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r UMAUA, Nr.HUAHKA. ruilt.W, MAY X IxU.
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YY READABLE PAGE n,,,','',,M.,i,,if,ti ,, Hijji-ul.t.tu.H nii'i
Mir I1t rel Nclc It slued Inland,
mHlri Spain, ami Sera U
I'oHlrwl Anttilt,
Education, Hi nil linn it foremost
a nil most welcome topic among . In
especially prominent nt the close of tho
year. Tin1 school teacher of nil grades
bit vo tho who custom of getting to
gether nt the holiday in'mhii, In ninny
of I ho states, ninl using a itrt of their
brief winter vacation for mutual con
ference, Many wij thing aro said
and done, and some that hihj not wise,
but the jHTwinal intercourse Is always
profitable Ui tho earnest teacher who
Is on tho lookout for Improvement.
Tho teacher themselves become pupil
and learn of each rthor, mora per
chnnoo by tho indirect Influence of con
versation and familiar questioning and
vigorous discussion than by tho formal
essay and learned lecture. Very often
a local "statesman" or literary "busl
no88 man" is invited in to address tho
assembly on some sounding topic, and
ho usually manages toexhiblthis lguor-
ance of tho whole matter, though
qulto likely ho may show a gen
uine interest in the work and a
helpful sympathy with the work
ers. Our teachers as a body are
robust and ambitious and self
reliant. Criticism, even if it is
severe, will not hurt them, and
contact with each other and
with tho world is a noeded cor
rective and stimulus. Momentous
interests are committed to thorn,
but they are safe in such keep
ing, with the incentive and en
couragement that comes to them
from tho homes and the churches
and tho intelligent society around
them. We shall not attempt to
follow the conferences referred
to, but somo promlnet aspects of
the general subjoct may hero bo
mentioned with propriety.,
I Illiteracy is usually understood
to mean jtha Joablllly td read and
. write. " Tho intelligence of a
country cannot wholly ba meas
ured by it, for somo illiterates
may show a good deal of practi
cal wisdom and ability. Still it
is a fair tust, and no nation can
bo fit tod for freedom and self
government while a majority of
its people are unable to read.
Italy (especially as it waH when
under tho domination of tho
popo), Spain, Russia and Turkey
as they are today, olTor little en
couragement to tho lovers of
civil and religious liberty; but
Italy is becoming emancipated.
Prof. L. It, Klomrn, specialist of
tho national bureau of education,
and ono of tho highest authorit
ies in this country on educational
statistics, a few months ago com
pleted a most exhaustive com
parative tablo, showing tho per
centageof illiteracy in the various
countries. It Is based upon tho
latest authentic statistics, Tho
following is a brief synopsis.
ofcUilitf 1 lew itiHtk ti w It.u Hi lh, j '"h.tvtiet n to le 1 pi it cut td all v ll
lottn l tviigioti flf the M-lltl UlftM "V di U1 l-li- til UlN llOMMH'UI.
'limlmin it titnv h lim'iitsl. In
tliiir r 1 fr Unlr nnthir vhutvh
'Uii lh i tninilnt.-l, tii kUl
hh of 1lntn." Nn. in din l"nH")
mu", mtttcft front ll.minhi-m t i-ji.v
huaI lilnrly Mint iiti.illnit nilli
ih'M, Iti'tv Uhti I liberty v& iHH-elt
nml thoitifhl and iHtnAflentv, ninl do
tint thlllk of tin' yt'Ht A l.'llik' nl all
illntlnet In thU ntrtletiUr front any
other rlmrvh. She reoinn-ts and tder
( even her it(tti, Ittit how
rhni))'ed In all thl no mmiii a we erttNi
the )io (irnude niiil i into Mesiieo!
