The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, June 08, 1894, Page 7, Image 7

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. m vj !.
rooM Til it. a.
kM. ) M I,,,,, 1rt
I t(n
"Jim Ite'.! ,. t.umt FtL l'l
, a bit Ivv.til If li .t ..,!
ll'- littler riomlv ml trw-ions .lim
I'M Itl i g ie!tt it- in-!
!' if ll IsM'ijf a mn f
ti.ii .1 K ,., , i ,, I fi t, t . 1,1
Shoot an mi pi H. it vi'
ft ft, iii. I lioin (,. r,., h ,f hi
lll lift ltl,lltll II Wlltlltl 11 !
from any sr ami ihiu'.jih'hI lUi'i'f-r
l'l P!nl..iy Jin, !,! ham tm
"CM In lu mlrttUtlitit. mi li.i iM. II
It I; m1 n't lir lui h Wur llial ri
si,t,totttjr from a wallow hot. at t
iil of Hie rim. I. jitt as tlm . am
a nSnk?
The it ikm port fit nHSranei of tlm
lr ll tf III lltll'sO Rllil tlll'V
ran av Tluv tliilo'l run Inf.
th mi ifli. l lio wacoo ptnu k n iKi')i
fill In tlm ioa.l. llm cnn
ff nilro k'lycorlno was knocki-il with
such. Intro aaltm! a Mont? it tlm
Waifoii JtHtml itiiwit tlmt It wa i k
I'loiliul, Wlicn.lim canto tilmwas
hniijjlntf H" top of iHtl fciiort
flfly foot away from wlmro t Ito nltro
irl.vccl'liio hml exploded, If m could
jvi.ltf i from the hole half as Mi a
collar1 tlmt yawned In Hie loud.
Thoro wasn't h fi ajjinont of any Mil tin
In I h t to Inilli-ato that a few hoc
onls Iwforo there hud liooti a team of
home and a apt'lnj? wagon where tho
hole wan. Then Jim discovered that
he only had one leu, Ills right ono
having Ihkiii blown away from just
above the kneo.
Fortunately fop Jim sotno drillers
hoard the explosion, and hurried to
tho spot to soo how little there was
leftof Jim and his outfit. They were
anuiod to find so much of Jim left,
and they quickly carried hlra to the
tiearost houso and tfot a doctor. Jim
was around all rljfht In a few weeks.
No evldenco of tho previous existence
of tho toam. waj?on or Jim's lost lojf
had over been disoovorod.
"Ono duy last wook (ieorpe lick
on chopped clown a big: onk treo
that stood In a flold .1)0 yards from
the spot where Jim Roislniror's blow
tip occurred. In a crotch of that
troo, (ifty foot from tho pround, he
found some funny looking- bona,
lodged. Ho took them to Contor
Vlllo to a doetor.
"Why!' suld ho, 'those are tho
lower bones of tho human lo;;! A
comploto set of thorn, too! '
"Jim Heisintfor's log, sure!' suld
"Thoro couldn't be any doubt
about It. No one olso had ever lost
a log In thut locality and nover found
it, and so It was Jim's lonjj-lost h'tf,
and no inlstako. They boxoil the
bones up and sent tliein to Jim at
Prospect, whore ho lives now, and
when I had loft liutlor county ho
had just written buck and suld that
while the leg wouldn't be of much
use, ho wus tr I ad to boo It, and wu
much obliged."
Him Mil i Iii Him Tlrnil,
"John," said Mrs. lllllus, "what Is
t"v tho salary of an alderman:"'
' "I think It It t;l for each mooting."
"And yet thoro seems to bo plenty
of men willing to tuko the place at
that pitiful suiary. How hard the
times must bo when strong, able
bodied men, willing to work, no
doubt, arid cupable of filling fur high
er stations In life are driven to tho
necessity of taking Just such jobs!
1 am sure wo ought to bo very thank
ful John, that yon haven't felt tho
pressure of the hard times to tho ex
tent of that, and "
Maria." suld Mr. liillus, looking
fixedly at hor over his newspaper,
"you make mo very weary."
I n i'rl ii t I ii fornix! Ion.
A professor at tho university of
T-oxiim wus explaining some of the
habits and customs of the ancient
Greeks to his class.
"Tho undent (ireeks built no roof
ovor their theaters," sal I tho pro
fessor. "What did the anclont (ireeks do
when it ruined?" asked Johnny l'l.
elotop. Tho professor took olT his spec
tacles, polished them with his hand
kerchief, and replied calmly:
'They got wet,
I suppuso.
Texas Hlfl.lngs.
A lllniir I .
