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"J. H. D. Stevens, chairman of the
National Advisory Board of the A. P.
A. and chairman of its campaign sub
committee, sajs: The result of the
Investigation of our sub-committee
were of such a character that left us,
friendly though we were to Mr. Mc
Kinley, no alternative but to repudiate
him and fight him to the end. From
the very nature of our organization we
cannot divulge our plans of campaign,
but sufficient to say that Mr. McKln
ley can be defeated, and will be de
feated, by this organization. In places
where he thinks he Is strong, we know
Absolutely that he Is weak. We know
what our strength Is, and what It will
- be In the convention. Of those mat
ters I cannot make any public state
ment. We have been late in beginning
our campaign, and I will acknowledge
it, but it is only because the majority
of us had a predilection for Mr. Mc
Kinley, and that our campaign has
begun as late as it has is owing to the
fact that we wished to treat him
fairly.' "
By what authority does the National
Advisory Board begin a "campaign"
against Governor McKinley or any
other man? Was it clothed with this
authority when created?
But further, Judge Stevens says:
"We have evidence now such as will
withdraw from him the support of
every member of this organization and
all of its sympathizers, and our vote,
we know from the results of actual
campaigne, Is a little over 4,000,000,
With such a vote Mr. McKinley could
not be elected, even were his Impossible
nomination possible. Statements are
made In all of his newspapers and he
controls the majority of the news
papers In this country that the repu
table element of the A. P. A., in other
words, that 90 percent of the order are
supporting and will support him. This
Is absolutely false. That element of
the A. P. A. which is supporting Mc
Kinley Is doing so, I know, because of
promises which have been made to
them. Mr. McKinley in his own state
stands over a volcano. There not 10
per ' cent of the organizations are
friendly to him, and these support him
only through a sense of what seems to
be, to me, false Btate pride. Even the
interviews which are sent out in his
behalf by a few members of the organ
ization have been found to be, when we
came to Investigate them, specious and
without basis in fact. We have not
been able to contradict them, because
the newspaper press will not publish
anything against him."
We contend that a man who would
make such wild statements as the
above, should not be allowed to repre
sent the A. P. A. In any capacity.
Such twaddle will bring the entire or
ganization into disrepute. He says
"every member" will withdraw his
support from McKinley, and yet the
Citizen has just as far-reaching and
reliable sources of Information as has
the National Advisory Board, and it
knows that unless McKinley has some
more patriotic opponent than either
Reed or Quay or Morton (all endorsed
by this same board), the Ohio man will
poll three-fourths of the A. P. A. vote;
and more than this, far from McKin
ley 's nomination being "impossible,"
it is not only possible, but probable
made so largely by the insane action of
the National Advisory Board.
But Judge Stevens constitutes him
self judge, jury and executioner. He
declares with most dogmatic insolence
that those members of the order who
support McKinley do so with corrupt
motives. In other words, they are
being bribed. This contemptible slur
is wholly undeserved, and the man who
offers it should be made to eat his
words and probably he will be made
to do so. It Is but a few weeks since be
was loudly proclaiming that his fellow-
members oa the advisory board had
been "guilty of the most damnable
perfidy in trying to sell out the order
in Washington," and that certain high
officials of this advisory board had ap-
proached political aspirants "with
offers to sell for a consideration;" that
the anti-McKinley combination had
He Can't Live
fatd nvy frisads and neighbors. I had ly
mmIi is yart; physicians and ehang l
ttinats did sot hlp me. Bat Hood's Barsspa-
'g Sarsa-
Mils did m mors good
tta all th doctorlnf.
I oo now eat, sltep and
and work. Mr daughter
also had distress and rbstunatlim. Eood's Bar
arllla mads her stoat, well sad healthy. B.
f. O. Boss, Falrtlsw, Kansas.
Hood's Pills are surely vegetable, sad de
set porge, seiner gripe. Bold by all dragfists.
S, P. O. Rok and Daughter
offered each member of the advisory
bord 110,000, and other very valuable
considerations; that he bad rejected
the offer with scorn," etc., etc. Why
has he now turned about and become
one with the others in his onslaught
upon McKinley? If his associates on
the board were corrupt then, can we
trust them now?
That the advisory board has brought
in a verdict of "guilty," in McKlnley's
case, simply because he did not promise
to stand by our principles; and that
they brought In a verdict of "not
guilty" in the case of all the others,
simply because they may have prom
ised everything, Is to be looked upon
askance. Politicians' promises when
crossing a stream are not to be ac
cepted as gospel; we would have more
faith in the man who refused to prom
ise anything unless the promises were
above the average politician in probity
of character.
