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A ii inui .unoi nt'KU.
By a Public Demonstration of Popu
lar Disapproval
Of the Slanderous Statement Made by a
Daily Paper of That City Against
the Ladies Who Attended Mat
ter j's Led u re.
There has been a shaking of dry bones
In Little Rock, Ark., recently.
Joseph Slattery, the ex-prlest, has
been there.
And go baa hid wife.
And they have been talking;.
And the daily papers have been
watching tberaund have been watching
each otbor.
And the result has been that the com'
munity has become thoroughly aroused.
Probably Slattery was partially re
Certain it is the daily papers were.
So between thera they have wakened
up the metropolis of Arkansas.
To begin with :
The daily papers advertised that
Slattory would be in the city and lee-
ture to the citizens in Pythian hall, at
the usual prices.
The Press published a "Few Words
About Slattery's Past Career. "
It also published the cut of an eye
with this statement: (The eye) "of
the Press is on the A. P. A. What is
the scheme, boys? There is nothing
more necessary for the people to 'down'
than the gold bug conspiracy."
This occurred on May 3.
On May 8 the Press still had its eye
on the A. P. A.
But it removed it long enough to in
sert this item about Slattery:
"Last night Pythian hall was crowded
to Its utmost capacity with people who
came to hear the first lecture of ex
Priest Slattery.
"In order to preclude the possibility
of any outbreak of disorder during the
lecture a squad of police, under the
command of Sergeant Botsford, were
distributed throughout the building,
but this proved unnecessary, as the
audience. as all Little Rock assemblages
are, was orderly and dignified.
"At 8:15 the ex-priest, who is a mag
nificent specimen of manhood, and is a
true orator, mounted the platform and
stated his subject to be, 'Why I Left
the Roman Catholic Church and Priest
hood and What I Saw Therein.' His
first attack on Romanism was upon its
moral theology, 'immoral theology,' as
he styled it. The convent and its
methods were also attacked and ex
plained. He said that the American
people should demand that all convents,
monasteries and parochial schools be
subjected to public and official inspec
tion as other institutions are. He laid
special stress upon the necessity of the
people of the United States keeping
their eyes open to the encroachments of
Rome, a The public school system and
the open Bible should be appreciated,
honored, revered and protected. The
speaker praised the numerous patriotic
organizations in this country, the Pa
triotic .Sons of America, Senior and
Junior Order of Mechanics, and the
American Protective Association. He
said that the American Protective As
'Bociation, with its six million member
ship, would hereafter play an important
part in the politics of this land. It has
been the practice of politicians to
scramble for the foreign vote, but in
1896 the American vote would besought
for and the party that put other than
an out and out, pure and patriotic
American' on its ticket would find it
self nowhere."
Of this same lecture the Gazette said:
"Pythianihall was crowded to suffo
cation last night when ex-Priest Slat
tery lectured on the subject, 'Why I
Left the Roman Catholic Priesthood,
and What I Saw Therein.'
"In and about the lecture hall a strict
police espionage was kept. A cordon of
bluecoats guarded the street entrance,
and upstairs at the door to the hall
several minions of the law kept vigil,
while within ia few more lent their
presence in order to nip any violent
demonstrations in the bud.
'A pugnacious scene, with the ex
priest as a central 'figure, was enacted
just before the lecture began. Slattery
was standing. tat the door receiving
tickets when a young fellow approached
and tried to enter the hall. His ticket
was called for, but be refused to pro
duce one 'andfcin response to a demand
for payment of the admission fee, he
sprang at Slattery and the two men
clinched. A'icouple of officers very
quickly seized the belligerent stranger
and marched him off to the calaboose.
At police headquarters papers and let
ters found in the stranger's pockets in
dicated that his name was Philip Fin
negan. He had 135 in money. When
questioned as tojwhy he attacked Slat
tery, he averred that he did it 'just to
have some fun.' In his lecture Slattery
raid the man came up and said, 'I saw
you In a house of ill fame in Da' las
The scrimmage thea followed. Slat
tery then proceeded to say that he had
been in a good many close places, but
had always managed to take care of
himself. Dis stalwart appearance did
not belie his word. Slattery said he
believed very strongly in muscular
"After the lecture Slattery and his
wife walked unmolested to their quar
ters at the Richelieu hotel. A large
crowd lingered in the vicinity of Fifth
and Main streets to see if any violence
were attempted, but they were disap
pointed. A great many people dis
cussed the ante-lecture scrimmage, and
some of them were Inclined to think
that the affair was designed for ad
vertising purposes.
