The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, March 22, 1895, Page 6, Image 6

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T A. P. A. Principle With the Canon
Law and Several Oath of the Ro
wan Catholic Church,
-h Judg for Vowif Whith H th
Vrt Spnt of Aiwiunim in 1 hm, tl
A P. a. frim or O .bol .. t on TVn l Rwmj
i. r. a. mm ii-i.i..
The fiill!u rf ! lUvlurntlnuu i.f priii
adopt tl ly ill National t'nuurjl of
K I. A. m l M.iiii!
"loyally ti trio Aim'rlrauNm, tlil,h
tn iii nlu r lilrih. pU.-t. rar. i-m-d. nor the flint ri)iiiriin'iil fur In In T-
xnlp In tli AimTiraii I'mHvtln Ak Lilian
"Tim Aiurrlrmi l'rultflivi AK'liiUiiii !
0l a party, ami lit- not iinitril
the poll! li'nl fttliliiilhiiii nf hi lui'iiiU'r: lull
t fm'lii'a tln'iii to Ik' InlaiiM ly tti'ilvt !n I In'
l!ai-tinri.'i of tlK'ir pulillriil oiiil- In or mil
If party Iliir. tx-u- Ji l ll ti nt nil
3ro!iit'tu confrontl!!! nur piplo wilt I'
bound mill. I l y a i-min li mtiui UlM'hiircH cf
the diiUi'ii if r ili-nlilu t ) t vi ry hnl I ! 1 1 1 1.
-W till.' liili riinl uf all i'Ii-. iU. It linl.l tint
jubltvllnu anil Kiiinmrt tunny politic .1 puwrr
ot cunt ri! I il liy Atmrlrnn i'IiIj iiu, and
jfcU'li i luhii'iii,il If not pin iiUT Knvrri'Uiii y
aan Hit KnvtTinin'iil of tin full! Stall's, la
rrrcon.-lhilili' ltli Anii rii-un rltlu-nnhlp. It
la, thrrrfore, oppowil to he holding of ullli'i'S
j state or national mivrnniirlit liy any iiuu
'ect tir supporter of unfit v.'liiiail,'ol
We uphold I In" Ciumlltut Inn of tin) 1'iiltod j
wvaivaiti Aini'i it i ami no it ri il u ui ii inoru
than It guaranUw of rvllKlous liberty, but
holil tills religious lllierty to beguurun
eil tut lie Imllvlilual, ami not to mean Unit
amlirlln pi.iterlion any uu-Aiiirrli'iiii tMvlr-tastli-al
power can I ill in any ahitoliite con
trol over the education of children, growing
jp under the til in and stripes.
"We consider llio non-sivtiirlun free public
school tlio bulwark of Aiiicrli-an Institutions,
the brat place for tliu education of American
;hlldrvit. To kii p tlu'in such, we protest
4liiHt the employment of subjects of any
en-American ecclesiastical power an officers
t teachers of our public schools.
"We condemn the Niippt.rt out of tlio pul
llo treasury by direct appropriation or by
jontract of any sectarian school, reform-i
tory or other Institution, not owned and
ton trolled by public authority.
"Believing that exempt Ion from taxation
la equivalent to a grant of public funds, we
ItMnaiid that Do ri'iil or pcrMOual propeity be
txenipt from taxation, tlio tlllu to wblcli U
ot Teted In tlio national or state Kovcrn
venta, or In any of tlietr aub-dlvlHlona,
"We roUst against tho rullNtiuent lu the
Called Hlates army, navy, or the tnllltluot
any itate, of any penum not uuavlualcttlzen
9f tlie I'nlU'd Siaum
"We demand for the protection of our cltl
en laborers the prohibition of the Importa
tion of pauper labor, and the real rlctlon of
all ImtulKratlon to persona who cannot show
lelr ability and honest Intention to become
alf-aupportltiK A inert an cllUeua,
"We demand the rhaiiKof the naturaliza
tion luwa by a re(Hal ct the act autliorlzliiK
the naturalization of minors, without a pre
lou declaration of iiiti'iitlun, and by pro
viding that no alien shall be naturalized or
permitted to vote In any state In the union
who cannot speak the limiruaKU of tho laud,
aad who cannot prove seven years' cotm:ii
Mve residence In this country from the date
f his declaration of hi Intent loa.
