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    xme: am erican.
hot sritiMJS s. n.
If Indication "nit f"r snvlhlrr the ,
llol Spring's of South Iknt r !
ind o r come tK rocw-t imrmlar re-twi
tolvrrn Chimin rd lb tV-'fl CVat.
Tbey sltiiat.i In ' tfont'e- anl
Vu!ful car"", cf Fall ll'vc,
tti cvnW of a sdWMIt riMt Itt'l
eHjr of thrv tbound t-manrt In
habitants. Th efficacy ftr.rrrtr
lor rlemalirn, dynrrU. and, in '.
itmixt ..Tfrv rhntnlc disrtn'cr of rr
ysfrrn, I v wc'l knon rvqulr
lUtrmcrt It ' W'ftCil in b th an
liual arrival of tbouftl of Invalids,
and tb dirHur of thcs am Wi
lms, ftr a w wk, In nun b Im
proved or wholly restored heal'h. Tbr
Sprlnes are iirrrmmltd by many ob
jects of urpwln(r natural Interest, a
Wind Cave, equal In ctent to the
Mammoth Cave of Kentucky, and fr
more wonderful information, filled with
trlkln? beauties and tracer" fanates
of structure. Not far away sre the
romantic, Cascade, and near hr are
extinct cra'er of e evscrs s'andlp? up
like hole that had been built rather
than excavated, and by their purxltnjr
appearance meriting the name tbev
have received. 'The Devil's Chimneys."
Thin Is but a beplnnlnir of tbe lt of
attraction In the vlelnltv. to fairly see
which would rntranclngly occupy a
The hotels and th bathtnsr accom
modation for mie-sts aw unsurpassable
and nothing1 U loft to be desired by any
jrrade of people, from tbe nabob travel
ing1 for amusement to the poverty
stricken Invalid In search of cheap and
speedy restoration to health.
The Passemrer Department of tbe
Burlington Route ha Issuel a well
written and beautifully Illustrated
folder, contalnlnir preat deal of inter
esting matter relative to this famous
resort. For a copy or for Information
about the Rurllneton Route's rates and
train service to Hot Spring's, wrllo to
J. Francis, General Passenger and
Ticket Afent. Omaba, Neh.
P. 8. Half rate to Tlot Sprlmrs
May 24. June 7 and 19, July 3 and 10,
August 2 and 23.
Hurled Alive.
In the opening of graves It has often
been discovered that persona have boon
burled alive. Some have had narrow
escapes from such a fa'o. It must bo a
dreadful expedience, for anyone to wake
up In his coffin, In the darkness of the
grave, and realise that he Is there to
Btay until wakod up by the trump of
the Archanpol. It Is an awful thing to
contemplate, but think how many thou
sands are literally burled alive In nun
neries and monasteries, and how exoru
iatlnjr are the sufferings which they
endure beyond all powers of descrip
tion. All such places should be open
for Inspection and visitation, and the
. doors swunp wide open so that Inmates
mtfrM have tho liberty to either stay
Or sro. No one should he compelled to
stav In such a-cluded retreats, not even
in the name of religion, for the p-ospel
Comes to mke men free, for he whom
Christ makes free shall be free Indeed
Piat or rio. tttt nr Toi.sno, t
LreAS tVniNTV. f""
Frank J. Ohrnst mskrs oath tha he 1
the senior nsrtner of the firnt of V. 1
Chsnst A Co., doln bulnss In the O'tv of
Toledo. Coox'v and Stst aforesnlr). snil ht
said firm wtl nsv the sum of ONE HUN
rKED POl I.AKSforrsrh and everv raw of
Catarrh that cannot be cured by the use of
11 ALL t) t ATAItllH t t'HF
. KUNK Jt. Oil EN It Y
Sworn to before me and sutiscrlbed In ml
presence this 0th day of Ilewmher. . 1 1SHV
J or-ii I A. W "l.FASON.
lDr""'f Notarv Huhlle.
ITall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internallv
and ai"ts dlrei'tlv on the Mood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Send for testimon
ials, free.
P. J. CHFNEY A CO., Props., Toledo. O
tSold by Druggist. TSc
Howard's Colic, Cholera
DiarrlWa Kcmeily.
