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f tVtf'i S " W " ! l tVm Swiita. m S itf-1 l f tuelr ( h .(f 4 , ,Cip in ,. T f fV
V'HMft IV,
NlMfM 2
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Till! tMUi IllUll wliil Walltt'il
til fill HUlt tl. ll liHtlg tl Ilitlllf
1'f Tin: Mt t!l. VN Willi, Slid who
Mnnil ready tu ftil )n tusking u
stretch hen p, I ft go stor fi than h
Ittmve, w it l emlo to call M ntl
lilHI tilli. Usiltiful lt htjftl elltl-
Un til contain! it (i thi I , and Unite
t -flally 11 t In following letter:
Kan Cn V, M' , Mtmh 21. iv.n -IMiiur
Thk Ami mi W You wlllis-i-mil
mo through jour vftttuihh ami lev it I
iivr t answer nin' V. .1. Willimu"
curd, published in tlx Kniisu City
.V-nf, Ft bi nary 22, l-'.H. Ilo uv Hint
ho Is itn A lie i'lcan lsiin. I",vitl Pinto
tutit flll' ii, also nn ( X-iinlim soldier,
Hllll 111' offl'I'S 111 flirtlisll I.IHKl feet of
rope with which In hung tho F.dltorof
Tim Amkku an iniil all connected with
suld uiii't', iiImi McNiimnni, hiniH, uml
itlitrM of tin- like-. Now lu I he lll xt
plm'i! ho iinipom i! to inu.lo tlx) promt,
ami In tho noooml to mippivHn froo
nKooh. Ilooft Hint sound liko l'rotost
UintlHin, whloh (.'ivon to ovory ponton
froodoin of ttpoofh nnd u fivo mid tin
triuiiinolod pros-ftV Whonovor ho nnd his
kind rondy toliun piitrlotn till thoy
liuvo to do l to Hound tho IikjhIii.
AiiiorloHii putrlottt uro not rondy yot to
fiitml thin ooiint ry over to tho popo of
llouio, Hnd furthoi'inoro, wo propone
that fivo ispoi-oh whall bo untraminolod,
tho popo and hU oohorU notwlthntand
Ing. J low rldloiloim It Is for any ono to
nay that ho In In favor of upholding tho
ooriHtittillon and In tho next hrcuth way
lie Ih willing to violate It. Kuch a man
1m Hiiroly talking through his hat. Ilo
lit iion cmnpiiit vicniic. Mr. WUIIhiiih
olaliiiH to ho an ox union wildior. If lie
was, ho dlsj-raood tho uniform he wore.
Hut I cannot think that ho cvor was a
Hold lor in tho union army. Probably
ho was a camp follower or colloo cooler
but never a Mold lor, for ho does not uho
tho lunirimiro of a true patriot and
wild lor, I lo surely him never read tho
constitution of the United ht.ateB, and
think ho had better post hlmsulf on it
somewhat before ho dictates to Amerl
(.mis what they shall do. Ilo has taken
the livery of patriotism to servo the
Horn sh church in. Ilo ouirht to eomo
out and sail in his truo colors, which is
Jtomanlsm, nothlnffinoro nor nothing
loss. Ilo Miys that ho is In favor of ini
tio d riff the constitution or this coun
try, but ho is certainly opposing it
when ho proposes to hung men for
uslriif free speech, which that lnstru
mont guaranties to everyone In this
country. Kuch language as ho utters
comesonlv from the lips of foul-mouthed
riiiiirchlhts. I am not a trn'inber of tho
A. I'. A., but I will sny that there Is
not a patriot in this laud if ho bo a
truo patriotic American cli l.on thiit
can oppose It. When i,omrnuo wn
llamsifets throiiL'li hunirlng all tho A.
