mill in
Hitchcock's ton. Addition to the city of
Omaha, as surveyed, i lat led and recorded,
all situated In Douglas county, state of Ne
braska. Maid property ti lie sold to satisfy C. A.
Kent, plab'tiff herein Ihe sum of one thou
sand and tiny six and :u-HW dollars .l a' ;i;n
tudgnient with Interest thereon at rate of
len din percent per annum from September
2Hth. WW.
To satisfy the sum of thirty-one and W-lOO
dollars tf.ll.AN) costs herein, together with ac
cruing cos's a cording t" a judgment ren
dered by the district en r' of salil Di uglas
county, et lis Sopti in' er term. A I. WW. In a
certain action then and there pending,
w herein 0. A. Kent Is plaintiff, and Michael
Kannuse, unknown i e is of Margaret II
Kanouse. ileiv as. t', otto h. Lang rson.
Mattle K M.-ni.'i. D ui Savings Bank and
Charlet F. Ilarilnin. Uo.-e ver of the Dime
Savings Bank, are dcf." darts.
Omaha, Nebraska. December 1st h, WW
Sheriff of Hoi'gias County. Nebrtska
Wm II. Hisell A ii. E Hurnam, attorneys.
0 II. Ki-nt vs. Kanouse et al.
Doc. 86; No 2h 12-IS-5
Attorneys. 14(K! Farnain Street.
SI1EKIFFS SALE By virtue of an alias
ordet of sale Issued out of the district
court for Douglas county, Nebraska, and to
me directed, I will, on the 29th day of De
cember, A. D IS'W at 10 o'clock A. m. of said
day. st Ihe EAST fro I door of the county
i-iiiiri houe. in t he city of Omaha. Douglas
county. Nebraska-, sell at public auction to
the highest b'dder for cash, the property de
scribed in said order of sile, as follows, to
wlt :
1 ots one (D. tw i (21. three ilP. four (4), five
5I, six (lil. seven (7i, t ight (SI. nine idi and ten
(HI) In block eight, im in Boyd's Addition to
the city of Omaha, as surveyed, platted and
recorded all In Douglas couuty. slate of Ne
nri.ska Said property to be sold to satisfy .lames
V Dvorsky. plaintiff herein, the sum of two
hundred and ninety five and lill-iim dollars
($210 til'i Judgment, with Interest, thereon at
raieof ten i ltd per cent per annum from May
4th WW, which amoun s tire a first valid and
existing lieu upon said above described
pr pcriy
Tosatl.fv the sum of ninety six and 77 I(X)
dollars iJ'.W 77i ccsts In rein, together with ac
crulng c.ts, accord in to a judgment ren
in' red hy the d strict i cirl of said Douglas,
county. Nebraska, at lis .viay term A. D ism
In a certain acil. in then and there pending,
wherein .lames W. Itvorsky is plait tilt, a id
Mary E. Biaiiv and William A Beany, her
hoi-baii.l, are defi tulittits.
Omaha. Ne r.u-ka. November 27th. WW.
Sheriff of ll.nigl sCiioniy N iira.-ka.
S.'iuiiil rv Mcfarlanil. attoiiu ys.
Dorskv vs Hi utty et al.
Doc. .Vi; N . 17li. 11 ?-ft
II. K. I'Ot'HU.W,
Atti r ey rtU New Yoi Life Building
SIIEKIKK'S SAI.K. Hy virtue of an ex
ecution on transcript issued out of the
District Court ot Oouglas county, Ne
braska, mid to me directed, I have levied
upon the following described lands and
tenements as property of Andro Million
and James Million, as follows, to-wit:
Lot four (4 In block seven (7) in Pat
terson l'ark. an addition to the city of
Omaha, as surveyed, platted and record
ed, all situated ill DoukIus county, state
of Nebraska.
And I will, on the 2tith day of January,
A. 1. W'7, ut lu o'clock a. m. of said day,
at the east front door of the County
Court Mouse in the city of Omaha, I.ioiik
1ns county, Nebraska, sell at public auc
tion the property above described, to sat
isfy H. K. Cochran, plaintiff herein, the
sum of ninety-two and 30-liK) J:'2.3ul dol
lars damages, and four and 2i-K) ($4 .2M
dollars costs herein, which bv the judg
ment of George C. Cockrell, a justice of
the peace in and for said county, on the
Hth day ot necemoer, iNm. ta transcript
of which judgment was on the day
of liecemlh r. ls'.'ii. duly tiled and docketed
in the Histrtct Court within and tor said
Douglas county. Nebraska), wherein the
said li. K. Cochran, plaintiff heroin, re
covered auainst the said Andro Million
and James Million, defendants herein,
with Interest thereon at the rate of seven
(7) er cent per annum from the Hth day
of December. A. I '. W, until paid; and
also the further sum of sixty cents ($'.iiu).
the costs of increase on said judgment,
and the accruing costs in said sale.
