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Von in.
Mr .' (( M . M SfiM ' ''( l. l sl,l M il. h ( A r b 4 .ifl ti .,,, s wf l lvir
m AM , MUI5AHK A, I U 1 1 A V , U't.l M IMMU
Is Said to ho Short in His Accounts With tho
County His Hooks Wore Not in tho
Dost Condition.
According to Common Report, Which
County May Have to Collect From
Him or His Bondsmen.
A II tlli) moro tlimi eighteen month
ago Adam Hnyder turned tho effects lit
this county treasurer' nlHoo over to II.
II. I ivy. hi aueeessor In oflleo.
Mr. Hnydor luul acted hh county
treasurer for one turnt, or two
abort years, mid quit tho ollleo
with the reputation of an honest
and clllolent olllecr,
Ii WIUKM'HWir accepted IllllJ IV."
coiptod for the amount hi book,
on thi'lr face, showed ho owed
tho county, and Adam went buck
to tho old aiund on lower r'arnam
Mtrcot and Mold moat with tho
coin moii regard for price.
Whllo ho wiim county troaaurcr
lie had In ft 1m employ a largo num
ber of Hotmail t)n fact there
worn understood to ho Junt two
who did not owe allegiance to tho
Thoao Bomnnlat occupied the
roaponalblo polt.kin under tho
county treasurer, and all tho
balance uro understood to havo
boon mado by them.
Just how A'.uj thl I wo do not
pretend to say, but H will bo
charitable to Mr, Hnydor tomip
pou that Mich Ik the cnwi and
that It wax misplaced corifidenco
and riot Ignornnoo that canned
Mm to permit error In tho foot
Ing that aro nald to aggre
gate thirteen thousand (fl!!,
OW.OO) dollars, which amount ho
or hi bondsmen may bo called
upon to make (food.
I'robably ox-County Tronmircr
Hnyder doe not know whero that
thirteen thousand dollar went
any moro than you, but that doe
not eefi hi reHpoiiHlblllty.
Wo havo It from what wo con
v . - "M.
sider a reliable, source that thl
Item ha been known to tho
dally paper for nearly two week, but
tor reason Viost known to themselves
they have refrained from advising the
citizen of till county of the true Mate
of alTalr.
Wo cannot ympiithlzn much with
Adam Hnyder at thl tlmn, for he wan
well awarn of hi Inability to properly
III the olllw prior to accepting the
nom I nation and a ube(jiient eh ctlon
to It,
Whllo It may work a hrirdhlp upon
Mr. Hnyder, If linked U make (food that
hortiiio, It may remilt In a grent
deal of (("od to the county If It but
deter honent but IncoiiipMi'rit
men from utrlvlnif for or accepting re.
porilhlo poxltloiiHof triint which they
and their friend know full well they
aro riot quail lied to II 1 1.
It li tho duly of the commUxloner
and the county attorney to effect a
Hcttlnrneiit with Mr, Hnyder and hi
iKindrinen without delay. By prompt
action the county will not, lone a lnj(lo
penny, and we believe the ex-county
treiiHiirer, alone, I mifllelently able to
make tfood tho amount which it I mild
bin accounl nhow he I hort,
Ii't ii have the name lriteret in puti
llc alTalr, hereafter, that we have In
(ii r private dealing, and place no man
In charifo of any ollleo wo would not en
triiwt with our own affair.
When that method 1 adopted theiv
will be iioocciimIod for an olllclnl Ih-Ih
called upon to inako food any mini
through cither the ni'jfluct or liufoin
iH.'lency of hi iiHnlhtaiiU.
The . V. A. In Voi d.
Three Vteekn ii(fo the York Uji(liliriin
publUhed that old fraud and forgery,
with which the A. I'. A. mUnlonarle
a) way Introduce theuihclve to a new
community, known a the "l'oie' Kn
cyclical Letter," The eirect wa
magical It worked too well, ('h
Hwedeo went wild In a week, Home of
tho bimlne men of York begun to
tremble with fear,
The thoroughly frightened people at
flrt, began howlng lgn of dehpera
tlon. In a llt'.lo while tho nucleii of a
mob wn organ l,ed, with the avowed
purpimo of burning the convent, chapel
and college of the ll,er, By thl
time cooler head became Ifitcretcd,
andacanva of the town wa made,
howlng that In a city cln'mlng five
IhoiiMind ioMilatlon, and a company of
the Ncbrimka National fJuard, only
eleven able-bodied (!athollc men were
found In the town.