"We protest against the gross nenllKPncr
aad laxity with which the judiciary of out
land administer the present naturalization
!aw, and against tho practice of naturallz
tag aliens at the expense of committees oi
tandldates an the most proline source of the
arasent prostitution of American citizenship
! the basest uses.
"We demand that all hospitals, asylums,
reformatories, or other Institutions In which
!rcple are under restraint, be at all times
abject to public Inspection, whether they
are maintained by tho public or by private
aorporatlonsor Individuals,
"We demand that all national or state
legislation affecting financial, commercial or
tad us trial Interests be general in character
and In no Instance In favor of anyone sec
Won of thecouutry, or anyone class of the
fnnmm Law.
L The constitutions of princes are not
uperlor, but subordinate to ecclesiastical
I. The laws of the emperor cannot dis
solve the ecclesiastical or canon laws.
I. It Is not lawful for an emperor to exact
anything opposed to the apostolic rules.
. I. It is not lawful for kings to usurp the
things that belong to priests.
S No custom of anyone can thwart the
statutes of the popes.
Let no resistance be offered to the
apostolic (canon) precepts, but let them be
aalutlfertously fulfilled.
T The yoke Imposed by the holy see Is to
be borne, though It appear Intolerable and
. The pon 11(1 can neither be loosed no
bound by the secular power.
. That the Pontiff was called God by the
pious Prince Constant Ine, and that as god he
Cannot be judged as man.
10, That as god he Is far above ttie reach
at all human law and judgment.
11. That all laws cont rary to the canons
and decrees of the Roman prelates are of no
12. That all of the ordinances of the pope
are unhesitatingly to be obeyed.
13. We ought not even to speak to one
whom the pope has ex -communicated.
14. Priests are fathers and masters, even
af princes.
15, The civil law Is derived from man, but
the ecclesiastical or canon law la derived
directly from God, by which the pontiff can,
us connection with his prelates, make con'
tltutlons for the whole christian world, In
snatters spiritual, concerning the salvation
f souls, and the right government of the
Taurch; and if necessary judge and dispose
if all the temporal goods of all christians.
14. A heretic, holding or teaching false
toctrlne concerning the sacraments. Is ex
Sommunlcated and degraded, and handed
tver to the secular court.
17. Secular princes unwilling to swear to
tefecd the church against heretics are ex
communicated, and they are laid under an
18, The goods of heretics are to be con
lacated and applied to the church.
If Advocates or notaries, fiLlag here
tics, or their defenders, or pleading for them
law suits, or writing documents for them.
re Infamous and suspended from office.
SO, The secular powers, whether perma
tent or temporary, are bound to sweet hat
tteey will exterminate, according to their
tower, tJl heretics condemned by the church)
sad a temporal lord not purging his land of
asretlca, la ex-communlcated.
n. Those signed with the cross for the ei
t rn liitiiB of liin il r-V'lTe In th privt
1 tr .nl.Ml to to the rruoadert for the brlp
i'f Hi' Iniiy Uml
1 In y !xh.1v.'I fmni all oldltiatlons
vim nr In siiy Umnd t iierftii-s
:i vii. ir ill. - lii luii tin srfin-t the
un'n lievi-i. it) lUe kludiilfl of ht-avra.
We do Ji. r itiii lli s- li'iinl.'i to
horn It iu:y l.sve li .ji ni-l la their seal for
In tr uioilo-r cliur. b ait il..t the exioiiiuiu
ii i. ale. I. .i kill -H ic n( lln'm.
i, Th it iili ill I'rm r IhiuihI, tnith
by -i v, in I,. i ii ii . I iw. no t rtsflve ur
t.t r.,le li'Ti 1 1 s. an I uoicli morn r not to
por...,! ilieir rl.en, or other rxrcle of their
r.lUlon or rath'-r. ihfir false t, but are
tu i-t iMiii'imily bound every her, to repel
and rp'l l).-in.
2t Tno f.iil.iw'm leiiip r,ii puuNliHit-rita
r ti lie en Sir. 'I'd ou le'rei U-s: -t -Irifainy.
an I the coiexsjui'iit dUUililli'atloiis for all
i -1 v 1 1 ai'ts. 2nd - Intistr.liliity, lis will ai'llve
an passive ( U, tin y can in lilnT muUi
nor will luliirlt wloit U lift In Hi. in by
in her). 3rdloof ijil. power ovi'r
clulilrt n, Ii h Los of dowry, and other
privileges firaiiled to Womrti. fiih"'oiitlf a
ti, n of all tiisids. vasals and
slaves and other are freo from all, even
sworn Ion dim to their lord or an
other. 7tli--."Hilt;il corininil puulshmeut,
e-iMM lully death, ami peris tual hnprlson
liient. 27. The (Mm hi law forbids all toleration.
