The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, February 02, 1894, Page 5, Image 5

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lHtt Ifuuitn,
tii.ti. Hiik im(mm
flHl", I ( t-l HfMt 4
"k fca hi-a a Ik tttta
WtHhi It, tir "lnnii" illtl.-?
In t tin.( r )t'i i , li
I ft !v .,) in I ii(,U. in 'iim-t
.liU.n, but ha l.t pU In th !iti
f lifrat lltltain t l atiada It It
In Ih r ,ti t i ii,n.a In
mn 1 1 1 iitnt .In".-. ,.. o.. l
h It 1 (. iMtup litmw If r. .(i!ni. II,
mm mi, I In! itntlf snbM li nt f'tf i Hi
iM "tmm" and fiti i(ui.. u
HU.t Into "ttalll tiihi" lm Iraii-l i .li
fallr-.,! Imlna. "plk hutn." wlm Irani
In fiii "ah. ml .iin,," wlm dil.-it uti
If, attit " t"H billns," Willi frillettt
!li i' nti.t! 1 ,n train hum aee
regarded a Hik tiii tni v i.f tl.r fist, ml
ly nnil ntolfelnHteaildlthmalapiHtlnttitii
ef "Itnlsis,"
Tb travels nf a tramp Ink a much
Wider tsntftt I tin 11 ttntat people would aup
po, srvetal nf Ihrtn beta twn found
who rlnlm li linvii vlslinl nearly every
tut and UtTllnrjr In the I'libm, and I heir
tart knowledge uf Ih itti(raphy and nf
to railroad lino ltr tint Hip aaaert Ion,
On reason of llil In tlmt Hi rank nf the
tramp are often recruited from th rail
rtavt bra k amen, mnl thl U proved by the
tender rKrd which Him hraktuan alw-ay
hlblta fur thtt tramp In nut only xTin!t
tlnK htm to atow hltuaelf away mi the
train, hut frequently In fi-cdliiK him also.
Maaaarhusctt, which I tliii only out
that ha undertaken to collect Hi alalia
tic of ltstrnmps, cut rtnlim'.'Wnf tlicm,
and if they uni found In other slates In the
Mine (import Inn tot lie population tint tiiim
Wrlll the t'liltcil Htale I 4.Htft, which
I 15,000 Ih'Iow thn current, uncs cstlniatea.
Aiihiiik thcMii I a llmltcil number of fe
male tramps, whom their hrothcr tramp
cull "pettlennt hiiniN," "nuiKple" mnl
Careful Invest lunllmia lend to tha con
clusion I hut 47 per rent, (if thnAmcrlrnn
tramp have trades or professions, 4 1 per
cent nrn unskilled laborer, 8,0 per rent urn
weaver, one In 'it) of them In tiniler 'JO
year old, three out of five under Hfl year
old, 75 out of lull under 40 yeiir old. Only
8, B per rent of tlieui in t ho winter of th
grip claimed to lm In III lienlth, per
cent, claimed Hpcc I II en 1 ly to Hiijoy nimi
henlth, )u uiHwer to Him -iich( Ion, "Why
did yon tnkit tothti rondr" Ha. 8 per cent
complained of a wnutof employment, noma
were "tired of work," nonm wnntwd to
"n tliti (wmiitry," ttomn chiirneil it to
drink, nnd 2 per cent dechirud their Inten
tion never to work kmIii,
Of Ann-rlcan trinip flfl per cent urn of
Atwrlrnn iiiillvlly, and then follow Ire
land, Kuutainl, Oermany, Cnnndii, Nor
wiy, Hweden and Hcotland, Mora thnn 00
pur mnit urn iiiimarrled, mid Ichm than 10
per cent arennalileto read mid write, TliA
fact In that in lntellluenc and education
thtt (iveraKit IrainplN not nppreclalily dif
ferent from llieKi'iicnil popiilaliou, in lh
winter tt'4 per cent of tlieui mnnnu lo get
nick mid tollvtt In lioMpltalN. Other r
tnlKrawiry and walk down xoulh In Octo
hcrnnd return north reularlylii April, bn
thtt railroad men can tftlfy. Of thoNo
futloiied W per rent ay they lic their
food, II per cent that they he mid work
mid 't per cent that t hey lieu mid utetil. It
I CNtlinaled Hint It conIn U00yenrto
mipporfc h tramp mid 110,000,000 to nop.
port all of the trampN in Hot country for
(inn year.
Only fl per cent of tramp ennfww that
they Imvd heen convlcled tif crime, HioiikIi
fill per cent freely admit that they have
lieeu convicted of (lronkeniieH, 'i'hey rci
((rd tiling to wear and UiIiikn to cat mt
common property. Hut felony In confined
to tint few, iMNault heluK thii felony com
tnoncNt mnotiK them, it In 11 ram thliiK
that they carry concealed weapoiiN, Horn
of them complain of tint criminal tenden
clou of oHier, whom tiny characterla a
'mean cnouuh foraiiythlo." 'J'hcy claim
that it In Hut train Iiiiuin that dlHrac th
whole ciilllnu liy their crime,
A circular relallvn to tramim that w
mailed to HA chief of pollen elicited om
iiiterelliiK information ahont lliemand
dttout thtt way thtt tramp niilarieti wr
flhoold he treated. Twenty replhtald that
they furnished lodlm to tramp without
any eondltlvnof cleanllneNand M that 110
indltloiiN of work wera jirecrlhed, Wx
Ijicii nld that Him amn tramp returned
frequently; , occattlonallyi 10, that thtt
im tramp did not return, Twenty ev
n tiald that Hieappllcaiil wernalway r
jelvd, ft that they were. Iln hie to lm arret.
