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Cheapest Paper in America.
BOO to IW) - '
"AMERICA FOR AMERICANS" We hold that all men are Americans who Swear Allegiance to the UniL-d suw-m without a mental reservation in favor of the Pope.
Volume VrI.
Are the Sworn Minions of
Foreign Tyrant Who Seeks
to Rule America.
Bomp. with Characteristic Foresight,
Is Concentrating Her Strength in
the Western Territories.
The Jesuits are the aworn minioog to
the foreign tvrant who seeks to rule
America. They are bent on the de
struction of our public schools, the de
bauchery of our politics, and whatever
can work the overthrow of Protestant
liberty and' ibe triumph of Catholic
despotism. Nothing less than this is
tfca ultimate purpose of Jesuitism. The
Frmnan's Journal one of the leading
organs of Catholicism asks the ques
tion: "Is it the intention of the pope
to possess this country?" and replies:
"Undoubtedly." "In this intention, is
he aided by the Jesuits and all the
Catholic prelates and priests?" the
reply is: "Undoubtedly, if they are
true to their religion."
To any onewho is at all familiar
with the facts of our. country's history,
it is astonishingly and alarmingly ap
parent, and fhe papal hierarchy Is si
lently and surely accomplishing this
i Reasonable purpose.
. ; Catholics themselves being witnesses,
the Cathollo Church in America Is not
only getting a corner on the post-office,
the police and fire departments and the
city schools, but also on the saloons;
and is furnishing an overwhelming
proportion of the inmates of jails and
Many who are well acquainted with
the true character of Romanism are
indifferent to it because not aware of
its rapid growth among us. They tell
us, and truly, that Rome loses great
numbers pf adherents here through the
Influence pf our free schools, free insti
tutions, and the strong pervasive spirit
of independence which is so hostile to
priestly authority. But let us not con
irratulate ourselves too soon. The
losses of Romanism Jn the United
States are not necessarily the gain of
.Protestantism.. - J '
Romanism Is chiefly responsible for
German and French infidelity. Skeptl
cism and infidelity are the legitimate
- children of unreasoning and supersti
tlous credulity and the grandchildren
of. Rome. Apostate Romanists are
" swelling the ranks of our most danger
p ous classes. Unaccustomed to think
. for themselves, and having thrown off
" authority, theyjbecome the easy vie.
tims of the wildest and most dangerous
propagandists. CToub far the bomb
throwers have 'been furnished by the
Roman CatholicIChurch.
" But, notwithstanding the great losses
sustained bylRomanism in the United
States, it is growing with great ra
pidity. Prom 1800 to 1880 the population In
creased ninefold; the membership of
all evangelical churches, twenty-sevenfold,
and the Romanist population,
From 1850 to 1880 the population in
creased 116 per cent, the communicants
of evangelical churches185 per cent,
and the RDmanist population 294 per
cent. Q During the same period the
number of evangelical churches In
creased 125 per cent, and the number
of evangelical ministers 173 per cent,
while Roman Catholic churches in
creased 447 per cent land priests 391
percent. (Strong).
Rome, with characteristic foresight,
is concentrating iher strength in the
western territories, s As the west is to
dpminate the nation, she intends to
dominate the west. Din the United
States a little imore than one-seventh
of the population IsiCatholic; in the
territories takentogether, more than
one-third. In theiwhole country there
are not quite two-thirds as'ttnany Ro
manists as there are members of evan
gelical churches. D Not including Ari
zona and New Mexico, which have a
large native Roman. Catholio popula
tion, the six- remaining territories in
1880 had four times as many Romanists
as there were members injall Protes
tant denominations collectively; and
including Arizona oand New Mexico,
Rome bad eighteen times as many as
all Protestant1 bod ies.
The most wretched members of so
ciety counfas much at the polls as the
best, andioften much more. It is poor
coiisolation which Is drawn from Ig
norancelof any portion of our popula
tion. These degraded people 'are clay
in the handsiof thetJesults. When the
Jesuits weredrlven out of Berlin, they
declared that theyiwould plant them
selves in the western territories of
America. And, they ftre there to-day
with empires in their brains. Expelled
ail i
Ho Drops Some B6odle on thapot, and "thb Machine -Wprkst-
by their intrigues even from Roman
Catholic countries Spain, Portugal,
France, Italy, Austria, Mexico, Brazil,
and other states they are frte to colo
nize in the great west; and are there,
proposing to Romanize and control our
western empire.
