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r!4 rMr TM fnaliT
II IU Not r
Ollvrr had tut lately compWeii
riihif wild snd irriftilar course of at college, snd hi kinsfolk bad
Insisted that lit should become a coun
try parum, as hi poor fatbor hd bwo
befort him. lie flt bit unfilniwt for
uch caning, but he cared less for
that than for soma of the trksoms re
traluts that It would 1iiido. ln
lanee. be could not bear the thought
f being obliged to wear louf wig
bm he preferred t short one, or of
tietng always dressed ill M'k coat
hen one of brlsht color suited hi
fancy so much better. He had frankly
told his relative that b preferred
j,r.,,r fi-.v.. ,0 ,he nllrj 0t 0f a poor
parson; ond yet, as neither he nor they
could think of any other business for
hlrh h ww better fitted, he at last
consented to apply for holy orders. Hut
when the time came for him to go lo
the lllshop of Elphln to be ordained, he
could not resist the temptation to wear
a pair of beautiful scarlet breecbo with
lang hose and the brightest buckles.
For would he not become a parson to
morrow, and be forever afterward con
demned to sober black? The good
bishop waa horrified at auch levity, and
refused to ordain htm. Perhaps upon
examination he found that the young
man was entirely Ignorant of the cate
chism. This failure of Oliver' had been
much less of a disappointment to him
than to his friend. Hut as be was now
S3 years old, and his mother was very
poor, it was highly necessary that he
should find something to do. And so
be bad found employment as a pri
vate tutor In a weal:" family near
Llssoy. From his pupils' point of
view, he was, no doubt, an accomp
lished and successful teacher. He was
only a great boy himself, and life would
have been one long holiday to every
body if he could have had his own way.
Hut his way did not please his em
ployer, and finally, after a quarrel for
which Oliver was doubtless to blame, he
was dismissed. The money which he
bad earned at tutoring, however, was
sufficient to equip him as a knight er
rant, for it enabled him to buy the
boras snd the splendid new suit of
clothes with which, as I have said, be
rode one fine morning Into the city of
Cork. To his great satisfaction, he
found a ship already In port waiting
only for favorable winds to sail for
America. He lost no time, therefore,
In selling his horse, and In making a
bargain with the captain for his pas
sage to the New World. Then he sal
lied out to see the town. He had no
difficulty In making friends; for he had
money In his pocket, and he proceeded
to Bharo It with all the beggars and
street loafers that he met. He was
ready to relieve every case of distress
that came to his notice, and many were
the boon fellows that he helped to en
tertain at the tavern. Several days
were passed In this way, and the 30 hi
bis pocket had dwindled to but little
more than 80 shillings; and still the
ship, upon one pretext or another, de
layed Its sailing. One fine night, how
ever, while Oliver was in the country
enjoying himself with some newly
made acquaintances, a favorable wind
sprang up, and the captain, entirely
neglectful of his passenger, ordered the
easel to be cast loose from her moor
ings and the sails to be set for the voy
age. And In the morning, when Oliver
sauntered leisurely down to the wharf,
lie found that he had been left behind.
-James Baldwin, in St. Nicholas.
Am OI4 aad llMtitirol Art Kt4 f
The revival st Venice of the mosaic
art. chiefly for Internal and external
artistic dr-corMlon of private snd pub
lic bulldln.T, goes on uninterruptedly
snd working In mosaic Is now (our
consul says) carried on In that city 00
Urge scale snd with great success.
says the tandon Pally News. A mosaic
Is a work framed by the use of 'tes
serae" or small cubes of enamel, mar
ble or other material and of a gold-snd-s'lver
leaf between two films of
the purest glass of various colors,
which are skillfully mixed on cement
so as to produce the effect of a picture.
The composition of human figures in
different attitudes, animals, draperies
or other objects repulrlng a careful de
lineation are Intrusted to the best
workmen . and the execution of the
background to loss trained workmen.
