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goods of American ad-
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Phi you notice anything In tho col
umns of the daily press relative to tho
elegant "jamboree" tho city father
had In SclillU's saloon aftor tho council
mooting laHt Tuesday evening.
TUB address delivered by Hev. John
Auk In Proration Pay at tho cemetery
In Council Muffs was a masterpiece
patriotism In evory word of It. Hov.
Askln lit the sort of man thin country
has need of at tho present tlmo.
Gov. Ohiiohne, of Wyoming, In a
H!och at Hawllns on Momorlal Pay,
took occasion to denounce tho Ameri
can Protective Association In very
strong terms. Gov Oslsirno, of Wyom
ing, evidently la emulating Gov. Stone,
of Missouri.
Tub Homan Catholics assaulted a
body of Mason In Franco, U'cauao of
an embUmi laood upon the Htattio of
tho Maid of Orloant In tho Hue )m
Pyramid, bearing thin Imtorlptlon:
"To Joan of Arc, Abandoned by Hoy
alty, Purnod by tho Church."
' THK report of tho aoorotary of tho
Grand Orango Iido in Canada hIiowk
a remarkable Increaito In tho niemlKtr
ihlp in uplte of tho dull time, Purlng
tho year there baa boon 5,87.1 now mem
bers addt d to the roll, and 2.'1,(KK) have
Win paid to tho benefleiarloi of dooenit
cd memlMr.
C'AI'TAIN Cokmiok say, ,4lfpo de
ferred roaketh tho heart alek." Tho
board of fire an polloo commlsHlonort
are Itlll banglinf tiro over hUcami, and
ho remains under suspension instead of
being discharged, as ho should be, If
tho board could only muster upcoura(0
enough to do their duty.
KiUTOU IloftEWATEH is no longer an
honorary member of the Thurston
nifles, his name having boon struck
off tho rolls. If It was not for tho acci
dent of his nativity ho would undoubt
edly sock consolation by joining another
military organisation known as the
Ancient Odor of Hibernians.
A couNCir, of tho A. P. A. was ln-
aMUitcd last week in a thriving little
Missouri city, with the mayor, city at
torney, police Judge, and two other
City (fllecrs, Bometlmes tho A, P. A
does not have to wait for an election to
win a city over. This goes to show
bow Homo may lm wiped out without
an election where good men are in
IT would appear that W. M. Hcavey,
in addition to his duties as chief of tho
police force, has gone into tho real
estate 'and rental agency hrmincM, as It
is alleged he has IsHued an order which
practically atnoun's to, that no woman
without a marriage license can live in
this city unless in om of the houses
owned or controlled by M. F. Martin,
in the prcscrltx d dUtrlst,
IN mot largo cities you frequently
read and hear of police arresting pro
fcsilonal beggars for soliciting alms it
public. Hut did you ever hear or read
of the police arresting those profes
sional beggars who continually per-am
bulato our cities in the garb of nuns of
theHoman Catholic church, soliciting
alms for this and that Romish institu
tion. If the law Is applied In one case
It certainly should bo applied In this.
CIHKP GALLIOAN said the other
evening, In the board room of the fire
and police commissioners, "that be had
never been in the penitentiary, and
would not go there yet, in aplte of all
xub amkkican couia oo." we wore
not aware that we bad ever suggested
the penitentiary as a residence for the
chief, but we have repeatedly suggested
that he be discharged from the fire de
partment at mentally, morally and
physically unfit for the position he
holds, but does not fill; and this we still
vouh turn
41Htltlslpf (f Wfl'-
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ll.r iHmi'i1ble .( ili'r si
M b f..i lb t ps of l Itt. 'x oo t mt 1 9 1 v r 'he eiinii.
