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W. C. KKI.I VY. HuUm MnT.
0111(1'.: H'.li Howard Street,
Omaha, iliraka.
.uW-rtutlon, Per Ve-r t' )
Ml Month I '
- Tlirvo Month. W
I IVulot one year, prr Copy
10 ' ' " 1 '
, I
(J, .. I
Th ntniv rnlr U) clulw r good only
wbrn full nmuU-r, and ch for tiie, ac
Coii.pimy order
Kemlt y draft, f prtiiriMwUiffli,momj
cr.irr. p.yabln to Amukuam Pmusmwu
V.I& H.iwuM Hiiwkinha. Nt.
liiHiin &. Hfi Mnlu Mrwi, KnuannC Ity, Mil.
Uimiiii 11. NuiiliriMt t urner Uaiidolph auU
Clark StrwW.t'litc.KH, 111.
air Tin Ahkhu-am IHTHlCHAHriOltOr AIX
Colorado has placed herself In Une
by electing majority of Americana to
Kansas City, Kas., has broken the
record and placed none but Americana
on guard.
Missouri, an a state, has brokon
every previous record by plucing three
fourth of all the Important offices on
an American base. Hurrah for old
LKTTKKS have been received from
dozens of town in Missouri, saying:
"We've pot them," and stating that
many members of the A. P. A. have
been placed in ofllco.
The Journal says that "the people of
Missouri are through with voting
their prejudices. Hereafter they will
vote in the Interests of their business
and for sound American principles."
Ouit Friend Holden has removed his
family and his plant from Duluth to
Galosburg, 111., from which point he
sends out his vigorous exponent of
Americanism Lilierty to his patrons
and friends. May It live long to work
for the right.
FOR the second time In fifteen months
Judge E. R. Duftle has been appointed
to the district bench by Gov. Crounso.
Juutre Duffle is an able lawyer, a
thorough American and a faithful
friend. Ho merits the honor, and will
be a credit to the bench.
The Cairo, 111., IHtiiy liulktm says,
"the A. P. A. did It; the niggers went
back on us; New York has gone to the
devil; Connecticut right after; Minne
sota not far behind; Wh-eonsin In the
rear; others following; Alexandor
county busted; Pat Mahoney defeated;
Sidney B. Miller (Protestant) elected
Its awful!" And then It continues its
sad refrain.
One of our friends down in Ne York
says: "We (the A. P. A.) arranged
yesterday for the absolute prohlbitioa
the appropriation ot public money
lor sectarian Bchools, We defeated
Tammany, the most iniquitious polltl
cat organization that ever disgraced
American politics; we defeated Hill,
who stood for un-American sentiments.
What more do you want?"
Some ot our Irish Catholio friends in
Omaha threaten to go straightway into
the Republican party, because the
Democrats have failed to provide office
for them. Archbishop Ireland advised
them to divide up long ago. It is doubt
ful if this change of front will be effeC'
tive. The Protestant people have found
out that Roman Catholics will vote only
ior itoman uatnoncs or their tools, no
matter what party they are in. Eta
sides, under the primary election rules
in Omaha there are some conditions
precedent to becoming a voter in the
councils of the Republican party.
LAST wt ek we were away from the
city when the account of the election
was written up and published in The
American. By an oversight no men
tion was made of Beecher Higby'i
merited victory over Jack Evans for
the city clerkship. But Beech knows
how pleased we were, and his many
friends already know he got more votes
than all the other candidates together
so it is cot necessary for us to say very
much, except that his election was
distinctively A. P. A. victory, for his
opponent denied being a member of the
order and he admitted his connection
with it.
