The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, June 02, 1893, Page 2, Image 2

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Vi'r Kh rf faitbful Jimtie
bJ fa.Wft-Ta'.Vn Hl in lrr tr, tt
under rltviiuiwH 4 t-d
erwdty, tsti wrrtsl tvvr br lit
brlpb tN- that UiroWtvd in Ut
artr,, prunptii f tht b' l smsmlng
him from llxw pry ktil a ad pike,
trrtM lirr tvmatn a wikv1iiI and
dhut j;-cttor l t1i lnrnr. Shaw
OtVtih, r, returning Irom t WU
U th neighboring barvny, had provi
dentially rcaed falling in with the
kMWMln; and hy him he til burn
a ay from the scene of blood, nearly In
ut of lnnlty. Long, very long,
it wa ere her lacerated mind could
rmliirc the slightest allusion to that
hour: and even then th wildest spirit
of vindictive pasidon that ever raved
In the unnuMued bnwom of an O'Neill,
would Impetuously break forth as she
looked upon her sickly child, and vowed
to train hlra for the work of vengeance.
And well was the qualified by nature
for nch a perecptorshlp, the masculine
strength and daring of her character
bavin? been conspicuous from the
cradle. But better thing were In store
for the bereaved nnd desolate sufferer;
her deep affliction molted the heart of
a pious minister, who had brought into
a strange land all the devoted ardour of
a Scottish Covenanter, fie, too, had
his tale of wrongs nnd domestic anguish
to toll; and having thus engaged her
sympathy, ho turned to the bent nnd
holiest of purposes the advantage gain
ed. Beforo hit white hairs descended
to a peaceful grave, tho widow of
M'Allster was enabled to cheer his
dying pillow with those swoet words of
gospel promise which hod sounded
strangely to her ear when first brought
under his teaching; and tho boy, so
early dedicated to the work of unhal
lowed wrath, was trained, and lived,
and died, a meek follower of his com
passionate Savior.
But strong, indelibly strong, was the
Impression left by that fearful sceno of
massacre; and her mind would pondor
and revolve It under every change of
character and circumstance. She had
beheld those murderers kneel in prayer,
before they plunged their weapons Into
bottoms that pleaded for them with their
lasy throb for the M'Allsters were
"more than nominally christians and
she had also seen and heard their sol
emn act of thanksgiving over tho
mangled bodies. The retrospection
led to deep musings on the nature of
that delusion under which they acted,
and the Lady of M'Allster had achieved
the noblest victory that human nature
Is capable of, in its renewed and sancti
fied condition; for her keenest wrongs
now formed an argument wherewith to
disarm her own and others' resentment;
and she dwelt upon them but as an in
centive to redoubled exertions In rescu
ing souls from that mothef of abomina
tions, so drunken with the blood of the
saints, with the life-blood of all that
had been most dear to her own agonized
bosom. When a blessing had been
given to her zealous and patient en
deavors for the conversion of some poor
ignorant follower of Jlouie and more
than one or two had crowned those of'
forts she would smllo, and say, "Bo'
hold my triumphant revenge for tho
slaughter of my house!"