One of the charges brought against
McKinley Is that S. B. Elklns, a Ro
man Catholic, is In favor of him. S. B.
Elklns is a Presbyterian, and last week
announced himself as a candidate for
the nomination to the presidency, and
captured the West Virginia delegation
in his own Interests. A further charge
was that Dick Kerens was for McKln-
ley, and yet every Intelligent man
knows that the Irish Roman Catholic
professed Republicans attach them
selves, without invitation, and like
barnacles, to every prominent candi
date for office. Thus O'Meagher Con
don is for Morton, Pat Ford for Reed,
Ireland for Allison, etc., etc.
The Citizen would like to know why
all information concerning the woeful
lack of Americanism on the part of
Reed, Morton, Quay and Allison was
suppressed by the Supreme Board? Or
did they fall to get any information?
We have respected Judge Stevens to
such an extent as our limited acquaint
ance would permit. We have had no
word of disagreement with him at any
time until now, when he assumes not
only to speak for the whole patriotic
order of which he is but one member,
but also to constitute himself as the
order; at the same time grossly insult
ing those who choose to differ. We
enter our protest now because the
order is immensely larger than Judge
Stevens and his advisory board, and
we believe a serious rupture can only
be avoided by calling a sharp and de
elded halt to the men who are acting
not only unwisely, but even maliciously
Perhaps the Citizen stands alone
among the patriotio papers in its atti
tude. We are sorry to notice that
nearly all are being "led like sheep to
the slaughter." But we have the im
pression that the Citizen reaches as
many readers as all the other patriotic
weeklies combined, aud we Intend that
Its protest shall go to every state and
As we have said before, we are not
McKlnleyized, but we naturally look
upon the action of the advisory board
with suspicion when they endorse
some of the corruptest of the candi
datesall the candidates, in fact, ex
cept McKinley and then start in with
out authority to commit the order
every solitary member of the order to
the anti-McKinley forces.
As Artemas Ward said when Brig-
ham Young's nineteen wives proposed
to him "This is too much!"
The Toledo, Ohio, American says
Not only every A. F. A. but every
American with the proper spirit of pa
triotism reigning in his breast should
support the candidacy of Mr. W. S
Linton of Michigan, for nomination to
the presidency, and for several rea
sons, more, Indeed, than can be brought
forward In support of most of the gen
tlemen aspiring to that lofty eminence,
Mr. Linton, when others held back
afraid or ashamed to take up a definite
stand on a Question which is far and
away the most important of the day,
came boldly forward and avowed him
He had no scruples In letting the
world know how he stood. He was an
American, and proud of it, and un
stintedly with body and soul and mind
and purpose he gave himself at criti
cal moments to advance the cause of
Americanism, and that with a success
which has made his name a household
word in every part of the land. While
others shilly-shallied and debated, or
lied and misrepresented, sitting irreso
lute upon the fence, only waiting
breath to waft them either way, Mr,
Linton stepped boldly into the breach
and carried his flag to victory.
That Mr. Linton's candidacy is
viewed with serious alarm by those al
ready la the field Is evidenced by the
fact that their wire-pullers have been
assiduous in the circulation of false
hoods calculated to damage his pros
pects of success. Finding that nothing
truthful could be adduced which could
be Instrumental in stemming the tide
of his popularity, recourse has neces
sarily been had to mendacity, but it is
consolatory to learn it has failed in its
purpose, redounding rather to the ad
vantages of the man it was intended to
Mr. Linton could be a candidate on
the Republican ticket, but It is far
more to be desired that he come for
ward on a straight out American
ticket, a ticket which would have the
support of the very best and most de
sirable of those who have in the past
thrown in their adherenoe with one or
other of the old parties. At the head
of an American ticket Mr. Linton's
chances of success are beyond dispute.
However he may be regarded he is a
coming man, but as the leader of the
great American party be can the more
readily attain the place and distinction
that are his due.
With Mr. Linton in the presidential
chair the cause of patriotio American
ism Is safe from molestation and the
outspreading grasp of Romanism re
strained. There would be a clearing
out of Catholics and Cathollo smpa-
thlzers in high places which could not
but be deeply gratifying to all who,
cognizant of the direful results ol
Romish domination elsewhere, are
anxious no such crlpploment and dls-
m a a 1 I A -. .
grace snouia Diacaen ice page
American history.