d and 8 that they were linprlxoned If they
returned too often. Twenty-two put the
ahla hodled trump at from 110 to 100 per
cent, and only put it a low a f0 per
!etit, Filxtcen HioiiKht It advanlaKeoiiN to
Jodxa tramp, mid 1 wero of the oppolt4i
opinion. Of Hot I 'I who thouulit it advao
tauenu 4 favored it n humaiiltarlau
ground, 9 la'cauaa atoall per cent were
deNervlntf, 0 on (round of puhllo policy, ft
fur thtt protection of property and I for the
jirnteetlon of the peraon,
A t'l Hi o treatment, of Hi evil, 11 of
the chief recommended compulNory
work, 9 confinement, B corporal punlh
tneut, 1 th ahottfiin, I aeverer law, 9 tha
enforcement of chIhIIhk lawa, 1 fnrnlHhlntf
uiploymaut, H helleved In tha workhoiiNn,
J thought wicouraKement ouxht to lie re
fued, Not on advocated moral maur,
not apparently liecaiiaa they attached no
InifNirtaiicif l' moral meaaurea, hutlcaiiaa
they regarded the tramp a impenneahla
in them, On Hi other hand, moral meaa
iirtt, when tried, have generally hann un
ucceful, VhIioiii1Ihiii grow out of
Idlattr, Inlmperanca and uncleanneaa,
nnd moral mean are uually a pow
erful remedy forauch hahlt. Hut forolhla
reatrnlnt appeara to ha nceary In tha
I rat Inatance, Vet aa long a tramp are
jaft to roam at will, rent rained only by an
occnalonal and apaammllo eoforcement of
the vaKrmit law, It would he an tinmen
advantage If aoft heark'd people would re
frain from glvliiK them money, for, al
fnoNt wit hout exception, It oe for drink
or worae, Tha peraon who will give any
)KKiira coin JiimI liecaiiaettaeemaViohnrd
to refiiMt him onulit on almllar Krouud to
give razor and gun to madmen and chil
dren, John J. McOook in C'harltle Ho
View, 1'rlenili.
"Friend ara dlacoverad rather than
rnado," wrota Harriet HeecherHtowemany
year ago, "There are people who ara in
their own nature friend, only I hey don't
know each other, hut certain HiIhih, Ilka
poetry, iiiualo and palnliiiK, are like the
Kreeniaaon' aln they reveal Hie Inltlat
f4 to each other," Kmeron capnmaea
aomewliat Hut aamn aentlment when ha
tlcclar, wl'lia conviction 0110 wlnhca had
a more oh rxm foundation In fact, that wa
meet Hikm peoplu lii Ufa of whom w have
wv t hi w vvstttc rsnt,
t tt I ailf 4 M4t V
a I
1 llio tVi 1 t II i' t ii! t a r
I , I . .i..,i on i l I ttxt
'i. l ,U .ik.-n ll li ttilwi
I !-. I (l .i P kot nit1
ll-4l l I tn iit n.H-t I f ,, m, I , . a iHM'm
,i ,t it,tt ),v !. I -ni l tntitl
,.ii.. r 1 1 It lm Mi,t f
tiliti l.l Mir t tn- !
.l I 4 .r (l,,v,.nl , ll l
M iIiniM u.. ttlntnil It,!
Ik,! It,, ti, 1 1 it . , a I tuf ktt
l t ll ! It a tut i-t' 1 'i twt
td in l!m nin I t til tnlii in i'(
lmti, li l,e mi ii-ntli llif n altn t
nl.aml "iti ii' "ii' t in Hptl-i'
i.4 nii,liit tin1 inw i f It, 1-nt ti- II
tiii h ii'ii r, n 1 rtti it i In l.o u
iii, he ", In In-t'a an (liif iwh
p III tlie ti ll. ,viili.,-. I v a nil"
wl liii It .tMi i ot,r Inn- In tin itian tt I'iiitvnlt, rA lntll lliedntnl'
w hitu It w n, hill W il II1111I Hie 1 htto
hi llipulllt tin kill tlilli li, hiil lli p
lm niotv tit hi Jiiuh'1') Hian tu Iliat of Hi
ri oy ntagh tun
"I ran tinki' una of )m tell w here lha
Iwll I," aatd I'd tro.
"Hit ahead," aahl a iWlr, IiikIiIii.
I'teiTe walked up ton )outiit phjilclan
mini wa half lui'llurd In lu lli ia him, and
placlun hi hand linn Hie lad'alirai! aald,
Tha ynuiiii limn aatik Into a rhalr and
alrpl, l'lerrPKtiMid nvi-rhlui forawhllaaud
then aald, "Tell Hie doctor w her the rill
111 la."
"It I In Hiaravllyof tha ahdnman,
where It ha fallen frtutl tha rlha, Open
the alHloineii, and yon will find It tin tha
left aide. Noun of tha InUntliice la In
JuriHl." "Am I a aepahalf '
"No, you ara niaKiH'tlc perann with inea
nierlo power."
1'lcrre any that they found the hall aa
Indicated, mid Hint after Hint hi print le
waaurent. It wa In India that ha learned
thn lliient iibii of thn KiifdlNh lniiKHi(ie.
HeturnliiK to Camida Inter In lite, lie wn
cnniiKcil on 11 whiilluu mIi ip aa harpooner
and made money there. III) hna Ihi ii In
the I'liKcd State for 10 year. He la about
KOyeara old and goea about but. little,
HI power to cure headache, toothache
and nil minor kind of ache and pain la
almply wonderful, lie cannot heal Ida
own woe, nor can hnrure hla own Ilia.
Aa yet hi f 11 inn a a itmyiictln healer ha
acarcely none beyond hi own nelKhbnr
bood and the ahadow of llond hill. Iln
haa no education and cannot read or write
KiikIIhIi, but In hla kiiocknboiit, the world
ha hna picked up conaldernbla informa
tion, lvtwlton Journal.