"Slattery talked nearly two hours an
tagonistlc to Catholicism and papal su
premacy. He is an IrUhman, a fact
that needs no elucidation to those who
heard hitn, by reason of his b -ogue. II
explained that the first circumstance
that caused him to waver in the taith
happened while bis clerical duties in
Ireland carried him often to a convent
In which he discovered evidences of a
lack of that sisterly love and harmony
which should characterize a christian
institution. He advocated the opening
of convents to government inspection
Ho criticised the seven sacranierts of
the church of Rome, and was particu
larly severe on the doctrine of Intention
Speaking of Ireland, he said the kind of
home rule the Emerald Isle wanted or
needed was the kind that would free it
from the rule of Rome. 'As long as
there are Orangemen in the north of
Ireland, there will be no home rule from
England,' he declared. He said that
Mgr. Satolli, an Italian, who could not
speak a word of English, had come over
to America to teach the people of the
United States how to run their schools,
He wanted to know why Satolli did not
remain in his own country, where 75 per
cent, of the people could not read or
write. 'If you had any of the grit of
your forefathers, you would metaphorlc
ally ram him into a cannon and fire him
back,' dramatically exclaimed the
Slattory pictured Spain as the foot
ball of the bigger European powers be
cause It was under the rule of Rome,
and, on the contrary, lauded Germany
as a potentate among the nations of the
earth because it was not.
"The ex-priest extolled the A. P. A.
He said it was having the i fleet of open
ing the eyes of Americans to the 'dan
gers of papal influence.' According to
his reckoning there are 6.00,000 A. P.
A. members in the United States, and
he added significantly: 'May God have
mercy on the political party in 1890
which do '8 not put out a ticket of gen
uine Americans.'
"Throughout his speech the lecturer
was liberally applauded. It was evi
dent that the majority of his auditors
were in sympathy with him. In the
course of his remarks Slattery de
nounced as untrue the reports that he
is addicted to the use of liquor.
"This afternoon Mrs Slattery 6peaks
to the ladies only, and tonight the ex
priest talks to men only.' "
The next afternoon Mrs. Slattery ad
dressed the ladles of Little Rock in the
same hall.
Her lecture was well attended, and of
it the Dcnmcrat said: "Mrs. Slattery
addressed a large number of ladies, the
best women of the city. Her lecture is
said to have been vigorous and enter
tninine." But how diffen nt was the notice
published by the Gazette, one of its con
temporaries. Embodied in its contemporary's re
port we find a Romanized estimation of
all women who listen to the truth.
That contemporary said:
"The Little Rock engagement of ex-
Priest Slattery and wifo close J last
night minus fireworks. Several hun
dred people heard Slattery descant on
Satolli, the American Pope." A fea
ture of the lecture was Slattery's ap
pearance in the vestments of a priest.
During his talk he paid his respects to
Mr. A. F. Brady, the gentleman who
attempted Tueedry night to defend the
local Catholic Knights of Pythias from
the charge of trying to prevent Slat
tery from lecturing in the Pythian
Hall. Mr. Brady was not present to
defend himself.
"Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Slattery
addressed about 300 ladles (?) on 'The
Celibacy of the Clergy and Its Terrible
Effect on the World." Mrs. Slattery is
a vigorous talker, and she held the at
tention of her auditors two hours.
"Mr. and Mrs. Slattery leave this
morning for Pine Bluff. '
"One result of the ex-priest's advent
here has been to give an impetus to the
P. A. council organized in this city
last week. Slattery warmly espoused
the A.'tP. A. cause in his lectures and
advised his hearers to link their for
We bold that all m. n are A pericaos who
tune with that organization. Several
hundrtd of them have followed his ad
vice, and it is reported that the local
A. P. A. now has a meinbt rship u
wards of 500. The personnel of the
council remains a secret."
The next day indignation ran high
A procession of Irate subscriber be
sieged the dinette office, and its sub
scription list began to dwindle.