It is an unfortunate fact that the ad
ministrations of both the Republican
and Democratic parties have been sul
lied by a truckling to Rome In a more
or less marked degree, and the convic
tion is forced upon the observer that
the Romish vote Is glad 'y bought by
those in authority, the price being
some concessions to the church or its
supporters, which cannot but be offen
sive to all patriotically minded Ameri
cans. With Mr. Linton in power such
insults and such subserviency would be
impossible, and Romanism would find
her power in the United States hope
lessly crushed. He is a representative
American and in his hands the best in
terests of Americanism are safer than
they have been for many a long year
If those with the love of their coun
try and its freedom and liberty pre
dominant in their hearts will but
spouse the cause of Mr. Linton, as
they should do, and can be expected to
do, his nomination will be a foregone
conclusion, and then if every Ameri
can votes as a true and patriotic Amerl
can should vote he wlllj be elected to
the presidential chair with a majority
so overwhelming as to put any previous
contest far In the Bhade.
Already there are buttons and em
blems In the field and evidences of con
certed movement to secure the nomi
nation for Mr. Linton, but his friends
must not rest there. Clubs should be
formed in ail directions and a cam
paign of education started, and nothing
left undone to secure success. There
are enough people throughout the land
to make that 'success certain, if they
could but be reached, and to reacn
them is an object to the attainment of
which those at the head of th cam
paign must devote untiring efforts.
The nomination and election of Mr.
Linton mean not only a significant vic
tory for Americanism, but more than
that, the dealing of a blow at Roman
ism from which recovery would be
hopeless, In the United States, at all
events. Therefore, let the cry be: LIN
The Fremont, Neb., Tribune says:
The A. P. A. will dlsoover it cannot
make an unholy war on so good an
American as Major McKinley, and the
rank and file of that order will refuse
to be led into any scheme of that kind.
A few bosses of the order may be anxi
ous to show their power, but the people
of the country, the plain rank and file
of the Republican party, have already
been doing some vigorous smashing of
the plots of the bosses.
The Boston Daily Standard says: A
reader of the Daily Standard, who has
taken great interest in the candidacy
of Major McKinley, is satisfied that
many misrepresentations have been
made as to his appointments while gov
ernor of Ohio. To disprove these state
ments he wrote to one who is in a posi
tion to know a native of Maine, an
old soldier, a former member of the
city council of Springfield, Mass., and
at present a member of the s school
board of Canton, O. The following is
his reply, under date of April 11:
"I have investigated the charge
made that 'nearly one-half of McKln
ley's appointments to office during his
four years' service as governor were
Catholics,' and find that during this
time he appointed only two Catholics
to state office. One of them was t
friend, and the law required the ap
nolntee to be a Democrat; the other
was appointed at the request of in
fiuential men in the state.
S. L. Hongdon.' "
Ada, O., April 30. At a meeting of
Ada Council No. 260, A. P. A., the fol
lowing resolutions were unanimously
"Whereas, It has come to our knowl
edge through the press that certain
leaders and high officials of the order
known as the A. P. A. publicly declare
that they will use the order to oppose
the nomination and election of the Hon.
William McKinley of Ohio for the
office of president of the United States
"Whereas, We have good and sub
stantial reasons for believing that said
officials are using our order for per
sonal motives only; and
"Whereas, Investigation and inquiry
have convinced us that the statements
made by these high officials (so-called)
are neither exact, substantial nor
worthy of belief; and
"Whereas, We, the members of this
... .
council, personally Know oi air. wc
Kloley's private and publlo Ufa and
that bis whole carver has stood for the
protection of the Ametican bone, the
American common echool system,
American labor, American product
and America for Americans;
Resolved, That we denounce lo
ImnirAit lrm tha iiiu nl mir iipdap hi
strongest lerms tne use ol our oraer oy
said officials for personal ends against
one who ha given twenty-five years of
. -
-- , " . . u i
were in our late civil conflict, the bal-
hi. Iif In h a ooiiiitri fiuir nt wht'h I
ance in the legislative halls and on the
...., ....iT.,.,. - hi- m.inlildM aI.w I
"""Hi -
quenoe tnat our country S flag and lib-
rtles might not be surrendered to for-
.( Iw. "
eiga power,
"Itoeolvtd, Ibat we nave Utmost
confidence in 'William McKinley. and
titat we pledge ourselves to oppose by
,11 honorable means the usa ot our
order for his defeat."
Given under seal, Ada Council No.
200, A. P. A.
Says the United American of Wash
ington, D. C.
