The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, June 30, 1893, Image 1

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Vnttuit III.
It Anmm Mull Sharman In ih
lanum Strwt Tlalr
Itif.HT n lab Hlmnl mill A'lpinlalltr
1 tilth MIT, HHlhcllttf I tlllj
4,IMMl Vnplr,
Ct.nllmicd I'mni Wink.
Juat after Um decree of l f m Vt i ! 1 1 3
wn promulgated In 1 there wa a
lliilo iII'ch.'.Ii.ii I Ik it tlil In Hi" N'"v
York whiih, The New York Areif,
which hhi huh dlt mil. I m tlii
queaUon, ald thl: "There are (home
anda'uf Itoiimti Catholic In thl laud
who ilit not plact I (iimn bIhivo lh!
United Ktale, and whoae patrlotlani
ran not la animated by fealty to rvllg
Ion dogma mul rreeda,"
The New York TilUt (Human Cut ho
llu) In lu luo fur Nuvemlar, Wi,
rt'pl tli "Tho Herald I behind the
time mill appear not yet to have
learned that the thouaend of Catholic
It ajmak of are Mtttiply no Catholic nt
till, If It Jmi not mlareprcaent them,
Gallelrilm, which dcnle the temporal
jMiwer of thi popu, In a bereay, nrtd ho
who dcnle the panel aupremaey In the
government of the unlvoraal church, I
a far from being a Catholic a bo who
donlcN tin) Incarnation, or the tal
preNcriee, Tin) church In more than
country and fealty to the creed Ood
loache and enJolriN through her In
more than patrlotlam, ll'e wruf tiUy
(J wl Pillvr than man,"
That In what the VM wild, but It
end It up by tho Nenlonco thoro thnt
would hi awpt!d by evtsrylxNly In ono
Nni) of tb word, "W muat l'y
rthnr than man," That In truo, but I
dony tb rht nt any church or-aiil.a
tlon Ui anNurno tbi pwn of "(iod" to
mo, and dlctnto to tm my jkIHIcuI
AllefancM, (Apilauwj,)
Falbor Hhornan Nald a (ood deal
about tho conNtltu Hon, And no wb all
lav Ihts eofwtltutlon, W Nay, all ball
to tb conatltutlon that gunranlN to
u our civil and wMuUiwt lih-rtUm. ft
U tb nmutet political docuinnit
knon amonjf mm, We all 1ov it and
'bonorit, Wo-wlllall )m truo to It I
truNt, W have amended" it M our
ufgitUd froio tfm to tlm,
- a-ja4 n with our money,
L . fljd of oar nation,
(- ' i (' - trm w;fd, 1n tf.flt
(&v.wi'4 4 tutsght a trrlblo war,
n4 that word wa UNION, Our con
tltutiofl in pofMjIar amonf tb nation
of tbo Mirth, for mojl'ar corning to
ti by th bundr!dN of tboiian, and
w ban iNicn vry ((conimtoun under
our conwtitutlon, for wo bv mtnmin
tb wcaHbbfNt nation on tb fiu of tho
artb, Vim hwf tmmlUullon,
' Katbirr Hbwnan wiy If a nan doi-N
not Mnt tb W(nNtltutfon, and tb
wbol of It, hn In not a tru Aufrlcanj
afd I want Nity ti fratbifr Hbtrman
that b and tb JtnianC'itbo)lchurcb
ar tho miwt bitter, dot(rnln'd"and
tnrrlbb) 'nombN of tb conntltutlon
that w find In all tbw world, And now
Jt un notlco and If what bavo Nald
about that In tb trutb, Ono of tho
vry fi'Nt dirclaratlofiN of our cormtltu
tlon In "tbat tb fmnpUi of tb 1,'nlM
HlalN do ordain and dIarfi, that In to
ay, vmt'd In tb jtopl In th rlbt
io it')vim thoniNnlfoNj tbo rlbt to
imiUn tbidr lawN." Arid no tb conNtl
tutlon dMilarcN tbat Ihla In um of tho
Jna1lnabl rlbtN of moo, but tMnan
Um ayN, "nil fiowr In viml-d In tb
;opu, hn4 from Mm muNt o all tb
irMih lit l?((lNlfJon, HomanlNfn
fy tb on aro Nlnply to ohoy, and
tb bbtrawihy ari) to makw tho h for
thum, IlomanlNfn d'inbfN tb rl?bl of
th !Oj(l Ui ii.hUd l,bdr lawN, and at
thU vry Ntartlny: point of our couNtltU'
tlon tbxr In a trribl war Mm,ii
liiMiunim and tb wmNtltiitlon of tb
Tnft'sd HtatoN, W Nay tb conNtltmlon