Itt !, in bvi !)' rrj tf h
b rei n vetp.wSng Uw Ml cr
a UuMimgl lj alien tUt U't j t
bonUirv riihn-4 tbeough tb fsl-
iHsli liailt ft, ll wouhi fully l
nnM it that they a"e A rb vlU'
Tbey eeter a !- h, ftw It I
m tiioiit MHtlii br tbi'tn li lv sl.l
their aeat bUtle il-a and natural In
cllestlnits than It l for Ibe Unpaid l
fbil bl Trw, tboj msy be
divlaco! tlielr inliille. Yes, they
have givi,i farther. The) may hate
taken out their final papers, jet neither
of thie acts make them cltlxen in
anything but name. If thoie Is not a
love for our form of government, a juxt
regard for our Uwa, ami a sincere de
votion to every one of our free lntltu
tion, tn thousand doi'larslloiis of
intentions, one million oaths of alleg-
lance would not trauoform ait alien Into
an homt, liouorable or loyal American
Of this fact the memlMMS of congress
are only to-i well informed. Then why
do they not move for tho protection of
our country, ourcltUeimhlp, our rights
and our lllortlos, dear alike to every
loyal citt.en, and chcrUbed by millions
of freemen native ami foreign Inirn?
lteciiuse tin mo aliens, through the
dastardly trickery of scheming and
utincrupuloiiH politicians, have had
placed In thoir hands tho greatest safe
guard which It was (himmIIiIo for our
forefathers to throw around our liber
ties, namely tho ballot; and tho mom-
Iters of congress, desirous of succeeding
thoniHclves, are so cowardly that they
dare not try to pass a law for the inter
est of their country and her real, bona
fide citizens; they do not dare to try to
en net a law which would deprive those
aliens of tho right of suffrage, Itocauao
If they did try, and failed, it would be
used as a club against them In succeed
ing campaigns.
To overcome this evil It Is necossary
for the people lo elect men whoso love
of country is greater than their deslro
to bo returned to congress. Men whose
honesty of purpose, whoso loyalty to
tho Interests of their country, and
whoso Individual opinions are subordi
nate and not made paramount to those
of their constituents. Until this Is
done, until party and tho spoils ay stem
are relegated, and until Americans be
come thoroughly Imbued with the Idea
that tho interests of tho country aro
their Interests, wo can expect to wit
ness just such disgraceful scene as are
enacted every few months in the min
ing camps where tho Huns, the Italians,
tho Irish and tho Poles ttie lowest,
most Ignorant and bebuJ elements of
humanity predominate and are tho
controlling spirits. Americans must
Drive out tho Huns,
Export tho Polos,
Hlft tho Irish, and
Flro tho Italians back to tho )opc,
whoso faithful subjects and dutiful
children they always remain.
vow as you talk, hnow what your
congressman will do don't guess,
HUhop Boannol has stirred up con
slderable trouble among the 1 toman
Catholic Poles, Pobemlans, Italians
and (ionium of this city, owing to the
course ho has decided on adopting in
regard to discontinuing all parochial
school especially maintained at pres
ent for these nationalities, and compel
them to send their children to what
are generally recognized a tho Irish
Homan Catholic parochial schools,
Tho bishop maintains that the funds
at present available are not sufficient
to go around, that owing to tho action
of the American Protective Associa
tion, and other kindred patriotic
societies, there Is now no prospt-ct of
being able to filch any appropriations
for the support of their sectarian
schools from any source outside of their
own denomination. The nationalities
thus discriminated against by tho
bishop maintain that they have as
much right to have their schools main
tained as the Irish have, hence tho dis
satisfaction that is now rampant among
the members of that bishop's flock.
We would suggest to Hlsbop Bcannel
that the best method for him to pursue
would lm to abolish all the parochial
schools and order all tho members of
his church to send their children to the
public school where they will secure
an American education which is better
adapted for making good citizens of
them than the parochial school is.
