The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, February 02, 1894, Page 6, Image 6

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atom by ttornnoi Vilc,
mix nR mnvnos or mummi
1 lHtll I ! rm t Ittfcl ! i
IbMnulli liilililMI tV, I.W Irt ixllO
I b.m KMt tt. .. t . -
H t l. .'l SI H 'Mf
rma o tt"l lit nn.'' tl Hi" imI Iii
!!!, I . tbr . Ut II i f tlott UU M
rtivutit ini tt hiv in the
tttttil A W s k. The l' title t Iuhh
(er ik limp 1.;iki f.'i whit
tvilitti I. U r.' n s otii' neue
Iti'tdMe L I the tnnlltv thud tin' mii
hI-Iimh y I iul.
Tin' fci't t in f Malm th'tl lie ill rt"t
fcl iti int. i Minn (ihIi-m
qui-l'il ! so l'V llii turn r lit'H-M', in
liiimlnm that Hi" litl r Imly l tin' tmlv
m' if (If two lluil lias Klitwii nny lu
rliuiiiioii id ni" 1 1 mill olM'it tin" lawn.
In vf iiinv li tin' HwM itinii lluil lli
m-iiHl 'iiiii'l mul ill in Unimiu t hiiv
InmlniwH, Hie pivi-Mmr tM Hlli-tilUm lo
tluMRiiniix willt vliiililliK Rilnl
nielli Im will In Fi'iiliiy wen miil
Mmn, IIuuikIi, in iinlnn, llicro in n
jfTvi tlmiM n to Hie mitlimlty (if tln
nnlo l iilllrm ur ii jii t miy aimhit
tiioiilii l n int'iiil iwinn imt ohIIihI for
that pnrtiiMilitr jhhihumi. Ho iimk H
few ollii-r ioinl of iiiiiuir liiti'itut, 1ml
tliK fiu't Hint tlin ni'imto lui Hhown II
williiiRtuiw to ilo 1inmni hihIit miihi
rin-uiuNtmui I Kiv'' illlil rHMou
(or niiHin to mljonni tln li'Kinlntur.
Cimiiiiii'IiiI tlin iluvrrnur'i Ai'llmi.
In tlio lmiims Momliiy n Mtition from
tlio Mincnt' union of 1 -riiil t 'rii'lc wiw
rowi (HinimiiiHling tlio jrovi'mor for cnll
iiiK mi extra tutwion of tlio lc'Maturo and
nxitnvitlnK tlio pwiitw of inciHimw creat
ing tho comity of Cripple Creek amoiul
liif tnint deed njul attm hnieiit laws and
making 'Ik' lionra a legal day'i work.
The bill amending tho jiiHtioe court at
ta!liinont laws came up for a third road
Iiik. This allows attachment tobeiH'
tm only on the grounds of fraud when
the defendant is a foreign corporation
and for lalior performed. Tho bill panned
without a diiweuting vote.
The committee on fees and snlariea
mHinimendi'd that the bill which pro
vide for a reduction of the naliuies of
legiHliitors from 7 per day to 5 lie laid
. on the table, for the nwou that it did
not coino under the governor's call.
ftrliii Kill II It'll In Mcitt m Hi'iirMPnl
tlv I riini iIiii kMim futility,
Pkm Mojnkh, Jan. 81. TheDoiiiocraUu
ineuilN'rs of tho logiHliiture in ciiucuh de
cided to Introduce a high ItceitMO bill
with local o it lou feiitiin'H. Hhould this
fall they will leave their future actions
to bo determined by clrcuniNtiince. They
hope for a (HvIhIoii in the Hepulillcan
In the senate Oronewt'g presented a
petition of tho grape growers of Potta
wattamie county, asking that the sale of
wine and similar beverages lie licensed,
which waa read In full. Dills were In
troduced by Funk to erect a monument
on tho site of the Indian miumacriie at
Spirit Lake; by Downey, prohibiting offi
cial of the Boldinr' home from appro
priating peiwions of imiiiiti; by (Jarft,
t nivie the roml laws; by Turner, to
regulate the cancellation of mortgages;
by YoomatiM, authorizing the Iwnninoo of
bonds to fund county indohtcductt.
In tho hound ninny Ntitiims referring
to the proNwed iiiodidcatloii of the pro
hibitory law were preeented. These bills
were Introduced: Jly lHanchard, eHlali
lishlng a school of imIikh; by Ilriton,
fclioliMhitig enmity fMill tax; by Ilyers, for
the crcutloii of public warehoimeM and to
regnhiUi the recoivlng, weighing,
tion and shipping of grain; by JtiKit, to
Increiwe the governor's salary from fui,
tXK) U p,lMM; by Kawyer, exempting
from attachment the earnings of head
of familii's; by Hnoke, making mileage
ticket on all railroads "good until used"
and traiisferable.
