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1hi tmhiiati tiatuilM M.itntti Ihp
Alarm and lfcfi-ml Ihf t merit an
I'ndecllif Aw lathm,
It Ik an old la In human n ft t I r Mint
i h" n tad men eouKpiiv, gil nun nii'
combine. It I the conspiracy of the
llnninn ;aey, no o'ii, iLfiaM, mt
elite vous, devilish hih! treasonable that
has led to tho organisation of tho
American Protective Aoelation, V
In the, attitude of that semi-political,
lioman Catholic institution that make
It possible niul necessary. It I the
aggression of HomnnisU that I causing
lt rapid growth. For a long time the
people did not know, or wore clow to
believe that tho liomish papacy was
seeking to dominate civil and political
affairs in tho republic. Hut they arc
becoming aroused. They now see that
Homo it tho enemy of our public schools
and our free institutions. Wo are lie
ginning to tako papal system for what
it is. We sco that it Is tho same old
unscrupulous foo she has always been,
of civil and religious liberty. Tho
tocsin of alarm against her en
croachments hag sounded, and
tho hosts are gathering from
near and far. We propose to
protect our government, our In
stitutions and our land. We are
determined to resist tho invasion
of tho popo, tho priests and their
emissaries. We aro organizing
for that purjioso, and our organi
zation is tho American Protec-
tivo Association. It is not a
political party, but has its mem
bers in all parties. It asks the
support of no party, and makes
no pledges to any party.
We are called together , by
common interest, cemented by
common danger, prompted by
patriotic motives, controlled by
tho great principles of liberty,
convinced of the justieo of our
movement, animated with hope
and confident of success. Tho A,
P. A. does not exist for snmll or
saltish purposes. It lays no plans
. against Individuals, or trade or
commerce. It orders no strike
, nor boycotts. It stands on tho
broad principles of Protestant
Ism, the brotherhood of mankind,
tho equal rights of all, and gov
ernment by tho people, lUt
mombers believe in American
homo rule, and tho complete ex
clusion of IComo rule. They be
lieve In protecting our public
schools from all intor-mcddllng
of Home's bachelor priesthood, In
tho exclusion of low class immi
gration, and In tho prevention of
tho naturalization of foreigners
for at least fifteen years after
they como here. They protest
against any ecclesiastic body, as
such, interfering with the duties
and privileges of citizenship.
They mean to maintain our laws,
liberties and institutions in-
violate, that they may bequeath
them, as an untarnished Inheritance,
their children and their children's
v . .. .
; Let Jt bo observed that tho A. P, A.
Is not arrayed against the runk and file
of the Catholic people as a people, it
is their best friend, though Jthey know
it not. It stands to protect their liber
ties from the priestly despotism of the
papacy, though they are not conscious
of it. For, mark It, if official Catholi
cism gets the ascendancy it so covets
and seeks diligently after, all the peo
ple, Catholic as well as Protestant, will
suffer. Where priestcraft rules, and
tho clergy have Immunity from law,
there tho people are driven like cattle,
robbed, peeled and reduced to uncon
scious serfdom. Go to Homiin Catholic
countries and see how it is with the
ruled people. In French Canada,
where priests rule, seventy-llvo out of
every hundred are Illiterate; in Hun
gary, fifty-one; in Chill, seventy-three
J", Poland, ninety-one; in Venezuela,
(fl')'(ty; in
ify, ninety
Hrazll, eighty-four; in Mex-
ninety-three, and so on In every
country where tho papacy and tho
priests have their way, What guar
antee Is thero that it would bo any
bettor here if their rule was once fas
tened upon the republic? Tho day will
come, do doubt, when tho Intelligent
cfAldrcn of obHeijulous Cut holies will
glad there was an A. P. A. to resist
?tho political machinations of jirlests
and prelates. For them the association
is a God-send in the "nick of time."
Wo meet with Catholic people who
will not believe that their church is
scheming to subvert our civil govern
ment. Wo don't wonder at that, As
a people they are ignorant of the plans
y their own religious leaders. They
'jKQ not expected to know or concern
UK luaizii vn mjwuv vuui vil V uiiiuu b.
Bishops and priests take no council of
t he people; tboro Is only ono thing they
!, ' '!,( . ( . a4 I'M i t.x,- .
