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l14 1Iwm Sraitirr, Omi. Nk.
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AUGUST 9 I'.i5.
Tut.UK wa do "riot" and no "blood
hed" in Omaha.
Vknai.ii aiUenthroned lo the office
of the Omaha
In the lexicon of Roaewater there It
no uch word as veracity.
Roskwatek la the acknowledged
leader of the Nebra.ka Wry-Neck. aoclal standing la on
an exact piano with hi xjllilcal stand
ing. .
Thk disfavor of the Senior Slrawater
la a pretty aura paport to the favor of
the people.
IT ia high time that the votarld of
venality were driven from tho temple
of journal Urn.
OUR Taut and SUaa are not of one
accord, aa were the Paul and SUaa of
sacred history.
Roskwatkr did hla best to place
Omaha In a bad light before the
American public.
Robewatkr's methods and manners
are consistently contemned by those In
whom the civic virtue Inhere.
Tub very flower of Omaha'a citizen
consort with thoso whom Rosewater
stigmatize aa "howling dervUhea."
The denationalization of the Amer
icana of the State of Nebraska Is too
big a task for one alien Bohemian Jew.
Rose WATER, thank to a quickened
public conscience, can no longer hood
wink any citizen who la both patriotic
and intelligent.
The Senior Slmwater'a homilies on
clvlo virtue are highly amusing to
those who are acquainted with tho real
character of the horalllst.
To the ambitious politician: Here
after, if you want to get elected to an
office of honorand emalument, contrive
to have the Inmt oppose you.
The young men in the Insect office
whom the Senior Slmwator htt taught
the science of "journalism" must tcol
especially proud of their preooptor.
The control of a newspaper of the
venal character of the fee gives Roie
water no real advantage over a man of
the indisputable Integrity of Sam Mac
Leod. IN Act III of "A Midsummer-Night's
Dream," Bottom the weaver appears
wearing the head of an ass. Such is
the role which the editor of the Omaha
Ike has been enacting for a fortnight.
John Ireland says: "Next to re
ligion is patriotism." We would re
verse that, because a patriot is broad
enough to accept religion, while a re
ligious man may be so bigoted that pa
triotism can find no dwelling place In
fa is heart.
There has been no talk of rioting in
Omaha except that Indulged in by the
offictal organ of the Roman church
the Bet which has published columns
cf libelous articles against the Ameri
can Protective Association, in the hope
of inciting the ignorant Romans to
deeds of violence. But no trouble has
resulted, and no blood has been shed
Its anarch Is tlo utterances failed to boar
DON'T censure Cnarley Greene for
holding up befora the court the fact
that the A. P. A. counted upon the
suffrages of "thousands of our citizens,'1
and then, in the next breath, lauding
the Roman Catholic church, and par
ticularly the Roman Irish, in so ex
travagant a manner, while defending
the old board of fire and police oommiS'
eloners. Mr. Greene wasn't fighting the
A. P. A. Ha was helping them. He
knew the court would be fair If he
abused Protestants and upheld Ro
manism. Holmes says that Emiliae Clgrand,
one of his so-called victims, confessed
her ruin (by Holmes) to a Roman Catho
lic priest, and Is now confined In a con
vent. What an example for our young
women! Think of their being com
pelled to confess to an over-fed, lech
erous, unmarried priest, all the horrible
details of their ruin, under fear of ex
communication from the holy (?) church.
Toung women and married women
must tell in the confessional things
which they dare not tell ti their
fathers, husbands or brothers. Just
think of the ignorance and superstition
of such a belief being taught in this en
lightened century!
The reiteration of It water' charge
by Dever aid lirowo'a counsel, that if
the new rvmtutwlonrr secured control
of the fire and police department there
will bo riot and bloodshed in Omaha,
might aa well be analyzed now aa later
on. lias a citueo 01 urn an nearu in
supporter of Mer. Van Dervoort,
Broatch or Foster deelare that tb-y
would resort to unlawful means
to aee that the new law was
put ia operation and effect? Has a
citizen of Omaha ever read or ever
heard of, or ever known the men favor
ing the new law to commit an overt
act? Ilave they ever been known to
defy law? Ilave they ever counte
nanced disorder? Have they ever up
held anarchy? No; they do not ap
prove of anything which will endanger
the peace and good order of society.
