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"HOT ttnilt ( Bl kl H. riull'lliEkCK-
It-itrmcu from a lecture delivered Aprllil.t,
i In Music U1U It I )
Continued from Last Wrrk
. . . . . .
r anaucum lniea: i once caned on
a lady who had aume poptkh nelghb r,
and be declared that the mut move
away, (or she could nut endure the
sight and sound that were forced upon
her eve and ear on Sundar. Km 1.1
1 she: "They go to church In the fure-
n noon and get drunk in the afternoon
Jf - ThUU the frUt of a relion which
S undertakes to save you by forms and
I ceremonies and the manipulations of
2 the prlefta. The Salvationists on the
contrary, aim directly at a radical
change of purpose and life for the
better. Which method looks mot like
I once heard a converted Catholic
tell this story: Bridget had been to
confession, and was on her way home
Mary, an antipathy of hers, spied her,
and hurled at her some taunting re
mark. Bridget retorted: "Arrah,
now, te aUy, will ye, for l am in a
state of pace today, but I'll black yer
eye for ye tomorrow!" There you have
the papist style of religion!
Fanaticism, I say again! Let us look
' ' bak a little and how Rome uatd to
proceed In her efforts to tave those
whom the thought to be in error. The
theory was that the error mutt be
driven out in order to tave the soul
And some of the methods resorted to in
difficult cases were certainly oi iginal,
They did it by machinery, so to freak
A recent writer says: "One method
was the squeezing or crushing of the
limbs by means of machinery designed
for that purpose" continuing the pro
cess, of course, till the victim recanted,
thus squeezing the heresy out of him,
very much as the modern clothe -wrlnger
squeezes the water out of a
wet sheet. "Another method was the
Injection Into the body of water, oil or
vinegar" peculiarly papal antidotes
for the poison of error. "Hot pitch
was sometimes applied to particularly
sensitive portions of the body" pre
sumably with the animated intentim
of enabling the patient to Btick fast to
the creed of the mjther church. "A
simple, yet telling, device was to bind
. candles to the fingers (the patient be
& ing first bound in an immovable posl-
tion) and tbea light them. As they
burned gradually away, the flesh of
the fingers was consumed." This wa
the popish method of enlightening
those who were supposed t3 be in the
darkness of error.
Then there was the "Spanish donkey"
an upright prank with a sharpened
.. dge, on which the victim was com
pelled to sit astride, with weights at
tached to his feet to make the applica
tion more forcible, until the tortured
rone was lain to acknowledge that there
is a sharp distinction between heresy
and orthodoxy!
"Again you are tied in a chair, which
is then gradually brought Into proxim
ity to a blazing furnace; and as the
broiling flesh crisps on your bones, the
voice of the inquisitor is in your ear,
exhorting you to confess, to repent, to
speak" thus actually expecting to
"try" heresy out of you, as a skillful
housewife "trios" fat out of a beef's
caul! Again we are told: "If roasting
proven, unsuitable to your cafe, you
were furnished with a roomy pair of
boots, into which boiling water was
poured; and often when the boots were
removed nothing but bare bones were
left behind." Surely, if heresy couldn't
be boiled out of a man, how could you
get it out? Again, you might be seated
in an iron chair with a grove of sharp
spikes for a cushion, enabling you to
reflect with due feeling on the fine
points of the papistical doctrine! Or
you might be stretched on a row of
sharp edged boards, and heavj wheels
rolled over you till every joint iu your
body, as well as In your heretical the-
I ology, was dislocated at the same time.
Or, more effectual still, you might be
submitted to the vigorous embrace of
the "Iron Maiden," which was, in
effect, an iron cloak with sharp spikes
on the inside; in this you would be
screwed up tight, until you acknowl
edged yourself that you had better
return t3 the loving embrace of
mother church, or until your flesh
rotted and dropped into the moat!
We are told that "in the early part of
the seventeenth century a man by the
name of Zachary Druseman was sus
pended by the arms in a torture cham
ber, while screws were applied to his
feet in such a manner as to crush the
bone3. After watching him for awhile,
the judges went out to supper, leaving
him in charge of the executioner.