Nkw Ohmuns. June IS. For fifteen
years I have suffered with a dreadful disease
-Chronic Piarrhopa. 1 tried a great many
remedies, but found no relief. Howard's
Colic, Cholera and Piarrhaa Remedy was
recommended to me by a traveling man. and
to my great sattsf action It cured me, and I
am never without It In my house.
J AMrs FisnAi.a
1820 St. Marv's Ave.. Omaha, Nob
Northern Wyomintr holds out very
special Inducements to the summer va
cationist particularly If be be of a
eportinjr turn of mind. It's streams
term with the sramlest, greediest trout
that ever rose to a fly. Four-pounders
are not elnfre quent, and several fish
weighing over six pounds have been
brought to hank.
The fishing waters are so extensive
and 89 accessible that it Is really not
even necessary to go to the trouble of
making preliminary enquiries abou
tbem. Just purchase & round-trip
ticket to Sheridan, and place yourself
after arrival in tbe hards of one of the
numerous " capable guides who make
their headquarters there during the
fishing season. "He will do the rest."
J. Francis,
G. P. & T. A., Burlington
Route, Omaha, Neb.
Boston Excursion Notes.
Half rates liberal arrangements
August 19th to 24th good till next
fall. Through cars via "Northwestern
YOU. No charge at Chicago. The
last Eastern Excursion this year
Niagara Falls, Saratoga, New York, St.
Lawrence River, White Mountains,
Boston. Ask questions at 1401 Farnam
street and check your truck at your
"1. m'-W
. it .'
or thi-
United States of America.
Mlnnrpilla. Mtaa.
KOBT. W. JOHNS f S,tupri'ii,e!.'T tarr.
A'riy, New Vurk.
M, L. f.xK, , ,
Initi Huvarii 8wt Onili. well..
Oruilur iliiparuiienl of N!rk, Iowa,
akiiwu, Mlawiurl ud Ulurlu.
Oa tx-hnif of lbs Loval Orstina Ltwine of
the UnU4 Clatft of America, nuS lth a
of correcting the fle iiupriiB thftt
niut r endevorln to convey to ths
ulsilsuf oipd who re uoacgulDld with
Urr.c prloc1vlt, r tlir few tuimBntt
The Ixiyal Orsoge Instltutlim It a brother
hood nd ititrrliood. bound b three
Juellce, Truth sud KlKbteoune.
ltte KrHitrnjil and Benevolent twitting,
.nd nrutwllni nitiit)ra while living and
their widow and orphans when they r re
moved by death,
It uphold! the right of private Judgment
the untrammelled freedom of oplatons be
llevea the public schools are an essential
afeguard of the state, and should be kept
free from ecclesiastical or sectarian control
and that penoni disloyal to the government
-who hold a tneutal allegiance to the pope
of Rome-should be rlgorounly excluded from
teaching therein.
It believes primary allegiance Is due to
the government which protect the lives,
liberties and properties of Its cltUens, and
that ecclesiastical authority should aot'
under any circumstances, be permitted to
meddle In the affairs of state, and that coer
elon of acitlsen In the exercise of his or her
right of franchise, under the guise of relig
ious orsplrltual authority should be pun
ished as a crime against the state.
That It Is the duty of every cltlsen to de
tend the lawfully constituted authority and
Institutions of our country against corrupt
and Inimical Influences, as well as against
armed assailants, to the end that our glori
ous freedom be protected and transmitted
unimpaired to posterity.
It encourages habits of frugality and In
dustry among its members, and is proud to
boast that Orangemen seldom become
mihltR eharita or acceut oauoer bread.
It believes in the restriction of Immigra
tion and the eitenslonof time fur the natur
alisation or cltUens, ana inat itie puouc
ands shall be held for actual American cm
Mm who become st'ttlers.
The Loyal Urange itisutution or tne
rinitod Mtates of America has certain
MiiuirmiiAnt,a for niomberahtu:
That a man shall bean actual American
cltlsen, having compiled with the lawsof the
United r)iats Willi rvgara u naturalisation,
without a mental reservation.
