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Oral In la (irrat Harrj t limine
NataralUnl l lllwan.
Tbcwe who hold good, toft, bl(h al
tried positions la the various nocullve
departments of the foveroioent, but
hare revr r considered It necessary to
twcrm citlwr ta order to cenient
their frlp upon the, lucrative place,
are now makinu strenuous effort to
put theraseWes upon a voting haul.
Tbe clcrka down at the city ball have
recently bron overrun with tbU class of
business, but have burn at a lows to ac
count for the sudden and unexpected
activity. Within the pat month alone
Cfty-slx final naturalisation paper
bare born 1aku out and thirty-two
persona bave signed their name In a
big book, announcing their Intention of
brcrmlng citizen of the United State.
Tbl 1 woven or eight time the num
ber that in tbe sarce period of time
transact the aame amount of buslni'as.
Three reasons are offered In explana
tion of tbl audden desire of no many
people to become bona fide citizen.
Tbe flrat 1 that a patriotic organlza
tion of thl city decided to take vigor-
' oua action In the n. a iter of alien hold
ing government xltIon, and a aim
rulttee wu apjiolntcd to ascertain the
number thua employed, and Institute
an Inquiry a to why It waa that for
eigner could obtain thews position to
tbe detriment ol natural born Araerl
can citizen.
The second Is that General Groevcnor
Introduced In the bouse a resolution
which was passed, railing upon the
bead of each executive department to
furnish congreei with a complete list of
all klion employed under their aupor-
vision. Thl caused many clerk, who
bad permitted tbolr first declaration
to (lumber, to become panlo-r.trlck.en
and they hastened before the judge
authorized to act in such case and
took out tbolr final papers with a de
free of haste that would bave been
more commendable at an earlier date,
me mini reason is mat every ar
rival from tbe effete and oppressed Old
world Is seized Immediately upon land'
lng with an Irreslstable ambition to
bold office. So be rushes to the near
est clerk of a United State court and
announce hi intention of acclimating
blmtelf politically, aa well a other
It i a trifle lingular that, although
a month elapsed between tbe introduc
tion of General Grosvenor's resolution
and the adjournment of congress, only
tbe secretary of state and attorney
general bad transmitted replies, stat
ing that tbelr skirts were clear and no
aliens were employed in their respoo-
Uve departments. , CD
Of the fifty six who bave witbin the
past month taken out their final papers,
the names of eighteen bave already
been located in the government blue
book, showing that they bave for vary,
lng periods of time been receiving lu
cratlve salaries from the United States,
although their allegiance was else
where bestowed. Those eighteen
names are as follows:
George VT. Watson, of Canada, en
graving and printing; William G.
Wilding, England, bureau of engrav
ing and printing; L. Morlsey, Ireland,
war department, bureau of pensions;
Thomas McCabe, Ireland, quarter
master general's office, war depart
ment; William II. Connelly, olerk,
Interstate commerce; Ernest H. Elliot,
JMovU Scotia, draughtsman, supervis
lng architect's office; GustavRousfeau,
Canada, bureau of er graving and print
The thirty-two who bave within a
month filed their declaration at the
city hall, are a follows:
Carl Blanbock, 31 years old, a native
r . .. - . -
oi j.ufsia; Aninony wynn, 40 years
Old. of Durham county, England; Tim
Otby Sullivan, 24 years, of Ireland;
Camllle Delucco, 37, of Italy; Pius
Stung, 44, of Germany; Robert Dragon,
Z2, or Jamaica; James Kiddy, 26, of
Ireland; Patrick Carey, 22, of Ireland;
Samuel Rung, 87, of Russia; Frederick
Cbarles Pratt, 27, of London, England;
Hyman Bernstein, 39, of Russia; Mary
A. Kelly, 32, of England; Florence Pol
lock, 37, of Dublin, Ireland; Daniel
Garvey, 29, of Kerry, Ireland; James
Galvin, 24, of Ireland; Francis D
Brass, 50, of England; Margaret Cole
man, 65, of Meath, Ireland; Alfred
Johnson, 22, of Helsingburg, Sweden;
James Ronan, 2S, of Ireland; Job. an
nab. Collins, 55, of Limerick county,
Ireland; Lizzie Riordan, 47, of County
Clare, Ireland; Michael McCormlck,
63, of Ireland; Henry Swlvers, 51, Ger
many; Dominico Mormondello. The
A Queer Women's League.
