The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, June 23, 1893, Page 7, Image 7

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Minis! tv-rvkv,
Sfttltttt Wfcl wl K 4Jhtftft4,
tin, f lf
It A lil tiM l t,
Ti I w lik K f cetsrt !tiSn ..
!' In h Nn4th li. trw , :
iHiiim44 i n ill i.t I lu-w 4 bt,M i
hf4k tn. New Y.t Witrtt f,rw ;
m n llltru if the fiHti.tlv fis hnt !
t),l How I'fvvmU Mww, th I'liMitl
huh sc. I oiln r imiintit.
11 tivslls thiil Hit i-Mvrl vn,l
Vims Itud, rl.- Im theory iMi.t.t,
hern lh MnHr Merfltiiso filil
tut hear W'tirt Ire l Jmr l ttt Im.
folk lay therM Ci'iiMoUniUin, snert'Miif
to Trustm.' fHifsl that nx-erosine the
IwwntMil In ItWt, Of Hi ijine nations
who M ntiii were tlier irntliixl
three wer tvjmbHon, Imt nit the riwli
juit on Hi colnrw of Italy In honor f the
twenty-nfll. mmlrprwrr w klmr 1 1 nut
.wrt mrrUg, juit a the Hrltinh
Make afterward t New York, whet
ones the j.rtson ships of the Revolution
1st, fltiMiuti out tlm Iiimik or nM.inif
ton In her Artworks tlisi.lsjr, ami Just as
other foreiro hti took tmrt In tmr
Decorstiou ilny ceremonies.
(Secretary Hortiort well nay! that tho
To)ho from IIainitou Heads, whim tho
twwels of nlno nations, in two parallel
column. steamou lit a prescribed rate,
11 nntler the command, by courtesy, of
an American ofllccr, formed "a scene
that hat no parallel in history." Yet
oven this scene was surpassed in tigKont
ivoiiesa by tho land purado in New
York, which, "while it was tho most
iguificant act of good will to the Amer
ican people and American Institutions,
was also the crowning lesson of the re
And what was that all important les
son? The secretary thus expresses it:
"Every thoughtful observer was im
pressed with the idea that if our men
should over come to blows with their
friends who were behind them in line
they could never hope to win except with
a fair supply of ships and guns. Tho
stalwart Russians, with their sturdy
tramp; the business looking Britons,
keeping step to 'God Have the Queen;'
the quick stepping Frenchmen; tho Uor-
, mans, with their nutty uniforms; the
Italians, and indeed all tho detachment s,
were drilled and disciplined into fight
ing machines. Never was such a sight
witnessed before as tho sailors of nino
different nations marching together, and
iievtir was anything better calculated to
Impress uion those who saw them tho
lesson that the American sailor can keep
his place upon tho seas only when his
government is behind him,"
This, after all, should bo an abiding
moral of the nuireant for our country
men. It taught not only the beauty of
peace, but tho duty in peace to prepare
....... Tt .11 ft,n ,1.,,,t.ft
tUl Wl AV VTItO '"Oft " 1 "I lw U"UM,
that while 70 years before Itussia, Prus
sia and Austria had entered into a futllo
combination to reduce tho BpmilHh
American colonies because they had set
themselves up as independent republics,
hero wore Russia and Germany joining
their ships with thoso of republican
Franco and tho Houth American repub
lics. It was still more suggestive to And tlm
armed forces of Hussta and England
marching ono after another in the samo
streets and in the same column and tho
armed forces of Franco and Germany in
like comradcHhlpf while as to tho inter
mingled forces of England and America,
the sight of them prompted Hecretary
Herbert to say that "Great Uritain never
formally renounced tho right of search,
on account of which tho warof lHlij was
fought, until IH.'iH, but tho two countries
have mudo peace at last, mutual good
will and respect have been testified in
many ways and never more significant
ly than at this naval review,"
Yet it is not the peace note with which
the secrelury closes, lie Insists, as his
conclusion, Hint in splto of Geneva arbi
trations and l'arls Arbitrations, wo have
not yet found a safeguard against war,
"Tho Geneva arbitration was achieved
only after the terrific battles of our civil
war had demonstrated to tho world t ho
lighting capacity of our citizen soldiery,
If America would keep her own peace
with all tho nations of the earth and
maintain her place in tho vanguard of
civilization, she must be at all times pre
pared for war, This is tho lesson of
history emphasized by tho rendezvous
and tho review," Wo may add that such
lessons were wholly additional to the
original purpose of tho ceremony, which
was to furnish some distinctly naval
pageant as the fittest jmwnIIiIo form of
publlo festival in honor of the greatest
of voyages.
Indeed It may fairly he said that tin
full benefits of this memorable jingeunt
were not universally recognized when It
was planned. Even Mr, Herbert him
self, ulthoiigh a member of tho house
naval committee, voted against the Joint
resolution of congress wfcli'li directed it
to bo hold, but as its possibilities gradu
ally became apparent he headed the suc
cessful effort at a subsequent somhIoii to
increaso the appropriation for it to the
amount needed. The advantage derived
from bringing our own new ships to
gether for the first time In considerable
numbers has been exceedingly great, and
it has been Increased by giving them the
opportunity to compare tle'timelvcs not
only witli each other, but with tho picked
warships of eight ot her nal Ions.
Btill the great benefit of the review,
according to Hecretary Herbert, has been
in teaching what remains for tho coun
try to do In llsuaval preparations. New
York Hun.
A Hiinl Ntiat Vur m SiiihII Klrd.
A curiosity worthy of its place in the
local museum was a bird's nest made
wholly of long spiral steel shavings,
without tho least particle of vegetablo
fiber, It was found in Bwltzerlaud at a
place which is tho center of a largo
watch manufacturing district. Cham
bers' Journal.
Ti i t i ii y
,.. t 1. . -jUitH.t U.' I-,-
(MS tt- t I S : Vi I ll!f.s
f I 4 I ti n I !. itii'it IV." I .l l
I. ,!?, t..- li. .(, t !?! u n. t-
-n l Mi It A t .' I t
I'l I
Mr, linn"! 1 1 i in. -1 . t
li I 'Uti-I .t!.jw i4 I !i Xhr
,Hmlii , liii 1 1 n V i
Wll An i !H)til lb 1 l St
Ih '!. HIU Stl' l'-'. !' H
. Mi'-f lw f-n
llMnliinjt ,,r H!tii in a n
iin , lip prii'.i'. lv bi'w wp fiT ,Vb
i to n tmbtat. elv Hie i-f 1W )- no
Ml to ti ll lti Ul. lit i-.-i'lnp tlm
duns! tipn a isii.tK lirstims in V In
thi' tvsr of His iMsbli'l.itK'iil snl sft-r
srd piiw.bil l ib pHvp a lisntifiil
Iropii'sl mmg lilM if liin plmudk'A
11 lu x! msdo an nltm k ott a tmntWr
if piMn-Jt, and lnn bt s tii wn
M'iflil her wM"lan.ulitvire--iits
livof the 'tnstoril tnle h ( in Hie
aiisrium, N'Vi-rsl oilier depriliHiin
er ronmittted, and hi eooiinhlp ws
iskln pnirstios to ruterniiimts pv
fry valuable bird In the establishment
wiien two festive copper rrawliM over
I he t rnnsoin and put an end t n his cnlcula
Hons, lie was rsrried Iwi k to Kueger's,
but soon pffivtiil his mcaim and made it
lively for the siiuirtvla in tho Capitol
square. A small regiment of small Ixiyt
were in pursuit of tho animal, which
with an all imjiortant air mounted the
Washington monument and soon sat
complacently on the top of Geov's head,
eying his pursuers with an expression of
mingled defiance and curiosity. Ho was
finally captured. Richmond Times.