Kara Old Itnllrond Ticket. ,
In tha general paaaenger agent' office of
thn I,nk Hhore road at Cleveland ia A rare
collection of old ticket. One, If destroyed,
could never ho replaced. Kvery laaiie of
that road from It curl lent down to the
preaent ha been kept. Heveral roada which
now form tiart of that,Nytem ore alao rep
rcMcnteil, The oldet ticket I a coupon le
aned In 1 It la printed on green paper
tif Hut chcapcMt kimi, From Ita typograph
ical face ft wa evidently turned out of an
old time hand print ing pre. There ia no
alguatiire, number or limitation placed
upon It, The route which I repn-aented
wa a combination of rail and afaga line,
It wnanaerlnu mat ter to undertaken Jour
ney In Hiomu day.
The llrat coupon in one old timer waa
good over the Cleveland and Krlti, from
Cleveland to Hlrard, (IIhIiiiich ho mile,
Then a t ransfer waa made to the Ohio HI age
company' conch, nnd thn traveler wa
tranafcrred from (Jlrnrd to Krle IA mllea.
At tha latter placet hit Journey wa reaum
d on rail to North Knat. A tranafer waa
again neceary at Hin latter alatlon, thla
time to the HufTalo and Wale line, finally
reaching Imnklrk,
Three chmige in 14,1 mllea would rob
thn modern traveler of nil the plcriNiirca of
a Journey, mid a IA mile ride in tha fluent
atagecoach would forever kill a road'
hualneNN with the commercial world. It
waa A patched up trip the old ticket repre
sented, hut it wa the finest 1(1 Ha (lay,
Hi, JmiI Oinbe Democrat,
The Itlglit Kind.
The merchant had arrived at Jila office
a early a 7 O'clock, and five inlniitea aft
er lie got down to hla (leak a foxy looking,
bright faced hoy cam In, Tha merchant
waa reading, and the boy, with hla hat off,
tooi I there expectantly, hut saying noth
ing, At the end of two minute ha cough
ed slightly mid spoke,
" Kxcusa me, air," ha aald, "but I'm in
Tha merchant looked tip,
"What do yon wantr" lie asked,
"f want n Job If yoit'va got one for ma."
"Ob, dn youf" snorted tha merchant,
"Well, what are you in audi it hurry
"I've got to be, Hiat'a why," wn ilia
harp reiotiNe. "I Jeft acliool yesterday
evening to go to work, and I haven't got
a place yet, and I can't afford to ha wast
ing time. If you can't do anything for
ine, any eo, and I'll aklp, Tha only place
where I can atop long in lath pine where
they pay ma for it,"
The merchant looked at the clock,
"When can you couint" ha asked,
"I don't have to come," replied the
youngster. "I'm here now, and I'd heen
at work before this if you'd aald so."
Half an hour later he wa at It, and ha'a
likely to have a Job a long aa h wnntalt,
Detroit Frea Press,
Tlia Oleantler,
Notwithstanding the oleander I num
bered among poUououa plant, and it I
really believed that it wn the flower of
the oleander and not the rhododendron
that canned audi trouble In the army of
Xerxea, no trouble ha ever been found
from them In America, tiotwltlmtandlng
In the son t hern slate they nre ao exleii
lvely grown, Home of the English paper
ara endeavoring to crcnle a aeutltnant
against them, hut all we ran find to war
rant IliU In something that happened In
1H09, when It I aald aome Hpnnlah ol
dlera used the wood for skewer In roast
ing meat, and a few children many year
ago died through eating the flowers, I'os
albly It may be that In America children
get ao many tiling better to eat than ole
ander that this may be the reason, there
fore, for the general Immunity of Ameri
can people and children from any Injury
result lug from the cult I vat Ion of thl beau
tiful plant, Median' Monthly.
A N m el ll iiiet.
The miniver of the parish of Ht. Cyrus,
Pent I a ml, ha the distribution of what I
known a the "mnrrlauH money," being
the Interest of a sum left by n Mr, Orr of
Ilridgelou to the oldest, tha youngest, the
tallest mid the shortest woman Itclonglng
to the parish who may happen to get mar
ried In the parish church during the year.
Glasgow Jitter,
A Mftf
I Ml t'Ut M
- t !
tm ti Hani t Mi'
1 . lit M4
I ImI V . t . mI ll. , f t,e !
Kh' k,k.a 1 , ! I I., K ..r..l !
H I-. I I M.I I I . I ,l ll .
iil,a ' 1 ''" liiiaia t ImhIi,
II, ,m V in tt- .lfi-aM, Itm l.liirliii
Ittiiti lnfeal 1 1 t- rn 1 U. . In t. It
,.na, l.,' IliO ll. li I vH In
fttr Hi-IiiI"i if l,r m i.k.i.i tei
IImii. tn-l it 1 w ti,( !v,-i In Nn In;
I Sitr iln.l IH IKiafi tilri fl
ll, I il. h f.l.,n ai,. , ht!.,,( n,4 mill
"j r,itt In )vi.,lin ' I Hi t.iin-ti. li li
l.i-al U!'iHti.. I l 1,1 tl, 1 1 1,1. iii i f
r lli-a In n a linn ti i t th liiiil tilt
tut 1, nun- in tl,' it. .ill, tin i-...i,i. 1 mp
tniil Holland t-ni I niUit Ni l a ti
nfllii'il. (,n lsi' l i.tliif lal-le t.