Omaha, Nebraska, December 2.'.th. W'6.
John w. McDonald,
Sheriff of Douglas County, Nebraska.
II. K. Cochran, attorney.
Cochran vs. Million et al.
Kxi Docket "X"; No. IM. 12-25-5
M4- I
.t nntr '-r t f m ti 4nntt
. ri il l- hhjh
W riu ) P
'. M Ink- !- in if U -1 v V. 4- tiUtti. t...--f Hi- t aiiM- lnl!
Ir t H M 1 i: whHir Ai i iM n,;,lnu Mi J lm. I tj-r
I 1 41 im.-. m Mj triUrvrt, Uatuui, t , $m m Un. hiuu Bart, t w.iiitJtKl, V
t 'I'li-'fr f "..', V on 1 1 r Jjrt MtT t rn Mh 1 1 i v will i lw w iu ir..,. u tu -r i ! t tnL ttt- Ur.'.-t li-t ( wr-U
h Hi r t M'-r ti4 ii -t H IN. I Kl l hiS ; i f. r n. I Ur-t.'t-t ; lit lit r . ij ... tin i-it thr- lrr I (fcwtc h -l lit
!.. i 1 tir-. rm-li .1 !Iih- i- it f Ittvfj : flv mj i. . h l th n.' it mti, f,,J ft an u hi't llf ui t -rt v i4rr-M iKiy-itf rt
Hi iM t. lit- fi-i i... Uri,'.--! IihIk ItuHi tti ihiuk roii 14 fca our f ihr li-mr f l--u 'M-- tli tnnLnitf th h.
1 h t. ir l.r tlir prif V 1 hr- rt-t.ar1 mr iriv-n livf mm without r.'iii.lrmtinn f. r th 'urw'- f ur tiiik.' aitt'iifi.n
! ' ' IT tiMft'tn'Ttir Nttt Ti atHtfn. Il'irt -Un ! lhirl H rJM tl fcr N liUtltllik.' f ltr I' It if --IlHlili, lfl iititril
1'1,'inil iiintiaT. ) inf ifi -ti' ri wi. ri- f lw t-i aittlfr : trir l ' w-r -r It i u v . -r v .it. to -i-r th -"iit-i. i. -ihI cnt
, - .i f - ' r-l-r. .le-r r -tn t. r m t)Fr- iiK..tftw trul t r-H-rii tt ii with yunr ht ! supU, inl a-Vf-ry r"ri -ii lltiif th S6t't- ami i
i'-i . f t- t t w- pN -r iit- r- t" .":jimriit-l an .ir iTrui ti n-ttirn umM tin Mitii n t tli intriii-, 1 ltw-puft- U--k. "IIKwilK
lIK IKlWlK if(U H Hi -II ' M " tM t I m V I.m( I t,i- '-- attract-.! m -r- ntntion In tttr I nttci Mul. thau an
- i-f r-itr r a . -i . f 1- I- unai'i-M mI tnti.., luioly n., fiiu-1 riiilt-.1 ht i-tiM'tlfU riMraiit-!! In i-vit 4-a--4 ir ui"hf
r (iiful.-.! -fi -ui. J !- 'i a iik,.i,' in t ifltt-rt:,!! Ai-ril " I (. i,anir mini allr' .f .ihN-.liil nl lant ill i-nnttt ii
tti-, i-ti'lft. tt !"! Jt i '' i I '!. .-i'li-h.-4i f-n -ar Vi- r-tr w i an v mi-ri'ait'fl- nniuy li-r our Maitiiin-
Aw jf nr h-t k J M I - II t I I M t Hi. I v-li-hrr, -'A vt-.T 1Vn.!.- i'.-urt li'ill.lm--, Nt- V. rfc My.
At on y Ho. N w Yora l.lfe BulldlDK.
SIII-.KII- C S I.K.- ll virtue of an
all. is l-aeclltliill oil irall script Issued out
ol the Disttiit Court of Initial. is county.