For the information of the public
generally, and the friend of the Amer-
lean Protective Asloclatlon partlCU-
, i tt : i a l i
lariy, the Uhi'ei .American desires to
correct a number of false and mislead-
ing Statements wntCU nave gone OUt
during the past few weeks respecting
t. r i .,..... .t..n. r,. n.nj.i..i I
lu tue urk uibato it i a weii auuwu anu
. - ... t- , il ,
T . a . . . 1 i. 1 . it i 1
wen UBuerstouu lact, uore at tne caju-
tal, that Mr. Linton ha. not only never
announced himself a a Candidate, but
has, on the contrary, rofused to yield
to the constant and urgent requests of
iw ma wuu uu " "
his friends to do SO. He Is engaged in
. . a I i
a grand and patriotio work as a repre-
aant&tlvA nf V,a nnnnln In 1h nut.lnn's.
sentauveoi tne people in tne nation s
r-iiruppKB. iimnired h natrlotlo motlvp
.... II. t , . I
and a desire to purify politics and to
redeem the couniry from the power of
nun nitti, is e hi li uK w iuuiwi
irnTOi-nmant tn I la nnfftrlou nurnnflA.
He is Blmply doing his duty as a patriot
and an honest man. Nor lias the Ad
visory Board of the American Protec
..... - . ,
live Association promuiKBieu nnj in-
struct ions to the order dictating Mr. I
Linton's candidacy. Neither is there
any truth in the story published in the
press of the country that at the recent
meeting OI tne executive uommiltee OI
" I
the Advisory Board of the A. P. A.,
each one of the leading candidate, was
summoned to appear before that body
. m i al I
to undergo a course of examination as
to their sentiments refardioe the prin-
r-lnlpa nf tha order. All this is bosh. I
" I
. . . , .... .... j.
xneauiy ana province oi tne advisory
board is limited to an investigation of
and Innntptr Intn tha nast records of
presidential aspirants, and todissemi-
nate throughout the order the result of
1 J r I
tneir lavonuKauuiiB, xuoro iw uu; i
ends, and there it has ended
While what we say regarding Mr,
Linton's refusal to announce himself a
candidate Is absolutely correct, we are
delighted to know that the great office
of president of the United States is
seeking Mr. Linton, and the people are
aroused from one end of the country to
the other, as they have never been
aroused before; and the united and
unanimous determination of the pa-
triots of America is to thrust the nomi-
nation upon Mr. Linton if it is possible
to do so, believing as they do that If he
Is thus pressea to become tneir sutna-
j u v 111 vl .1, Wl. J
ard-bearer, he will not Shirk hlB duty.
He has never shirked a duty, and he
never will. So we urge upon the Six
millions of organized patriots of the
land to continue vigorously and tire-
lessly in the work of organization and
the extension of Linton leagues, now so
encouragingly pushed, convinced as we
are that When the proper time COmee
Lilnton win lorego nis aimaence
t iifarts
and consent to lead the patriotic hosts
to Victory. Un, tnen, to St. 1U1S, ana tiff, and Kachel Ulley and other are oe
in the name of liberty and justice in- ,ef,at omata, Nebraska, My 8th, A.
spired by the spirit of fidelity to our
cause, with the motto of purity of poll-
tics inscribed on our banners, and In a
determination to intrepidly battle for
the protection of our Institutions, de
mand recognition for our glorious
cause on the 15th of June.
bTATS or Ohio, Citt of Toledo, i
Frank J. Chknet make oath that he 1
the senior partner of the firm of K. J.Chekkv
& Co., doing business In the City of Toledo,
' or loieoo,
. JS . w
B of Catarrh
County and state aroresaiu, anu
firm will Day the sum of ONE
IMH.I.A RS for each and every case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured by tne use of Hall's
Catarkb Curb,
Sworn to before me and subscribed In my
presence, this Sth day of December, A. D. ISOtt,
8,AL- f Notary Public
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally and
act directly on the blood and mucous sur
face of the system, bend for testimonial,
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O,
iW Sold by Druggists, 75c.
1200.00 O GOLD GIVEN
For Selling a Book of Great Interest and
Popularity "Story of Turkey and
Armenia," With a Full and Graphic
Account of the Massacres.
R. H. Woodward Company, Baltl-
more, Md., are offering $200.00 to any-
One Selling 200 copies Of their new
, , ,m I 3 a t ii
book, "Story of Turkey and Armenia."
Thin lanwnrlr of exeat interpst and
popularity. Many agents sell 15 copies
a day. A graphio and thrilling ac
count is given of the massacres of the
Armenians which have aroused the
civilized world. Agents are offered
the most liberal terms and premiums.