! it ()'. M Hi Uo j iiidf
lt! .Silnl i f H hihlul. i ! ) t,S
III.'!-. I '.. t! i ll. u ' .
j and U I !!. ! f ii.-tt , !! ,
jit.ti"1 kll' n fu-nh b-il tin ir e fl
t I, nr. tt I'lvti ) vf (t .. .t j if
I. 1 1 i k, no- know nt it Tlu' mv k ) t
ih liii" , mxl Ij; iiorMtc tuRke
prii'liy dominance y. Tiny mv
afraid of tin ir pi I. ct.
A few month i Mr, Ple-Un,
priem irom ?m. itMii, pft ai t.eii in in
city A funeral otstlen of n Unit her
ptlent. In that H.hllVM he llliflHl
Proledlanli mid jrloliliid the piiect
bmil. He ill at one plaee In bU IN"
mark: "The fate of thl cmintry and
of thl jH-ople 1 in the lmiuU ,.f the
prii nthitoil." V that intended for
prophecy, for threat, for Intlmldntlon,
or was It Impudenee, priestly bravado
and old Imehelor conceit,?,
ttml pity the Hople hoso Jirlosts
biv Phelan; "Like priest, like peo
ple." Hueheloi'd aw dangerous men,
and none the less so because they wear
gowns and pose in secret confessionals.
Tho Idea that such a class of men, from
Phelan to the pope, should have con
trol of tho method and means of educa
tion, and should bo obeyed as the oraclo
of God, is simply nionstrotls. The pre
tentions, tho assumption, tho schemes,
the conspiracies of the whole confed
erated priesthood, in society and in the
state, must be resisted and defeated.
We must do It for ourselves and for tho
peonlo now under their dominance,
This Is a free country. It was made
such by our Intelligent, heroic liberty
loving, Protestant ancestry, There Is
the widest Iberty for men to organize
parties, sects, societies and orders
secular and religious, Under this
Protestant liberty, Homnn Catholics
have established within this country
various orders and societies. These
are tho Jesuits, Franciscans, orders of
monks und nuns, Knights of Father
Matthew, Hibernians, Knights of St.
Patrick, Kt. Paul's Cadets, Knights of
tho Hud Branch, Knights of Kt, Peter,
Knights of Colutnsklll, Clnn-rm-Gael,
and still others. Into these no Prot
estants arc admitted, none Indeed who
do not take communion at the ulturs of
the Hoinish churches. And nobody
objects to them having these organiza
tions. No ono seeks to break them up.
But strange as It may seem, as soon as
people other than Homan Catholics
choose to organize an association from
which Homanlsts are excluded, then
thero Is a hue and cry utnotig the Cath
olics, That tho priests should denounce
It would bo expected, for ofllciul Home
denounces all secret societies, from tho
noble order of Free Masons to tho
humblest. This organization bus no
fight against tho Catholic church, as
far as it is a religion, but against tho
Catholic church ns a meddler In poli
tics and tho government, it will fight
to the desperate i nd. It realizes that
eternal vigilance is tho price of civil
and religious liberty. It proposes to
be true to tho stars and stripes, and to
every principle and institution of our
free, popular Protestant government.
It will resist every encroachment upon
tho snmo by political and ecclesiastical
foo. It will resists an enemy of our
government every man who is first a
"Be to tiepoor'Me onie wAunstan. -S-. nyXrJl2m.
And AauJt their noses to tAo grandad ( J,, uZ -rM- l
J matter, stMo soumuilliey." Bums. y'MrS?MZ
I w i tt,.ti- t' i-..ii;.-, st t'
if i )..! .' t-l !'.. li nvnii
i t!., i . ihi it niht, ,i i , i i
'i'tiiih , t-j li'-rtj Him iMM!iHn
t.i nU Amu 1 H tt
I,il ii l'i: !!. I. ! ! I 1 i n. '
'Hiii'V r!iii ttie In ill ti (Miiitinut
Hie fiste ftlnl Viit i-.M. i Win lit, mwl
.H k t. rnfiiiiv tlt a-tumed I it tit. .