1'. A.'s in Kansas City, Kus., I will give
him and his Human cohorts a special
Invitation to coma tothli city, where
thev can have tho pleasure of hanging
1,(1(10 more A. 1'. A.'s and a largo mini
her of A. 1'. A sympathizers, Homan
Ists can lecture and spenk and uro not
nut down, but let anyone iret up to
speak or lecture In defense of our free
American Institutions, and there goes
uo a big Homlsh howl and tho cry rods
forth, "Hani him! kill Mm: h top tree
speech! Wo can't produce sound argu
ments to answer Mm. Let, us use nricic
bats and clubs on him t" That Is the
true Homlsh doctrine. Tho American
people uro very patient, but when they
are aroused to a senso or inoir uuiy
their Indignation Is boundless, A chumo
Is surely very weak when violence Is
resorted to Instead of argument. Tho
Hlblo Is tho weapon of I'rotestants; the
bludgeon Is tho weapon or Itomanlsts
linn sorry to see some of our politicians
pariderlni to Home for political erred.
1 will say to them that their days are
numbered politically. Any mini who
Is so degraded as to sell this country to
Home Is unlit to heclothed with otii.-n
ship. m i
Tun trim juUriota nil over tho
country uro holding up tho hands of
Mayor Kchloron, of Hrooklyn, N. Y
for his laudable uotlon In declaring that
only one flag, nnd that tho stars and
stripes, should wavo above tho city hall
whllo he was mayor of that city
Among tho different sets of resolutions
handed us for publication, two came
from different councils of tho A, I'. A
of this city, and ono from Washington
Camp No. I, I', O. 8. of A. Tho I', O,
H, of A. resolutions wero adopted at Its
meeting hold March 15, 18(11, and read
us follows:
Whereas, It has come to the notice of
Washington Camp No. J, of Nebraska
I'litrlotic Order Hons of America,
t hrough tho channel of tho public tress,
that the honorable mayor of the city
of Hrooklyn was visited by a committee
of the Ancient Order of itibernlans, re
questing that tho green of Ireland
bo float d to tho liree.e on tho public
building of tho city of Hrooklyn on the
J7th dnyof March, known by tho I toman
Catholic world as Kt. Patricks day, and
that tlio honorable mayor denied said
request, stating that tho American Hag
Is good enough for all American citi
zens, Now, therefore, lie It
Hesolved, That Washington (lamp
No. I, of Nebraska Patriotic Order
Hons of America of Omaha, Neb., does
most heartily approve tho action of
Mayer Heh loren us nbovo motioned and
does hereby extend Itssiiieerecongratu
latloint to Mayor Kchleren for the cour
teous but firm stand taken by him In
the mutter. Ho it
Unsolved, That we know it to ho the
Inmost desire of all loyal citizens of the
United Suites that no Hug but the slars
and stripes be acknowledged in any
public way In this Country, and that the
course of tho honorable mayor of the
city of Hrooklyn will receive thecordial
approval und firm support of all worthy
citizens throughout tho United States.
And be It further
Hesolved, That these resolutions be
t tn it,,- i4lliiil'ni
, ft i, V I. M t t , C-l i
' I'll lll.lll I ll ll I It I Hi.' it lt I li" till '
i ll.,.,!,!.!. '
.s,, - , ) M 11 lit i'l li i ii
t r , imvi i,w w
V. W.r.'V,
As MtuiiMin: im i'leiil liiii'i'i'in 1
H .t.ll.rt) ,
I'll)'. A I it! ! l tli
tliifc ;itWii d ft elVm. n wlm wi fe ti
flit Ml ft i-iii plimi, bd iliwii'Md (iliit
tMety il;t l itmli r tln inn, ln u Hit
li tor ei wlileiy et-vuinii ,1 pspi i
t IiiUYihI the H.'liiitn t 'ullielie Uli'li
t.lini with .iii-i put tiitlity, filling
that thUi' ht ivnti iiiji'iiiry ttitu nl
lowed to pili;ih one of Al'UHiidi r bi
nut' niiwN the ertine eniirli sv nild
ls ilenlnl 1 1 i i ti by the arch bishop is for
eight tiiij and for no oilier leiii-eti than
iliilt lie was on tin' wrong side of the
fence politically. This was denied by
some of his less observing friends, wh
olTered to wager a sum that the arch
bishop Would not object. The edllor
iteeepted the wager, and aiiiioiiueei) tin
following day that he would begin th
publication of one of Alexander Humus'
novels the following week. Kaoh day
he made tho same announcement. A
few days after tho first announcement
the editor received a note from th
arehbltdiop commanding ,iIn to not
publish tho novel ns all of Otitnus
works were on the "Index Kxpurgii'
torlus." Tho editor not only won th
bet, but showed by his reply that h
had the manhood to stand up for his
rights, for ho told tho olllclous eccleB-
iUHtlc that, he was editing tho paper.