Tho house jiawtel the bill exempting
regintentl pharmacist from jury duty
The house committee in the contest
ease from Jackson county ha completed
oounting tho ballot and find that Htn-
phens (Kep.) Is elirtd by B4 votes over
Richardson (Dem.), the sitting member
And will so reiKirt.
Appropriation bills were introduced lu
the senate a follows: Ily Chantey asking
tOfl.WW for the school for feeblo inlndetl
at Gleiiwood; by Kea, asking for f i).1,4iK)
for normal sclnsil at Cedar Falls; by Hip
woll, asking 17,000 for orphans' home at
Itln f n Altititb of HlrcniiKlilnf.
FPHiNiinKlJ), )., Jan. 81. Home time
ago William Milhollin was taken down
with grip. Seventy hours licfore his
death Mr. Milhollin was suddenly seized
With n fit of hiccoughing, which contin
wed so long as to excito the fears of the
family, All known remedies were ap
plied, but to no avail. Tho hiccoughing
continued with increasing severity until
National llotrl Mrn'i Auorlatlon.
8ai.ida, Colo., Jan. 81. 12. A. Thayer,
chairman of the general committee of
the National Hotel Men's association
has called a meeting of that committee
In Denver Feb. 6 for the purpose of com
pleting arrangements for entertaining
the National Hotel Men's association
which meets in Denver May 10,
Barrlaoo County Llbrl Cult Srttloil,
Dt'NLAP, la., Jan. 81. The fmt libel
cat ever tnea m narnson county was
settled at Logon by the jury returning
verdict of acquittal for the defendant, J
II, Purcell of the Dunlap Reporter. The
complainant was J. 0, MuCabc of the
Logan Observer.
Afraid of a Howling Dog,
Atcttibon, Kan.. Jan. 81. Jefferson
Hall, a prosperous fanner near here
. killed himself upon bearing a dog bowl
log ia his yard.
VMtM n ' H Air I n
,... h t t.U ..H"ir. " I ' 'Hi )
( . H I t . t
) . I I t-r 't. ti.o l I t. Intuit h
)... , I It t ) 111 . . ,11.111.. tt'l I
,,i)-t li g.t. it.mntiitf !
n,i,M. . ,,,,!,. ,, if H,
U.t'll t IHit U V.H.inl I'l
,,() , ,,1 , .1..' n,, t c.tnl l l,t
f.lil H uul "lU I'l H I H tt'
U -t Mt teUt. .,1, ti4 I .
t n
I, n i.ti, ea i nf tuilh mt
tin (it ii nenltl t In iiHifi'titww tmljf
ltil . i"l tmlm, wliilc llm I'Imh'U em
ilit 1.1 Iti in I lie willt mi l (tout ' li t (
muim It-xtti i '.mi ii. 'it .i nmt,
,Mi '.nl i,i!m, a,T...1li.wl ti.l I'f lln'ill
Isiiith .. h ti.tid-Kiil ti en llm Mli i
l.i I. . feili .1 mil .li!niJ nntll li' H
i.iii.nti-. oh ll. iliiin 1 ll' It i. 'li li In I ln l ime I'll! j li tit Ultllif
i.llnr liitii.l, lln' In ii"! Ili. I nM lotif
in.Mhi i, Inmi ilie i-dtili, ami t nnwiiionl
l tli'til SUV " il'l III I'lll I'l'HI.'I'tl i,hi. ik limn iK.immi.ooii euii .i4,eiio,
(nil i.itn niiil mil.. lit t'tnn.ili', MlliH is
i;1.tiH,iKUt.HM inllm iIImIiiii! I niixitiiii'iil
ly, In ilie ii'iii'li ntH"tif Ilie ili-liiiii i
I II Mil lftr, Itinoln 1 1 it I It It Ml
lintm, lilltt lii llif i ! i'f I'Ihih Isty tll
lllllriK Hl I'l.lV lll'lll H till lllllllilllHI'f lull',
A 111, nil lint tlllint' tf llm iittit'la fmitl
tinti nimilii r inii-t It rrnrili'i n hiiIhIi-
lualy siiiiiII hen eciiiimii'i w lili Hut ili
Iiiim i' ttlileli t-nnfiiiiit tm In Hut rt'iilm of
llm IHi'.l el h ix. In nlliiT vi.riln, vli'
rrmu hirlut, imt only Ilie earth itmiii,' lull
our vt hole iiliiin lni r hvhIi'Iii Itwlf, would
npiieiir ns mi In.lfllnHi'ly fiilut point, of
llulil, exactly at hirlu siit'iirs In us n a
The rentier will remllly appreciate that
the liiiinlii r lilllliiu is gt'iteriilly t'ltnei'lved
toosniitll tvlieu we tell liliu Hint, a til 1 1 ton
seeoiiil liavtttintiliipmd since I Im origin
of the liiliiian sieeli'N, reckoning tint sue
of liiimmilty nt liii.liOO years. It will also
scflin hardly cri'tlitile Hint a billion new
American iifi cent pieces, plitt'ed one on
ton of another, would reach an alt itude of
over 1,000,001) miles t hat 1 to any, would
form a cylindrical pile over four time as
IiIkIi as the moon is front the earth.