It will not bo doubted that the pro
gressive advanco of James II, towards
a ro-establlshmcnt of pojiery, had ex
cited In her mind the most acute and
painful Interest; while a just view of
what the Scriptures inculcate of sub
mission to constituted authority
taught her to shrink from the prospect
of popular insurrection on the part of
the aggrieved Protestants. The act of
, abdication, therefore, by which the
monarch subsequently vacated his
.throne, she hailed us a most provider
tlal Interposition; the very name of
William of Nassau sounding in her
ears a tale of hope and joy. Beneath
her calm deportment, there lay con
cealed an anxiety the most intense;
and while her thoughts pursued, with
eagle glance, the relative position of
the contending parties throughout the
British Isles, that little spot to which
the family had been recently removed,
acquired an Importance abundantly
verified by the sequel. She doubted
not but that a perilous fermentation
pervaded the Scottish clans, and that
to secure a northern point of rapid com-ni'-'icatlon
between that country and
Ireland, sucjj M tjj6 0j )jrry cou j
supply, wov4 imni eMential to the
success of Jameb, h0 hftd iuffloleBtjy
shown that he hopea,,,, r b torCf
what in a moment of paukj- ha(1 gQ
hastily relinquished. Thesi, views
often communicated to her liUIe family
circle, as an Incentive to mor earnest
prayers, since nothing short d Divine
power could Interpose betwten tVo pro
ject and its accomplishment, firyan
was fully convinced that she predicted
rightly, as to the importance of that
post; and the subject was frequently
canvassed among his young companions,
'who entered Into its discuieloa with
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Ws mU-t JtjUe
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- rUi-MHr r I'll to !.( tt
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ff tt Jf tfvi mhUh
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hmA r .tmd th tr k t mr to
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rt.'t" fttrnMigly jarrlwiH-d y tti
fM !! l Jftmrn, IV (ry t Kjojrd th
iU'S!iir yri U-$n f W li.g urnl r tbp
f mrdiftnh!p 4 brr ritlt
VhWp r iti In the trt
that h a prlfihtf im).t tt v
lightly rrlii)jthed; and lk tniw
elnH-nt than onl ave fn-jvciit
plelge of mutual fUli-lHf, aa tmm their
Itarrler-walU thry g?d b the wind
ing rVyle, and ealculatej the fttrviigth
of their xltUn. Hut them were ebul
lition of youthful spirit, extorting the
smile of pity, or provoking the rebuke
of prudence, from their more exer-
leneed companions.
I'lurrr-it n.
Tho chills of lVcemlter were now
striking their paralysing influence into
every detriment of tho natural world,
and its snows began to whiten on the
neighboring hills. The Protestants of
Dcrry remained unmolested, but con
sclous that perils were thickening
arouml them; tho numerous Roman
Catholics within its walls generally
wearing an aspect calculated to Increase
tho crturhatton, and with trembling
solicitude wns the BpHnranoo of Bryan
M'Allster hailed whenever ho ap
proached tho retired dwelling of his
Even old Shane now found a ready
audience for his exaggerated reinn'ts;
and It was with no slight degree of ter
ror that Letltlaand Ellen beheld him
break abruptly into their sitting-room,
after a short absence, with a counten
ance full of important information.
"What is It, Shane?" was the anxious
"Indeed, and It's bad enough for tho
like of you to hear, poor fatherless
cratures that ye bo I It's out and out
true, the next Sunday, the ninth of this
very month, every Protestant soul will
bo murdered. I'm just after seeing tho
letter come In from Ennlsklllen, whore
tho brave lads are defending the place;
and there's a big array coming up upon
us, to bo here In no time at all; and the
bloody Papists whetting their knives
In open day, all over tho town. Musha
but we'll all be slaughtered Uko a flock
of sheep!"
Before the old mon could recover his
breath, Bryan entered; his counton
anco was pale, but an air of fixed do
termination pervaded every feature,
and seemed to nerve his whole frame
With a rapid but silent glance, he
scanned the agitated circle, and then
rested his intelligent eyes on his grand
"It is true," ho said, "what Shane
has no doubt communicated to you. A
plan of general massacre is divulged,
and the day after tomorrow fixed for
its penetration. Lord Antrim's regl
mentof Irish and Scotch, alike hostile
to our faith, is on the advance toward
us; and the ferocious sold lory are even
outnumbered by more furious womon
and wild young boys, armed with
skenes, with pikes, and whatsoever in
Instruments of destruction they can get
hold of."
Ellen flow to her mother, who with a
sigh of silent despnlr clasped her arms
around tho shuddering girl. Letltta
sunk back on her sent, gazing with bo
wlldered looks from one to another of
tho party. Bryan remained, his eyes
fastened on those of his grandmother,
who raised them to heaven, whllo
Shano exclaimed, "Tho gates, Master
Bryan, we were talking of that!"
