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From Now Until Jmhmwy I. 1891
For tho Small turn of
t 50--CENTS--50
T P Your Subscription al tha S3 Rata
Ua to Data, ano Taka a
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i Our Great Offer. J
An Parson Sanding Ua Ta Haw Sua- T
I aeribara w N ba Fa.orad With a Vaar't i
J Subscription to TMt AMERICAN.
MtfraM M at tM Ittm MM I. ' 1
ilM to C.I.
ffaat IA OmJM, lM Citf
Protestanttum mutt bo aggressive.
sre you in favor of for presl-
Tbk boycott la Rome's moat effeotlve
weapon. i
Did you tend your last Amkkican to
s friend?
Our fifty
cent offer la taking like
Roman Catholic ia tho true synonym
for Irishman.
Tue Jesuits are
trusted lieutenants.
the devll'i most
Ws want no alliance with the papal
South American republic.
WAR It the pastime Home wanti to
eo Protestant couotrles engaged In.
Has Rome muzzlod, intimidated or
subsidized tho apora of this country?
That Venezuela affair was so like
the Jesuits. They always fall down at
the critical moment.
-"While "eternal vigilance Is the
price of liberty," eternal Ignorance is
also the price of Romanism.
IT is time for the Domooratio party
to order the papist to the rear. Give
the Protestant Democrats a show.
An Irishman declaring for the Inde
dendence of Ireland means an Irish
Roman Catholic howling for papal
Houses of the Good Shepherd are
prison pens where white females are
made slaves for the pleasure and the
comfort of the priesthood.
If the Republican party wants to In
vite defeat next fall it will load Its
ticket down with Roman Catholics or
Roman Catholic sympathisers.
Romanists walk blocks out of their
way to patronize a fellow Romanist.
When Americans learn to do that with
their people the battle will be half
Watch Rome. He whom she sup
ports for public office is not worthy of
the support of loyal Americans. She
never helps eloct a man whom she can
not use.
Think of this: Private schools, or
ganizations and associations can secure
government arms for drill purposes,
but your boys in the publlo s hools can
not. Why Is this?
Now is the time to thick about send
ing your friends as delegates to the
county, state, congressional and na
tional conventions. Be sure to choose
none but loyal Americans.
A great many United States sena
tors will realize they have made a very
serious mistake If they confirm the ap
pointment of John J. Coppinger as I
brigadier-general In the regular army.
What b& become of that war scare?
Was Rome unsuccessful In her effort
to stampede Americans to the fighting
point with a Protestant country under
the guise of a defense of the Monroe
January 4 Is the day set apart by
President Cleveland for Issuing the
proclamation declaring Utah a state.
A monster demonstration Is to be held
on that day, and on the Monday follow'
ing, the new state officers will take
their seats. This will leave but five
territories outside the pale of state
hood within the dominion of Uncle
The steady stream of tew subaeribers
which baa set 1b toward our office
since the last issue of Tut American
convince us that we did not misjudge
the American s. nt'.ui 'tt when ws of
fered Tub American for the jear 1SM
tor the small sum of &0 cents. Monday
and Tuewlsy wiuefsad the addition of
thirty new names, and since that the
increaae has been something phenome
nal. Unless Indications fail we shall
add 10,000 names to our Hat bt fore Feb
ruary 1st, 1396. Tbe friends every
where are putting their shoulder to tbe
wheel of Tin American cart and
pushing It along. They are seoding
for sample copies and circulars for dis
tribution among their neighbors and
friends. Every man is making him
self a committee of one to push the
work for purer Americanism. Tbey
have determined that Rome shall not
dictate the nomination of tbe nest
president of tbe United States nor
dominate him after he is nominated
and elected. To prevent this they pro
pose to work in unison; have one jour
nal of national reputation, and one
that Is fearless and progressive in Its
utterances. Because of the central lo
cation of The American, because of
its unswerving loyalty to the principles
they have espoused, because of its
cheapness and general worth they have
undertaken to give It a general char
acter and a national circulation.