of tbn United Hta( N ltbuprfii biw
of th land, T b bf wn of our atato can
not li enforced until they aro dncldcd
to bo In harmony with the conNtltullon
of tlm UnlWl Htn-N, and tho mont Mr
nlfb'd court of the world Ntbaupwm
court of tb ITnlUid Htal-N, and tlm no In
himlni'NN of tbat court In to d''cld
whether or not thi law aro In barmony
with tlm corwtltutlori of tlm l'nfl'd
HtiittN, Hut with itimanlNin tb nu
priii law of Lh church and tlm world
In tlm law of tlm popn, and tho "'"
dulmx the rlfbt Ui act aaldo tho law
of atatoa and natlona, aciiordlni Ui hU
fwn Mivfriun law, Tlm pope author
Ji'd HaUdll to coinii hurn and prN''d
with hlN work, notwIthNtandlfiM lh"
noaltio) of coriNtltutlorm, There In an
irrcproNNlhhi conflict iNitwncn the prln
cIpb-N of JtomanlNfn and the principle
of our coiiNtltutlon, When Victor
Kmanuel went nU Itoineon Mcpteiuhcr
2, JH70, the timioral power of lie'
pope fell from i!n IiihmIx, And the H"
men (Jathollc In tbl country held In
dlfnatlon meeting and decliind that
they would reNtoro li the hamU of the
pojw the temporal power of Jtaly, I'p
to ditto they have failed to do that.
App!a'iNn,) And It In aiming tlm po-
IMIIili that He -y im ii l io In ty him
hi lh riUl H(i' ami pirn him
liHhi j IaMi .1 .itlt him In llnljr,
H.I tlml ulU f r lUltieg lhn lank
of the TU"r for a Humiii )t t, h U
l ctiisie to ivgn a ln"iii, ji'iitu (ihh
lie haiik of Die ISininiit. I pin) I ox)
to forhlil thai tti r UImu ioniiiiMiiiiai)'il,
I tltin't ntllvt tvi r allow it,
I'ip Hiiii'(itiilliiii ny no lnl i hiiH'h,
Imt Hiiiinihlt Nigi they lunn Ihn rlyht
In ili'iiiNiul of Dm lt thill ('ntliulli'
Imu Nhiillw fic chiin'h, to the cucltm
Inn of nil nt hem, Ami tthtle I think of
It, let Hi ri'fer to Hint 'i rh of lht
eelelirated innii -1 mean Ihe mm of a
eeW'linileil limn, (hiiighter,) llilNiild
that tthele tlm population hh dlvhlt l
Into three or four part eiimlly nniuiiK
Ihe chiircheii, ofcouiiie lUo U ni I h I n if
wo could do would h to Rive relllimn
lllmrty; hut fia Nald If ninety or ninety
Ave per cent of all the ItilinhltiintN
iK'liiiijf to finti chui'iih, thvn the atale
Im IU'P Join that church. While wo any
If there la one ier cfnt of tliv , Inhale
Itnnta linhnij; to a church 'It In their
IhhIIi'uhMh rljfht to ilo no, The differ
ence In, IkimanlNiu puta relluloiiN
lllairty upon tlm k round ' ttxMiilletiey,
whlio wc put It UfKin the broader and
grander ground of rlht, It In your
righi to worhlp Ood hn you cIiooncj it
In your rlifht to belona to whatever
church you wlnh, hut KoiunnlNin Nity
you ahall ladonjf to iy churidi, and
whenever wo havo tho power wo will
bring yoy Into it, If you will l,udy
UiTn Niibjnct a little more, you will aee
that down hero In tlm fundamental
difference between l'roteNtantlNin and
itomanlam, ItotimnlKiii claluiN the
right for th) hierarchy to decide upon
the meaning of theHcrlpturc, and that
It J for tlm peoplo to ttef'epi It, l'rot
extauUdin ,tu'M a iiible Into the hand
of thV M(Opl), and ay, atudy tbat
filbleaud l'illeve what you think In
Another thing, our eonNtltutfon de
clflrc thatcongrea aball pnn no law
that will email our freedom of apoech,
while Ilomiinhori I at war with the
(jonNtitutJort on that point, for Jtoman
Iwn dn;n not allow Iran pech, What
did father Hherman ad vlNeymj to do'
IfadvlNed hlN Jtoman Catholic friend
U) have an y on thmt Npeaker tbat
come around, and togotoutlnjunctlon
and atop them, hn'l tbat a bright Idea?