Ihen it realized that Protestant
wives and daughters could not tie in
gulled with impunity, and it made
haste to crawfish, aHiloglztng as fel
"A grossly malicious error was inter
jected into an article clandestinely in
the composing-rooms of tho Gazitte
Wednesday night, and, without the
knowledge of anyone of the editorial
or reportorial staff, It crept into the
local columns of this paper of yester
day's lssua. The paragraph in question
is disowned and utterly repudiated by
the city editor, through whose hands
all local items pass en route to the
printers. It reads as follows:
"Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Slattery
addressed about 300 ladies (?) on 'The
Celibacy of tho Clerey and Its Terrible
Effect on the World.' Mrs. Slattery is
a vigorous talker, and she held the at
tention of her auditors two hours."
When the city editor read the Item
for the first time, as it appears in the
paper yesterday morning, ho was dum
founded and astonished. It placed him
in the unjust and absolutely false alti
tude of casting an aspersion upon 300
ladies of this city. An investigation
was instituted In the presence of repu
table citizens, and an examination of
the original copy revealed unmistak
ably that it had been tampered with by
some malicious person in the compos
ing-rooms, who interpolated the inter
rogation point. The item had run the
gauntlet of the proof-reader's inspec
tion, and unfortunately passed, as al
tered, into the forms. Not a member
of the editorial or reportorial staff saw
the proof-sheet of it.
"The task of ferreting out the Identity
of the scurrilous individual guilty of
the outrage was instituted promptly
and will be diligently prosecuted, to
the end that he may be dismissed in
oblnquy from the roll of the Gazette's
No one regrets the occurrence more
than the city editor, who is striving
strenuously to ascertain who it was that
perpetrated the mischief, and he will
not relinquish his efforts ij that direc
tion until the, occurrence is cleared up."
But its apology will not be accepted
by the christian people cf Little Rock,
if we are to believe the Tribune, which
Is fearless enough In Its expressions to
be adjudged an American paper.
Of the dastardly insult offered the
Protestant women of Little Rock by
the Gazette, it says:
"When Sam Jones was in Little Rock
four years ago, Dickison Brugman re
ported the meeting for the lying and
slanderous Gazitle, which was de
nounced by thousands of people in a
standing vote in that meeting as unfit
for public perusal, and by almost every
quarterly conference of the Methodist
church, south, in the state.
"Thursday morning of this week, 700
respectable and pure women ladies of
the very highest character were her
alded to the world by the lousy Gazette,
as of questionable virtue. It occurred
in the report of the speech of Mrs.
Slattery, delivered on Wednesday after
noon, and nut a single loop hole wal
left for any woman present to escape
the vile insult.
"On yesterday morning, after a tu
mult such as never invaded a newspaper
office before on account of people stop
ping their subscription, that vile paper
contained the following editorial para
" 'In the Gazette's report of the S'.at-
tery meeting for ladies, which occurred
on Wednesday afteri.on, an interroga
tion point appeared in a certain line in
the article which conveyed tho im
pression that the audience was com
posed of persons of questionable respect
ability. The article, when sent to the
news-room, was in proper shape and in
no way reflected upon those who at
tended the meeting. The surprise
manifested by the readers of the Ga
zette and the indignation expressed by
those who were present at the lecture
was none the less greater than that ex
perienced by the members of the edi
torial staff and the managers of this
paper. The objectionable change in
the article was made by some malicious
person outside of the editorial depart
ment of the Gazette, and who will be
made to suffer for the gross liberty
taken with the reporter's copy. The
Gazette is deeply mortified over the
matter, and regrets that it has in its
employ anyone capable of being guilty
of such a scurrilous and unpardonable
offense. An investigation that will
lead to the Identity of the scoundrel is
being made, and as soon as discovered
he will summarily and permanently be
relieved of his position on the Gazette.'
Swear All, gtanow to the United StaU
"The t-arue man who re-orted the
Sam June mot-ting four year ago
D.eklson Brunman is now the chief
editor of the Gazittt, by the grace of
the same owner and managers (if that
false sheet.
"The Intelligent public of Little
Rock, therefore, need no further ex
planation of the deadly, scalding public
Insult leveled at the fair name of 700
Innoot nt mothers and sisters.