It is safo to say that if all the con
vents in the United States were in
vestigated and opened to tho public
that there would tie found confined
within their walls hundreds of wretched
women detained against their will,
many of whom have been made to suf
fer unmentionable indignities at the
hands of a lecherous, celibate priest
hood. Ho many instances of the scan
dalous conduct of theHoman Catholic
tirlests towards female member of
their congregations have corno to light
recently and boon aired In the criminal
courts of thia country that go to prove
that tho treatment accorded to those
j t n'olti V' ' 'I ' H VH'ilel ia Ibi'-w
tmnUr t, W itloll tb "u'b!t t I bhi.
tf 1. 1 1 g tW titM Mt4 km t
(I., U !); b I- lbw tintri M
p Utiin, fSinl with a.t toe, i Ul i
If t; 0, )n r te i ifb!
rr ttKliei anl lijtem?i l lit h
(!. j m and hol(eri.
,ii.U, In r .! Ih lh.Hr ay-if tUtt
teg Ibi m al any boor ! Ibw Uj - tnnl
lw l,uibty lii'aoiiei l H hut Indent
Mfc'b Hoie that put-He m ellmi t lom!il
deeised, ei n lilt thai nil cnttteni U
placid under i ttii Isl iiiliid and In-
tlon aiul that Ibey be iiii.led to
isxnply wllh the U Hoarding the
HgUitatlon of ll birth and dith
that may ami tin eeeur In the Institu
I Ion,
The diftleulty In emlmatieg lite in-
fine nee that Home has aotjuired arlw
from the r m-y m Ui whleh Home In
carrying on ber silltleal schemes,
though nothing can Is more Hoar than
the fact that negotiation have been
continuously parried on for years l-
tien the Human Catholic church and
the government of this country, who
for the sake of the Homlsh vote, con
stantly concede demand after demand.
Home's iucUkhI of working her way to
iotleal power is through the diitrt
medium of Homan Catholic representa
tive in isith houses In Washington and
by taking advantage of the general
indifference of tho country generally
towards ber aohomos, but times are
changing, Americans who have been
apparently psloop and indifferent to
the danger that menaces their country
aro now awakening and Home's politi
cal power In this country will shortly
bo materially curtailed, If wo do not
mistake tho signs of tho times.
The strikers in foreign lands aro
apjioallng to those In America for aid.
This Is about as pitiable a piece of rot
as has come Isjforo tho people for a
long tlmo. Tho country has boon
pauperized by foreign Immigration of
worthless people who do nothing but
instigate strikes and riots, do urease
our working men's wages to a degree
that It is lm possible for the American
laborer to live upon, and now they have
tho audacity to call upon the people
whom thoir class have robbed of dally
broad. They would even extort funds
from those who have scarcely a living,
and thoso who should shut tho gates at
the ports against those indiscriminate
agitators. It Is these discontented and
unworthy lot of foreigners who aro
promoting strikes In tho old country,
spend their little surplus in promoting
Idleness1 then ship themselves to tho
United States in a pauperized condi
tion, and go to work lo this country at
a rate far bulo our class of working
men, thereby undermining tho Ameri
can and reducing wages in general.
After this foreign refuso bus lalsired
long enough to hayo a few dollars in
Its purse, the result Is a clamor, months
of idleness, factories closed, and all
told a strike. This foreign clement is
tho sum total of our hard times and the
turmoil of this country. Instead of
sending money out of tho land to assist
this detrimental class, the people
should shut off all further immigration,
and allow tho people in this country
time to become citizens, as at least one
fifth (or more) of tho present population
are not citizens, and at tho same tlmo
allow the Industries to grow up to tho
demand of our own laboring people and
citizens who now inhabit the country.