(ApplauNe,) 1 uppoN he never would
feave thought of that if ha had not Uti-n
the nou tit Onrmrnl Sherman! HU10
ih'ymi k''i fbey are t.alMl,iifln
,foanlNm, In that freedom of Npoecb'
No, Nlr, I NuppoNe Father Hlmrrnan
would atop me and my honorable friend
on the platform here, ft man who haN
grown gray In tbl work of expONlng
the error and the curNednewi of Ho
manlmn, J nnderatand be In to addreNN
you lomorrow night, and I hope you
will all come out and Nee Um-llev, j,
(I, White, (feid and continued ap
uur ceiNtiiuuon guaranwieN ui an or
un the right of free Npeech, and a freu
preaN, and free thought, but KornaniN'n
NyN they have a right to demand of
thoatat that they nIimII not allow a
free crelon of opinion! that they
ahall not allow free pe,cb, And if
they helleva In freo Npeech, why have
they moblmd rfnd tried to kill thla
grand man more than thirty lime'
(ApplaiiNe,) Talk afut free afioech
ItomanlNrn I the only organization In
all our fair land, and it l Mivertled Ui
the world that aha will throttle and
kill her opponent before ho will allow
them free Npeech,
The flrt time I Npoke on tbl Nubjeel
there waa a ay noon! puMUhed In one
of our periodical, and In a few day I
got a letter from a gentleman, who
wild, "f hav read your addrew, I
helleveyou underN'nd yon have taken
your life In your own handN," And I
got a good many lettcra from otlmrN,
who Nay we would like to have you
come U our town and make a Npeech,
There are a. good many domanial In
our town, but we will protect yon. Do
yin NUppOMe if f wa Ut talk about other
denomination - Method!!, HaptlNi
I'reNhyterian, or any rroteNtantdenom
Ination, that anybody would write to
me, come and make a Npeech and we
will prelect you' ((omanUm baa the
reputation of throttling free Npeeeh,
They don't allow it, Ilev, J, D, NeUm,
a member of the New Kngland Moth
odlt conference, went, to ilrall, and
ecaue he taught Mothodlt diaitrlne
they arreted him, and be aerved four
month In Jell, while hU wife took
hi meaU U him, and all Ix-cauNo he
dared to ay In a periodical, "it wa
ldolatroiiNtoworblpthe Virgin Mary,"
That, I what they call free Npeeeh,
Now, iComanlatN have the right to wor
hip the Virgin Mary In tbl country If
they want to, and they have a right to
womblp their lmige If they want to,
hut they havo no right to put me In
jttll for Nuyirig It In hlolat.roii 1o wor
hlp Ihe Virgin Mary, and when they
advoefiUj that kind of doctrine they are
t variance and at war with the conatl
tutlon of the United HlateN,
I might any much more In regard to
llielr illflereiice and their faith to the
ceiiHlHullon of the United Ktale, hut I
Maf nl . Hi JwrmiiM nM faM 49i,inr faff.,1 Al.ilV K lltinl
OMAHA, Nl'iHHAMKA. Kltil-AY, J UNI". ;.', IMM.
Oil nil ,nvi'rtii! ennugli to alutw Jim
ilil lin y aMl.t lileilly at r llh t
In ii'jjanl to tmr Miiilitiitlie,
rtlnr Hhnimiin ee'dhily
hiiiiuytd aUmt a xair pill he hi
iiiel and lalkid with, and he
ilnwn In M Mttit', l aeeiiiN that oiii'
HIND Went Mu te Mild Hindi) a l"W!l
alaiMt Ihe t'ollh aaleunl, ami hi pi oph'
wctK ery iniieh illaluila d lml It. H'
Hu y aiild, "If IhU l Ihe way It '',
and If Hit la what they knew of the
Ctmfeaaliillill, Wt) feel illl HihiI," A lid
new Tather Hte i iiiim aavi la thnt free
h? If it K h i naall go off, all i'f
ti ni' Human t'lithoUea, till onu
lonely lain of Hie eal and lay there,
( AiphlUe,)
let them go, and peace go with them.
