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The IVlroit Jtmrual of May 1 1th Cull
tains the follow !ng extracts from a Mor
mon by Itov. A. T. Wolff of thai place:
"Oh God, delUer from the danger
of ecclesiastical Interference, and -sorvo
the Protestant religion In nil of
Its strength," said R-v. A. T. Wolff,
as ho ojiened hi service at Calvary
Presbyterian chim b May 1.1.
Tho church was packed with jxMiple
who had assembled to hoar a sermon
announced by Rev, Mr. Wolff on the
"Hilars of the Republic." A apodal
invitation had been extended to the A.
I'. A., the Orangemen, and kindred
organizations. About 3(H) members of
tho various lodges marched to the
church under command of F. W. Hook,
of Loyal Orange lodge 170. Tho
lodges represented were the Orange
men, the Ladies' Orangemen's lodge,
American Protective Association and
Junior Order of American Mechanics.
Members of Windsor lodgos were in the
audience. Tho Calvary Cadets oc
cupied prominent seats in the middle
In the opening prayer, Rev. Mr.
Wolff petitioned against tbe invasion
of foreigners into this country, and for
a stronger manhood on the part of
Americans born to protect their inter
ests by the ballot. The pastor said
that he was glad to welcome the mem
bers of the various organizations pres
ent, as he was a member of one of them
"There was never such need of loyalty
to our country as now," said Rev. Mr.
Wolff, "There are dangers within
and without, and we know not whereto
look for them. There Is one safe
guard. Place the white bannor of the
Lord at tho top and underneath the
flag of our country and keep them both
, waving in the free air. American oiti
jj eonship has been enlarged by work and
discipline, and the work of our nation
; is a priceless legacy to every American
' citizen and Christian. It was the
liberty of the American which led
others to venture to these shores, and
it was our liberty that made us what
wo are. Oeorge Washington was tho
instrument of the Lord, and the revolu
tionary warlwas tho grandest, noblest
and liost struggle ever made by any
nation in the world's history, and the
declaration of the United States is the
embodiment of the firmness and stabili
ty of the. 'grandest men of the day.
Men of moral courage and stamina, and
although skeptics may criticise it as a
gllttorlng generality, as has been done,
a careful perusal will show you the
grandest of' documents whose power
has held together the noblest of nations
for more than a century.
"It Is not safe to raise a monument to
a man before ho Is dead, for the virtues
of youth may not endure to the end.
Consequently wo 'should not rear our
selves a monument and look upon it
with f pride, forithlR nation is still
naughtibut a fighting hero. We have
not yet won tho final victory, and the
future of this republic depends upon Its
future citizens. Wo have our laws and
if tho citizens-are loyal and carry out
tho principles set forth the nation shall
not die, but shall llvo forever.
"Among1 tho pillars of this nation
and tho strongest of them all is the
Bible. Our government was founded
on the word of 'Cod, and In everv de
partmental! be found In it all of our
acts. It lsevcn stamped on our dollars.
Uy many witnesses this nation declares
itself a rcllglpus nation, and yet it gives
us no church and no Bible but the one
universal Bible open before us.