"Well, Charles," said tho proud
father, "you are to bo graduated
soon. What are your Ideas as to se
lecting your profession?"
"I think I'll be a lawyor, father. I
am fond of ease,"
"KusoP I o you consider tho law
yer's profession one of ease:'"
"It cortalnly Is at the start. Young
lawyers never havo much to do."
Harper's Ilaar.
A Miiiimiii of Km World.
Mr. Vorarlch - Do not, do not
answer hastily. I will glvo you
timo to reflect If you wish.
Miss Jfi'uutl It won't take long.
How many (dubs do you belong toP
"Well- cr-llvo or six, but"
"Then I will bo your wlfo. I
probably will not seo you ofton
enough to matter."
A Sow IV him l for l.iH-oiiiotlvn.
Tfio boll chlmo steam whistle con
sists In producing threo distinct
tones, pitched, for Illustration, to tho
first, third and fifth of the common
musical scale, thus giving an agree
able musical chord. It Is more pen
etrating than the common whistlo.
and can bo heard farthor. Hard
ware. fci'cn-ly I
Professor What aro you doing
Scholar, poring ovor his books
Digging at Greek verbs.
Professor What's that for?
Scholar Oh, I'm going to soo If I
can pull them up by the root You
know I'm to be a farmer whon I
A CT ON n t VI t .
tfct N'i (.. it i
! (M-? lUc II,, ir mlf X
rni t, ilion K i' !'( Vr
hbiI. at ISi H m. I H ii.-j-.t-t e f
a nV, reihtiiufi, $a litivn In
otto (..p.'t l, ,.i.- i II n n-.r
titrltlitftt B tii-.i ni y j.i. t ftt
tttil , )1 !((('' iii.Uhk tnjii '.!
that it a h j-li 'si ftnitiiml
AN lmtir liUtei y nt'tM ti f illa
if (! life ir it linl. It did But
(K tho b't bit .-t II til id It
on n, and some whe aw it p i
bmit were stun-k ith Its i.. ftp
"Ihls Hit! mMnml loft In
chaise ff Mr Miei!liii.y in th
ll!ntf riveitt by ; ly traieler
I list II s biicti In a I'lii'iiee could
W plainly sei'ii bv tin pivpnrstiom
made by lt initiv lei It Journey,
anil It a tlniKi, animal, trarln
Its ni-etry to the well known Man
fsmlly, whose ancient scat l on tb
lle of " Man, says the NN anhington
"Hie kitty lere an old family name
Tabby- A the female travelers
Ullthercd about M;n Mi an un Denny,
coinplimentiiig her on her (wl's
frlBkNUiie and it- (lispollinti to be
come friendly, one of th.-m aked;
"N a not its lifH. cut nirr'
Another nn.-wered "I have heard
of cats born without tails, but this
Is the llrst I ever saw."
Still another h.-stander remarked:
"I'ats havo no tails In the Isle of
Man, so I have been told."
"That kitten will never pin,- rlng-a-round-rosy
with its tail; It may
always havo a hnne and home, but
It will have a hard job to make both
ends meet."
"No wholesaler Is wanted by that
cat, It will over bo interested in tho
retail trade," wore some of tho re
marks made.
Finally Mrs, Shaughnessy, to at
tend to hor duties, was obliged to
hldo the kitten during hor tomporary
absence The woman who owned
tho cat was en route from Ashevllle,
N. C, to Boston, and brought tho
kitten hero, arriving about 1 1 :.'ll) a.
m. Helng unable to secure from tho
porters of the Pullman sorvico tho
necessary permission to take It In
the sleeper and unwilling to trust it
In tho baggage cur. she turned It
ovor to Mrs. Shaughncssy with all
the nccompunimcnts for Its comfort.
Those consisted of a neat wicker
basket, lined with raw cotton, for Its
bed. a china saucer and a bottle for
milk and a plentiful supply of red
ribbons to lie around its neck. The
fell no Is one of a litter of four, de
scended on the mot her' 1 nido from
the Islo of Man tribe, the mother
being a native of that portion of her
majesty's dominions. Two had tails
and two hadn't.
.On tho trip to this city tho con
ductor, in common with the passen
gers, notwithstanding t o rules of
the Pullman company, beeumo much
attached to tho playful and tailless
kitten, and doubtless it would huvo
been carried through to tho end of
tho journey hud the porter boon
more attentive, This party rofused
to warm somo milk for tho animal
and soured on the cat, saying that it
should bo muilo to travel with dogs
and other animals In tho baggago
cur, anil consequently arrangements
for carrying It first-class being Im
practicable tho owner did tho next
best thing, placing It In good hand 4.
limi t l)litif ll,
Mrs Green and Mrs. Gray woro
walking along, chatting In a gossipy
way, whon a man who had been
watching them from across tho street
suddenly rulsod his hat and smiled.