Then who must be held responsible
If act of violence, if mob law, follow
the displacement o' Drown, Demi and
Deaver? Men of their Ilk; of the Ilk
of Rosewater; the alums, which the
Roman Catholic Church vomit on
every community where she la lotting
political power and prestige! They
are the ones who must be held respon
sible for all overt acts, for all disturb
ance and all damage resulting from
mob ruU.
Van Dervoort, Foster, Broatch, and
the friends of the new act will obey the
law; their allegiance Is to the law of
this country; and they are willing to
submit to the orders of court. The
flesh pots, tho spoils of office, are not so
dear to them that they cannot wait
until the cause 1 properly adjudicated
by the proper tribunals. Therefore,
let It be understood that if there are
any riots, if there la any bloodshed,
those riot and that bloodshed must be
the work of the lawless element in the
Roman Cat hollo Church, under the
direction of the priests of Rome and at
the earnest solicitation of . Rose
water. Amorloans will not be a party to any
lawless demonstrations, nor will they
utter any Inflammatory language.
There will be peace, order and quiet,
unless Rose water's crowd commit the
unlawful acts.
Last week, when Messrs. Van Der
voort, Foster and Droatch attempted to
assume and perform the duties devolv
ing upon them as tho board of fire and
police commissioners, Judga Hope
well, upon the petition of Brown,
Deaver and Bern is, issued a restrain
ing order, and cited them to appear
and show cause why an injunction
should not obtain against them. The
case came on for hearing Tuesday
morning, and has occupied the atten
tion of the oourt since that time. The
opening argument was made by Rose
water's chief lackey, E. W. Simeral, of
Douglas addition fame, who was fol
lowed by a sub-lackey, also of Douglas
addition fame, Geo. W. Doane. The
arguments of these gentlemen were ex
ceedingly weak and pointless.
Mr. Frank T. Ransom opened for the
defendents, Van Dervoort et al , in a
powerful argument, backed by a num
ber of strong citations. He was fol
lowed by Judge McCulloch In one of
the most able arguments we have ever
heard presented before a court of law
or equity. His citations were simply
unanswerable. Judge McCulloch was
followed by Hon. R. S. Hall. Mr. nail
not only raised many new questions, he
not only demonstrated the untenable
positions of the plaintiffs, but he lined
up all the authorities In such a formid
able way that counsel for the defense
found it convenient to shift from one
position to another, in order to have
any appearance of good faith and hon
esty, to back up the position their
clients had assumed.
At the close of Mr. Hall's argument
Mr. Charloj J. Greene began the clos
ing argument for the plaintiffs. He
began talking Thursday afternoon, con
tinued Friday morning, and resumed
his argument at 1:30 p. m. Friday.
From the manner in which Mr. Greene
handles his case it is plain to us that
he went into it without preparation, or
else that he has the weakest case any
lawyer of standing ever undertook to
bring to a successful issue.