Npnhr anil tlm King.
All aro not kingly who wear a crown.
At a court concert the Duchess of Gotha
expressed in the curtost style her disap
proval of tho loud playing of Si-ohr, the
groat violinist and composer. While he
was playing she sent a chamberlain to
request him not to make so much noise.
Tho king of Wnrtemberg was in the
habit of amusing himself at a court con
cert by playing cards. Bpohr, being in
vited to play before tho king, informed
the chamberlain thut he must decline
the honor unless the king abstained from
card playing. The chamberlain was hor
rifled, but the violinist insisted, and tho
king conceded the point. But in order
that the royal time might not bo wholly
occupied In listening, he stipulated that
tho two pieces set down in the pro
gramme for Spohr should follow each
Nevertheless his majesty showed that
tho violinist s demand had ru filed the
royal temper. Etiquette prescribed that
tho king should give tho signal for ap
plauding. At tho conclusion of each
piece tho king gavo no signal and a sol
emn silence reigned in tho salon. Tho
king had his small revengo.
The king of Bavaria was a gentleman,
At a court concert ho noticed that the
usher had neglected to place a seat for
Mine, Bpohr, an excellent harpist, who
was to Accompany her husband The
king placed his throne chair on the plat
form and with the mild Insistence of a
gentleman compelled tho lady to sit in it.
Youth's Companion.
The ICverlHtlng "Why."
There is an ocean of the unfathomable
in every raindrop, and God says today as
ho said in tho time of Job, "If you can
not understand ono drop of rain, do not
be surprised if my deulings with you are
inexplicable." Why does that uged man,
decrepit, beggared, vicious, sick of tho
world and tho world sick of him, live
on, while hero is a man in midlife, con
secrated to God, hardworking, useful in
every resjs'ct, who dies? Why does that
old gossip, gadding along the street
about everybody's business but hor own,
have such good health, while tho Chris
tian mother with a flock of little ones
about her whom she is preparing for use
fulness and for heaven tho mother who
you think could not bo spared an hour
from that household why does she lio
down and dlo with a cancer? Why does
thut man, selfish to tho core, go on
adding fortune to fori una, consuming
everything on himself, continue to pros
per, whllo that man who has been giving
10 per cent of all his income to God ami
tho church goes into bankruptcy? Be
fore wo make stark fools of ourselves let
us stop pressing this everlasting "why."
Dr. Talmageln Ladies' Homo Journal.
V'lilni(liiii a Clly of ('Iiui-oIik.
Thero is no city in the United (States
which might bo called the city of
churches with more appropriateness
than Washington. They are not partic
ularly largo or imposing, theso Wash
ington churches, but there is an im
mense number of them. As a mutter of
fact, tho capital contains nearly 200
churches. Tho Methodist denomination
claims 62. Tho Baptists come next with
49, then the Episcopalians with 20 unci
tho l'resbyteiians with SI. Tho Roman
Catholics have 111, the Lutherans 10, tho
CongregatlonallHts 4, tho Hebrews and
the Christians U each and tho Unitarians,
tho Universalis! and tho Bwodenbor
glans 1 each. Besides these thero ure
half a dozen nonsectarlan bodies.
Washington Letter.
Ilii('t I'lir Mm I'.Hif I ImIi liAiigiiuge.
If we reverence our mother tongue as
wo ought, wo will bo on our guard not to
Insult it by violating its rules. We will
not say, "You hadu t ought to do this,"
or, "Ho ain't a-golu to do that." Wo
will avoid that last and worst error of
tho vulgar, tho double negative. We
will be above nil placing moods and
tenses and putting the nominative case
where the objective belongs by right.
Harper's Bazar.
Mony Nnvi'il, Minify I hiiikiI.
Mrs. Climber My dour, Mrs. Highunp
has had her portrait painted by a cele
brated artist, and 1 haven't had a thing
but common, ordinary, everyday photo
graphs to show.
Husband (a wise man) Huh! The idea
of advertising to the whole world that
her complexion is so bad it won't stand
tho camera!--New York Weekly.
t I 10 '! I kill - t .
' in All i . iv ..o.4 4 I, 1 1
o .MK Hi lk 111 II Mt ,il lWS I f
: !. til ,'4 tfll
ti A Id U M. IS f II
j illicit l I. t li ll tll.iill1 n!1
i kt! UK lit I !. IM' lwrt
IUlt I St M'tlfc 't l H tit tkt ttl hv
r-iM (
4 Itm ttl lil. ti ti.- rr i )li4
Si ttl " I It l IM i'l tilth tot .! (l .
II t .. Ii-t Hin t
th All i (ll t i t. l.i itK militti J
hr Icttn. MIhM fm mum 11 rt-ili H hmlli- j
llltllllTtl, i
Mli All i Kilt t A Mint Ik 1
ilili t In litvMt.1 i atiwlliri'dll diii liH
noli' llif nHle tktnf U llnir mhvm
h i l i-niU-J. m tur n 11 h
rtmti lill ini r t ln-t . Istnult v-
til I mi f.n I hp t.n.frnii In in r
lh. 1 he IiIihmi " h U)r 111 omnwMie
tl m.
till. 1 li- murnltis Inmr ill l fnmi f W i
Ml. to 10 t . M.
l liv lnotnilid limit 1 ilrvuti J tt'iUI I
mot lull, tli'tiitirtvr, ami ilitmill fn wt for
tlmldRf. ('.'ml I Tiiimitlimii.ilriiniitri.iiit
iletNiilt riiMMi uhleh Iivii in-vliiusly
on It n-iiiiltir ljr ml ttftimfi'rml on llieo)-
mli r to tliU ilny.
Sth Afti rr', a mutliin or demurrer
Iiiui mm il tlH'tlmi' tor wlili li II lmt, II tin
mil Ihm'hIIimI ii i until a iimtlon I fileil mtl
tl.H'ki'teil iy li v tit tin- court, and lueh tio-
tlic to tlm imrty a Ike court may
order at tlm time leave I Riven to II let lie
unit Ion.
Will. IUimiiinw! net fur a certain tlm, can
not Im trHiitif erred to another (ly or hour,
u n Irim the tratmf or onler I made at tlm hour
Die mutter la net for hcnrliiK. except under
Uule IU,
loth. Kuril ilny rI 9:(a. m., the btiRlniMtauf
the hour will be called.
llt li. The mut ter will be heard In t lie or
Uer In which lliey are enU'red on thucaluudcr
unlcH all iiurtle ureuent and luteri'sted con
tent lu a dllTereiil HrriiiiKeinent, or tu case ol
urgent neceHslty,
iiiiAi, or CASKS TO-DAY.
12th. The Irlul of ciiboh will commence at
10:00 o'clock, a. in., and continue until 6:00
o'clock p. m., with a reef from 1S:0U a. m.,
until 1:90 p. in. Kucli cuse Is entitled to be
called at the time set or within ten minutes
Iberuuftor; either to be procuuded with, or a
further order to be mudo. Kor thin purpose
do party will be required to wall longer thuo
ten minutes for tho eppoHite purty or other
business, except for ui'Konl reasons. The trial
of a case will be Hiispeitded at any tlmo for
UilspurpoHU. In case the court finds that any
rule herein will work an unforeseen hardship,
tho court roHorvea the rlKlit to suspend the
rule for the special cuso.