The fart that the reaultsnf modern exact
sclenee llrst ritonlred of hitigtioge the for-
mnttnn of names for lnro iiuniliers mlKht
lend us to believe that the people of early
time never made use of very large numnr-
lenl stAti'uitmts. lint this Is not the ease.
More than S.000 yen is ago there lived a
penple who, from pure motives of amuse
ment, exorcised tlinlr fnuulties In this do
main. In India, where our present nu
meral system wns Invented, tinine exist
ed, even In llmlilha's tlnm, for numbers
up to 100,0110,000,000, snd lluddha him
self, it Is said, prosecuted the formation
of numeral names up to t he number whluli
we now denote by 1 nud 64 appended ci
phers and inluht call nminillon. This
strniiKopiiNNlnu of thelllnilnosfiiiiiiil fresh
tuiiterlal for exerclae vt lien In the fourth
century of our era the principle of our
pri'Hotit iiuineial system was Invented liy
JIIihIoii I it'iih luait prleiits and the easy
methods of (joniputal Ion IhimimIoii this sys
tem 4'IITused over nil India. It was now
piiNMlhtn to multiply with facility numbers
of 211 places with one itiiol Imt and to be
sure of tho correct iichs of the results.
Nny, In the seventh century In India iirlth
met leal toiiriiaments were held at which,
as now In our chess tournaments, the
great musters of arithmetical computation
gathered tngrther, and he wns crowned as
vlotorwho outstripped all competitors,
Open Court.
In Now I.liilit.
The young woman was trying to per
suade her father to give hlacouaelit to her
accept lug a very worthy young man be did
not want her to marry, and he wns stub
"Hut, papa," she Insisted, "he Is ths
man of my choice."
"Well, he lau't the man of my choice,
ami you shall not marry hlui," he persist
ed. The girl grew firm at once.
"Now, look hern, iiap,"ahasald. "Wonts
day my daughter will pro I in lily come to
her father its 1 am coming to you, and she
will nk him what I am miking you, and
he will refime, as you are doing. Then my
daughter will any coaxlligly to her father,
'Hut, papa, you were mninmn's choice,'
ami then In reply to Hint would you like
to have that inansay to your gmmlilnugh
teri 'No, 1 wnsn's, I wns your grandfa
ther' choleef Answer ine that. 1 lo you
think It would be a plenmiut t hing for t hat
tun n to any to your grnuililnughierr' 1 he
fill her I1 1 it k i (1 two or tli roe times and
rublied his dome of thought.
"I rm er - tun," he heallnled. ' It hadn't
quite struck me Hint way before, 1 guess
you can have your own way about it."
And up to dale nobody has heard any
csuae to regret the girl s succeaaful argil
tnotit. J let roll Free l'ress,
Lonaavlly on tit llanrh.
The supreme court f urn Islies some Inter
eating I oat o iK't-n of active longevity, J on
tlce lllntchford was 711 years old when ha
died, but he was in active powM-aalnn of hi
menial Mculllo up to ths time of Ills
denth, linger II, Taney, chief justice of
the supreme court, remnlueil on the bench
until hewns SM yesrs old. llnwssaiHilnt-
ed chief IiihI Ic t theng of tiH, I In begun
an autobiography at the nga of 77, hut did
not HiiIhIi li. Chief J out lift Marshall, who
served from IHoil to isfis on the supreme
bench, wns NO yenr old when 111 hesllh
compelled him to lenve Washington, Jle
died lu that year iHiia, lln wnsa tlelegnl
to the convention for revising the state
constitution of Virginia when he was 74
years old, and It Is said Dint, though hit did
not spoil It often In tin) convention, when
he did spenk he showed t hat his mind wns
clear and his reasoning as solid as In tils
younger days.
Chief Justice Walte remained on the sit
prome bench to the last, though he wes74
yenr old when he (lied, Just Ion Htrong
retired from the supreme bench In 1RS0 at
the age of 7!). Noah II. Hwayne, who died
In Inh-I, retlrrd from the supreme bench in
1HH1 at the age of 77. Washington HUir,
I.lttla Eva In I'rWaUt I.l fa.
"Who Is the old woman Hint looks a If
she was an escaped cholera natlentf " la
qulrsd lleavias as he smoked his fragrant
JIavmia and qua If ml a beaker of wine 13
a nunff.
"Why. she's In the tierfesh," answered
FeetHuht a be dallied with a handful of
120 goldplecea,
"What does she t!ayr"
"Mttlo Kva," answered Feetllght,"and
she Is the youngest In the buslneaa 47 bar
last birthday." Philadelphia Call.