Mr. Greene concluded his argument
at 2:30 p. m. Friday, and the court
announced that a decision would be
handed down Saturday afternoon at 2
Mr. Chas. J. Greene, one of the at
torneys for the usurping board of fire
and police commissioners, asked this
question Thursday afternoon, in the
course of his argument against the new
law governing the appointment of the
fire and police commissioners of cities
of the metropolitan class: "What great
question of public importance was at
stake In this issue that this change
should be made In this law?" We
opine that Mr. Greene bad an answer
framed to his own mind that would
have satisfied every man, woman and
child In this community barring the
few sympathizers of the malcontents
whose battle he was fighting. We
opine that Mr. Greene's answer to his
own question, if clothed In words of
ordinary use, would have sounded
something like this: "Your honor, the
Interest at stake- vu the right of every
man to cast an un trammeled ballot; It
wa to prevent the levying of blackmail
for political puruotr; It wa to plaoe
tlie fire and police department beyond
the control and manipulation of un
scrupulous poLticlan wboaaouly claim
to reaKM'tahlllty and decency lie la the
fact that their villainies, their shield
ing of boodler and their crime agaltt
every kind of virtue had not been
panned upon by the court; the question
of public moment wa whether law and
order should prevail, or threat of riot,
anarchy and bloodshed hould bo ud
to Inflame the passion of the Ignorant
and luperslitlou a often as and when
ever the purpose of certain politician
eemed to need the assistance, of that
class of our citizenship; the question at
iiuiM w whether the cliizensof Omaha
should rule their city or whether it
should be ruled by a despotic band of
politic at shyster who had for years
fattened at the public' expense, while
assuming to stand unalterable for good
government and for the constitutional
rights of our citizens; the great ques
tion at Issue was whether one man
should continue to dictate the ap
pointees on that board or whether the
right to petition would continue to have
weight In matter of publio concern;
the quostlon at Issue wa whether un
scrupulous politicians should continue
to hold a club over the gamblers, over
the saloon-keepers and over the dive-
keepers, and compel them to contribute
to the campaign funds and rush to the
support of the candidates selected by
that coterie of political mountebanks,
or whether they should exercise the
rights guaranteed to them under the
constitution, and vote for whom they
please. These, your honor, are some
of the reasons for the changing of this
law; and, it your honor pleases, they
were sufficient If other and weightier
reasons could not be advanced."
And now comes John Ireland once
more, on his great wave of patriotism
?) pat. applied for and speaks his
little piece: "Next to religion, Is pa
triotism; next to love of church, is love
of country." As there is but one
church the so called Holy Roman
Catholic Church and as a man's coun
try must come after tho church, there
must be many thousands In the United
State who have no country, as the?
belong to churcheB which are not
churches. If you have not got religion
you cannot be patriotic; or, In other
words, if you are not a member of the
Roman Catholic church, you are not
nor never can be patriotic, and are not
Americans, as you have no country.
This is the kind of patriotism (?) that
Induced thousands of the Roman Cath
olic Irish in the Union army to "shoot"
to Canada when the Pope of Rome sent
his blessing to Jeff Davis. May the
holy (?) church keep all suoh patriot
ism, and, for fear it will become con
taminated, lock it up in cells in con
vents. Nearly two weeks ago we received
what purported to be a dispatch from a
citizen of Chicago, stating that he
could furnish 5,000 armed Americans
to put down the law-breakers of
Omaha. Since then we have mado a
thorough search through the various
patriotic orders of Chicago for a man
bearing the name signed to the
telegram. So far, we have failed
to locate him. He is not known to
leaders In the Orange order, the A. P.
A., the Jr. O. U. A. M. or the P. O. S.
of A. We presume it was one of Mr.
Rose water's friends who thought to
trap us Into making some indiscreet
comment on the same. We do not
have to go out of Nebraska to find men
enough to put down law breakers.
That is what we keep Judges Scott and
Hopewell on the bench for.
General Harrison is talked of for
president again, says the Houtzdale
(Pa.) Observer. It was under his ad
ministration that Frank Satolli, the
dago pope of America, made his
triumphal entry into this country, be
ing transferred from the ship in which
he sailed to a government vessel, miles
out from New York, and was received
upon our shores with as much eclat as
some mighty conqueror. We are of
the opinion that Harrison is not the
man wanted. How would Hon. W. S.
Linton, of Michigan, do? It will re
quire a thorough and uncompromising
American to clean out the papist nest
at Washington.
Rev. James Boyd Brady, of Bos
ton, Mass., some two weeks ago inti
mated in a sermon that McEinley and
Harrison were members of the A. P.
A. Gov. McKinley's private secretary,
Mr. James Boyle, has written a letter
denying that the governor is a member
of the American order. Mr. Harrison
has not been heard from. Gov. Mc
Kinley's denial was not necessary. Peo
ple have not forgotten the last State
Republican convention In Ohio, or the
attitude of the A. P. A. toward the
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"Haw we Apple De $!."
