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HD CiemET:
14 I
UlU t
ral, a&4 4l th.i
M. I s lv. !'
4. win fta
ATT fitlimM.
Fries. I V?triii i-f i 1 a , ft
rrtf to I ft K. h 4 Jli . . .ut a
licnti : a ' Mtaf iLf tf ik. lfc
tutord by 4ucfcjr. JLWtt. (bit . ww. J
DONALD KE 'NEOY SM. I mtioottt. Minn.
A Visit of Jesus Christ
11 US
One of VICTOR HCGO'S wittiest and most
sarcastic poems, translated from tbe
t" reach ty
631 F 8tret, WASHINGTON, D. C
Christ takes a look Into the Vatican ; con
verse with one of the pope's guards and a
Single copy 10c
10 copies Hoc
Km copies t.i.00
Special prices for larger quantities.
Cure Female Complaints,
Neuralgia, Piles, Sores,
Bruises and ALL PAIN.
Into tha
ft I
Jesuit's Conspiracy vs. A.mci Icanlsni.
This was the book that the Romanists burned while in the bindery.
300 pages.
Over 100 pictures. Speeches from worthy representatives
from most of the patriotic orders.
IFniCIE: I2T CLOTH. $1.00.
A cheap paper cover edition is being prepared at 50 cents.
lor larrna t It
amp of Hi- ( r mt.
Some amusing p.fti.u! ir of tin In
vention that have l -n o i -tv.I to tha
French war o:liee since 1-71 have re
cently lxM'n published in a French
newspaper, tin- majority of which, a
cording to the Court Journal,
are aUuit tvjiiul to the !-aputau scheme
for plowing licl.K, nuu--ly, by aowin
acorns in row ami ihon turning In
pigs to root th"in up. ihi: j,',nius
t.ou;!it a put nt for the training of
squadrons of horx t!ien. TIiom) aux
iliaries were to U- f.-,l ext'lu.-ivolv on
blixkl nom-d up U noath th dolioato
epidermis of nieelmnieul tn'iires
elotluxl in tho unifot ni of m inln'i s of
the triple allianre, io that when
jolitieal relutions in Kui-oim were
btiaininl the Hies inijiht bo given daily
a little of the juieo of eertain ioi.son-
ous )ilunts, and on aetual deelaratitm
tf war bo turueU out in tho path of
the enemy. Another inirenious nerson
proiMWMd a m'hemo for educating war
Uogs. In times of Maeu he would
train French war ifogs to bitj lay
ngures wearing rruHsian helmets.
in order that on tho outbreak
of war the kennels of the whole conn
try might bo mobilized, and let lose
on tho cnemv. Then there are nu
merous proposals for bridging rivers
by means of roixs attached to cannon
oaiis, ami a pnoiograpner suggests a
novel kind of captivu shell, which,
breaking over tho fortilled position of
an enemy, would disclose a small
camera attached to a parachuto. The
enemy s fortuications would bo instan
taneously photographed and the a
paratus hauled buck by tho string ancl
the negatives develoiied at leisure.
Two ideas aro very inhiiiiian. One is
a scheme for sending large quantities
of poisoned needles, as if in charity,
to the enemy's generals, who would.
of course, distribute them to their
forces, and so poison tho unfortunate
users; and the other to chargo explo
sive bullets with iepHr. Two objeets
are pursued by the inveslor of the
K'pior its discharge would blind the
enemy and the great demand for tho
condiment in time of war woul stimu
late the trade of the French colonies
and increase tho revenue of the coun
try. There are also many other
equally absurd proposals, such as sug
gestions for making soup by machin
ery, growing potatoos on barrack
roofs in Deceinlter an 1 killing whole
army corps of Prussians by post but
they are too numerous to bo mentioned.
Was an ol.l
ht Wouldn't Mar
Will Consult Their Own Interests by Using
Lockhart's Nutritious Condiment.
Odessa, which is frequently de
scribed as tho Liverpool of Russia.
and which in point of trade and pros-
perity ranks as the most important
city of the empire, has just lieen celo- I
Orating the centennial anniversary of
I Men. I
The old gentleman hook tho water
from his palm leaf, hung up his ri
l r coat, raptcd smartly h briarwood
piW on the wood b in h, pushed a
straw through the Mem, t'lled the
IkiwI and started a wmulgo i-q.ial to a
coal pit, turned a wiil litloiu-sido up,
placed a couple of mal bags thereon,
and as he sal down, gravely remarked:
"It's a wet rain."