and would not permit of any Interfor
once by an ecclesiastic who would per
mit his pet paper to publish books
"condemned'' by the Human church
and a few weeks later deny tho same
privilego to a. paper which fails to ad
vocato his political Ideas.
A dispatch from Albany, N
Y., dutod March 12, 18!4, contained
tho following interesting Item:
Tho most Interesting Incident this
evening was a debate between Mr. Hul
zer and Mr. Fish over the A. P. A. Mr
.Sulzer introduced a hill which jinc
hi bits, tho employment or laborers h
tho city through padrones, Mr. Flsl
suggested as an amendment that only
naturalized citizens should bo employee!.
Mr. Sulzer said that tho republicans
were continually bringing up religious
and nice matters In legislation. They
wero entering to tho A. P. A. They
wero trying to make capital out of the
election troubles In Troy, which resulted
In the deut of ono man and tho shoot
ing of three others, These troubles
wero purely local, and the row was tho
result or trouble in tho ward between
tho A. P. A. and tho Catholics. As
tho result of that ward trouble between
men, all of whom wero republicans, two
Catholics and two A, 1". A. men wero
shot, and one of the A. P. A. men died
For tho republicans to make party capl
ttil out of this showed a desire on their
part to uso religious prejudices for
political purposes. It was a plrlt
which should not bo encouraged, and
he wanted to take this opportunity pub
licly denounce tho action of tho repub
lican press una many republican leglK'
latori In using this unfortunate circum
stance as a subject for partisanship.
The Source f Our Criminality.
Why Is there so much In Kornan
Catholic papers, lutcly, In praiso of
Human Catholicism us a conservator of
law and order? Do Homan ecclesiastics
think that tho American people can be
deceived by tho cry of "Stop thief?'
Kvery person who Is conversant with
tlio history of IhU country, every per
son who reads tho dully papers, knows
that Hornan Catholics have less respect
for law and order than any people In
our land. Visit tho police courts; visit
tho houses of correction, tho reform
utorles and tho jails arid you will find
that Homan Catholic criminals far cx
coed any other class. It Is a notorious
fact that the most brutal crimes wife
beating and murder are generally corn'
milted by these followers of priests.
If Homan Catholicism Is tho friend
of luw and order, us Is so loudly boasted
by Its priests, why are Homan Catholics
tho worst law-breakors In tho land?
That they aro so, every Intelligent per
son knows, and every court record In
tho country will prove. Wo do riotsay
that all Catholics break tho statutes,
or lead disorderly and immoral lives,
but wo do say that where theso people
uro law-abiding and moral, it is more
through fen t of tho priest, or through
some religious fear, than from respect
of law, order or tho right.
There Is little Intelligent morality
among Homan Catholics Tiiey have
tho virtues of slaves and the vices of
Ignorance. They are not taught moral
obedience, but religious obedience,
once the restraint they practice is
not as a social obligation but as a re
ligious duty. They do right, not to
jotiHorvo society and government here,
but to escape hell hereafter. They can
not comprehend how human beings (ran
lead upright, moral lives who lire not
toncerned about their future state,
The Homan Catholic priesthood claim
that, there ciiii bo no morality worthy
tho name that Is not founded uprjn re
ligion, and therefore assert that reli
gion is the safeguard of the nation. If
religious Instruction bo security against
Immorality, vlco and crime, why are so
h' if !!"' '1 si I" ' ( '' i-t"! t ' i-l)
tin nli iHf ti li
1 l t I Iim i!.,i iS'i ,1 ' j 1 1 ;ii tTtii
lllht. ,1 1)1 Ibf 1 I. . S-.t f,l l,. Ht
t 1 I I I fid- J Uli ! till' t 1 ll lf H'l
ti,tl I ultinlli lb truilmfc" tl I.Hr
ii'ln, t.siiiriil utiil Mtin Htttt iii) ft
( k (i l ill 'lu- t.J turn t Im Im limifi ll
til Otli HotllHIl t'llUlniil' l liiili h Tlllt
l ft .'tli!lfllt f I'l 1, I. i
MM Ot Mn I MM.