"Of the gates?" said tho old lady
casting an inquiring glance at her
"There was a talk among us of elos
lng them;" said Bryan, "but tho cor
poration checked that suggestion; and
yet grandmother where tho means
are at hand." He was proceeding in a
tone of deepening energy, when another
young man of the city rushed Into the
"M'Allster," ho exclaimed, "why do
you loiter? Our lives hang by a wisp
of hay. Those whlto-livered alderman
are temporising and higgling, ready
enough to sacrifice us all ns tho price
of their own proper immunity."
"For shame, Ross," interrupted
Bryan; "you wrong them."
"Then let them right themselves,
the calculating drones. M'Allster, do
you flinch? You were forward enough
just now. Why, man, there are already
two companies of Infernals arrived at
the Wator-slde, attended by a host of
furies, 'actually drunk with rage, and
yelling for blood; while tho little
butchering ruffians, boys from eight to
P) 0i(i( Bre brandishing their
knives, ana jn,,.!,,,,, t0 take thelr i.
ltlatory lesson in tn t of topturlng
from their more practised comtaJflng
"Away!" exclaimed Bryan; and re
gardless even of the cries that implored
his return, in voices so dear to him, he
ran off at full speed with Ross.
To describe the state of the city is
utterly impossible; groups of terrified '
IV itftMi ) ri ti tftt4 in
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.i ..t !.. ttiin'ht lift K
lote, In ( ntitriit, mi I iwt)
it rrrtji.-rtan telnWti r, with wni a
rv-ttft.ati.Mn tii.l n Kl
an.v, ntftbt It tiiisniMMftnif bit
tn wiKHnif bmri'tn to a Rrno f trt la
tho Mo! HU'h, tMhrrit tl.-ii. t.-j-,
itb itWtrlal nn. Wit w bantft, and b r
and Ifcnv a military i-ft'ii r, wrn
froit) in i Ioin arid nrmt debate.
lUpldly lng by ttn-w, tbn two
jinmg n-in ri-m hi'd that qurtr of the
city hlt h fnmtslhe r'jlei and then,
m the ipplt lnk, rallt-vl the Water
Hide, UrjRii Ix In 14 an ample confirma
t Ion of his frk nd's n xrL
At this jwrlml, the two olTlerra In
command were cnlng tho river In a
feny-lioat, for tho puritomi of demand
lng admtwion for their comianlc; and
thrto crowding to tlie water's edge,
presented a most aptalling snc1clo to
the devoted Inhabitant. Itos hail hy
no means exaggerated the horrors of
their asjH-et. A more formidable body
of assailant tho Imagination could not
picture. Wild, fierce, and restless,
their very look was a menace; and the
regular troops were mingled with such
a motley crowd as gave them the asiwct
of a promiscuous banditti; whllo the
impatient gestures and shouts of their
female followers, accompanied by an
Immense numberof young boys, exactly
answering to Boss's description, Im
parted a character more dreadful thun
could have attached to a regular army
of military besiegers. The object of
their cries tho Intent with which
those weapons flashed in the sunbeam
was but too little questionable; and
maddening were tho thoughts that
crowded upon those whoso domestic
circles were threatened by a visitation
so horrible.
Our youths found themselves sur
rounded by a number of lads and young
men, apprenticed to tho different mer
chants and tradesmen; theso eagerly
greeted their arrival, and pointed to
tho opposite aldo.
"It cannot lie It shall not bo," cried
Bryan "By timely resistance we may
avoid tho effusion, of blood. Admit
those forces, and our houses will bo
deluged In the blood of their Inmates."
"To tho gates, boys!" shouted several
voices; and the mob ro-eohood tho
The deputy-mayor hastily approach
ed, and demanded that the cry should
be silenced. ; ,
"Never mind him, boys," said IloJf,
"he's In the pay of tho old papist.
Sheriff Kennedy tells us another
The courteous roceptlon given to tho
officers, and the manifest determina
tion of aomo among the leading men to
admit their followers, Increased tho
Irritation of tho apprentices; nor was
this mitigated when thoy perceived tho
foremost of tho two companies already
in tho act of crossing tho river, to force
"Now or never!" was shouted by tho
agitated lookcrs-on.