The splendid mosaics which are made
at Venice continue to be In great de
mand In the artistic markets of the
world for the skillful manner In which
the tesserae are arranged, for their ex
treme beauty snd delicacy of color, the
rich harmony of effect and from their
being nenrly indestructible. The man
ner In which mosaics are now made
for decorative purposes is quite dif
ferent from the elsborate system used
by the ancients, which consisted In fix
ing the tesserae one by one on the
cement previously applied on the wall.
The modern method of the Venetian
school conslsU In executing the mosaic
In the workshop by having the tesserae
fixed with common paste on the section
of the cartoon aBslRned to each work
man. When all the parts of the mosaic
are complete they are put together on
the floor or on a special wooden frame.
The mosaic, which is then a perfect
representation of the original cartoon,
Is again divided into sections on the
reverse side, marked with a progres
sive number and carefully packed to
be sent off to the place for which it la
Intended. The surface of the wall
where the mosaic Is to be fixed is then
covered with cement. Into which the
sections of the mosaic are uniformly
pressed according to their numbers
and the key-plan supplied to the fixers.
When the cement has hardened the
paper on which the tesserae have been
pasted Is gently taken off and the faith
ful copy of the original cartoon is again
exhibited on the right side.
Rat II Was 1M "! Itratta Oat" t
Asrea ! lb tairt. lt.
One of the family ot twelve ostriches
studied to Cells' circus, which has
been wintering at lllver Front Park,
ent to his long home yesterday, a
Icttiu of curiosity and a voracious and
Indiscriminate appetite.
About 1 o'clock yesterday one of the
Ircus attendants brought a lot of
hains and whltlletrees from the upper
floors and threw them down In front of
the ostrich pen. All of the chains
were attached to the whiflletrees except
one, which lay loose among the pile.
The attendant left them lying there for
while, and after he had gone away
tie ostrich, more curious than the
others, caught sight of the shining
haln. Quick as a flash he dnrted his
ong neck through the bars and seized
the chain in bis bill. He threw it Into
the lnelosure, and his companions stood
eyeing him curiously to see what be
as going to do with the chain.
They were not left long In doubt.
He at once began to make a meal of It.
Ink by link it disappeared down his
clastic oesophagus. It was very evi
dent that the task was no easy one, for
before he got It half way down he
seemed to repent of his bargain. But
would not give It us, and finally U
disappeared altocether. The bird
rooked around as If In triumph, but its
triumph was short-lived. In a few
moments he was seized with par
oxysms of pain, and, as all ostriches do
when sick, he lay down on his stomach
on the floor of the pen and stretched
out his neck as far as it would reach.
Mr. Sells happened to pass through th
animal department and noticed the po
sition of the bird and at once surmised
that he was ill. As the usual troubles
from which these birds suffer are Indi
gestion and "similar complaints, Mr.
Sells gave him the customary remedy-
large dose of castor oil. This, how
ever, had no effect on the bird, which
continued to show signs of distress.
Nothing that was done gave him any
relief, and within a half hour after
bolting the chain he turned over on his
back and gave his last kick.
tlow He Won a Race In the Longe
Tliu an Record.
"W'hut was de time dat you run dat
mile in when you win de race?" said
one Jockey to another.
'Foh' hours, lebben minutes, an' six
teen seconds."
"Ga 'long, man, whtit you talkln'
"I'se talkin' 'bout de troof. Yob. see,
dab. wus three bosses In de race, an
eb'ry owner wus skeered to win, 'case
tie didnl like de odds, an' wanted ter
aave up 'Is chances fob. annudah spin.
Bo in de home stretch eb'ry boy laid
hlsse'f back an' pulled de lines, an'
kep' on a-pullln' tell de hossos stopped,
'case no one wouldn't go 'long ahead.
An' dah we stood, 'case eb'ry one er
us was boun' not ter be a winner. I
eot an' sot, an' de fus' t'lng I know, I
done got sleepy, an' de hoss Jes' natch
erly walked In 'fore I knowed K. I neb
ber will b'llebe but whut one er dem
yuther boys done got me mesmerized."
Washington Star.
Aa Interesting Operation to Restore
Elhauated Yltatltv.
An Interesting surgical operation, ons
which Is new to Springfield, was per
formed about two weeks ago by Dr. W.