This sage remark having licon
adopted without a dissenting voice,
the old man continued: "I'vo yot a
sliver in one of my hands and I want
one of you fellers to get it out." at tho
same time iroduc iug an implement
which H .cured to he a cross between
a martin spiko ami a cheese knife.
The sliver having !en removed and
thrown out on the wiskI pilo for future
use, the old gent carefully wiixsl the
blade of his tool, Ix-stowing on it
an affectionate elunce or two. and
then proceeded.
Ain't it funny how some things'll
stick to yo wus n tho itch or a bad dol
lar? Now, I've had that aro .knife
nigh on to forty year. The blade was
made for me by a tramp blacksmith
and there never was a U tter piece of
siutr put into a biatlo. I ho handle
made myself from tho horn of a deer
I shot out in the swamp yonder. I've
lost it several times, but it has turnei
up again as often.
Drapiied it into tho lake onc't
through a hole in a raft of logs, but
cut it out of a big pickerel I caught
through tho ico tho next winter.
Another time I camo across an old
bear with a cub. I shot the old ono
and tried to save the young ono alive.
but the little cuss clawed and scratched
mo so I got mad and stuck tho knifo
into him 'fore I thought It must
have hurt him bad, for ho gave
powerful wrench, got away from mo
and run into the brush with the knifo
a-stickin' in him. I put a ball into
him. though, the next spring, and he
wasn t very fat, but tho knife was
there just where I'd left it.
1 he next time I lost it I'd lsien
about three miles up the river looking
ior a ilKely roll way. 1 tied mv Isiat
up to an old windfall while I ate my
luncii. i sou my kniro to cut some
meut. Stuck it into an old log. For
got it and started for homo. When
were alsnit half way down I wanted
the knife to cut sonio baccy with. It
was gone. Well, as I knowed jlst
wnero m lert it, and as the water was
smooth, I thought I'd go back and
get it. .Now, I hadn t gone moro'n
tiair a mile, when I II lie blamed If
duln t see that ar knife stuck straight
up in a pioeo of bark sailing along as
grand as could lie and a-eoming down
the river to meet me.
"les, I do sot a great sioro by
mat Kniio, out
its foundation. lluilt on territory and I must bo a-going." Forest and
ceded to Russia by Turkey in 1792, Stream.
tho foundations of the present
Purest and Best
:Horse and Cattle Food
Absolutely Free From Poisonous Matter of An1 Kind.
were taiu in im, an 1 wlien at the bo-
ginning of the century, the French
emigre, the due do Richelieu, arrived
upon the scene to assume his duties of
governor general, a post to which ho
had been appointed by Kmporor Alex
ander, there were only 400 houses and
about 6,000 inhabitants in the place.
To-day the population is over 500,000,
of whom no less than lSO.ODO aro He
brews, and there is no city in tho em
pire more bountifully endowed with
magnificent public buildings or where
the inhabitants aro possessed of
greater wealth, mostly amassed by
London, England, Glasgow, Scotland,
New York, Chicago, Omaha.
I'nthetlo Tala of a Cat.
A touching story of a rat comes
from Kickmansworth. The hero is
old and blind. He lives with his fam
ily on a sewage farm, and since he lost
the use of his eyes ho has taken his
daily airing with two of the younger
members of his family. To guard
against misadventures the three go
abreast, with a piece of stick in their
mouths, which tho youngsters use as a
tiller to steer tho blind gentleman
with. Thus fortified the alllieted rat
is enabled to take his walks over his
nativo sewage farm, crossing plunks
and eluding dogs as in the days of his
youth and vigor. Even the lady who
"cut off their tails with the carving
knife" will have no chance against the
blind rat of Kickmansworth. West
minster Gazette.
1 ha llrmarkaM lOarotrry at an -
hliotlon l Vlmina.
A di, mery was mad and has l. eii
uetiioiivtiateil at thi lt exhibition
! held in connection with, the Au-triaii
ItOI-tii'llIl uivil ut.. I ..!.... It .1 : . ..
j in lu-nnu, which is the talk
oi me capital au.l the truth of
which is vouched for by hundreds and
thousands of visitors, besides U-in
...... ... I I . ....
UH.--H-U in wruing ny uui'tei-n
trustworthy and iM-teut witneHse.