Editor Standard.-Ooe of tbe first
things which caught my attention after
I had taken my seat last Monday even
ing in Metropolitan Hall, where I had
gone to listen to a lecture by Peter C.
Yorke, of the Romish church, on
"Protestant Marriages," was a large
banner stretched across the stage, bear
ing the Inscription, "American Wo
men's Liberal League." Just under
and in front of this were ranged two or
three rows of chairs, placed there, as a
matter of course, one would have sup
posed, for the use of the women of the
league, whose appearance was mo
mentarily looked for, and the interest
in whose expected advent increased as
the hour for the exercises to begin I
drew near. Hut, some time after 8
o'clock, just a our Impotent curiosity
bad reached about the highest pitch of
Intensity, a door leading to the stage
from the waiting room opened, and in
walked a gentleman In black, followed
by another person holding in hi ban
hat apeared to be a bundle of paper.
and after these came a number of what
It noon became evident, by their drea
and general appearance, were Ilomls
priests, who were all soon seated, while
not a woman wa to be een. It was
thought, though, that perhaps all thl
wa preliminary to the ertrance of the
ladle of the league, wblcb w a to be
made more striking thereby, and that
the massing of the "father" toward
the rear of tbe platform wa simply to
constitute a support and form a back
ground for them, so as to render their
presence more effective. It soon be
came evident, however, that this con
elusion wa an erroneou one, for it
could readily be seen that the chair
were nearly all occupied by tbe men,
and a the moment passed, all hope of
teeing any of the fair sex among the
rest of the "plat'orm statuary" died
entirely away, leaving simply an array
of priests, with the label hanging
above them "American Women'i
Liberal League." A not one of them
waa a woman, and hardly ono, If even
that, was an American, the ludlorous-
ness of the scene can easily be lmag
Ined. But, as I re floe tod upon the
situation, I saw that the Incongruity
was not by any means as great as at
first It had seemed to be, and I per
ceived that by one of the blunders into
which, with all her cunning, Rome
will occasionally allow herself to be
betrayed, she had here presented tbe
real Instead of tbe ostensible Women's
League, and, that there might be no
danger of any mistake, bad placed
above It, In unmistakable characters,
the name to which It and no other body
of Individuals bas any valid claim
whatever. If, however, the members
had come with their Sunday clothes
on, dresses or the petticoats and other
feminine apparel In which they are ac
customed to array themselves upon the
Sabbath day, the appropriateness
would have been more readily appar
ent, and would have boen recognized
at once,
The "American Women's League,"
so fari'as Its eontrel, and any power
that It possesses or exerts is concerned,
Is composed of the Roman Catholic
Irish priests of San Francisco, with
Peter C. Yorke at their head, so that
no more appropriate tag could have
been plaoed upon it, as stripped of its
feminine disguise, it posted upon the
platform inj Metropolitan Tomple on
Monday eight, than the one so unwit
tingly given to it, and which the at
tempt bad previously been made to
bave the public believe legitimately
belonged to; the band of simple-minded,
but deluded, Roman Catholio ladies,
by whom, at the priestly suggestion, it
had boen adopted. Truth Lover, in San
Francisco Examiner,
Education in Quebec.
Le Monde says that "education In
the province of Quebec 1 in a condi
tion that Is humiliating by Its Inferior
La Patrie remarks: "For a journal
like Le Monde to dare to take part in
the reforms demanded shows that our
present system leaves much to be de
ue Montitur au com meres says:
"There Is something radically wrong
with our elementary schools, especially
in the country. Will It require another
electoral cyclone such as that which
swept the province on June 23, to open
the eyes of the educational authorities
of Quebec? We have reached a point
where we can but wish that the whole
educational system be changed. What
provincial member will be sufficient of
a Christian and a patriot to undertake
the reform? No one Is accounted a
prophet in his own country, but for
once we will make a prediction: If.
next session, the provincial govern
ment does not Include In its programme
a project for the reform of our system
of elementary education, it will be
swept out of existence.- A law to ren
der education compulsory is an urgent
Quebec Is awakening to tbe fact that
clerlcalkcontrol in educational matters
has left that province at the bottom of
the list as regards her education. Of
ficial figures tell the tale. After all,
It seems as though the school question
which bas agitated Canada for several
years may result In great good to the
eastern province. The mandaments,
pulpit deliverances and such like of
the bishops during the elections, have
set the people thinking and from all
accounts they have turned their atten
tion from Manitoba, a province occupy-
ng a banner position in the educa
tional list, towards Quebec, where edu
cational affairs, according to the Mon
treal Herald, "are in a condition which
is a disgrace to the name of civiliza
tion." Let the agitation and the good work
go on. Winnipeg Daily Tribune.