ti. h lull . I ii.itif liitr.slm tti-ll id
i,,t- . 1, 1,1 1 I,.. I ill ink hli h i(n,le mil
l,nl.f i, ) l-,knt,t, itel tmln-l miiiw
n ftiiin llollaiid, lli,'iili iml mi tlie Mai
ftni-r, a mt uliin an, lir-'liUlli alii al
!! d
Mu tt, t-s, Ihp tirn flee. Kta,lnalljf
Itaia av tiiiiptKMi litiproii'tneiil, M tsa
to a hull h I litntf with a Hulh name lit
almp Nn only In I'lim'mlh, but rl
whme, iiunirmiia Imttia-a had lint ran la
nriaotiaily een llmghmtt New
land IihUt - irnr by Hit do wa mean the
later autwtltute of tin - a Hutch nveit. It
wa tinder Hit iarliiudiMne of brh k and
rlay that those fanuni article nf Vankee
diet- tha pumpkin pie, bmwn bri-ad,
bakixl In'siia end flshtiall had their ei
lilt Ion. Nn auioker nf toliai-ni In the iinw
hlle inwraidiautn n-Jolml mnr In hi col
oring of lhana foam rlay than did Himy
houewlvea of Massachusetts bay III the
rich hue of bean, bnad and llsli. The
Itrownlng rlubanf rarly daya met In the
kitchen rather than In the mrlnr or ven
dotne, Tha doughnut may have Wn tacfiinn
pnlltanau article to claim Invenllon at Hie
lintida tif any tma Hiple, yet what Yankee
"fried cake," or doughnut, ever iiiialeil
olekia-kt Wa not cruller, whose deriva
tion confounds the diet lonary makers, who
call II "a kind of" doughnut, first brought
to perfection by Captain Kroll pronoiino
ed nml soinclliniH i.icllecl Crull the whi
lom commamh r nnd Dutch church elder at
FortOrangef To thl day thn "cooky"
(kocke), noodles, hodgepodge, snicn reuse,
rullichles, cold slaw mid other dlshe that
survive In New Kiiglnml fariiihousea are,
despite their changed pronuuclat Ion and
apclllng, proof that the Yankees enriched
their monotonous menu of early colonial
daya by borrowing tint mora varied faro of
their Dutch neighbor In Hin west ami
aout ti. A for Hut popular American win
ter breakfast, luxury, the buckwheat cake,
it waa Introduced from cent ral Asia by the
Hollanders, acclimated, cultivated, named
"haochmnat" (bock welt) and in tha form
associated with heat, sweets, aroma nnd
good cheer la a Dutch Invention. Harper'
Fixing Up A lloraa.
There wn A broken down horse brought
Into tin miction room, Jin was stone blind,
hla tongue hung from hla mouth about 10
inches, the end of it had been and
turned black, and altogether he waa the
moat woebegone, dejected looking specie
of iKiilue anatomy J ever saw, J lawa
sold for ti to A aeedy looking fellow, who
wa suppose wanted to kill hlmfor id hide.
In about two hour n man came up riding
a horse with head thrown back, prancing
nathoiigh full of life, nod nltogct hern good
looking niilmal. He said that ha had Just
bought him for tM mid wanted him aold.
I congratulated him upon hla bargain and
told him wn could doiihht his money for
him, Thn next morning, before tint dally
sale, I went to look at the horse, nnd to my
astonishment ha was tha same we had aold
theilay before, Hi eye had lost, the bright
ness caused by belladouun, hit had forgot
ten Hut energy put In him by ginger, arid
tha red pepper pod which had been placed
under hi tougun to make him keep it in
hla mouth had lost It strength, nnd that
organ ngaln hung low, With nn Invest
ment of M.IA tha fellow hnd aold him for
r0, and If ha hnd not been In a hurry
could hnvagot more," Ht, Ixail (Jloha
Democnit. Vtilcanliteil lliililier,
Kxperlment made with A view in ob
taining morn reliable methods of estimat
ing the nunllly of vulcanized India rubber
have recently been mndn abroad, and the
result recorded a follow; India rubber
should not give the least sign of superficial
cracking when bent to an angle of 180 de
gree after five hour of exposure In a
closed air bath to n temperature of 13 A da
greeaC, the thickness of the teat piece to
be 9.4, Huhhcrthat doe not contain more
thnn half it weight of metalllo oxide
ahould atretch to five time If a length with
out breaking. Free from all foreign mat
ter except Hie sulphur used In Ita vulcani
zation rubber should stretch to at least
aeven limes Its lengt h without rupture, and
the extension measured Immediately after
rupture should not exceed 'i per cent of
the original length, with given dimensions,
HuppleiiesN may bn determined by measur
ing the percentage of nsh formed In tha in
cineration of the substance, and thl may
form the basis for deciding bet ween differ
ent grades of rubber In their adaptation to
certain purioc, Finally, vulcanized rub
ber ahould not harden under cold, New
York Hun,
l'hj!iiliilesl f'.AWt of Miisle,
The result of niimerou experiment
made with scient ific care by a Kuaaian
physician to determine what, if any, ara
Hi physiological effect produced by mu
alo ara thii summarized: An influenceon
tha circulation of blood ia noticed, tha
prcasure sometime rising and sometime
falling, though tha action of musical tone
and pipe both on miluinl nnd men ex
pree itself for the most part by increas
ed frequency of the heat of the heart, The
variation In the circulation consequent
II Hin musical sounds coincide with the
change in the breathing, though they
may also lie observed (julta Independently
of it, The variation in the blood pressure
ara dependent on the pilch and louilnes
of the sound nnd on tone color. In these
variation of the blood pressure, also, the
peculiarities of Hie individuals, whether
men or lower animals, am plainly appar
ent, and even nat ionality, in the enstt of
man, la claimed to exhibit aome effect,
New York Tribune,
FnmltlHr baling,
A French lady, on her arrival in thl
country, would cat, only dishes she wa
acquainted with, and being 011 one occa
sion pressed to partake of a dlxli new to
her she politely replied, thinking she wa
expreslng herself In admirable Knullsh:
"No, I thank you, I eat only my ac
iiialiitance," lrfiiidoii Tit Hits.
TalkliiK sin, p.