"The Protestant tlnirch is tbe salt
that 'preserves this nation, and God
forbid that tho tlmo shall ever come
when there shull"ho united with this
government any taint of ecclesiastical
lower. The Protestant church oilers
to tho, stale loyal subjects, and In turn
the state offers to the nation loyal citi
zens. There are our free public schools,
freo from the taint of sectarianism in
any respect.:' Let no sect ever lay Its
bund uKin them and lotus forever main
tain them in the original purity of years
gono by with tho American flag flying
from tho stall without and the non-sectarian
"Another of tho pillars of this nation
is tho press. With a freo press, with a
strength .to stand up for the right and
to crush out the wrong, there would be
one of the grandest of levers for a radi
cal change for tho bettor. Then there
is the need of Integrity in the business
r C .. --2J- I YHX.I I I r matm - v , A " W -t .I'll - ' 1, II 1 m jm rllil I
men and manufacturers. Even under
tbe present depression the nation can
stand if the business men are men of
integrity and honesty. The villages,
town and cities of this nation are built
through tho integrity which is to bo
found among the typical American
merchant, so let the old confidence re
turn and the nation will forge ahead in
the sea of prosperity. No more im
portant pillar of this republic is to be
found than tho elective franchise. It
Is bettor to trust tho mass of the people
than a few statesmen whe live through
political Influence and political ap
pointments. The ballot box must lie
placed under the projier restrictions
and no man who cannot read and under
stand what he is doing should have a
right to take part In the privilege
which tho Intelligent citizen enjoys,
The ballot should be free from anarchy,
communism and tho terrible power of
tho Vatican. Tho typical American
home Is another pillar of the strength of
this country, In It is to be found free
dom, rest and comfort, and it Is, like the
roots of a great tree, capping the
strength from tho surroundings to give
strength to tho tree of liberty,
"The great progress that this nation
has made U nut sufficient to protect us
from dangers that now threaten, for
even the oldest and most powerful na
tions In tho history of the world have
crumbled away and passed to a memory
through the dangerous habit of self
confidence, which is likely to lead a
people to think that there Is no power
so greiH as their own. There Is danger
that we may become a Godless nation,
even though wo build churches. There
are enemies from without that must be
combated, and wo can only do it as did
Washington when ho kneltdown In tho
snow at Valley Forgo,
"While this Is tho day of America's
greatness, It Is also tho day of Amer
ica' danger, and this danger Is upon
us in many forms. There is the danger
of becoming a money-loving, money
hoarding nation. 'J here Is a deepen
ing cleft between capital and labor and
the process of grinding down the jsxir
Is becoming a continual source of dan
ger. There Is In the signs of the times
and In the eyes of those who know the
history of such conditions, something
of a terrible significance. Pagan Rome
was never so rich ns she was just before
her fall, and when Spain was crumbling
the wealth of all Europe was flowing
Into her coffers. There is danger of
a corrupt school, a corrupt press, and
more esjxiclally oi the grasp of the
iron hand of tho old man of Rome, who
Is reaching out ready to seize upon
every American Institution and crush
It out, o build up in Its stead a Romish
W. vS
power. That danger Is greater, as it
is gaining strength among tho low and
superstitious of tho foreigners, us well
as the American born citizens.
There is also a danger of Impure
literature and false Impressions given
strength through an Impure press. Let
the pulpit and the press of the country
teach theso things and give more at
tention to the prevention of the lnoonr
Ing of ecclesiastical power and let us
put the ballot into the hands of tho
educated and Intelligent women of the
country. Let tho (lag of this nation bo
tbe only Hug to wave; tho white sym
bolical of the christian purity of our
homes; the blue, of tho heavenly origin
of our nation, and the red of tho ter
rible sacrtfleoH that have been endured
to preserve tho nation and that may
yet bo awaiting those who are loyal,
Save us from the dangers of a flood of
foreigners who have no interest or
value as citizens, and from tho terrible
power of tho church of Rome, which Is
seeking to grasp our every institution,
and may wo have strength to keep
loyalty and ourBlblo above all else."
Sot Merely a Political, But IVInmrlly u
Religious (Jiicslion.
KurroilTHE Amkuican. Dear Sir:
There is one phase of the Roman con
troversy that to my mind is paramount
In importance anil which receives but
scant attention comparatively,
I have listened to lecturers and have
read articles on tho attitude of Rome
to our Institutions and invurlubly sho
has been attacked as a political foe.
One prominent preacher recently
while speaking on this subject wont so
far us to say that If Romanists were to
build a temple and dedicate It to the
devil ho would not Interfere with thorn,
and that so long as Roman Catholics
did not meddle with Amcricun Institu
tions, but simply attended to their re
ligious duties ho had no uuarrcl with
them. Ho seemed to me to be utterly
oblivious of tho fact that It was this
very attention of the Romanist to re
ligious duty that compelled him to busy
himself so exceedingly 1" the at'etnpt
to manage tho American machine.
Begin where you will and reason back
to first principles and you finally run
against the great fact of religion with
Its beliefs and obligations that control
the life of tho Romanist and however
strsngo It founded to hear the afore
mentioned preacher speak ol devil wor
ship In the connexion stated, it Is my
firm conviction, that, buck of all the
movements of Jesuitism through the
ages; brooding over it constantly and
sleeplessly; guiding and controlling it
with a skill and cunning beyond that
y ,:i V X- HTV fit w J
of mortal or comblnatlrn of mortals,
has boon and Is tho arch-fiend himself.