Said Mrs. Green! "Who was that
fool that bowed to jouP". Mrs. Gray
That was my husband. Mrs. Green
Oh, I beg your pardon. I didn't
Mrs. Gray Don't mention It. I
wasn't awaro that you knew him.
Hoston Travclor.
111.' Hi-r-rrl, ut Ills Sui-i-cm,
"The beauty of this medicine,"
said Dr. llybold, writing tho direc
tions on the buttle and handing It to
the nurse, "Is that It will make him
too sick to cat anything for the next
threo days, That will glvo nature a
chance to tuko a whack ut him.
When me and nature can work to
gether on a patient," added the doc
tor, putting on his hat and gloves,
"wo pull him right of tho kinks
every time."
1 lii Two lli'ilnni.
A young woman applied to tho
mayor of a Texas city for relief,
( "Have you no meuns of supportP"
asked tho olllclul.
"I am tho only daughter of an old,
childless father, and I support sev
eral younger brothers with my own
hands. "
"I am an orphan, too," ropllod tho
mayor, "ami It is as much as I can
do to tuko cure of mysolt" Toxas
Iliiilillilal nml ( lirlll lM.
It Is suld that tho lluddhists of
Japan are awaking to tho fact that
they must have a statement of tho
elements of tho Buddhist faith to set
over against tho dellnlto and com
pact creed (if the Christian teachers,
and are debating what they will put
Into this statement.
Sh f ii I iiiiiikIi.
"What! You rooming on tho top
door?" said tho first drummer. "I
thought you woro too afraid of flro. "
"i'horo won't bo any flro hero to
night," said tho second drummer. "I
overheard the lundlord say thut hi
insurunco had run out."
I'iihiiIIhIi I. ova.
Do If you loved mo you would
marry mo while I am poor. She
you do mo injustice. I love you too
muoh to havo your precious health
risked by my cooking. Wait until
you can afford to havo servants.
It.. , I I Mrf t J'.
L r ll. . !,- (. t,t, i., U
4 ll I t ( U I'd i . ? ttf kt ,
.tlr.t i-!-l l I !(; I-.- : ,
I U .. ( Ufil I ! . (.
. . It l 1 I 4, (.1 H.
. n. l.'.. .! Aft ll n I IK.
l.i lf III. tt"
a l.i i't ., t uStt-i.t i. it..
k..,' .. !,,, ... . t. .i I 1 1-' I
t 1l In ! I I (lit lu!( "v 1 lit
I l.nil.ll II ( ( nt lil4i '. i ,t
.ti lM a' l-
111 l'-Mllt i K iKh. In ("-.I ,
nl..t I f l.i m III l ).(.
1'liSI It.w t'l.nn at ( -lt.l lli I J It,.
ItHt I'rill.-f l'vl-lntilitn llil k.l I".
lili( tr Jil.l tl m InKH.
tii 1 .l l.i-( tr ii hr "fi. ll
t nil hiimiin U sinl tu.Uiie il
II, lhl Sill .-I.IIIV I.I lll C ll it. Hi
Ht ll.VMtHl t.f (lie llol.iHll !f!nl. HI . Iti-
it. Tint nil ,f Hi.-iH.liimii,'. i.f th t,,
imli.niliikl) in ! i.u ti-,1
t,V W I'llklil iil t ll'K III -k l (Hit
htmt lli '- li . i I c.iiiiiniinl.-li'il
!(, I'rliNti mv Inliii I ll n, I limnli-m, pt.-n
t irliiet.
I. The civil law l ili-rlt.l fmin mini, tun
mi tsvlt.nliuidi'iil ut-ch nun U In i. rlntl
itrivlljr fluid I'm!, hy lili-lt I In miiti(f cull.
ii eiillinvtliili llli hln jiit'lun n, iimUc cuu
Ulutlmin fur tin' wli.tlc i ln Ulliili ui lit, .' '
iliitlt'lm Silrltill. 1-eln-criiliiS' tin1 milt nil, ill
f snilln, mill llie rliilil (inn-riiiiii-til nf llic
linn Ii; suit If In riviity JililiiC niul illsinnc
f nil tin ii-ti, m .1 ii I itinnlnnf nil chi ln( Inn,
K A licrt-lli', li.ililniK er tcai-liliiK fulw
.octrllici Ciiiiccrnliiil llic niii-riiiiH liln. N i--iiiiiinuiilciiti-il
niul ili'U rmli-il, ami hiiii.led
ivrr to llic neciilnr court.