Cs That tin iropolilans and bishop ar to
x-eomuiuiiUaui him who grants lllierty of
Noo illi is to Is) kept toward heretic
princes. lords or others.
Ji Heretics ar to lie deprived of all civil
and paternatrliihls,
il. Tim pope ran absolve from all oaths.
,C Kvery bishop Is ordinary jude In a
ciuise. of heresy. Tho ri'iisoii Is because the
bishops can en-ofll, in, uml oiiKlit to extirpate
heretics, and liilln't upon them the due pun
ishments, unil to this urn bound on pain of
deposition, llesldi . are the luqulsltors es
pis-tally deputed by the Hposlollo sie.
Kvery bishop In his dliK'ese Is thought to be,
and lit reality Is, a natural Inquisitor, (liter
ally born Inquisitor), so as to have the same
power with those ulrendy mentioned In a
cause of heresy
II In every promissory aath, although
absolutely taken, thero nro certain condi
tions tacitly uudc rstiKid, an. ongst which are;
1st If 1 cam 2nd To save tho right and
authority of a superior; llrd When the oath
supposes tho honor of the apostolic sue to bo
Si. That the council of Trent, (the last and
great authority of Komei, decrees and com
mands that the sacred canons and all gen
eral councils, also tliu other apostolic enact
ments Issued lu favor pf ecclesiastical per
sons of ecclesiastical liberty, and against Its
violators, allot which by this present decree
It reuews. and must be exactly observed
by all.
CaiillimrH Oath.
.cardinal of the Holy Roman
church, do promise and swear that, from this
time to the end of my life, I will o faithful
and obedient unto St. Peter, the holy apos
tolic Roman church, and our most holy lord,
the pope of Homo, and his successors, canon
lcnlly and lawfully elected: Unit I will give
no advice, consent or assistance against the
pontifical majesty and person; that I will
never knowingly and advisedly, to their In
jury or disgrace, make public the councils
entrusted tome by themselves, or by mes
sengers or letters; also that I will give them
any assistance In retaining, defending and
recovering the Roman papacy and the regalia
of Peter, with all my might and endeavor, to
far as the rights and privileges of my order
will allow lu and will defend them against
all their honor and state, and I will direct
and defend, with due form and honor, the
egates and nuncios of the apostolic see, in
he territories, churches, monasteries and
other benefices committed to my keeping;
and I will cordially co-operate with them
and treat thrm with honor In their coming.
abiding and returning, and that I will resist
unto blood all persons whatsoever who shall
at tempt anything against them. That I will,
by every way and by every means strive to
preserve, augment and advance the rights,
honors, privileges, the authority of tho Hi ly
Roman bishop, our lord the pope and his
In-fore mentioned successors, and that, at
whatever time anything shall be decided to
their prejudice, which Is out of my power to
hinder, as soon as I shall know that any
steps or measures have been taken In the
matter. 1 will make it known to the same,
our lord or his successors, or some other per
son by whose means It may be brought to
their knowledge. That I will keep and carry
out and cause others to keep and carry out
the rules of the holy father, the decrees,
ordinances, dispensations, reservations, pro
visions, apostolic mandates and constitu
tions of the Holy Father lextus, of happy
memory, as to visiting the thresholds of tho
apost les at certain prescribed times, accord
ing to the tenor of that which I have just
read through. That I will seek out and op
pose, persecute and fight (omnI conntu per-
secuturum et Impugnuturutu) against here
tics or schismatics who oppose out lord, the
pope of Rome, and his before-mentioned suc
cessors, and this I will do with every posstblo
(.Signature) then sent to tho pope.
ISislitip'g Oath.
"I, , elect of the
diocese, from henceforward will
faithful and obedient to St. Peter the Apostle
and to the Holy Roman church, and to our
lord, the holy pope of Rome, and to his suc
cessors, canonlcally entering, I will neither
advise, conseut nor do anything that they
may lose life or member, or that their per
sons may be seized, or hands In anywise laid
upon them, or any injuries offered to them,
under any pretence whatsoever. The coun
sel with which they shall Intrust me by them
selves, their messengers or letters, 1 will not
knowingly reveal to any, to their prejudice,
I will help them to defend and keep the Ro
man papacy and the royalties of St. Peter
against all men. The legato of the apostolic
see, going and coming, 1 will honorably treat
and help In his necessities. The rights,
honors, privileges and authority of tho Holy
Roman church of our lord, the pope, and his
aforesaid successors, 1 will endeavor to pre
serve, defend. Increase and advance. I will
not be in any counsel, action or treaty. In
which shall be plotted against our said lord
and Roman church, anything to the hurt or
prejudice of their persons, rights honor, state
or power, and, if 1 shall know any such thing
to be treated or agitated by any whatsover.