liijf ii! it niln, matter of duty,
af. ty siul lo.i alty, to kin p eiUl ii.ntiil j HiMif. y mid Michael t'w j: tm
out of tinman IVHiniie haint, It til bn-ui, ht up l foiv Juntiiv Multn'! itiiul
mV Ui futtit ti'lilly, openly; not ltbf.r itt.trbing eK-l'il.nt Slatier)'
elulw mul K'i, but with prlui ipli . j mei iiisj; at the Alhamtiia n Friday
fact. rvon, argument and twllot. If
this (irt'anl?ation wlU K defeated tt
111 be with it face to the foe. Hut II
Is net afraid of defeat. It cannot U
lieve that our civilization I going to
halt and lake a backward movement. supivmaey would inipiwe iinn
us the principle, method, p-nrii-tloiis,
disabilities and Inquisition of
lh middle age. Protestantism I'ltce
led us from all that, and we shall never
go back. Hut mark this, wc dare not
sit down like optimists, when we know
the cmissirieM of the poiKj are planning
scheming and working to subvert our
government, and In Its stead, to elabor
ate and build up a system that shall be
subscrvlant only to the interest of
tho papacy.
It is no time to falter, to bo half
hearted and indifferent when Homnn
Catholics tire not only planning, but to
an alarming degree, succeeding. Al
ready they have captured every strat
egic point In the United States; they
have subjugated our cities, they have
throttled our newspapers; they have
debauched our politicians: they bave
robbed our treasuries; they have stab
bed our common schools, und are ad
vancing to complete control In this
nation as fast as thev can, Tho conflict
is not simply coming,, but. Is now on.
Every man, every Protestant, should
come to the front, take a position, and
stand up, for his principles, his faith
and his country. Don't bo a trimmer,
a craven, a coward. Get down off the
fence on one side or the other. Are
you the son of Protestant ancestry? If
so, don't piove unworthy of them. It
is coining to be Home or anti-Home.
The contest deepens, you hear the
sound of It on every hand; It is talked
on the streets. Politicians in their
speeches, though they try hard, can't
ignore It. It will face you In tho
caucus, In tho convention, In tho can
vass and at tho polls. The slogan of
tho Uoman Catholic Is: "For the
church and the holy father," Let the
Protestant rallying shout be: "For
God and home, native land and liberty."
Lulht ru n Emnyi liM.
A Judge In Wasliiiilngton, Ii. ('. and a
Jiulire In Syracuse, X. V.
While Bishop McNainura was scat
tering his bills here to announce his
coming lectures on Homanism, ns I
have said in a previous letter, the three
lads whom he had employed for this
work were arrested. This was a part
of the pope's plan to prevent the light
from coming to the eyes of his dupes.
The charge was "distributing hand
bills on, the streets." They were tried
? u
lll"':!l '4
' ... !
t:.m it
4 '
! tit ii
, ' I I,. I. t ) I,
IX I VI I iifi
ft n .
Se turn l tin-
fj i M i, .
i H i' I.i(H i,g
i X'...i,,-,1 ,J Vt.i ml.
. t'l.un h ttiln-J bil
J po! !it tMurt Ji t r.i
tiijjlit. Jvnttery and hi wife, the
Yx-nun,' were on hand and they li
teid d to a lecture fruin ,1utUv Mul
hollHinl that they ought to remember
for some time, Ho said.
"1 am an old man, Mr, Mattery, mid
1 have seen foi tj or fifty men of your
Kind. Mr, Mattery, with all due respi-et
to you, for no one will accuse me of lut
ing over religious or a bigot, and it Is
my observation and my judgment that
when a man leaves a church and then
runs minimi nnd tries to besmirch it
that that man Is a fraud every lime, as
ho is not sincre, he U not honest, ho la
not manly."
Then turning to tho offenders the
justice said: "Tho Idea of Billy Hen
nessey and Mike Casey going there as
tho representatives of the holy Homan
church and making fools of themselves
They ought to bo ashamed of them
selves," He then told them that the
interruption of any public meeting Is
the violation of an ordinance. Tho
challenge to debate, he said, was ex
teiuled to priests or bishops, because
Slattery was perfectly safe in tho
challenge. No clergyman would be
little himself by paying any attention
to It. But Hennessey and Casey were
neither priests nor bishops and It was
an assumption on their part to attempt
to say anything in tho meeting. The
men were discharged.