In the meantime, the Muter, becom
ing alarmed, Invited the I 'rote tan t
par tor o vfnlt their convent, college,
chapel, etc,, and mitUfy themnelvo
that. I here were neither arm nor am
munition concealed about tho premle,
The United l'rebyterln pantor ac
cepted the Invitation, lnvi'tlgated and
publlhed a letter denounidng the
charge a pure fabrication.
The rldlciiloiiNn of tho whole thing
crenled mieli a urilvirmil laugh Ihe
editor admitted that It wa a homo on
him, and played the baby act by miylng
he did not know (he Kneyollcnl wa a
forgery,- ( 'ihunlm H'lithiiihliitt,
It devolve upon the rcHpectable
Calhollo people of York county to dl
own ynipathy with the writer of the
above, We ahouhl feel orry ti li
forced to liellevo that the many report
nlloat a to the l'rotetanl being
fi lghleiiiid by the nloricft of a Calhollc
uprlnlugare of Catholle origin, a I
the above utter falsehood,
The York lirjitililirtiii never had "the
laugh on If becaiine It never endomed
the letter In fpieatloii a a writing of
tho po'. The eorrcHpondent never
had tho "laugh on him," In'oiuho he
h-1ir:,--i5p-: ; i f hm,'! zzz --. N'.' - ..WA i "1 fjWcnr nr'" h
. 1 I j". m. B.i'lH,. W "1 . Mr . T ,T I . ' - n - r- VILaJaa jJl W S AT- ' . " - H- M . - .1 t i . I tj 1. I I . 'M 1 IB
'A- H l4.".iJ-y1..VJw.? .mmc.. 4.'V.H . i , . 1. .- -J.11-. . .1 . ' 'iW "B ' r.VJ I. fnn n 1 1 1 lis M. - I
..!,. t. it II,.- Ii Hi i
mi.l ! L.'.nt til
. ii to. it i. .m (!, i" i i.ti Hit n
Mt(ill, ,f i; fct jut l Ill I'I Il' "
I I ,i ! l,f. )l III. )..!.'). Ill -it l lll trlli '!'
'i ll.. I l I U'H
I. .1 I It rung III
hifll.i.rti i., Mi Ml I to- Itilhli i mil. tii'MI
nn A I". A mini We kiini liiui
li.Hflm i iiiimt t inn ii Ii II, mill In ml
N in umpnlliv "Hh H, t f innli" rt
tinl. in. nl Hull iill. i l liliniil
i"iillill lull In II lie Hit) ' llif Hrt ill'
lit lid III M m i k," noil ''mi i I llif
l,al tin H I nun l' i tt S wllli
ffrtl." lie l.' mlii-ll lie ) Un it' ll
the iifi'leii i'i N limit m tftMiUfil lo lull n
tin. n i''it ni hmil, nfmliliii YoikliH"
hlthfitii Nfii prtniil, tilnl whli'h hi T
('Illell have IIIn lull) pnlrosiUeil, Hie
eilllur of I he ti fuhlii mi iniinntf Ihe
'l liii I'litnv iiitlile IhiiIuiIiI fulnli'ii
linn, li ii In Hie Inn I n of a (amiile, a
.ealol llithout riilixrietnv or a ileeelil
iviird for fuel, We pray liod that all
the other iitoi'le may not Ini found to
have aiini-n from turbid miuree of the
mime characU'r, We would mther
know lluit Ihereare iriinnnlcHN I'rol.'
Inlit fiMil w ho believe there I dauber
of a Calhollc! revolt, than to bellevn
that renpecluble Catholic would utoop
to HiiMi'lloll and elii'ouniye the (Hhhi'IU
hint Inn of mu ll fabrication a tho
hImivc, We have alwuy felt kindly to
ward the C 'hI ti'il In church of York
w m:iK Tin: monkv
county, ft )ntltiition arid ft mem
ber, knowing ft wa doing ft full
bare In the budding up of tho county
and city, and we have done rnoro work
for the Nlr' nehool, pemonally and
editorially, than any do,en of the
blatant blackguard who havo been for
week hounding and ubuning thl pajwr
for tho arlfclu of a correspondent who
quoted extract from a letter which
had been ii matter of public print for
m arly two year, who In common with
thotiMiind of other Intelligent people, fn
America are not familiar with the clr
cumtanee attending ft flmt appear
ance. We are growing tired of Iwdng
Ifed altout and mlrepreentcd by Ca Ib
id fc without rcaon, and ex-1 'role
tant wlthoiit genuine Cathollcinui,
who have allied themeve with the
body of the church, riot from the
prompting of the plrlt, but for nelflh
reiiori. We, In common with hun
dred of other York county people of
'rotet.ant birth, know bow to light
when driven to ft, but we hope we may
not be driven, It In time to call off tlm
dog, )'(rrk Mtptbliiiiii.