A. Smith, one of the new members of
the fraternity In Springfield, Mass.,
says the Republican. The operation was
the infusion Into an exhausted system
of a satin solution to Increase the sup'
ply of blood. For years there have been
occasional operations of transfusion of
blood from the veins of one person to
those of another to meet the same pur
pose, but the operation is so dangerous
that It is rarely attempted, except In
cases of the most urgent necessity. The
danger comes In the likelihood of bub
bles of air getting Into the blood which
Is transfused, and these bubbles usually
mean death. When they tiave run their
course through the veins and reach the
heart, the heart needs to be kept full,
and the slight resistance of the air Is In
sufficient to keep the valves working. It
was for this reason that, the old method
went out. But out of It grew the method
of Infusing a solution of salt and water
Into the veins. The blood is saline and
the solution Is transformed Into blood
rapidly and produces an effect which Is
not only stimulating but permanent. It
was first attempted In Germany a year
or two ago, and has often been done In
Europe, but perhaps never before In this
city. The patient In this case has been
suffering for a long time with a tumor In
the abdomen, which has sapped her vi
tality till her system could not stsnd the
cutting which was necessary. It was
found 'advisable to take this method of
strengthening the system, and the oper
ation was performed at the Buscall Hos
pital on Mattoon street. The patient was
put under the Influence of anaesthetics
and the Injection was made between the
breast and the muscles of the chest
About a pint of the solution was Inject
ed, a fountain syringe being used. The
breast absorbs the fluid quickly into the
veins, and In this case wlthlng twelve
hours all the solution had been taken up
by the system. It has been quite sue
cessful. and the patient Is so much
stronger that It Is hoped that the re
moval of the tumor can be attempted
before a great while.
Rebuked ty Hannibal Hamlin.
Mr. Hamlin was a true gentleman.
Tunctilious himself In the observance
ot all the requirements of gentlemanly
Intercourse, he was equally exacting of
every courtesy due hlra from others.
He permitted no man to be rude to him,
or to assume the attitude of a superior.
On one occasion one ot the able men
and leaders of the Senate, distinguished
for a self-consci us, lordly air in his
deportment. In the change of seats
which occurs once in two year3 in the
Senate chamber had gained a seat by
the side of Mr. Hamlin, and began at
once to practice upon him those little
exactions and annoyances which he
bad been accustomed to impose upon
others. After a few days of yielding to
these encroachments, Mr. Hamlin
turned, and In a tone that did not re
Cnire repetition, said, "Sir, it you ex
pect to b treated like a gentleman, you
must prove yourself one." There was
never occasion afterward to repeat the
admonition. Exchange.
The Deepenl Mine,
It has been the undisputed claim oi
Austria that she possesses the deepest
metal mine In the world, 3,675 feet be
low the surface at the time of the great
fire in 1892. It has now been surpassed
says The Engineering and Mining
Journal, by the No. 3 shaft of the Tam
arack Copper Mining Company,
Michigan, wnicn on December i was
3,640 feet deep, and Is now more tha
3,700 feet deep, the average rate
sinking being about 75 feet a month
This makes it beyond question the
deepest metal mine In existence, and
only one other shaft has reached
greater depth, that of a coal mine In
Belgium, for which 3,900 feet are
claimed. The Adelbert shaft in Ger
many reached a depth ot 3,281 feet.
The Changeling,
Who are the friends that draw ancar,
Whose coming fills my soul with cheer?
Tae foes whom once I feared to meet-
Old Age and Death? How changed!
How sweet!
"Meads I Win, Tall Ton Lose."
Sandwich, Mass., offered a bounty oi
25 cents for a muskrat's head, and the
town of Bourne 25 cents for a musk-
rat's tail. The boy hunters sold the
head at Sandwich, paid 5 cents car
fare and sold the tail at Bourne. Each
town changed its offer at the same
time, and the boys cheerfully sold the
muskrat's tall at Sandwich and the
head at Bourne. Now the town fath
era will meet and agree to pay for elth
er the muskrat's head or talL
Bama Effect.
Jack What's the matter with you 7
George No; only tie grip.