Theti! tlie nyNtem, unleos dlreotly
elieeked bv the elvll authority, sanc
tion the prlnelplo tlmtln Itomo "theriJ
ntn lw no lolerntlon." ll is forbidden
to employ a Protestant arttsitn or to
consider him ai having any rights
which others are hound U ivspttct. lie
may Ixt Insulted, rohU'd and Injured in
jkm-soi) or family with Impunity. If ho
has aught to suit, ho must accept less
than his neighbors; and if ho desires to
buy anything, liu must pay more for it
than they, lie may literally bo spit
upon and stoned and bulTetod, and can
find no redress even In tho courts, bo-
cuuso in elToct Rome wears tho ermine.
Nay more, Roman Ism shoots, stabs,
butchers those whom sho considers as I
cvunc' licnl hi UtUnity M i The
ttviibin with ft!l tt'h t ttilt ttt.y tttt
tint knew l,t It.'limnUMi, ptttv tnl
litihle, U. Tlxjf hsv in mind the
I tout toll clum h tttodlfieil tiy It Pivl
pMnnt cnt irtiinint, tich m w ll
In our ntn I ml, etillu' d tV Mil cdlitfht
encd nitlic entlitieni and rimci-tttv
to le otlcrnally and to do many thliij;
which are in cent tad let ion to its tradi
tional and c-itiul princlpleii and
olicy. t oaw the other dity, In thiuiho,
a "peclnien of the nmguey plant, jht
hap lhrv ftvt high by two fici in
diameter. It Wit ait exotic. If I had
taken it as a fair sample of the product
1 should have greatly erred. It had
been dwarfed and hindered In its de
velopment by Its unnatural and unfav
orable surroundings. I could not but
contrast it with the magnificent plants
I had seen in Mexico, where soil and
climnto favor their growth, and where
they attain to tho height of ten or
twelvo feet and a similar width. So It
is, if I mistake not, with Romanism.
What wo seo In our own iavored land
is really a modified form of the system.
It is not tho natural and symmetrical
development of Its declared principles.
It Is riot tho normal outgrowth of Its
peculiar genius and spirit. Tako the
J fulh net ilih, bttl m aHilmte of
t ill. 1 i,l!u,it 1'inntit Hi llit.!,. au,
s'l tlisl in i!l.-,l .liiMUnht The
NOit't and iNmttein of the nwil'.ti)
tvij c,iiiH'l,t Willi tlie M-ntl-
I m tit wMeh 1 tHHVlitSy Mtt lit tvptV'
tlliitSte iewpaMr, that "the Itilile
hn int-it thu t;i at.t tdwtacie to the
chiiUation and UHigtis f Mi slco,"
They Udlcre that 4uatt t'thocliit
I the lefcMtiiiittlc mie'iMit' ti the
church of the wnmc; they coimlder
our Itihlc ait s.l 11 1 trni 1 1, n Miidounclvc
a- Im jmh1i-w, and heliete that they
hsve M'eu and know chrlntlitnlty In
oeeltig and know In; the KhiiiIhIi chuivh.
And thus toiUy French, l!erinitn and
American Inlldellly, Inctuiling spirtt
uiiUmii, find nnwhere a ntorti hearty
welcome or a more congenial field than
in Mexico, And for this tvitn I con
sider in Issionary work in Mexico, as in
alt papal countries, more ditllcult than
It is in pagan hinds. The goHMl has
not to encounter and overcome a base
system of heathenism, but a shameful
counterfeit of Itself, a public sentiment
bitterly prejudiced against it by a
system worso than henlhenism that has
palmed itself upon tho people as Chris
tianity. The Miiwimutry ktiew.