Sheriff's Sale.
ltv virtue of an order of sale IsNtied out of
thi) DlHlrle.teourt of HimikIiih county, Neb,,
and to mo directed, I will on the 27U day of
June, A, 11, ism. at le o'i'lork a, in. ot said
In v. nt tlm 10 A ST frontdoor of tlm eounlv
court house, In the city ot Omaha, HiiUKliia
county, INehiUHkii, sell at iiulille iiui'llon the
property (leiM'riiitiu in suiu oruer oi saiu
fllllllWH. till-Wlt!
Lot number fourteen (14) in liloek utimmir
four (4 In Kniinl.e s 'i hli il lul lit lull to the
city of Omaha, lu the county of DoukIus, and
Hl iLleof NiiliiuHka. Niild tiroiiert v to lie solii
subjiiel to a certain morttfimo In the sum of
two inousiinu, seven nuniireu aiiu uny uoi
I ii is (,7i"U,ui) lu favor of the A imitIciiii I.oun
and Trust t!omuanv. and to satisfy Ki-nilni lrU
J. Himiett the sum of four liuudind, seventy
and S4-HI0 dollars (W7D.S4) Judxiiiciit, with In
terest thereon at rale of ten (111) per cent per
milium from May nth, ism: to satisfy the
Nebraska avlnus and Kxehanxe Hunk the
Mil tu of one hundred, live and M-ltHl dollar
lllaA.ATil Jiiilmni'iit, with Interest thereon at
rate of ten (HMper cent, per Milium from Oc
tober Utli, IHHD: to satisfy OuotKe A. Iloiin
liind the niiiii of live hundred, tweiitv-two
and ill-Kin dollar (."ia.lll) Judument, with In-
leresl tneceon at ruin or seven in per cent
per annum from Heplemlier 1, lsstl) to sat
isfy J), K. MiiHliuil the sum ot one hundred
ilollurs (lli.ii) JudKhient, with Interest
thereon at raUi of seven (7) per cent per an
num rroin nniy inn, isim; hi Huiisiy i nuries
Mi'Klnuev the sum of nine-nix mill .etl-lOU
dollars iffHI.liili Judgment, with Interest there
on at rule or seven (71 per cent per iiiiniiuj
rrom nniy tun, isikii to satisry t luirnm jih
Kliinev iliiisiini of iiIiiiIv-nU and .tsl-ltio dol
lars il.(Kll JiiilKinenl, with Interest thereon
lit rate of seven 7) per cent per annum from
May Hid, Isihii to satisfy John A, Wakefield
the sum of three hundred, forty-two and in
itio dollar (tM'l.Vi) Judgment, with Interest
thereon at ruin of ten till) per cent per an
num from Muv, 'ltd. I Mil 1 : to satisfy tho sum
of firiv-onn and ti:t-Itsi -dollars iM.IM) costs.
Willi interest I Hereon iroia tne win uuy ot
May, A. It, ls2, touother with accruliiK cost
aeeordins ti u Jiiilumenl. rendernd hy iihiiIIm-
trlet court of mil 1 1 1 HoukIu county, at lis May
term. A, II, IsiU, In a certain action then
and them peudliiK, wherein Frederick J,
Unmet I was e a nl IT and h rank K, llworak.
Joseph llworak iiml oilier with defendunts.
Umalia, iMeliraskii, nniy 4, isra,
(1-2H-1 Sheriff of IiuiikIun county, Nebraska.
MontKoniury, tJharlton and Hall, m toi neys.
Sheriff's bale.
Ily virtue of tin order of sulti Issued out of
tint district (,'ourt for llouKlus County, Ne
braska, and to me directed, 1 will on I lie lltli
day t,f July, A. It., isti:i, at in o'eluck a. m.
ol said duy, Ml. tlm KAHT front door of the
('ounly Court. House, In the (Jlty of Omulia,
notiKiiis i iiiiiity, ieiiiiiKii, sell at puiilie
it 1 1 1 -1 litii the nroiierty described In said order
of sale as fuDoWM. lo-wll.:
l.ols number six till and seven (71 III blis'k
six till In lloyd's addlllon to the city of
Omaha, us surveyed, iilulteil and recorded,
all In HoiiKlas i (Hint y, stale of Nelu aska,
said properly to be sold to satisfy Minerva
(', Coilelt, admlnlslralrlx of the eslale of
Hlllliim W. (iirli'll. deceased, the sum of
elulit hundred, Nlxlv-two miiiI tlil-lun dollars
UNtitlii) JimIkiih'IiI with InO'iest thereon ut
i iiin nr i IhIm iS) per cent per nullum from
Kebru'iry 1st, IstrJ, and I weuty-etcht, and 70
ne dollurs ilJs.Tni costs, with Interesl. Ihereon
from Hie 1st duy of February, A. I. IWI2, to-
ueiher with aecriilnu costs lu'eordlns to a
Judidiient rendered by the District court of
saiu nouidus county, at Its I'eliruary term, A.
Ii, ism, in h certain action then and there
pendiiiK, wherein Minerva ('. Corlelt, ad
ministratrix of Hie est ii I ii of Wlllliim W.
Corlelt, deceased, was plalntllf, and Mary J.
iieaity, i uiKiueu n. t.iarKson and others
were defendanls.
Omaha. Nebrask ii. .liuieSlli, 1si:i.
Sherllf of IIoiikIiis County, Nebraska.
llrcckenrldKc liieckenrlduu it Crofoot,
at toi neys, tl-ll-ft
Sheriff's Sale.
Ily vlrl lie of an order of Male Issued nut of
the district court of llotitrlus county, Ne
braska, noil to me directed, 1 will, on llie nth
day of July, A. It. Istiu, at In o'clock a.
m. or sum uuy, ai, me r.Af r mini uoor or tne
County court bouse, In the city of Omuliu,
lioiikdiis county, Nebraska, sell at null Ic
uui'llou the iiriipeily described in sulci order
of sale us follows, lu-wll :
I, ul nineteen (III) In block fifteen (ire In
Omaha llelirhl addition to the city of
iniiilin, In llouulus county, ishi In of Ne-
brusku: said property to be sold to satisfy
I ,i u I h llrudforil the sum of elKht hundred
iiml forty-one dollars iStil.eth Judsmenl wit Ii
Interest thereon at riito or leniiui percent,
per annum from May 1st, sti:ij to Mitlsfy
A I v 1 1 1 CmiiiiIi'I s and Arthur licmlnuMou, h'm
riusleen, the sum of three hundred thirty-
two mid US-Hill dollars (MXMWi ludKment wit h
Inlerest thereon ut. rate of elht (Si per cent,
per annum from May 1st, lsti;i; to siiiisfvibe
sum of llilrly-nlne and 0:1-Kxi dollar iif.ltl.lKIl
osls with Interest. Ihereon from the 1st day
Muy, IMi:i, until piild, toelber with uccrulm;
osls iiitiiiiIIiik to a I ii 1 1 lt 1 1 it ' n I rendered
by I he district court of said I lunulas county,
at Its May term, A. II. sti;i. In a ccrtulii
Ht ton then and there peudlui!. wherein
Louis llrudforil was plaint I IT. und Wlllliini W.
Hiilen iiml others were defendants.
Omulia, Nebruskii, Muy AH Ii. sti;i.
fl-2-5 HherltTof I lunulas Count v. Neb.