About Justice Mulholland's religion
we are not positively Informed, except
as he himself volunteers to tell us that
ho Is not "ovcr-rellglous." However,
his name and his decision combine to
help us out. Here is a case where a
geiitleinun and his wife undertake to
deliver a course of lectures. When
they are disturbed by two men who de
sire to break up the meetings and these
two disturbers aro arrested and brought
before tho magistrate for punishment,
what happens? Tho accusing witnesses
are lectured by "his honor" and told
that they are frauds, Insincere, dis
honest and unmanly, while tho accused
ore dismissed after being told that they
had disgraced themselves by going to
hear such frauds, and attempting to
vindicate the "holy Homan church."
Evidently the A. P. A. has not yet
struck Syracuse, and just us evidently
there is great need of its work there.
Chase Hoys, Washington, I). C, In
i'utv'uitk American.
His Challenge.
I challenge to public discussion uy I
bishop, priest, jesuit, ' Person
who will produce authority as a repre
sentative of the Human Catholic church
on the following articles:
I wTUl affirm and prove,
1. TRyit tho teachings and dograu- of
m '
' fti S ti.-. I i. . ,i
tmt I n pt Ai'-'tii nn n - t.ti,
! '! j! n,.) ; Its Ui"
J -!i! M,.i tn-ii.'iji 1 1 ! i (
! iti MHili t l.'ii t) i ir i.tit-
TliHl the U' iun I'atlieiie hw h
n A met lean .!.
4. That Ihe Kiuimn fatboiic titer
art hy have Wi n ttiMrurtin,? fur jiar
Oh Ir follower In an i ft. Ml to (ruin cui
ttvl .f tt,i foil mm. nt at the jmii.
That her jil ley lia li n, and Milt 1,
the eotoril.allen of her -op!e In th
large oitle. That, a a result, the
Ijrge cities of the eaM and west liave
Ihh'H for vear under contrtil of the
lioman Oathollc ehuix h.
.'. That lioman atholic church ruk
has tended to the Increase of illiteracy
and crime. Without such i-esults her
power cannot lie. sustained.
6. That the lioman Catholic church
dogmas and teachings arc opposed to
any and every form of lilieral govern
ment that comes from tho Kople qpart
from her dictatorship.
. That the Uoman Catholic chm-ch
Is a foreign political as well as a relig
ious organization, and therefore a dan
gerous menace to American liberal
8. That the Homan Catholic church Is
not tho christian church of tho Bible
but that she Is a counterfeit wholly
condemned by the Holy scriptures.
i). That the attempted Interference
of tho lioman Catholic church with
this government Is treasonable to our
constitution. Waltkh Simh,
Tlmy I leal Above Our Nation's Hurlon
In Plain Skill.
The saloon power and tho power of
tho papal hierarchy aro tho twlnclouds
that lloat aliove our nation's horizon.
You need no magnifying glass to dis
cover them, nor can their danger 1m;
unduly magnified. I propose to write
of foreign, rellgo-political power, with
headquarters ut Homo, and planting
itself at Washington a menace to the
republic. Tho hierarchy is a growing
power in our national capltol, and In
the growing cities of the nation.
It has long been her boast that she
will nnd must rule America. Her hand
today deposits the ballots that govern
our greatest cities, and her influence Is
a growing power in state and national
administration. We Americans are
large-hearted, generous and unsuspect
ing. So long has tho or'y of "wolf"
falls upon our ears that, Samson-like,
wo sleep serenely and 'dream, whilst
lieing shorn of our strength. The
Philistines are at our doors. TH"
secular press very largelv '""' 's
afraid to say a word t1,u
It freelv t"--"-b t Sabbath
, .no" Lord of tho Sabbath, but it
crouches at tho feet of this intolerant
rellgio-political power, with its million
imported ballots. Even the religious
press is slow to interpret tho baud
writing on the wall, and sleeps under
the gooting influence of a sweet lullaby.