This is as it should be. The editor
of The American is one of the pio
neers in this work, lie knows Rome,
knows her manner of work, her his
tory, ber alms and her objects; and
more than that he knows the spirit of
the American people. lie knows they
have been long suffering and patient;
and that they are always ready to
strike to defend their liberties against
any toe, native or foreign, civil or eo
cleslastlcal. And, knowing this, Is
competent to direct attention to the
numerous intrigues and jobs which
Rome Is constantly engaged In.
As we laid last week, we are terribly
In earnest In this work. No other
cause ever deserved the attention and
tho support of the loyal people of this
country as much as does this move
ment for the suppression of Roman
aggression and insinuation in our af
fairs of state. Every man, woman and
child should be enlisted in this fight.
There should be no middle grourid.
Either we are wrong or we are right.
If we are wrong we deserve defeat. If
we are right no power no earth do
power but that of God can overoome
us. And we believe we are rignt, ana
we believe that the history of the
American movement proves that God
la on our side.
We have grown as an organization in
spite of the violent opposition, in spite
of the slanders, the lies and the Insinu
ations hurled against us by Rome's
ally, the dally press. Our patriotic
papers have increased, aye multiplied
s thousandfold, and men, high In the
councils of their parties and their gov
ernment, have allied themselves with
us and openly and fearlessly picked up
tbe gauge of battle laid down by the
professed champions of our form of gov
ernment, but who were, in reality, the
subservient tools of the Roman Catho
llo hierarchy.
Id some instances dally papers have
recognized the right of a Protestant to
be heard In defense of the principles
we advecate, but, when that has hap
pened, the ink has hardly dried on the
paper before Rome's hirelings have be
sieged its office ot publication with
threats of a withdrawal of patronage If
It dared repeat the unpardonable of
fense. Few papers have had the temer
ity or courage to risk a Roman Catho
lio boycott; so all the help we have
been able to get from the dally press
has been a great deal of advertising in
the shape of untruthful statements In
favor of Rome and In opposition to the
order so widely known as the A. P. A
But this unfair treatment has resulted
In one thing beneficial to the country.
It has placed the people upon inquiry
They have come to regard the dally
press as the organs of Rome mean,
servile, cringing, cowardly slaves to
tk e most unholy, un-American, uncharl
table organization the devil ever as
sisted In foisting upon the people of
this earth.
We know this to be so, and knowing
it to be so shall continue to fight it and
kindred evils until the people shall at
last be free.
To be real successful, however, we
must have your help, and If w get It
we will Americanise
out of the public buildings the fawning
Jesuits and begging nuos and make it
Indeed an American city. With your
help we can change tbe employes In
the various departments ot the govern
ment service so that Instead of havlog
an overwhelming majority of Roman
Catholics at work, we can have at ltast
a fair proportion of Protestants.
Rome has had her hand in the public
crib too long already. Ber pull has
cost this country hundreds of millions
of dollars. Her Indian school scheme
alone bat been an expensive luxury; If
we say nothing of the millions she has
filched from state and municipal
treasuries. Vou can ke.-p her from
raiding the treasury only by placing
loyal Amorlcanson guard.
Are you In favor of that? Then get
your friends to subscribe for THE
Since W. J. Broatch has been re
tired from the fire and police commis
sion by the expiration of his term of
office, we believe it due him to say
that his attitude upon all questions
affecting law and order has been as
fearless and unhesitating as could be
desired by any man in tbe city of
Omaha. When Mr. Van Dervoort
moved that the chief of police enforce
the law relating to Sunday closing,
gambling, and kindred evils, Mr.
Broatch voted aye without the least
hesitation, although he was known to
be an aspirant for the office of mayor.
When It came to granting license, the
applications ot the men running three
of the most disreputable resorts In the
city were promptly denied. Nor are
these the only instances where Mr.
Broatch has stood up for right as
against wrong. His courage has been
demonstrated as often as occasion has
required. No ono can truthfully say
that Mr. Broatch has not made a far
better commissioner than they expected
him to make, or that be has not been
honest and capable. No doubt many
expected he would be vacillating and
unstable, because they knew him to be
a politician and expected him to be all
things to all men. But In this they
have all been agreeably surprised.