Moutsomery, tbarlton & Hull, attorneys.
HhS Ki
t j-, . , i ,.. . r ,. ., , , . ,
. i .1 !'-.-. ft I IK , .
' ' i -. . i V.i'-u . ,. . . ,i , ft m
' I I ft , i ! - ft , . , . ft. ft, m
f l ft R , - , ft , I. ft,.,-tv,
..ft , .ft , , ft. .1 , I . I ft ft, tt It I , ft , 4
1 1 (fcftwl .'l.t 1ft !- I. ft I. .ft '4
.'I ft ft - -I , .. -.t ... . ft '..
'. M ft t ,Ht,ft Ift ft - ftt ftlft .,lftft ,
' . ft I I ' I ft , ... A -. ft .1 tK
i . l. .In ,- .. t, ! i. . . I..
,1 ftft,( .tftft ftl . t I , 41 ft. ,-l iHr
1 .',, ft ,l I -;,ft, n ll.ft- ft l( t4 l..ft,ft
l-,,iftft ,,.M. ft !-ft,ftl ft. II l 1,
' I,, ftl., I. U. . ft ..1 lilM.ft.t. ftlv.
I ft .r f -1 - -ftft.'l ftrf ft ,,, ft,,, , tft ft ,
, II . -ft.' i ft, I l..tft Iftft .1 l)i,
i'I . I- ft I, ft l I
l.ri K Iftl ! Iftl W. t '
l...i.ft-ft. It 111 I . i.ftft ftrt ft'l ftftft iftft ft,!
, f, ,,,. , l, , ftftft,,ftl,ft ftftft ftftftlftftfti-
l-ift' 1, .1 ft,-.! ftft". I. it ftO IM ft, ,.lftft ,-.,-,-1 ft
-i ft ' I . e fti ft ft,, i ,t,, 1 1 ft i . im . ,i,f
I,., ftftli .tf 94, ftftiftft, ftftftlft,Kft IAft,t ftl
i.rtl ll," il f ,, l,(,ft,ftftft,, ,,ft,
I. .... ill
f,-ii i.m fctftftl m ! .1 i .i-
II SI M llh im. tft-. OiH HI liftli ,-
i . 1,1 ft. x i ii 1,1 im j l,,ft,ftftl ft.ftft, I , ,i ,,n, t
wli l'ii ,,ftU( Ifttfttiftr. & ll,,fti lft, ftl.r
me nl ,! hee.tfftittl.iii m,il M ,1..lli
l ! V,i )IK llll. tft iftl Ih, Iftutt i lt .it ft. H
ft,.i p t , frftfttn ii-iftim i mi,
l-'U I,, .ftll.lft JiH Mill! l.- -,M ,,t
ft-ft-hH Sftr met 4 ! il.,llfttft ,... whs
1,1. n n tftftxi si taift ,, , m ,;. t Cft-nl
IM' lieimHl flftlle Iftlitftislt Will, ts'li: 1,1 ft!
lr Hi, ,,. H.iiii i, m,, I ': t', I. ,li,iift
.; e cfti. mil, ini,i,i ii,, nft, ii f, in,, Hie
ih ilni ,,f , Imiftiv A tl wil. I.ftlli t Oh
M.viiiiii iftftftia ,ii,nlin ii a lii.U'en'iit r n
i. Iftill) tlift. IM-Ill, t I .nut if m.l IshikIs
loiiiiiir. l ll Irl'iiiRiy itrm. A, ! ln.
In MCft-itfttn .1l,.ii lln n mut ilnm im-ihIh,.
uliereln Mil nuiie SnMiii; Itnuk, i elv,.iii-
tlnii, plntmiS ami .1 . . 1 1 ti t kWHll. I iik i id
1 1 ft 1 1 ami nili.-rn wen- ill ti nilHelx,
Ulimhs. NchlSftklt. .Illlie I Mil, tsilit
l.liilJl.t: A IIKNNKTT.
SlierltTnf Oimnlsft t iiillil y. Nelirska.
J. I". Nexlii. Nitiirtiev. S l A
SlienH's Sale.
Ily virtue of n unlet of b tftsiieil out if
the Ulstrlil Court of ISmiwoik tinnily. Ne
lirnsk. and to me tlllivlft'd, I mill on llie Mill
iUt of .1 i 1 v . A. II, It'll. Bt III o'rliti'k. a.
in. of siilil ilny. at the Kast front disirnf tlm
omit y Court lloiiti'. in tlm city or Omulia.
lVouitliis Cininty, Nelirnsku, sell at public
auction the iuiiierty doscrllM'd In ald order
of sale a follows, to-w It :
Lot forty i4oi In 8. K. Koircr' Okahom. n
Nildlt Ion to the ell y of Omulia, a mirveyed,
pluttft'd unit recorded, all In HoukIiis couniy.
stale of Nebraska, said (ruperty to lie sold
lo sutlNfy Julia Thomiis the sum of two
thousand, one hundred and five dollars
lf!.n.i.lll with Interest Ihereon ut rule of ten
(Im per cent per annum from feiitenilu-r 21st,
ism. and Hfty-elKlil und ls-mo dollurs (f."s.lsi
costs, wllh liiteti'SI thereon from the
'.'1st duy of Kcptcincber, A. I. 1HHI. together
with HccriiliiK ciiHtH accordlns to a tudifmcnl
rendi'iTil by the district court of lloiiKla
county, at It September term. A. II. lsti;i, In
a certain union men anil there pcnuinif,
wherein John I ). Thomas was nlalntllT. ami
John I'. Thomas and others were defendants.
Omaha. Nebraska, June Sth, ism.
SherllTof DoiiKlas County, Nebraska,
Hradlcy & HeLaniutre, attorneys. H-ll-H
Sheriffs Sale.
Ily virtue of an order of sale Issued out of
the District Court of liimnliis count v. Ne
braska, and tome directed, J will, on tho lltli
day of July. A. I) Istia. at 10 o'clock a.
in. of said duy. ut the EAST front door of tbu
County (inert House, In Hie city of Omulia,
HoukIus county, Nebraska, sell at public
auction the property described in said order
of sale, as follows, to-wlt :
All of lot one (I) In block one hundred and
nine (imn. In Dundee I'lace. an addit ion to
the city of Omulia, a surveyed, plaited and
rei'orded, all In IIoukIiis county, stale of
Nebraska, siilil nroucrtv to lie sold to sat sfv
.1. W. Hopkins the sum of seven hundred,
tliirty-nliieand Hll-llHI dollar (S7W.81II Jutlite
tnent, with Interest thereon ut rale of eluht
(S per cent per annum from February (li b,
IHIU, und to satisfy the Hum of thirty-seven
and l):i-l(Kl dollars (I7. IKI) costs with Interest
thereon from the nth day of February, A. II.
Isil.'l, until paid, tone! her Wil li accruliiK costs,
iii'i'ordlnii to a luduinent rendered liv the
dist rict court of suid HoukIus county, at Its
Kebruary term A. 1). lstiil, lu a certain act ion
tlien anil there pending wherein J. W. Hop-
kids is plaint! it. anil noyt ri. smii ii anil tuu
I'utrlck I, und Company aro defendant.
umalia, nenraska, .nine s, ihh.i.
fherlfTof DoukIiw County, Nebraska.