Bryan's mind was In a tumult of op
posing principles and harassing doubts
how far they should by justified in w
slstlng what would soon bo an over
whelming force, and thus Increasing
the certainty of slaughter, was a mat
ter of severe perplexity to him. But
then tho firm conviction that their city
was formed to bo tho earthly bulwark
of a righteous cause an assurance that
there was no restraint with tho Lord
to save by many or by fow, and tho
evident fact that butchery would bo ro
tardod, If not altogether averted, by a
measure so purely defensive all
wrought with him to obey the Impulse
of strong natural feeling. Ono fervent
prayer ho breathed to tho Helper of
the oppressed, and then raising his
voice to its outmost pitch, cried out,
"For our altars and our homes! To tho
guard-house, boys! Sol.e tho keys!"
and away they started,
Somo sevore struggling took place
beforo the keys wore wrested from
those who had them In charge; but the
rapid approach of tho soldiers to within
three hundred yards of the gate, nerved
everr arm among tho youthful band of
resolute defenders with gujiernatural
strength, Tho scuflle was quickly
over, tho keys were won; nnd, with the
rapidity of hounds in full chase, the
boys rushed to tho ferry-gate, the draw
bridge of which they instantonoously
drew up; and as tho massive gates
swung heavily forward, and tho coarse
key grated harshly upon its wards, It
told that the deed was dono a deed to
which, under the all-directing power
of the Most High, may doubtless, in
sonic measure, bo traced the blessings
that for one hundred and forty years
crowned our country. A deed achieved
by unarmod boys, baffling the wily
counsels of kings, impeding the pro
gress of victorious armies, setting at
nought the exterminating thunders of
vindictive Rome, and proving by what
seemingly inefficient means the Lord of
v'st8 wills to accomplish the dictates
oi Atmifckkv windom.
At the moment wt.n the ferry-gate
was closed, Lord Antrim's myrmidons
had approached with sixty yards of it
portal. The other city gates were next
f4 t4 (f 't. tf tb i Otott.
j-lfit t tts. fcrt t,.!uM.n .1 f.ff th
tl") Tt Ih4 J IW)ft I. ml tM
o i.-nn.t' thr In BMIf trt r
f,w aU Hi! oie t-ouM l!4, nl
u li.l I, a h i -iiiilir.f ii m
to It tt ftthtt ; -, ft'lTB
taut att mi t n tH tt of the d pMty
thftjutf to Indto-w k ri" tf the
tt i), t. y fln mtlM to f l a
r,iita'l horii,tM, by uhlth tlulr
iMplett wib tiNt U- a rtM.r-! un
Mlintf, and lb faW-a Uipob opn,
Popular fili.g How too tm;)y
pxh.d on their Ixhaif to lav any
toiiM 4 Xhm fviral fn ftolutloa t de
ft tn I the rlty, and the threat of N lug
lug a ptee onlrmm-e to bear o tho
Intruder, aent them In dltrj. r l k to
tlo lr companion, leat lng the town to
the guardian protection of her devoted
young apprentice.
During the whole of this tumultous
scene old Khane had endeavored to
kii'p Hi) an In his view; but the totter
ing limb of the veteran worn unequal
to the tk. Indeed, the celerity of
the young man's movement was such,
that to Shane's vision ho appeared as a
flash of lightning, or rather a succes
sion of flashes, darling along various
points of the horizon. However, tho
jxiwerful tones of his voice, continually
rising almvo others a ho Minuted forth
tho words of direction and encourage
ment, were faithfully echoed by Shane,
whoso' inmost soul revelled in tho lux
ury of what he considered tho first net
of vengeance wrought on tho part of an
Injured family.
At length ho bethought himself of
the terrified and anxious women, to
whoso abode tho uproar must havo
penetrated; and ho hobbled away from
the sceno of action, to placo beforo them
a glowing picture of Bryan's achieve
ments. "Tho rcrnl M'Allster; the true
blood of him that was now revenged."