Vi I'. , I ri tm 1 1' l.mirt kniiksmirt,
!., Hth n I (im nr limn r.
K A I h U VI, 1 , Munli P Hlllm,
the ,V, I. A. leetui-er, pn 'itched Hi the
lUptM church hero tonight, tint ii
ferred only slightly to A. P. A Win and
hW former trouble nre. lie tva
forced todrlve from Sheboygan, slvly
five miles, Is'i'ituse no piit-enger train
wii available on Sunday, und he was
refused M'i'inlfslon to ride on a freight.
It win net generally known he hud ar
rived ond Ills Hpp 'uruocc ill the ehuivh
wai n surprise. There was no disturb
ance of any kind. Tho sheriff of the
county, with six deputies, drove down
from Appleton to prevent trouble, but.
their presence was uniu sHiiry.
'Hie Political loniunv of Nut u nil l.uu.
MesM-s. Leo and Shepherd have Issued
a new book by Henry Wood, uulhor of
"Ideal Suggestions," "Cod's Image In
Man," "Kdward Hurton," etc., under
the ubovo title. Its purpose Is to out
line a political economy which ispractl
eal and natural rather than theoretical
and artillelul, being a study of Inherent
laws and principles. In IMS" this author
issued a volume entitled, "Natural
Luw in tho Huslness World," which
wus well received nnd passed through
several editions. The present book is
not a revised edition, but substantially
a new book of double the size.
Political Economy is Interpreted from
tho standpoint of evolution und natural
law. Iho Idealism and optimism of
this book strongly distinguish it from
many of tho pessimistic treatises of the
present tlrr o.
Mr, Wood bus the faculty of render
ing this usually dry subject not only In
structivo but positively entertaining,
Ilo has given rnuny yearn of careful
study to the practical phases of social
economies, In their relation to Natural
Luw, and ouch chapter Is thoroughly
original and telling in Its special di
partment, Price In cloth 11.25.
drevk Meeting (ircclt.
While we elulm to have no personal
knowledge of the organization known
as the "A. P. A." we uro not Inclined
to Join with certain editors who speuk
of them as an Intolerant class, and who
claim that Komun Catholics should be
put on tho sumo footing as Protestants
Hut Is not this exactly what tho "A.
A's" projM'so to do? The Koman
Cutholio church, it Is claimed, Is
secret polltlcul organization. Tho ono
Is seeking tho overthrow of our Institu
tions, by secret orders, and by secret
plottlngs; tho other Is making aiiralse
worthy effort to protect those instllir
Hons, against these machinations.
When Home ceased to plot In the dark
It will bo tlmo enough to commence a
crusade against tho "A. I'. A'o." We
are bound to have all of Humanism that
wo can manage after the "A. P. A's"
have done all they are able to do to d.
feat their unscrupulous efforts to nub
vert our religious liberties. It Is some
times wWe to let Creek meet Creek,
mploylng tho sumo wur tuctlcs,
Vhrihlian WUhchk.
.Should We Support llm Itoiiuui I'liroclilal
The Koman Catholics of Maryland
are distributing a pamphlet advocating
tho division of tho public school funds
among parochial schools. What Is
the mutter with theso people? They
want tho earth. The trouble is, they
take their orders from a power outside
tho United States, and are not In nyrri
puthy with our free und equal constitu
tion and government, in this school
question they will bo allowed to do as
others do who have parochial schools
that Is, support them. If they are not
willing to do that for the benefit they
iliilm to accrue from them, und quit
whining about the expense, let them
lose them and send their children to
tho public schools. Tin: Yinwj Luth
Made II I fit Kcspert Old (.lory.
