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Special IEaMacc
SQUdag K 2:38.
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday,
MAT 14. 18. .
, Tba EwiB'Bl Comedian. . .
U Bis Original Crratloa,
iSaiiVIof Poscnf
Th$ Drummer up to Date.
Pupportrd by ALBFNA OH MEtt and
a Superb Cub pan jr.
IVr Urumuivr I the mc Innocent
D1BB on In road."
Ntht prier. . M. and SUM.
MhUdw- F1rt floor, tu null "he; bul
Cony, n ttic.
(u now ob aala.
Creighton Theatre
Talaphon ISSI.
four NlfMa,
Sunday, May 24th,
The Comedian,
In HI Laughing HucecN.
! A Pair of Kids I
Beats now on sale. Price, 25, 35,
ti. , II 00,
Jolin Drew.
X .av A a A A AAA. A AAA A. A. A A A A A A A A AAA
Jeweler and Optician!
J ; 317 N. 16th STREET,
. , MARIS a ersoiaivv o .
; ; Fine Watch Repairing
:: French Clocks.::
; ; Exclusive Wttck Examiner for F., E. ; ;
, , ud M. V. R. R. Co. ', ,
' ttttttttt i i i t tt i i i i i
Captain II. E. Palmer returned from
ft bustneM trip to Norfolk Thursday
A lister of Ex-Treasurer Bolln was
prostrated by the news of his convic
tion and died the following day.
Do not forget the Republican pri
maries next Thursday afternoon. They
will be held at the usual polling places.
Mrs. George F. Comstock and chil
dren are visiting relatives In Denver,
where they expect to remain until
The express companies demand 1345
from the city to deliver the late issue
of city funding bonds to the New York
The county primaries to select dele
gates to the congressional convention
will be held July 7th and the county
convention on July 8th.
Attorney Macfarland went to Lin
coln Thursday in the interest of Ex
Treasurer Bolln. The case will be ap
pealed to the supreme court.
The Republican Blmetallo League
propose to bold a seiies of ward meet
ings in the interest of the two metals.
Judge Gregory is the speaker at Pat
terson hall to-night.
A few of the friends of Mayor Broatch
held a meeting at Idlewllde hall Wed
nesday evening for the purpose of or
ganizing to secure a delegation from
the Sixth ward in his interest.
AH the supreme judges and commis
sioners have decided to grant a stay of
proceedings in the Bolln case, as they
believe there was "probable error" in
the record and in the court's instruc
tion. President Perkins of the C. B. & Q.
railroad ia heartily in favor of the
Union depot project in this city. The
Burlington Company are usually ready
to do their part in any matter of pub
lic Improvement.
The board of education hold a meet
ing to-night (Friday) for the purpose
of electing teachers for the next school
year. It is reported that about thirty
teachers will be dropped and their
places supplied with others.
The matter of confirmation of the
sale of the Water Works plant in this
city will be heard before Judge Shiras
in the United States court next Wed
nesday. It is understood that Mr.
Vennor intends to oppose the sale at
that time.
The Stoetzel Stove Company are hav
ing a rush on their "Gem" Dangler
New Gasoline Stove. Gasoline has
been reduced in price and many people
who never thought of using a gasoline
stove are now beginning to use them,
because the "Gem" is a perfect gaso
line stove.
Tuesday evening, May 26, 1896,
Columbia Council No. 3, will give a
stereopticon entertainment for the
benefit of the National Orphans Home
of the Jr. O. U. A. M. at Tiffin, Ohio.
AdmWon 5 cents; children IS cents
Re. S. Wrlfhl Duller will deliver the
lecture, and Mr. W. J. Sieveos will
operate the stereopticon.
The F. E. A M. V. railroad company
will shortly remove their headquarters
from the Merchant National Bank
building to the United Slates National
Bank building, at the corner of Twelfth
and Farnam street. The latter build
ing wa recently purchased by Cyrus
McCormlck and 1 now being re mod
Died, at the family residence 1610
North Nineteenth street, Bradley A
Seward, aged 20 year 10 months, after
a short illness. Deceased was
brother of Paul B. Seward of this city
and had many warm personal friends,
who will greatly regret hi death. In
terment was made at Forest Lawn,
Tuesday, May 12th.
June 14 there will be a special and
sacred concert in the Y. M. C A. hall,
presided over by Rev. S. Wright But
ler, for the accommodation of the
Juniors who will be pausing through
the city on their way to Denver to at
tend the annual council. All the
Juniors of Omaha, South Omaha and
Council Bluffs are expected to be
Mrs. M. O. Maul has returned to her
old home in Pennsylvania on a sad
mission that of burying her brother,
W. P. Sol Id ay, who died at his home
In this olty May 16. The cause of
death was congestion of the brain. Mr.
Sollday was but 81 years of age, but he
had a host of friends in this city and
in Honover, Pa., where he was born
and raised. We all sympathize with
Mrs. Maul in her affliction.