, . .
Oriiinon hign.
The lgn and portent of the future,
whether viewed In the llghtof prophcy
or not, are omlriou Indeed, judging
from the outlook at prewnt. The coun
try I now panning through financial
Utralt, brought on, It I anwrted,
through a want of confidence in the
democratic party, when the elect ion of
the candidate of that party plainly
allowed a hick of confidence - on the
part of the majority of the voter - in
the republican parly.
The llver cra,e ha had not a llttln
to do wilh the trouble, and behind IIiIh
tho finger of Itonie may Ik- neeii, for
nearlv all the great silver mine owner
are of that ft 1 tit.
Then note the apparently terrible
"nw1"".""' 1 vt " 1 W.I.I i mm ii . ' w-sr r.- . ami c ,
i f I.I I Is iMj rtii, HI I 'rfl leltii'
jti'fe I,,, ,( H,n..( H4MH I Inn
: . .1 (.in.- iiitn i.i i in i iM.rti
iln, t . ,1 liiii. U lliliiii'tl tml, in I . i ii.ii-cii iif- iliifcl urn in
, (( wnii i.iiin in m iiiiu ii)'.
Ami )i I'liiim III iiit 1 1, n H i'H I Hie
j I'l'in.ii (i. I r t n Itlm i niii Hi,'fi u
I p. . ' 'in. I iwhI will
; l.f.4, til I In- intk't (llnti nl llif lUllnii
! I'i p un.) lull V lln 1IhiiihiiiI, lil In
lie ni'ii met Intf llirniifliniil oiir liin.l,
iinie lli. li lnn. hU ti tun' ei ii nU hihI
I'd ini iuiN lo (uri'lkMi iiniiiliif and
Hi.-e.'iil iinml Inllin i. .iiiih-i' iiiul i'iiii
ll nel Iwlidr fi'imi nthi'i' liiliiU.
.Nj.'iiin, linl, i I t furl IIimI lie' Wily
eld i'i pntlmlf on the Tiber Ini wimhviI
CiiiiIiuI nf (lie liri'fk I 'iillinlle chnrfh in
K'!"lll, MilvNfd the iliMMlllnf lif HI'lllli'H
and iiuvlen, while In Ihi coiuilry In all
on:' hu'ce clllen llifiii Hre ai'llieil Idiille
of It'iiiiuii I 'iitboltf who drill re milarly.
Why I it thai. IhroiiKli the wit pit
li liilie o'dem are j,rowlii o rapid ly?
U It in I v Ih'ciiumk I hey are pal riot lc, or
du they morn elowly note tho gal her
mit utormy
AmerlciiuH, yon are llvlinf in a fear
ful iitfe; you are on the eve of event
which will Nluiko our country from
centre to circumference. Do not look
upon tlioHi) thlnjt a vlonnry, but be
(tlnllnit on your armor for tho fray.
Our land ha imon too free. Through
glvliig aid to the oppivHod we havo
wkxt in new vokk.
made them the oppressor, and lo their
hame be ft mild American havo
humbled tbemolvc l..foro the alien
horde and licked the feet of their
Thecapitol of our bcautlfu land I
beneath the control of Homo, the silver
riiirie of Colorado and Montana, tho
gold mining Induntry of California, and
Indeed the en tiro tate I beneath her
way, Khe ha captured hundred of
our public nebirfd, ha almost full com
mand of our army and navy, ha boldly
arid emphatically announced her Inten
tion of capturing and holding thl coun
try, and with over 7ft,''i' men finely
armed and thoroughly drilled, Ameri
can smile and any, "fib, there I no
danger; we aro about even to one,"
forgetting that the one I armed and
reaoy for action at a moment' notice,
and carrlea (H-rhap twice seven live
In a llemlngton or Martin rifle. These
faeUirle have been turning out thou
sand upon tfiooand of gun yearly
for several years, Can any of our
reader remember hearing of a strike In
any of these pluecs? Wo believe not.
Are they required to render to the gov
ernment any account a to the pur
chaw r of the arm they manufacture?
Not likely. They manufacture and
sell these arm to any one, and the
time f coming when they may ) used
to slay the wive and little ones of and
likely the men themselve who How
say "I here i no danger,"' llmitzilnlr
( )(m ri i f.