Freight paid and credit given. Write
them immediately. tf
When down town drop In at John
Rudd's and leave your watch, If It Is
I . - ! I a A oil XT. Ill o I
- 1 out oi repair, u uo uu, on h. a
flAl'MF.ll MAC FA It LA X D,
Attorney. 1404 Faraam Street.
tai.-(!adr end by virtue ul n order
nf ui. us decrna of foreclosure of Blurts ate.
laaud outuf toe district court for iHnislaa
county, state of Nebraska, and to mm direct
ed. 1 will, on Hi wtti uay of June, A. 1.
at one o rim p. tu. of IU day el tne r.A I
front door of lue fount r court bouae, la tne
ctty of Omaha, Douglas count y. Nebraaka,
M uulllu. .u,.,loo w u, iXh.t . wder
forcaah. the property described luld order
of aieas foiio-sto-wit:
I ........... I. ...I I a I H lil.u'l nlnal m lUfll
of Hie city of rlorene. Douglas county. ie
i. ....-.-v. - - ,
aid property to be .old to satisfy Hester
llortoa A Company, plslatlff herein, tii sum
lf i,rl..lire hundred and ten dollar
,f.uti vita lutereat thereon at the rate of
Ubt tei per cent per am urn from May Sin.
i. and coat amounting lo twenty-one and
dollar ifcU.iSk together with accruing
ari-ordlua- to a decree rendered In an
action in wiii.-u ietr iiorton a tiomuany
were plaintiff, and Marshall C. Hamilton,
et al.. weredeiendant.
Ouiaha, Nebraska. May Nth,
hpet-lal Maater Coiuiiilaaloner.
Jauntier A Mac tar I aud, attorney lor plain
tiff ltriter Horton & Co. v. Marahall C.
llamlltou, el al. 6SS
Attorney. 1401 r'arnam Htreet.
SUKklrTS SALE. By virtue of an order
of aale laaued out of tne dlatrtct court
dliwted, 1 will, on the Vlh day of June, A.
I). 1NMI. at tn o'clock a. at. of said day. at
18 kat front d.xir of the county court
for DouKia fount y, neuraane. ami to me
eat bidder ror can, toe proueny uescuueu
,n," uo0, , block four i4 in Arbor I'lace
,i,iiii,ni to tie city of Omaha, as aurveyed,
. .
slate o( neoraaaa.
Maid property to be old to allfy l'blllp L
j1)uno-0, ulatuilff herein, the rum of two
ten tioi per ceut per annum from February
'T'0 .'ttii,fy the further uni of twenty-two
n1 hh-iiw dollars isa.iwi, cost herein, to-
uftlitT with accrututf corn according to a
Judgment rendered by the district court of
SttlU IIOUKiaS COUUIW, a I v inuitt.1, i.
a, i. imm. in a certain action then and there
pcndluK wherein l'blllp L. Johnson la pialu-
"J Mar, cunninjiiaui, luib v. nay.
The o. V. Hurl Comuany, a corporation.
national IIKim Ut wiuiiudiwhuhh .. .,.-uu,
Juliu H UruMIUAD aud U.nui cumiiuKham
1 ,,V n. It . 1' M.,l,uubtt
gaunder & Macfitrlttud, attorney.
Johnson v. CunntuKuaiu, et al
Doc. 47 i No. M.
Attorney. 012 New York Life Bui. ding.
Sale Under and by virtue of
an order of
ule on diicnie of foreclosure of iiiortKane la-
sued out of the district court for tlouKlas
county, Nebraaka, and to me directed, I will,
" l(i.k P. u. of aid day' at the north front
iSi Sift al
public auction to tne niR-neat uiuuer lor
t . .... l.iunal I iuiI t w ail iil iiarlue
eVKowTV i-iiT
AUuf U;. ffitt&l,?m M
g. k. umer' addition to the city of unmha.
hMiliiT tllH lUUlO tWlrtu nun I ui ntaiu nil
thr1 according- to the recorded
pint thereof, an lu Uoumaa county, state ot
V' . I ....... U a
u.i.i nmiwrt to be sold to satisfy John A
yui,n,lP. nlalntllf bereln, tliesum of twenty-
,, ,'mired eluhteen and 4IMUU dollar
imim;i Judgment, with n "f 7l "?0
D7c7utoi;: tath.? with
J' . . i . Ai n,iriD.inll.un viLinn
county, at ita reuruary ierm, n.. v. iu
certain action meu au , yluun,
wherein John A. Zehnder Is plaintiff, and
John O'Donohoe and other are defendants,
Ouiaba. weurasaa, nm, n,.