Tub park commissioners of this city
have gone to, a good deal of trouble and
expense in beautifying (lanseom Park
by placing costly flowers In the Wis,
for the benefit of tho public and not for
tho personal uo of any single Individ
uat. It has Win rcortc p us that
last Sunday a certain would-be lawyer
of this city, driving round the park In
question, stopped his buggy in front of
ono of these bods containing plants In
full bloom, whllo his little boy Jumped
down and culled a big bouquet of them,
after which they drove away. It is
alleged that the man In the buggy, and
father of this little vandal, was no less
a jorson than T. W. lilaokburn, of this
city who not very long ago aspired to
the position of city attorney. If the
facts as alleged are true, tho proper
authorities should see to It that Mr,
IJlackburn meet tho punishment he
A mkmiiku of tho American Protec
tive Association was living next door
neighbor to a Homan Catholic, They
had many conversation regarding the
order and the Homan church, which
led the pope' subject to request tho A
P. A. to read two W)ks written by
some of the Homan clergy. Ho did as
requested, and when be returned the
books he carried two antl-Homan pub
lications with him to the party, re
questing that they bo road. TbU re
quest was flatly refused by the pope's
subject, stating that it was against his
religion to read such stuff, and that it
would cause excommunication if con
fessed. And yet tho Homan Catholic
church says that it teaches enlighten
ment Would you think so by this?
As Home was, so she will ever lie; the
promoter of a despicable ignorance.
THK Chicago '1'inuM says nothing will
kill the A. P. A. so quickly as publicity,
We hope the 2'irtu will put its theory
Into operation at once, and publish the
declaration of principles, and one of the
tiriV I 4 eliUj; atixn bhh
rea ai an .f bavlet a".He-il
wi st it vs i fc.l iM-t entil ww s
In It vl! ft"i. ti f'.l.!.' tlMttor,
r thu bp. vi an (' t Ihe nnn-h
itimiiml tn t) flawing tH-oVr
ISil.slelt) U bst tb. V P. A. wst
It ba no bltbb n atms or poi It
iiwiU lii(i;M.' aJ tti'msml fair
Title tt.niy fllih inmitl l.ii
Vbe fopnMie tiraml tlrange tlge 'f
the PhIUhI HU will convene In
t"mmereUI ball, t 4 Washlagtnn
sli-n-t, Potion, Ms, tiekt Ti"Uj
morning at li a. m, ll will undoubtedly
tx the largest and iml liosi tanv iim
verlion that the order ha ever held In
the United Htale. The Michigan
delegation will probably lw the largmt,
they having made s'lal rates, while
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and
other western slate will follow up with
their full quota. The deliberation of
this convention wilt lie watched with
interest by all patriotic orders, and we
do not believe tliey will lie dlsapisilnted
In the outcome,
What was It that Captain Mostyn
whispered in the ear of tho notorious
rook and confidence man Connor, who
had been arrested and was being
paraded before tho police at the slut Ion,
so that they would know hi in again?
Whatever it was, this crtstk, "wanted"
almost every state of tho union,
managed to quietly walk out and em iim
from tho police court yesterday morn
ing. Could it be Kmslblo that for some
unknown reason Captain Mostyn and
Kergeant Whalen connived at his
Hkv. Wavi.anu Hovt, of Minneap
olis, in hla address bofore tho Baptist
national anniversary meeting held at
Saratoga Springs, N. Y., said; "Tho
Protestant world owes an immense debt
of gratitude to tho American Protective
Association for calling tho attention of
tho world to tho encroachments of tho
Homan Catholic church." That this
was tho sentiment of tbos) present was
evident from tho burst of applause that
grouted tho speaker's remarks.
Wll V does not Chief Heavey patronize
tho merchants of this city when pur
chasing equipment for tho force, The
citizens of this city have to pay for the
maintenance of tho police department,
and it certainly seems only reasonable
that they should have the benefit of
money expended for that department;
and what right bus Beavoy to charge
tho men more than tho goods actually
cost, as it is alleged by them ho does.
Wk still maintain that tne attack
made by the Jke on tho Thurston Hides
was purely a dirty piece of mullclous
spite work, notwithstanding Mr. Hose-
water's denial in his paper last Bun-
day. AoyWly after hearing Hoporter
Hunt's evidence before tho fire and
police board would come to tho con
clusion that tho position we took was a
correct one and that the facts did not
warrant tho "write up,"
TlIB notorious anarchist-pardoning
governor, Altgeld, of Illinois, is a pro
nounced candidate for tho United
States senate, The fact of bis being a
candidate is no evidence that he will
over sit in that chamber, however.