1 will hinder it torn; utmost, and as soon as
I can, I will signify It to ou.- lord. The ordl
nance and mandates of the pope, 1 will ob
serve with all my might and cause to be ob
served by others.
"Heretics, schismatics and rebels to our
said lord or his successors, I will to my t
most persecute and oppose.
"Hereticos, schistnatlcos et rebelles eldem
Domino nostro vel succeasorlbua predictle
pro posse persequar et oppugns bo."
"I will come to a council whet 'am called,
1 will visit the threshold of the apostles
every three years and give an account of our
lord of all my pastoral office and of the
things belonging to tcy diocese, to the dis-
rlplin of my rieig y and pnipta. I will In
ik mauni'i humbly iss etvw end dlllgrntly
rxn'uta tlie aposudie romuiaiids. If 1 am
detained by a lawful Hup. dlnienl, 1 will per
forin tlie aforesaid by a ini'ii.'s r of my rbap
leror a priest of my ill. fully liiirui tsl
In all tblnH alsivo tiit'iit lotied. Tin piss-s-kIihis
U'loiiliig to n, y table, I wilt m-lther
sU nor ot her l-e uliruati without consult
ing the Komaii is nil I IT. Ko In lp uie (n"l and
lhiMi holy gospel of IihI.m
t (SluiiHl uri-i.
Si nt to the lEoniish Muii.,1 r.
I'l icsl's Oath.
, now lu the presence of
Almighty God. the blessed Virgin Mary, the
I li'swd Mli'hael the Archangel, the bussed
!!. John the itiijil 1st, t he Holy Apostles M.
1'i'ti r and M. 1' n.l and the K.lnisunil the
Hiwred HitMs of lleiiven. and to you. my lord.
J do do lure from my he
reservation Unit Ibe po Is Christ's vicur
gcueral and is the true and only head of tin'
universal church throughout the earth, and
that, by virtue of the ki y of blinliiig ami
listing given to his holiness by Jesus Christ
he has power to di pose, heretical ktns,
princes, states, lomtuntiwc alths and govern
ments, all being llli'i.'iil without his sacred
coiillrmai ion, and that they limy snf, ly le
destroyed. Therefore to tin) utmost of my
power, 1 will ilrfi-nd this doctrine and his
holiness- rights ami customs a;;alust all
usurpers of the Protestant authority what
soever, especially against the now pretended
authority and church lu Kughiud and all ad
Iiit,':iIs, In regard that they be usurpal and
heretical, opposing tuu sacred mother of the
church of Rome.
"I do denounce and disown any allcglamie
as dun to any Protestant king, prince or
statu or obedience to any of their Inferior
othVers. 1 do further declare tho doctrine of
tho church of Kiigliind, of the Calvliiisls,
Huguenots and other Protestants, to lie
ilamnablo and those to be damned who will
not forsake the same,
"1 do further declare Unit 1 will help, assist
and advise all or uuy of his holiness' agenU
In any place wherever I shall be, and to do
my utmost to extirpate t ie Protestant doc
trine, and to destroy all their pretended
power, regal or otherwise. 1 do further prom
ise and declare that, notwithstanding 1 may
be permitted by dlsoeusatl n to assume any
heretical religion (Protest nut deuomluat ions)
for tlio propagat ion of the mother church's
Interest, to keep secret and prlvato all her
agents' Counsels as they entrust mo, and not
to divulge, directly or ludlrectly, by word,
writing or circumstances whatsoever, but to
execute all which shall be proposed, given in
charge or discover unto uie by you, my
most reverend lord and bishop.
"All of which I, , do swear by the
blessed Trinity and blessed Sacrament
which 1 am about to receive, to perform on
my part to keep Inviolably, aud do call on
all the Heavenly aud Glorious Host of
Heaven to witness my real Intentions to
keep this my oath.