Special MaHter Commissioner,
Kennedy ft Learned, attorney.
JOhn A. ABIinuer num. w ujuuiii .
Doc. Ml; NO. IS. o-e-e
J AS. W. CAItlt,
Attorney, 813 Board of Trade Building.
skIa Under and bv virtue of an order
of sale on decree of foreclosure of mortgage
laaneri the district court for Douglas
count,. Nebraska, .wUa fj.l
o'clock p. u. of said day. at the north front
as follow, to wit:
I Lot eighteen UH in nelsons nuuitiun HJ
,he city of Omaha, Douglas county, Ne-
Union Trust Company, plaintiff herein, the
and Btxuien and 50-100 dollar iHi.rx, with
LDn"?0mThe st day of May.W '
And also to satisfy the , .u , o. fort, end
I with accruinfr cost, according to a Judgment
1 won Huron ni ine uitfiriuii cuun ui smu I'wua-
,rr-count-' t lu May term, A. D. ls-.e. In
;-7nDTh-nnonthTrnu A", ETpfiffi
D. im.
Sneclal Master Commissioner.
Js. W. Oarr, attorney for plaintiff.
union t rust uo. v. ivacuei nuej, cv ai.
Doc. 37 ; No. 221.
Attorneys, 1404 Farnam Street.
To Horatio Fowkes, Sarah M. Fowkes, hi
i ta if lu l imwna. nva j. ttorara ana
E-.ittilii M. Hons, non-resident defendants:
Vmi will dike notice that on the iSNth da
Of April, 1HUH, James W. Dvorsky, plaintiff
herein, filed his petition In the district court
nf liniiirliui countv. Nebraska, against you.
the above named defendants, the object and
Brilyer 0f Whlch are to foreclose a certain
t certlflcate dated November i:ith, la,
and taxes paid thereunder, covering let one
I ,..'...... uh l.i.. ,:m ,,iiki
(II, OlUCS fcWU uuuuivu " 'J 1 .
city of Omaha (original pint) Douglas county,
Nhmaka: that there Is due upon said tax
mniHi-au. and tuxes DH.d thereunder, the
sum of one nunarea anu seveui j hdu m-iw
dollar (IliO.M), witn interest iroin may aim,
ihdk ut the :ate of ten (10) per cent per annum
nnri an attornev's fee amounting to tn (10)
Dercent of the decree and all cost. Plain
tiff prays that ald premise may be decreed
t-n h ld to satlsfv the amount due thereon.
with Interest, attorney iees ana cost, una
that upon the sale the defendant be de
burred of all Interest In said premises.
Vnn are reaulred to answer said uetltlon
on or oeiore tne ntu uajr oi uuue, iw.
. . . i. ... i . , . .
Dated Omaha, iHeorusica. may ist, iki.
By Saunder & Hacfarland. his attorneys.
Notice of Probate of Will,
In the county court of Douglas county, Ne-
In the matter of the estate of Gustaf
Arinlf Jnhntton. deceased:
i.n. Mrii. Johnson. Hilda Gustaf va John
r.r Hurt. Sellna Hiart. Albert lUart,
Edward HI art, Charles HJart, Hilda HJa
and a minor child of Hilda Oustafva John-
I'd Wil other persons interested in stid
matter are hereby notified that on the, 1st
i j iiae ham i Anu fti nrm jiuinwin n ifMi
n h fmintvcourtaDelltlon alleging anion
n,hA, thlnira that Uustuf Adolf Johnson died
on the 24th day of April, lSwi, leaving a last
will and testament, anu possesseu oi real
nd nenmnal estate valued at stow 00, and
that the above named constitute the persons
Interested in tne estate oi saiu ueceaseu,
and praying for the probate of said will and
f.. nf aatd estate.
You are hereby notified that If you fall to
appear at said court on the 2nd day of
June. 18i, at 9 o'clock A. m. and contest the
probate of said will, the court may allow and
probate said will and grant administration
of said estate to Lena Maria Johnson or some
other suitable person, and proceed to a
eettlement thereof. lRyIN0 p BAXTER,
5-8-1 County Judge.
Attorney, 1404 Farnam Street.