So, "Mam."
Men are now holding positions in the
government departments at Washing
ton with 11,800 salaries, who have not
yet taken out their first papers?
Should these things be? Woman's
frofTrM Being Made la Spite f Kemaa
In Hungary Protestantism is mak
log progress.
Since the good and pious wido
Madame de lleggL erected a monu
ment at Debreczln, to the memory of
tbe Hungarian martyrs of the seven
teenth century, a new impulse has
been given Protestantism, and sixtv
one young men have dedicate! them
selves to the holy ministry among
their own people.
This monument Is In honor of tbe
martyrs to the treachery ol Rome. It
present an open Bible and the names
of the forty-one galley slaves.
In 1764, March 5, tbe Roman Catho
lic tribunal at Pressburg ordered 70b
Protestant ministers to appear before
them for trial for preaching tbe Gos
Three hundred answered the sum
mons, appeared before the tribunal,
were tried and condemned.
The awful tortures and sufferings
these noble, loyal, godly men endured
beggars description.
Forty-one of them were condemned
to the galleys, but finally were liberated
by tbe King of Spain through tbe re
quest of the distinguished Dutch naval
cemmander, Admiral Ruyter.
The pages of history are stained
1th thousands of such instances of
barbarity to Christians by the Roman
Rome never changes, therefore what
would she do to-day if she had the
civil power?
Is I'nion l'ossible!
I was talking with a staunch church
man about tbe great union of all the
churches, over which he was enthusias
tic In this movement be taw tbe time
foretold by prophets when peace should
reign and the lion and lamD He down
together. Glorious agel The return
to the Garden of Eden! A paradise
realized on earth 1
He was a man of more than ordinary
intelligence, who was well informed on
the events of the day and eager for the
extension of the power of his church
for the moral advancement of the peo
"I do not see this matter In the light
that it appears to you," I said. "The
holy father at Rome has expressed his
wish that all Christendom unite and
become a solidarity. You rejoice at
the same. Suppose this union pos
sible, what will the new organization
"Why, of course, we shall all have to
yield some points of faith, and meet on
half-way ground."
"And do you for one moment enter
tain the belief that the Catholio church
will meet you half way; that it will
yield one point of faith? If so, you will
find yourself mistaken. Can you in its
past history of almost 2,000 years its
claimed duration show a single in
stance where it has yielded an lota in
its doctrines? It bas at times ceased
to urge, when it found the way hedged,
but only to bide Its time and Btrike a
more effective blow."
"Catholicism, should it absorb all
the Protestant churches, would be
Catholicism still, with no more change
than the tiger would experience after
he had devoured the lamb."
This gentleman Is a fair illustration
of the attitude of multitudes, who are
so cealous for church extension that
they unthinkingly accept the proffered
olive branch held out by the holy see
It is the fair promise which leads to
ruin. If they would pause to think,
and take all the consequences Into con
sideration they would see how impos
sible it would be for the Catholic church
to change; how contrary to Its tradi
tions and usages for it to be fair or
honest or truthful with an adversary
It moves to its object with force If it
can, u not, then by the subtle tread of
the tiger, the cunning of the fox, the
remorseless cruelty of the hyena. Or
when these fail, it puts on a compla
cent smile and deceitfully agrees with
Its opponent, waiting its time to thrust
him with the stilleto. Appearantly
the school question which was urged
so persistently a lew years ago, is no
longer a matter of opposition. Does
anyone think that the church has
changed its views, or that it will not,
the moment opportunity arises, push
forward to have Its schools publicly
supported? It has gone on Ignoring
the national schools, and built up its
own, where the Catholic children are
taught to be Catholics not Americans;
taught a perverted morality, an obso
lete faith, history from books distorted
in support of Rome and political ad
hesion to the priests Instead of the gov
ernment. There is constant and pa
thetic appeals made by Catholic au
thorities, that the church does not en
gage In politics, while it is well-known
that the Catholio vote of this country
Is hold in the hands of the American
pope, and will be solidly cast in the In
terests of the church, regardless of
The Catholic voter who shouts loud
est for the Democratic party will, if
commanded, silently drop the Repub
lican ticket into the ballot box if that
party gives pledges to the church.