Pas Mend Inf.
Doctor fto servant girl) Well, now.
what la your particular affection?
Servant Girl (bashfully) I'lrase, sir,
he's a clarinet player In the tweuty-foarth
Of the line. Journal Amusaut.
M 11 iUV
(tt. ( ' I - -1 -'!
,1 . I I t-ft t,.' !'"
A . i i i: i . -'!' 4
t . . I , ... i ! I It'll- - I I
.' I , I I . . . .1 i. . ! H
t ' H I ' I '. I, '
A-t . I t- -.' "l l;'-" "-l I'1'
IH"i - -' 1
l 1 1,1 i .l l" t
tiil Oil Ittt 1 im I .
"Infill iiLiii tin ( liii.i l
U. t i.i " "! Mil"! H. Wlllia
" ft tit .1 i't.t I tM"l !'. tl.'iHj In l-li, linn ,itvtl t.iiitit. l a eitttn r ft
lutein I m i t il. n-4 t i"ii littH al
linn, im Hi it Mii.tttuiii .44 a lt"
i..i.n ti ll I It. I ti.tfl ilt "'It. ln'Wi'itf.
I Imt,. tit i It I ll f lali HI t"t Itmil
liiil il I lot kt t I in i iiti'H.ii.ini'tt am iti4
Imt.i. t in 4 I i ill i.l ll.f i. tin iti)
Im fl.nn Hut "f I Itril.'liti Ui out', (till II"
IttHt r i (tn t fit'tU i. flitt tin-1" in l tall It
HlA lilllllrl I I' ll l III l ll'tiluli I'l l.l t
liiiti Hi" I t'lif iiiKi tutt I' latt ;!il
wt llinl Im t in ! ItVfU I't Hit HII'I HI II" II ll'l l"ltll tin' 1 1, tl
lietii'inll II rt lutkiy i"tk Itwltlini
Iiintiim, nit Bli'iti I lnt( of ili li iiii i l
litutl nil'h tni'.lt'. 1 liin h rt I'll-.1 In, Mini
lliutlly ilie wild link, v will inllm vii)
cnull'Mt U until lie kiti lint l.'Uiie n lie, it
lilt 14 l mi.i t'.lt t real Hie. Hul ttlli'illn
acta Hie I ink i ' I'l leitia are giine, ntel lie
atnri nt t.tit e I i tin 1'iitili'. i In n Hie
trained litikry runa, and the hunter
khitol a,
"The tiilvnnl illicit of Ihla iiiilhiitl of
liiinl lug nriM cry Kit nt. While a hunter
cnit liultnki a liirkt y can very I'mxi'iy,
there la nil nri'iiinpitiiliiii lit made by atrik
ln the griiuud w Itli Hut lna which can
not he rri'i-M.liiri'il, ami williont Ihis Hit'
game la Hii-tplt loiia. The liiiuthiK llllkey
tliuat lie taken III hand when very young
niul rnliMtiiully tll'llled, hut Iteyonil the
tmlleiice reiiulieil very llllle skill liceil to
exlnt upon the pin t of llm trainer. "Ml.
Ijoiii (Jlobe lli'iimci'iit.
Not liiiiilllla.
Charles flmlfi ey I .eland declares that lis
hates iuiiulHitiveiiemt wllh a hatred only
tNpuil to Hint which he reserves for giiHHlp
ami iidds that, he liirxely owes It Im faculty
for iiiIiiiIIiik his own atfnlrs to mi Incident
of his youth. At that limit he met a naval
officer whom he ureal ly adinlriiilasa model
of good manners nud a man of thu world.
One day Iiflnnil reiieuleil to lilm a lilior
Kosaln, which the other at once cut short,
saying that hit never listened to audi talk.
Tho remark made a profound Impression,
and one which time only coullrmed and
(leoruo linker, the poet, was one who
studied men lis if t hey were hooks, and he
one day entered Li'lund's room at Trlnce
ton and laid down by him on the table a
in per or plciuro with Its luxk uppermost.
,1'laml took no notice or it, ami hum i
time linker linked:
"Why don't you look at that; picture?"
"If yoil wauled tint I usee II," wnslliu
reply, "you would have turned It face
"P." ... ,
"I put It there to sen u you wouni ions
at It," said linker, "I thought you would
not." until s ( 'ouipanlon,
ling I rli'lnliililll.
A nrcttv story of dog friendship oomea
friifn nernsa llm water. A small terrier ao-
compmilcd his master on a visit to a coun
try house, where It soon received very
rouuh ham ling from one or the House
dogs, being rescued Indeed just In time
to escape total dest ruction, The next day
the little dog was mlsseu, ami an searen
for him for two days was unavailing. At
tho end of that t ime, however, he reap
peared In the stable yard In company
With a big retriever WlllHl lielollgeil lo li is
master. The moment the retriever met
tint lioiisn ill ii that had maltreated the lit
tle terrier be Hew at lilm savagely and se
verely fought nun, i nere wns no uiniui.
that the small dog had Journeyed to the
home kennels and , nersuiiiled lu dog lan
guage Ids big friend to ret- i with lilm
and avenge his wrongs. New ora lime.