"Tho foul, Kcouiidrelly sheet which
will assail the charae'er of a woman
will he guilty of any black deed for
which publication is capable.
"The Gitzt tte has fe subscribers now,
and few respectable peVpIo read the
execrable thing, but when the sua goes
down on the first of June, no decent
woman of Little Rock will allow the
slanderer of virtue in her home."
MiiNt Explain.
If Roman Catholics would prove to
the people of tho United States tho
value of their protestations of loyalty
to the public schools they iiuibt explain
tho attitude of the papal church whore
Its power Is supreme. In New Mexico,
for instance, whore tho Roman church
is in the ascendant, tho public school
system was overwhelmingly defeated
by Roman Catholic votes. The proposi
tion to make the public school system a
part of the ttate government was treat
ed with contempt. For this the Roman
hierarchy must beheld responsible. In
Manitoba tho same hostility to the pub
lic school syst -m is seen. The pope has
recently soken in severest condemna
tion of Manitoba Catholics who send
their children to tho public schools in
preference to the parochial, or who side
with the government of Manitoba
against the support of the parochial
school through taxation. Yet tho Ro
manists ask us to believe that tho pope
Is friendly to our own public schoo's,
and is not disposed to Interfere with
the fullest freedom of our government,
It is hardly fair tj judge a man by what
he does under restraint. His character
is certainly lest exhibitod where he Is
freest to exercito his own will. Judged
by this sensible test the Unman Catho
lic church is seen to bo inherently and
rrencdiably opposed to free govern
ment and any satisfactory common
set hoi system. The facts are too plain
foriny protest to bo of value. Let
Rome reform whero Bhe is dominant
and we will believe in her good profes
sions where she is under restraint.
Pacific Baptist.
Priest Has Hie Church-People Have the
Buffalo, May 18. A majority of
the 12,000 members of St. Aua bert's
Polish Catholic church are in revolt
against their priest, Father Flaczock,
Bishop Ryan and every other church
uthority. The troub'e began when
Fathtr Fiaczeek recently succeeded to
the pastorate, and proved unpopular.
That the priest might handle the
church money skillfully, two trustees
were made an advisory committee tj
help him. The trustees bad keys to
the inner door of the safe, and the
priest hhd kej s to tho outer door. The
trustees got hold of the priest's keys
Monday, and locked up the money.
They say he shall not spend a penny of
the large sum. For this the trusties
wore excommunicated by Bishop Ryan.
Then the congregation, at a mass meet
ing, decided to stand by the trustees.
The priest appealed to the bishop, who
told him that he should stay at St.
Adalbert's and say nriss regularly, if
he had to say it to empty benches. Fa
ther Flaczeck has the church, the
trustees have the money, and the 12,000
members are in revolt.
A Katlier Tough Priest.
Denver, May 8. Bishop Ma'z has
deposed Rev. M. Lepore, pastor of
Mount Carrael church, in this city, who
was found guilty by an ecclesiastical
court of undue familiarity with women
of his parish, dishonesty In politics and
other conduct unbecoming a representa
tive of the church. At the trial, affi
davits from citizens of Jersey City, N.
J., alleging embezzlement, adultery,
gambling, drunkenness and like mis
demeanors on the part of the father
while he was in charge of a church in
that city, were presented. It was
shown that he had promulgated a
bla phemous revision of the Ten Com
mandments, in which he exhorted his
congregation to a method of living far
from being in accord with the teachings
of the church. Father Lepore says he
will appeal to Rome.
Must He a Header of the Omaha Bee.
Rev. I. P. Mendes, rabbi of Mickva
Israel synagogue, in his lecture of re
cent date, delivered some forceful and
appropriate remarks on the American
Protective Association.
The Jewish citizen, said he, was as
much interested In the crushing out of
this secret organization of roligious in
tolerance as was the Catholic citizen.
It was aimed as much at him as the
without a mental nervation In favor of
Catholic, although at firl this might
not appear on the surface. It U the
enemy of freedom, truth, peace and
good will.
It is dectruotlve t. friendship, broth
erly love and charity, and ongendur
discord and hate. It arouses ignoble
passions and degrades man by appeal
ing lo moan prejudices. Jts extension
could mean nothing but harm to the
spirit of personal liberty that sustains
the American government.