It was late at night beforo tho youth
Could snatch an hour to satisfy his
family that he was unhurt. The high
est animation played ujwn his features,
and enlivened every gesture as he ex
plained the events of that memorable
day; and the Lady of M'Allster never
sat more erect In native dignity than
whllo she listened to his accents, and
marked tho strong traits of character
endeared by cherished remembrances.
Yet ft tear fell as the ejaculations of
thankfulness for the past, and earnest
supplication for tho future, ascended
from her lips; and tho less subdued
omotlon of the mother and sisters, who
hailed In their most endeared relative
a deliverer from lmmodlata destruc
tion, sweetened Bryan's hasty meal
Into luxury. But In the open expres
sion of delight old Shrine far outdid all
the rest, and frequently extorted l
smllo by tho extravagance of his com
mendations on the heroes of tho day,
"What are you dreaming of, Shane?"
asked his young master, archly; ''the
honor and glory of an apprentice boy?"
. "Hush, my child!" said tho Lady of
M'Allster; ''and you, Shano, forbear to
take from tho Lord tho praise which is
due to Him alone. Tho Weakness, tho
inadequacy of the instruments this day
employed, glvo promise that tho work
will prove to have been of God; and If
so, It will bo a mighty and a perfect
work, Ho who says to tho foaming
billows, "Hitherto shalt thou go, and
no further; here shall thy proud waves
bo stayed,' may havo blessed our little
fortress to bo tho feeble butsufllclent
barrier against tho progress of His
church's foes. Here Ho may bo about
to kindle a flro through which they
cannot pass; a flro whoso intenseness
shall try us, even as silver is tried.
We aro now pent up, besot by open
foes, and in manifest peril of being sur
rounded by accumulating hosts, not ono
man of whom can set upon us to hurt
us, unless tho Lord glvo the word. Oh,
my children! shall we trust to an arm
of flesh, and castaway tho shield of the
Almighty, by boasting In our own
prowess? Let us rather turn unto Hlrm
In weeping and supplication, and pray
that in theso kindling flames we may
be purified, and made white, and shino
for in tho straltwsii of this slego, tho
slain of the Lord shall be many." She
then read tho first two chapters of Joel,
and offered up an Impressive prayer,
"Grandmother," said Bryan, as ho
took her hands on rising to depart,
"when I ran down to tho por tal, when
I laid hold on tho pulleys of tho brldgo,
when I lent my strength to close those
heavy gates the sound of whoso creak
lng hinges I never, neyer shall forget
the prayer of David was In my heart
and on my Hps, 'Let us now fall Into
the hand of the Lord, for Ills mercies
are great; and let us not fall Into the
hand of man!' "
"Peace and blessing bo with my dear
boy!" she replied; and tho tears of all
mingled on his cheek as they bade him
a reluctant farewell.
"Heayen bless her ladyship!" mut
tered Shano, as ho secured tho door,
after wringing his young master's of
fered hand, "tho likoof her isn't above
ground for throwing a wet blnnkot,
And she's right, too, I'm entirely cer
tain, In resjHjet to tho siege; for when
tho boys slammed the ould gates In tho
faces of you spalpeens, thinks I, it's
your heart's blood that'll spout upon
'em yet. jewels of tho world! And
Shane O'Connogher'sold ears will tingle
when your merry voices are turned into
dying groRp, and the roar of big guns
bo your ullaloo!" And, overcome with
tlitt ktorw that M tafety ilh , ),
!mhb aay to t,U MU i.iHi!t.f y.
W IW1hm4
Ar VMf Nm tnrplUrf lh fit
wf A. P, A.'i - N4 lb Prtitls.