Wk have received the first numlmr
of Unr.k Hum, tho now American hu
morteisand satirical colored illustrated
monthly paper, and a good one it is,
If the same excellence is kept up it Is
bound to Ihi a success,
()N what grounds was Kdltor Hone
water accorded the privilege of being;
examined in private by tho Wird of flro
and police commissioner, while tho
other witnesses before that board were
examined in public?
AT THK dedication of the new high
school at Homestead, Pa., last week,
ten small and one largo Hlblo and two
flags were presented by the Jr, O, U
A.M. '
Catholic Foresters Meet.
ST. PAUL, Minn., Juno fi. Three
hundred and riinety-soyen delegates
were present at the opening of the eon
vcntlon of the Catholic Order of Fores
ter this morning. The delegates
assembled at Cretin hall, and from
there marched In regular order to the
cathedral, there to listen to solemn
high mass.
Kspoclal preparations had Win made
in consonance with the imjiortanee of
the event, under the direction of
Father Ifefferon, the pastor of the cath
edral parish, who outdated also as the
celebrant of the mass, After the mass
a sermon appropriate to the occasion
was preached by Archbishop Ireland,
who took as his theme, "The Catholic
Layman: Ills Duty and Value as
Worker in the Cause of Christ and
Humanity." From this he drew the
lesson contained in the organization of
the Cathollo Order of Forester and the
value of the order to tho church and its
On roll call-it was found that fifty
flvo of the 452 courts woro unrepre.
sen tod; but most of the absent men are
expected tomorrow.
A cablegram was sent to the pope at
Home asking for his blessing upon the
order and the convention; also a tele
gram to the high chaplain of the order,
Ant.buh,n tWhtn, nf t bi. t-. S
vol,. f i,Prl AivMthop
rv-!n, f.,r ,U , of tb rnotwit (f,
h a.H-l an tavlUHon t t
.ii.o tt on ,( t,, ), tf Oo
fc. ..- ...
unoitm in oiiMiiu ii.
I'altMIr Vtww Vlivrt4 li lt, 1,
, l4.t, U .k.s Vl.
Anein turns to o,sr wMietrj ttMJ
Ibrtts.t tllbtitc lo lb oldooMler,
Titie American -Kiittmcnl pitvall.
The frW'toW if gissl governue-nl at
Mng heard from, ipHHy lnee Ut
fsll's niiH'tlon.
On Humlay tvening, May ?tih, tho
lirand tiper honf ws Mled with our
Ut cliUen to hear the Memorial nor
men by Hov, A. W, Hnlder. Aftr
some etocllenl imislo by the t'boinl
Union, the reverend gentleman was In
tmduitod and ske In his usual fore I bio
and practical manner, from w hlch the
following extract Is lki n:
I tin vi. f.iiiKht A Risk) fight.-- Ton., 4.T.
These word are not especially ap
plicable to myself, not having W-n a
soldier, but the only reason being thnt
I was too young. Tho flag which now
dcks this pulpit causes me again to
wish I had lHcn older, Hut these
words of patriotic sentiment aro from
tho lips of Paul. They auperbly sum
marize tho life of a Christian soldier.
Paul means that ho was loyal and ag
gressive in maintaining and advancing,
Christ's cause. Ho was not egotistical
but worthy of the trlbuto, Wo today
sanction bis claim and and re-echo the
plaudit. II rot her Paul, thou hast
fought a good tight, and it shall tie a
memorial of thoo through tho coming
Next to tho soldier of Christianity
stands tho soldier of nationality. It is
tho nemo of glory to have fought a good
fight for tho crots; but the next thing
in glory to have ionght a good fight for
our flag.