Rubbl Monde paid a tribute to Cath
olics. He had found them tolerant,
liberal minded and charitable. They
did good for ( tliers, and did not con
fine their kindly Impulses by religious
restrictions. Politics should be a do
main of conscience and not of creed.
Men should supixirt those who are
proper men for official duties and re
sponsibilities, regardless of thoircrood.
That is a matter between the citizen
and tho state as a political institution.
Savannah (da ) I'ress.
Or. Itojd Champion Itomuni in.
For to vera! weeks, Rev. W. W. Boyd,
pastor of the Second Baptist church of
this city, has teen devoting bis Sunday
evenings to lecturing on various re
ligious denominations. It has not been
our privilege to bear these, except the
one on last Sunday night. Ills subject
then was "Propagandlsm us Illustrated
by tho Roman Catholics." Thero is
not a tonsured priest in this city who
can pronounce a more fulHomeeulogium,
or deliver a more llorld panegyric upon
Roman Catholicism than did Dr. Boy J,
and thero was not one word of censure
or syllable of robuko from beginning to
end. He could not crown the name of
Paul, tho apostle to the Gentiles, with
a loftier encomium than the chaplotof
praito which ho wreathed about the
brow of the Jesuit priost.
lie said that It was tho liberty-loving 1
Catholics who extorted from King John
the Magna Charta at Runnymcdo,
and that from that day to this they had
been the foremost champions of civil
and religious liberty. That they were
the first and firmest friends of this re
ligious lirerty In Amorlca, and that
they In turn have been humble, dovout,
pious christians, who have suffered like
martyrs at the hands of the Prot -slants
for whom they afforded an asylum in
the new world. He hurkd his scath
ing anathemas at the cowardly, skulk
ing A- P. As., and poured his withering
sarcasm and denunciation upon their
devoted headH, while ho portrayed with
unwonted pathos the worthy zeal and
undying devotion of "his brethren" the
loyal followers of Je-ius Christ, the Ro
man Catholics, who aro disfranchised
and outlawed. If he were to say as
much for Baptists as he did fur Catho
lics, ho would bo charged with super
abundant sectarian zed. We would
not do him lnjuctxe. We could not
sta'e his advocacy and ajwlogy too
strongly if wo trit d. But what excuse
he could give for taking a regular
preaching hour to say these things from
his pulpit t)a Bap'.lst congregation is
beyond our ken. And how a man who
believes wbBt he said can consent to re
main in a Baptist church, much loss in
her pulpit, passes our comprehension.
He left no doubt as to what he really
meant to say, nor of tho opinions he
olds. If wo do him the slightest in
justice In this report he has but to in
dicate it, and wo will be only too glad
to correct It St. Louis American B-v
list Flag.
A New York lieroidcr special from
Laporta, Ind., says the Roman Catholic
Knights of Pythias if Indiana have de
cided not t ) obey tho dejree from Rome
that requires them to leave the order
as a prerequisite of membership In the
church. There are about five thousand
Tho supreme court of Strasburg,
France, has confirmed tho sentence of
one day's imprisonment passed upon the
Protestant pastor, Muller, for having
spoken offensively of the Roman Catho
lic religion in tho course of a sermon.
This Is the usual Iiomish tolerance.
Sir Charles H. Tupper, In the Domin
ion parliament last week, said that thj
Manitoba legislature has concurrent
powers with the Dominion parliament,
and that Manitoba is at liberty to act
until such time as tho Dominion has
acted. In other words, Home will not
have separate schools just now.
Messrs. Dexers & Delormier, of Mon
treal, have ent-ired an action in tho
name of Vicar General Gravel, euro of
Beiooil, of Quebec province, wl claims
$5,000 damages from the Patric, a
French-Canadian paper, on account of
an article published in which he was
alleged to be in opjiosition to the bish
op's views in connection with the Ver
cheres election.
The Indians.
Why are the Roman Catholics so de
termined to educate the Indians? Or,
aa an A. P. A. might be inclined to say,
keep them in ignorance, with the ex
ception of something like the ghost-
the Pope.
shirt dance, etc.? It has been stated
by an officer in the army that the In
dian war at Broken Knm was caused
by the Roman Catholics. If wo take
into c msideratiun tho temporal-power
theory, and the raising of money for
war, eUs., we might put things together
and come to the proper conclusion. It
Is the Roman who needs to bo taught
Protestant Median lis.