He has been an honor to the city and a
credit to himself, and leaves the board
1th the heartiest good will ot the
other two very capable and efficient
The activity In the western mining
regions is a pretty good sign of return
ing confidence. From California re
ports come that many old mines have
resumed operation and are paying well.
Cripple-Creek, Colorado, is just now
the seat ot attraction, and is said to be
the rlche-t find that has been dis
covered In years. A recent authority,
speaking of the output of gold and
silver during the past two years, points
out the fact that the production has
not been sufficient to upply the de
mands ot manufacturers and arts, and
then goes on to say that within one
year, at the present ratio, silver will be
at a premium. An article whicb ap
pears In the January number of The
Nation monthly magazine, published In
Omaha, gives some very interesting
facts and figures In this connection, and
a careful reading of it is worth any
one's time.
Those people who have clamored so
loudly for a war between the United
States and England should consider the
following pointed reasons given by Pro
fessor Lawson, as to why England could
not afford to engage In a war In which
Uncle Sam would bave the best of the
bargain at the outset. He says:
"There will be no war for the simple
reason tbat England has given too
many hostages to fortune In the shape
of American Investments. Every Amer
ican citizen would be released for the
time from any debt obligation to Great
Britain; and If it became necessary tne
United States government could, as a
war measure, wholly annul obligation.
Even without governmental action an
business relations would cease. Take
the suspension of English insurance
companies doing business in America;
all the obligations Incurred under these
would be canceled, it will be a long
time before a commercial country like
England Involves itself into a war with
the United States."
It is now reported that John D
Rockefeller, the Standard Oil magnate,
contemplates securing control of the
iron output of the United States. The
centralization of wealth has a tendency
to create dissatisfaction among those
less favored, and legislation curtailing
this should receive the Immediate at
tention of our national law-makers
The wealth of Rockefeller In the hands
of a more unscrupulous man could
create more discord among a people
than all else combined.
There Is a lively and Interesting dis
cussion of political Romanism on in
California, and the dally papers of San
Francisco have considered It of suf
ficient Importance to throw open their
columns to all sides of the question.
This Is certainly a step In the right di
rection. The American Protective As
sociation has nothing to fear from a
full, fair and free discussion ot the prin
ciples for which they contend.
Omaha fire and police depart
ment, as now conducted, are giving al
most universal saiUf actios. By tbe
adoption of the civil service rules, the
retention of as officer on the force de
pends iolely upon his competency, and
that Is exactly as it should be. The
board has declared tbat tbe rules must
be rigidly obeyed, and a failure to com
ply Is liable to result In a discharge,
after a full sod fair investigation.'
WHY are our laws so framed that
they permit the scholars in private
schools to secure government arms with
which to drill, but do not provide any
way by which public school pupils can
be armed and drilled? Is it because
Rome's children are In the private
schools and because 90 per cent, of tbe
publlo school children are Protestants?
Who has been responsible for this dis
crimination? Judge Scott has received many
compliments for his able Instructions
to tbe jury in the recent trial ot C. H.
Hoover for the murder of Councilman
Elect DuBols. Said one prominent at
torney, who, by-the way, Is something
of a criminal lawyer himself; "It was
the best exposition of the law.ln rela
tion to murder, I have ever heard from
a criminal judge In all my thirty years
of practice."
It Is a well defined doctrine of the
Roman church that persons married
outside of the Roman Catholic church
by a person other than a priest of
that church, are not married, but tbat
they live in a "filthy concubinage and
their children are bastards." How
does that doctrine suit you, my friend?
The Church of Rome lays down tbe
proposition tbat the laws of the church
We, tbe common people of tbe United States, bave sup
posed for a number of years that we were electing you to go to
Washington to look after our interests; that when you passed a
law it would not be in favor
United States and against your
That belief has been rudely dispelled by a statement
made by a leading attorney of this city one who was himself a
member of Congress while discussing the question as to who
could secure Government arms for drill purposes.