The primaries for the Republican
county convention to elect delegates to
the state convention will be held next
Thursday, May 28th, and the county
convention will be held at Washington
hall on the 20th. The delegate appor
tionment will remain the same as here
tofore. All petitlona for delegates
must be in the hands of the secretary
of the county central committee not
later than noon Monday, May 25th.
Ex-Congress man Bryan won his suit
in the district court enjoining the city
Of Lincoln from issuing something over
1500,000 in gold refunding bonds. Mr.
Bryan did not question the legality of
the bonds only so far aa gold provision
was concerned, he maintaining that
coin bonds were sufficient. Judge
Holmes sustained this view insofar as
it referred to payment in gold, and
made the injunction perpetual. The
case may be appealed.
fuller of laugh than eve. Where U
old version was to a degree inconsistent
and faulty ia construction, the new
edition bat all tbce defect remedied,
and is now coherent and strong la dra
matic unity. Many new line and
bright scene have been interpolated,
and they are of strictly up-to-date
qualities. The old Sam'l was identified
with diamonds. The new one i of the
pink pearl, star, amethyst and pigeon
blood ruby variety. Miss Alblna De
Mer, the charming wife of M. B. Cur
tlss, wno essays her old role of "Cel
este" in the present cast, will wear
some beautiful gowns especially created
by Felix & Worth for this character.
Her display of jewelry will be magnifi
cent and will Include the famous
pigeon blood ruby. She will also wear
a necklace of steel white picked dia
monds, and a superb tiara of big pearls
and star amethysts. Mrs. Curtis
shares the honors with her husband,
and her rendition of "Celeste," the
French adventuress, Is unquestionably
one of the most artistic performances
on the stage of the present day. Mrs.
Curtiss is one of the bett dressers on
the stage. We can count upon our two
hands women of the stage who are
rightly entitled to the credit of being
appropriate dressers. There are many
who are stunning and chlo, but very
seldom do actresses as a class, impress
ua with the relationship existing be.
tween the verbal and textile appearing
of their roles. Mrs. Curtiss makes
study of the probable personal tastes of
the character of plays, and the result
ia that her dressing is a legitimate
scene lor a descriptive pencil. Her
jewels are also among the most costly
and famous in the profession.
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the Americas paper.
Do you believe this as-:
senior t
On Tuesday,
Irish comedy,
June 2d, the rattling
"The Wicklow Post
man," with Eugene O'Rourke, a master
of Irish comedy acting, and John L.
Sullivan and Paddy Ryan, the ex
champion pugilists, will be the attrac
tion at Boyd's Theatre, and they will
undoubtedly draw from all classes of
people. On June 10th, Primrose &
West's great minstrel organization will
be the attraction at Boyd's Theatre.
Ezra Kendall, the well-known co
median will open a four-night engage
ment at the Creighton Theatre, Sun
day night, May 24, presenting his
laughing success, "A Pair of Kids."
John Drew and his excellent com
pany, or wmcn Miss wauo. Aaams is
still the leading lady, will begin a
three-night engagement at the Creigh
ton Theatre next Thursday night, ap
pearing in one of hia new comedy suc
cesses, "Christopher jr." it was in
this play that Mr. Drew appeared for
20 weeks at Charles Frohman's Empire
Theatre, New York, to crowded houses,
the balance of his seven months' season
there the longest any star has yet
played in the metropolis being given
to R. C. Carton's comedy of married
woman's foolishness, "The Squire of
Dames." With this comedy, in which
Mr. Drew made a triumph, he will fol
low "Christopher Jr.," the story of
which may be briefly given as follows:
Christopher Sr. is a hard-hearted
man of business, and he wants his son,
who bears the same name, to be the
same kind of a man, but the young fel
low has no taste for business and pur
sues a course that brings about the
father's dislike. Not only that, but
he gets himself into a bad scrape.
Going to Trinidad once on a time, by
mistake he went to sleep In the upper
berth of a stateroom. Hearing a snore,
which he does not recognize as his own,
he awakes and discovers that a lady is
in the lower berth. He rushes out of
the room, but the lady's father is on
board; he does not kill Christopher,
but marries him to the daughter under
impossible circumstances, such that
neither party sees the other, and
Christopher signs the name of a friend
of his to the certificate. The two
never meet till three years later, when,
under assumed names, they fall in love,
and through a series of amusing com
plications, reaching a comedy climax
in the last act, discover their condition
and are happy. Christopher Sr., who
has filled his son's life full of hardships
ail the while, is won over in time to
bless the young couple and provide
handsomely for them.
Mr. M. B. Curtiss' "Sam'l of Posen,"
the drummer up-to-date, who will be
seen at Boyd's Theatre for three days,
beginning with a cheap price matinee
on to-morrow (Sunday) afternoon at
2:30, is virtually a new play, for while
the title is the same, the New Drummer
has been brought strictly abreast of the
times. Since his last appearance here
the play has' gone through a radical
reconstruction, both as to plot, dialogue
and situation. It Is now said to be
brighter and funnier than before, and !
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