Mails It Valuable.
AiietloiieerThls book, gentlemen. Is
especially valuable, es Itconialus marginal
notes lu the liamiwriliug or moxiimiiit
von Humboldt. A hundred marks of
fered, tlolng going goiml It Is yours,
Tli autograph marginal note by the
nowned scholar was as followsi "This
book Is not wort h the nit per It Is prluteU
on," Humor Jlaclllen,
Nits I.IUed llnrnaliii.
f'riuMn iiiiitlulilvlW'hv on earth do
you keep asking meto marry youf Haven't
1 ri rusi il you oncer
KniK.i-t. iwlili an atlemot nt ioeiilnrltr)
Vim i.iii.i Imt. I hiiiiIoiI to ulva von an
other chnnce licfore offering this bargain
Clarissa (on the lrt) A bargain, did
you sayf Itupert, dear, I'll take HI New
l orn World.
Tim r:iiiiiMtinn,
A tourist while dining nt a farmhouse
wns very much pn,.led by the peculiar be
havior of t he dog, which kept bark lug and
iunmlug round him. Mi asking ths farm
er's wile If this whs us usual custom sun
replied, "It's a' right; ye'vn Jlst got the
dish It ay gets It a turnl out o'." umidiie
A Nlmrlraka,
It was In the Mouth school (ho other d
that tho scholars were asked to writ
sentence which should contain the p
noun I, and a small colored pupil ier,
trnted this:
"My mother made a slmrtenk. It wn
so short I didn't get any of it." Hartforo
To clenn ivory wash In warm water an
soap wit h a brush mul plncu the arti
under glasa lu the full sunlight. Jfopi
the process fur two or three days. Ivoiy
tuny be blenched by Immersing In wal
containing a little sulphurous auld, chlo
ride of lime or chlorine.
Hn extensive are the eruptions of the
volcano Oilmen, lu Chill, Hint at time
the light of ths sun Is obscured from the
tiorlaof Varus, Delay anil Okciio, mid artt
llclal light Is necessary for the ordinary
outdtair occupations,
That excellent but misprized creature,
the moskrat, euphemistically the "marsh
rabbit," is rarely seen in New York,
though the opossum Is exposed for sale in
regions where the colored pooplo dwell.
The 110,000 bequest of Miss Kmma Tur
ner to the llrltlsli museum for the pur
pose of enabling It to conduct archutolog'
ical researches is to lie utilized In explor
ing the site of Amathus lu Cyprus.
A small bottle of ammonia Is always
useful for the wardrobe. Keep a small
anonee with It, and when cleaning woolen
Crease fold a towel and place itundur the
(jKitted or soiled portion.
. 1 1 .h4 V I, fc'.i V 1 1 l a.
Utid Icr Rftli! Olitttn Onty,
V' . t.4 l'"llll t' Ml,
llH4l 111 ll.fc.f '! '
a ii I ,
fie Ait lie"., iit.i
t. oo rr n io.s a
aCM t caiMtfti to. - a t-t HA
fremcnt. UUcm h Missouri Vallej
4 I . " I I J i.
r, a hi-
.TE Wises
ritKMfiSr, II AH MM.
WaIIiui, I.IMnIN,
Skwaiih, SlTKItlnU,
I.Vlli ' H V , YniiK,
At Pins, NnlU'Ot.K,
- XMI i i,
Northern Nebraska, Black Kills
Sioux City, Minneapolis and
St. Paul,
Ticket omen Hoi Karniini street, and Webster
Hlrt-et I'nlon Hlatlou.
(len'l Mnniiger. Oen'l rasaARt.
Chicago Short Line
or tii a
cilice ao
Milwaukee & St, Paul R'y
The Best Route
I'riiliis tlallv-eonslslliiif of the llr.S'r I'AI.AIIS
Hlei'iiliiK I'lil'Ni Kl.KOAN'l', I'liKM Clotlr Cars,
I.iisiuiioiis ( 'oai'lies, ami tint I' lnest Dlnluu
I'ars In Hie world,
I'or ThroiiKli 'lli'KetH, call on tint i.iukih
iikciiI at J "h 1 1 li'iirnioii street and at Union
I 'it i' I Hi' depot.
Kverv iilleiitlon nalil to luissetiiers by
eonrteiiiis tnnployes of this coinpiiny.
Uku'I A n't, Omaha. Neb,
Paper Cover 50 Cents.