'I'h m. the amiltcftnt shall be a Protestant.
and also that his parents and wife shall be
rrotestanta. , ...
That he shall be thrift and successful In
his business; honorable and truthful In his
deallntrs with his followman, and shall be
bm,wn hi a law-aiiiuinit c titnn.
Thai he will endeavor to give his children
nr an children under his charge at leasts
good common scnooi euucanon, wMug care
ful to avoid all popish doctrines, ana
That he shall be In sound health at the
time of making application.
It makes no dloVreuce where a man was
born, so long as he meets the toregoln
These are the qualifications required o
every applicant to the order, and we do not
think that any patriotic American order can
offer a better arrav of iirinclples and teach
ing. j. 0. V. A. .
a Loyal, Patriotic Oriraiilgation, Fra
ternal and Heiipfleltil, Strictly Son
rartiwin and Noii-sectarliin.
The National Council of the Junior Order
of Uniutd American Mechanics In annual
session assembled declares:
That the constant landing upon the shores
of the hordes of ignorant, vicious and lawless
criminals of the Old world snouia ce viewea
with alarm by the loyal and patriotic citl-
sens of this country.
We affirm a warm and hearty welcome to
all Immigrants who desire to better their
condition and become a part and paroel of
our nationality, but we have not. one square
Inch of room for the anarchist, the socialist
or nihilist . or for any one who Is not willing to
bow allegiance to that Hag which Is powerful
enough to shield aud protect t hem as well as
us. In the exercise of all civil and religious
We affirm our devotion to the public school
system of this country. We believe In com
pulsory education, and that all teaching In
our schools should be In the English lan
guage, to the eud that future generations
may be able to take their place in the ranks
of our country's workers, educated in the
history, the customs ana manners o( Amen
We guarantee to every man tne noerty oi
worshiping Ood according to tne dictate oi
hlinsn conscience, and would give everv as
sistance to protect all In the exercise oi bis
liberty, out we oojoci most strenuous w
the Interference of any church, no matter
under what name It may exist. In the tent
nipul affnli-fi of t.hls conntrv.
We believe that the Bible should be read In
our public schools : not to teach sectarianism,
but to Inculcate Its teachings. It Is the
mcoirnliHd standard of all moral and civil
law; we therefore believe, that our children
should be educated in Its teachings, out that
no dogma or creed should be taught at the
same time
Wn mdieve that Datriotlsm and love of
country should be Instilled Into the hearts of
children, and that, with the words of
Mother." "Home" and "Heaven." our chil
dren should be tauaht that our nag is the
svtnbol of all that makes a "home" for us.
We would place a flag upon every public
school in our land, and a Bible within, and
the object lesson therein set forth should be
a beacon light in evsry storm which threat
ens taenuulf us.
In this noble and patriotic work we ask the
cordial and hearty co-operation of all good
cit.inns. In this Brand work we need the
helping hand of all organisations holding the
same views and principles. We have no time
fr ipalouidea and bickerings, but with
united front we should march forward,
shoulder to shoulder, remembering that
United we stand, divided we fall."
In the strictest sense we are a national
politl -al organisation, but we oppose with
unanimity tbe slightest taint oi partisanism,
"Uur country is our motto, anu we hoc,
thla motto steadilv before us. We arecoarni
cant tbat there are great and powerful
enemies within our midst, requiring the
strictest surveillance of all who are at heart.
word and In deed Amtrictut, We. as member
of this Order, affirm our allegiance to the
objects of the Order as paramount to any
narttsan affiliation, and line UDon the mem
bership harmonious, united and intelligent
action In carrying out tbe principles.
First To maintain and promote the Inter
ests of Americans, and shield them from the
denrasstnir effect of foretffn Comoetttlon.
Second To assist Americans In obtaining
To encourage Americans In bust-
Fourth To establish
a sick and funeral
Fifth To maintain the public school sys
tem of the United States of America, ana to
nrevnnt sectarian interference thei wltn.
and uphold the reading of the Holy Bible
Esquire that an applicant shall be:
Aiwbita male persor born in the United
Piato ef Ntrtb Amrru a. or us
fan-Una of Its Has-
Of iul eiorai rharerwr.