Including inemU'rs of the nritNritcv
wieiiiiMs ami physician. And this
discovery in of a nature to overthrow
all other theories alout tho olitical
constitution of 1his which may play
such a prominent part in jiolitical and
sclent me literature.
Heretofore it was looked iiMin as an
established fact, which could not I
called in question by the most skeptic
al ii.... i. .... 1
ii, mui eueii communiiy oi Keen was
distinguish.Hl by Its ultramonarchical
principles and its loyalty to one oueen.
The nieiiiliors of tho hive would never
hear of a pretender, still less of
uuumtiiuio ur iriumviraio, and any
attempt to bring alsnit such a chan -e
in their political situation would have
brought alotit a revolution. Rut tho
lawful queen herself would not allow
things to no to any such extremes.
J ho moment a rival presented herself.
he would, speaking figuratively, ut
tack her tMth ami nail, and the duel
would only end in the death of one or
oo'ii. "We have changed all that
now, the Austrian lses seems to say
10 uioir niinian visitors.
I rofcHsor Gutter of Simmering, has
exhibited a thriving hivo, tho mein
liors of which are governed conjointly
by two queens, and the lioes apparent
ly approve tho Innovation. Nav.
what is still moro remarkable, tho two
moyarchs get along most satisfactorily
and without tho slightest friction. Not
only oro thero no signs of rivalrv.
jealousy or attempt at those feminine
amenities which are tho last resort of
Cultured females of tho human
when compelled to endure the other's
society, but the two oueen lice ara
iosit i vcly affect lonah) so alTect ionato,
ndeeil, that one might lie tempted
.. , . i. .. . , .
ui nus peci mill one oi mo two was a
king in disguise, If such a hypothesis
were not, rendered absolutely untona
mo ny the strongly accentuated
physiological characteristics of tho
queen bee.
One of the greatest authorities on
apiculture.Dr. Dzlcrzon, whoso name is
favorably known throughout tho world
in connection with several ingenious
uventions for tho comfort of bees, sat
for hours at a stretch obsorvinsr tho
conduct of the two queens. They a p-
proucri eacn oilier trom time to timo
without the slightest antipathy, and
on two or three occasions actually
caressed eacn other most tender v and
then separated quietly and peacefully,
followed by their devoted suit, l'ro-
icsKor dafter received tho first
prize for his sensational exhibit.
which is attracting crowds to tho boo
show, and the members of tho horti
cultural societies of Vienna aro proud
to think that no such extraordinary
sM'ciaeie as mis was ever witnessed
or recorded in the history of bees.
l he document drawn up. signed and
duly attested, will be preserved In one
or the museums of icnna, and copies
oi it sent to ameu tural wni'iel ah
throughout the world. "
Monry Thrown Away at Panama.
The great De Lesseps Panama ditch
is a melancholy wreck. The wharves
are falling into the water and acres of
machinery aro rusting to dissolution.
On the isthmus are nearly 1,0 X) miles Very Comcientious,
oi stoei track with locomotives and A quiei, nice man had opened an
thousands of dump-carts, now half . undertaker's shop in a Western town.
hidden in tho tropical growth. Sev- an,l about the second day after, tho
enty-six great steam shovels stand bully of the burg called on him and
side by side in the excavation buried Insulted him grossly. An hour later
WhrrrTbey Will (;.
KiLVMt Ckkkk. Neb., Nov. 21, ISOI.
- Fdltor The Amujk an-I). ar Sir: I
cannot for the life of me see why it Is
that ix tne of our Protestant jswiple will
say that the lion an Catholic church Is
asgd as any other church. I think
they bad better read ancient hUtory a
little niore and se who aie the leaders
of the Kiiiu.o Catholic c huu h. They
aie the Jtsults, and they (Jesuits) dare
not abide by the laws of our free Amer
ica. Tt.ey swear by Almighty G d
that thy will exterminate all heretics
and their laas. Who Is the ProU slant,
knowlrg this, tbatwculd, vote for one
controlhd hy them?
Here Is a hit of LUtory which will lie
good for thwe to read who have the
book. Get the 1'iiiorial JIMoty oftht
M'ortd, writter by James I). MtCabo.
On page 4kH jcu find a Spanish soldier,
Ignatius Lojola by name, was the in
stigator of the Society of Jesus, by the
pcrmlsskn if Pope Paul III. Itsdls-
tlngulshlng hat una weio abtolute de
votion to the popo and unhesitating
oliedience to its superiors through all
varieties of fortune, In exile and im
prisonment, and ivm in dissolution.