Tills llllle volume relntcs the terrible ex.
perleiiee of a nun who was eonlliied In the
"lllnck Nunnery" of Mont real. It hits priili
Hhlv the liiruest sale of any work of I lie kind
ever published, and several
AitcmitM tit StipprvH It
have been iiiititn, The print In cloth Is 1100.
and In paper M cents, rorsaln by
IMS Howard Street, Omaha, Nele
or, syr Main hi., Kansas (tlty. Mo.
arnc Audit's nrollt per month. Will
.Tn:l iirnvii It, or niiv forfeit. New ar
tieiiis lust mil,. A fl.nn samiile and
terms free. Try us, 1,'hiiikstkii Sox, W
llond HI., ,N, Y. ll-n-l.u
:lTlUv new' iiHiM-r litel by the j
Z.till all hotit It and will be sent FHKb;
ClMu Jims .li1U, (,., tl.b.i a4 r..-.( AfU,.,
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will imit ruL li mi ro llftn orrvhtiui
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eumlhtt, rftiiM'aul Ut m mwl liul UI1U,
Our Made Remedif wvjts
Nvr Ft$iT4 ti pi im turn initt oiwtl-
nut Wtxlmllmitrti thH world
fur ttttn wo fh n not cum, Nlnr) (h
lileltii r of iuk'Ii' Jrui linil')f Mi? fur
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Ahtiotut prnnfK lH wluU uU ftppll I
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When lloylng
A. IV. GUMP & CO.,
MO.On'tn fifiO.OO mvA niimiiir nw
Hitri I'Cotui-limlMl llleyelea. I,lt
Kree. ver !,OoO la lk. (auk r
tliue. a
i l ! tn 'na t f'H !
jStmularil Anti-Uoman Catholic Books
! Whit h rxcty ltl lt i Amrrionn rral in if-.!rr I
; Vrrji liiinsi If iiM t ujnui lln Uilutlt f Ihr iajni'J :
Riv. Chiniqus Books:
I I It 1 V I Ml' IN tilt I lit lit II Ot
til.VI ' I'l V '
i.ii -t toM in tilt. mM I s.
I MuMU. t'H.e It
Fulton's Books:
ttiiv i i.ti is ntri n t it pif
I m ,, in. , i.iti, ti iti
i W lltVtr.i IN 1IIK l,A" I't
t.t'Ml. I'll. .'. l l
!T, M. Harris1 Books:
Mr, and Mrs. Slattcrys Works:
ttiWtNr Mil: "oi.ii" i'iiiii,
it Yin's nt- itiiMisti pnnTs ix-
I'tt !"- I'llii', lit renin.
Unitod States of America.
MlnneHUolls. Minn,
TIIOH, MILLIOAN, Orund Wecretary.
j.,vnri'i,i, .iiiiut.
M.L..OOK, . .
nun IIiiwilpiI HI reel. Omaha. Neb..
Oriranlxer for di parliiientof Nebraska, Iowa,
luiiisiiB, aiissoiii'I 11 no 1 oionino,
On behalf of the Loyal OratiKU LoiIko of
the' United Htalcs of America, and with a
view of correctliiK the false Impression that
enemies are endeiivorlnn to convey to the
minds of men who are unacquainted with
Oratixi) principles, are these few statements
The Loyal Oranue Institution Is a brother
hood and sisterhood, bound by three ties
Justice, Truth and KlKhteousnnss.
It has no hidden alms,
It Is Fraternal and tlonevolotitasslstlnK
and prolectlnK members while IIvIiik and
their widows and orphans when they are re
moved by death.
It upholds the rl(ht of private JtidKtnent-
the untrammelled freedom of opinion) be
lleyi'S the public schools urn an essential
sitfcKiiard of the state, and should be kept
free from ecclesiastical or sectarian control
and that persons disloyal to t he Koverriuutnt
who hold a ment al allegiance to the pope
of Koine should be rigorously excluded from
teal-hills' tin. rein,
It believes primary allegiance In due to
the government which protect (lie lives,
ll'jertles and propertied of Its citizens, and
that ecclesiastical authority should not'
under any circumstances, be permitted to
meddle In the affairs of state, and that coer
cion of aeltlnen In the exercise of his or her
right of franchise, under the guise of relig
ious or spiritual authority should be ptn
Ished as a crime against the state.
That It Is the duty of every cltlwtn to de
fend the lawfully constituted authority and
Institutions of our country against corrupt
and Inimical Influences, as well as against
armed assailants, to the end that our glori
ous freedom he protected and transmitted
unimpaired to posterity,
It encourages habits of frugality and la
dustry among Its members, and Is proud to
boast that Orangemen seldom become a
public charge or accept pauper bread.
It believes In the restriction of Immigra
tion and the extension of time for the natur
alisation of (!lll,ens, and that the pulillo
lands shall be held for actual American citi
zens Who become settlers.
The Loyal Orange Institution of the Hiatus of America has certain
requirements for membership!
That a man shall bean actual American
clufii, having compiled with the lawsof tint
United Slates with regard to naturalisation,
and without a menial reservation.