Toledo, O., Aug. 1. A urtilng de
nouement ha occurred la connection
with the well-known theatrical people,
Edwin Holt and Mabel Eaton. Holt
poaed a a single man, and It wa under
stood wa soon to marry Ml Eaton,
who It a wealthy belre, her mother
In Chicago holding her property a
guardian until she I 25. She is now 22
year old. They have boco giving
Shakepearean performance in what i
called the ' Forest of Arden" since
their company disbanded for the sea
son, and have been patronized and
Uonlzt d by the swell people of Toledo.
But Holt forgot to pay several large
debts, and one trouble led to another.
Mrs. Holt and throe children came
here suddenly, and the same day Mis
Eaton's mother arrived from Chicago.
Holt disappeared, but wa finally
trapped In a farm-house, where he was
hiding. A warrant was sworn out by
Mrs. Holt charging him with desertion
and neglect. Mr. Eaton endeavored
to persuade her daughter to return
home, and says ber daughter has been
deceived, and Holt Is a villain who has
complete control over her.
Hereafter, until the engagement
closes, Mrs. Eaton will remain with her
daughter. The separation of Holt and
hi wife is now probably permanent.
Holt la in trouble financially and
socially, and is In danger of severe pen
alty under the Ohio laws. Owing to
the high connection of Miss Eaton here
the affair has literally rent the upper
ten circle of society.
Miss Eaton an heiress! Ye gods,
when did this happen? And Miss
Eaton's "high connection" will afford
food for reflection in Omaha, where she
was raised.
Sees a Difference.
Chicago, August 3 Editor The
American: In your issue of this date
I notice the following: "What! Amer
icans actually acquiring positions under
the city government of Chicago?" If I
am not misinformed, I think you will
find most, if not all, those appointees
are Republicans, and their American
Ism was not considered as against their
Republicanism. Some of these gentle
men no doubt secured their positions
through their ability to carry the pri
maries; and one of them boasted in my
presence that he could conduct and had
conducted just as crooked primaries as
the other side. What he meant by
that, I do not know. On the other
hand, I know of several capable Amer
icans who applied for positions, but
who received no recognition whatever.
They had, except in some cases where
the presidents of the precinct clubs
were unable to sign their own names,
and had to make their X marks, pro
cured the endorsement of the ward and
precinct organizations. Think of the
president of a Republican club being
unable to write his own namel Like
Ireland says: "Next to the Roman
Catholic religion, is patriotism; next
to love of the church, is love of coun
try." Next to Republicanism, is Amer
icanism! A Benedict Arnold who ab
sconded with funds of the Independent
American Citizens' party, last fall, is
now a bailiff in one of the courts. An
other "patriot," who furnished the Re
publican campaign committee with affi
davits, is holding down a clerkship as
his reward. The golden rule, "Do unto
others as you would that they should
do unto you," is becoming American
ized, and now reads: "Do others, or
they will do you."
We have a Republican legislature
and a Republican city council, and we
have heard nothing but bocdle, boodle,
boodle, since they have been in office.
Our legislature votes to adjourn with
out ordering an investigation, and some
members of our city council are in
dicted for putting boodle on ice. White
wash is cheap; the people have had a
nine days' wonder. And at the next
election you will be told of the excel
lent ticket put up by the party leaders,
and which you are expected to support.
When the people learn to vote for
candidates who have no Republican,
Democratic or Roman collar around
their necks, then you may find some
Americans in office and the complex-
Ion of the Irish village and the annex
will not so closely resemble the town
hall of Cork.
Oh, no; don't worry over Americans
in office in this city, as G. Baldy Swift
says he took his appointees from lists
furnished by the regular ward and pre
cinct clubs, and thus we have a busi
ness (?) administration. If there are
any Americans in office, they must be
acting as dog-catchers. Ajax.
More Subscribers for American Tapers.
The A. P. A. is one great brother
hood, organized for a special purpose,
the object of which is now getting to
be very well known in political circles,
The order has many elements of
strength, one of which is its periodical
literature, of which we propose now to
write. The A. P. A. has many ably
conducted periodicals in different parts
of the country, but we believe that they
are not so well supported as they
should be. We are often astonished
and pained to find that so few, compara
tively, of the order take any patriotic
paper, but when we express our sur
prise they always say with much as
surance that when the time comes
I they' will vote all right. We do not
doubt their honesty and aineerity, but
they do not realize what they are
losing, for American periodicals are
excellent, patriotic food for the order,
aod essential to lu growth ia numbers,
intelligence, influence and integrity.