SALK -L'odrr and by virtue of an order of
ale on derree of foreclosure of uiortjfaee la
urd out of the !Htrtrt Uourt for (Miuaia
count y.alate of Nebraaka, and to me direct
ed, 1 will, on the vthdayof June. A. I. I -"I at
one o'clock r. M. of raid day. at the a AST
front door of the couety court houae, la tee
city of Omaha, Iktuglaa county ISebreake,
II at public auction to Uie higueat bidder
lor cash, the property described la eaitl
order of aale a follow to-wlt:
Lot four iti, ere oi, u w ana aeren m, in
blin k one ill. In Improvement Aaeot'lalloa
addition to the city of Omaha, and also lot
li (i aud eereni'Hn block alt tSi John I.
Kedlcka eubdlvlalon to the city of Uuaha.
lkiuKla county, nebraaka.
"aid property to tie aoiu to aiiaiy i . nais
ton Urant. plaintiff herein, the aum of tea
Ihouiiaad elht hundred and one and tu-l"
dollar 401. with Interest thereon at
the rate of eliihttNl per cr-nt per annum trout
May eth, ltO and rosuj amountlns to thirty
four and oa-luu dollar itM urn, together wlU
accruing costs, according; to a decree ren
dered lu an action In which J. Kalatoa Urea
waa plaintiff and Charle a. riiuirea, et al.,
were defendant.
Omaha, ftebreaka. May titn. ln. . . .
Hueclal Master Cominlasloner.
8aunlr A Macfarland, attorney for plala-
UJ."KalUn Grant v. Charts E. B(Ulr4,
etal. &--
Attorney, S13 Board of Trade ttulldlnf.
SPECIAL M ASTKK uoM.uin.iuaitB
eale. Under and by virtue of aa order
of sal oa decree of foreclosure of mortgage
Issued out oi tne uisirict court ior I'ougias
county, Nebraaka, and to uieuirecmu, i win,
on the Vlh day of June, A. li. I"W1. at oue
0 clock r. It. ol satu aay. at ne i iron
door of the county court bouse In the city
of Omaha, IouKlas county, Mebraasa. sell
at public auction to tne niKnesi oiuuer ior
cash, the property 0 escribed in eald order of '
sale a follows, to wit;
iMiu twelve (111 and tnirieeu ti, 111 uiuc
fifteen tlA) of lUiis -iiui t lace, an addition to
the city of Omaha, Ikiumae county, ne
braaka, a SUrveyeu, piativu aou rroumog.
Hald property to be sold to satisfy lieo. W.
Sabine, administrator ot the estate ot I'hllllp
Mwoboda, defendant herein, the sum ot
tlilriy-ulne dollars ia.iw.mij, wiui luicrni
thereon at the rate of eeu (1) per ceut per
annum from June 2nd, last.
Also to satisfy Conrad U. fisher, plaintiff
herein, the um of one tbousand aud four
tern and 2I-1U) dollar (11.014 211, with Inter
est at the rate of seven 7 per cent trout th
th day of May. IH. ..... ,
And also to satisfy the further sum or
twen y-two and n.f-in dollars 13 Kb roata
herein, tosewier wim iu,un wua '. "
lu to a ludiiment rendered by the district
court of said loula county, at Ita May
term. A. li. I"J0, in a certain acuou v.ieu uu
there pending, wherein Oonrad U. Klsher 1
plalnti.r, and Alois V. Swoboda, Anuenwo
boda, 'llie tlarter-Oottrell Hardware (Joiu
pany, Mutual Loan and Hollaing Association
andUeorM W.Halilne, are defendants.
Dated at Omaha, Nebraska, May Bill, A.
D. IHWl. . cvrtir
Special Master (tomiulssloner.
Jaa. W. Carr, attorney for ulalutlir.
Msher vs. nwououa, et ai.
lKic. IWi No. 47, a-8"
Miieclal Master Commlenloner's Sale.
TTnnr and h virtue of an order of sal on
decree of foreclosure of mortgage Issued out
of the district court for Douglas county,
Nebraaka, and to medirccteu, 1 will, on th
2udday of Juno, A, D.. WW at one o'clock
p. M. of (aid day, at tne nurtu iron uoor 01
the county court houe, In tne city ot
Omaha, Douglas county, Nebraska, sell at
puullc auction tutneuigheet oidd r for cash,
lIib urouenv descriued in said order of aie
as follows, to-w t:
Lul thirteen (13). block aven (7), In Central
Park, an addition to the city of Omaha,
Doug-iaa county, Nebraska.
Said property to be sold to satisfy Milton
T Itoys, plaintiff herelu, ihe sum ol nluevy
Uiree and M7-100 dollar U87), with 10 per
cent Interest tnereon from May 7th, WW.