Soma Facts A limit It That Ought to He
The entire history of China, like that
of Egypt, Is divided into dynasties. The
great Chinese wall was begun by Che-
hwang-te, first emperor of the Tsln
dynasty, 240 B. C. It forms the north
ern boundary of China, and was built
lo prevent Invasions from that direc
tion. Every third man In the empire
was required to give his help to build
It, and it took five years to complete it.
The wall is not solid, but consists of
two thick walls, filled in with earth;
every foot of the foundation, however,
Is of solid granite. It la lined with bat
tlements and towers, and is so wide
that six horsemen may easily ride
abreast on Its top. The towers are
about one hundred yards apart, and
there are steps here and there for per
sons to ascend. Recently, In a sur
vey for a Chinese railroad, this stu
pendous barrier was measured; the
measurement gave the height as eight
een feet, and the length as thirteen
hundred miles. It goes over the moun
tains and plains, crosses rivers and tra
verses great marshes. It Is estimated
to contain enough material to girdle the
earth with two walls, each two feet In
thickness and seven feet In height
The Hawk (atrhee tha easel, bat Get
tha Want of lb
The weazel Is a dainty and luxurious
liver. In bis way, says the Houston
Post. He steals the freshest eggs, se
lects the tenderest chicken of the
brood, and will sometimes kill several
for single meal, sucking the warm
blood and eating only a small portion
of the flesh. He Is not only sly and
cunning, but remarkably courageous.
He will often attack an enemy much
larger and stronger than himself, and
he does not lose his wits even In Im
minent peril. This heroic quality Is
sometimes strikingly evinced. Two
farmers In Titus County, Texas, were
eating their midday meal, when they
noticed a large hawk circling in the
sky overhead. He was gradually
narrowing his circles while ap
proaching the ground, and It was ap
parent that be would soon drop upon
his victim. The men looked about
cautiously, without movement or noise,
and presently discovered a weasel
stretched out upon the warm side of
a log, not far away, probably sunning
himself after a long morning's sleep,
for the weasel does his sleeping In the
daytime and his work at night But
the weasel quietly blinked at the sun,
either unconscious of the danger or In
different to It. The farmers had Just
made this discovery when the hawk
came gliding down, swift as an arrow,
seized the weazel In his powerful tal
ons and rose again alomst perpendicu
larly. All seemed at an end for that
weasel. Soon, however, the move
ments of the great bird became strange
and unnatural. His wings worked
rapidly and convulsively, as If making
a great effort to sustain flight, then he
began to sink, slowly till finally be fell
straight like a plummet to the ground
dead! From under the outstretched
wings crept the weasel, apparently un
harmed. What had happened? The
weasel had quickly stretched his long
supple neck under the hawk's wing,
stuck his teeth into a vital part and
sucked out the life blood. The mus
cles of the hawk relaxed as the blood
was rapidly drained. There was a last
desperate effort at flight; the wings
flapped uselessly in the air, and the
heaviness of death brought him swiftly
to the ground, very near the spot where
'he weasel had been basking in the sun.
HERE are but few bo ks of this character in exUtence which have had a
a wider sale than "MARIA MONK." The startling revelations of the
secret and diabolical practices In the Ilotcl Dieu, or Black Nunnery, ot
Montreal, Canada, maintain an interest stranger than any work of fiction.
This book should bi read by everyone. Sold by the
American Publishing Co,,'
The Rent Parrot Varn Yeb
A man whose niece had coaxed him
to buy her a parrot suceeded in getting
a bird that was warranted a good talk
er. He brought It home, and, after
putting It In a cage, stood before it
and Bald: "Say uncle, Polly!" The
bird did not respond, and after repeat
ing the sentence a dozen times or more
with no better success, the uncle put
his hand Into the cage, and, grabbing
the bird by the neck, shook him until
his head wabbled around, all the time
yelling to him: "Say uncle, goll darn
you, say uncle!" The bird looked
limp and lifeless, and, disgusted with
his purchase, the old fellow took the
parrot out Into the yard where he had a
coop of thirty chickens. Thrusting the
half dead bird in with the chickens he
exclaimed: "There, by gosh! You'll say
uncle before you get out!" Next morn
ing the uncle went out to see how the
parrot was getting on. Looking Into
the coop he counted twenty-nine dead
chickens, and In the center of the coop
stood the parrot on one foot, holding the
thirtieth chicken by the neck and shak
ing it f" Its head wabbled, and scream
ing: "Say uncle, goll darn you, say
It Was on Annabel's Face and It Made
Her Rather Suspicions.