(Irianl ami coiitlnued ntiplniiae.) We
will have it belter Hum governing ill
country after they are gone, ( A pplnuae )
Wo could grade our atreet, build pur
riillronda, and run our city government
without them, (Uughler.) Hut whit
aheut that prleat In MlaNourr 1 think
a church that ciiu'l stand tlm light of
day heller go down, and If tho fionfi a
loual won't licar illeulon befoni a
pnhlle audience, then the eonfcloini
helh'r ho done away with. We havo
an Idea that frcu iIIhcunhIou and open
Inveatlgatlon 1 a good thing, and any
auhject that won't endure that kind ;f
cmaml nation I unfit Ut live, Why he
make the pitiful plea, "I all but ahud
t4-ar when I read It.''Why' he aj,
"lan't the prlet the giiardlim of Ma
iM'ople, and lan't the prieat the guardian
of thoae women that ar abut up in
the convent?" Well, (led Ity the
women if they are! ;
Now, wo know that for year Homan
Um ha declared ojHmly ' fuel aive
ixiard it inkntion to tk poNeah)u
of thin country, Tbl luu been their
declaration, and their plrfnN have pt
ialdtothla end for many yeara pit.
They Intend Ut capture, and to hold
and control the United Ht4iti of A f(r
Ica, A long time ago the pope ld
he wa "more jiopo In the United Ktate
than In any other country In tho world,"
Ifeaorit hi reprcNentatlve here, and
hi journey In great jawnp and ei
mony iwumn th country, He I wm
Ut reprcNent IiIn maNU-r the pop, ' A
I canmt d wll longer upon thl Niilijecl,
I want to read you a few line that were
written on thl auhject by an ormlft f
their uUitrttUi -
"Tb twoplo naed gofgrnin
muat pKf$..i JTbey r1 .)t- - " ;
matiiijr, Tho fSfrat leaaon to tho eh t,u .
otutYl tho (trait and laat leaaon in tho
aaipla, individually ond ooJIatftlvol,
I OWter, Tharo I no piaidlenof whero
tharo f no authority Ui enjoin ft,' Tho'
I Ionian ('atbollo religion, then, I tuns
eaaary to umln popular liberty, li
camei jMipular IHierty can lai auatalned
only by a religion free from popular
control, abov the people, apeak lug
from above and able to command them,
and aueb a religion I the Horn an C'eth
ollc, fwnttaj hvmv, wn wimii thh
OV A the vlalMe heal of the
church, tho apirltnal authority which
Almighty (iod ha fnatltuted Ut V-tuth
and goyern tfie nation, we aert hi
Nuprema;y and tdl our countrymen
tbat we would have them submit Ut
him, They may flaw up aa much a
they plea), and write a many alarm
ing and abualve editorial a ihey
chooNo, or can find time and wtt todo,
They will not move u, or relieve tl.em
ihiI ve from the obligation Almighty
(iod ha placed them under, of olelng
the authority of the Catholic chm'cb,
pojie and all,"
Theae arrogant word came from an
oracle in tbolr chmdi, Orte A, Hron
Non, and very clearly Indicate the in
tentlon of the Homan hierarchy, And
Hronaon aald tbat undoubtedly tlie
Homan (,'al hollo church Intend"! Ut
take xielon of thl noun try and he
aald Irt tbl they would have the aid of
tbJeult and prlctbood throughout
the bind, And another Homan prieat,
Father ifecker, aald that by the end of
the century "the Catholic would out
number all other believer," and he
then fwmiN un Ut M out u hm that Him
Sow, then, f come to what neem to
me Ut ha an lme lant part of the Nub
ject, and It I thl, and f premlae you
to be a brief a polhle, for I don't
wlahtolmpoae upon your kind atten
tion and good opinion, The oul,fori 1
nak at thl oofnt la. How can they do
It' How I alt thl to bu dm' They
are vastly In the minority, What are
their plana, and by what political ar
rangemcnt do they expect to capture
thU country, and bring It under ub-
uilaahm to tlm pope' Mo In regard to
the political plan of HomanUui 1 want
Ui aay Nome of their Indirect plana are
tholr architecture and Uclr great In
l,l tutlon, They ovcMiwe the public
mind by their great limtlluf Ion, and
llni Hiilillnii' nrehlteetiire of many of
their building; but dlt tly their
polllleiil plana are helng carried out,
Aral, hv nrleiy authority, Their
0 m '
people voU li the plhat direct.