One thing must bo said of the Ro
man Catholic hierarchy. It is a busi
ness institution, and it's agents are
captains in the art of getting together
the sinews of political warfare. Truck
ling non-Catholic politicians who in
stinctively detest the history of Roman
ism, who know that it Is hostile to
liberty and a menace to the institutions
of America, know on which side their
bread is buttered. This is why there
is a junta of schemers in Douglas county,
recreant to their natural allegiance,
and yenally false to the principles of
free government. Fortunately their
number is limited and their power
iiht in the state of
Nebraska cor ceded. Ut week, the elec
tion of Silas A. Holcomb, as governor.
Among the few which did not, Thk
American may be numlwred. This
week it not only claims that Majors was
honestly and fairly elected; that he had
votes enough; but that a gigantic
schema was put In operation by bis r
onal enemies to steal the state and de
prive him of the honor the people had
so gladly bestowed upon him.
From every section of the state comes
proof of Irregularities, and downright
violation of the Australian ballot law.
Votes cat for Thomas J. Majors have
not been counted, and votes cast for blm
have been counted for the other fellow.
Flection lioards have been packed with
the tools of his enemies, and In some
eases they have utterly failed to comply
with the letter or the spirit of the elec
tion law. Hal lots have been taken from
the ballot boxes and placed In a judges
pocket, and afterwards brought out and
counted, while In one or more precincts
ballots which should have been counted
for Majors have been torn up des
troyed so that no trace of them can be
found. Besides these Instances of law
lessness and attempts at fraud, there
aro numerous instances whero the spirit
of the election law has been violated by
the use of money, and tho coercion of
voters through fear of loss of otllclal
But theso are not all the grounds on
which we have to base a claim that
Thomas J. Majors was lawfully and le
gally elected governor of Nebraska.
Every elector who knows anything at
all about the state knows that thousands
of voters have left the "sand hills," yet
the returns from that section, on their
face, Indicate as many votes in that
section this year as there wore one year
ago. This is either an error or a gigan
tic attempt to steal the state from the
Republicans. If It Is a mistake Mr.
Holcomb and his friends should be wil
ling and anxious to have it rectified,
but If It Is a trick of unprincipled and
unscrupulous political mountebanks,
every Individual connecieu wun u
hould be prosecuted and punished to
tho full extent of the law.
And Mr. Majors has a duty to per
form. It Is not to allow this election to
go uncontested, lie owes li to nis
friends and to the Republican party to
demand his rights. He owes It to his
political enemies to show them that an
honest expression of public opinion at
the ballo box is sacred, but that a dis
pones; or a fraudulent expression will
be opposed and unmasked regardless of
time, cost or convenience. This is
what his friends expect of him. This
is what the 97,000 voters of Nebraska
the second lartrest vote that was ever
cast for a single candidate for gov
ernor who said by their votes that ho
was their choice, this Is what they ex-
pect him to do, and unless we are mis
taken in him that is what he will do.
Majors was elected. Ho was elected
In spite of tho damnable warfare of the
Omaha Ike, in spite of fusion, in spite
of the solid Roman Catholic vote, and
In spite of glaring frauds and unneces-
sary 11 not intentional misiaKes, ana
every one of his friends who knows of
any irregularity being practiced in any
precinct should forward Information of
the same to this office wl hout delay.
If Thos. J. Majors will stand for his
rights and tho rights of the Republican
party and the Protestant wing of the
Democratic party, we shall lend him
all the help we can, and we expect
Americans everywhere to back up this
attempt to secure a fair count of the
vote cast at the last election. What do
you know about your precinct?