Mis Huston I presume, of course, you
nro fond of horxellesh!1
Mis lllnegrasa (coolly) Well, really,
don't you know, I never ate any, Dutrott
J'reu l'rcjwt.
tM tl tvi-..ii 1 e
I tt ,. 1 M ! li.Miniiiii tla
Itaa la iia
It I I 1 , I an I t i t II,,. ..
ai.i-i i . f n,tii in t i'r i.. r li k Ih
a im -. 1.. 1 1, t i.iii ,ni',n 1 t a
Ttl !t ' iftl,i l'"!
l, 1 1 It., iili,.. ti., n ! in lisiti
II ii i . I-.i.i. ii.,n 11,1 it wa at'iil
H a a iin-i,,a t M li at
l. II mi I t,i ll.a I. in ni i t !.
mil,, I, 4h nl, l a tWIt. 11 n i-iii l im
n II. ,,.i .i,i, 1,1 l k t itl., li
ll In kf,ll l l.thif llnr l I
lei-aliot tikr li.n t ,tnti H I if (".himw
li -ti. U 1 tti ii. i,l i n a knal
ItUKt it,. ,t i,il ,i, i lii
Ktil wriul'l i t riail y ,i lattf un
1 1., 11 l.iiitl.t, i
Hue i f tni' 0.1 n n I. ,1,1 I .4 a f . a
I I i n ii'fc 1 ''i t ii ! k i"l 1 -f mi-1 at ' ' iml' In-iv
eiini, 1 1 I n,-ie ! "1 a iliaiov nf
timliiiii aii.iilnt al I'.mlni.l, Hi , If
II11-M' plniK wm Kid I a ti aiMlin Hi
l.lti.l ,e id tltmtdwal He ha-l limw.l
Hill t l Hl,i l.f llll I'lM bins thai liner Hi
Iiii II, i Ulxii 11 Sen i.iksii l ts-nl I le to
tin. I mliln tn itl'l l atstlinl had Isa-litutl
11 1 11 u upbuilt tnlla fnfili-ninitnire" snalinl
I heir lnni'i " IHuiiirratie " t a 1 lists
nada by Hi ow iterant a mr, al an mm h
la day, fur the time aiaf la kept away
frtitn It on 11 line,
"They'll lake A ear," he aald, "eoine
wliera down aniilh.and luatrad of aettdtng
It bark when Hiey 'r ilmte w Ith II will ti
It for aome oilier work. That km 011 and
on until, Oral thing you know, tharar geta
III A auiashtip,"
"Then you have no inor chance nf find
ing II," I Intrrrupliil. Thi waa where I
displayed 11 1 V Ignorance.
"Haven't I, 1 IiihikIi f I go where the car
wa sent and luitke them show me the
Issik. la't nut tell you alsiul ntin rar Is--loiiKlng
to our Hue that got awny down
aouth, and iioIhmIv could trace II. Tint
agent at that teHitwaA Hitln lilt of a
tunii, nil beard. When 1 showed him thn
entry on his Issiks ami asked him w here
that car was, he said he illdu't know any
thing alsiut it. 'One iiIkIiI,' lie snys, 'I
left it, here on Hiesidlng, and when I cntnn
next morning it waa gone. Home one of
those freight conduct or must have come In
here in Hut night, and looking around for
a car t hey Just took that one.' 'You'rua
liar,' 1 said, 'l'vu been railroading all my
life, mid 1 know that conductor don't go
rawhldlng a Im nit a yard nl nighttime
looking to get cars. They ain't so anxious
to (iml extra work a all that. Now,' I
said, 'you Just tell me where that car's got
to, or I will report that you lost It.' Well,
he commenced whimpering nlmut, hi fain
ily, and how he'd lose hi Job If I got him
into trouble about that car, At last lie
owned up that one day they were short of
car in tha yard. 'I'hey took ntid loaded up
our car with agricultural machinery for
Atlanta. Tim train wa wrecked, ami tho
car wa all burned up. 'If you had told 11
that at the t ime,' I said, 'you would have
hnd lo pay tMUO or loo. Now you'll have
to pay about 17,000 for demurrage, and
aerve you right, Aa for your family, I've
got 11 family too. If I go hack nnd tell the
company I can't find that car, what I my
family to dot' And I waa right. They
had to pay about 7,000." loiiisville
Ksiu from ('loiillei gky.
Happen r Hint rain can fall from a cloud
less sky, 'I'M I true of a thin drl..le
which fnlla in France, known as "acreln,"
As tha utmosphcre looks qulto clear when
it falls, tint probability fa ell In favor of
the moisture having been brought by the
wind at a great elevation, In the Island
of Mauritius tint phenomenon I by no
means uncommon during the prevalcnceof
aoulheast winds, slight, showers falling in
cloudless evening when Ihestaranrn shin
ing brightly, Them the rain In thought to
m due to Invisible vapor In the upper
reaches of thcnt liinsphcrc, being condensed
at once and falling in drops without pass
ing through the intermediate stage of
cloud. Hons said that in the aouth Allan
tin it rained on one occasion for upward of
an hour while the aky wn altogether free
from cloud. Hay n (Jcnoesn naturalist,
"The night was clear, the atnra were shin
ing with their accustomed brilliancy, when
A shower of rain, consisting of large luke
warm drop, fell during six minute upon
tha town." A almllar view wn once ob
aerved at Constant Ina, In Algeria, alxnit
noon, the aky being all the time a splendid
blue. Home believe that these shower are
the result of particle of Ice formed in tha
higher region melting and falling, while
other attribute them to current of warm
and cold air traveling in opposite direc
tion, with, the result that the latter con
dense Home of the moisture in the former
and cause. It to fall, Hrooklyn F.aglc.