Is it not time that this terrible power
be opposed by , an organized force,
strong enough to offer a hopeful resist
ance? What bas the Protestant
churches to resist the tide? What baa
tbe government, of which the Catholics
bold the balance of power? Tbe time
I coming rapidly coming when tbe
crouching tiger will arouse for it fatal
spring. There 1 only one organlza
Hon which ia able to offer the least re
istance, and that Is the A. P. A.
Hudson Tuttle.
Tbe Difference.
They can organize their Clan na
Gael, Catholic Foresters, Catholic
Knights, etc , etc, all over the land
for political and otber purposes, and it
la all right. No criticism is made, no
fault Is found, no steus taken bv tbe
press to awaken the people to the dan
ger oi such organizations.
YY hen American citizens, viewing
1th well-grounded alarm the growth
the Instrumentalities controlled bv
the priesthood of a church antagonistic
very republican form of kovernment
tne world over, start to organize a
counter movement, then we hear the
cry of intolerance, bigotry, race war
nan v ism, and the like.
The priests can from the altar or the
parochial school Dlatform harancue
their subjects, command them to sup
port their policies, direct them bow to
vote under the pains and Densities of
tbe fires of sheol, and all is lovely.
When American citizens seek to
warn the people of their danger, and
seek to instruct them (not con mand)
how to avert the domination of tbe
hierarchy, the cry of Intolerance, un
American bigotry and the like, Is
Conscious of being in the rlcht. d
predating the work aireadv done in
cleaning out the enemies of our Instl
tutlons In political life, knowing the
work yet to be done in SDite of the
weak kneed time server, the political
trickster and pothouse politician.
boodle r and ward bum, we shall eo on
until public education is a success, and
spirit of patriotism plows through
out this land so strong that even those
that are "common enemies" to our in
stltutlons will understand the right,
and join with us In making this a re
public in fact, as well as name, casting
off all allegiance to any ecclesiastical
power or potentate. Wis;onsm Patriot.
Another Miracle factory.
The.Roman Catholio church Is work
ing very hard to establish a miracle
factory at Aurlesvllle, N. Y. Ail they
need to set their business going is a
couple of fake miracles, and then the
constant stream of American papist
dollars that flows towards Lourdes in
France would flow into the pockets of
American priests. The'' wax gods for
the Aurlesvllle factory are now ready;
now bring along somebody with i
wooden leg and let a miracle be per
formed so they can have their natural
leg restored. This would not be any
more ridiculous than the miracle which
Catholio writers claim that St. Paul of
the Cross, the founder of the PassionUt
order, performed. He is claimed to
bave restored a chicken to life after it
had been drawn, filled with stuffing
and roasted for his dinner. He called
upon the roast chicken to come to life,
and a writer of Romanist faith says It
got up from the platter, its entrails,
head and feathers came back to it, and
life returned, and it flew screaming out
of the window. This Is attested to by
one of tbe greatest of Roman Catholio
priestly writers of the present day, and
doubtless there are millions of the ig
norant and Illiterate followers of Ro
manism who believe it is gospel truth.
Some ridiculous history like this will,
sooner or later, oe sprung upon us
about Aurlesvllle, then the Romanists
will begin a grand pilgrimage there
for the purpose of leaving their hard-
earned shekels with the aggregation
champagne-drinking priests who
will be assigned to duty at the shrine.
Five gods cut by human hands out of
marble will be set up there In a few
days for the faithful to bow down to
and hang their gold watches and chains
to. Wisconsin Patriot.
Fall Together.
The political bosses are using their
wits just now to detract members of the
patriotic orders from their principles
and their loyalty to the defense of the
free Institutions of our country. They
rekindle party prejudices and make
promises in order to disab'.e the force
of the organization, and in many in
stances their emissaries have found
their way into councils for the sole
purpose of creating strife on political
lines. These things should be watched
with jealous care by the members, and
when firebrands are thrown in they
should be quenched with patrlotio zeal
and dignified sternness by the officers
of councils. Let each one put his
thinker" in operation and learn that
this order is not in with any of the
bosses, but, on the contrary, is opposed
to any boss rule or boss management in
politics from the papal boss down to the
ward striker. You must begin to pull
yourselves together and allow the
nasty little prejudices that the bosses
seek to stir up die out and unite with
other patriotic orders in the one
truggle for victory. Members are
doing more damage by not thinking
and acting together than in any over
zeal for the good of the cause. If you
do not pull together you will be pulled
to pieces, and that Is just what the
bosses want. San Francisco Standard.