A. P. A.
The last lecture delivered by Prof,
David Swing, of Chicago, was on the
subject of the great railway strikes of
the past summer. He was regarded by
many as one of the most conservative
and at the same time one of the wisest
and most penetrating of men. He
poke from the scene of the terrible
conflict where men were maimed and
killed and where millions upon mil
lions of dollars worth of property
were destroyed. During the course of
his remarks he said: "Not since 1860
has the 6ky been so dark as it is today
What saved the country from a great
calamity last July was the fact that the
school house, the church and the press
of the last fifty years, had quietly
created an intelligence large enough to
stand between the people and their
Prof. Swing is dead, and his memory
because of his works, is entitled to all
charity. He will be remembered for
his tenderness of feeling and his broad
humanity. These characteristics over
powered his judgment and led him to
wrong conclusions. The lecture from
which we quote took no account of the
element of Romanism in the great
strikes. He sought to solve the strained
condition of affairs by dwelling upon
the relations of capital and labor and
was apparently oblivious to the fact
that in the great social commotion
about which he was discoursing, the
chief element of deviltry was the Ro
man Catholic church, with its emis'
saries. The American does not claim
that all who participated in that strike
were Roman Catholics, but we assert
that theleaders.from President Eugene
V. Debs down were the tools of the Ro
Nearly every
man machine. The prueldcnWof nearly
II the subordinate lodge were Romans,
nd tho powers that manipulated the
trtke wei-e controlled by them just as
as been the case with most if not all
the strikes In America for many years
pa ft.
The American Protective Associa
tion, with It 4,000,000 sympathetic
oters would never have been poaeibie
if there had not existed grave and
thicatenlng evils from a violation of
one of the principles on which our gov
ernment is founded, namely, the com
plete separation of church and state.
Ivoman Catholic priests and editors
have sought by getting up feuds be-
ween capital and labor, to hold the
Votestant element of the working eo-
lo In lino with the plans of tbelr
church, when another policy Is not
thought more advantageous, and the
A. P. A. has even been accused by them
of iH'lng an instrument in the hands of
capital to discriminate against the
toilers of America. But this charge is
impotent. Tho laboring men of this
country have learned In countless
strikes that they cannot depend upon
the Roman Catholics to hold out. They
have been betrayed so often that they
have found the reason, and that Is why
the ranks of the A. P. A. arc made up of
the hard working sons of America
who believe that no solution to the
questions arising between capital and
labor can be effected so long as priests
can Darter and sou ana compromise,
1th both sides to a controversy. They
are men who love their country and
whose lives are ready to preserve it,
and they have united themselves to
gether In a patriotic organization
hich seeks to perpetuate American
Institutions and ultimately effect the
assimilation of all elements of our peo
ple. The A. P. A. loves justice and
would promote prosperity. It favors
economic progress and industrial re
form. It ho'ics that the day may come
when every American home will again
resound with the mirth and music of
plenty, and when good order and peace
shall abide in every neighborhood.
The sooner the Roman Catholics of
America realize that they must take
their church out of politics, and like
the patriotlo and courageous Catholic
Polanders, renounce the church gov
ernment where ever it conflicts with
American Interests, the sooner will
there be a united public sentiment to
correct the admitted evils of legislation.
So long as Roman Catholic leaders like
Debs entrap people into rebellion
against the federal government, and
bluntly advise their subordinates to pay
no attention to the injunctions of our
courts; so long as the enemies of all
government take advantage of labor
troubles to destroy property to the
value of millions of dollars, the cause of
Industrial progress is hampered.
It was the principles for which the
A. P. A. stands that prevented a great
revolution in 1894. Those principles
were endorsed by the voters of this
country on November 6th, partly be
cause of tho great railroad strikes of
the summer.
The supreme court of Pennsylvania
handed down a decision in the case of
John Hyson et al. vs. School District of
GalliUln borough et al. November 12.