The prieat are the political ugeiiu all
over the country, and tlmy carr out
the MilHinl iiliiti id liMiiMhliii, and
llll'H' Jul III Klllii I lilt I I'tlll CtHIt
lt le wllii llii'in In Hit ilt'liim They
runt wit h tnte Un ith et the until
tally ami Hie lallliluliu of Heir
n , uIIuhiiI. Then, again, Ihey wli blHie
eimmen lit) palrimiige of tn mlHlmi.
of niipli The,V know Ihe fnite and
the I nine jif emuiHel i'litl pntl-nluigt,
The 'l li llinih wlelita Ihe comme'i'lal
1'itlinimj'ii nl llni enlllii rhuri li, mid If
Ihey have It'll liillllon of ienplo Ihey
wield Ihe I'lHIimeleliil pnti'iumge of
their lell lllllllnil of people, The
merchant i ' Ihla city iiiiilnraliiiul It,
They know If Hiey break with Home
Ihey dil hot gel Hie H ade of HiitlUlllNli,
All over the country htialneaa men
uiiileialand Hi In, and they are naked to
contribute to the building of a Catholic
church, and If Ihey do nut do no, from
Hint 1 1 mi' on Ihey are marked men, and
they get no Human patronage, The
Mime thing la true In their political
work, They iil fur olllee, ami they
gel llii'in, h.icauac tho commercial In
fluence, the weight of their money, and
weight of their patronage In tlm com
mercial world la wielded In thl politi
cal con lent for all It I worth, aml(whcn
It la perfectly aulld and handled by
careful, abrewd illt.lclnn It amount
to ti very great deal, Then Hoinanlam
ai'ijuirc and -maintain a vaalimount
of Influence by mean of Hn properly,
Homatilam gather vaat Amount of
wealth, A generation may die, and
doea die, hut the church live on, and
from one generation to another, and
from one century to another, their
church la accumulating property. An
old man went Into the hoapltal In
Hrouklyu, and they wrought upon the
Nympathle ol the old man, a they
know how to work, (he wa worth mil
lion of money and property) and before
he died he deeded It all over Ut the
Homan Catholic church, and by mean
of their political Influence they have
held It there without paying ft dollar of
laxe on It, A J'rotetant girl went
Into one of their achool and they pro
aelytod her, a they know mt well how
to proaelyte I'rotcalant girl, For the
love of your country and your Cod
never acrid your child to a Homan
Catholic achool, They proaelyted thl
girl and finally aim became a nun, and
ahe willed her great million over Ut
the church, and with tbeae great mll
tlai thoy ro InilldiTig a large Inatltu
n to tho 6i of Wahlngtm, Tlmy
Ittw how ta Meutnulate oroiierty, At
mi f.iui ty awtMkl two third of the
property lo Moxlee, and the time came
whoo Ihooountry had to onflcateK;
and it ono tlmo they owned two-tbird
or thraa-fourth of . the property in
Kngland, and tho country bad to eon
flacaU) tt there.