A lrllnrr la in ltrc' I a Supreme
H-tn as Its Creator a4 hwiw of U
Oppoami to any union or . Kur il ana iuw.
Korl'lt ti five e.liuallus and the
Ano-rU-aa t'ubltc rhil !.
Hrtaeva IS anil M yoars or age mr wno
lal menibprnbipi over tu s r honorary
Urt- ni lK-M.h t p
I heworu junior in ins imi Baa no ria
'.on Ui the sue of memtM-rs. It was adott-d
Itt UiKtmgu:sli the lnw from the O. I;. A. M..
an.' ha bo olli-r stirD' Seance.
Nor ! the w,.rl "Mm hauic to oeconstruea
lli-rally. It tvf r in no aianner to artisans,
but euiCrac-v evary pursuit.
We want a iiuu, il of the Jr. O. 11. A M la
every cliy. town sod village la the united
It la the It'adiug American patriotic ana
benfflt-lal organlmtlon. and the strongest
and one of tbe oldest, conBnea to native
born. It Ik on ly necemary to make lis oniecta.
principles and workinrs snown to easily
sm'uro enough charier memliers to start a
,'ounctl. A liberal uremlum will be palu to
any one organising a Council. For full par
ticulars addiwas.
C. W. Klcbioond. Va.
National Councilor
N C-C. W. Tyler. Klchmond. Va.
N. V . !.--Perry A. rVhanor, Pittsburg. Pa.
Jr P N C J O A Ki.-hu-r, Hox &'. Canton, u.
National Organisur Walter E. Orange,
'ttuburirli. Pa.
Mwu in IHinver, Colo., the third Tuesday
n June. ! .
Incorptirated February U. IWi.
O 0 T 11 Uryson, tUJ5 Wentworth avenue.
H V C-Tho Ibiwan. 7ns Union at. Alton.
Jr P 8 0 Tho J Corn. tlC rJbetUeld are,
8 0 Hec'y-Josepb 8 lUynoids, P O Box Viv
0 Treas E H Sample, Ui Armour avs
Meet at Alum, rourtn Monday in August,
George WaitliingUin Council. No S, meets
flrst and third Krldav evenlmts of ach
month, at Aid 1 lie hall, 75 E Randolph b ol
cago. Joseph t Reynolds U S. 1514 ash
ave. visitors alwavs welcome.
Kllsworth council, No In. u.t T days
at 61S6 Wentworth ave. r. L L'a Du X 0.
UU lionore su Kngcwood.
uouax uouncu, no iij. meets saiuruay
evenings at I O O K hall, Houth Chicago ave.
w Hoger. K B. Hon vns.
Daniel Welister Council, No. S. Jr. O. C. A.
iv evenings
of each month In Modern Woodman hall,
Murray, Neb. Visiting brothers always wel
come, James Long bridge, recording secre
Its Organization ami Principles How to
llcconie a Member.
We would respectfully call your attention
to the fact that there is In this city a council
of the Order of United American Mechanics,
to which we would be happy to have you
give a moment's thought, and If favorably
Impressed, would tike your name proposed
for membership.
The Order of United American Mechanics
was organized In Philadelphia on the 15th
day of July, 1845. .Its first Inception was for
the protection of Mechanics and Working
men alone, and for a number of years none
but operative mechanics and worklngmen
were admitted to Its membership; but the
great Interests of principles .Involved in Its
existence, caused a departure from that
plan, and the Order has for years existed and
exists today as an order of speculative me
chanics, recognising every one possessed of
the birth requirements, who works for a
malntalnance either -by band ..or brain or
both as eligible to membership, and numbers
among its members men of every profession,
and calling In lite.