The member who take no American
paper are not the one who are the
most punctual at meeting of the coun
cils, nor the beet worker for the good
of the order, but they are the very one
who will be most likely to be lured
away by the force of circumstance at
the crucial moment.
Bat these lapse may be prevented in
part if the member of the order will
do their full duty in getting subscribers
for American papers. Let each mem
ber of the order have some definite
plan of work and get at least two paid
up subscribers every six months, and
more if possiole, which seems a small
thing to do, and yet it would accom
plish wonder. And If you, my patriotic
fellow workers, will enter upon this
business In earnest, you have no idea
how well you can succeed. You will
have subscribed yourselves, of course,
then take your paper with you with
certain pieces marked, give a short
lecture and urge them to subscribe;
and If any make the objection that they
have not the money on hand offer, If
you can, to anyone the pay and wait on
them till they can get It. And if you
will persevere In this way you will be
surprised to see your own increase of
Interest in the patriotic cause, and of
the rapid progress the noble order will
Let no membpr of the A. P. A. or
friend of the order go without an
American paper simply because of pov
erty. Let the councils discuss the
merits of the case at their meetings,
and if they find any one too poor to sub
zribe and pay for bis paper, help him
in part, or to all, as the case may be,
by passing the hat for his benefit. If
this plan should be strictly followed
the numbers and efficiency of the A. P.
A. would be more than doubled by the
next session of the Supreme Council
next April, at which time three more
daily patriotic papers could be estab
lished, atd well supported; one in
Washington, D. C, one in the soutb,
and one in Chicago or in the west,
which would make sure the election of
an A. P. A. president in '96, or, at the
furtherest, in 1900. This view of the
subject is no flight of fancy, no out
burst of the imagination, no chimerical
scheme or desire, but a sober reality
based on actual cause and effect, worthy
of the consideration of every American
patriot In this momentous crisis, which
will determine the success or defeat of
the order and the life or death of the
And now, my patriotic friends, what
are we going to do about it? Shall any
of us become false to our patriotic prin
ciple:? Shall we become slack and in
different in the work we have in hand?
Shall we refuse or even neglect to sac
rifice time, money and efforts for the
good of tne order? Can we afford to
rob ourselves of the intellectual
pleasure, the increased intelligence,
the patriotic firmness and the knowl
edge of the right of all which the
American papers will furnish? We
answer, No. No. A thousand times
No. Rather let us all be united and
true, at all hazards; let us be intelli
gent, self-sacrificing, firm as a rock
against all opposition, and have a
proper sense of our individual responsi
bility to do our utmost for the patriotic
cause, as though the whole weight of
responsibility of success rested upon us
personally. Hence, with such an in
creasing army of invincible patriots, it
is only a question of time when they
will triumph, and when our country
will be rescued from priestly political
dictation and papal tyranny.
J. G. P.
Roman Labor Union.
In the West Bottom and a part of
Kansas City, Kansas, a labor union is
being organized solely of Roman Cath
olics for the purpose of boycotting all
Protestant industries. Men, women
and children are being initiated into
the fold, and if reports of their members
bo not false, they intend to try and
diminish Roman patronage to a fine
point. They are good people to pattern
after in this line.
Perry Controlled by the A. P. A.
Perry, Ok., Aug. 5. -The A. P. A.
is a potent factor in politics here. The
council, which is controlled by the A.
P. A. organization here, refused today
to confirm Captain Dwyer or J. E. Pat
terson for chief of the fire department
because of their supposed Catholicism.
When chief and other policemen and
all other city officers were appointed,
the A. P. A. knocked out every Cath
olic appointment. The lines are being
closely drawn and the next city election
will be on this line.
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What stops Neuralgia t Dr. Miles Fain Pills.