There are some stubborn and fearful
facts concerning Catholicism in the
strategic centers of our political and
national life. "It Is exceedingly manl
fest in the history of our country that
Romanism allies with any party that
will give it power and further its inter
ests. The greed for money has ever
possessed the Church of Rome, and
wherever she has ruled she has built
up her influence both by public funds
and by impoverishing the masses. Her
plunder of treasuries and her exactions
from her adherents have been so piti
less and ravenous that in the end they
have been emasculated, stripped, of
power and robbed of inspiration."
The Roman Catholics have $12,000,000
worth of property In the City of Wash
ingtonlargely secured since the Civil
War. Fully two-thirds of this repre
sjnts contributions by Protestants
gotten from government clerks by a
system of beggary, with more or less of
coercion in it, and from the government
by appropriations which are regularly
made to some' of their institutions. All
of the Protestants' holdings in this
city do not approach in value half of
iHi amount. This immense ecclesias-
ucml power has now become a menace
of frightful proportions. Sato) 11 and
his retinue are referred to by the dally
press of this city as the papal legation.
This is by Roman Catholic direction or
approval, pf course, as nothirg goes
into the press which has not the ap
proval of thewRoman Cathollq Church.
Government officials do their work
ffwiUc JesulVc surveillance that puts
the whole government system practi
cally under the eye of the Roauah.
priesthood. The clerks are expected
to pay money over to the nuns. In the
civil-service examinations the Roman
Catholics always sueoeed better be
cause they can get, in advance, the
questions of the examination. Roman
ists are not over a seventh Bt the popu
lation; their voters are-nofover a tenth
of our voting population -nd their Il
literacy, foreign spirit, and birth would
make their just proportion in Official
positions a mere handful. Why do
they preponderate la Washington?
For political effect. There are gov
ernment clerks who thus pay regulariy
from 10 to 25 per cent of their wages
for the purpose of holding their jjpsl
tlons. On pay-days in the Pension
Bureau, as the clerks receive their
pay, they file out between two nuns
who stand on either side with boxes
extended. As is well kcown, the Ro
man Catholic Church maintains an
Indian bureau at Washington. All of
us remember how a committee of Ro
man prelates endeavored to prevent
the confirmation by the senate ef
man who was the choice, not simply of
the President, but all who believed In
Indians being educated in government
schools and made intelligent citizens.
It is the misfortune of the Roman Cath
olic Church in this country that it
seeks to control education. The mis
fortune lies in the fact that its purpose
leads to constant irritation of public
feeling and to dispute, because the
people of the United States are resolved
that no church shall control education.
Every sect is of course free to establish
schools at its own expense for the In
struction of such children as may be
sent to them. But the use of public
money to sustain such schools is con
trary to public feeling and public policy.
The purpose of these schools primarily,
as it was in the early Jesuit missions
in Canada, ia to make Roman Catholics
rather than' American citizens.
now, in eignt years tney have re
XT . . . .
ceived $2,366,486 to teach Indians of
(he northwest that the only true
church Is the Roman Catholic, and to
detach them from loyalty to the Stars
and Stripes. Every popish chapel is a
standing protest against God's govern
ment, and a threat against the peace
and liberty of the courtry which shel
ters It. President Cleveland has Car
dinal Gibbons come to the White
House for conference. Whv were
Roman Catholics placed at the head of
the national campaign committees of
both the great political parties in the
past presidential campaign? For polit
ical effect alone. Are there not able
R-otestanW, in either the Democratic
or Republican party, who can be in
trusted with these high duties? Is it
not about time that Protestants and
cabinets and congresses were called to
strict account for pandering to a church
thai has been the assassin of liberty In
every land where she has obtained
' ' ' ' . " -
THE recent demonstrations in Spain
will not help - the Spanish cause In
Cuba, and It may result ia the entire
loss of the Wait Itdies to Spain.