The objects of this order are to assist each
sther In obtaining employment; to encourage
each other In business; to establish a sick
and funeral fund; to establish a fund for
the relief of widows and orphans and to aid
members; and to aid members who, through
Providence, may be Incapacitated from fol
lowing their usual vocations, in obtaining
situations suitable to their afflictions. Tbe
membership of this order Is composed of.
white male cltUens born In the United
States, or under the protection of' Its flag,
This order has existed for nearly fifty years,
and Is at present, rapidly spreading through
out the United States. As an American born,
and having the welfare of yourself and
family at heart, as well as that of the nation
at large, we would most heartily Invite you
to become a member of the D, A, M as it is
the only Order In existence founded es
pecially to promote the Interests, elevate
the character and secure the happiness of
the American mechanic and business man,
It therefore appeals to the head and heart
of him who wields the pen as well as to him
who swings the scythe or wields the sledge
hammer of the mechanic. In Its councils, a
free discussion of principles relating to the
fostering and care of the Interests of Indi
vidual members is permitted; but nothing of
a political or sectarian character Is ever al
lowed to be discussed. It has no affiliation
with such institutions as Trades Unions,
Knights or Labor, Sovereigns of Industry, or
the like, aud desires not to control either
capital or labor, as It would be doing a gross
Injustice to many of Its members, who are
taken from both classes. The membership
Of the Order Is scattered from Maine to Cali
fornia, and from all points CO mes lhe glorious
news that the Order Is gaining great strength
in all Jurisdictions.
An endowment branch s also; connected
with the Order, both national and .state.
which Insures those who seek its benefits,
enabling them to leave a sum, which Is in all
cases substantially and promptly paid, to
the dear ones, when death marks its mem
bers for Its own.
It seems very strange Indeed that the
American does not feel Inclined to become
so peculiarly national In his Ideas and as
sociations as do the English, French. Her
man. Irish, and other nationalities. Each
and all of the foregoing have their peculiar
national organisations, and take; pride In
same. But the American joins oruer airei
order, composed of a mixture of nationali
ties, and lets his own countrymen severely
alone In the matter of secret and fraternal
knlat Iab
We would not oeuttie any oi we exisv-ng
ecret beneficial associations. Far from It.
They are a power for good in the community,
But we ds tla la to the manor Born
to turn his thoughts to home and native
land, so that he can oln in the glad refrain
, "Thou art my native land,
I own thy fostering hand;
Though far from thee I roam,
8tlU thou art my hom)p."
Americans, we ot tnis Brotherhood appeal
to you o aid us In this work we are now
carrying on. You must either be
against us. Choose quickly and let us show
to the country that we firmly believe In
American principles, American Industry,
American protection and American govern
ment. Strikes riots and boycotting are
terms too harsh to be applied to American
Mechanics. Bonded together by promptings
ot patriotic affection, may tnis Order grow
and progress, until every man who calls him
self American Can stand up and say In all
sincerity. I own ;no man as master of
stats coram, or ksbhaksa-
-W r' kNAI IM' it tioi liV Omaha
V. Hvef.-iiKO. V- k K.N 1'O.S. I. O bo I T
l. t'. Treas.-C. II A I.I.FX. Omaha,
ondu.-w.r--E U. HAKKkK. t'lalamouth.
Wardea-ll. f. MiLIIMr llavrha-k.
(H-nllnfis P. f! t At l.KV, t, UiuahS)
I. KlliKilAM. I'lalUiiiiouth.
rU-pn-wuiattvm to Nailooal Council WM
P. rAl'l H. L. HAY. P C. McACLkY. J
W HuLllt K. P. 1 'I.M A.N
The urst rrgular mn-nnj will be held oi
the third Tueauav la July. irVS, at l'latts-
pKANCIsa. KKY tXH'NCIL So meets
A every Friday evenlu at O. A. K. Hail
Platwiiiouth. .Nub. V'iitliig brother cur
dlally Invited. O. K. JUH.NwN,
lioc. Sec
" every Turaday eve. In Idlewild ball
24th and Uraul slret-u. Visiting brothen
always welcome. J, II. 11 akvst, bec'y
T IN(X)LN COUNCIL Na 1 meet In Lie
lJ coin, Nebraska
I.IjMHIA COUNCIL No. S, meets sverj
Tuesday evening In Patterson block. 17u
ana rarnaw ntreeu.
A. L. LitiHTrooT, Councilor.
A. 11- r'UKT, K. 8eo'y, ail drew
care tunty t-itrs.