Her ltlaHiislil,
A good atory In told of n Mln who wa
noted for her wit. At a dinner party the
lady In question, Hut daughter of a distin
guished Judge, was seated next to a gen
tleman whom slut had not met before, who
wn visiting the city on business which
had brought him in contact wit h the Judge
mentioned, who had a short, time previous
ly decided a case against him.
At the dinner the gentleman, who lind
not caught tho name of the lady when in
troduced, took occasion to vent his feeling
and express hi opinion of the Judge in
term anything but complimentary.
An awful pause in the conversation in
dicated something wrong, and the gentle
man at one expressed to the lady hi hope
that tha judge waa no relative of here, to
which, to tha Infinite amusement of all
present, aha replied:
"Oh, no, Only a connection of my
mother' by marriage!"
A about of laughter could not be pre
vented, and the gentleman, after a little
reflection, came alowly to tha conclusion
that tha judge' family were altogether
"too much" for hlru, 1mdon Tlt-Hlta.
Heron (to fair equestrienne) Thl Is the
enrne horse that I rode In the battle of
(iravelotte, where the whole of my compa
ny were killed,
Countess Then you alone were leftf
Huron Yes, although my horse wa
shot under me.
Countess Hutdld you not say the same
horse f
Huron Ah, beg your pardon, I meant
to any Hie horse wa left it wn I who
wn aliot I l.'ritcrhaltungsbliit t,
A Curium Nil pars! It Inn.
The ancients believed that the marrow
of the human backbone often transformed
itself Into serpent. I'llny (" Batumi Ilie
tory," volume 10, page 110) says that tha
marrow of a man's backbone will breed to
a snake. Thn Chinese iWorde' "Fastern
Travels") burned the backbone to "de
stroy serpent Unit might hatch there
from." H.. Louis ifeplllillc.
A I'romit Dental.
Pharplelgh -Weren't you In that gnme
down nl, l'oki rlon's last night
Hiokeup - Well, I should any I wau't
ill U Detroit Free Press,
tu tiv ( 1 i ml vim',
!... , 11., 1 . ,..
V 1 , , . -
I 4 " I, I ll I 1,1 IUHft t I I -l II-
I ,1. 1
I '! tit . I I
1 I HI I I", I 4i I 1 t ,
Jp-, 111 1,4.1 , I , 11. tjit
I t !,. Hill 11 I H
nt l,,. 1 m.
I t II ft ,. - I U- ! I !
'I i 1 i a 11 1 1 l,i. ,it at l Aral
aa- tl-r ,.l t t-'ii i liit
All, toll', li t .1,1 mid m m a ll-l A
I I st I tt'S'ti it. 11. H ,a t,,iM It, ia
I i-r I HI-.11 -i i si -?
I i,.ml nl ll Vm .
l S . Kill , t I.,r I.!,
M tl t -I I 1 M' ai i -r n,i it
M iiimiti t i'iiA
111 tint III l I Hi ft.
The l'l 1 f the kilts I aha an atamndlliu
W 1 1 9' I I tli In ! ii He la lull i.f esiiili
lm 1,1 li h he Ita b altii-l w lot b Hlnn
iii-r Hie loi gnllm Isll i f Hie lliti r, II
la 1 111, !e sinl l.,l,-nnia m lit inn til , bul II
la . I tit rt, fur II Itaa Isuuhl Hi
til aat hla 11ml III ib ti tiae nf Ht Weak
1h lirinblliig, while baid old fellow
w lm ha lain iimipi lied In take up at tfl
Hi Mlipht. inetit Intended filiatif T will
lint be received With any reverent ponslil
rralloii along Hie alley, The Isiy will
rail Itliu (iraudpap, Milskera, Hanta Clans
nr Mitnethtiig els just a tlar-sa-rlful, but
I hey will never push him out of Hue when
h I w sit lug for hi armload. I'hey will
"stake" If he "' broke," and If halt
hungry they will "divvy." It la handy
miary In say there I a certain patho
III aeelng twit ciunrailea cmiiii nut from Ilia
roaring and scrambling alley with their
pa 1 st under their arm. One Is Is-ut ami
wrinkled -h oolildu'l make hla Vole
heard HI feet through the frightful din of
shrieking youngsters and rumbling press
es. The other is alsiut the elite nf a spar
row, w ith shoe too largo for him ami leu
somewhat larger than lead pencil. The
youngster Is away like a flash for a corner
where he I known. The old man putter
behind him. If thtt boy ntitsMeds him, Hie
old man ha the advantage of a certain
busliies dignity, nml he will Hnd cus
tomers whom tint boy ha overlooked In
hla haste. Chicago Kecord.
Hlianiriu k llniniine.
The shamrock of Ireland ha even more
of legend nnd romance woven around it
thnn Hut rose or tint thistle,
ClioMcn leaf of hitrd anil clilnf,
Old Krln's mil I vii shaiiirnck.
Whether thn word comes from Henmrog
in the Krse tongue, or Henmrng In tha
Celtic, or Hhnmrakh in Hut Ara bin, It I
almost impossible to aay, for all have a
almllar inclining. Certain It I that wheth
er It be the wood aorrell or the white clover
A trifoliate plant la referred to,
The oxnlls, or wood aorrell, In tho time
of the Druid wa held to lata sacred plant
nnd was by them called nlhduyla. Tha
atory of Ht. I'atrlck, the learned and devout
young Hcotnhman, taking Hut leaf to illus
trate the doctrine of the Trinity, the my
terloua three In one nnd one In t hree, haa a
strong air of probability about It, for It I
nu apt Illustration and just such a one a
would he understood by the pagan Irish of
that time.
The nmpl Ideat ion of the legend by relat
ing that tliestalu on the leaf represent thn
tear of Ht. I'atrlck when he found hla
hearer unbelieving ia probably the in
vent Ion of an Imaginative Celtic writer.
North Hrltlsh Advert iser.
Kverjlimly NI11111I1I NIiik.