Druseman Besought the latter 'by the
wounds of Christ' to lot him down If
but for a single moment, but the officer
refused to do so except at the judges'
command. After an hour the judges
"V. (Sturned, all of them the wnrflfl far
r. , , V...T
nuuui. wruscuian was aeaa. j-iitue
imasinaiion is needed to make one
shudder at this story; Satan himself
might hesitate to fill up the gaps of
the narrative." ,
Such was Rome's method of convert
ing heretics, under the theory that the
soul might be saved by a recantation
secured by these means. Protestantism
relies solely on argument, proof, per
suasion, addressed to the reason and the
conscience. Which 1 nki most like
fanaticUm? Let us not flatter ouralves
that such ice ins bave been renounced.
Rome utet tueui still at times, though
more secretly. 'Stmjxr mJhm" (al
ways the tame) is her b.-asl. And
hen Bishop O'Connor writes, "Re
ligious liberty is merely endured until
the opposite cab be carried into effect,"
he forewarns us that all this Is liable to
re '.urn if Rome gel the power. The
fact Is, Romanism i only heathenism
thinly vereertd. We notice In both
the same lust for power, the same gread
of gain, and the fame spirit of fraud
and dec -ption.
ice Hierarchy ltseii, witn Its many
grade of officials, 1 patterned after
Roman paganism, whose head was
called pontiff, as the pope is today.
And now, over in Thibet, the degraded
heathenism of Central A ia is character
ized by a similar hierarchy, having at
It head the Grand Lama, so called
who i only an Asiatic pope.
The pagan priests know how to make
use of their position to extort money
irom ice multitude, xiut Home can
give them point on this line. The
priests would impose heavy penance
for trifling offence, such as fasting
several days in succession, walking
barefoot in the most Inclement weather,
laying aside all comfortable garments
and wearing sackcloth, leaving the!
homes and going on long pilgrimages
to distant shrines, or renouncing society
altogether and entering a monastery,
and then fix their own price for remit
ting the penance, which the victim must
pay (or do the penance) under pain
perdition and money came in streams
The pope looked on with envious eyes
to see his priebts reaping such a golden
harvest, and soon found means of enter
ing the field himself. Perhaps he
thought a lit le competition would help
to regulate prices; at any rate, prices
finally got down to what must cer
tainly be called a very reasonable figure
For the way the popa took to get ahead
of tQe priests was to tell an indulgence
to sin beforehand; and so afterwards
there was no need of buying off a pen
ance from the priest. And the price
got so low at one time that infanticide
cost but eighty ceat-v parricide or
fratricide an evei dollar: witchcraft
was two dollars, and pjlygamy only six
which was cheaper than emigrating
tj Uuh!
Tad theory on which this dogma was
based Is certainly ingenious. Many of
the saints, it was said, had merits far
beyond their own individaal obliga
tions; they had merit dough tj be
saved, and a good bit to tpare. This
surplus merit, or, as they put it, this
supererogatory" merit, together with
the superabundant merit of the Re
deemer, constitutad an Inexhaustible
fund of merit, all under charge of the
pope, who could distribute it around at
will in quantities just sufficient to make
up the deficiencies of his erring flock
provided they could furnish the needful
So the pope had something to sell
after all. The merits of the saints was
the commodity put up for bids, In what
the historian well calls this inconceiv
able barter. And by sending out agents
in different directions to sell on com
mission, a vast territory was laid under
tribute to enrich the papal court at
Rome. Do you say that this is long
past? But how is it now? Look at the
vast properties under the form of
churches, cathedrals, parsonages,
school-houses, convents, and what not,
belonging to the hierarchy all built
by money somehow wrung from the
Ignorant, duped multitude.
Ana wnat maKes ice priests loot so
plump and rubicund, while their flocks
look so ragged and careworn? Why,
there's a fee for about everything a
priest does. His masses are paid for,
his prayers are paid for, his offices in
the various rites necessary to a "good
Catholic," from baby christening to ex
treme unction, are feed and the fee
comes before the office.