IT. K-1-ulnr ii'liicin mm llllntf to nm-nr to
rfi-nil tin' clitlli-li uunll.Kt hi-n-tlcn nn i-x-otiiiiiuiilratcil,
Itnil tlicy ii it' ti i ix ii ml, r mi
Ik Tim iriiiiilit of heretics sro to tie con-.hi-hIi'iI
sad HiilU-d to tliu cliuri-U.
19. AdviH'atcs or nolarlen, fiivurlnn licri.
ic, or llmlr di fi'ndi-ri. or nlcndliiir for tin-in
law HultM, or wrllliiK diH'iiiiii-nls for tluiiii,
,ro InfiuiiDiiM and HUKiciidid from ollit-e,
2(). Tlio Beciiliir powers, whether pertna
Knit or li'inimruiy, are lioiind to swear that
hey will exterminate, acconlliiK Ut tlielr
,owcr, all lieretlCHCoiidemni'd hy the chui-i-lij
aid a temporal lord not purging his land ut'
leretlcs. Is ex-coniinuiilcated,
21. Them) signed with tlm crows for the
xtermlnallon of heretics, rejoice In the
irlvlli'gc granted to the crumidcrs for I lie
Kilp of the holy land.
22. Tlicy are alwolved from all obligations
ho are In anywise hound to heretics.
23. Whoever dies 1" hat tin against the un-
ellevlng, merits tho kingdom of heaven.
"4, We do Dot esteem thos homicides, to
(Hum It may liavu uauuiiund In their coal for
tholr mother church against the ex-coniniu-ntcatud,
to kill soma of them.
48. That Oitlhollo I'rlneus are betind, both
by civil and common law, no', to receive or
tolerate heretics, and much more are not to
uormlt their riles, or other exercise of tholr
religion or rat hor, their false sect, but are
most solemnly bound every where, to ropol
snd expel Uiem,
2). The following temporal punishment!
sre to be enforced on heretics: 1st Infamy,
and the consequent disqualifications for all
Civil acts. 2nd- Intestability, as well active
as passive (that is, they can neither make
nor will Inherit what is left to them by
others), ilrd Loss of paternal power over
Children. 4th boss of dowry, and other
privileges granted to women, ftth ConlUca
tlon of all goods. 6t!i--That vassals and
slaves ami others are free from all, evea
sworn obligations due to their lord or an
otiier. 7th--Oapltal corporal punishment,
especially death, and perpetual Imprison
ment. 27, The canon law forbids all toleration.
2H, That metropolitans and bishops are to
x-enmmuuloate him who grunts liberty of
2, No oath Is to be kept toward heretic
princes, lords or others.
80. Heretics are to be doprlved of all civil
and paternal rights.
31. The pope can absolve from all oaths.
id.Z K very bishop is ordinary Judge la a
cause of heresy. The reason is because ths
bishops can ex-olllclo, and ought to exttrpata
heretics, and Inlllct upon them the duo pun
ishments, and to this are bound on pain. of
deposition, llesides, are the inquisitors es
pecially deputed by tho apostolic see
Kvety bishop In his diocese Is thought to be.
and in reality Is, a natural inquisitor, (liter
ally born Inquisitor), so as to have tho sums
power with those already Mentioned In a
Cause of heresy,
1. In every promissory enth, although
absolutely taken, tliero are certain condl
tlons tacitly understood, aiMingst which are;
1st If 1 can; 2iid-To save tho right anil
authority of a superior! ard When the oath
supposes the honor of the apostolic see to be
114. Tliatthecouncll of Trent, (the last and
great authority of Rome), decrees and com
mands that tiiesacrod canons and all gen
eral councils, also the other apostolic enact
ments Issued In favor of ecclesiastical per
son of ecclesiastical liberty, and against Its
Violators, all of which by this present decree
It renews, and must be exactly observed
by all.
.cardinal of the Holy Koman
church, do promise and swear that, from this
time to the end of my life, I will be faithful
and obedient unto St. Peter, the holy apo
telle Koman church, and our most holy lord,
the popo of Kome, and his successors, canon
Ically and lawfully elected: that I will give
no advice, consent or assistance against ths
pontifical majesty and person; that I will
never knowingly and advisedly, to their In
uryor disgrace, make public tho councils
entrusted to me by themselves, or by mes
sengers or letters) also Unit I will give them
any assistance In retaining, defending and
recovering the Koman papacy and the regalia
of l'eter, with all my might and endeavor, so
far as the rights and privileges of my order
will allow It, and will defend them against
all their honor and state, and I will direct
snd defend, with duo form and honor, the
legates and nuncios of the apostolic see, In
ths territories, churches, monasteries and
other benefices committed la my keeping!