This service tonight was planned by
the veterans to commemorate, not what
they or any of us have done, not even
what tho commonweal movement, not
the present congress, whose doing
satlslles not, but tho national soldiers
and sailors, our heroes, who gallantly
fought and gloriously died to save our
flag, constitution and country, We
honor our fathers and brothers who
fought this good fight for union and
liberty. Was theirs a good fight? 1
raise tho question not to impart in
formation, but to determine whether
tho wreaths wo weave for our heroes'
brow are worthy. Also that we, in
this day of social and moral warfare,
may be ablo to so conduct our battles
that our children can say their fathers
and mothers fought a good fight.
Tho war or the union was a good
fight becauso we recognized tho ethical
element in it. Wo recognized tho
hand of God leading us to battle. Tho
Hlblo was tho light to our faith, We
had not only brains behind our guns
and sabers, but a moral conviction of
right, that fired every shot. History
records many great warrior, as Ciesar,
Napoleon and Alexander, and magnifl
cent, historic bittles, as Thermopylo,
Marathanand Waterloo; but In neither
generals nor battle was tho ethical
element recognized as In our fight for
tho union.
Wo ni"st not forgot the brilliant and
devoted leaders such as Grant, Sbcr
man, Sheridan, and other, but there is
also a royal body of privates equally
deserving, uM well as the wives and
mothers, ho yielded up husbands and
sous for the nation's sake, Tho splon
dor of tho war is increased by tho fact
that It was largely by volunteer, Men
did not wait to bo drafted, but re
soon Jed to our nation' cull, and said
"Hero I am, send me," Tho fact Is 11
luminated when we remembtr that out
of a population of 2,',0o0,000 In the
north 2,Nru,l.'l2 enlisted during the four
yeftrs. And then how tho splendor is
enhanced when wo reflect sadly that wo
laid 2H'.),VM soldiers on the altar of
death for the nations good. Hut tho
imperial splendor bursts forth when wo
remember that it was patriotic fight
ing. Fatherland filled and thrilled
their hearts as they fought and sang
"My country 'tis of thi,
I, Kll (I Of tllS nolllw f Mill.
Thy nam I lovn."
Tho enlisting, the girding for battle,
and the struggle for victory were all
Inspired by love of country, Our
fathers loved home and family, but
recognizing tho band of God in tho na
tlon call, sacrificed homo comforts to
save the union.
It was not like In Ciesar and Napo
leon's time, aggressive, but a defensive
fight, because truth and right demanded
that we preserve our national domain
as bequeathed us, tho revolutionary
father. Wo fought Wsauso wo must,
and fight we did for we loved our land
It was forced upon the north to defend
our national life against an Infamous,
armed conspiracy from tho south,
The cause of tho war was not to del'
troy that wlckod, Inhuman system of
slavery, but to save tho union, to save
our borltago from our patriotic fathers,
a heritage born lo rightful revolution
and sealed in heroic blood. Ohlthat
such patriotism existed today In more
hearts to save tho nation aaln from
tho social and moral wars now upon
us, and to avert the threatening dis
solution from our internal rottenness.
The war was a good fight In achieve
ment. The boys In blue said, "Lotus
til l tvis wi. a f(v. Ml t.o.1 1
Wiarv hlwf W" am hr d!l H VrH.
! satire "l.l M il toxiitw, wow
M ftirvrr, Still m pliable,", s avert Jo 4 a a t -nil W
w we ee a ri v nt-i.-. onion
Would toli'fcl lbt We a wuobl ln trum
Amt-rh an and tn frg errwt lb
union, fw b nc-t( It
To ton! Wliing gralHmtw fr
victory. We wwlil nol iWgt
mother who staid at hmoo and
lored th heart-ache and attt!Htt.
llul !nm the wr I over, ur bet
thank to Got! and our highest tribute
e can pay to lh iled dil ier, w ill hs
to (lexical omwlvi- lo perpetual I h
union which their vslor won for u.