And then, again, they wlojd an in
fluence by auborrrlrfff" tho pre In rorne
land, by Nome way or another juat
how I do not know-1 am not here to
aay, I Horn line ui inua arraign an
the ncwapajera in the land, but I am
here Ut aay tbat Homan Cathollclam
ha throughout tho country had mora
thorough report In the great pair
of the land than I'roteNtantlam ha had,
fn the city of HoNton there are great
meeting held every Hunday afternoon
on the auhject of the public aeboola,
and they have the mot talented ajieak
er In all tim land, and they have able
dlacourae, and It would aeem that
theaa dlacmrea ought Ut receive aome
attention in the prcaaaome notice In
the preaa-but it In a fru-.t tlmy receive
none at all, After the meeting had
leen running ipilto a while, under a
challenge one paper did attempt Ut
report tro-m for a little while, but the
Homan Catholic J'iM In New York
city ndvertfned for their people to boy
cott that pir, and all other jnqier
that rejMrt'M thee meeting, and mt
that paper quit reporting them. The
other day there wa a grand addrea In
MualJ Hall in Hoaton, and the hall wa
completely filled, but the pre the
next morning aald nothing about ft,
but there wa a column and a half
euloglatlo notice of the blelng of the
cornerstone of a parochial achool,
which took place In a remote dltrlct,
A WaabingtVm paper devoted twenty
fx column of a lngle laaue to tho
exerelnea of the commencmucnt of the
jimult colleje at (Joorgeiown, Arm o
It ifoca,
Rev, fter T, Townaend, of I to ton,
read an nrlieUi awhile ago at tlm
preacher' meeting In New York, In
which he moat atrongly arraigned the
pre, and he aiiid tbat the greiit pit per
of the day did not repm t rrot'tent.larn
at all a It ought to bo reported, The
fact wa they reported Komanlarn and
it Intereat, and the new from Ho
man lam, far more than they reported
I'roleatiintlnrn; and he apoke to one of
the editor In the city of Waahlngton,
arid he aald, "Why I It you do not
report theo I'roti'Ntant matter'' The
tuJitor rcdied, "You know thl I
Cat hoi lc city, and we cannot afford to
make the ekureb mini," Mr, 'Jownnend
went on and gave cane after ca where
they hail Ignored ireiil l'rot. laut In
teret, And be ald he wa able to
maunlfv It many tlum over, ami hi
ktalement have not Iwen contrttdlck-d.
-iMI rr)t t(.tH 0) uw flf tM fur.
Ill niilie y JcmitU inue I'loejihl the
m -mm t.f Ihe IhImI under their Inlbe "'K,
It I mil fur me ! any hew Hoy hac
done It; inniinl lell, I am not heii In
ay if It I true that Hoy luiyiiill,
ami de laijentl Ho) nia lltal ivmil
I'mtealaiil In bring them Imi'im I hem
In Ihe way am waa aiitftfiled by Hie
'iM In New York, I would like In
whtKper lo you a little auggentlnii; "It
I Jnal MMlldrt that I'rnlealant money
I wol th Jut aa lunch In Iheae iflN'i a
NN I toiliilll t 'lllb.llle tliullej ( A pjillllini. )
I hiii ulnil III aen Hint the impela of una
city are giving aome Utile allentliui lo
l'iiiletiinllnm aa well a KniiiiihlMii,
and I iibpe Ihey will grow In grace mid
of Ihe knowledge of tlm truth aa It la In
alt the html.
To lie Continued.
...... -
lion lie Waa T rented a) Udi hell, Iowa,
hy Itiiiuaulxtii,
HiDNKV, Neb., June 21, ku.'I.Ti the
Killiuri The papal church la doing a
great deal of free lulverllHlng for the
antl t'athollo amdi'tlca,
Kver alnco I wa a boy I H year of age
i liavi) regarded the Cathollo churcli
ii a myaterloua lnatttutlon, being for
eign and antagonlallo Ut other deitoml
nntlona; but the jinaif did not come
until the beginning of 1!K), when Mr,
1'atrlck Wclah lectured on Komnrilaui
atOdebolt, Hue county, Iowa,
Mr. Walah waa to deliver two lecture
at tho Ode holt opera liouae, When the
night arrived for hla flrat lecturo be
had a good limine, Hefore he com
menced hi lecture ho gave the prieat,
Father l'crcbong, the following chal
lenge, a near aa I can remember! "If
the prieat I hero and wlahe to contra
dict my atittcmcnt, lie la nt liberty to
do o after I'm Uirough talking, and a
long a the audience la willing to llatcn,
and If I can't prove what I havo an Id I
will abut my mouth and keep it sealed
forever on tlm aubject of Homanlam,
Hut don't Interrupt mo till I'm through
( call the above a fair and manly
challenge, Mr. Welwh had only apoken
about fifteen minute, and waaexpoalng
ome of "the rotterinc of Homanlum,"
a ho termed it, when tho prlewt aroae
and aald, "Allow me ak you que,
tlon," but a the quetlon wn a little
ahead of tho time, Mr, Welah ald,
"Kit down tilt I'm through talking,"
That anwcr wa a atom thrown at ft
hornet' neat, for the Catholic began
to hoot and blaa, Mr, Wclah and aome
of tho merchant tried to quiet the
cattb) down, but their blond wa up.