Tosaliafy Isaac Adams, defendant nereln,
the sum of one hundred eighteen and as-lou
dollars (Ills.)), wim 8 Pr cent Interest
thereon from May 7th, 1IW4.
To satisfy pro rata, said Isaac Adams, the
sum of one hundred and thlrty-ave dollar
1135 00)1 Commercial National Hank, de
fendant herein, the eutn of B i hundred
and thirty dollar (K).(W)i Fred Llndhorst,
defendant herein, me sum of forty-three dol
lars (Ha.00), and Abram 8. Joseph, defendant
herein, thesuni ot ninety-four uollars (104.00),
with 7 per cent Interest on all said sum
from May 7th, MU4. , , , , .
Tosallsry Isaac Adams the sum of six hun
dred lxteen dollars (SoWOO), with S per ceut
interest from May Jih. I4.
'iv. ..ii.f tiim costs, together with ac
cruing cost according to a Judgment ren
dered by the district court ol said Douglas
county, at It September term, A. D. 1SK4, In a
certain action men auu mere jrouuma.
wherein Milton V. Koy was pialntllT, and
Joseph A. Haines et al., were defendants.
Special Master Commissioner.
Roy v. Halne. Doc. 42 ; No. is. o-t-0
To Joslah T. Drake and Mrs. Drake, first
and real nan.e unknown, nis who, nou-rai-dent
You will take notice wiai, uu mbu u
of April, 1HW1, Walter a. iveeier. p amua
herein. Hied his petition in the district
court of Douglas county, Nebraska, against
Joslah T. Drake and Mrs. Drake, first and
real name unknown, ms who, i-
nraver or Whtcn are w ioiw-iwo - v.
wa certlflcate, dated November 2ttth, WW,
...a I.. .i.. ,h undivided one seventh (l-il
of lot seven (7) In block nine ) ot Reed
First addition to tne cn.y oi uuiui,
county, Nebraska-, tnere is now . . uiwu
said tax certificate the sum of HS.25. with In
terest from April lain, iw, i i
per cent per annum, attorney' fee mo"nt?
ing to ten per cent of the decree, and all
cost. Plaintiff prays that the defendanu
be required to pay me
premises may be sold to satisfy the amount
rouna uue, wiui ibwim , t
coeu and that upon iu -
lses the defendants oe ueuarreu uum
terest In said real estaUJ.
You are required to answer said petition on
orbeforethe2jthdayof May.ISi.
Dad, Otiiana, UmilT
By Saunder A Macfarland, hi attorney.
Articles of Incorporation.
NmiMiihnrcbr slven that a corporation
known as the -Union Publishing Company
has been organised uuder the laws of the
state of Nebraska and that It principle place
of business Is In the city of Omana, Dougla
county, Nebraska; that It capital stocs is
.v .J .K,kllUnl un ll I U 1 ,1 M,l
twenlv-n ve mouaanu . -
Into share of five iS.0Oi each; that the gen
eral nature of the business transacted is the
printing, binding, puunsuiua auu
and selling ot magazines, newspapers, books,
etc., and all business of a general Publish
ing house; that It has power to do aU thing
necessary to properly conduct Its bustnes
and to sue and be sued; that the manage
ment Is vested in a board of five directors
who are elected annually on the first Monday
In January, who elect a president, secretary,
and treasurer, that the highest amount of
indebtedness it Can at any time subject Itself
Is three thousand dollars; that the time of
commencement of business waa January 1st,
1M, and terminate twenty-five years from
date thereof. t . 11KM
Dated Omaha, Nebraska, March 27tta. 1896.
27 -4 M. L. ZuoK, Secretary.
Have you any ense? Then add them to
dollars and buy a farm.
160 acres In Dawes county, 50 acres In cul
tivation. $-100 cash takes tne whole farm; 100
acre in Holt county, a fine farm. I) acres In
cultivation. M cash takes It all. I havea
few more at the same low price. Residence
lots; old price cut In two twice. Alnt that
hard enouch? (hard times). Haid time
prices. 1 will sell you property at one-third
old prices. Give me a chance. I can place a
few choice loans at 8 per cent net to those
wha have money to loan.
Real-Rstate and Financial Agent,
New York Life Buildlwl. Omaha. Neb.
T17ANTF.D Steady hauling for wholesale
' house, double er single rig. AddressU.
B. Patrick, 701 Urand avenue. Chicago, 111.
d0 ff Catarrh (
ib.UU funded. W
Cured or money re
H, Riley 1U West
Madison St.. Chicago.
CCBSCR1BK for Ths Amekicah; W cent
3 from now until January 1, lA'J?.