and I will cordially co-oporato with them
snd treat them with honor In their Coming,
abiding and returning, and that I will resist
unto blood all persons whatsoever who shall
attempt anything against them. That I will,
by every way and by every means strive to
preserve, augment snd advance the rights,
honors, privileges, the authority of the Holy
Koman bishop, our lord the pope and bis
before mentioned successors, and that, at
whatever time anything shall be decided to
their prejudice, which Is out of my power to
binder, as-soon as 1 shall know that any
steps or measures have been taken In tbs
matter, I will make It known to the same,
our lord or his successors, or some other per
son by whose means It may be brought to
their knowledge. That I keep and carry
lw ."' ! l b . tntk.l
!- t u ,-ll-
lt.,1.. .4 I!., Itnt I h.t
.... K'Ml l,t.ll,1i.7ll, I I
I . l t. in . . , ,
, III. at..
t A t - it,
-1 .-I I 11 I
, I.
til. I- ., ..(i ). I, I,,,
, 1 I.. I I . 1, , .. .,
,.(( I- .-. Hi, , I.I ,.l ,,!
I - ' . t 1' I-.., - t -.!
SitHl -t..n ti,t a .. ,. "t .M
l.. t.t I k,( I U (,,- .:l ,I.,,,. ,J
I ." I l.. I :) .1.. i t(. j
t p.t,t.i,. (I;, tl M , I I,. I,.' f.,l
ansos'i etls.
, .. . . I. I ..f llir lti tn.1)
til. .. f.,l f..t m.l .i Imp fnilhf,,:
nti.1 it'.li t ( .t i Iti.i t !. I,. Ui t,4 it
(Ii. II, .l Ii, mum i hm. Ii. -ml i.i ,.4 (hi
It.t'f til"' 'f lintue, nl (ii kin itt,Hmit
fi..iili y 1 1,(. i ,i.k , nil) i u In fMlitf
l-irtim I l.f l.t n ihlHif Dim ll y t,
I ff t li.l It.t.-I. n( Itisl ll l !..(, .,aT
twit, ot linlit til mi V ! I ii.l HK-n lit. In
it an) iniiiii.- i. , i,t Hu tu in,. i. r sni
pit . liar l,,u,v,r 1 ),,. lui,,,,., VM
lii. h III. I l,il lnllit( .,r ,y (),. u, -a tt .
tin ir in. -t ii,-. r. .s- t-lit i v I !ll ii., I )
IliFlV It ti-nl l,t nny . I.t (h. ir ti ili,i
Hi lit li tli. ln I. il, fi ml nml In-, , B,
vtitti Hint (he in) nil ln,f M 'i I, r iik i.ldsl
sll mi n. 1 lignif of ilii- nisi,ii,. bhh
IT.illig ami .'.unlnii, I III, j (irnl smi
help Ifl bin litvi-w.ll If. Hi.. Ilitil, httli.ttv
pell Uvgeii niul niiiln ii ti j uf (In- II,. I)- II. H, ,i,u
i-lniri h i.f uur liii.l. t ho imp, and his afnrt
iiiii Mn-i-i-wirn. I t ill oml.-nvor t.i pn w i t
ili ti lui, Inrn it-.-:iinl ii l urn t- I will not In
In any ttmiist I. iii ilim or term v. In hl, I
hall ls pint iimI iisiiihe.1 uur sulil lortt ami
Itiiiicin i-hiin h iii llilnit t.t he hurl or pri
juillce nf thi'lr M'i'kiiiis. rlli, honor. Mutt
or Mii-r. and, If I -hull know any nurli
tiling to tic ireaietl or agitated by any hai-sis-vt
i-. I will hliiil.-ril lo my tmmt, and at
niniiiiisl cnn, I will signify II Ui our wdil
lord. The iinliiniiu-e and miDdatca of lie
isipe, 1 will oliM'ive with all By might ami
cause to lie otisi-rvrd tiy othe it "
leretlcs. schismatic mil rvbrln to urn
said lord or his kiicci'ssurs, I will to my ut
most pi-rnecute and oihim',"
"Herrtli'os, si-lilsniallcos ct rels-lli-s fides
1 lomino nost ni vcl siiccessot Ihus predict Is pn
posse perseqiiar ct oipiiguab ) "
"I will come to a council w hen I am railed,
I will visit the threshold of the npostlci
every three years uml give an account of oui
lord of all my pastm-ii! oMh-e and of tin
things belonging to my diocese to tlm dis
cipline of my clergy ami people 1 will Ir,
like manner humbly receive and diligently
execute the apostolic commands If I am
detained by a luwful liupcilin cut, I will per
form tint aforesaid by a member of my
chapter or a priest of my iIIih'cso, fully In
structed In nil things aliovu mentioned The
possessions belonging to my table, I will
neither sell nor other wise nllemnii without,
consilium; the Koniiin poinliv. ho help mt
tiod and tliese holy gospels of (foil."