A writer on singing anysi "At the prea
etit era, when physical cult ure In a part of
tho curriculum of our most intellectual
schools nnd fa ao generally regarded a a
necessary clement, toward supplying and
maintaining tha sound body for the sound
mind, It i worth while to consider a re
cent atatementof eminent physician that
the uiereexerclse of singing Is a great help
toward the prevention, cure or ameliora
tion of lung (llse'ises, It was disclosed by
statistics in Italy some year ago that
vocal artist are usually long lived and
healthy, and I hat brass instrument player,
who bring t heir lung nnd chest Into unu
sual activity, have not hail a consump
tive victim among them, No matter how
thin 0 weak tha voice, young people ahould
be encouraged to Indulge In song, Them
could he no happier medicine, and If hear
ers sometimes suffer they should ha en
couraged to bear the infliction In view of
th good It may do." Argosy,
Itiiw a Plant Mas Traveled.
Ives than U'A year ago the little plant
known to the botanists as Lcpachy'a col
ttmriariN wa only known to Inhabit a
small section tif country In the very soul h
ern portion of loulslana, Home time later
It was reported a occurring sparingly along
the Canadian river, nod later still on the
Arkansas. Hlncethat time II lias slowly
spread north, west nnd east, even to the
very source of the Missouri, over Into the
Hrltlsh possessions mid ia now said lo ha
creeping along the Haskalchawan toward
Hudson bay, How a plant which origi
nated in n warm climate could accustom
Itself to such changes I another of nature's
mysteries, Ht. Iouis Itepuhllo,
Th Typewriter' (leeiipallon.
A pretty typewriter, who In employed at
A large down town office, was talking in a
rat her elevated tone of voice to a gent le
man of her arquhinfanca on an Illinois
atreet car yesterday, He wevldciitly un
acquainted with the character of her oc
cupation and asked her what it was,
" Hunching hnlca In tha Kugllsh lan
guage," was the answer. And there were
ample Indications that she waa speaking
the literal truth. -IridlanaHill Heiitlnel,
While loading shell on the river bank
near Orange, Tex., recently laborer ex
humed 'JO human skeleton, They have
evidently been men of giant stature. Home
of the hones of the forearm were almost
the length of the cut Ire arm of an ordinary
man. I'leceaof broken pottery were also
Those ship of the United State tinvy
that do not use the elect r In light are still
lighted with lard oil, which thicken to
the consistency of very stiff molassea In
cold weather and ha other Inconvenient
habit, The power that be have nlwaya
pronounced any other oil uimafo for mov
ing ships,
An eastern doctor say too many people
die from sleeping w Ith their mouths open.
There may be a good many, but It would
bn hard to prove that tliurtt nro too many.
Minneapolis Times,
An old miser having listened to a pow
erful discourse on charily said, "That ser
mon ao strongly prove the necessity of
almsgiving thut I've almost 11 mind to
In May, lssH, Wllliumsport, Pa., wa
I rented to the eurinua phuuomeuon of A
huwvr of black bretlua.
t Hulk t C.I it, ii hi,
i mt 1 ,. l ! , a ,ln t,t 'ie i i I M
1 1. ,n a I l il lit wtiii ant
I,, ,,1, , hi I he- I 'a. If!, I 11. I I,, i a
' I li ,,. t inn 1 l,i li,' .1 tllit
i-i A'l.'Biw :i n.i.ii t , tiiatl;
tl r Hm ''i.t .n l ii i II
if Hot in-,- mt iliiii'i tli, 1 v tM
biii,t an,! c a ii, '- ,1 1 li-ai lm I li
tii tttilii iM t 1 1 li Hi ami it,!
m ,Ml thttn ! 1 1 . ( ' aiid li"
1 t, HI 1 l liit ln the I 11 !
bai- rl t i n kf ii
lit I'll ki I I fl ii, I t'l I sti a.n H
be Wilr i.l Ymr tm nilr.
11. U' n,,le t ),.li,,i (f ,ni , H I )
I n li ,ii n a nt a. tvioi.l ! i. Iiiki-IM
I I ai.i imii ia 1 be Hoi liictnti It nth
iUIt li iii Ktiml tin' 1 1 atiattu mv
1 1 ni. tn'i .it 1.1,1 1 , ami tun ! lnir
i t a. . I at thi- t ill Tli k I llitliis 1 14
I auisui itm I 2 2 4
Hprt isl Mauler Cowtittttrter a Mala,
In l,ituiiii" mnl ti iittitnufa pi t, mut
ami ilii-iii' nf tin- itiMttt I entiil rot Isnitfla
roiilit 1, stale i,f NetiiAati H-titelii nn tli
.i il.l nt N.nim.tM I l n 1,1 i-rllallt
, linn a In n In 1 1,,. I Hal Nmi.nml liana i.f
final, was I'laitni ami Mitel Itellman ami
nl in ia ami. 1I1 f mlanta ami nf an miter nf
sale laaiteil llnn,,ii mil nf aalit illalil, I i niitl,
U iilii) ilsl Ih lah ttat nf Is i'iiiln t A H
s4 anil In 111 illrvi ti.l will nn Hi at a
ilarnf Mshh, A It I) al ln nil, a a
in nf asl.l ilsv. al Ih r Asf front it, sir nf the
rninit v I'niirl liniiae, tn Hi CUT nf Omaha,
Itniialaa e ninny, NXiraaka, n il at inililla
a'C'llnll, In Hie lilflipsl lilililer for rash th
fnlliialnt iliHH f IU',1 lanila anil tenements, all
slliiatiil In Hi count nf iNiunlaa, ami at at
nf Neliraak. In-wit 1
Tli asl fort v four i44 feel nf hit on ill la
blis k nn liunitreil anil lliltly-sen n 1I.1T1, In
Hie cltr nf 1 tin nliH. Iiavlti a frnntiit nf
forty four llll fuel un Karnatil aln-et anil e
leniMiix hark a utilforui w III I It nf a illstance and thirl two (I t'i fe i.l
the liorlli line of Id alleyi and Hm auutli
two tlilnlanf lot elKhl isi In lilis'lt elshty.