Our Roman Catholic friends are
given to insisting that there Is nothing
l'tlllig W 1,1 tut,,
NuiiiUt. Then the
out at'sill, Kii.t the t
r 11 u !..), ni;,t Mi.'
p!iv on a tve it
e i'S1i 1111 nt tttuke
it il tfotel tier " lit
w 1 HI, 11 n,,l, r Ui in the piivi,lim;
TliiUj cti'tittig emli1t-i tnninliiii! the
p- tnill l!.'l-.. e ait tll tj the
illspKlche. "mil a delegate and lc
tavtlteit, With )Uci' 111 UlilliM m, on
Huiidiiy, lofce that tin oiiler w ime
cnted, I'm tuimUdy, m-n't al Prolei.tant
ch'rgj men went nniotiii the l'roteiniit
a they CSHie lip, aitd adt lw-d thelit to
dlferii itiietly, which they did, Tho
cro and Inscription were r'inoed
front the church, as ordered by the
authorities, How would Archhlxhop
Klunlnn and his tiutuy serenely gi'H.lug
Ihs'ks like to undergo an expci'lowm
such as that nt the hands of the Prot
estants of San rntncliHXi? Atul would
the lioiniiu I'nthollc church enjoy such
treatment In Protestant America ns
tho Protestant church n-celves
throughout Itonutn Cnthollo Spain!'
What that treatment Is, tho Madrid
correspondent of tho IiOndon lnily
AVii'd descrils's:
"The l'rotoslnnt churches are made
to tako down exterior signs of their
faith, permission tooMn new churches
Is indefinitely post (Mined, and permis
sion to open tho Klhlo society's doMt
In tho colonies Is refused. Spanish
Protestants aro maltroated and threat
ened with expulsion, and writers in
M. It t1tt1
U Hi t, .1, to
t Wi.rti, In whir It
t,,t Inl. 1, ,,. t (
elv Ui the (i liinl ,,
It Win 1 1 it li
'f 11,.. . ,l' tr- n ,v iiy.v, r.,utii , mi w 1 mw 1 1 rg , .w . f a
1 fc:iK.A'St.'-TOW9av. 1 V P. ,m W . CJt '.-s. - vi. Mi I
Prussia. 0.fl)ircintl Hchool iilli'iidniico
Hnxoiiy 0!i percent. I Is comjiiilsnry
WurMniiliuricO.ii iwr cunt f cdiical.Uui
llitvarlii 0,4 percent J universal.
Pciimnrk .,, I
Hwi'iiilnn I Less thiiri I per
Norway ( cent,
Klnliind (I'rovof Kusslii)
HwllerUnil,,,. 2,5 per cent, of nil nbovti
10 years of ngu.
Kniclfirid and Wales. .9 per cent of all abovo
10 years of nue,
Thn Nollierliinds ,.,.10 percent or the miiu
luilon alinvu W years
or skh,
Franco 11 tier cent of tlin imidii
liillun alinvu 10 years
or Hit"'
llellilin ,,,; JA iter cent of (lie popu
will i! iiimrlv so
r cent or llni (lay
, ...21 per e'l. of popu lal Ion,
...,,n per e l,, or popiiiiiMon
Ireland ,,,,,
Iliinuiiry :i tier r.'l. of noiiiilatlon
Italy,. ,,4M ier cent of the. popu
lation iaceonllritf to
census of Issl: per
cent of all alio vi) 0
years of iie.)
Spain , in perc't, of population.
liiiHHla no perc't. of population,
Hervlit HO per c't. of populalloil,
Koiiiiianlit Hi perc't. Of poiulallon,
llulitiirla M perc't. of popiilatlnii,
Turkey No (lata nvallalile, but
estimated at aliuut W
per cent. piv cent iiialim and 0.70 per cent re
mains, sinned by mark In the marrliiKe
ln W17, K per cent! In s;i, 4H per cent! In
1H1S, isl per cent! In IMWI, ,'KI per cent! In K7.
llC-i percent! In Ihho, 14 pur cent! In lssil, II
per cent.
Thoso figures aro very instructive.
Ono illiterate in every fire hundred of
the population in Protestant Saxony,
and eighty Illiterates In every one hun
dred of the population in Russia these
are revelations that shed their light or
darkness on very many othor things.