Only on this hypothesis can ono
understand tho consummate skill; the
far-seeing judgment, the unity of pur
pose which running through centuries
characterize tho life and work of
But 1 am trespassing In thus Intrud
ing what may be considered ui dehnt
ablo opinions. Lotus return to facts,
and when wo do wo can understand tho
philosophy of our Roman Catholic
friend's position and the fallacy of in
sisting upon the question being merely,
or chiefly, a political ono, and on tho
other hand wo shall soo that It Is
primarily and intensely a religious one,
arid fi pammit I would remark that tho
tlmo of trial through which wo are
passing Is but tho natural and just
punishment of a Protestant people for
having so long failed to protest against
tho absurd claims and the blasphemous
usurpations of an apostate church.
The Book of Inspiration declares It
to bo the divine Intention to establish
a kingdom upon earth, some under
standing It to have been In tho past,
others looking for It In the future,
while still another school believe It to
have begun In the post, Is still existing
and will, In tho future bo still more
clearly 'defined. Then, attain, there
aro two Ideas regarding Its character:
One, that It Is spiritual, with Its king
In heaven operating upon and controll
ing Ills subjects by the mysterious In
fluences of Ills tplrlt upon tho Indi
vidual heart, while others believing
this ulno look for the visible manifesta
tion of power In a person.
That a real kingdom on ear ill with
all the concoin Hunts of kingly station,
and with all the power i.eedful for the
administration of its laws Is the ulti
mate Intention of tho 1)1 vine, 1 have no
The "Golden Age" Is not behind us,
but before, and grander attainments,
more blissful conditions than mortal
ever dreamed of yet await the happy
subjects of the kingdom of God on eart h.
Knowing this and seeking to pre-empt
the ground, tho devil, who is a liar
from the beginning, has loon trying to
palm off upon the unsuspecting the
jesuit travesty of the kingdom.
A kingdom he presents to us. ruled!
over by a so-called vice-gerent of God,
who, in order to tho successful accom
plishment of the devilish purpose
must be clothed with all the preroga
tives of God in the minds of the people.
So he is clothed with the power to bind
and to loose, to absolve or to leave
under the curse, and consequently to
control absolutely all who believe in
him; for whooof such would dare risk
the great realities of an eternal state
by disobedience to one whose hand
can open tho portals of bliss to him or
close tho dungeon gates of boll upon
him. So this travesty of tho kingdom
of God Insists upon absolute and un
questioning obedience, and all true
subjects naturally seek by all means
(for the end justifies any means) to ex
tend tho power of tluo popo until It Is
In fact as now ho declares it oughtto
be, that no government should exist
without his sanction, no laws emanat
ing fromuny other source aro binding
upon tho conscience of his subjects.
und so party ties and national claims
sink out of sight when the crack of the
whip of Rome Is heard.
Who, then, can blamo the poor Ro
manist, shut out from Ihe light of the
gospel of tho Hon of God, and shut up
to the false teachings of this apostate
power-seeking church, If he, hoi lev I mr
(ill her claims, places himself absolutely
In tier hands.
Wh it Protestant christian, if he be
a true follower of Jesus does not dally
desire the establishment of tho king
dom as ho understands It, 'and by word
and act Jand vote endeavor to further
the cause bo has at heart.
Thotto two, the Roman fat hollo and
tho Protestant christian are both driv
ing at the sumo thing as they under
stand It, but one is seeking to bring tho
world to the feet of Its rightful kit g
direct; the other Is trying by word and
act und vote to compel all to acknow
ledge the sumo king as he understands
tho matter as represented In the per
son of the pope: so we see it Is at root a
religious question, Intensely so.
Tbe Roman Catholic In blind devo
tion to tho pope und the Protestant
christian In Intelligent devotion to the
Son both voting for their mnn.
Wo are K'lng forced to face tho prob
lem of the centuries. How shall we
solve it? If we do not solve It aright
our institutions go down like broken
reeds. Lot progress be the watchword,
more und more enlightenment through
our public school sjstem, a liberal scat
tering of Bibb In all our land, an ac
tive exposing of Koine's errors In the
spirit of Christ In all our pulpits, a
wide restoration of the reformation
spirit which will bring about a cleans
ing of our Protestant sanctuaries from
all the Romish ideas that have slyly
crept In and found lodgment. The de
velopment of a spirit of more deter
mined op)K)hIt.ion to Roman aggression
and at the same time of brotherly kind
ness towards Roman Catholics, thou
sands of whom are waiting the coming
crisis to call them to "come out of her
my people that ye lo not partakers of
her plagues."