"Annabel," cried a Harlem mother
over the banisters, as she heard the
front door close.
"Yes, mamma," replied a sweet
girlish voice, and Annabel Googan
slowly framed herself In the darkness
of the staircase.
"Was that Mr. Tlnberry, Annabell"
"It was, mamma."
"Do you know that it is 20 minutes
past 11?" came In cold tones from the
wrappered figure In the upper hall.
"Mamma, we hadn't the slightest
Idea It was so late," said the young
lady, earnestly. "You see," she con
tlnued, "Mr. Tlnberry has been telling
me about China and Japan. He said
everybody ought to know about the
war, and it was so Interesting we never
thought how late It was getting. Do
you know, mamma," added the sweet
girl, as she reached the landing, "that
In China they "
"Did Mr. Tlnberry draw a map of
China on your face, Annabel?" asked
Mrs. Googan, sternly.
"Why, mamma?" said the daughter
In Btartled tones.
The young girl rushed to a mirror
and saw with horror-stricken glance
that the left side of her face was
streaked and stained with Ink.
"Heaven and earth," she screamed
"his fountain pen must have leaked
Into his waistcoat pocket!" and with a
shriek of horror the beautiful girl fell
fainting to the floor. New York Ad
I'njnut Fate.
"Here Is another one of them plutes,
said Mr. Dismal Dawson, "in the paper
that says he never was so happy as
when he was workln' by the day."
"Well?" ventured Mr. Everett Wrest,
with languid interest
"Well, you say? WT'y it Is Jlst this.
Here Is a feller that really likes work
rollln" in more money than he kin
count, and here Is you an' me, that
money would do some good I guess
vou know where we are without no
furder words." Cincinnati Tribune.
Cnrlons Bridge Bnllding.
Clifton suspension bridge and Niag
ara suspension bridge, built by Roeb
ling, are both 245 feet above water.
Neither of these, however, can com
pare with the Klnzua viaduct, near
Alton, Pa., which was designed, built,
and finished In eight and one-half
months, without the use ot any scaf
folding whatever, or even a single
ladder. It Is 2,100 feet long and 300
feet high.
Friend What rent do you pay for
this house?
Taxpayer Alas! . I wn It
I Errors of Youth. J
bf Kerrous BcmiitT, Yosilln! J
w -. - fw.m th pffiH-t. of Tnuthhll impru.
onn hv'trmj!hl thout o( taknw
th hM iwiuwil Hie m-wml nvMom M limrh u to
Maria Monk
lJotind in ;
Heavy I?aper,
121 E. Randolph St.,
807 Main St., 1C15 Howard St.,
The Most Sensational Book Ever Written!
It eclipses all other erotic efforts! The wickedness of the Capital City exposed and its
disorderly houses mapped out. Has been read by President Cleveland and his Cabinet, ana
by Senators. CoiiKressmen and their families. It is the noiccst exposure or vice ana cor
ruption In hlnh places ever written. Head It and learn about your ulxh officials, your sens
ators and conitressnu n and their mistresses and the desecration of our National Capital.
Startling dlw-kwures made known for the Hrst time! Head and learn. Over 15.000 copies
sold In Washington In i weeks. The best seller out. Now In its third edition. Price SO
Cents. 'M panes, illustrated. Sent postage prepaia upon receipt oi price.
20 Varlc Row, New York City.
Will Consult Their Own Interests by Using
Lockhart's Nutritious Condiment
Purest and Best
Horse and Cattle Food
Absolutely Free From Poisonous Matter ot An Kind.
London, England, Glasgow, Scotland,?