Recently a body was brought for
burial to a Catholic church by out-of-town
parties; the priest demanded, in
advance, his fee of twenty dollars. The
friends were not able to raise the money
on the spat, but promised to make it
good, and beggei him to go on with the
service. But he refused to do so till
the money was paid, and retired to his
house, leaving the corpse lying un-
shrived before the altar.
And since the sun crossed the vernal
equinox, a priest's card has been seen,
left at the houses of his flock, on which
he states that for twenty-five cents per
week he wiil say ten masses per day,
and for fifty cents per week he will say
twenty-five masses per day making a
very creditable reduction in the whole
sale rates! Perhaps you call this
Christianity, but it strikes me as being
a good deil more like heathenism.
This likeness to paganism is also
seen In the sham sanctity of their de
votees, supposed to be gained by wear
ing hair shirts, living unwashed in
dirty caverns, eating grass instead of
bread, or standing for years on the top
of high columns; precisely on a par
with the heathen whom our mission
aries describe as walking on shoes with
spikes in their soles, rolling over and
over on the ground for hundreds of
miles, or swinging themselves on hooks
thrust through their bleeding flesh. If
there is anything to choose, it is not on
the side of the Romanist.
Their depreciation of marriage and
implied contempt for woman U heathen
Um. Their silly legends about the
talnU and the Virgin are healhenUh
Their empty rite and core monies and
ivpelilioua prayer court to J off on their
beads are aped from the pagan, who
bad their rottarie before ppe wtre
born, and whose prayer c insisted often
in saying over and over, hour afksr
hour, the name ot some imaginary
deity; till at la.t, in Thibet, thl idea
of efficacy through repetition led to the
invention of the prayer wheel which
wa a wheel on which a prayer
written, and every tlnio It revolved
bringing the word on the upper side,
counted as a separate prayer. Some
time they turned it by hand, but some
time they hitched it to a small mill
wheel, and tnu actually prayed by
It i a wonder that some of the
smart jr papist bave not ere thl eon
trived a machine for praying by steam,
or an electric motor. They would, I
opine, had not popery addled their
brains a well a darkened their spirit
ual perceptions. If it had not done
both, Low could they have failed to
understand and heed the Saviour' In-
junction: "And ye, when ye pray, use
not vain repetitions as the heathen do,
for they think they shall be heard for
their much speaking."
But thl fame mouthpiece of the
hierarchy, already referred to, com
pares Protestantism to a decaying tree
But inasmuch as it has grown with
such vigor and steadiness since Luther
a to gain, in four hundred years, the
leadership in every line of progress,
while Romanism has fallen everywhere
in the rear, it looks as If the latter were
the dying tree and Protestantism th
young and vigorous sapling just enter
ing upon its period of strength and
There are throj elements of strength
In a nation: Wealth, Intelligence and
morality. How do the two systems
compare us to these three elements
The wealthiest cation (In valuation) in
the world is the United States Protest
ant. The next wealthiest is Great
Britain Protestant. The third is
Germany Proteutant. Toe fourth is
France semi-Protestant, as it has been
since the revolution. While all the
Catholic nations are poverty-stricken
and In Italy, tho land of the pope, the
masses are In rags, and about every
third man in a beggar. Can a sjstcm
which soracho Impoverishes its ad
herents permanently stand against one
which endows them with thrift and
In the matter of intelligence the con
trast is even more striking. In the
eight chief Protectant cations the pro
portion of illiterates Is four per cent
while In the eight chief Catholic ca
tions the proportion is sixty per cent,
or fifteen times as many! Romanism is
dying ac the top. Her motx is: "Igno
rance Is the mother of devotion," by
which she presumably means, "devo
tion" to Romanism, and thus pays her
self a rather left-handed compliment.
ace makes oo secret of her lntnt to
keep the masses in ignorance (In order
to rule over them), and It is evident
that she is succeeding.