These comparative statistics will repay
a good deal of study and reflection.
The Eimgn.
Romanism and infidelity, thoso aro
the great obstacles which impede the
true elevation and progross of our sister
republic. The latter is the natural
result and fruit of the former. I am I
authorized utterances of Romanism
and compare them with the church as
wo seo it, and they do not correspond
at all. For example, Korno tenches
that tho many should bo kept In Ignor
ance and that only tho few should bo
educated, IJut among us it is rare to
find a Romish child who Is not being
taught cither In tho public or tho pa
rochial schools. And Father McOlynn
gives us the explanation of this when
ho says that "If there' were no public
schools tliero would bo no parochial
schools." In Mexico, where the Rom
ish church has had unlimited sway for
more than three centuries over a peo
ple naturally gifted and susceptible of
high civilization, sho has educated only
a few of her children, so that even to
this day not more than ono in ten of
her men and not one in twenty of her
women can rend, whllo she has suffered
slavery for debt to exist under protec
tion of law over a large part of tho
country, Tho canon law of the Romish
church distinctly declares that the
pontiff, "as Cod is far above tho reach
of all human law and judgment, and
that all law contrary to tho canons and
decrees of tho Roman prelates are of
no force." In our own land, Romish
citizens, as n rule, aro obedient und
loyal so far as outwardly appears, and
honor tho claims of tho civil law; but
In Mexico tho peoplo, following tho
precept and example of tho priesthood,
fought for thirty years tho present
republic, and today are found In un
compromising rebellion against tho
laws of the land relative to public In
struction, monastic orders, public re
ligious processions, and tho wearing on
tho streets of priestly vestments.
Whni ever theso and such liko law aro
respoctod it is under protest and only
through fear. Away from tho great
centers there is a systematic and con
sistent violation of them. Ono of tho
heretics, and so far from considering
this as crime, sho defends tho assassins.
Witness tho massacred of Acapulco,
Abuaeuatltlan, and Almoloya, and the
martyr roll of sixty which stains the
pages of missionary history of Mexico
during tho last twenty-flvo yours.
Many among us will Ikj found to deny
the existence In tho Romish church of
an authorized tariff wherein every sin,
however loathsome, has Its price; but
wo who have seen and read said tariff,
consider It only as a principle whoso
practical outworking Is seen In tho
every-dny life of priests arid people as
we have known them In Mexico. In no
other way can wo explain thn existence
of perjury, drunkenness, gambling and
fornication almost universal among tho
priesthood, and of practical polygamy,
lying, stealing, and adultery among
tho people; yea, and even of murder.
Let us not deceive ourselves. Look at
tho encyclical of Loo XIII., under date
of September 2;"ith, 18IM, and read these
words: "Naturalization oaths have
been demanded In order that the sub
jects of the true church might bo made
to subscribe to tho United States con
stitution, with Us imjnom law and
nrfarvm Uuchingx, to comisd them to
renounce tho true authority of the
Catholic pontiff." This Is in full ac
cord with tho canon law of Rome, but
not with Uomo as unthinking people
see and judge her. That law says that
"the constitution of princes are not
superior but sulMirdlnato to ecclesiasti
cal constitutions." How, then, can a
consistent Roman Catholic Ikj an
American patriot, an olxjdiont and
loyal citizen? Ho cannot; and ho will,
If Intelligent, defend himself by citing
ono of tho canon laws, which says that
"no oath Is to bo kept toward heretics,
princes, lords, or other." Now, Ro
manism as It Is, and as thus Described,
has in Mexico given birth to a twin
In tho d'-ctrlnes or spirit of their
church which unfits member of It for
American citizenship. Many of tho
laity are doubtless sincere in this Ikj
lief; the priesthood knows better, as,
Indeed, disss everybody else who has
any acquaintance with history or
knowledge of contemporary conditions
elsewhero than in this essential Prot
estant country. To understand tho
trtio spirit of tho Roman Catholic
church, It must be observed where It
Is In control. There It Is seen of how
much worth aro thoso maxims of toler
ation In which American prelates and
priests deal so freely when they are
nianu-uvrlng to get their hands Into
tho public school fund, oi protesting
against popular antl-Ciithollc"seritl-ment,
Spain, with tho exception of
dear old Ireland, is still tho most
Roman Catholic of countries. The
church retains there the medieval
hold on men' minds, of which progress
has deprived it In Franco and Italy.