Sheriff's Sale.
liv virtue nf an order of sale Issued out of
the district court of I lunulas county, Ne
braska, and tu me directed, 1 will, en the nth
day of July, A. II, IHlill, at It) o'clock a, m. of
said day, at the Knt front door of the
county court house. In the city of Omulia,
llouKlus county, noiiruska. sen at puiilie
auction the nroiierty described In said order
of sale as follows, to-wlt:
but three till In liloek four (41 In Walnut
Hill, an addition to Hie city of Omulia, all In
IIoukIiis county, state of Nebraska; said
property U) be sold to satisfy Samuel 11.
Mercer the sum of fourteen hundred thirty
nine and ls loo dollar (l4:ili.;nn Jiiilninenl.
With Interest thereon at rat (HI) per cent,
per annum from Kebruary tltb, IH!i:; ttisut Isfy
.lames Norton A Hon the sum of nlnelv-slx
dollar (ftt'.HI.lilli Jinliciiieiil, with Interest thorn
on at rule of seven (7 per cent, per annum
from May Ulh, lK; to nul lsfy I he sum of
Ihlrty-seven kml 0.1-It") ilollurs ((il7.ftll costs,
Willi I ii if rum iiiereon rrom tne inn uay or
Kebruary. A. I), IHIHI. tokether with uccruiiiK
cost accordltiK lo it Judgment, rendered by
the district court or sum Uoiikiu county at
Its Kebruary term, A, 1). lsii:i. In u ccrtulii
action then and there pcmlltiK, wherein
Humiiel H. Mercer wus tilulntllT, und T, M.
Trevett and others were defendunts.
Omulia, Nebruska, Muy lii'lli. isici.
IlKOUtiK A. liKNNRrr,
HlierlfTof HoukIus County. Nebruska.
Alliert Hwurly.lundur, atuirney. S-2-ft
SherifTt Sale.
Ilv virtue of an order of sale Issued out of
the District court of DoiikIus county, Ne
bruska. and to me directed. 1 will, on tlm lst h
duy of July, A. D. lstiil, at 1(1 o'clock a. m,
of said day, ut the KAHT front door of the
couniy court house. In the city of Omulia,
Doilklas county, Nebruska, sell at public
auction Iheproperty described lu ald order
of sale a follows, towlt:
but one III. In block seven (7). and south
ten (Kll feetof lot two CI) In block seven (7i,
all In llarbiieh' Second addition to the city
of Omaliu, Doiikla county, suite of Ne
bruska, sum nroneriy in li sold to satisfy
Joseph K. Held the sum of two hundred,
mcvciii v-clKht and :i7-Iini dollars (.'?. :i7i
Judgment, wllh Interest Ihereon from Hep
lemlier in, isirj, ami toNutisry tneHuin or one
hundred, sixty-two and s-iuedoilur ttWVW
cost, witli Interest thereon from the
bull duy of HcpO'iuhcr. A. D. IslcJ, iimetlier
wit Ii uccruiiiK costs ui'i'iirdlim to a jiiilument,
rendered by I he illsl rlct court of said DoiikIus
county, at lis l ebriuiry term, A. D, lsn;i, lu
a certain itciion tnen and there pemiluK,
wherein Joseph K. Heed wus plulnllfT, and
M utile K, Curr defendant,
Omaha, Nebraska. June l.'illi. IStill.
HherlfT of Douulus County. Nebraska.
J. W. Wesl.illorncy, fl-KI-ft
Notice to Non-Resident.
'I'o Hlnl II. Chunmuii. Kllubeth J. Chun-
mini, Jumes C. Mitchell and lllrd Cliupmuii,
lion-rrslilent defendants.
i oil will take notice Hint on the 7lh duvof
liiiie, isil.'l, Henry Hchmldt. iiliilntlll herein.
filed hi petition In the district court of
Doimlus county, Nebraska.. ukaliiHt lllril H,
Cliupmuii, Kll.ubelh J, Cliupmuii, Hlnl ( hup
man unit James ('. Mllchell, the obect and
prayer of which I to quiet, the 111 Ut In the
plulutllT to Hie followliik descrllied reul
suite sitiiuleii in HoukIus county, ,eliraska,
to-wlt: Lot five itii In block one hundred and
elifhiy-seven (IsTlof the idly of Omaha.
I -lit i in i it aiso pray ror a decree enjoininit
Hie defendant or those clalmliiK under
t. Iii-iii from ii-irrllnti or clulmlnit title to suld
premises, und forciwts of suit.
ion lire reii in reii to unswer said Del I lion
on or before the iTtli day of July, ssi;i.
I'uieii .nun' I'm, imi,i.
Hy Huunder. Mucfarliind k Dickey, bis
attorneys. ti-iM
Sale Under Adjustor't Lien.
Notice Is hereby iriven that, the under
signed. Kil. M. Hrown,,'wlll sell at. puiilie
unction for cash In band to the lilkhest. bid
der on the "Hi day of July, Istu, bet ween the
hours of 10 o'clock a. m. ami 4ii'i'liN-k p.m.,
at No. Mill .Miami Street. In I becll y of Omuliu,
lu Doiil'Ius I'liillil V. In the Mule of Nebruskii.
One Houn Mure pony, wclvrht ubout seven
ll mm li il poiinits. uliolil rourteen hiimls liluli.
leiter"A" brand on left hip und letter".!" on
left shoulder: sale made under and bv virtue
of ad.lustor's lien for fceillntr, rarlmt'for and
keepliin said pony for one Albert Sldner, the
owner thereof: the Hiimunt due for keolnvr
suld iinlmul lit iluteof. lime ltllh. lt'.U. theiluie
of Hist publlcntlon of this nollco. In thirty-
live ilollurs. which suld sum IsowliiKby suld
Albert Sldner lo the underslitiied and Is un
paid. II-HKI KD. M. 11KOWN. J
vi SI ll
. ft .i I j ft...4ft.. ... ,
I ft I . -. ft I V.ft.ftft , , 4 r ,1 ,
. t i.
ft 1
... I'
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I. ft 1. . .,
t-i ft. tft
., tl I 1,1
. -, ..I I i
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ft. .1 .
ft 'ift
t ,
C 1
,..,. . I I I , I.-. I
!,:.. ,(. ft... t.
I '
till I
ft ! ftft "tVtft ft. t.
1 l ,, .. ft , ..... t, . f
- tft ft- -4 Iftft,, ' it l.i. . lltft- t,i,t,t. 4 ft. .4
1 l.'tn ti tit. it, 1 1, , .t ! i t t. ft i ,1 i,,
, ,J !. ftl.ft k ft ft "ft- tft. I ft, ft., ft ft,,.. , . -ft, ft. 1
; -14 -Ii !.. it i tfttM l ., tit , ,t
: ! ,, . t ftft 1 (. , ft .. If, Itfttftftfttrtts ft ft., I. , ft t ,
' t.I l.-l- t.,1,. t ft. 1 1 ftft. t.ft ft) It, ftlft -rttft
!'! ft. ti 4 I'ft'l - I l I ' ftftf I ft ftft t ! i
fc.,,.,1,, ft- ift, (ft,, ,,,; ,4 ftft,,.t.ft fttftfttl .,,ft
! t , l-tft r, t Ift ,t,1 t,iftt. ft, t tt ,. l.t.ft k ftftft !