They bellowed and were ready to
utiiiiiDoed. I have been amorii cattle
and I have heard them bellow, have
een a ol)tary dog it on a lonely hill
top on a moonlight night and cxpreaa
hi inner feeling by giving that dole
ful, blood curdling howl that would
almoat chill a man' blood, I hrtvw
paaed through the wood at the
ghoatly hour of midnight, and have
had my hair aland almoat on end aa
nemo aolltary hookowl perched upon a
limb would rend the midnight air with
an unearthly blat, I havo heard tho
aereech-owl end forth her hrlll treble
not- Into the night air that would
caue ad thought to pa through the
belated traveler' mind, imt I never
heard anything a hldcoim a that howl
that came from the maddened throat
of thoe Human rnonter at Odeholt,
(me of the animal yelled, ''pull him
down; let Father J'erchong ieak
Father J'erchong mut apeak," arid
then the brute made a mail ruah for
the atnge, but they were not quite
brave n they thought they were, for a
Nornu of them were about to mount the
tage Mr, Wclh took a revolver from
hi pwket and told them Ut come on,
Then they dared blrn toahoot, knowing
full well that he wouldn't harm them
a long a they did not moleat him,
Mr, Welb aeejncd Ut take It alt very
wad, for he finally aat down on a chair,
but hi coolne wa like wormwood In
the mouth of the angry Homanlat,
for one of them aboutcd, "You coward,
you are afraid to go to the hot-id!" Thl
challenge wa renponded to by Mr,
Wclah with, "Hhut your mouth; I'm
not afraid of you or anything llkii you,"
And true Ut hi word, after waiting
few minute he took hi hat and coat
and walked right through tha hot hod,
for the Homan thug wi ra on lb left
hand aide, right lr front of tho on
dx.r that lea'i to tht Ntage, Tt mar
hal wav0tforfM',trai time, Imt ho
did not put In hi appearance until the
rnont of tbo row wa over, and when im
did como h did o.t arreat the dla-
turlx ra of tho paaeo.' Why' Hecauao
he wn a i ink Hotnanlat. Father I'er-
chong mounM chair and addrcnied
hi follower awhlUi, and finnlly the
crowd dlaimrNed, Hut tbo end wn not
yet, fur (thank to tho Odeholt council
men), thcyouNted th Homan marahal
and put a belter man In hi place, and
Father i'archong wa brought up l.
fore the bar tit juatlca and flui d $V) and
(out for Inciting a rkit.
The w eond eight tha opera Ikiiimj
waa filled to tin maximum capacity, and
there wa no disturbance.
runt tnt wsH
That l Ho way Hie Catholic a.h.'r
llni fm tin, 1'iatr Weighted hiatlutt,
Keep light on, Hilh i a gn at oil
of good,
I thin i that It la hlgtl Hme thai Me
American iipln are imihiciI, fur ihero
are aeme thai dunol realise Um danger,
III fuel Iheif are ame lhal dmi'l kimw
alaml It, and Iheie r other thai will
lint la) com liui d, for llielr Cathollo
friend are Milling llielr face with I ho
holy wnler of ihi'i ll, and to UihI claao
we muat apply Ihe old iiiaxltu, "Wlu-ro
Ignorniiee I hlla It la folly lo li wUn,"
lt u have iiioii' patriot In apueehea
and lecturea, and let ti give the devil
hla due. b'l u iNvlvn Ihe aplrll of
the old revolutionary patriot, I'ltlrlek
Henry, when he exclaimed, "Hive mu
llla rty or give me denth," or of H.inlel
WeliHler when hu cxelaliimd, "l.llM fly
and union, now ami forever, one and
Iit ua protect our fro !ntll,ullim of
learning, our home, our frlenda, our
pre and tim right of the orator, I, e,,
free ;occh, our country and our gov
eminent from the encroachment of
that vandal thai, alia upon hi nel, Im
primmed In the Vatican hatching out
plot and achmrToH of holllah iniquity,
antagorilHth) to religion liberty ami
good cltlenahlp,
Ono would think that the 111 thy Imp
that dwell In the darkeat and bottom
li'a pit of hade would ahrlnk from
committing auch lumlou deed a tho
papal church I guilty of which havo
and can ho proven by Malory,
Let u aland (Inn and not get dl-
couraged, even If we do havo a modern
Arnold In our mhUt oecaalouallv, auch
nail. L. Quackeiibuah, (the quack In
the huah), the cx-edlUir of iUr.'J'rKXty
llluihi, Wouldn't lie mako a ferUll
m t ii r on the editorial a luff of a alhollo
imwapn per' (tt Jack Ian Utvn,) I our In
F, 1, I',, A, V, CoVr.K.