New York, Chicago, Omaha.
jtvttfinl By worn w tnurn u io
indue Imert evry otmr aiM-ate na m w
am of the troutde tcm-ly ew being tuBPeotea,
ir doctortt trr cvrryimnji out uic m(i
rvnie- W
diet. The iccmpiiyu.g prwcnpiittn it off" A
ft! ft CURTAIN AM BI'FFIT IT, hundmw Of w
oi-m hswhif beta rrtd to jrft hrUh by iu 0
ustafterail oinr miwuir. isureu.
Purine ourtemiv colieard hospital Pi
0 we have discovered new ai'd eon cent raled
J:.- nit.. ....n.nnxiiK nrMrnnlinn IB t
t aa a CURTAIN AM (trFFiMf it, iwnarww oi
iortU io wnm n-mi j
fiW PerfwllT Dl
A injrrwdienu must Oe meu in wir j ivi v ... v
0 R Krythroxylon iwi. i drachm.
Jefubvbin. 1 drat-hui. A
W Heloniai Iu.ia. 4 drachm. w
(ieUemin, t irrainB. ..... .
Frt. ifmatia- amar (aire""! I imiM.
Kxt leptandra. U temples, 4
Glycerine, q.
Mak pillf. Take 1 pilWt 8 p an4 another
on coin to bed. Thw re im-dy la,tea to every
we.W. in either -ntf P -i thow
catea reiiiltmn from ""PiT!
power of this rwUrtiw are "'"'"l'T
m Iiae continued fir a ahnrt timechangw the knrfd f
debilitated, nerveieai condition to oi l"wd
U T?thnte who wonM prefer to ohtaw I nt n", by
A remittinn 11. Mini parkw Conin J? niUa,
W carefullr compounded, will be -em by '1J.m m
m our private laboratory, or we S
MeaT which will cure moat cae, for V- A" a
2 12 Trtmont Row, Boston, Man. m
HAVING investigated this Horse and Cattle Food, and having
become convinced that it was superior to any preparation
on the market today, I have consented to take the general agency
for the Middle and Western States. It is now being used by
many of the leading horse and cattle men, some of whom testify
to its worth and money-saving qualities. Among the number
who have endorsed it may be mentioned: Robert Bonner, Esq.,
of the New York Ledger; William Lockhart, Esq., Veterinery
Surgeon; Dan Mace, the famous trainer and driver, and H. E.
Bonner, Esq., Veterinary Surgeon, all of New York; H.M.Hosick
& Co., Tallow, Hides and Wool; The Lincoln Park Commissioners;
John Ford, Metropolitan Market; Armour & Co., Packers; Miller
& Armour, f ackers; J. U. l ea loyer a uo., learning; uen. ror
rence; Lincoln Ice Co.; A. ll. Revell; William Thompson Ice Co.;
Gen. Newberry; Consumers Pure Ice Co.; E. K. Bond Packing
Co.; Thos. J. Lipton & Co., Packers, and others, of Chicago.
This Condiment is recommended by a dairyman who says
his cows gave one-third more milk while he used it during the
Winter. It IS JUSl me biuu w uuuu. nu oiutn., uu io a gieui
feed-saver on account of its nutritious qualities.
Howard's Colic, Cholera
Diarrhoea Remedy.
New Orleans. June 15, MM.-For fifteen
years I have suffered with a dreadful disease
Chronic Diarrhoea. 1 tried a (treat many
remedies, but found no relief. Howard's
Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was
recommended to me by a traveling man, and
to my great satisfaction It cured me, and I
am never without it In my bouse.
Jamrs Fisdai.s
1S20 St. Mary's Ave., Omaha, Neb
ITTANTED An A. P. A. man with liVi.OO to
I VV DuMlsb a paying oamphlet. Addreaa,
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Price per Barrel (150 pounds)
IOO Pounds
60 Pounds
26 Pounds
Ssmnle Package Containing 8 Pounds . .
Send in a Trial Order.
If vou use it once vou will never be without
it. Address,
Care American Publishing Co
ft i
Jesuit's Conspiracy vs. Ameiicanism,
This was the book that the Romanists burned while In the bindery. Nearly
300 pages. Oyer 100 pictures. Speeches from worthy representatives
Irora most of tne patriotic orders. ,
A cheap paper cover edi:'u is being prepared at 50 cents.