N I. task. I. and to me ilirecti-il I have li- -
lid U the follow IUK llesil Ibid pi opi I I
of I'll. tiles II. lyObi-ck, executor ol Ihe i-S-
t.tte of otto Ixiln i k. iji-ci-ased. and C .
I,..l".k. as follows, lo-wlt:
Lots l.niitn ii 1 4 In bin. k one ill in
lloppe's lioiiaiiza adilitioii lo the city of
South omali.i, i-ouuty, Nebras
ka, also tot seven lil III block one 111 in
ThirtoeiH h Sireet addition to South
ouiaha. Ni-br.isk.i, also the south oiu--
h.ill 1 1 -1 of lot lo iJl ill blink live t.,l.
I I... i ll s sei iind .i.l.lil loll to tlie city of
ouiaha. Douglas county, Nebraska, as
the properly of Charles i. I...I..-. k ami
Charles o. l..iln. K, adtuinistr.iior ot in.
state of Olio laibeck, subject tu a inort-
Jjaue of twelve hundred 11. 3.I. I'll dollars,
and also lot tifteen (l;il III block two li.
Sauiiib r's At 1 1 i hi. 1 .1 iik ti s Mount l'leas
ant addition to the city of om.iha, as the
property of the above named haries o.
l.i. I. .. k. executor, and '. o. l.oln-. k. as
surveyed, plaited anil recorueu, an snu
aied in Douglas county, state of Ne
And I will, on the ;th day of January,
A. li. IMIi, at 111 o'clock a. in. of said day.
at the east front door of the County
Court House In Ihe city of Omaha. Douk county. Nebraska, sell at public auc
tion the properly above described, to sat
isfy 1. It. Andrews, planum Herein, mo
sum of til'ly-slx und no-luu U.Mi.nOi dollars
damaK'-s herein, and three and i.-iij
till .?.' dollars costs of suit, which by the
Judgment of Kben K. I.onu. a justice of
Ihe peace 111 ami lor Hani couniy. on ine
7i h dav of November, lv.ifi. (a transcript
of which judgment was on the 7th day of
November. l.s;iii. duly Hied anil uocKoieu
in the District (Hurt within and tor Haul
count yl. in which the said 1. K. Andrews.
plaint iff herein, recovered uttaitisl the
said Charles o. Uibeck, administrator of
the estate of Otto Lobeck. deceased, and
C. O. laibeck. defi iidants herein, Willi in
terest thereon at the rate of ten (liu per
cent per annum from the 7th day of No
vember, A. D. ImCi. until paid, and also
the further Hum of four dollars and thirty
cents (tl.:!UI, the costs of Increase on fuiid
Juilmneiit, and the accruing costs in nam
Omaha, Nebraska. December Sfi, 1S!Ki.
Sheriff of DotiKlas County, Nebraska.
I. U. Andrews, attorney.
AndrewH vs. l.obeck et al.
Kx. Docket "V"; No. I'M. 12-25-5
Attorney, i 111 New York Life Uulldlnii.
SIIKKIKK'S SAl K. Hy virtue of a second
pi ii r les . rii. ' of snip Issued out of the
district court for DouiiIkk count. Nebraska
ind to tne directed. I will, on the 2th day of
December. A. I) IHMt hi ten o'clock M. of
said oity. at the KASI' front door of th
. ounty court bouse In the city of OinaliH.
DoukIhb county NebmsliH. sell at p ibllc
auction to tlie hiehest bidder for cash, the
property ceacrlned In said order of sale as
follow, to-wlt:
Lot. one ill In blocs' rive if.) In Mlssouu
Aveuue Paik. an addition to the city of
Hi uth Ouiaha as surveyed, platted Hnn re
corded, all in Douxlas coumy, state of Ne
lr us hi tl
(ald property ti be sold lo siitlsfy Kred
II. Kent, plaintiff herein, ihe sum of seven
hundred forty lx and ;i-l() dollars i74():ii
Judgment, wuh Interest thereon Ht rate of
ten 1 1 0i per cent per anuuui from the 4th day
of May. 1HIHI.