Wr baitfeei ht j th follenlng , tt
from lh U .ret.l t.t of th Ameri
can Prvt.ctlt AMorintii;
Tdltor f TtiK Ami ntt'AM, Omaha,
Neb, iVar Mr: llelletlng the put
Ibation of an outtinu of tp principle
of Ot A uuMi nn Proie, ike Awsn'la
lion wmiM ho ViiefleUl to tho order In
the statu of Nebraska, and knowing It
HI heighten the lnt rei la and favor
for the Boclatlon If the public l placed
in stlon of a brief outline of our
Jsilicy, belief Bud principles, I would
npeet fully ask Jon to pub) M the fol
lowing: rf The memlx r of tho American
Protective Association believe In the
crpctuatton of the public Bchmil system
a It exists Unlay;
AkcoiuI They believe In a complete
soriitloii of church and stte; by
which we mean no laws shall bo enacted
respecting tho establishment of any
religion; and that no money shall ho
appropriated from cither tho national,
state or municipal treasuries for sec
tarian purHscsj
Third They believe In tho right of
every man to worship God according to
tho dictates of his own conscience;
Fourth They believe in free sjiocch,
an untrammelled press and ono ballot
for each and ovory citizen fairly cast
and honestly counted;
Fifth They esteem all persons
whether rich or poor, high or low,
who como to this country, with a desire
to familiarize themselves with our laws
and form of government, and who swear
allegiance to tho United States without
a mental reservation in favor of any
foreign prince, potentate or pope, as
men worthy of being clothed with that
highest honor American citizenship;
Aftxft They believe in tho restric
tion of immigration, so as to protect
the honest cltlzenl-aborer from the
depressing effects of the criminal, con
tract and pauper Roman Catholic horde
that Is swarming to our shores;
favcntli They welcome to their
council chambers men of all nationali
ties, believing that tho accident of
birth is not a truo test of Americanism;
JSiykth They are willing to lay down
their lives, to spend their fortunes,
and, if need bo, to take up arms in de
fense of their country and her institu
tions; Ninth They are unalterably opposed
to priestly dictation and Interference
in the affairs of state,' knowirlg that
whenever church has been placed above
the state, the liberties of tho people
havo not only boon jeopardized but
completely overthrown,
Theso, Mr. Editor, aro what you
ght term the cardinal principles of
the order, and if they meet with the
approval of any of your readers who
are not members of tho order, we
would bo glad to have them unlto with
us. The order 1h not partisan. Demo
crats, republicans, prohibitionists, in
dependent and mugwumps compose Its
membership. Thoro aro but two re
qulremonts that you are not ft Roman
Catholic arid do not recognize tho
church a being above tho state,
To conclude, If any member of tho
order knows where a council can bo
organized ho Is requested to com muni
cute with mo, and upon recommenda
tion from such member's council that
he in rellablo I will grant a dlsponsa
tlon to such monitor to organize a coun
ell at tho point designated.
By concerted action tho membership
in Nebraska can bo doubled Inside of
sixty days and tho number of council
can mi increased even beyond tho ex
pectatlons of tho most sangulno mem
bors of tho order; and to that end I
earnestly request tho hearty co-opera'
tlon and assfstanca of every member of
trio order, ixaus aiiiro to worK, Ask
your neighbor what ho knows aliout
too A. r, A, Know him the principles
of tho order, If they meet his approval
ask him why ho does not join, Let us
work! Let us agitate.
Yours in V, P. P
J, H. Hatpikuj,
Htate President.
C'OLUMliUH, Neb., May 2, IMItll,
Read and Reflect, A, P, A, Primmer
Is just tho thing to work men Into tho
A, P, A. organization. It is a 12-pngo
pamphlet, !k by 3j inches In size. Ex
press prepaid, f.f)0 per 1,000; 2.80 jor
600. By mall, 70 cents per 100, 8fl copies
25 cents, 3 copies 6c, Address, J, W,
Hlle, 421 Minn Ave, Kansas City, Kan
In ordering by council or as an A. P.
A., stamp your order with the seal of
your council for private instructions.
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American Puhlihhino Company
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call. 4-7-4t
n- 1. 1. i,
If m r .! t ot Out r bi(v u
h9 a wm. II of tin- A, V A. Inti
luted In Hi loa u it b ril,
an. will ri u to that 1. .1, IU
find to lion er thl eu r l th
Intituling effitr, ah HI lmmed
ly rvponl and glv full ntr.i?tl.n
for iwgaaUlng. V ou!d ) gl4 to
know thai council of thl grand
A merles a otder ha Wih !nHlitod In
eiy bn tl.nHliimt th t'ltlM
Htat, , and the nooner tl belter, IH
lBBNdni!j;ervu, and m ImM that
fury tru Amerban, ryiilli' of hi fflliatl., lll do all In hi
ower to advance tho order In hit
community, t'hurvh Bud tUte must b
kepi w jrBte, and the "Mttlo IUd
Sehiol lloiiw" proteeteil again! th
eiiemletof free education. All com
pondenet confidential.