The opinion was. delivered by Justice
Dean, part of which was as follows:
The bill was filed to restrain the
school directors of Gallitzin borough
from permitting sectarian teaching in
the common schools of the borough, and
from employing as teachers, sisters or
members of the order of St. Joseph, a
religious soclet of the Catholic church
As to the fact admitted that of teachers
six of them were sisters of a religious
order of the Catholic church, and
while teaching, wore the habit of their
order, the learned judge of the court
below says: "We conclude, as to this
branch of the case, that in the absence
of proof that religious sectarian instruc
tion was imparted by them during
school hours, or religious sectarian ex-
erclses engaged in, we cannot restrain
by injunction members of the order of
Sisters of St. Joseph from teaching in
the public schools in the garb of that
order, nor the school directors from em
ploying or permitting them to act In
that capacity." This legal conclusion
is reached after a very able and impar-
tial opinion, in which the facts are
reviewed and the law bearing on the
question very fully cited The opinion
is so convincing that it seems to us it
must compel the assent of the unpre
judiced mind, whether of layman or
lawyer. In thus expressing our full
accord with the learned president,
judge of the court below, we intimate
no opinion as to the wisdom or unwis
dom of the action of the school board in
electing six Catholic school teachers,
members of an exclusively religious
In the sixt years of existence of our
present school system, this is the first
time this court has been asked to de
cide, as a matter of law, that it Is see
tarian teaching for a devout woman to
appear in a school room In a new dress
peculiar to a religious organization of
a christian church. We decline to do
so; the law does not say so. After the
most careful consideration we see noth
iiig of merit lu any of the assignments
of error which have been so earnestly
pressed in the argument. The decree
is affirmed and apptal dismissed at
cosU of apiellanU.
Justice Williams banded down the
minority dissenting opinion.
During the lasi election, hundreds
of these cards were used in the city of
disabled voter's card.
I am a disabled Democratic voter, I
an neither read nor write English, I
eslre Mr , one of the
members of the Election Board, to
make out my ticket; and I want to vote
for following candidates:
'or Governor: Silas A. Holcomb,
For Lieut. Gov.: James N. Gaftin,
For Sec'y of State: Francis I. Ellick,
For Auditor: Jno. W. Wilson,
'or Treasurer: G. A. Luikart,
ForSupL Pub. Ins: Wm. A. Jones,
For Att'y Gan'l.: Daniel B. Carey,
For Com. Pub. Lands: Sidney J. Kent,
and the Democratic Congressional,
Senatorial, County, City and School
Board ticket.
This suggests the necessity of a
hange In the Australian ballot law.
It shows that no man should be allowed
to vote who cannot read and write the
English language. Such a law is in
force In California. It would work
here. 1 Besides, the perpetuity of our
government depends upon the educa
tion of its citizens. An lgaorant voter
is a constant menace to our form of gov
ernment, and the sooner this is realized
tho better off will the country be.
Mrs. Waito, the wife of Colorado's
eccentric governor, In an interview last
Tuesday, abused most shamefully the
good women who went to the polls and
voted against the Populist party. She
wound up her talk with a bit of in
formation which is certainly an error,
as the Republican ticket was the A. P.
A. ticket. But this is what she said:
"Then I was disappointed in the
Catholic vote, for that went right
against us. I know it to be a fact that
only two or three days before the elec
tion Bishop Matz received a check for
$50,000 from Archbishops Ireland and
Corrlgan, with secret instructions to
innuence tho Catholio vote for the Re
publicans. They don't care anything
about what is going on here for they
live east and are controlled by Wall
street and the gold bugs."
IIartington, Neb., October 30, 1894.
American Publishing Co., Omaha,
Neb. Gentlemen: The tickets were
received last night all O.K. I must
say that you have done me a good job,
and that, too. with a promptness that I
had not looked for. Accept my thanks
and assurance that should I have oc
casion to again call on you, I shall be
only too happy to do so. Plea e return
copy of both the county and precinct
tickets, and also the state ticket which
I forwarded you yesterday. Yours re
spectfully, E. BORDWELL.
It IS currently reported that Priest
John Jeannette has discontinued teach
ing the catechism in his church. It is
also currently reported that Hugh
Murphy sent one of his little children
to the priest to ask how children attend
ing the public schools were to receive
religious Instruction. The priest is
said to have patted the child on the
head as he told it he d.'d not know. Mr.