That the applicant shall be a I'rotestiuit,
and also that his parents and wife shall lie
That lie shall tie thrifty and suecesnful In
his business! honorable and truthful In his
dealings Willi his fH low mini, and shall be
known as a law-abiding cIIIacii.
That he will endeavor to give his children
or any children under his charge at leasts
good common school education, being care
ful to avoid all iioiilsh doctrines, and
That he shall be In sound health at the
time of making nnplleatloii.
It makes no dllterence where a man was
born, so long as he meets the forcgoln
reiifllremenls. , .
These lire the (iiallllcatlons required e
every applicant to the order, and we do not
think that any patriotic American order can
offer a better arm v of nrlnclples and teach
No. 221. meets the first and third Tues
day evening of each month, hi S:iji o'clock.
M. iti A'i'l, n''f y ,
American Orango Knights,
This order Is formed of persons whose oti
lects Is to maintain the supremacy of law,
order and constitutional frcodomi to pre
serve Inviolate the rltlMtn's franchlsi.i Ul
perpetual! and defend the precepis and free
Institutions of civil and religious liberty
Suaranleed by the Const lt.iit.lon of the United
lutes and established by our forefathers.
I'so amis rr runs,
For Information regarding the formation
of new Commanderles, or supplies, wrltn to
the supreme secretary. M. L. ZOOK. Hec'y,
J, M. IUssKa.:.C, WIS Howard Hi.,
Hagatiiiw, Mich. Omaha. Nub.
Patriotic Order Sons of America.
' meets each Thursday evening at Red
Men's Hall. Fifteenth and Onuglas His.
" A Council llliiirs. Meeting In their
hall over 4IH Hroiulway, every Wednesday
night at So'chstk. J. II. Va I'attam,
Hec relary
A. P. A.
can Protective AskicIiiI Ion meets every sec
ond and fourth Wednesday of each mouth In
I. O. O. F. hall, I'lattNinouth, Neb. Visiting
iiitiinbom are welcome F. P. llrown, Hec.
Edith O'Corman's WoiVs:
"viNr mis imi 11 lit i'H,
t unit ti is
Rit. J, G. Whites Woks:
I'l I It ' ibh M " I't I'f In 1 b'Ht
ti -1
(tiMMM il "' I'tv.f ti
"A luiM N 1 Mlli'l b l' miTK
t1iN1'IU l V l ii, 1 lt i i r Hrt
I Al l I I'll 1 lit I I "I I t Aei en
Thomas E, Leydea's Wciks:'
'Hi i III T INI lift 1 1t'N" 11 l.H M IT
.V i'l' Hi
"til II Mil' VI lt '" :"' nl
"MARIA MONK" '' ,''r '"'
CAN l 3 e t Itiiiiilretl; per lliotiml)
IhUle t'opv, il cents
Jr.Order United Anaricai Macules
InntlHiterl May 17, 1833-Ellfflblllty
For Membership.
Any white male itersnn horn In the I'nlteil
Hlittcsnf North America. Its lerrll irles. -or
under the protection of Its ling, win, shall
liave attained the age of sixteen ye irs. who
Is of gisid moral character, a believer In (be
existence of a Hiiiirenut llt'liitf as the Creator
and Preserver of the universe. In favor of
freo education, opposed to any isnlon of
church and slate, shall Imi eligible to mem
bership tinder the provisions of tho law In
the state and subordinate to which
the application Is made; provided, that no
persi in shall be received to beneficial mem
bership who Is over llfty years of age.
A person shall not b permitted to this
order who does not possess a good moral
character, or who Is In any way Incapacitated
from earning a llvllliood, nor shall he be
under sixteen years of age.
Subjects of a sectarian or partisan char
acter shall not be Introduced Into any meet
ing of this council, nor shall any member
make use of the name of tills order at a
political meeting.
First To maintain and promote the Inter
ests of Americans, and shlld them from the
depressing ell'ectsof foreign competition.
Second To usslst Americans In obtaining
Third To encourage Americans In busi
ness, Fourth To establish a sick and funeral
Fifth To maintain the public school sys
tem of the United of America, and to
prevent sectarian Interference therewith,
and uphold tho reading of the Holy lllblo
H, n,-W. A. IIDWAIUt. Lincoln.
H. H. II. L. HAY,
Oonduelor W. K. t'Ot'FLAND.
Ouiiril-I', H. McA ULKV.
delegate to National Convention VM. K.
Met A II LI) V and W. K. COI'F.LA N 1 1,
Warden-It. A. HAYLIHM.
The next, regular meeting will tin held on
the third Tuesday In January, Nil, at I'latts
mouths, Nebraska,
WAHUINOTON OOtmoiL No, 1, meets
' every Friday evenlru' In (Joodrlch hall,
24th end I'aul streets, Visiting brothers al
ways welcome. J. 0, I'aok, Hec'y.