Hen! to 1 hit Komlsh Manager
Till Ionian's Oitllt.
"I swear by almighty Ood, by all In heaven
and earth, by the holy prayer-book of my
holy church, by tho blessed Virgin Mary
mother of Uml. by her sorrow and grief at the
cross, by her tears and waitings, by' the holy
apostles Hi. Peter and Paul, by the glorious
apostle of Ireland HI. Patrick by the
blessed and holy church of all ages, by the
holy national martyrs, to fight upon tho
Irish soil, to light for tho independence of
Ireland to fight until I die, wading In tho
red (core of tlio Hasminauh (Protestant) for
the glorious cause of nationality to fight
until not a single vestige, track or footstep,
Is left to toll that tin) holy soli of Ireland
was ever trodden by the Hassouach tyrants
and murdorers; and, morovsr, when the
Protestant robbers ami in Ireland
shall be murdered and driven Into the sea
llko the swine our Lord Jesus Christ caused
to be drowned, then we shall embark for,
and take Kngland, and root out every ves
tige of the accursed blood of Die heretic
adulterer, Henry VJ II., and possess our
selves of the heists who have so long kept
our Island of saints Old Ireland In the
Chains of bondage, driven us from her shores,
exiles Into foreign lanns. I will wade In the
bloodof Urangemen auu heretics (Protest
ant) who do not Join us and become our
LHcotland too, having given aid and succor
to the boast, we shall live In her gore. We
shall not give up until we have restored our
holy faith all over tho Krlllsh Isles.
To all of this I sincerely and conscien
tiously swear with my eyes blinded, not
knowing who to me administers this oath
Oath ef the ( lan-nn-loiel.
Tho following is the oath taken by
tho members of that famous Komlsh
Catholic society:
"I (name In full) do solemnly swear In the
presence of Almighty (Jod, that I will labor
while life Is left In me to establish and de
fend a republican form of government In
Ireland; that I will keep secret tho names
and everything connected with the Irish
brotherhood from all not entitled to know
such secret! that I will obey and comply
with the constitution anil laws of the same,
whatever they may be; that I will preserve
the funds of this order for the cause of Irish
revolution alone as specified In the constitu
tion; that I will deem it my special duty and
mission to promote and foster sentiments of
union, brotherly love, nationality, among all
Irish Catholics; that I will not permit the
nomination In any political caucus or con
vention i f a person not pledged to the prin
ciples of this society! I will always give a
member of this brotherhood preference In
all matters of business, and will vote and
work only for Irishmen for political ofllce.
I lake this obligation without any mental
reservation, holding the same forever bind
ing upon me, and that any violation thereof
or destination of my duty to the brother
hood Is infamous, and merits tho severest
punishment, so help me (Jod."
This oath tho candidate Is abjured to
keep at tho hazard of hi life It was
printed In tho Chicago lntcr-Ocean and
was sworn to bo correct at tho Cronln
trial. It was reported by said paper
December 16, 18i),'i. 1'rlests and bishops,
act as chaplains for this holy (?) order.
This Is among the latest publications an.
ranks among the best. Il deals with the for
elgn exerted In political alfairsof ourcoun
try by the Koman Catholic Church. Ever;
American should read It. Paper cover,
irfoc tiO Cvntm.
Sent postpaid on receipt of price, by the
tills Howard Street. Omaha, Net
or. 807 Main Hi.. Kansas City. Mo.
or, cor. Clark and Kandolph. Chicago, 111
D ili! MiU,
D,M MM1 Cutfil,
O.tUI He.tii Cttrrd tor,
O.tUI Mr.iU of Alt Klitit,
TONKt NITC dor tho
urn. 3 rrttl t.tmt uU full
Mt tlcil.t. Dottle (. Otot
95. AMU ii CO.,
t iltaon P.ttV, III.
IS'" Sll f,tl 1 'III, .- Bll I i.
t.Ht an adii'iii. (in-ill an allrae
llif apn-at-aitie, and It 1 suiv ti
h tttc elf of tte reader, Tlli
AMKlt N lt tlUKIHXil lit. will
furnish fur
.V wn m it is .
1 quicker than vmi can
write the article on iiftiiig
lour t.lca. t all atitt " us ai
It lj Howard utiw-t, Omaha If
vmi c limit rail, we will send our
Kng taier til sh yon, If you will
Telephone ).