Their oath of unlrqulrlng, unhecltating
obt dieneo to tho papal command has
never been broken.
There Is nothing to low and degraded
as the Jesuits, und still there are thou-
sandsof dgnorant, superstitious, Itoman
Catholics who believe that what they
Jesuits lay Is gospel truth. I5ut they
are going the road that leads to hades,
and If there Is a ploco that Is lower
than ? that,; all the pritttB und tho
Jesuits will go to it.
C l r An A. P. A.
Samples of tho Anierirnn Vitizen IAb-
rartf may be seen at this ofllce. The
price is 92 00 a year, for 12 numbers
12 books. In all.
If you desire to assist the cause sub
scribe for Tn k American.
J Errors of Youth.!
40 Nervous Dummy, YoniMnl
J tortiscietions, Lost Maobood,
Muty men, friwi the rffW-u of ymittttul Impru-
f rjm, tiiv bnruKht 'Hit att ut wi-nkitf0
mat " rnmiTu mr Ri-iit-rpi vbm-iii m mum w
Indutw aliiKiKt rvrry otln-r uiB4iipj md Hit mlf
riiiN (if lti tntuhif wiirrt'ly rf Im iii(( auaiwcti'ij,
t ihff ri Ixturtl for everything but thi ri(iit one. W
Ourliiff uiir r-1 ten iv rnllfKt'M litwintal iinK-tii
t we have (iitrnvt-ml nw aid f4inoi-tttrmt J rfitir- V
.diet. '1'lie ('roinmiiy iug irt-i-riilioii is dtti-rwl am
' U I'KKTAIN A N 11 MI'fKHV I K B, hundri 'li ut w
. heving Im-pii n-stitml to jwrtt'd ttt-alth hy Mi A
uceintrall oihrr rvnmiw Itnlfil iVrfntlr nurt
MltrHlirnta inutl tv umiI in the .reritiou uf I tin 0
' K K.rrthronylon rom. (Jrtrhm, 0
. Jtriibetun, I ilrarhiii. A
' Hclrinia llioira, drv-tim, V
' f it. liriti tn ii ran (W",'pi, S grain!.
i f'tl. liMam(ra, Vw-ruplr.
'ilyceniif, u. .
0 M.karti rtiiu 'IshK I pill illnm., and another V
k on iroinfr to bed I hte rftiteily I adaitfd to evrry
( trtkimi In eiltipr st, ami nfier tally in ttiuf W
I raw multitifi ftotn itiirinnl-inf. 'I lit- rfcurwraliv
" piwr of thta rt'storadvf an astonishing, and its w
u eonlliiuvd for a stmrt tnnerltaiiitt'fl tte laiifriiitl. a
' d'hilttatet, nerveleaa ctiiiditlor tu one uf rtiwwed
k life and ?i (or. m
To thot ho rmh pn frr to obtain It of ut, by w
remitting $, a salt-d wi ka(r coiitamg Hit nil la, A
rarefiiliT rompouiidrd. will ti ar-nt by mail from
) our private laboratory, or w a lii furtuth H park A
jim. wlm-h will i-.!r it.., at iaa fur kS Alt 11,.
0 t acridly eonfldnUial.
wrw runi ivrt MrniriT. ranTiTnTP
nun linuijoiiu iiiuuiuuu uiuiiiviui
IX I ramonf NOW,DOIton, Mttl. gji
in luxuriant vegetation, so that only
the giant arms stand up aliove the
green. While 200 locomotives have
been housed, it is estimated that nine
tenths of the millions squandered on
this prodigious enterprise is going to
waste. Much of the excavated land
has teen washed back Into its original
Xeitroe I loi-klii j to Knlanil.
Tho Westminster Gazette calls at
tention to the fact, upon the authority
of Consul General Patrick Collins, that
negroes are flocking to Kngland in
great numliers. The steamship com
panies confirm Mr. Collins' statements,
and add that nearly all the wealthy
colored folks are seeding their sons to
LEAVING investigated this Horse and Cattle Food, and having
J become convinced that it was superior to any preparation
on the market today, I have consented to take the general agencj
for the Middle and Western States. It is now being used bv
many of the leading horse and cattle men, some of whom testify P,a,T, an1 th(r ",l oat s,?r 011 the faw of
. . ' J the Panama isthmus is rapidly fading
to its worm ana money-saving qualities. Among tne number from view. Springfield Republican.