' I Im 4 t - ttt, !.,,, ft tt-1,1 11 l.-ftft tftl ll,r
ft HI ft oil Itt Iftftttlftt imii'll fttt
,l . I'ft ftft. ft ft.,-,1 1, h ll.ft- . ll. tlt ot
Jfttftt, A It nl I- ,. I. t lit ,,i,lrtt
III lli,t I 44 ti-imt !,,. ,t I tftt- ,ftft,ft,l ,,ft,,
ll.-ltft., IH ll.ft I '11 .( I fttitftiltlt ItiHIft Iftft i.tftM 1
Nt ti ftk at ftft-!l fttftitl tft nl t-ftlftt- ttl .tftl,it,'
I t.,n l.t It., 1, 1, l.t I i.lil. n, t,t r ftfttt 4
t..te It ll.i ltft.1 iv ftt 4ft- tftftftft1! t tiwftllwtt
kftlit ft ftftft til I. 'It. !! tftlftiiHtl.l ftltftt, tftftfttftfttftft
! In Sin Ili.-ii-mi.l turn I, ut,. lift 4 llittl ftlft
ftftll.l ftftft. !" ,. ,ftl ft l,tt,i IH ly tHt til knit
lOft'tllt Bft.l t li lit. I. . Hit,, ftftftlft th
Hilft tft.ftl ftttt unlit iitttmtittft l lltr Hit' ,tf I Ittil
t-fti fftt-t ,1-1,1 tft. t ltilllftt fetftlii lite i'l-4 .1st ,
tt (,l itils't, A ll lKI ttnlll ,l,l U,. Il.f
tin I In l niifti t,t Bi Hittl t.ft titi il.,llm ft S'1
lltfitiftift ul In, r on ftslit Jii.l ft' it,, n 1 . unit
lite .s iiilmr i.fti
HiiikIi. NetUKftk Vtv JV lH
l.lnlo.K A HtNNI-rT.
Slieiiffttf I s.tit Uft I tmnl j . Ni l.iftftkn
IV4t-r I,. IbimiBft. SII..IH. y s-.ti ii
MieriM's Ssle.
Ity virtue ef n urtli r nf nsle Ifttximl mil of
I lie dlftlilcl limn if ISiiinlsftftii.umv, Ne
lilHftks. Slid to lite dllfti I W ill llll Hie l!."lll
dsy of June, A. Ii. I-"1 mi HI oVIift k A. H
of ssld dsy. l Hie I AM' froiil itistr nf Hie
county court luune. In Hut city nf Uinnli.
Ikuiitbis t'liinilv. Nelirnsk. mil at puhllc
mirlltui the iinict-ty dem rllsil In "Hid onler
of sale s follows. In-w It :
The liudlvltleil one-llilnl iSluf otoneil,
two ('.'I. tliire i. ll, leu (im. eleven ill) ami
twelve ilJiln blis'k ten (III) In Diftlbl and
I viuiin Mililltloii In the city ot Omlia,
ltiiiiilas couniy, slate nf Nelirsska: ssld
iruM ity to be sold In siitlsfy Wlllluui K.
Morris and HerlH'rt J. Davis, partner under
Hie tlrm liHlue of Morris Davis, Hie sum of
two hundred fuiiy-Hve and SH-IHI dollurs
iKMAXn .luilmuent, and thirty-six ami es-lee
dollar iftVlit.iwi costs with Interest on said
amount at ten (llll per cent tier milium from
Ibi'ilth duy of Kebruary. A D. Iswi, lom'llier
with uccruliift costs accordlns to a Juilitmeiit
rt'tidered by the dlst rlct court of suld I lunu
las county at Its Kebruary term, A. D. 1SU1I,
Inacerlain ml Ion I hen and there pendlnit,
wherein W llllum It. Morrl and Herbert. J.
Davis were plulntllf, and Christian Andru-
en wus defendant.
Omuliu, Nebraska. Muy2.Mli. 10.1.
l.KoltltK A. HKNNETT.
SlierllTof Douslus County, Nebraska.
Morrl Ik Heekniun, attorney. o-iiil-ft
SherilT's Sale.
Under and bv virtue of an execut ion Issued
by Krank K, MooreK, clerk of the district
court within und for Douglas ounty. Ne
braska, upon u .liiilmuenl rendered on Hie
lMh dav of Novembi r. ISWi. In the county
court wl't.bln and for suld couniy. In fuvorof
Humiiel A. Slouiun and huiiiiihi, I'., ii. ener-
wood and J. tl. Hullsliury, a truiiMcript of
which ludiruieiit wus on tun 41 ll duv ot De-
cemlHir, lstiil, duly Hied and docketed In the
district court wliiiin and ror sum couniy, i
have levied upon I he followliin descrllied
real estate a I lie property of the said K. II,
Hherwood, to-wlt: The west onu-thlrd (w H)
of lot t hree (.'!) and all of lot four (4 In block
seventy-seven (771 In the city of Omaha,
I lunulas county, Nebruska: and 1 will on the
27th day of June, A.D. Istm, at 10 o'clock a. m,
of suld day, si the KAST front door of the.
county court house In the city of Omaha,
llouKlus county, Nebraska, sell suld reul
estate at public auction to the blithest bid
der for cash to satisfy mild execution, the
amount, due thereon Iii'Imk three hundred
twenty-nine and tm-l(K) dollar (f'r.'ll.Olil Judu
ment, les two hundred dollar i2iKi.(Hl), iiuld
July'tillrd, ISIII; three and 75 KKI dollurs ifl.751
cost, with I ii Ic rest, on suld amount at I be
rule or ten (llll per (Mint, per annum from llie
iruh day of November. A.D, isiie, until paid,
and also the further sum of one and lifi-lo)
diil I ii im itl.tlM the cutis of Increase on said
JuilKhictil, and the accruliiK cost en said
execution. ,
Omaha, Nebraska. May ai, isici.
HlierlfTof DoukIum Couniy, Nebraska.
J, V. West, attorney,
Sheriff's Sale.
Under und by virtue of nn execution Is
ued l)y Frank E. Moon,s, Clerk of the Dis
trict Court, within and for I lunulas county,
Nebraska, upon liidument rendered lu
the couniy court of suld couniy, on the 7th
duy of April, 111,1, In favor of John 11. Wat
kin and (Jeoi'Ke A. lloukiund, co-partner
doliiK biiNliies under the 11 rm name and
style of J II. Wutklii fc Co., and aitainst
Albert .liiimut and Fred Kiiilu well, (Im
pleaded with (,'. ilminut) a trunscrlpt of
which ludKiiieiil were on the lllh duy of
April, istill, duly tiled and docketed In the
district court, within and for suld county, I
have levied upon the following land and
tenement us the property of Hie suld Fred
Itad.uwelt. to-wlt: I,ot, four I4itn block Mix
(ill in Shell' Hecond addition to the city of
Omaha, In the county of DoiikIu und slutti
of Nebraska, and I will on the Ifith day of
.lune, Ihii.i, ul, llio'clock ii.m.of siilil duy at
tho EAST front door of the county court
house, lu tbecity of Oiiiuhu, Doiudas imunty,
Nebraska, sell suld real estate at public
auction to the hliihest bidder for rush, to
satisfy suld execution, the amount due
thereon beluv In Hie unifri'Kutc fifteen hun
dred seven und Htl-liKI dollur (f l,'i07.tlllMlam
uifi's, twelve and 2li-liXl dollar (f 12.211) cost
with Inlerest, on suld amount at eight (Hi
per cent, per annum from the 7th day of
April, lstiil, until pitld, and also the further
sum of t wo and 7u-ll dollar (f!,?0) Hie cost
of increase on suld JiiilKinenls, and the uc
crulnKcosts on suld execution,
Omulia, Nebraska May 2T, isil.'l.
ft 2H-fl tlKOIt'iK A. HKNNETT,
Sheriff of Douirla County, Nebraska.