If you live out df town, lust write
your Idea as brief as MNtsiltle, and
send tl In. We'll give you a ion-
ell drawing; and don't forget to
for return answer. Write all
names and addresses plainly.
tij Howard Stmt,
The Bible Cabala
M RcfliscoTcrci.
PKK'E. t: 50.
'tis Booret of sll HsoroU, Ths TrotD or au iromi.
sntmiosol'all Hoisnosi, Art Prfwervstlvs of sll
Ithlotof sll Dllilm, Anoleul Arts, Lost lor
tiellgloa of sll Kullglont, over 5,000 Vssrt.
Tnttlo ot Voiit out mi
ll,AT I. TIT1. PA(1.
The Hong of the Vineyard (Isalali, Ch. V
vs. l-7i mill ll "(IrIiilIil.11 Invent on and Its
UliriVltl.lOIIS. I nt lll'lllf I'lm, fff fn
kmutortad Ihtm, The lliirinony uf Nature,
ocience, r.Liuus uuu iviuik'h"-
Honii of the Itevolutlon tl'roverbs VIII. vs,
20-;iil) and Its tamims "Cabala" Mio unit
origin of the haws of mo Universe,
The advantages of the "Oabala," It un
icks the mvsterlous st.ronuhold of tntelllg-
mic.n, eiiiihlliig us to make a practical
"ltevlslon" of the It 1 1 lis. Hmu vt a.,. cur-
trlvtt to prtitrvt.JHlt at il had him dimt by tormn
fenfllti intirmtr uti. Tho lllblo the "Patent
Olllce"of ricleni'ii, ICthlcs, Religion, tho In
ventions of the Patriarchal Age.
The Ilurden of Mgypt (Isaiah (b. XIX), the
Plans of the Architect for the llulldliig of
the Ureal Pyramid Illustrated by IHa
grams, the passages and chambers of the
same shown i how dimensions conform lo the
"Oabala," Meaning of Kgypt. A hint liy
so many Pyramids were built. The Ulscov
trersor tho Three Ureal haws of the Uni
verse, How to learn the "Oabala" and make
ll Interesting and Instructive, The "Oabala"
must be known to understand the llllile In
all Its Meanings, Science, Ethic and Religion,
l'l, ATS vt.
The Hong of Joshua, after he commundiid
the Hun and Moon to "stand still." The time
thereof and Its meaning. Oertaln parts of
"Psalms." "Knoeh" and 'Masher" compared
to determine their relative age, and their
related origin.
The process of aduflinf and adapting lilhle
Literature, In Nation Kulldlng, from the
Ureal Model the Universe, Tho Jews did
not write the lilhle. and why, The dispersion
of the Authors of the lilhle, and the probable
lime, and why, Protestantism and Roman
Ism, who and how defined, and whim and
The Abstract of the "Oabala" as shown In
the "Psalms," "Proverbs," "Job," "Isaiah,"
"" and "Hong of Solomon." l-'orm
of the "Cabala" and tiuSr meaning. Tkt
ttiblt "paragraphi" art "Caiala" dwuioat, "the
Cabala" reveals the hidden truths of which
It Is the symbol," Kxampls of the "Oabala,"
giving verse 1 to 5, Isalali, Oh. XVI: also the
number and lines showing "Oabala,
l'l, ATS IX,
Authors and History. The Patriarchs
the meaning thereof. Positive evidence that
the lilhle was written In lirltaln. The Tem
ples, at "A bury and Stonehenge," built to
demonstrate the living laws of the Uni
verse;" the Heavens, and Hut Constellations
thereof, exhibited on the plains at Stone
henge, In calling your kindly attention to the
contents of the "lilhle Cabala" a con
structed tiy the Hards uf lirltaln, permit me
the pleasure Is say:
This In no wise conlllets with the Word
Vtru Cabala" constructed by and as given
In the "Wisdom of Solomon: ' this "key" of
Solomon seem to have been made fur the
purpose of preserving an Ordtr dJ tht Hookt tf
tktlutili. This "Oabala" of Solomon, I sup
pose Is the "Oaliala" so oftisi referred to In
later Jewish and other literature down to
the present time: llof llnelf presupposes the
existence of a "O'uhala" llieu existing In the
Literature, and Its construction strongly in
timates that the knowledge of the form of
the pievlous or oldest - Cabala" had been
then lost," so that, these wo "Oabala,"
The "figure Cabala,"
and the "Word or Verse Oabala",
assist each other, Uv firtl showing the Sci
ence, Kthlcs and Religion of the Hooks of
the lilhle: the siicond snowing an order and
arrangement of tkt Hooks, In the lllblc.