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Notice of Incorporation.
Notice is herebv given that a corporation
known as the Atheneuin Fraternity has
been organized wltb Its principal place of
transacting lM business In 'lie cltv of
Omaha, !) uglas county, Nebraska, with
Dower to transact business tn all tt e State
of the Union and the Provinces of Canada.
Tbe gentral nature of the business to be
transacted by said corporation shall be con
ducting a Fraternal Insurance Association
under the laws of tbe State of Nebraska, to
Issue nieiuben) Id and benetlclarv certifi
cates and to do all other business necessary
to r clone oy an insurance company, mere
shall be no capital stock or capital other
than that ral.ed by ssNeunent upon Its
member to meet death sod accident claims
and tbe expenses of the cr rporatlon. This
corporation was nuthnrlzed to commence
business on the 2!th day of May, ls'.ti, and
continue for a tern of ninety-nine years.
with Dower to re-lncoroorate. The amount
of tbe Ind btedness of this corporate n for
general purposes and as a charge against
the ge eral fur (I, shall not at any tlu.e ex
ceed Ave thousand dollars (S.VUUO.0O). Tbe
officers of this corporation shall be a Board
of Dire lors.c agisting of the Supreme Presi
dent, Supreme Vice- Presld nt, Supreme
Secretary, Supreme Treasurer, Assistant
Supreme Secretary and four Lther. and an
Executive Council, consist ng of the Supreme
Presidents preme Vice-President. Supreme
Secretary. Supreme Treasurer and Assistant
Supreme Secretary.
umiLUa, .euraska, Beptemner iitn, if.m.
Elmer K. Zimmihman. President.
Secretary. 9-11-4
Attorney, 401 Bee Building'
execution Issued out of the district
court for Douglas county. Nebraska, and to
mealrected.l win. on tbe latn aay oroctooer,
A. D. lHltrt, at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day.
at the EAST front door of the county court
house. In the city of Omaha, Douglas county,
Nebraska, sell at public auction to the high
est bidder for cash, the property described In
said execution as follows, to-wit:
Lot nne . block ' K. ' Lowe s Addltlrn to
tbeclty of Umaha, as surveyed, platted and
recorded, all In Douglas county, state of Ne-
Said i ropertv to be sold to satisfy John A
Borbach, plaintiff herein, the sum of one
thouhand one hundr d and ninety eight
and as-iiKJ do lars is . judgment., wi n
Interest thereon at rate of eight (8) per cent
per ani um from the ttth d,i of October. IWI.
To satisfy tbe sum of one and 10-100 dol
lars (Sl 10), Uienostsof Increase on said judg
ment, together "rtn accruing costs, accord
ing to a J dgment rendered by tbe district
court oi saia uougias county, at its Septem
ber term, A. I) lHHl, In a certain action then
and there pending, wherein John A. llor
bach was plaintiff, and Geo. J. Paul was de
fendant. Omaha, Nebraska, September 11th, 1896.
Sheriff of Douglas Oountv. Nebraska.
Dexter L. Thomas, attorney.
Horbacb vs. f aul. uoc. is ana L.; no. 38.
Attorneys, 1404 Farnara Street.
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of an order
of sale Issued out of the district court for
Douglas county, Nebraska, and to me di
rected, I will, on the 13th day of Octobrr, A.
I). IHltH, at 10 o'clock A. m. of said dav. at the
EAST froi t door of the county court bouse,
in tbe city of Umaha, Douglas county, Ne
braska, sell at public auction to tbe highest
bidder for cash, the property described in
said order of sale, as follows, to-wlt:
Tbe west one-baif ( of lot Uve (ft) In block
I 16). Reed's First Addition to the clt v of
Omaha, as surveyed, platted and recorded,
all In Douglas county, state of Nebraska
Said property to be sold to satisfy 1'blllp
. Johnson, nla'ntlff herein, the sum of one
una red eighty-four and 34-100 dollars
(S1M4.34) judgment, with interest thereon at
rate of ten (10) per cent per annum from Sep
tember 23, 18H5.
To satisfy tbe sura of tblrteen and OS-100
dollars (113 08) costs hf rein, together with ac
cruing costs, according to a judgment ren
dered bv the district court of said Douglas
county, at Its September term, A. D. 1896 Tn a
certain action tben and there pending,
herein I'hllln L. Johnson was olaintlfr. and
Omaha Security Company, a corporation or
ganized and existing under the laws of the
state of Nebraska, was defendai t.