To satisfy the sum of se.entv and Hl-trO
dol ara ttTO 25 1 costs herein, w thin Interest
thereon tit r vteof t n illh per rem pr nnnum
from .li 2ftih day of .nine IH'.W. u til paid
toKeilur with ac. ruinn cost, accord in 'O a
Judumeut rendered by the disiri 't court of
said I) uirla county, nt lt My term, A. 0
ISWi. In H certain action then and there i end
ing, wherein Kred li. Kent was plaintiff, and
Attt.'.l. Keail and Adalbert J. It ad were de
eudants. Omuha, Nebraska, Novfmber27th 18W3.
riherlff of Dnuulas Couuiy. Nehraska
Wm. H. KtisHi'll, attorney.
Kent vs. I4ad. Doc. vV; No. SS. 11-27-?.
. II. Hl ShKLI, it II. K. HtKNAM.
Attorneys 818 New York Life Hulldlnir.
SH KKIKK'H SALK. By Irtueof an ordi r of
sale issued out of the district court for
IIoukIhs county. Nebraska and to me di
rected. 1 will, on the lmh day of January. A.
1. 1MI7. at ten o'clock A. at. of said day. at he
KAS r front door of the count j court ho ise
In the city of Omaha, lloutflas county. Ne
braska, soli at public miction to the highest
bidder for cash, the property described in
s Id order of si e as foil ws. to-wlt:
The nor n one-half Cti of lot num'ertwo
(2) in block numbi r one I') In Klrst Addition
to the city of South Omaha, as surveyed,
p atted and recorded, all to llouRlas county,
state of Nebraska,
Said property to be sold to satisfy C. A.
Kent, plaintiff hen In. thesumof one thou
sand and elKhty-seven and 4-lit) dollars
if I CK7.4HI judmnent. with interest thereon at
rate of ten din per cent per miium from Sep
tember '-'st h. lS'.Hi.
To satisfv he sum of thirty-six and 7s-lll0
dollars tir 7x1 costs herein, totte' her with ai -crulnir
costi. accordinir to a jud.'ii.ent ren
dered by the distitct court of said liouitlas
ci tint y. nt Its s,p emberterui. A. H. lsit. In a
certain action then and there pendlDK"
wherein C. A. Kent is plain ill', and Mary J.
Wallwork. Joi n II Wallwi rk and John
M urphv are defeiuinnts.
Onii.lia. Nu.l.ri'.-Ka. December lih. I Hill.
Sheriff of Pouuiits County. Nebraska.
Win. R. Kussi II H . K. Hurnaiii, allot leys.
1'. A. Kei t vs. Wul'work et al.
Do,-. '5; No, -'Hi. 12 ls-S
At orney. 4UI ll Hulldlns.
SIIEKIKK'S S.Li.-Bv vir. ue of an execu
lion Issued ml of the district court of
Don fins county. Nebraska, and to mo di
rected. I have levied up ui the following de
scribed property (if Isaacs Hasi'Hll to-wit:
The east tif'v ifsJi feet of the south OLe half
(4) of lot seventeen d7i In block three CP and
the south one f unh (') of lot number one
d) In block four (4. all 'n Hsscsll's s ih
divis'on, la secth n five (5) In townshlo four
teen (14i. north of raniie thirteen tbti east:
snd also lot thirteen diii In block one d) in
Kent's Addition to South Omaha; and also
lots one ili ai d two i2) In block thr e Cti. and
lots elirhi 1K1 and nine ii tn blix-k one (1). all
In First Addition to Mount Douf'as. as sur
veyed, pi .tied and recorded, all In DjukIhs
couaty. state of Nebraska.
And I will, on the 2iith day of January, A.
II. 1SH7. at ten o'clock A. at. of said day. Ht the
KAST front dour of the county court house
lu the city of Omaha, P.nnilas county. Ne
braska, sell at public au-tiim the property
above described, to satisfy Henry D. N.-ely.
plaintiff herein, the sum of one thn sai d
three liu-rired and thirty-one and S" lull
dollars ill Sll.sil tudenient. and the furthtr
sum of fifteen and IH-I'H dollars sl.iO 1 costs
of suit, which bv the judirmr nt of he district
cou t in and for fald county, by which
the Said Henry li Neely recovered
uualnst ths said saac S. Hascall the sum of
01 e thou a. d li ne hundred and thirty-one
and sS-UK) dollars il ;MI.5i. with inti rest
here n at Ihe late of elitht .si per .-ent per
annum, troui the 21st day of Septe-nter. A.
1). 'SHI. mm; paid: and alsothe further sum
of tifteen dollars and 1 hree cents f 15 Kb. the
costs of Increase on mid judKiuent. and tie
accru na costs thereon.