We all heartily and honestly disclaim
V i - , t i . ... . .; jb.
et., lV:.. t, ... i. .,
J J.!.-- ,.t I) . J S.,, , t
l!. &. ,i! II Hi nvtl , ,,. J. II, -.1
H t ftftiixt tS. ii m4 l'."H
ttmii Hi.Vi.I.h jf ilti our Ih luoKM
jliot!. t...!l'j il!ti tmtiUlrt.tH
p lUIh fct ti.l j., (, !!... J,,4ij
and In tl, nr. in, o' f c-.j, ,, 5,i tlf rt I
and .f I..h1, pr.-t. -ot. i (. a rMh.ti.. i
tact ttint t.j in (! i mir (arc
growing Citii4 ,n,t,T tlirir
ooiilm!. th.j ... U. k, t,n he niotiey
nl the imitil. i!ity; whii.t in th tat
and in the l'nti . stale lin y tnanagw
to draw largviy nptm the public treas
ury for the tiprl of tin Ir peeUrlnn
lm.tHuti.uu. of (he y,.iHy appropria
tion from the treiiiry of tho nation
for the mipimrt of Indian ehnoU, much
men. goes um ho K.-inan Cat holloa than
to all the schiHilsol all the Protectant
denomination. It should tie known to
every citizen that the general bodies
of the loading churches of the country
call for the adoption of an amendment
to the iiutlonal constitution forbidding
the appropriation of public money to
any and all sectarian purposes. A
league embracing representative jteo
pie all over the country and of all
creeds and parties has been formed to
labor for the adoption of this amend
ment. Nor wiil its adoption bo resisted
by anylxidy except the friends of
this foreign rollglo-polltieal
It Is gratifying that tho secret
orders of the country aro awaken
ing to tho attitude of tho papacy
toward them all, except such as
aro In their own communion.
They havo orders of their own.
Your correspondent has never
boon in any secret order, and has
always accorded to every man
tho same right which ho claims
for himself in that regard. To
bo or not to bo in any order,
loyalty to which does not conflict
with loyalty to tho church and
to tho flag, Is a question of (indi
vidual liberty. It is givetj out
officially this week, in tho public
press, from Mgr. Satolll, lit tho
university in this city, in reply
to a letter from tho inspector
general of tho KnlihtsVot
I'ytblns: .
"That a permanent committee
of bishops hus boon appointed to
study tho question of the Knights
of Pythias and similar societies.
At present this ordor Is not under
tho ban of tho church. If those
who belong to it presont them
selves for tho reception of sacra
ments, tho judgment as to their
admission is loft to tho confessor,
As to those who do not bolong to
tho society, tho direction of tho
church is that they should bo
deterred from joining it pending
tho study of the question." Such
is at present tho situation. Mgr.
Satolll does not propose to give
any decision beforo having re
ceived the report of tho aforesaid
Jesuitical adroitness cannot
blind tho average American citi
zen. We aro not amonir the
1 literates of Italy or Ireland, or
of any country kept In darkness
by the papacy. Tho A. P. A. Ameri
can Protective Association a new
organization having a million voters,
chlelly in the northwest, and adding
about a thousand a day, lives solely to
guard American Institutions. Clergy
men, with other professional and busi
ness men, nutivo and adopted, and of
all parties and sects, swell Its ranks. A
Homan Catholic making loyalty to tho
United States paramount to loyalty to
tho hierarchy, can be a member of It,
It is said. Its work is done quietly,
with no sounding of trumpets. Tho
American citizen who Is not loynl to
American Institutions ought to find a
homo elsewhere than under our flag.
With the saloon wo will havo to bear
until we can root It out; but at any
price, we will preserve and defend tho
principles of freedom nnd Intelligence
and public virtue all over tho land.
That order of General Dlx: "If any
man pulls down tho flag, shoot him on
the spotl" still thrills the heart of tho
nation north and south, east and west.
Truly, etc., B.,
In tho Lutheran Obmrvtr.
Washington, D. C, April 8, im.
Ex-Priest McGlynn on Homs","'
"Have no fear for mo. t,lfV tho
malignity of Home. I ,Ve tll0' warn
ing now thut If tlv atuniPt to hound
me with th, "''U of wllb they are
such -8lorf 1 oxpose them. I
.lave only toW things which politicians
and well informed peoplo have known
In the past, but I give them warning
that I am full of knowledge of events
the tale of which will make the country
too hot to hols' them. They had better
let me aione.H
Ono besujifu! Catena Panel given
with every .Ibzen Cabinets at Hughes
street tf