T INC'OLN COUNCIL No. 2, menu In Lln-
- eiiln. Nfiliriiska.
(toLtrMHIA COUNCIL No. II, meets evr
Tuesday evening In I'attersnn block, 17 Ja
and Farnam Htreets,
H. T, Wtooris. It. Hec'y.
bCil Jackson Ht'reot.
WINONA COUNCIL No. 4. meets every
Hiilurdav evening In Hed Mens' Hall,
Continental block, IMh and douglasHts.
(loo. M, Hiiavkii, Hec. Hec'y.
rjAKFIF.M) COUNCIL No, S. meets every
" Tuesday night In Houih Omaha.
Wii.mam Fa a a, Hec'y,
TlLfW CITY COUNCIL No 7- meets erarjr
" Wednesilny evening In O. A. K. Half,
Council lllulTs. Ia,
. C. It, .1. A IIMMTKONO, Ht. Louis. Mo.
H, V. C.-IJ. N, MITCIIKLL, Kansas City,
H. O, Hec'y W, II. HTIIKOFS, KM Adams
st reet, Ht. Louis. Mo.
Will meet at Moberly. Mo,, Februery l.'l, ISM.
every Friday night nt lolil Walnut street,
II, (l, Hill. Hoc. Hccretary,
( toLUM III A (;otrcL NO, 1,1-Meets every
vy Hnturdiiy night Ht the corner of Twnlfili
and Cherry streets, W, V, Hhenver, Uncord
ing Secretary, 1407 Madison street.
Wednesday nlglils at A. O, U. W. Hall,
Independence, F, W, Hlyn, Use, Hccretary.
1MTIMOT COUNCIL NO. Ilt-Meels every
Wednesday night, nt A. O, U. W, Hall,
114, Pi. r.igiiieeinii sirnei,, ,i. r I'lslier, Hec,
Hccretary, 24'!l Flora avennii,
' Friday night at West port, W. II
Is every
nun ns,
liec, necri'lMry. li'-l Klglilli street
IANHAB I'tntl'LK HTAU, L. O, L. No. 30.1
' Meets first and third Tuesdays of each
monlh nt.H p. m,, In A. O, U. W. Hull, corner
Fourth stinet and Mlnnesoti, avenue. Kiiiihiis
City, Kan, Haiiiuel Harrison. W. M. Win,
Hallagh, secreiary, r,;i7 Northrun avennii.
Visiting brut li ren cord lal I y Invited,
A I'ltollA COUNCIL No. 8, W, A. P, A,
,y Meets every Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock, ill the A, P, A, li.ill, 4.17 Minnesota
avenue, Kansas City, Kan, . ,
D IK IH P Ft T CtiCNCIL No, fit, A. P. A. Meets
1 every Monday evening nt the corner of
Twenty. third and Protpect avennii. Kansas
City, Mo. Persons desiring lo Join may en
close their mime, street mul number, ward,
nun iiml occuimllon, and direct lo box Ml
KimsiisCfly, Mo.
CL'UFKA COUNCIL No, 1, W. A, P, A. Meets
- every Tuesday afternoon t 2 o'clock In
the A. P, A. Hull, Houi heiiNl, corner Packard
and Osage avenue, Armoiirdalit, Visitors are
cordially Invited to attend.
meetsevery Monday afternoon at2:ilo at.
Hell's hall, Hon lO went lloulevard, near stale
line, llosedale, Kiiiihiis. Friends of other
councils are cordially Invited lo attend.
Fvery true American lady Is Invited Income
and join us, and usslst III tint good Work,
I ft lul Ion fee II 00.
u Meetsevery Hiiturday evening ut 4117 Min
nesota avenue, Kansas City, K as, Visitors
cordially Invited.
fOUNCIL No. 7, A. P. A,-Ments every Mon
v day evening at Chamber of Commercu
Hall, Ulvervlew, Visitors cordially Invited.
roUNCIL No. , A. P. A,Meols every Hat
v urday evening at soiilheiistcorncr'Piick
ard and Osagit avenue, Armourdali), VlNltors
cordially Invited,
fOUNCIL No, 11, A. P, A.-Meets at Wooll
v ward's Hall every Friday evening at S p.
rn. sharp, Third si reel and Lafayette avenue.
A cordial Invitation Is extended to visiting
Meels every Monday night In Nokes
Hall, Argentine, Kim, All visitor
TOPFKA COt'NCIL No. 14, A. P. A.-Meets
every Monday evening In A. O. IJ. VV. Hall.
41s Kansas avenue. Topeka Kansas. All
visitors will be cordially welcomed.
CUNFLOWF.K LOIUiF,, L. l. I -Meets sec
u ond mul fourlh Tuesdays of each month
In New MiiHonlc Hull. Armourdalc, Kansas.
Master. Thomas Cordner. All Orangumun
are Invited to attend.