To tesl tin- value of advertising
American good by an American firm
in an Americiin pajter, we will for a
short lime allow all customer In our
Jewelry Department a discount of 'Jn
per cent. If they will mention they saw
thl In Tin: Amkuicam, Thi will
bring our solid gold Jr. (). U. A. M.
l'ln to (iOivnt.
BBl-t, Dkimktment STOKK.
... i r i n . t r i kw i 1 1 ,.. mi -mij i i i i , i
Aii'hl'Ulnip I itiii;Mi My H i t t
Ii Sniil N-.l lo lhn IU-
ui'lril ilm
iiHiiiIIi nf I lie I'mml Oilinale Anil.
hUlini I ir Intel Xrtl I'iiihIIiIi Ih S ii
I.i r Ik
MlNNI ii'oi.l. Aiij, 1, Mtfi. Hutnlll
Ini (rune In WhwIiIiiuIhu, and lmv lil
departure tlieiv no more intei-eiilliig
tuple miiilit Ihe elelV)' of I he iliKew
lliun Ihe priilHthle iiuleoiiie of Hie
miiUny agaliint Ihe nuthorily of Ihe
papal h'gale on Ihe pari of Are hliUhup
t'orrlgan, of New York, '1'he ipifl Ion
now Imlug ili"i'UiHed III eei'lenlrtMlleitl
circle In, "Will t'orrlgan renlgn?"
The predominance of the 1 literal
Hchoul of thought In the Oalholle
church In America over that waycd by
the lo progreHMive element I plainly in the method of Mgr. Halolll,
the y lllel'leiili iope, In dealing with
iiiowtlori which have conio within hi
jurimllcilou hi nee he llMMiiiueil tho
reign of managemeiit In the affair of
the church In thl country. Mgr.
Satolll and Archhltdiop Ireland are
tnlmiiit, art fftnnltin, fy aayinf
fit tamo enerArfort ,JL ',
both pronounced liberal, and that they
aro both close personal friend I not
to ls doubted for a moment after the
many mark of hi high oteeui given
the archbishop of Ht, I 'mil by the papal
representative since hi arrival, I'er
ha It I for thl reason that the prob
able removal of Archbishop Corrlgan
from hi high position In Iho diocese of
New York I attributed fn a measure to
Ireland' fnllueneu with Mgr. Hatolll
arid at Home,
I'Vlctids of the archbishop of Ht, Paul
deny that there Is the slightest ground
for a statement that he ha figured In
tho present controversy between Arch
bishop Corrlgan and the pope' repre
sentative In America, but even the
most ardent of these admit, the I i kli
hood, In the event of Corrlgan' re
moval by diplomatic method from the
New York diocese, of Archbishop Ire
land' promotion t the position thus
made vacant, Mgr, Hatolll left yester
day for Washington, It was h-nrm-d
before bis departure that the iirih
bishop would go to Koine this autumn,
and therefore something alsuit hi mis
sion there will 1. of Interest.
It Is generally known that Arch
bishop Corrlgan has shown for several
year a disposition to rebel against the
church. With his headstrong view
he was unwilling to accept the fumoii
"'J'lilrruri tirnlixl" decision from Uome,
When the decision was afterward ex
plained In a letter by tlm cardinal pre
fect, ( 'orrlgan again found reason In
modify the meaning so that the modifi
cation was equivalent to a rejection uf
the term of the decision. When the
meaning or the ileclsion was ai nisi
brought to America by Mgr. Satolll In
person Corrlgan showed a decided dis
position to reject Isith th ! ileclsion and
the monslgnor. The altitude of Arch
bishop Corrlgan toward the representa
tive of the jKtpo ha been shown by the
rfi ?n i i ill
N i v i t, h 'A
n.n'iii. t l t I.i. I- I .. ) 1,'iK.t .l l,i.
lttittli i.l II, r lll..,.,. I.,, s l li.l .l
1 1 . . 1 1 . .( ii,,l .inn I. .1 Ii ..i.i I )i. i, n.)