- -
" un; itoK.ii I'M imidi H,
Itciriarkahln Arciiaiilhin Marie A gal Mat
Hie Waliop hy III J'rlcafa.
When Hlahop Jhmacum, of Lincoln,
arrived aWHIahop Hcanriell' retldenoo
late Thnraday afternoon, June 22nd,
Monalgnor Hatlll and hi party woro
Juat entorlng carriage to Intpect
tlm ameltlng work. Mgr. Hntolll Mild
abarply to Horiaoum, "Your raijidiict I
moat offenalvo to tim," Not i nother
word wa aald and HIhop Horirwjum wm
compelled to wait there until til party
returned In the evening. Ho then
algned tb demand of tho pvsw, L
Mgr, HnUiin left at once for HI, Jt'wl to ,
loin Archblahotr Ireland,
.... . ; ... . i i
J im cnargcx (ircrcrren ngnirmi
Honrmurn ly thee prieat are t
,.1'hiiia naitji'A. Thev aro If
In number. Among them ai
lowing charge:
Ji fol
io tho
it own
He ha never hem a yre
,1l,,,i mil. ioveened bv
whim, be baa upcnoel lir
laUtra without trial or warra'
He ha rcfuaed to obey ff
Home to reatore nrleala, at
thern Ut die of hunger
among l'rotofant,
He lift atlrred up war
and lieraeeuted hi clergy,
He ha been In law almoat
day of hi arrival In Urmolrj
taituir known in trie law court.
hi own cathedral.
Ho ha uduced hi narlan
Nubncrlbe large auma for imprWfl ,nt
under rrom m that tlmy woubl ia
called on fc) nay Immediately, and then
place their riowia in couri arm eriweu,
ault for their collection, i
He he apent money in travennic!i
h collected for mlNafonary work,
He ha mortgaged the cathedrl to ft
layman In Mt, lrul for T,,im.
lie haa gone Into ajreoulatloo with,
tWOprletof the,dl0Cert Of Ht. IIUiO
Ut purchiiMo land at fylncoin, ft part of
which he eelc lo unload on thl dlo
cee at more than double the coat,
Hu ha encouraged tho building in ,
convent where tle-y would lai exfaa4
tornlnou competition ana autrioruaa
the Incurring of debt wbhih tber wiu
no jiroajatct of paying,
Flftv thouaand dollar aro duo to tho
convent In Haatlug, which tho bUhop
In from
u left
11 i
1 1
re.fue to pay, and wbkiit no flaeiirwi
jay Intereat on,
fli I ojainly ehargwd by broker In
Ht, Loul wltti cheating and deception, .
The othaif wmvanta of York, Huto
and Full City nr ftlo heavily urnbnr
raaaed, with no hojw of lUuidfttlng tbo
Ha I untruthful, Fow prlaa In tho
dloeen will bellev hi word, and In
hi malloimi untruthfulrie h ha :
atam1allsd tha public by iV riunclatlon
of th clargy, iublihing tha4U ht lij i
prlet ftr "Jnfamou and notorlote?
l ha not preru hed aermon lm-a
ha camo here aoven year ago, and tho
jrleu are heart-lrt'oken,
Itu ha never made a financial aUte
merit and ha certainly appropriated
large um of money,
The charge clo with thl aharp
He haa hal a palon for peculatlon
alneo hu beenum ft bUhnp, and thl a
dlaeawi with him, for during the year
ho nerved In the dloccno of Ht. Loill.
laifore hi conaeeration, he wa an tqen
and notiirlou gambler, Miamding Uay
and night at the gambling table, lie.
had two pitrlahe In the diiN!ei of Ht.
IjouI. iu both of which he cauaed
trouble, and by the ioplo of which he
I mentioned with worn, In one lie
left h acore of lawauit, in tliu other a
debt iirider which it la atlll groaning.
Tbeae charge arc algned hy U n well
known prlci, and were aont to Mgr,
Matiilll In February and filed for thl
meeting and the inveatlgatlon which
will follow, St, lni lit public.