KakkkCjty, Ore., March 17. Tho
olstlng of a largo green streamer and
the placing thereunder of the stars and
stripes this morning by Ifonry Kust on
the Hug-stuff In front of his opera house
roused the indignation ol a largo num-
r of citizens, and In a few minutes
thereafter the street In front of the pole
was densely packed with an excited
rowd. The scene was visit., d bv Miiwii-
'aimer and he refiw-d to rcven.e the
isiliofi of the flags. After a brief
mmell the mayor instructed the chief
ponce to haul down tho gt-pon
streamer. It was done ami the crowd
dispersed. Kust Is mi old man.
Success Council No. '), W. A. P. A.,
Ill meet tho second and fourth
Wednesdays In each month In G. A. K.
hall, 118 North Fifteenth street.
1 III t Hill tl SH llntt-l llir ttwUllittt ftHil
I I Hl leu l, I.U.I.I. m h. I.hI,.h fur
1Mr Irtti ni nt,
HV, Ot ,tttH.
H l
Ml, tt lie III
III. IliU-r i f the I el
tie, ,1, it m, n ft l
III!' illH lit I lll 11-111
I l!i -i' III I tie A llei'M
liil illi'L" .te(i.1t, i. tot I'lDt ny II ,'el mil
ivpoilr, mho ft eil him In tin r lo
hllll fend the in,i(! I luliivlew Villi
the liel, Or, Hoili, of t 'ftllll'l iilge
Tint. !e, li III ftchik'l, In vtbli ti be t
-M-, he Mii'hii.U puiiie, by the
Milliliter of the AiihiIihii Protective
A-tn Irtili'ii: Or. Otuui ntlil:
"YlM, I have redd the Jtiui iiuf Slip r
View With Or, HiHiriH, uml lil-o )i
Washington , hidden' Hitlcle in the
(iiinri, which evidently forms tho
liiit of I he iliM'ltir's (''Hiitinii to the
Ann ili itti Protect Ivn AsKS'lrttlnii, Am
let tu suy, ho milled, "Hull tin
JtmnHtl'it ri'irl of the hearings on the
proHned minority representation on the
school hoard have been tho fuli-enl I
have seen."
On being asked whether he hud any
objection to slating what ho knew o
the organization for the benefit of the
JnttrwtVti readers, Or. Oiinn replied In
the negative.
"In the Interview us reported In
Wednesday's Journal,'1' said Or. Dunn,
Or, Hodges makes some reinurkahli
statements. His reference to the Ho-
man Catholic church Is remarkabl
lie says: "It is tho most important
organization in this country' quite a
compliment, but a compliment not to
be envied, for he int imates that it is the
church of anarchists, us he adds that
'without It wo would have anarchy here
tomorrow.' To tho complaints so fre
quently made 'that the police are co
partners with the criminals,' ho says
'the majority of the police belong to
tho Homan church.'
"It Is un Important organization
again In that It Is by logical Inference
responsible for 'one of our flagrant
evils,' as ho asserts that 'most of the
vendors of Intoxicating drink belong to
the Itoinnn church, andean be got at
only through that society.'
"These uro serious churgcH, which I
leave tho doctor to settle with tin
hierarchy, arid proceed to note the
doctor's views unent the A. I', A. move
ment. As reported, these are very
crude, Illogical and mislcudlng. I sup
jsmo I know as much of .this movement,
it principles, and workings as can bt
known by any man outside of the order,
From twenty-five to thirty different pa
triotic papers come to my desk every
week'. These puper represent all sec
tions of the country, lam In corres
pondence with lending men In the
movement in the several states, and I
know that, hud the doctor taken pains
to iwcortaln from tho proper author!
ties information concerning tho move
merit, ho would not have made the
stutements ho hus. Ho has evidently
bused his opinions upon whut Or,
Washington Gladden says; beyond that
ho known next to nothing and denounces
that of which ho Is Ignorant. He says:
'With the purposes of th Ik association
most good people are In thorough sym
pathy;' yet ho says, 'It Is of the devil;
the devil Is back of It, When was It
ever known that tho devil fostered a
movement 'with the purposes of which
most good people wero in sympathy?'