"A Dollar'B Worth for Dollar."
A. P, A. Hut ton 4oo to fi.M).
Jr. O. U. A. M. Plns7.,olo2.fKt.
P. O. 8. of A. Pin II. (K) toll.fiO.
Orange Pin 11.00 to ll.ftO.
at JNO. HALL'S, f.7 N 10th Street.
You shouUl all remember that C. F.
Shaw A Co., 61M S. loth St., has al
ways on band, Vegetable, In season
also a lull line of Staple Grooerlis.
Do not forget us when down towu,
Amerioans Should Read.
Rev. Charles Chlnlquy's "Fifty Ycara
in tho Church of Rome," price 12.00.
Also "Tho Priest, Tho Woman and
The Confessional," price 11.00.
T. M. Harris' "Assassination of Abra
ham Lincoln," price $2.60.
"Maria Monk," price 76c.
"Secrets of the Jesuits Exosod," by
Rev. Thomas Leyden, price 76c.
"Our Country," by Rev. Josiah Strong
price 36c.
"Why Priests Should Wed," by J, D
Fulton, price 50c and $1.00.
Our FRIKND8 should all remember
when they wunt a new hat, or an old
ono repaired, to call on us. We will
give them good satisfaction,
Over 207 North 17th St.
Tuko your repairing to The Drum
mond Carriage Co., 14th and Harney
Sts. Opp. the County Jail,
t ii
It Costs 31 ore
to stay at home than to take advantage
of the Burlington's ten dollar excursion
to Sheridan, Wyo,, Tuesday, May 30th.
Ask tho ticket agent at 1324 Farnam
street for further particulars,
Sheriff's Sale,
Ity virtue of fin ordur ef stiln Issund out of
tint Irlnl rlct court of llmiKliis count v. Neb..
nun In ml lilfclAHl. I will ii, i Mm U7tli flnvtif
Jiinw, A. I, Imwi. at 10 o'clock a. m. of said,
(iny, Hltlii! KAST frontdoor of tliu county
court Iioiiko, In the el t y of Omulitt, llouK'u
county, Nttlirimldt, will Ht uultllc miction ti
property dnserllMid In mild order ot tale as
follow, to-Wit !
Lot number fourteen '14) In block number
four In Iwmjm.c'k Third addition to the
city of Omaha, In tliecoiint.y of lionxlan, and
utauiof NebriiNka, mild (jroimrfy to b sold
subject, t a certain tiiortiriiKH In tho sum of
two thousand, s.tven hundred and llfty dol
lar ifl.'.vi.'iui In favor of tb American bonn
and Trust Company, and tosuiufy Frederick
J. Miirnett th mim of four hundred, seventy
and m-lirfj dollar 'IVn,Mi Judicmnnt, with In
terest thereon at rate of win (10; per cent per
annum from May ttih, lw; to satisfy tbu
Nebraska 'avlruf and KchariK Hunk thn
sum of nno hundredi five and ,'i.Vimi dollar
(iift,f'i Judgment, wllh (ntirrest thereon at
rate of ten doi percent, per antiiiui from Oc
tober Hi h, issiii to satisfy Oeortfii A, Hoiik
land the sum of five hundred, twenty-two
and "il-ioo dollar m!VH judgment, with In
terest thereon at rate of seven (7) per cent
per annum from September , tmu; U sat
fsfy It. V. MiiNtard the sum of ono hundred
dollars iim.i JudKment, with InterxNt
thnrenn at rale of seven 7 per cent per an
tuim from May nib, IsMtj to ai.lsfy l lnirb'
McKlnney the sum of nlnn-slx and ,i-IW
dollars il,lpiJudKment, with Interest there
on at rale of seven V per cent per annum
from May ttth, IMi to satisfy (liarle Mc
Klnney the sum of nlnefy- and ,W-1" dol
lar iKU JudKment, wllh lnu.ret thereon
at rale of seven (7) ppr cent per annuni from
May Hrd, Isfdii to satisfy John A. Waketleld
the sum of three hundred, forty-two and 10
tmi dollar itMiMn JudKment, with Interest
thereon at rale of ten tt(l) per cent per an
nuni from Miiyilrd, isidi ti satisfy tho um
of llfty-one and Vt-UH dollar Vi1,fM costs,
with Interest thereon from thn Hlh day of
May, A, Ji, Ii2, uiirether with sVTrulnii cost
accordlnK to a Jndionent rendered by thedl
trlct court of said I'oukIii county, at lis May
term, A, It, IMi, In a certain action then
and there peiidlriir, wherein Frederick J,
llurneit was plalm Iff and Frank K, liworak,
Joseph liworak and other were defendant,
Omaha, Nebraska, May U, iwci,
(,koik;k a. hknnktt.