Omaha, Nebraska, September lllh, 1896.
Sheriff of Douglas Count v. Nebraska.
Saunders & Macfarland, attorneys.
jonnson vs. uman security company.
uoc. oi ana w ; no. im. v-ii-a
Attorney, 618 New York Life Building.
SHERIFF'S SALE By virtue of an order
of sale issued out of the district court
for Douglas county, Nebraska and to me di
rected, I will, on the 13th day of October, A.
i'. ire, at ten o ciock a. u. or said aay, at tbe
EAST front door of the county court house.
In the cltv of Omaha. Dousing connt.v. Na.
braska, sell at public auction to the highest
bidder for cash, the ur.perty described in
Id order of sale as follow, to-wli.:
Lot one (1) in block five (5) in Missouri
venue Park, an addition tn the cltv nt
South Omaha, as surveved. nlattnd and re
corded, all In Douglas county, state of Ne-
said property to be sold to satisfy Fred
. Kent. DlaintllT herein, the sum nf wvnn
hundred forty-six and 16-101) dollars (T46. 36)
judgment, with Interest thereof at rate of
ten (10) per cent per annum from the 4th day
r may, tswt.
To satisfy the sum of twentv-nine and
28-100 dollars ($20 28) costs herein, with In
terest tl-ereon at rate of ten (10) per cent p r
annum from the 25th day of June. 18, ui tll
paia.togetner with accruing costs, according
a juagment rendered by the district court
said Douglas county, at Its May term A.
18.6. In a certain action then and there
pending, wherein Fred H. Kent was plaintiff,
and A Hie J. Read and Adelbert J. Read were
Omaha, Nebraska, September 11th. 1896.
john w. Mcdonald,
Sheriff of Douulaa Oountv. Nohriuli.
Wm. H. Russell, attorney.
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Guarantees a perfect fit In all cases. Cloth
ing cleaned dyed and remodeled.
504 V. 16th St, -: OM1HA. EB.
Shop, 809 8. 16th St. . Omaha
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Mv Great
Month of
Read the following convinc
ing testimonial from two
orominent Omaha Citizens:
Judge Isaac 8. Hascall and R. F. William
bave this to say. We consider Dr. O. Gee Wo
of 619 North 16th St.. Omaha. Neb., one of tbe
best physicians In the city for the following
reasons: Four years ago our daughter be
came very nervous and at times sick and)
unable to control herself, We doctored with
and consulted nine of tbe leading physicians
of this city, but she gradually grew worse,
until on the 7th of October, 196, she was at
tacked with spasms. She was unconcloua
and delirious for weeks following tbe attack,
and at a consultation of physlclans they
agreed that she could not get well. We then
employed Dr.C. Gee Wo, and the patient be
gan to improve at once, and tn a remarkably
short time was up. She Is feeling better
than she has for a longtime. She Is Improv
ing every day and bids fair to get entirely
well. R. F. Williams. Father,
Isaac S. Hascall, a near Relative.
2105 S. 13th St.
Ex-Cokstabm S. B. Clark, office 310 S..14th
a ,, says: I can't say too much for Dr. O.
G. Wo. My little boy and girl had dyptherla
and other physicians said they could not re
cover. I then called In Dr. C. Gee Wo, and
In less than 4 hours tbey were out of danger.
He also cured myself of Lagrtpp and gen
eral debility, and my wife of Inflammation of
the oowels and female weakness, from which
she bad suffered many years. I can't thank
him enough for what he bas done In mi
'mliy. 8. B. Clahk AMD WlJB.
Mrs. H. A. Duoav, 1S12 Clark St.--Heart
trouble and nervnii. Hi,u.
standing. '
Johk Brooks, 524 N. 18th St.-Of sprained
back, liver and kidney trouble of three years
standing. Is now a well man.
Mrs. Anna Park. 2109 8. 13th 8t.--Cured of
IDUttnfl and fpmula mknau .,f ,.. -.
rRANK Holfb, Schuyler. Neb.-Cured of
rheumatism of one year's standing, and waa
given up g Incurable. M
Consultation Free. Dr. C. Gee Wo
guarantees a cure In every case or tha
nii,n alii U I..A...I 1 Ur "
blank. Anyone wanting advice can wr?ttn
ahnva arid re..... . .if ... . 1 J'
WO. 61n: Wth St.Omaba,eh.