"To account for the good doctor's re
markable statement, wo must turn to
Washington Gluddcn's article In the
(Je.htury. In that article Or. Giudderi
discusses at length tho rights of the A.
P. A. and other patriotic organizations
U an existence; decides that they have
no right to exist, and calls 'upon ail in
telligent Protvstants, and especially
upon Protestant clergymen, to abate
the pluguo.' He, tell Just how tho
'anti-Catholic' sentiment Is worked up
previous to the organizing of the lodge,
Ho says they first circulate a pajs;r en
titled 'Instructions to Catholics,' which
Is represented to lie the church's plan
of campaign, and then follow It up with
'a pseudo-encyclical of tho pope,' two
articles written by some clover jH-.n In a
satirical vein, but 'fuke' circulars ut
that; and ujxin these Or. Gladden bases
his demand for the destruction of the
organization. And to enlist tho sym
pathies and co-ojs'ration of Protestants
in the crusade against it ho proceed to
describe how whole districts In Ohio
wero by this so-eulled A. P. A. litera
ture convulsed with paroxysms of four,
the people thinking tho Catholic were
about to rise upon masse and mussucre
the balance of tho community.
''On reading the article one wonders
how a man can have the courage to
write und have published lu such a
periodic il as the ('entitri, over his own
name, an article that eiiiWiilies no much
of po'ty stillefiiliie--s. Illogical Mat--1
mi-tits, und so little in the wuv of logical
llscussion. I am informed by thoeo
wiio ought to know that the A. P, A.
organization Is In no wny responnitile
for tho printing and circulation of th
two articles referred to by Or. Gladden,
nor for their publication in putcrs
claiming to represent patriotic organ
izations. The samo Is to bo said of
many of tho Itinerant lecturers, ox
priests, and cx-Komanlsts, sumo of
li-ll le t i,t ,ih !!'', It tl )( l III
lie il-tilt, lt, my limit liij? (It ll-l,-
h.iiin Uml btetil m, . l.t tl.n
Iteienll I 1 ho le 1 i !!' -i Intel I Rl,i
tide! Site, i tin Mil It till' tuiani jl
- il,,,.,'.! liel t. t.i ), HH.,H.i.thl0. Wn
si ' i i l I t'y li t.! mi ,1 (list the A. P. A
in Hlii ml ion, tl l!tl " I I H' the III.
I loll !( Ohe lle, ln..i In I t, ( -ton I ,
slid i-l .i tileg the lull in! A , P. A ,
In ilium niiilletiei , do i it, nil nl tlio
Lhi-ti't ( h, m ,! ft lid lur pin i 'I j tw 111 nil
rt'tiNih, mid t-titltt nllii-ei-t. I, me nyitin
ftiel Ugitin culled the attention of . iil
tutiiit iU In Hit giew li'ii ct il, uml (list
nil of this hi tful mhii iWIng by (liner
nut li-rlurer W fiiliilt Hilled by tin' orilei1
vol giMHi I'n iuih r ei ine unter 01
genuine fl'li lid of the Miuveiueiit, Who I
ni'iiiHltili il with lis in Inclple, would
attempt, to mane notorious an orgntilu
I ti Ut Wble Ill's I plllictple Is lllluleM en
"Neither Washington Chidden not'
Or, Hodges laments more than the renl
leader of tho movement the evils o
which 1 speak. Lot It. be borne In m lint
that tin orguulutlou numbering ml)
lions, uml spre.ullng over such a vast
territory us the American continent
and all enrolled within ufew yours, run
not lie held with the discipline of u
veteran army. Tim lenders Isilieve
however, that tlmo will cure the evils,
and so modify the principles und
methods that ll will mod the approval
of the isist men of all parties and all
"One tiling Is certain tho movement
Is here to slay, until, ut least, It hus
accomplished its mission, thatof purlfl
cation of our municipal, state and
federal governments und the placing of
these governments In the bunds of men,
lrrespectlveof party, ruce or creed, who
aro truo to American principles uml
American Institutions. Why should
the leaders of such a movement bo hold
responsible for the utterances und no
tions of Itinerant lecturers and Inju
dlcloiiH members of the order? Whut
would Washington Gladden or Or.