who have endorsed it may be mentioned: Robert Bonner, Esq.,
of the New York Ledger; William Lockhart, Esq., Veterinery
Surgeon; Dan Mace, the famous trainer and driver, and H. E
Bonner, Esq., Veterinary Surgeon, all of New York; II. M.Hosicl
& Co., Tallow, Hides and Wool; The Lincoln Park Commissioners
John Ford, Metropolitan Market; Armour & Co., Packers; Miller
& Armour, Packers; J. C. Pennoyer & Co., Teaming; Gen. Tor-
rrnifA' Lincoln Teft fin A. TT RfiVfcll: William Thnmnonn Trn On .
n To.Kn,. n T,Q . V v tjj ti.. study law, medicine or art in London.
t V.' , . , V 7, ' "V. lttCKm? Mostof these people are West Indian
negroes and not Afro-Americans. 'I"he
wealthy Afro-Americans send their
sons to lie educated at Harvard. Yale
and Ols'i'lin. and only in isolated cases
do they send them to Kurope.
n Hip Country.
They had but recently been married
and the young husband was airing his
wit before his bride. An old deaf
man, unknown to the bride was pass
ing. :-I say, said the husband, ad
dressing the old man, "you old bald
headed idiot, did you know your hat
wasn't on straight?" '-Why Charlie?"
interrupted the bride. "Good even
ing, said the old man. halting, and
unconscious of the insult; "may I ask
if you saw a big red calf come alon
v.:. l . .. i i ..
viio niai a iiiuimu or iwu ago. l ve
lost sight of him, but I thought J
heerd him holler." Life,
insulted him
the undertaker called on a friend for
"That tough, Hill Slug," ho said,
"came into my place awhile ago and
called me a liar."
"Why didn't you shoot him?'' was
tho prompt inquiry.
"I didn't like to," he said diilidently.
'Why not?"
"Aw, well," he hesitated, "I kinder
thought people might say I done it for
business purposes only."
Co.; Thos. J. Lipton & Co., Packers, and others, of Chicago.
This Condiment is recommended by a dairyman who savs
his cows gave one-third more milk while he used it during the
i ti : i ii. i. i :u n i .
winter, ii is jusi tne siuii 10 uuiiu up an siock, ana is a great
feed-saver on account oi its nutritious qualities.
Price per Barrel (iou pounus) SI 1.00
100 Pounds 8.00
60 Pounds 5.00
25 Pounds ; 3.00
Sample Package Containing 8 Pounds 1,00
Send in a Trial Order.
If vou use it once you will never be without
it. Address,
Care American Publishing Co.
Manklnil'K Kmlurance.
An old newspaper published in Bos
ton has a notice of the marrian-o of
Captain Thomas ISaxtcr of Quincy and
Miss Whitman of Hridgewater, on l)o
cemlier 1G, 7s, "after a long and
tedious courtship of forty-eight years,
which both sustained with uncommon
Hie Soul of Aaron Iturr.
When the timid colonial clergymen
were afraid ;o criticise Aaron Burr's
treason, they asked Lorenzo Dow
what he thought of Burr's meanness.
He raised both hands like a great V
and shouted: "Aaron Burr, mean!
Why, I could take tho little end of
nothing whittled down to a isiint,
punch out the pith of a hair, and put
in 40,000 such traitor soul9 as his,
shake 'em up, and they'd rattle. "
4 n ImpreKfllon.
The reed bird, delicate and delicious,
lay supine on a bit of toast, when
Uncle Caleb from Xew Jersey sat
"Are you fond of the little fowl?"
asked the hostess.
"Well," he replied, "ez fur taste,
they're tine. But ez fur 'pcaranee, I
must say they 'mind mo of a mosqui
ter growed up "
Surrllloe (he l int.
He had lieen working all tho wintei
in i, a, inauo in mo orass Hand as a
cornet-player, and just as his hopes
seemed to bo on the verge of fulfil
ment she met him on his way home
from the postofllce, and, linkinir her
hand within his arm, walked on in
silenco until they reached tho poplar
waiK. j nere stie stopisxl in the lon
shadows and said: "George, I wish
you wouldn't play the cornet in tho
new band." "Why not?" said he,
surprise:!. "It is a place of honor, and
I get, a great deal of attention by it.
dear. "les, I know," she said coax-
Ingly. "It, is n'c,! to have you noticed
by every one, ami all that, hut
She paused and hung her curly head a
little lower. Hut what?" said he
sharply. "Blowing the cornet makes
manes tier voice sank to a
A Solid Town
No hank fnlliir-a In lSW 'Kl or -W. firow.