He said that the law enacted
vided that private schools should
legislation; that there was no possible way for the public-school
cadets to be armed with Government rifles, and that it would
require a special act to place them on an equal footing with the
schools operated by and in the interest of the Roman Catholic
Now, sirs, some one has been
who was fully in sympathy with
and the spirit of the Declaration
permitted so glaring an injustice
nine-tenths of the boys of this
You must have either been
or else you were the subservient tools of the most dangerous
enemy of our country. If you were blind, you were a disgrace
to American intelligence, and if you were the tools of Rome
you were virtually traitors to this
As free men and as loyal
change, an immediate change, in all laws providing for the
sequestration of Government arms in private schools, and in
the halls of private associations, which have refused or neg
lected to become a part of the National Guard.
We demand the enactment of a law that will confer the right
to bear Government arms in drill-rooms upon only those boys
and young men who are so wedded to our form of government,
our system of education and our
students in the public school and
the folds of Old Glory, to the exclusion of all other flags and
Let it be understood, once for all, that hereafter no law
which grants favors to private schools that are not conferred
upon the public schools will be approved by your constituents.
They believe that you have already granted too many favors to
the Roman hierarchy. While the men who have been trusting
their interests and the destiny of their country in your hands,
you, sirs, have been fawning the hand that has been raised to
strike our most cherished institution the public schools.
The attitude of Rome cannot have escaped your notice. If
it did, you were incompetent to fill the positions you were
called to fill, because it has been too glaring to escape the no
tice of any save those who will not see; and if it did not escape
your attention, if it was known to and observed by you, then,
sirs, you were the most arrant cowards to sit idly in your seats
and never raise your voices in opposition to the nefarious
schemes of the Roman hierarchy.
Hereafter you must understand that there are those outside
of the Roman Catholic corporation who will watch your acts
and be as unforgiving, if you betray the trust they have reposed
in you, as the Roman machine has been in times gone by.
American senators must make laws for American freemen
not in favor of the arch-enemy of civil and religious liberty.
. Give the public school boys a chance.
give the rule to and take precedence
of the civil (state) laws. Do you be
lieve that? Is a man who believes
that s loyal Americas eltiten? Has
be a right to expect to hold office
while holding that opinion9
The dally press denounces the A. P.
A. because it Is a secret, political organ
ization, but they say nothing about the
members of tbe Roman Catholic church
being banded together is secret, oath
bound, military organizations. Why is
A paper that continually finds fault
with the public schools because its edi
tor cannot dictate tbe policy of the
board of education, can be safely
charged with being Subsidized by the
Roman contingent in the community
where it Is published.
The friends In Nebraska are way up
in front in the councils of the Republi
can party. There are no less than four
prominent men, who are members of
the A. P. A., who are being boomed
for governor.
Show us one well-educated young
lady who secured her education In a
Roman Catholic convent, and we will
show you one hundred, more cultured,
who acquired their knowledge in tbe
publlo schools.
UIe the Irish s Show.
Chicago, Deo. 19. If the United
States should be under the necessity of
defending the Monroe doctrine by force
of arms, would It cot be a good Idea to
delegate tbe business of giving John
Bull his little dose of medicine to our
brethren, the Irish? They bave longed
for years for a fair chance to thrash
England, and this would be the glorious
of the secret enemies of these
most loyal sons. '
by your body specifically pro
be the beneficiaries of your
derelict in his duty. No one
the genius of our institutions
of Independence would have
to have been perpetrated upon
blind to what you were doing,
American citizens, we demand a
flag that they are enrolled as
are proud to march beneath
opportunity, and It would be cruel for
any native American or German-American
or Scotch, or French or Swedish
or other Americas than tbe real
genuine Irish-American, especially the
political office holders and ward-workers
everywhere, and aJl city police, to
have anything to do with it What is
the matter with Uncle Sam furnishing
the munitions of war and allowing the
Irish to reap the glory?