Send names toTns Amkrioan, I ill. 5 Howard
street, for subscription, without money.
Now Ready
American Charts, Vol. 1, Photo
I, lib... MorriM'Co, l4.Ni.
Invaluable to those who desire to become ac
quainted with the Science and Invention , of
the ancients s shown Inl the lilhle.
One of the richest books published, giving
the complete experience of the famous Monk
Laws, Send for it quick.
By express, prepaid. Can't send It by mall
U.S. postagestamps taken. Agents complex
outfit II. W. Address
Notice of Amended Articles of Incorpora
tion. Notice Is hereby given that at the specia
meeting of 'IK ic Amkikuan I'ihi.ihh
inci Oompaht, a corporation duly authorised
under l he laws of the State of Nebraska and
doing business at Omaha in liouglas county
In said State. Article IV of Articles of Incor
poration of said Company was amended to
read as follows to-wit:
"Article IV. The capital stock of this Cor
poration shall tie fifteen thousand itl-ViOi dol
lar divided into one hundred and fifty
shares of one hundred dollars each, which
shall tie fully paid when same Is Issued.
Dated at Omaha, Nebraska, April 2th.
Directors. Jens 0, Thompson. President
W. 0. Ksi.l.IT. Secretary.
Kmma V. Thompson, Treasurer.
M L. took.
Tlflrt (IIIIm.I. K. forsir .1ik m4 Final IU
Tlflrt nillff, H.F.. furnrr i:ilh snd larnam 8U.
Fremont, ElKhorn & Missouri Valltj
Fremont, Hastings,
Waitoo, Lincoln,
Seward, Superior,
David City. York,
Albion, Norfolk.
and all
Northern Nebraska, Black Hills
Sioux City, Minneapolis and
St. raul,
Ticket Ofllce 1401 Karnam street and Webstsr
Street Union Ktalloa.
Uen'l Manaiter. Uen'l I'assAll,
Secrets of Romish
Priests Exposed.
Price 40 Cents.
Price BO Cents.
Iter. Jnsenh Hliitterv Is the author of both
of the above bunks. They are lust what ths
titles Indicate, and are printed la good, eleaa
type and bound In paper covers, sent by ex
press or mail, Adurt'wt,
ill 5 Howard Htreet. Omaha. Neb.
or, 807 Main St.. Kansas tJll y. Mo.
or, uur. Ularkt ami iianuuipn, uutcaKO. Ill,
Deeds of Darkness Exposed.
This excellent work deals wit Ii tin-political
methoilsof the Human Catholic t'hurch. Il
contains much fund fur thought and luke
warm Americans will Unci It Interesting read
Iiik. It is printed In iMnil, clear type, and
hound In cloth, l'rlce II.2A. postpaid. Kor
sale by
Howard Htreet, Omaha Na.
or, Uur. Iiandutph and Clark, Chicago, III
I yes:
M rnm j
ntw ninrr Is.uiMI or Ui3
chicoo. moch fscific a. a.
'it sfifiFIbt sUJIillj
tiirpT ju e r tti r o
r- UAiiL.iu inn
..11. .11 aKttt II
m- Atni-m JOHN HKHaSTIaS. IJ.. Tlolai a4 f A aBI
fr OMuw, SaM Itiual w faSa S1iim4, Ca.4. III. 3
This ts one of Dr. Fulton's best books. It
deals with the question uf celibacy of ths
priesthood f rom a rellirliius standpolnt i also
the pant and present history of the Komaa
Catholic Church. I'rlre, In cloth cover, I.OO
Seut postpaid on receipt of prli-e, by
1615 Howard Street, OMAHA, NEB,
Paper Cover 50 Cents.
This little volume relates the terrible n
perte nee of a nun who was confined In ths
"Mark Nunnery" of Montreal It has prob
ably the lamest sale of any wurk of the kind
ever published, and several
Attempts to Stipprc It
have been made. The price In cloth Is ItOO.
and in paper SO cents. Fur salo by
litis Howard Street. Omaha. Neb
Main St.. Kansas City. Mo.
$25 to
t- nli mi ls, tt-in r Milt
.. KHUtiir I'lnler.
(tres'itt s). . ii. n-piu rtuly tii
mutt. ips'Tit-nw, t"iiiM'Bj
armmhthfTf. Thirl plt
iwrilon-. Ion 5 l Ho
finish wh' tiikfo rnth iitr.
rmtlr h pl'lf to fafc
piminr -M- rt-RitD pf-fJts lr.
W. r. Harrtao t , Ua
sjb aw .
iUXXsiill 13