Hodges suy If Card I mil Glblions or
Archbishop Ireland should be held
resjMiiislblo for the utterances of such
men as Corhett, of Ouluth, who In a
sermon preached In tlio cathedra! of
that city lust December suid: 'You
Catholics ought to bo proud of your
women because you are the only people
In the world who huvo virtuous wives;
there are norm virtuous in the Protes
tant churches;' eras Priest Walker In
Now York City said In a sermon of
those I toman Catholics who send their
children to the public schools, 'I would
asswm administer (he sacrament to a
dog as to such Catholics,'
"Now why ail this opposition to the
American Protective Association? The
reason Is riot been use It Is opjsmed to
law and order; not because It Is an
tagonlstlc to reform, not because it Is
unpatriotic, not ls;causo It Is an enemy
to progress, equality, liberty, and free
dorn of conscience-all of which has
been charged against It but because
purely and simply Ills the progenitor
of a new dispensation; because it has
:ome into unconquerable conflict with
old established systems of fraud and
corruption by which rings and cliques
made money out of public office and
used the public as their victims In their
schemes of blackmail and self-uggrand
Izement, and further, because they
found men using their religion us a
ilea- to get public office nnd control of
the public schools In the Interest of
their church.
" 'Hy their fruits ye shall kno them,'
suld the great founder of Christianity,
To what tills organization hit accom
plished In many of the leading cities
and towns of tho west, New York arid
Connecticut, I would point Or, Hodge
und suy to hltn, If that bo the devil's
work then tho more of that work tho
better, I do not think tho vast majority
of Protestant clergymen will feel com
plimented by Dr. Hodges when he nays
that 'most Protestant ministers who
ove fair day' have gone over to the
1 toman church, the church that con
trols anarchists and In which are most
of the policemen nnd the vendors of In
toxicating drinks. The doctor says
the whole cause of Christianity In this
on n try Is Is-lng discredited' by this A.
'. A. organization. On tho other hand,
am free to affirm that the cause of
hristlarilty Is discredited by the utter
ances of such mem as Or, Gluddcn and
Or. Hodges, who play into the hands of
tho enemies of our public schools and
American Institutions,
Or, Hodges says that the A. P, A.
had not to his knowledge gained any
strength In this part of the country.
This shows bow little lie knows of the
orgiidliitiun which he condemns. The
phenomenal growth of the American
Protective A isoeiatlori even in New
Knglund state I unparalleled in the
history of orgiiuiutioris, ami this 1
csN!cluI!y true of its growth during the
past twelve months.
"Perhaps the dmitor sought to com
pliment the people In tills part of tho
country when ho said they were not
the sort of people to go Into such un
organization, but if ho did It wus at tho
exieno of tho people in that part of
III lt !-. I-. - i-l.,, t H i,.
He" ti inhi 'sti. i nni it f .t im t h i f
llH'H' l" 0l ft!l le, (I U -m-. !
t i lining t he i t,n i . 0 I ( 1 1, I il I't'lpl.i
tl Out iIlM-'. .: "min. ,., ' ...j ), tlnm
of itn ihi rtt-i -uli. t, n ttlil, . , M
leiiinl hiiniSn'iU, i hnji I tenHirthi! ,.f
fid .1 Mi,i ni,K, , , ,,t,i(. i
Hie to Is- f..iil t i) hiii 1him h, Sle
W luwwt (-1 till i ti nA ( l.ll, Ml. d 11)1 III
the following IIihk:
''Nil I llioll of I' hull ll Mill ! li
"Nn t t int hut tii of p, it, lie nftiei or
pnhlie fund.
"l'..(iml tight fur at! leliions,
"A (nil lb Id tut i it h; mi gotettni,i'nt
itlil for any.
"No iin-dtlliiig of tiny i Imrel, with
elt ll ftfTitlrs.