Lake, Hamilton A Maxwell, attorneys,
Sheriff's Sale.
Ily virtue of un order of sale Issued out of
Hie district court of DoiikIu county, Ne
bruska, and to me directed. I will on tlicL'mli
duy of June, A. D, Imi.i. at HI o'cliH'k A, M.
of said day, at the KAST front d-ir of the
county court house, In the city of Omuliu,
HOUKIU county, fftciintHku, sell at puunc
be pi
of sale as follows, to-wlt:
The east one-third (KSIof lot three CI) In
block one hundred and thirty-six mill), In
the city of Omaha, all In DoiikIiin county,
sl ule of Nchrusku, said properly to lie sold
to satisfy John Nlcbolus llrown the Rum of
twenty six thoiisunil, live hundred, thirteen
mule-Ion dollurs ntl'l.rdll.lUi JudKiuent with
Interest on J.1.iHi7.ll4 thereof at rule of seven
(7) per cent per annum, and on Ifimfk.-'tK
thereof at rate of ten (10) per cent per
annum, all from February nth, IslU: to sat
isfy Frank C. Moruiin Ibesuinof live thoiis
unil seven hundred, ninety-six dollar
(.'i,1!KI,(l) .ludKment, Willi interest Ihereon ut
rule of rlifht (H) percent per annum from
Feliruury lllh, sn;i; to satisfy the sum of
seventy-one und ss-lmi ilollurs (fU.ssi costs,
with Interest thereon from Hie nth duy
of Feliruury, A. I). Ih'.i;i, ttiKcther with ac
cruliiK coils iii'ciuilliiK to a .liiilKmenl ren
dered by the district court of suld DoiikIu
couniy, at it February term A. D. Iswi, In
a ccrtulii action then and there -ml I n ir .
wherein John Nicholas Hrown was pliilnlllf,
and Frank C. MorKun, OeorKe D. Aipiuwall
and others wore defendants.
Omulia, Nchrusku, May 17, lvi:i.
(iKoltt.K A. IIKNNKTT.
fl-l!l-ft Sheriff of DoukIus Couniy, Nebraska.
Lake, Hamilton ft Maxwell, attorney.
Notice to Creditors.
Statb or Nkioiaska, i
DoukIus Couniy, f H'
In the Couniy Court of DoiikIu County,
Nebruska, May 2sth. A. D. Istm.
In the matter of the estate of Jumes
Frewen :
The creditor of suid estate and all other
person Interested In suld matter will take
notice that the creditors of said estate will up
peur before thin court nn the asihduy of July.
ls',1,1. on the 'lh duy of September. Ism. on
the'isth duy of Noii inber. IMW, at Id o'clis-k
a. M., each duy. for the purpose of presentliiK
their claims for exaiiilniitloii, uil.luit meiit
und allowance. Six month ure allowed for
Hie creditor to present t heir claim and one
year for the administrator to settle said es
tate, from Hiii 2iltb duy of Muy, IstU; this
notice will lie published lu Tnic Amkiim an
for four weeks successively, prior to llieiMh
duv of July. Ii'.'.l. All I'laiim not tiled on or
ls'fore the Jsth duy of November, tssy, will Im
forever burred finiu conslderutlon In tho
Html settlement of said estate.
Witness my bund and tittle lu I seal tbls2nth
day of May, lsiu.
IstCAuf J. W. F.I.I.FK.
B-l-4 County JuiIk'b
- .t. . .1 ,f
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t. t. it ft, i -ft ft t
I t ,.tfti I-, ttft-f-
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; .1. . t, 1. t
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- ft, t.t. tj t-.tfttft.
ft, I '.ft, -ft ' . ",.! ft
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ft' ft t -I ft-fY.-ftft ftft tl H tttft ft-r.ftttft-4 fttl
I -t lft ft .-l -ft- ,1 l tftl
- -1 tl r ftft.4 I., I... t . ,''t ... ft.
1. I. 1..- , 1, ft , H .lit tt h I ft , I ft ft, ,1 - ft III im 11
I rft-4 w ,it ftt li nt.4 it, ftl-t- iiti l li,ftl
frttftift-! t'l ftfttt ftfttftM IftJ. I..t,ft1 fttft. 1 Hftf
tl,. ft i.t.t .. i,.ftti. t t-ft N.t i i t. itii. i,-fti
tt"4 ,1 t 1 1.. , I, l v ft ft, t 4 ft...ft f , ..,,1, tt
II- lift ftlft. . .1. tft ft ii ftt il tft, A ftft, 4
I!..,--tft ft,- t , 1 it, tl.., iftttl. t Iftft ftlft.ftftft
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tuiftf1tft .4 1,,ftiiftft j tftt. ft. It , ftt All'f ftVle-t-l,
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1 11 1,1 ftft -t ii fttl fftr t tltttnttl tltui tft ttftftttlf
eilt l.ii , .i,t ,,i,p 4 w .in tt..ilftifti
l ftiftftia ii l, it-tft tft ! il.etftiftti ftuftftt ItHt
tMh .Iftft .( . Itltltti v, A H I"! i,l o ttftl,,
l.sft llo-f mil, titiitiiti t'.Hift tt,iitft1iiiii Iftft ft
ItttU'tt't nl tft t-il t ll.t ,1l-i, l, i ,-,ni ,4
ftsiii tt.tttt'Uft ,-ftftttttl v l lis tftlitiiifttf Ift-rtit,
A ll ktA In ii ilsin i t inn iltt ti ntl
Hint' (ft- titi . tt fttli. fi in J . ftl, ti A M. shnnti,
ittinittisn .ti,liS si,,! Mlrlmel m,
Mntv A t ftt nntt ol li.'tft wt'ift. ii.f..ftiitiil
Hinntia, Srltin-kii Muy .Ulh 1i
IttulittK A M1NMTT,
MieriSnf Is, tu' I i.imiy. Ni liftit.
I"lnk T. Haiiftt.iii, ii..ini y. S 3
Sbrnfl't Sale
In puriiii!iii' iul bv Inue of a ludirnient
lid On nf nt Hie IlKl r lit I tint! of Isnilsa
cniiiily. Slate ef Neti . n-nilerft tl nn (lie 2Mh
of March A. It Hu, In a certain nciem il
wlieifin Ainlrew Mc Hrltle t. iilninlllT ami
l.ii.ive W, Mi'lnllre, l.yill It. M, I nil re anil
ntlieiii were di feiiiUtilftt. autl of n Onler nf
Sle Isslleil tbenilll mil of Hlil Dlfttllrt
t tiurl, lifnlliiil time lln- ;ih ilny of Julie. A.
It, I ii I. and It) iiiedliii'lft-il, I will, on the lsth
duy of July, A. D. Isu.t. at In o'clis k a.
m. nf said day, Nt the KAST fit ut I ilisir of tlm
i tiiinty Court House, in the city nf Omaha,
DoiikIu county. Neliruska, sell at luibllo
auction, to Hie hlKbest bldtler for casli, tlm
fulliitt IliK tlt'n'rlliecl lands and ti nemelils. alt
Ituuteil In the County of IkiuKlas, and StaUl
of Nebruska, to-wlt :
I ot number nine (til In bbs'k nuiuls'r one
hundred and ten tlioi. In Dundee I'liu'o, an
mill It Inn to the city of Omaha, all lu DoiikIu
Ctiuiil y, Stale of Neliraska. Suld intM'rly tit
l sold to satisfy Andrew Mcllrlde the niiiii of
two HiousHtiil five hundred seven and S4-IIK)
dollars (::. ii Mi with Interest Ihereon at rate
ofscven (7l iM'rcent per annum from February
lllh, I suit, tti satisfy Maud II I'lidilis'k. tint
sum of three hundred, forty-ttvtt and 52-l(t
dollar with Interest thereon nt rate of elKht.