It Will Try to Cut Some Figure in the
Campaign For Governor.
The American Protective Associa
tionthe religlo-political organization
better known by the triumvirate of in
itialswill meet in Minneaoolis a
week from to-uay. It Is to be the an
nual convention of the order for Min
nesota. The organization generally
discriminates in favor of this city when
It comes to having these annual gather
ings. This year the convention will
be held at Masonic Temple. The pro
ceedings will be secret until they get
to the public. This year the discus
sions will pertain largely to politics
and politicians. When dealing with
the latter special attention will be
given to the gubernatorial aspirants.
An effort will be made to select the
man of the five or six aspirants whom
the order will support. The idea Is to
pick a favorite and then get as many
members of the order into the state
convention as possible. Just the way
things are now it is impossible to say
who will be the lucky candidate.
Very little has been heard of the A.
P. A. of Minneapolis or the state for
seme time now, but it is V nown that an
effort Is being made to bring about bet
ter organization, and if passible secure
a larger membership. It Is given out
by some of the leaders that when the
order gets in fair working shape it will
give special attention to the guberna
torial situation. As yet the matter
has not been discussed to any special
extent, but some of the more enthusias
tic members of the order have inti
mated that two particular candidates
for the governorship are likely to be
selected as victims of the wrath of the
organization. These two candidates
are ex-Governor McGill and ex-Mayor
Eustls. It is claimed that the first
named gentleman Is on speaking terms
with Archbishop Ireland in fact, the
claim really assumes a more serious
character, for it is said the ex-governor
has expressed, on divers occasions, a
very great respect for the Roman Cath
olic prelate, whom he seems to regard
as a good and patriotic American citi
zen. Some of the members of the A.
P. A. say that the ex governor, If
seated, in the chief chair of the com
mdjiwealth, would give respect to the
wishes and suggestions of the arch
bishop, and this they do not want.
The gentleman who served as mayor of
Minneapolis for two yaars, and failed
to please everybody, Is said to have
discriminated in favor of Cutholios
when It came to discharging men from
and taking men Into the city police
force. It is asserted that among the
fifty or sixty policemen, men whom he
let go during the two years, there were
several men who happened to belong to
the A. P. A. It is also further alleged
and asserted that the ex-mayor, upon a
certain 17th of March, appeared at sev
eral entertainments which were given
uuder the auspices of Catholic societies,
and that on each and every such oc
casion the ex-mayor delivered himself
of a speech, in which he showed more
respect for the memory of Ireland's
patron saint than is consistent with
good American citizenship as the A.
P. A. understands the term. With that
foresight which is characteristic of
clever political workers the organiza
tion which thus displays its early an
tagonisms had a committee out after
facts a great many months ago. This
committee, so It Is said, was so efficient
and vigilant that it his an array of sta
tistics that are said to be conclusive
and convincing. The time and place
and the length of each of these several
speeches by his then honor, the mayor,
are carefully and accurately recorded,
with the names of several impartial
and unbiased witnesses in each offense.
Wheneer the speaker gave way to bit
disposition to do a little "jollying,"
and said some complimentary things
calculated to please his auditors not
the vigilance committee the gentle
men with the lead pencil and tab were
particular to make Indelible notations,
and these have been carefully laid
away for future reference.
When these records are exposed to
the public it will be understood that
the campaign is on in dead earnest.
Miimeapolin Timet.
It has been asserted by many that
without the aid of immigrants we
should never have been here ourselves;
that having come, we should never
have achieved our Independence with
out them, and, finally, that we owe all
our progress in arts and arms, in
wealth and power, to the aid we have
received from immigrants. There Is
some truth in each of these three proi-
osltlons, but it is so confounded with
error that its chief use seems to be to
grace a falsehood. Let me, in a few
words, examine each of these false
hoods. I can hardly conceive, Mr.