Murphy sends his children to the public
schools, and he believes this move is
made to force him to take them out
and send them to the sectarian school,
but he proposes to retaliate by with
drawing his support from the church,
until such time as the priest concludes
to teach the catechism to children at
tending the public schools. If this is
true he deserves n little praise. His
stand is not alone for the benefit of his
own children, but of those also of other
Roman Catholics, who cannot afford to
patronize a private school. It is more,
it is for the benefit of the country, for
it teaches his children that they are
independent of the priesthood. Mr.
Murphy is considered rich and quite
Influential, and it may be the priest
will hasten to remove the restrictions
so far as they relate to Murphy's child
Henry Rohlff's friends in the
Second ward are well satisfied with
their work In defeating Thomas Flynn
for the city council. So long as Roman
Catholic politicians of the Jacob Burk
hard and Gus. Louks stripe manipulate
German Catholic benevolent societies
against Protestant German citizens and
in favor of Irish Romanists, there will
be need of a retaliatory spirit such as
Rohlff showed. The work of the Cath
olic societies against Rohlff is now we'l
The pope has confided to Satolli that
Peter's pence is falling off, and suggests
that he devise some scheme to increase
the generosity of the faithful. Come,
now, you slaves, put up your hard
earned dollars; the pope is starving to
death. He only has an income of
little more than $.3,000,000 a year, while
you well, you probably have $500 in
good times, or 1350 such times as these
Bv all means, be more liberal. Don't
starve the "old bag of bones" to death
The American Protective Associa
tion stands for good government. It
will assist any movement that houestly
looks to an improvement in any department.
And That Hay Was at the A. I. A.
Nashua, N. U. The A. P. A. largely
entered into the contest and probably
defeated D. F. Uealy, Republican can
didate for sheriff. Toe struggle for
his election was a bitter one.
MlLFORD, N. H. D. F. Healy, con
didate for sheriff, was defeated by over
3o0. The A. P. A., which Is strong,
did it.
Cambridge. We have gained a com
plete victory having carried our men
in every ward in the city redeeming
Ward 2 and defeating two of the recog
nized opponents of the A. P. A. Dal
llnger, Fillmore, Hlgglng, Spaulding,
Durant, etc. etc., elected. G. W. C.
Canton. Our victory Is complete in
this Democratic town. Republican for
the first time In many years. Congress
man Morse away ahead of his previous
record. Hallelujah! R. J. M.
Bkooklise. The contest in this
town centered In the election of our
representative. The friends of true
patriotism, with entire unanimity of
action, rallied to the support of the
present lneumbent-the Republican
nomine a clean, honorable, straight
forward American. One year ago,
after a sharp battle, we elected him by
one vote; this year we return him with
a majority of 497. COREY HlLL.
Cambridge. Our victory In Cam
bridge needs no explaining. If that
Post reporter (?) who visited the A. P.
A. Is snowed in this morning, some of
the home council have kindly volun
teered to help dig him out. C.
Newuuryport. We have elected
two friends as representatives by about
400. M.
Keene, N. II. We have elected Re
publican representatives in every ward
but Ward 5 that has always been
strongly Roman Catholic; but by the
effort made by one of our number, it
has been to close this year that there
was no choice yesterday. Those elected
were not all friends, but, as we believe,
good patriotic men. We clain a share
of the victory. B.
Denver, Colo. Colorado Republican
state and county ticket elected by large
majjrities. Every A. P. A. candidate
in Arapahoe county and on state ticket
elected. Organization successful in
every locality in which it has a council.
Denver American.
Milwaukee, Wis. Wherever issue
made, Americans won throughout Wis
consin. Straight ticket in Milwaukee.
Carried county by about 8,000 plurality.
Friends elected congressman and full
county ticket. Here, also, in Winne
bago county, anti-A. P. A. Peck for
governor defeated by about 56,000.