(Si per cent per annum from Muy lltli, Isui,
until nn it i . mm nn v-uiree ami in- list ooiiur
(,V.;i.lK costs, with Interest thereon from the
tub day of February, A. D. lstiil, toKether
with accruliiK cost uccoriiniK to a juiiKmonr.
reiiilered bv the District Court, of suld
DoiikIu County, at Its Feliruury term. A. D,
ku;i. In a certain action then and there tiond-
InK wherein Andrew Mcllrlde was pliilntlfT
and OeorKe W. Met n tire, l.ydlu It. Mclntlrw
and other were defendunts.
Omuliu, Nebruska, June inth. ISIKI,
HlierlfTof HiiukIus County. Nebruska.
J. E. Nevln. attorney. 0-ltl-n
Notice to Creditors.
Htath ok Nkiiiiassa, I
Doiiffla (.'ounly, I
In 1 1 1 1 1 county court of DoiikIu county,
Neliruska. June7th. A. 1). lstiil.
In tJie matter of the estate of Minerva
A. Iliilley:
The creditor of said estate and all other
person Inlc rcNtcd In suld inuller will tukit
notice t hai t he creilltiir of suld est ule wilt1
appear before till court on the 2st,h day of
AiiKiist. IHliil; on the 271 h day of OcIoIht, lstiil,
and im tlm 2Plli day of DccemlHr. I MM, at 10
o'clock a. m.. each day. for the purpose ef
pri'senl Iiik their claim for examination, ad
justment, and allowance. Six month are
allowed for the creditor to present their
claim and one year for Hie administratrix
to settle suld i stale from the 21 h duy of
AiikusI, lstiil. This not Ice will be published lu,
Tus Amkiikian for four week successively,
prior to the 2th day of Auitust. ISKI, All
claim not tiled on or before the
day of December, lktiil, will lie forever barred
from consideration lu the tl n ul net tletnent of
Klild estate.
WIl iics my hand and oltlclal leal this 7tli
duy of June, IHliil.
Iskai.I J. W.EI.LKH,
ft-1 11-4 County JiiiIko.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Fine Watch Uepaiking a 8i'kcialt
612 8outh 16 Htroot.
i.M pin
10.15 am
Itl.lA am
ll. A Nf 11.
Dipot loth and Miihoii HI.
., DcnvcrTimilt'd dully ...
.... DendwiHid Ex pre
Denver Kx press
CIiIcuko Special from Ih'n,.
, . Lincoln 1,1 m. (except Hun), .
IIUStlllK IttM'lll
O , H. A o.
I)epot, Kith and MusonJSI
...... I'll li'UKO lillnltell
CIiIciiko KxpriiH
CIiIcuko Kxpres
. ...ChlcaKo Ii town'iil
"4 J pm
411ft pin
U ilfi ant
I2.:i am
II. aiu pm
H.m am
SMI pm
S im am
4.21) pin
.() pm
4.4.1 pm
ti.fte am
12.4(1 pm
JV.Ml pm
H.M) am
K. ('., Ht. J. A (I. II. I
Depul loth and Mason His,
..Kan. City l)uv Kxeres. ..
(t lie put
ll 40 am.
0.4.1 Din k.C. nlKhl ex. via It. I', Trail.
IMA pmiHt. I,, nlshtex. vlut'i). HIiiIThNi Jiot
l,eave l!Nlt)N I'AClKltl. iArrlvni
Omaha lOnloii He pot tilth and Murcyl Omulia
7.1W am
li.fHi am
2.11 pm
S ite pm
4 II pm
8.4l pm
n 4,1 am
7.2d am
s lu am
H.2.1 urn am
4.KI pm
ft.ii-'i pm pm
Ileatrlce Kxpres ,.
6.40 pm
4 " pm
7.l pin
4.2e put
12, ;m pm
10.40 am
7. Ul urn
S. 15 am
It 20 am
lo in am
12. -tft put
5 im pm
S. Ill put
II.. 'id pill
Denver r,xpr, ,, ,, .
Overland I' Iyer
Denver Fast Mall .....
11. S, A K. Ex. (except Hun)
I'ucltlc Kxpres
.Council HlufT Local.
Depot I'.nh and Murcy St. I Omaha
".US pmi CIiIcuko Limited I Villain
11. im mill Chlciilo Kxpres 5.NI pm
Leave I C, A N. W. i Arrlveii
Omaha I (Via II. I'. Truusfer) I Omulia
1(1.40 ami. . Atlantic Express, daily
ll 20 am
A 10 pm
ll 20 pm
2.11 pm
..K pm
H 20 pm'CblciiKO Kp , dully ex. Sun
4.0.1 pm
,t hiciiKo .1 in 1 1 ftl, uully.
711 lim . Overland l.lmlted. dullv
7.2(1 am Carroll !'ul, dully ex. S"un
Leave I C St. I'., M A O. Arrive
Omulia 'Depot 1Mb und Webster St.! Omaha
H Id mn
I. 11 pm
II. 4.1 pm
1.1,1 pm
Leave j
9.W mn
D im am
ft.iK) pm
iS, 4.1 pm
H im am
1,1'avo I
Omulia I
Sioux City Accommodutlou I 0 IU pm
. H. C. Kxprcftut icxcept, Sun) .12.(0 pm
St. l'aul I.lmlU'd 9 2.1 am
Huncroft I'uss. (except Sunn H.4.1 am
Deisit lllh und WehstcrSts.
Deudwisid Expritss . ...
(Kx.Suti Wyo. Kx.iKx. Mnn)
.....Norfolk (Except Sun.)....
St. l'aul Express
..Lincoln Kx. (ex. Sunday)..
! Arrive
I Omulia
I il.'Jo pin
.1 .20 pm
10.2.1 am
H.2.1 aiu
I Arrive
I Omaha
f d ie pm
10.14) am
Depot loth A Murcy Sis.
Jo ami. ...Sioux City I'tisseiiKcr.
l.itTi pmi.
.St. 1 ii u I r.xpress
.( IIICAliO. U. I. A .....lArrlvea
Via V. 1'. Transfer. I Omaha
10.(10 am .. Atlantic Kxpres. dully .,
4 .40 pmi, . Vestibule 1. 1 in lied, dally ,
H ill pm . . . NlKhl Express, dully
7.10 pm Kansas C, .d Co. It., ex. Sun.
Via I" I'. Transfer.
S .10 ain;Co. llluirs and K. C.,ex. Sun.
1.21) pmiCblcaKo and Denver, daily
(1.30 pm
1.10 pm
S..V) am
8. 4.1 am
7.IK1 pm
4 iW pm
Depot bull ami Mnm St. Omaha
10 in pm
1.10 pmi.
5.10 pm.
Leave I
Omaha I
.. .St. Louis Ex. dully. .
...St. l.ouls Ex. dully...
Nebraska Local
7.00 am
4.31 pm
9 20 am
WAHASIl. I Arrive
(Via I". I'. Transfer) Omaha
. Sl. Louis Ex., dally .... 12.3Ttpiu
. ft ft , 1 . 4 I.