And this is the pretender that wants
to break up our school system, and sub
stitute one of her own! The kind of
work sbe would make of it is evident
from a few cases t lat have occurred
In a town in Wisconsin they succeeded
in electing two out of three on the
school boat d, and they turned out all
the Protestant teachers but one, aad
threatened her. Then they ordered
out the Bible, and It was put out Then
they ordered in the Roman Catholic
catechism, and it had to go in. And
finally, to cap the climax, one morning
they ordered all the teachers to march
their scholars over to the Catholic
church, where the priest sprinkled
some water over the crowd, and thus.
he : aid, baptized them into the
Catholic faith, Protestants and all!
The parochial schools which they
set up are everywhere Inferior. The
teacher are incompetent, and so much
time is wasted in mumbling the cate
chism and learning pravers to the
Virgin that no thorough instruction
can be given in the sciences. The re
sult of their course is to mako Ignorant
bigots instead of Intelligent scholars.
Congressman Linton sayc "For
more than a century the mission In-
ians have been under Jesuit control,
education and influence, and t.Mlay are
as incapable of self-support, as citizens
of our country, as babis." Such is the
result of the Romish handling of the
ntellect. While in Protestant Ger
many, England and America the sys
tems of education existing are the very
best in the world. Which, then, shows
most signs of intellectual desay, Roman
ism or Protestantism?
But it is when we compare the moral
standards oi tne two peoples that the
most stunning facts come to the surface.
Protestantism has always been noted
for its strict moral requirements; even
its enemies confess this. So evident
and striking has this feature been,
from Luther and Calvin to the Puri
tans and on till today, that even Ro
manists have been compelled to ac
knowledge it; and skeptics generally,
instead of endeavoricg to deny it have
rather made it a subject of ridicule, as
constituting an unnecessary restriction
of the natural Inclinations.
No charge of this kind is in danger
of being made utraln.t the rank and file
of llomanUu, even a they aiw-ar lo
thl country, with ail their Protectant
surrounding Witnea their drunken-
n., their profanity, their olwoenlty,
their low laete and degrading amuse-
menu. And as for the rent, our jail
roiuuui mem. aney luroun In roe
quarter or more of the vagrant and
criminal. A chaplain of the Man
cbuselUsUte prieon say that of fx)
convict 4nJ were Catholic, chiefly
Irish, five time their due proportion.
Of 20 women convict at Sherburne,
even tenth were Catholic. At Doer
Island ov-nty-lve percent, are papists.
And the rank and file only imitate
their uerlor. The lying and deoep
tloo and false swearing of the Jesuit
re well known. They openly declare
teat they are under no obligation to
keep faith with u heretic. They do
not hesitate to commit the bloodiest
deed to rid themselves of those who
land In the way of their ne'arlou
schemes; and, in general, avow and
act upon the Machlavellan maxim that
"the end justifies the means." They
have become a by-word throughout the
world. Everywhere the word "Jesui
tical Is understood to mean untrust
worthy, deceitful, treacherous.
Some of the vilest of men have been
pope. No leg than sixty four of them
died by violence poison and the
dagger. Twenty six were deposed or
expelled. Thirty-Are bave been ac
cased of murdor or other heinous crimes.
And of the entire list of 203. no loss
than 135, or more than half, proved uo
worthy of their positions. And as for
the common run of priebts, if decency
allowed the truth to be told, If the veil
could bo lifted from the foul immoral
itlo with which they offset their hum
Dug celibacy, If actual shame did not
forbid us to describe the infamous "It.
C." society of Cat hollo women (of reg
ular standing In the church!) author
lzed by "his holiness," tho infallible
Pope Pius IX. in ISM, as a concession
to the "human weakness" of hi
obedient libertines, miscalled priests
if the real facts on this line could be
knon 1 verily believe that an Indig
nant people would rise en masfe and
bundle off the whole gang to to to
Mormondom, of course!