If the Irish shou'.d fall If every
Irishman la America should lose his
life in defense of the Monroe dectrine,
1 would be a noble and grand exhibi
tion of their undying hatred of Eng
land's tyranny over their native land.
Their memory would never perish.
We would keep It green as the banks
ot tbe Lee, the Leiffey, or the Shan
non. It is difficult to see how any ex
ception could be taken ta this proposl
tion or to such action on the part of the
G rover Cleveland Is a far-seeing
statesman, and it would not be doing
him justice to fail to realize the full
benefits of his wise suggestions with
relation to the defense of the Monroe
doctrine. A. C. French in the Chicago
The Roman Church and Divorce.
Dr. Paul Pollock, a former Catholio
missionary to China, preached at Fa
ther O'Connor's "Christ's Mission for
Reformed Catholics" last evening. In
introducing Dr. Pollock, Father O'Con
nor read from a newspaper tbe account
of the wedding of Count Zlchy and
Miss Mabel Wright by a Catholic
priest. The Roman church, said Fa
ther O'Connor, contended that It never
permitted any divorced person to marry
Into the church. Under the ruling
ma le by the archbishop In the case,
according to the speaker, any woman
who tired of her husband could easily
get rid of him by joining the Roman
church. All she had to do then was to
contend that he had never been bap
tized, and the Roman church would
declare that she had never been mar
ried. It was under such a ruling, Fa
ther O'Connor declared emphatically,
that the dispensation for the count's
marriage was granted. In conclusion,
Father O'Connor gave notice that on
next Sunday evening he would (discuss
tbat point, and show that the (Roman
church did not live up to its alleged
rule about divorces any more than It
did to others of an equally Important
nature. New York Tribune, December
30, 1895.
Beautiful Rome!
Rev. John E. Cruz, says the St. Louis
Presbyterian, a Presbyterian minister
in Las Vega), New Mexico, has felt the
weight ot Roman rule. Because he
would not countenanoe.idolatry by tak
ing off his hat as the procession of
Corpus Chrlstl passed, hei'ls abused,
not by a mob, but by the officers of the
law. A police nan, after severely club
bing the clergyman, drags him to jalL
He Is fined and ordered Imprisoned,
pending which he Is balled.
This should ba no surprise, for ,the
spirit of Romanism Is the same in all
ages and climes. What has been done
In Los Vegas will be dons In St. Louis,
Louisville, Philadelphia, or any other
place, when Rome regards It safe.
The Romish church has always shown
herself the enemy of both civil and re
ligious liberty and of the spread of
knowledge among men. But wewlll
wait patiently to see what will be done
In this affair by a government which
embraces as a fundamental principle
the right of every man to worship God
"according to the dictates of his own
conscience." Surely it is too grave a
case to be overlooked.
Rev. William B. Leach.
In a sermon delivered Sunday, at the
St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Church
Chicago, the pastor, Rev. William B.
Leach, preaching on the subject, "Look
Out," unmercifully scored the present
city administration, and declared every
promise made and every law was being
violated under the present; regime. He
spoke as follows:
"The advice l would give to every
man, woman and chili Is my subject.
The road has difficulties, pitfalls and
snares on every hand. It takes the
keenest eye, the strongest foot, to
make headway. The rumors of war do
not concern me so much as the fact of
the destruction each year of over
60,000 of our best fellow citizens be
cause they are not on the 'lookout.'
America as a nation is careful. She
must not too hastily enter Into war
with any power. England does not
want war and won't fight. The only
class that is eagerly desirous for war Is
the great Roman Catholic church, and
Its grievance Is not the Indifference to
the Monroe doctrine of England, but
the fact that Protestant England Is a
power In the world.
"All Rome rejoices In the prospect
of war. America cannot afford to rush
to arms for any such little grievance as
the Venezuela affair. The two great
English-speaking nations of the world
cannot afford to and will not fight, no
difference how much the lovers of Ire
land home rule may desire it. As citi
zens of no mean city we ought to be on
the outlook. Municipal affairs are not
at their best." Chicago Chronicle.
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by J. L. Cooper, 140tt Dodge street.