Omaha. Nebraska. He H-mher 24th , I .1,
.ion v w. McDonald.
Sheriff of Douglas County, Nebraska.
Dexter L Thonms. attomiy.
Neely v9. Hascall. Loc. 2. ; Ne. ot3
tu it i - ainl 1 1 1 ltv wn wr.iv iir- lit
iu ttrvsu Ih- i-rt -gfiiri. i Twin,
61 Prizes, aggregating S500; a Genuine Bona-Fide Offer.
rTw iitif htntf ltit cm-U 1 -n N trh Hit- in mir ir'ilt.'n W h -mn f'fiii th irrtt nauv---r
(rt-in (vttt-na in I N sTIil (' 1 1 t N ? ait inaka tntf i-r in. rv rilw. mun aii4
if vu-' )-n Ml r -ui- m rt-l rvitri Im tn.i u mny kittr tti-.rv tinnitittn il tl'-r la ilm wuiL
I I.--iatiiTiAvt- fiivi'l Kltvii-h M.-rdk -itl Itkf, "il mltli dli1t-rut m-aiiliiknt. t Ivuml tut iU4.
1 tt'i) tii- ti nj.r I'ltir l. iT'iri"iih. Ik-uiik. Tia. .Krtm. iir-Jif-. nHi, kvtj tui irt'ir uuuiafm.
n jiiih-r: 1 - 1 hi 11 ! 'N : lit. I'm. Inn. ir..
1G15 Howard Street, Omaha Neb.
Capital Stock $2,000,000
Cri j j 1
O' claims are surround.-d by some of the richest strikes of recent years,
and are un.loubti dly as rich as nv In th. whole district. They were located by
a practical miner, one in whom the Denver mint people had so much confidence
that they hired him to loc;i'e several claims for them, from which rich ore has
Deen taken
Surface Itock on our Nipple Mountain und High Park claims assays $2.00
per ton; down eiht feet it alvances in vluj to more than $7.00 per ton and the
Indications are that these claiss will bj as rich as the richest claims in the
Cripple Creek district.
Here is an opportunity seldom met with for the Investment of money ic
a mining enterprise near at home, where any who choose may visit the mines
mil see for themselves just what is being doue. The mines are located within
200 feet, of a railroad.
If vou want to MAKE MONEY buy stock In this company. Tt is a safe
and sure investment, and WILL PAY DIVIDENDS TO EVERY STOCK
HOLDER, il th ' mines pin out as rich as present indications warrant us lo
nellevirg thera to be.
We court the fullest investig tton. Pull information will be sent by
mail upon application from those who cannot call at office. Fill out the coupon
(o md below, giving the number of shares you desire to purchase, and inclose it
with a P. O. money order, or an express order, or with money in registered
letter, and maii it to us, maklni? all money or jors payable to
1 I Enclosed please find to pay i
I for sh ires of stock in the American
Gold Mining and Milling
Bishop Coxes
S2H Satolli Letters
The Jesuit Party in
Exposed and Expounded,
Being a series of eight letters written by BISHOP A. CLEVE
LAND COXE, of Buffalo, New York, to the Papal Ablegate
This little pamphlet contains 72 pages of
excellent patriotic literature.
Price, 20 Cents per Single Copy, postpaid;
$10 per 100 Copies, F. O. B.
Cash Must Accompay all Orders.
The Priest,
the W oman,
And the Confessional,
By Rkv. Chas. Chiniquy,
This book particularly deals with the practices of the Roman
Catholic Church with regard to Women and the Confessional.
It is neatly bound in cloth and will be sent to any address in the
United States on leceipt of
Remit by bank draft, postal or express money order, or by regis
tered letter to the
.iirr ii Trr wrlnmiiaf lt-l ti prim, mad H
atiil ut.i lik u - u!ilic(i lli fjitiriH an J 1 in m r mil
Ifili-r I fir-! riM'tt Iti U I 4ur IT ttliiiaf N utrtra.
V ili't, Varhit. Vl ; l3u w K II llurl, Vk-4 Wiufiil
X. 1 Li u u our UrhjHayt auU Imi tvui-L Hnv
h.m. hir. h.-i ii. linn. I x.rt'- Tin
Par Value of
Shares $1 eaoh
Al i ri i i i 13it-ti'ict
Co., at 5c per thare.
American Polities