A. C. Macrorie.
Louisville, Ky. Victory crowns
the banner of the A. P. A. Congress
man Montgomery voted for $400,000
Roman Catholic appropriation. He is
defeated. Following men, the choice
of the A. P. A., are elected: Col. Wal
ter Evans for congress, over McDer-
mott (Romanist) 4,330; Richie for county
judge, over Judge Hoke, who denounced
the A. P. A., 1,9.10; J. C. Hood, coroner
(O. K.); H. H. McCulloch for tax re
ceiver, over Shelly (Romanist), 2,127;
Merriweather for assessor, over Burke
(Romanist), 3,140. Rascality and fraud
practiced in Interest of Romanists in
vain. For facts and figures see next
issue of Freedom's Bmner.
James W. Givan, G. M.
New York. Hillism crushed be
neath the heel of an enraged populace
It is a revolution by the people. It is
not a Republican party triumph. The
best of the Democrats helped, and by
their votes and their- best papers did
noble work. The A. P. A. did their
duty. The Republican press and poli
ticians should be just and truthful, giv
ing credit to all who helped them.
W. S. Tisdale.
Cincinnati, O. All right. Every'
thing gone 6ir way.
Geo. W. Bateman.
St. Louis, Mo Went A. P. A.
Elected every man where we had i
choice on either old party ticket.
II. G. Beedle.
Minneapolis, Minn. We are vic
torious. No Romanists elected to state
offices. City and county same. Very
few Romish legislators. Ona Romish
aldermaa. Wild enthusiasm. "Shake."
Loyal American.
West Superior, wis. Great vic
tories all along the line, in spite of a
most bitter and malignant fight by the
opposition. D. is. uheney
What Minnesota Friends Did.
Duluth, Minn., Nov. 10, 1894:
It Is so soon tli at I am done for,
I wonder what I was bet?un for.
While the results of the recent elec
tion were not entirely satisfactory to
the A. P. A., yet they are satisfied
with the strength shown by them. Out
of the whole ticket elected in St. Louis
county but one Romanist was elected
On the state ticket, headed by Hon
Knute Nelson, NOT ONE Romanist
was to be found. To save space, the
story will be told as briefly as possible
The Democratic candidates stood
upon a platform denouncing the A. P,
A., while the Republicans and Popu
lism said nothing that was unfriendly
to the order, either in their platform
or on the stump. The A. P. A., there
fore, did nothing more than work for
the defeat of the Democratic ticket.
This they did. , The Republicans came
in first, Populists second, and Demo-
rats a miserable third. O, what a de-
eat It was. This poor Rome-ridden
Hlitical machine did not receive half
the votes polled by the Populists.
The total vote cast In St. Louis
county for congressman was 13,000;
Towne (Rep.) got about 7,500; Holver
son (Pop.) 3,.')00 and Baldwin (Dem.)
Judge Lewis, who sentenced Fr. Jim
Connelly to twenty years in the peni
tentiary, received more votes than his
competitors put together.
The sane figures will apply to the
vote for governor, Nelson receiving
from 40,000 to 5),0U0 plurality in the
state. Becker (Dem.) ran way behind
his ticket.
The returns show that the A. P. A.
acted - non partisan throughout the
campaign. Further than laboring for
the defeat of the Rome-ridden Demo
cratic party, their votes went, as a
whole, to no party.
Bishop McGolerlck did not come
home from his eastern trip to work and
vote for the party clamoring for the
holy Roman vote. It was a mean trick
indeed, and may be resented In some
future caucus.
To make a long story short, Rome's
servants are now all out of office, and
we look for more patriotic legislation
in the near future. Zenith.
Holy Water, CoufcKMunal Buses,
Images at Doiicaster.
The Doncaster CArontcie, of Saturday
last, 6ays:
"Further innovations in the direction
of Romanism have been introduced Into
this church (Christ Church, Doncaster).