"In testimony whereof I take this most
holy aud blessed Sacramentof the Eucharist,
aud witness the same further with my con
secrated hand, in the presenco of my holy
bishop and ail the priests who assist him In
my ordination to the priesthood."
Extreme Oath of the Jesuit.
I, , now lu the presence of
Almighty God, tho blessed Virgin Mary, the
blessed Michael the archangel, the blessed
St. John the Haptlst, the holy Apostles St.
Peter and St. Paul and the saints and sacred
host of heaven, and to you my ghostly father,
the superior general of the society of Jesus,
founded by Saint Ignatus Loyola In the pon
tiflcatlon of Paul the Third, and continued
to the present, do, by the womb of the virgin,
tho matrix of God, and the rod of Jesus
Christ declare and swear that his holiness,
the pope. Is Christ's vlce-gerent, and Is the
true and only head of the Catholic or uni
versal church throughout the earth; and
that by virtue of the keys of binding and
loosing given to his holiness by my Savior,
Jesus Christ ho hath power to depose her
etical kings, princes, states, common wealihs
and governments, all being Illegal without
his sacred confirmation, and they may be
safely destroyed. Thorefore, to the utmost of
my power, I will defend this doctrine and his
holiness' right and custom against all
usurpers of the heretical or Protestant
authority whatsoever, especially the Luth
eran church of Germany. Holland. Denmark,
Sweden and Norway, and the now pretended
authorities and churches of England and
Scotland, and branches of the sumo now
established In Ireland, and on the continent
of America, and elsewhere, and all adherents
In regard ihat they be usurped and heretical,
opposing the sacred church ef Rome.
I do now denounce and disown any alleg
iance as due to any heretical king, prince or
state named Protestant or Liberals or
obedience to any of their laws, magistrates
or officers.
I do further declare that the doctrine of
the churches of England and Scotland, of
the Calvlnlsts, Huguenots and others of the
name of Protestant or Liberals, to be dam-
eable, aud they themselves to be damned
who will not forsake the same.
I do further dec)-, e that 1 will help, assist
and advise all or any of his holiness' agents,
In any place wherever I shall be, In Switzer
land, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden,
Notway, England, Iceland or America, or In
any other kingdom or territory, I shall come
to, and do my utmost to extirpate the hereti
cal Protestant or Liberal doctrines, and to
destroy all their pretended powers, legal or
I do further promise and declare that, not
withstanding I am dispensed with to assume
any religion heretical for the propagation of
the mother church's interest, to keep secret
and private all her agents' councils from
time to time, as they entrust me, and not to
divulge, directly or Indirectly, by word,
writing or circumstances whatever, but to
execute all that shall be proposed, given In
charge, or discovered unto me, by you or my
ghostly father, or any of this sacred con
I do further promise and declare that I will
have no opinion or will of my own or any
mental reservation whatsoever, even as a
corpse or cadaver (perlndo ac cadaver), but
will unhesitatingly obey each and every
command that I may receive from my super
iors In the mllltla of the pope and of Jesus
That I will go to any part of the world
whithersoever I may be sent, to the frozen
regions of the north, the burning sands of
the desert of Africa, or the plngles of India,
to the centers of civilization of Europe, or to
the wild haunts of the barbarous savages of
America, without murmuring or repining
and will be submissive In all things whatso
ever, co umunlcated to me.
I do furthermore promise and declare that
I will, when opportunity presents, make and
wage relentless war, secretly or openly,
against all heretics, Protestants and Libel als
as I am directed to do, to extirpate them
from the face of the whole earth, and that
I will spare neither age, sex or condition, and
that 1 will hang, burn, waste, boll, flay,
strangle and bury alive these Infamous
heretical rip up the stomachs and wombs of
taelr women and crush their infants' heads
against the walls In order to annihilate their
execrable rare. That when the same cannot
U done openly. I will am-mly use the pois
onous cup, the strangulating cord, the steel
of the potnard. or the leaden bullet, regard
leaa of the honor, rank, dignity or authority
of the person or pervons. whatever may ba
their condition In life, either public or priv
ate, as I at any time may be directed so to
do by any agent of the pope or superior of
the brotherhood of the holy father, of the
m h-iy ( f Jesus.
In continual Ion of which I hereby dedicate
toy life, my soul and all corporal powers, and
with this dagger which I now receive, I will
mlxj-rlls' my name, written In my blood. In
testimony thereof; and should I prove false
or weaken 1n my determination, may my
brethren and fellow soldiers of the militia of
the pope rut otT my hands and my feet, and
my throat from ear to ear, my Iielly opened
and sulphur burned therein, with all the
punishment that can be Inflicted upon me on
earth and my soul lie tortured by demons in
an eternal hell forever.