Section 1. Resolved, That we, tho
Mechanics of Kansas City, Mo., form a
general American Mechanics' Union
for tho protection of all branches of tho
Section 2. Resolved, That we make
this a jKirmanent organization of Kan
sas City, Mo., of all American Mechan
ics, and none but Protestants will bo
admitted to this union.
Section 3. Resolved, That all rrlov.
anee shall he submitted to a com in It too
of one from each dlfferentdogreoof this
union, who shall be rusidouts and men
of families, to bo appointed bv tho
president of this union, and that their
decision shall ho final.
Section 4. And that each trade shall
constitute a degree of tho general union
and that tho presld-nt shall aiinolnt
three members of the different degrees
to havo control of its degree business,
under tho laws of tho general union.
Lft'ct'tH of a Sermon.
Once, when Cardinal Manning was
preaching In Rome, ho recognized John
Bright among his listeners. On tho
Instant he determ'ned to preach to him,
and dwelt with as much force and effect
as ho could on the claims of the Blessed
Virgin to our veneration.
Two or threo years later they met,
and Manning reminded Bright of tho
Incident. "I remember it perfectly,"
Bald John, "and I shall nevor forget it.
I was delighted with everything that
morning" a gratified smile eamo on
the cardinal's face "exceutimr vour
Stop, Thler!
"Experience is a good teacher, but
charges high wages." And some of the
politicians are finding this out when
they continue to be the tools of fho
Jesuits. Tho time has come when tho
undercurrent of the Church of Rome
will be chocked by an undercurrent of
a half-dozen American societies. Men
can no longor vote money from tho
United States Treasury to the Roman
church and continue to hold their posi
tions very long. Tho Uniied States has
had too much of tho paganized Chris
tianity already, and every lover of this
land should see that the Bible is in
every district school In th i republic.
Said His Maine Was Talbot.
On Tuesday night of last week a man
in priestly garb was arret ted in Somer
ville for drunkenness, and for making
night hideous while attempting to sing
"Alter the Ball," etc. He wat tiken to
the police station, whero be said he
was F. Talbot, priost, of Cam
bridge. In the morning be was sober,
ar.d gave another name; but the im
pres ion is that his namo is Talbot. A
Somerville priest came and interceded
for him, and he was allowed to go.
Boston Citizen,
The Nation is tho title of a new
American magazine just leoeivcd, and
which is likely to become highly popu
lar with American reado -e. Tho pres
ent number coi talus 40 pages filled with
choice selections irora the pens of Hon.
M. W. Howard, author of "If Christ
Came to Congres-t"; Hon. T. J. Morgan,
Professor George Wa ker, Joseph Brad
Ee!d and others. During the coming
year a number of ce ebrated public men
will contribute to its pages. We cor
dially locommend this publication to
such Americans as wish to learn of the
porilB confronting this country through
Rome, assisted by tho capitalist and
foreign bondholders. Send II to the
American Publishing Company, 1615
Howard strict, Omaha, Neb., and se
cure a year's choice reading matter.
The first number of 2'lie Nation, a
neat forty-page monthly magazine, pub
lished at Omaha, Neb., by th3 Ameri
can Publishing Company, devoted
to the cause of Americanism, ha reach
ed us. It is by far the best periodica1
of a like character that we have had
the pleasure of reading, and its half
tone sketches are sup-.-rb. We welcome
it among our exchanges, and predict a
large sale in the we t. Butte Lxan.iiur.
Vol. I , No. 1, 27ie Nati-m, a monthly
magazine published by the American
Publishing Company, 0.naha, Neb., 40
pagis, brimful of good patriotic and
historical reading. One dollar per year,
single copy 10 CjnU. Address lJie Nth
tion, lfili Howard street, Omaha, Neb.
Fmdom's Banner.
Rev. J. A. O'Connor, editor of tho
Converted Catholic, writes us as follows:
"Allow mo to congratulate you on The
Nation. It is a very neat magazine,"
Think of the additional burden of
taxation you will be forced to bear be
cause of the incompetent hulks forced
upon you through the efforts of the
Omaha Bee.