And such is the dilapidated, apostate,
beer-soaked, vlcestalnel hierarchy
that dares to open its defiled lips and
proclaim, fx cathedra, that Protestant
ism Is a dying tree, is no ro'iglon, but
the negation of rellgioi, and runs Into
fanaticism and infidelity! Shades of
B )elzebub and all his Imps! Could the
fatter of lies do hotter than that? For
the deluded, degrade!, fleeced multi
tude of the rank and file of Catholics, I
have only pity and compassion. But
for this brazen-browed, open-mouthed,
arrogant hierarchy, this fading Image
and d Hut ;d imitation of an outworn
fraud and despotism, born in the ages
oflgnorancs, brutality and darkness, I
can feel little else than scorn and con
uouDuess some oi ine priests are
T-V- ..1 ...
well-meaning men, good In spite of
their training; but even these are
dangerous because of their mediieval
superstition and fanaticism. But it is
past belief that the major part of them
can be anything but adventurers, using
their sham sanctity as a cover for a life
of lazy self Indulgence. That such a
class should be abroad, deraminj the
most heroic and benevolent of the race.
traducing tho one religious system that
hs ever permanently uplifted men, as-
saulti.ig our school system, which is
the very fountain of light and liberty
and hope for the cation's future, and
fiendishly plotting the destruction of
the very government which has pro
tected and fostered them, is simply in
tolerable. It is hard to sea what use there is for
them, anyway, in this age and land,
The best of them are a hideous anach
ronism, and the worst of them are the
very spawn of t ie bottomless pit.
An Ounce of Prevention
s cheaper than any quantity of cure
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TliK r oliitloo Introduced in trc
hoiue of t le Mimurl legislature by
Mr. Junes, of Hickory county, regard
ing the ill treatment of girl Is the
flout of the Ootid Shepherd, and ak-
log that the governor wnd by sixvlal
nusnenger a request that a bill tie In
tro.luivd to provide for the Inflection
of these o-cal led charitable Iniitllullon
wa a lcp in the right direction. Some
of the partylte who fought thi re ilu
tion, a well a the bill Introduced by
Mr. I Undo, of Kansas City, will be
wondering where their "majorltlc"
have gone If they apiear again for an
office of public trust. Representative
Moran, of St. Joseph, a Roman Catholic,
wa one of the most bitter enemies to
the measure, and Mr. Davis, of Taney
county, wa assistant la the light.
Thk dedication of a monument in
Chicago over the grave of 6,000 oon
lederate oldler wa a most fitting
thing to do. It will commemorate the
death of a lost oauae and the birth of a
new and stronger republic, and should
be viewed by every patriot with a feel
ing rife with the hope that the bitter
oes and the animosities engendered
through the effort to free and to keep
in bondage 4,000,000 of human beings,
are surely and steadily giving plaoe to
generosity and lovo; and we, a the son
of one of those gallant bcroe who
risked their live and eventually filled
premature graves, rejoice that the
chasm which has so long divided the
north and the south ha at last been
spanned, and that we aro lndood a re
united people. "Let us bave peace."
DR. Gordon and his estimable wife
entertained the member of St. Andrews
Society at their magnificent home in
Council Bluffs, Thursday evening.
While we are not a member of the
Scottish Clans, the good doctor ar
ranged it so the secretary of St. An-
honored us with an invitation
to be present Thursday evening. We
managed to get there, although, on ac
count of other engagements, not until
quite late, yet early enough to sliced a
very pleasant evening, as did every
other person present.
Rome must think Protextantlbm 1
perniciously active these days. She is
being pushed Into a very small corner
by tho Methodist Episcopal ministers
who are asking her to assist in estab
lishing complete religious liberty
me ooulq American lopuoiics now
dominated by her, and by the Christla
l.udea voters who demand tho unfrock
Ing of Priest Phelan for hi intemper
ate utterances.
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A large number of the teacher in
the Omaha public schools are taking
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the right to hold their school warrants
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There is no better investment for sur
plus funds.