In conclusion, let. mo reiterate: The
Roman controversy Is a religious ono
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tUSIe and IH, "f Hium bei,
for b Itrne of '"Jacobs trouble" is at
band, but we sball t 'mv,hI of It mil"
ami eno"-f Uig a i-li-nnsed and l ighboos
nation, or rotupsny of nstlons, we hall
go proudly on to the attahninMit of
our tlcMlny In tbe world. Borne must
go down-Ui harlot's punishment
aalilier. Tbe "wild olive hmnih"
that has lvn so long grafted Into tho
olive tren of God's own planting shall
iHTut off. The excised Jew shall bo
ro-grafUsl Tho oneo- despised Jsus
shall bo enthroned and "rltthteiuk. Jess
shall rover the earth us the waters tho
sea," and one shall notliavo to ask the
othfVi"Knowl thou the lord?" for
all shall know 11 Im, from tho least to
the gnatest." God hasten tho day so
tnoi it bo. Yours, WATCHKH.
I'UU riti:si.Ni ATIOS. .
Thurston KMc rresented With "Tho
Colors" at the Coliseum.
Monday evening last will long bo
remembered as a red-letter event In
tho history of this gallant military
company, comprised of tho cream of
tho young men of this city, tho event
In question being tho presentation of a
handsome flag, and Its attendant cere
monies. That tho Thurston Rifles are held in
htirh estimation by tho people of
Omaha was evident from tho Immense
mtihorod at tho Coliseum
Monday evening to witness tbe presen
tatlon. Captain HcharlT is to bo con-o-mttMtu,,.,!
on tbe military bearing and
appearuneoof the men under him. The
Omaha Guards, the IURD moen
rtm1..fy nrwl TlnelffB Llltllt GUfll'dS Of
Council Bluffs, took part in the parade
and subsequent ceremonies. J tie ii"g
was nrewmted bv Mrs. Fisher, presi
dent of the Ladies' Auxiliary, and was
received by the chaplain, Hov. a.
Wright Butler on behalf of the com
Governor Crounso, who was uecoiu-
nun led bv his full staff, made a brief
address, as also did the Hon. John M.
Thurston. ' After a drill exhibition oy
the several companies, dancing was In
dulged in till an early hour.
A lesson to Profit By.
The strike recently inaugurated in
tho coke regions of Pennsylvania has
brought to light a subject that has long
been the bone of contention in this
country. It appear that tho Hungar
ians. Polanders and Slavs have been
Instigated to striko by the German and
Irish laborers In order to drive inem
out of tho country. Tho United States
Immigration laws have been too loosely
arrled out. If the proper restrictions
were adhered to there would bo less
trouble. These periodical eruptions
aro caused by the ignorant and Illiter
ate, with anarchistic proclivities, and
at the least provocation compel men of
udgmetit to quit work by forre. this
country Is a republic und welcomes to
lis shores all foreigners who aro Intel
ligent and willing to subscribe to Its
laws, but when they begin to usurp
power and tuko tho lives qf their fellow
orkmen In their own hands, the time
has arrived when their acts must bo
ountcriielcd. Nine-tenths of this pe
culiar foreign element are poordoluded
Roman Catholics, and only know tho
cachings of the domineering pr'ests,
icllevlng that they will receive abso
lution for their criminal acts. So long
as this belief Is entertained by them
thcyhiivono fear of tho common lawn
of the land. The sooner they are made
to feel and fear theso laws, the better
will bo for the country in general.
nriciif Kutyht.
A I'molum on Crime.
Kmlle Henri dlul on the guillotine In
Puris Sunday morning for causing a
dynamite explosion In the Cufe Terml-
nuselght weeks ago. , Meanwhile Pren-
dergast, who brutally assassinated
Mayor Harrison of Chicago seven
months ago, revises In Cook county
jail and may yet cs.ape the penalty
that tits his crime. We might well
Imitate France and Kngland In the ad
ministration of justice. A premium is
put on crime by our present methods,
ufu(i Evening Herald.
The Romans claim that our schools
aro Godless. If Rome had kept her
hands off, the Bible would have con
tinued In the schools and would have
wellded great influence for good. No
body is a Godly church that will fight
the Bible.