In spit of (It preHlnn of liitrtl IIiiipd. Kor
SfeullHr reason and clrcuuial.anrra a resl
nt. of Kort Smith di'Klrcn to exchange a
f;ood rpslilencp and lUHlmsN houm in corner
ota. faelnit each other five blocks from hua
Inena street, one block from the Hi nt school
In tbe st.-tte: on street our line: fitter and
ewer connection ; cottaxe plu "Is I for gas;
new culture, ft room, clean and newly
painted; more room on corner 20x50 feet,
with three rooimi lBxlfl: well and water con
nection; one If)x3 butcher shop. Here Is
bargain for a man who wants a home and
good business stunil. I'rlce f.'.ISi0. Kor par
tin ilars call on or write Hahhy H. Hinds,
t05-S07 Main street, Kansss city. Mo.
store occupied, doing a good business.
Foxe's Book of Martyrs.
A large qmirto ir-iluine of 1,100 doubls
column pi:es. and Is a standard work
In every particular. Cloth, 12.50. sent
by express.
pouting whisper. -Makes the lips so LeCaron the Spy-
still and hard! George has decided , '
not to
lie the cornet-player in the
Ion Had.
"Good gracious, Mandy!" exclaimed
Josiah, as they approached the church
door. "We can't get married thare.
See that notice on the tree by the
door?" And Amanda slowly spelled
out the notice: "D-o n-o-t h-i-t-c-h
h-e-r-e." Truth.
A Ictlm of
-Habits are
hard things to
Maud Yes, indeed. There is Min
nie Sereleaf, who formed tho habit of
being Tl some years ago and has
never broken it yet. London Tit-Bits.
V underfill ,tt roil I c!c rhoe.
I here are some remarkable echoes
in the wood encircled Adirondack
lakes. A single whoop will In- tossed
about a doen times from a bit of
woodland edging the lake, and when
the last echo seems to have died away
some more distant woodland will sud
denly take up the call with increased
loudness, and the sound will at length
fade out in extreme distance. Tho
nearer echoes seemed to lie tilled with
the inexpressible freshness of the
woodland, and it is hard to Indie ve
that the sound is mere airy mimicry
01 the human voice.
1 lie liupiuleiit Weasel.
Impudence seems to be the leading
characteristic with the weasel in his
relations with man. Perhaps the
creature has conlidenee that his long.
slender Isxly can always be snatched
away into safety lie fore the oiniinary
human being can do him harm. At
any rate, the weasel will coolly sit in
the chink of a stone wall and watch
tne doings ot men within a stones
throw of his asylum, and after nisrht-
iau me is-ast win crawl about fear
lessly within a yard or two of any
human being that may approach its
I ret Land of the South.
The South contains over L'00,000,
000 acres of foivst land over one-half
of tho woodland area of tho L'nited
States. iShe has almost an endless va
riety, so far as quality is concerned.
There aro nearly 6,000 saw mills ia
operation, employing over 74,000
hands. The output of tho planing
mills in mO was f-.'-J, 000,000.
Gives a h'story of the Fenian raids on
Canada, and a complete expose of thelf
plots again the British government.
Paper, 50 cents.
The Assassination of Lincoln
Is an Intensely Interesting volume,
written by T. M Harris, one of the mil
itary commission which tried the as
sassins. Cloth. 1 2.50.
Plain Talk About Romanism
of Today
By Uev. Hugh Montgomery, This little
work Is by no means uninteresting. It
draws a comparison between popery
and Protestantism, and contains much
historical Information. Price In paper
cover, 50 cents.
"Convent Life Unveiled."
This little work relate the bltterexuerlenca
of a young lady who was Induced through tha
cunning of the Jesuits aad the Sisters of
Charity to enter a convent. Her story of the
heartrending scenes enacted In those sinks of
Iniquity is told In a convincing style, fries
In cloth 11.25. sent postpaid by
Howard t . OMAHA. Nil
Secrets of Romish
Priests Exposed.
Price 40 Censt.-
Price 50 Cents.
Kev. Joseph Slatterv Is the author of both
of the above books. They are Just what the
titles Indicate, and are printed In food, clean
type and bound In paper covers. Sent by ex
press or mall. Address.
ISI5 Howard Street. Omaha, Neb.
SOTMaln St.. Kansas City, Mo.
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