All of which I , do swear by
the blessed trinity, and blessed sacrament
which I am now to receive, to perform, and
ou my part to keep Inviolably; and do call
all the heavenly and glorious host of heaven
to witness these, my real luleutious, to keep
this my oath.
In testimony hereof I take this most holy
and blessed sacrament of the eurbarlst and
witness the same further, with my name
written with the point of this dagger, dipped
In my own blood, and seal In the face of this
holy conveut
lie receives the wafer from the superior
ami write his name with the point of his
dagger, dipper In his own blood, taken from
over t be heal t l
The Ft'iilun'u Oath.
"I swear by ulmlghty God, by all In heaven
aud earth, by the holy prayer-book of my
holy church, by the blessed Virgin Mary
mother of God, by her sorrow and grief at the
cross, by her tears and waitings, by the holy
apostles St Peter and Paul, by the glorious
apostle of Ireland St Patrick by the
blessed and holy church of all ages, by the
holy national martyrs, to fight upon the
Irish soli, to tight for the Independence of
Ireland to fight until I die, wading In the
redgoreof the Sassenach (Protestant) for
the glorious cause of nationality; to fight
until not a single vestige, track or footstep,
Is left to tell that the holy soli of Ireland
was ever trodilen by the Sassenach tyrant
and murderers; and, morover, when the
Protestant rubbers auu oriues in Ireland
shall be murdered and driven Into the sea
like the swine our Lord Jesus Christ caused
to be drowned, then we shall embark for,
aud take England, and root out every ves
tige of the accursed blood of the heretlo
adulterer, Henry VIII., and possess our
selves of the betsts who have so long kept
our Island of saints Old Ireland In the
chains of bondage, drlveu us from her shores,
exiles Into foreign lands. I will wade In the
blood of Orangemen 2nd heretics (Protest
ant) who do not join us and become our
Scotland too, having given aid and succor
to the beast, we shall live In her gore. We
shall not give up until we have restored our
holy faith all over the British Isles.
To all of this I sincerely and conscien
tiously swear with my eyes blinded, not
knowing who to me administers this oath
Oath of the Clan-na-Gael.
The following ia the oath taken by
the members of that famous Romish
Catholic society:
"I (name In full) do solemnly swear In tie
presence of Almighty God, that I will labo
while life Is left In me to establish and de
fend a republican form of government In
Ireland; that I will keep secret the names
and everything connected with the Irish
brotherhood from all not entitled to know
such secrets; that I will obey and comply
with the constitution and laws of the same,
that I will preserve the futds of this
order for the cause of Irish revolution alone
as specified In the constitution; that I will
deem It my special duty and mission to
promote and foster sentiments of union,
brotherly love, nationality, among all
Irish. 1 take this obligation without any
mental reservation, holding the same forever
binding upon me, and that any violation
H ereof, or desertion of my duty to the
brotherhood Is Infamous, and merits the
severest punishment, so help me God."
This oath the candidate is abjured to
keep at the hazzard of bis life. It was
printe I in the Chicago Inter Ocean and
was sworn to be correct at the Cronin
trial. It was reported by said paper
November 17, 1894. Priests and bishops
act as chaplains for this holy (?) order.
"Among the Oarktt."
The Land of Big Red Apples, is ai
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Extracts from United States Con
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congress upon sectarian appropriations
of national money to Indian education.,
and the vote thereon; also remarks
made respecting a requirement to teach
the English language in New Mexico
after admission to statehood, and two
separate votes rejecting such a require
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" i r
J ' Tlt
arxd Comjilete OPPOSE or the
This Book contains much valuable infor
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ham Lincoln, besides the teachings and
practices of the Roman Catholic Church.
Only One in Existence.
REV. O. E. MURRAY, A. M. B. D.
The beat collection of Patriotic Music et
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Words and Music, IOO Pages, 102 Bongs
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w .ii I)-......, ... ( u m wall i. a hv Knrnnn OfLth-
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Fifty Years
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The well known and able preacher
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Oonvent Life Unveiled."
This little work relate the bitter experience,
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heartrending scenes enacted in those sinks of
Iniquity is told In a convincing style. Fries
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ST. LOUIS points1
Tide! Oifict. I E. turner 1:1th an4 Fun. '