The union ne d protection. We are
waging moral and social warfare la
form just a serious a that of Ibe re
bellion, There are peril threatening
the very life of the nation) and the call
Is for volunWr. Tho doings of con
gress have failed to satisfy, and the
commonweal movement, tho outgrowth
Hslbly of lalsir troubles, threatens our
nation. There Is a chance for men t
show that they are true, patriotic
Americans Wu are all aware that
this land has become the dumping
ground for all other nations. Tho
foreign elements coming among us,
bisao too much of the law less and that
which opiHiscs our government. We
have booomo a heterogeneous mass of
population and ideas that will cause
our downfall, from Its weight of corrup
tion, if we do not arise as true patriots
and fight a good fight for our country.
Another battle for us to wage is
against tho liquor trulllc. Hero Is tho
enemy to our national good, stultifying
and corrupting body, mind and soul;
tho parasite sapping tho life from our
beloved republic, destroying property,
peace and happiness. Will we be pa
triotic enough to do our duty here?
Not only are the liquor and labor ques
tions troubling us, but many friends of
good government think they can see In
the air the cloud and hear the thunder
ing voice of an ecclesiastical power
threatening to rule this nation.
Friends, if wo do not want tho oppres
sion and fall of anotner Human empire
then let us bo truo Americans and for
ever keep church und state separate,
and preserve our public schools from
their enemies. We all recognize that
lawlessness Is very great, and Is it not
being imported? True American Ism
requires that whoever set his foot on
our shores shall bo surrounded by our
flag and cuusid to declare himself a
truo American,
Hut these social and moral wars aro
upon us. nave wo patriotism enougn
to believe it and fight a good fight to
preserve the union and liberty won for
us by our fathers? This will be honor
ing God, and our best trlbuto to our
Grand Army on this Memorial day.
A Move In the Right Direction.
At a regular mooting of tho Salt Lake
City Council No. 1, of the American
Protective Association, May 21st, 181)4,
tho following committee report was
unanimously adopted.
To Council No. 1, of Salt Lake City:
Your undersigned committee recom
mend that this council heartily endorse
and approve of tho high alms of tho
projectors and promoter of the Utah
Normal College Association In the es
tablishment of a department of Ameri
can History and Institutions where tho
youth of the land may secure an edu
cation free from any and all sectarian
dogmas, especially that of Humanism.
And wo further would heartily recom
mend the erection and maintenance of
the said institution to the favor of all
A. P, A, councils and other patriotic
orders of this city and throughout tho
territory and tho United States. And
all patriotic individual citizens who
aro financially ablo should contribute
liberally to the above end, Also all
organizations cnguged In patriotic
work, that are authorized and are able,
should contribute to this laudable- pur
Wo also recommend tho same to
other councils and patriotic orders,
that they may lay tho same before
their member for ratification and en
couragement, and for assistance from
all who aro ablo and can give the same,
Whitwiau,, )
HtfTTKKKIKfjU, Committee.
i ' -
tlfl.OO to Penver and return via the
Union Pacific, June llth, i2th, 2.'ld
and 21th. City ollleu, I.'l02
Farnnm Street.
Te Hlep Aid For Catholic K( heels.
LKXINUTON, Ky., June 6. A num
ber of leading tnemliers of tho A. P, A
brought an injunction suit this after
noon against tho city council to restrain
it from donating any more money to
febo Catholic schools of this city, claim
ing it is Illegal. The petition sets forth
the fact that for tho last twenty year
the Lexington council has boon appro
priating (1,DIH) per annum in their sup
port, and it 1 promised to test tho mat
ter fully In tho courts. The fight
promises to be a bitter ono, as tho
Catholic will not give up their school
money without a struggle,
$I.(K) to Colorado Spring and return
via tho Union Pacific, Juno llth, 12th,
2Ild and 2Hh. City otllco, 1302 Farnam
ALL 6TVLE8 of wstihe. from II. JJ up. Ilsnil
wiiiis RHislisoia tret, SAric Watc h Co,, Murray
street,, Nw York.