JAKPIELI) COUNCIL No. 5, meeu ever)
Van ItKAa, 11. U. 1-iniieh,
Councilor. Bocrlary
LIBKKTY COUNCIL No. T meets ever)
Tin-wlnv evi'iilnif. 1. U. O. K. Hull. Louls-
vllle, Nub.
l . ii. Lucas, lux;. Bee y.
lOUNCILNo. 30, A. P. A., Cameron, Mo.,
meete every second aud fourth Monda)
evening, at rraleruity Temple. Vlsltori
BLUPF CI I r COUNCIL o 7 meeuever) avtoilnii In 11 A. U. Hl
Council Hiults, la.
LINCOLN Commandery No. I, D. A. U
meets every Thursday evening In P. O. 6. ol
A. ball, Council lllulls. la. A. M. Huruhana,
No. 1, meets the first and third Tues
day' evening of each mouth, at SUM o clock.
Ufco. b. co.MSi'OCh., Bee y
8. C F. C. Borden, Uolden, Mo.
V. C Kov. 11, A. blauxuier. St. Joseuh
S. U. Bec'y Holla U. Carroll. Warrensbura.
Will meet In Cbllllcolhe, Mo., February
every Friday night al luis Walnut treev
Jas. McxNainura, tk-c'y lsuu East luth bt.
f lOLOMlUA COUNCIL NO. 15 Meets ever
Saturday night al the coruer of Twelf tt
and Cherry slrtmts, vv. y.eueaver, Uocord
og secretary, HUi oiadlsoo street.
jatkiut uuuincil wu. al Meets even
Wednesday night at A. O. U. W. Ball
,21 K. higUletmln street, J
h. Holier, Keo
Secretary, HZi Flora avenue,
WKSTPOKT COUNC1 1 NO. 37-Meets evert
Friday night at West port, W. B. Shrink.
Kec. eecrutary, list n;. r.lguiu street.
oionuav nigut, corner tutu ana 1 enu hi,,
over drug store.
every Thursday night, between ttlst and
ana ou lioluies.
HEr FIELD COUNCIL No. 35 Meet at
Cilietttuld every Thursday night. Thomas
Smith, Kec. Bee y, Bhetneld, Mo.
can V rotectlve Association meets everv sec
ond and fourth Wednesday ot each month Is
1. J. u. v. nan, flattsmouin, NeU. Visiting
memoers are welcome j. u. smitn. aec.
DUru WtUlnMiluV BfUfniWin u
clock, at the A. P. A. Hull. 4J7 Minnesota
avenue, aansas city, nan,
DROSPECT COUNCIL No, 61, A. P. A.-meets
every Monday evening at the corner ot
Twenty-third aud Prospect avenue. Kansai
City, Mo. Persons desiring to Join may en
nlitt Ihiilr nuittu ur.MMl. uttri niiil,o. o,u4
age anu occupation, and direct to box 521
KansasClty, Jlo,.
America Council No. 7, meets at Wood
ward s Halt every Wednesday at 2 d. m
ibaro, third street and Lafayette avenue
Kausas uity, Mo. All visiting friends will
ue coruiany wei- cornea.
mrs. v. Abbott, r resident.
AIRS. IDA Phillips, Secretary.
CUREKA COUNCIL No. 1, W. A. P. A. Meet,
second and fourth Tuesday afternoon ai
ocioc lu the A, f. A. nan, southeast cor
ner Packard and Usage avenue, Armourdals,
Visitors are cordially invited to attend.
tlTTIlC- A WS UV. POTT Mill T. in ADA
" meets everv Friday nlitht at ISth ajai
L Koad, urlgsuy s hall, Kansas City, ban.
meets on tne nrst anu tnira luursam
arternoon or. eacu uiontii, at a:du o clock.
hell's ball, southwest Houieyard, near state
line, Hosedale. Kansas. Friends of othei
councils are cordially Invited to attend
h,very true American lady is Invited to come
and Join us, aod assist in the good work.
imauon tee si.uu
Meetseverv Saturday evening at 4X1 Min
nesota avenue. Kansas Cltv. Kas. Visitor!
cordially Invited.