..I llii, I, it ni ft. ,,l , f, nr..)
in ll-.i. .i'( r l t .i ..I I ( i.t m.,. i
I.iih it, 1 ii Ir ,.,, w t.iit fciMinln
nil" H e iliillt'll lli. ' Nl III it
jHnnBi." In plain ml, A it Mtlip
i I in I it' ntf ii i i nl.i ull.i-e
Tli pi. .. nl ilirtlrnll) U en ,l It)
il oiiltun jjHiiig In (lie pii HwlnDi'
Irllel r-ttlrlltg. ill milter Oldi t jri(f ,
Ihe M ih-UI. lie nl of li'. IIiiiIim U, of
, 'I l,ii II,,. (illlliiili. ,.( t',-
llgnn in pi Inlititf I lie l.llec Uli.l ti'line
lllg lo iiui.ply Willi the ii'.in h l i'iiii
lalned U a point l.lm.k i, llimen to the
uiiiiiKlgunr I' il.i bli ttin-Kt
It i linlv lenmikeil that An h
hlKhiip I 'mi I g li u iihihI lime fullnweil
llil Hint of prmti ibire ellher a remill,
of an Idle mi hU pin I In iii-lgn, or
a a ilecliiiutlim of wnr auainKt llm
piinil legale. The fuel i mil, i-ieenleil
lluil IhU hint net of Ciin lgiin will bring
imillri'N lo mi ni., iind I), In u Id on the
hlghentaiilhiirlty thai, Ihnchlef iiiUkIoii
of .MoiiHlgnor .-inful 1 1 in Uume thU
autumn will b lo lay tlm nialler of
tlorrlgan' frael Ihiiniiumh befori' tho
mimi with a recniiiineiiilatlon that a
coiidjuUir hn uiipiilnted to "anlnt tho
archblHliiip nf New York In the man
agement of o largo u dloee.!," That
the New York tlloceo I unwieldy,
Arcliblnliop Corrlgaii realle, and alo
that there I excellent exeiwu for
the Itallnn remedy of coadjutor
to bo applied there. In thl
realliallon ho ha recently ap
pointed four deacon to look after
tin! Kplritiiiil welfare of the out
lying dltrlct. It I realized all
over the country that Corrlgan'
ioltlon I a precarlotm one.
(, 'at hollo paper from Maine to
California are advlilng him to
resign In the jntoroat of har
mony, Inother word, to wave hi
it ha been learned from tho
moat reliable Mourco polblo that
Mgr. Hatolll would mako no fur
ther re(Uet of tho archblHhoji
of New Yorjt, but would repro
aeiit tho fuel in the ciimii at. Ilome.
Thero I no doubt, according to
tho Information at hand, that
Momcthlng will happen In tho
New York d!oeeo a a reultof
('orrlgan' attitude toward tho
American repreentatIvo of tho
i()w,!hb'aij() lli.rol'l Amjif".'
18X1. ' ' "
in Art of ( auric jr.
A Homan Catholic Church In
Long Island City wa doHtroyod
by lire recently, and tho pastor
of a neighboring Baptlt church
tendered tho priest In charge of
tho Catholic pariah tho nan of
tho Baptist house of worship.
Tho kind offer wa accepted
with thank, and now tho read
ing public I ladng regaled with
tho usual amount of "gusli" about
"Christian union," Hindi an oc
currence a that, j ii Long Island
City I an Indication riot so much
of proapcctlvo ' between lo
manlsrn arid Protestantism a It
I of Protestantism truckling to
Homo, "Homo never change,"
Protestant can unlto with "tho
Church" only by proving recre
ant to the very principle
which gave t.heni tho name, Tho
lamb and the lion may unlto by tho
former taking a position inside tho
latter, and by tlm process of digestion
becoming assimilated with tho Hon;
not otherwise,
Wo would not lightly criticise aklnd
act; but when a Baptist pastor way in
explanation of such an act, "Wo aro
simply is'rforming an aot of courtesy
by aiding In thl way, a much a wo
can, fellow-Chrltian who are In mis
fortune. We are all follower of tho
same Mai' r," he simply declare that
he has no excuse for separation from
the Church of Home, Home I cither
Ihi t 'hui fh just as she claim to lie, to
lliu exclusion of "the sect,," or. alio I
anlM heist, "the mother of harlotaand
alsimlmitlon of the earth,'' Protest
ant may unite with Home, but only a
the river unites with th ocean,
namely , by flowing Into and becoming
a part of It, Bulevcn If union between
Protestantism and Humanism were
possiblle In any other sense, It would
not Is- Ch rial inn union, for Homo 1 not
Christian, Home 1 pagan In every
thing except name, iund a the isvan
give It saltiness to everything flow
ing into It, so Homo would necessarily
give her character lo everything
"uniting" with her.- .Inericoi Suli-
I In I'e m' I, lies III Appniial.
H'iMK, August 12 The pope has
written a letter lo M. do Curlius, chief
of the Sw Iss Catholic uud organici of
the Ititcrnulloiiitl Catholic Working
men' congress, slating that hi holi
ness approve of international legisla
tion to protect worklngwonicii and
children. The letter is designed to bo
a preparatory step toward the holding
of an international workingmen's congress.