Recenty a shrine with a painting of the
Madonna and child and lights was
placed on the south-side of the chancel
entrance, and within the last week an
Image of the virgin and child has been
substituted for the picture, which has
been hung against one of the pillars on
the north side. As if this were not
enough the vicar has introduced a cou
ple of confessional boxes, one on the
north and the other on the south side,
and near the west entrance there are
two vats for so-called holy water. The
harvest festival was held on Thursday
night, when there was evensong with
procession and solemn 1 e Deum, The
preacher was the Rev. Battersby Prest-
wich.of Whitakerlane. I he decorations
were chaste and beautiful, but not ex
tensive. The collection amounting to
over 4 was on behalf of the steeple
and boiler fund. On Sunday the
preachers invariably spoke of holy com
munion as 'holy mass,' and the refor
mation was described as the one 'black
spot' in the history of the church."
The A Pay Azes.
Now, Paddy, have ye soni desease,
That makes ye frit and snivel?"
'No, Biddy, shure It Is bekase
We're wourstld by the dlvlll"
Shame on ye, Pat' (or sayln' so!
Slch Riib mestlf displaces."
'Ah, Biddy, shure ye dusn't know
Thlui bloody A Pay Azes."
Ol dusn't? Faith, Ol dus lndade!
D'ye think Oi dlsreiuember
Dear Father Corcoran's tirade
A Kin tlilm lasht Noylmbt-r?
He sod to b'yeott lvery one,
An' curs'd thlui all to blazes;"
'But, Biddy, shure thny hazn't gone,
Thim haythln A Pay Ae:"
Mo, Mickey, Deragisch an' Burke,
McCarthy and O'Brien,
An' ha'f the 'foorce' bees klpto work
A countln' an' a sphyln'!
An' though we know they're iverywhere,
They bailies us. 'the dasis;
They're worse an' masles, so they are.
Thlm slippery A Pay Azes.
"We think they Isn't, when they Is,
An' whin they Is, they Isn't!
We thinks they're that way whin they're
An' abslnt whin they're pristnt;
They're like that kalyldoschope,
So flcklesome they're ways Is;
Bexob. they'd thrlck the howly pope,
Thlui chattn' A Pay AzesI
"They runs to Yankees, Swadea an' Dutch,
Begob, they may have naygurs!
Ol nlver thought to scrap with such
A power o" schamln' planers.
St. Patrick hunt thlm from their howls;
An' kill thlm wld disases
Wtd divll a mass to rlst their sowls,
Thlm pagln A Pay Azes.
Ah. Biddy! falx Ol can't relate
The strength of me dljictlon!
It comes o' seeln' ho we're bate
At ivery new ellctlonj
The praste Is loike to loose his howld
On all the pay In' places!
They lave the b'yes out in the cowld,
Thlm wotin' A Pay Azes."
Uncle Sam.
Columbia's "Tree r Liberty."
(By Rev. Charles K. Currey.);
Columbia is a glorious land, it towers In mas
si ve strength.
Among the nations of the earth, Its poweri
its sure defence,
Againstall foreign power combined, or home
bred treachery,
In contest for the truth and right, shall gain
the victory.
Columbia welcomes 'neath her flag, from
every foreign land,
Those seeking homes of peace and rest, from
every hostile band,
Who here would work and manly strive.wlth
spirit strong and bold,
The constitution and Its laws, as patriots to
But traitors vile, of every hue, with covert
base design,
Their machinations to defeat, all loyal men
To guard, defend, and firm maintain, our
nation's liberty,
And thus fulfil with one accord, our cherished
The politician's rabid zeal, which cloaks a
mean ambition.
The truckling, cringing, maudlin crew, de
serving of perdition,
The church, which perverts sacred truths,
and calls It pure religion,
V all consign with hearty vote, to sure and
deep damnation.
The sacred "Tree of Liberty," its roots both
firm and good,
Our "Pilgrim Fathers" planted deep, and
nourished with their blood;
No traitor's axe shall mutilate, nor foreign
power destroy.
It stood, shall stand, 'gainst evury foe. Col
umbia's pride and Joy.
Chicago, 111., March 17, ls'.'l.