Editor, of a more perfect contrail than
eilsU lrlwtn thote who landed at
Plymouth, and were the nucleus of this
grrat republic, and thoso hottt which
have bH.n vomlb doa our kbort s from
the prlnont and or-bouca, tl.o starv
ing and Ignorant dUtrltts of the Old
World. The Pilgrim fathers were not
mUeralle blgoU In xcarch of the boms
of some mkxoamu saint, from whom
they f ijectrd forgiveness of sins or In
trrcftttilon with Heaven. They were
the elite of England, educated, wiallby,
thoughtful niro, unwilling to he dlo
tated to by the bead of any church,
English or Roman. We a a pocple of
the UnlUd 'Htaks are too lenient with
foreigners. We have Invited ibem to
become fellow citizens with us In our
privileges, p'aolng them on the tame
footing, and allowing them to eo joy the
same privileges ana immunities that
we enjoy ourselves, and now they are
showing us how they appreciate our
generosity by insisting that we excuse
them and their children from being
wholly and trujr American. They
seemingly want to--destroy our public
schools by teaching their catechisms
and their religious views therein. It
is further true, Mr. Editor, that they
have come from starving freland and
found employment on our railroad and
and other public works, and as they
plan nothing or Invent nothing, thev
are entitled to aoout as much credit as
the mules and.' other, beasts of burden
that have wofkod by- their aide. If
their labors blmenahletl our factories
to increase and oi, ralliWs to stretch
out with unequalled despatch all over
our wide domain', it remains to be
proved that this rapid expansion has
not caused more ruin and more domes
tto mliery than all 'the money It has
produced can easily atone for. I am
old-fashioned enough to believe that if
these works had been left to the steady
progress of American industry, If no
Immigrant had ever turned a sod or
borne a hoi), It would have been better
for the country, for who is so blind as
not to petcelve that if our wealth had
been increased a hundred fold without
any disastrous revulsion, it would have
been poor return for all the evils that
have come in the train of immigration.
I refer, Mr. Editor, to the increase of
crime, to the deterioration of public
manners, to the corruption of the bal-lot-btx,
to the I had almost said to
the lots of our liberty, civil and religi
ous; lor who 4oes not know, that most
of the Immigrants, In a religious point
of view, are the tools of the Roman
priesthood, and In a civil aspect the
tools of our politicians? Already they
hold the balance of power, and have
elected several of our presidents. Al
ready they have declared the Bible to
be a sectarian book, unfit to be read in
our public schools. Already they have
laughed at us for the free toleration
they have received, and beint that
hen they have the control, as they in
tend and expect to have, we must not
expect any toleration in return. All
we now ask, sirs, is that such restric
tions may be laid upon the naturaliza
tion of foreigners, that they may not
have the control of our institutions un
til they are educated; until they hae
had time to become Americanized; un
til, in fine, they have become free and
Independent of all foreign potentates,
both civil and religious.
An American.
Cullom for President.
The following interesting Informa
tion is from the Catholic Citizen of Mil
waukee: "Since Senator Cullom's return, from
Illinois his actions have beerivcloeely
watched by the friends of the other
aspirants for the presidency, says a
Washington letter. There is no doubt
that Mr. Cullom considers himself a
very available dark horse. The re
tirement of Harrison from the contest
has given bira new hope, and he be
lieves that his chances have materially
Improved. Cullom bases his hope on
the belief that the avowed candidates
will break each other's chances of cap
turing the nomination. In this emer
gency the Illinois senator feels that his
opportunity will come, and he Is work
ing his way accordingly.
"It has been noticed during the past
few days that Senator Cullom has been
conferring very frequently with con
spicuous leaders of the A. P. A. organi
zation. While the debate was going
on In the house of representatives over
the District of Columbia bill, a measure
that the A. P. h. was very much in
terested in, the leaders frequently hur
ried across to the senate end of the
capitol to confer with the Illinois sena
tor. The closeness of the A. P. A.
leaders to Senator Cullom attracted so
much attention that inquiries were
made by the political leaders at the
capitol regarding Cullom's past politi
cal Velations. It was ascertained that
he was a member of the old Know
nothing party, and that he will have
the quiet, but earnest support of the
A. P. A. leaders in" the convention."