II-2U-II Hherlffof lioiiula county, Nebraska,
MoiilKoumry, Charlton and Half, atlonieys,
Notice to Creditors,
STATieor Nr,nitsA, i a
Iiouulas County,
In the Cooniy I'ourt of liouxla County
Nebraska, May
ay nth, A, , SWt,
In the unifier of the estate of Tliotnn
I'hn credltir of ald estatii and all oilm
persons Interested In suld mailer will lake
nutlet! that the creditors of said simi ailll
apnear before this court on the HHU tiny of
July, law, tin the Slllh day of Seplember I SKI,
and on lbe!'tli day of November, Iswi, at Id
o'cliwk a. m. each day, for the purpose of pre
unit lust their claims for en am I nation, ad )ust-
iiiBii nun iiiiimiiiire, nis inonin are anoweri
for the (editors to present their claim and
one year for the admlnlstrati U toselt lo suld
estale, from thn Isib day of Muv. Im;i. 'fhl
notice will be nubllshed In 'I'iiu Autunu
for four week successively nrlor Oi ii.h itih
day of July, m. All claim not Hied on
lierore t heZTIIi l av nf N,iv.i,,li.,r uwi 111
be forever barred from consideration In th
ll mil seilinoif ill or Slllll HslaMl,
Witness Inv ( ml mul ,,lluli,l hhi.1 II. I. tun.
tnj ., ..inv, ini,,
.. i .. .J,.-. "
IHKAt,. 6-Z(l-4 J, W, K I, I, Kit.
County Judiffl,
Notice to Creditors.
TTi!or Nr.nitssKA, i
lioiiKliis County. '
In the Coiiniy'Coiirt of tioimla County,
Nehraska, May With, A. I. IWW,
f,l ,1... MU,.,.M .1... ..I
II. I'lekard: f'
The (;redltor of ald estate and il.i
persons InteresO'd In said mailer will u,uM
not ice that thn creditors of said estate will ap-
iiviir iit-iiirn I ills coun. on l ll Zfilll nay or a lily,
Istn, on t he day of September, Isftl, and on
urn .n n (in v oi novemner, isih, at IUO CI(M:k
A. M., each (lav. for the niirniisa of uresem-
llitf their elal urn fur exauilfiiiilon. ml liiHtment.
and Hllowauce, Six months are allowed for
the creditors to present thelrclaluis, nnd on
year rur tne executrix to sctn suld es-
1 11141.
from I he llllli (Inv of Muv. IMii.'i.
Thlsnollcewlll Is published In Tim Amkiikmi
for four week successively, prior to thn iifit.h
(lay of July. Ili;i. All claims not filed on
not filed on
or bsfore the 'Allli (lav of November, HI. will
be forever barred from consideration In the
until mm itiniiiii. ni hui,i mhiuih
Witness my hand and olllclal Real thl loth 1
ly of May, lwiit.
J. W. KM. Ell, .
SHAL.1 8-28-4 County Judirt