Probably tbe most deperate fight
the Roman Catholic hierarchy ba ever
engaged in In this country 1 the one
now being waged in Omaha against the
A. P. A.
When the A. P. A. waa first organ
lzed in that city the hierarchy believed
the interest of the Roman church
would be best tu beer red If repre
sented by an organ a thing which
they sprung upon that community a
few weeks after The American wa
launched. The column of that organ
were filled with vile attack upon Prot
estantism and upon member of the A.
P. A. But public sentiment did not
sustain the venture, and after a pre
carious existence of a few months its
creditor were astounded by the report
that the plant had been removed from
the state between two day.
For a time the hierarchy remained
quiet; assumed an air of injured inno
cence, and trusted to the trenchant pen
of a certain Episcopalian minister to
vanquish the hated order and to defend
Rome's rotten history and the disloyal
utterances of itself and tbe laity.
But that, too, waa insufficient to drive
the cohort of true Americanism from
the field; and aain the Romans dis
appeared, only to cry bigotry, persecu
tion and religious intolerance.
Now they have come to the surface
again, and are doing all in their power
to bring the A. P. A. into disrepute.
They have secured the services of a
daily paper, which belabors the Ameri
can order and certain of its members In
the most approved Roman style re
sorting to base fabrications, misrepre
sentations and libelous innuendoes to
such an extent that people have grown
weary of iU un-American attitude, and
have commenced to withdraw their
support, subscriptions and advertising
from Rome's disgraceful champion,
whose editor has been repeatedly ac
cused of being guilty of some of the most
heinous offenses against good order, law
and society.
But Rome will be whipped this time
as she has always been whipped before,
and the friends throughout the country
will have occasion to rejoice because of
her discomfiture and her utter defeat.
Just at present the question of
supremacy depends upon the action of
the supreme court. If it decides that
the new law governing the appoint
ment of the fire and police commis
sioners of Omaha is constitutional,
Rome will never again be a factor in
the politics of Omaha; and the opinion
of many of the best attorneys in the
state is that the law is valid and con
stitutional. The sustaining of this law means tbe
complete overthrow of the Omaha Bee
and its editor, E. Rosewater, who has
assumed to be a dictator in Nebraska
politics for years. Until the session of
the last legislature he never opposed
anything but what ha was sustained.
Then, however, he undertook to im
peach Judge Scott, and could not induce
a membar of either branch of the legis
lature to father the charges. Then he
asked the governor to sign the sugar
bounty bill; but that he refused to do.
Then he opposed the fire and police com
mission bill, but it passed both branches
and went to the governor for his signa
ture. At Rosewater's solicitation, if not
at his dictation, the governor vetoed the
measure. It then went back to the
legislature and was passed over the
governor's veto by more than a two
thirds vote, in both house and senate,
and became a law August 1.
Rosewater now attempts to retain in
power, without warrant or authority of
law, the old fire and police commission,
which was legislated out of office, even
going so far as to incite riots and
cause bloodshed in order to have his
prediction, that the city of Omaha
would be in a state of anarchy if the A.
P. A. was placed in charge of its fire
and police departments, verified, So
far there have been no disturbances; and
there will be none If he waits for the
members of the A. P. A. to be the
The end is near at hand, and the de
feat of Rosewater and Rome is almost
Roman Pressure.
Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 5, 1895.
Two Romanists of Kansas City, Kan.,
made a descent upon one of our large
packing houses and presented the
names of eighteen of their Roman
friends, demanding that eighteen Prot
estants who were employed by the firm
be discharged and the Romans placed
in their positions. One of those present
ing the names was a priest. This shows
the persistency of Rome and the un
daunted gall of the priesthood. The
sooner these promoters of papacy can
be dethroned, the better for the Amer
ican people. It is time to call a halt,
and a permanent one at that.
To Kansas City Only $2.50.
a Special Excursion to Kansas City,
leaving Omaha about 9 p. m., Saturday
August 10th . Returning, leave Kansas
City Union Depot at 9:15 p. m., Sunday
evening, giving the full day in either
Atchison, Leavenworth or Kansas City
For further information call at City
Offices, northeast corner Thirteenth
and Farnam streets, or at the depot.