10 SECCRE the empire of the law
over lne Popie is the chief concept of
enlightened statesmanship. To estab-
18,1 thc universal empire of mtdiieval
'ra lb tl 0 cardinal conceit, tuo domi
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Insures made known for the ,s, U- i.-.. , "ur .'uon' .V""'-
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20 I'nrk Raw, A'ew I "uric City.
r!d, tlm and ayaln, that the A. P. A.
aad done a great deal of good for
Omaha? I th.. r rt true that he
now talk differently?
EVE Jefferson City, the capital of
Missouri, ha manifested a desire to
have the A. P. A. represented, and, If
we mistake not our enne of observa
tion, one of the hall la the Ca ilUl
City could, If able to speak, tell tales.
Ax v Roman Catholic public official
convicted of corruption will put oo a
bold front, screw hi courage to th
sticking point, and declare, a did
Macbeth on a certain occasion: "Thou
can.t not say I did It!"
A LAR;e list bat been secured for an
A. P. A. council at Piatt City, Mo.
We are Informed that the citizen are,
manifesting much interest In the work
and that the council will oon be ready
for degree.
Tim eh are urely advancing In Kan
sas City. The Jr. O. U. A. M., al
though called by many the "Junior A.
P. A'," were allowed to parade la
peace on Memorial Day.
The work of the mighty A. P. A.
will not bo finished until all the public
schools of the United Status shall havd
been placed under the absolute control
of true Protestants.
, Guidons, the cardlnalarchblshop of
Baltimore, has been rooelved with dis
tinguished honors at Rome. A prophet
is not without honor save in his own
Councils of the A. P. A. were or
ganised last week at Bolton, Jasper
and Glenvlllo, Mo. Each council is
composed of the best citizens, and has
a large uuimbcrbhip.
Why must we have a Roman Cath
olic censorship over our pres dis
patches? Oh, lor true froedom of the
Three Infallible Churches.
Tho organ of the Greek church in
Russia recently replied to tho invi
tation of the pope for a union of
tho Greek and Roman churches
that such a project was impossible,
and warned the pope that if it were
seriously attempted It would only
add to the membership of tho former.
Since this invitation was sent out
the pooe has tendered a similar one
lo tho Anglican church. The organs
of that church, however, reply that
such a union cunaot take plaoe.
The Roman church must come back
to the Anglican fold, which it left
centurlrs ago, and renounce Its errors.
This of course Rome will not do, and
there you are. So the outlook Is
favorable for the continuance of three
Infallible churched. Editorial in Chi
cago Tiibune, May H.-
The regular meetings of American
Lodge No. 221, L. O. I., will be held
every Saturday night at Rodraen's halL
loia ana IJouglas street. All members
are requested to be present.
Eat Dyball's Candlos, 1518 D)uglas
Do you subscribe and uav for Thi
Ambrian? Yes or n will diatJa
how much you are Interested In tha
advancement of Americanism.
Edward Bauinlcv. lor liver.
and St. Marys Ave
Eat Dyball's delicious Cream ("Unrlloa
1518 Douglas St.
When down town dron In it .ink.
Rudd's and leave your watch, if ltl nut
of repair, to be fixed. 317 north 16 St.
A. V. A. (i row Ing In Missouri.
S atj Secretary E. II. Allen states
that many ii.qulries are corning in
frein all parts of Missouri concerning
the manner of organizing the A. P, A.
and that four new councils were Insti
tuted last week. Others are under
headway In the smaller towns. Mr.
Allen is conflJent t iat the growth of
the order will surpa-ss Its record of any
time in the past.
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fornla I old Process; do notheator seal the
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biislicl In tin n,iniii.. i..i i .i
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cost of the samples, postage, etc.. to me.
rttA.ns CAsbY, St. Louis, Mo.
Merchant Tailor
Suits Made to Order.
Guarantees a uerfect Ht In nil in.k-
g cleaned dyed and remodeled.
1U7 t timing St.. OMiiTi.
Rook Fvpr iVrmnt
The wii'kt'iinow nf tho Tunttol ,
by President Cleveland T,,H UrrJ?U 'J5
ii is me uoiuest exposure of vice and nr.