nine ihiii, 11, aulil ell y of tluiaha, all In HiiiikIn
county, slate of MfWnskai lo snllufy llrst 11111
nf tliejins'eeils nf the snlit nf the sulil east
fiirly-fonr llll feel of lot one ill In lilis'k unit
hiinilreil nml Ihlrl v-aeven il lfi In thn city nf
titiiuliti. 1 1 it v 1 1 1 g friinlHse nf forty-four (441
feel un Fiirnitiu street, and eileiiilliin hack a
iiulfnriii wlilili of one liiiinlretl nml thirty
I wo il.lil feet. 10 thn inn Hi Hun nf t he alley,
In DotiKlas in 11 1 v, nil its iiliove ilescrlheil:
The NorthwestKrn Mtilunl I.l fn I nam nine
I iiiiiiiiny I he mi 1 m of llilily-tintt thousiiuil,
eliiht liuiulreil ami ninety ilulliirs i;ii.smi 1111
Willi IlileteHl I hereon at, rule of sU llll per
cent ht nnniiiii from Heileinher Itllh. Istijs
to snl Isfy t lie North western Mutual Life I11
surance l!oiniiiiiy the furllier stun of thirty
one thoiisiiinl, eight, hundred nml ninety
dollars (Hl.wni KM. wit h llnret I hereon ul
rate of si ill) per cent, per milium from Hep
tetnlier lllth, isiri. to sallafy the First Nn
I Ion 11 1 Hank of liiuahn the sum of twenty
four thousand, eight hundred nnd seventy
elidit, anil illl-IIKl dollars f:!4,H7S.:i;i, with
Interest, thereon at rale nf seven (7) per cent
per 11 11 11 it in from Hepleinlier 101 tl. IHI; Ul
satisfy the Nehruskn Nutloiuil Hunk the sunt
of seven thinisnnd. live htindretl, sevenly
nnd :i:i-l'i dollar H7,A7ll.;li. with Inli-rest
thereon at rate of seven (7) per mint, per mi
lium from rlcpimuhcr Huh, IMIBJ, until pnlit,
nnd mitt hundred, ft ft v and M-loo dollar
(lino.M) cosls, with Interest thereon from the
llilli dny of Heptwmlier, A. I), IHtl'j, together
with accrtilnu costs ncciirdlliK to a .bnlvinent
rendered by the district court of anbl ltottg
ins county, at, Its Hcptemhcr term, A. I). IsW,
In n certain netlon I hen nntl there lieiidlii.
wherein thn I1 Irst, ISntlonal Hunk, or Omnlia,
was plaintiff, and Meyer llnllinnii and other
were defendants.
Omaha, Neh I'ehruary I, 1HU4.
HlHH'lai Master IJoinmlwthmer.
Wharton k llalrd. at torneys. J-t-5
Notice of Chattla Mortgage Sale.
Notice Is hereby alven that by reaann of
default n tint condition of a chattel inort-
KiiKitoninii ,iuiy iird, isn;i, inecuii'U ny w, r.
Luce and Annie burn ui VV, II, .Inlllrigs, nd
nsslKiicd to li, H. Oi-okk hy the said W. II,
JallliiKS, and recorded in the olth-e of tha
r 1 in 11 1 y clerk for llougbis county, Nebraska,
tin which uiorlKiige the sum nf two hundred
and seventy-live (7.1 mil dollars, with Inter
est thereon ul, ten (llll per cent per annum
from date, Is still dim and unpaid, the under
slit'ied will on the 27th day of Kchrunry, ista),
at 10 o'clock a. in, at the northeast corner 01
Thirty-fifth and Miami streets, Omaha, Ne
braska, sell at, public auction thn followlnf
properly eiiiimerntnd tu said mortgage, to
wil l Consisting of all the household furnit
ure, now stored ul, place and number above
niiniedi ihiii Hlioemaker sfpiartt planoi one
cow four years old; and one borsn-colt. three
years old ; also one piano stored at, 40V Paxtoat
film k. Haiti sale Is made to satisfy tha said
l H. OroKK In said amount, with Interest
thereon as above slated.
Omaha, Nebraska, January 97th, lM.
ii, a, tmouu,
Assignee of said Mortaafa.
Nl. O. MAUL,
Successor to Drexttl k Maul.
Undertaker and Embalmer
1417 Farnatn Strmit.
Tai.r.PHoa 2-jft, OMAHA NEB.
Carpenter and Builder.
Manufacturer and Kcpulrcrof
Sash, Storm Doors and Windows
and Furniture,
ui'inu.m iiHisa a miiviAi,'iY
hop: 1017 Davtcport, OMAHA
207 Norlh 17th St., OMAHA, NEB
Work railed for and delivered.
Northaatt Oor. 10th and Oodga St.,
-ron am, Kiau or
Foreign and Domestic Fruits,
Nut,. Oonfaotlooi, Olffin and Tobtooo,
Telephone I7K4,
Undertaker Embalmer
Kormerly with M. O, Mnul
Tki kciios mm.
II outh 16th St., OMAHA.
310 N. ICth Street,
Omaha Eipess and Delivery Co.
Moving and Light Express Work
Trunk and Parcel Delivery,
llouaebold llooils Packed. Htored nntl Hhlmied
Ott!i-e, Mln North tilth Stre M. Mrituch ollli'u,
N. K. for. SHIi and bake Htreet. Tele
phone 1,'iT.V PKICK KKAfON A III.K.
J. L, Tl'KNKV,
Itr'l'lano Moving a Hpcchtlty. .Manaver.