"No emit rnl of public Mehis'W by tiny
"Or, llislges In closing suy of tint
Aiueilciiii Proteellvo Assis'liitloii, 'The
devil Is buck of II,' then mbls this brief
piuior referring to Its member;
"'From such saints good lioni de
liver us,'
"In closing this Interview, I would
suy of the UHoeul Inn, 'God Is lor It,
und of those ministers w ho thus bitterly
denounce It, from such preachers, gissl
fjord deliver us.' " llnnhm Journal,
March 17, Wn.
M i:shons ( Amours' mi:tiiois.
Key. Madlsiui Triers ut New Vurk lie
noitnces (ho Itnmiiii Church.
Nkvv Yoiuc, March JS, The sermon
tonight of I ev. Madison C. Peters at
the Hloomlngdalo Kefonncd church
was devoted to an attack on tlio Homan
Catholic church, particularly Its In
nuendo In the government at Washing
ton. Tlio preacher hud letters staling
that nuns are permitted to go through
ult the department on bogging mis
sions, und even to stand when the clerks
receive their pay nnd solicit contribu
tions, and that the Catholic Influences
uro patent In all the department In
mutters of appointment, promotions.
and dismissals, Numerous Instances
wore cited In which Protestant were
discriminated against In favor of Culho.
lies, Tho speaker suld: "The depart
ment are full of just such eases, and an
Investigation will not only substantiate
my words, but will bring to light many
of the ways that uro dark and tricks
that lire not In vain to which the Ids
mish church has resorted to find posi
tions for truo Catholics, The Mormons
and the Itomanlsts aro the only religion
ists thai have aver maintained bureaus
at Washington for lobbying In the In
terest of their churches, I huvo re
liable men at work in Washington and
will have still more facts. Ho fur I huvo
dealt with generalities; look out for
specification soon,"
Admire nnil i,ovcs "The American."
Kanhah City, Kan., March 12.
Kditor Amkkican: I urn proud to say
that TlIK AmCHICAN hus proven to bo
all the named Implle, It Is fighting a
great buttle, arid thunk God (and not
Home), tho battle fought so fur has been
fearlessly and honestly pursued Inch by
Inch and still there docs not worn to bo
any slack In Its efforts l free Kansas
City from the Homlsh political push
Unit have so willingly arid corruptly
rccufed our patriotic leotjrer and
hold und lire still holding the American
profile of Kansas City Sty the throat,
while the priesthood, through the ward
burnmets and SiHtcal heelers are pil
fering the pockets of the people, sacri
ficing the credit of your ely and mak
ing It lmp(sslhle for sny American to
get Justice, or to punbh any one of the
miserable cut throuU before the lower
courts of your city. Yes, I say your
paper well merits the name (American)
that should lie deeply engraved n the
heart of every son er adopted son,
mother, wife, daughter and sister of
our ceu ot. ry, I here Is nothing nobler
or grander than to bo truthfully called
an American, and In this way be classed
with such patriots as Washington,
Lincoln, Grunt and others whose name
will forever bo a shining jewel In the
tho crown of the Godde.s of Liberty.
Yes, Ameflcans, fight on, batter
down the walls of superstition that se
clude crime, immorality and the huw-st
system of degraded slavery ever known
to living man, and ail the outgrowth
and offspring of the Homan church !-
helled Christianity,
This is the ri mutter that denle you
the rights of American citizenship,
that set aside your American laws,
that greet our patriotic lecturer with
showers of stoics, brickbat, club, and
send howling, drunken, KoiriUh priosU
ridden mobs to break up the h-etures
and call it justice, ,ir, Kditor, the
time lias now come for another "march
to the sea." it I now we should look
well to this grand and glorious nation.
of w hich your gallant in el hears the
niitne; u in dii)s got o uy, know the
value of being rondy to imrt the fix-.
Let us ever he Wutchful uml read' to
down thi treii hi which W stalking all
over the American een'li;ont, put
them out of office und s. e that tlu-lr
upport come from their own liks, and
not from Protet,inu,
Home Is boycotting i-v-i ry Protestant
that will no! submit to the treasonulilo
deliiund of the priests.
I love TlIK AMKKh'AN because It is a
feurltss defender of all that l Ameri
can, I !ovo and admire all of our
American patriotic paers, no matter
where published. M.