COUNCIL No. T, A. P. A.-Meets every Mon-
v day evening at Chamber of Commerce
Hall. Klvorvlew. visitors c
OONCIL No. 11. A. V. A. Meets at Wood-
' ward's Hall every Tuesday evening at 8 a
m. sharu. Third street and Lafayette avenus
A cordial invitation is extended to visiting
" Meets every Monday night In Nokes
li all, Argentine, au visitors weicomeu.
TOI'EKA COUNCIL No. 14, A. P. A.-Meet.
every Monday evening in A. O. U. W. Hall
413 Kansas avenue, Topeka Kansas. AL
visitors will be cordially welcomed,
Oostdvk Council. No. 1. W. A. P. A. of Kan
sas Cltv. Mo., meets everv Friday af ternoos
at 2:S0 o'clock at HiUM Penn Bt. Address, rosi-
omce box 51, Kansas City, Mo.
Sunflower Lodge. L. O. L., No. 264, meeti
second and fourth Tuesdays of each month
at!) p.m., at Clatuus hall, corner oi mm
street and Osage avenue, Kansas City. Kan
Vis tlm brethren are cordially lnviteu to at
tend. John Davidson, VV. M., Wm. Mo-
Naughton, Secy.. "15 Reynolds Ave.
Libert Council. No. 15. Jr. O. D. A. H.
meet everv Wednesday nitfht. corner Pack
ard ana usage streets, Armouruaie, n.ansa
ihos. Kolt, secretary.
Iv Meets first and third Tuesdays of eacL
month at 8 p. in., In A. O. U. W. Hall, cornel
r ourtn stieet anu Minnesota avenue, aamu
City, Kan. Samuel Harrison, W. M. wm
Baliagh, secretary, 537 Northrup avenus
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
nan, ftoseuaie,
Kas. All friend cordially
American Orange Knights,
TVil order is formed of Dersons whose ob
1ects Is to maintain the supremacy of law
order and constitutional freedom! to pre
serve Inviolate the cltisen's franchise;
Derpetuate and defend the precepts and fres
institutions of civil and religious liberty
guaranteed by tbe Constitution of tbe Cnls
States and established by our forefathers.
For information regarding the formaUot
of new Commanderies, or supplies, write tt
the supreme secretary. M. L. AOOK, Seey,
Banker, C v., inia nowaru oi..
Saganaw. Mich. Omaha. Mel
FOR KENT CARDS 11x14 inches, at 75 cents
perdosen; smaller slse at 50 cents per
doien, at 1815 Howard street, Omha.
Fifty Years
'. v. -
r -
By Rev. Cuaklls chiniquy,
THIS is, without exception', tbe best t work extant on tne.
ii T.t nracticPH of tlie Roman Catholic
puirjvvt vr. twv v . . v. j -
Church and its priesthood.
It tells of the altominable and licentious practices of priests
. -w
and nuns in the Romish nunneries and monasteries in language
convincing and entertaining. In
Jiy of a place in any Library.
Tlie. usual nrice of this book is $2.25, in cloth, but by
necial nrranfrvment with the publisher, we will send it postpai
J , , . IT U 1 C, - f
to any OUUreSS in tbe United states IOl
Tt reveals the Jesuitical plot
ABRAHAM LINCOLN, giving a brief history of thegreat
which shocked the whole
The Priest,
The Woman,
And the Confessional,
By Rev. Chas. Chiniquy,
This book particularly deals with the practices of the Roman
Catholic Church with regard
It is neatly bound in cloth and
United States on receipt of
Remit by bank draft, postal or
tered letter to the
Errors m Roman
This is the latest and best books published, being compiled
and edited by some of the best known writers and ministers. It
contains nothing of a sensational character, but is a clear and con
cise statement of facts which are matters of history. It points
out the causes which have le$ to the formation of patriotic organ
izations and their fight against Romanism. It is profusely
Elegantly bound in cloth and
good paper. In fact it is worthy of a place in any library. For
Bale by the
Visitors Invited. Day and Evening Session.
. . . Students Enter at Any Time.
of Rome
' sr. "
short, it is a book that is wor-
to assassinate PRESIDENT
civilized world.
to Women and the Confessional.
will be sent to any address in the
express money order, orby regis
Catholic Church,
printed in good, clear type and on