And us tho church flourishes in un
tempered jsiwer and majesty in Spain,
It Is proper to judge Roman Catholi
cism by tho fruit it yields In that holy
land. It may, bo remembered that a
few months ago tho cable brought news
of tho excitement occasioned by tho
proposal of the Protestants of Madrid
to erect a church there. Hlshops,
nobles, fine ladles, all the aristocracy,
petitioned tho king not to allow this
flaunting of heresy in Spain's capital,
Should the sacrilege 1m ormltted it
was expected tho common people
would rlso lu their might and for tho
glorg of Cod and tho one true faith
smash things. Through tho civil gov
ernor tho prohibition was uttered.
Afterward, It seems, when tho excite
ment had subsided, the prohibition was
withdrawn, for there aro somo modern
people in Spain who object to an un
relieved Roman Catholic despotism.
Spain who daro criticise tho Catholic
church dogmas aro sent to penal servi
tudo. This is simply Isjcauso liberal
as much as conservative cabinet daro
not bravo tho po'werful clerical influ
enecs that rule supremo at court and
in society, ana tnat intimidate even
tho press and !KlItIcIans In tho mon
archical and republican camps"
Tho condition of things in Spain,
however disagreeable it may bo for
Protestants there, is not to bo alto
gether regretted, slnco it serves to
keep tho world In mind of tho pregnant
truth that at heart the Roman Catho
lic Is always and everywhere tho sauio
F.xtcrual circumstances, as In the
United States und England, force It to
put on a modern garb and use tho
s pouch of tho nineteenth century; nut
In desire, In thought, It Is still tho old
persecutor and bully, the enslaver of
men's mind, tho church of the rack and
tho stake, Argonaut.
Paiiis, May 8. From authentic in
formation it would ape!ir that the
popo Is preparing un encyclical to the
European governments setting forth
the inevitable crisis to which tho
crushing military changes condemn
them. Ho will call attention of tho
nations to tho necessity of Introducing
the idea of pacification into their gen
eral policy, as well us tho appeasement
of tho anger of tho working classes
consequent upon their misery. His
holiness will ask for a resolution of
the question of disarmament, probably
by an encyclical, which may lie tho re
sult of an agreement como to In his
Interview with the emperor of Ger
many. Tho governments of Italy,
Austria, Spain, Belgium and Russia
are said to bo already informed of tho
agreement referred to above and 'are
willing to accept it. Russia ho re-
ilti,'ii wttii M,e itilMlott of iming
pM'sMiiv tijs-tt prwncn to lttiluii It to
Juiit the oilier tifttit'ii
Why liiinid he ink fur tlNitt uiainent?
What ilSftiMtii does It mnkc to hint
Is tint hi inUsloH in Mils World u.
toe.l In he niiHltmlJ What hoiil
he miv whether tint ttHlliiim of thin
earth are armed or not IU he any
tight to ak Htijthlng of any govern-
1, llocnum he Is having his follower
arm themselves and he wantu thing
all his own way. It Is not that ho
thinks the spirit of hive Is abroad In
this world to Hint extent that arm nro
no longer necessary to enforce js'sce,
law and order, It Is a Jesuit leal trick
of one of the most cunning and devilish
old traitor tho world ever knew.
2, It makes all tho dlltereneo In tho
world to the Calhol hi church whether
tho nations of enrtli are armed or not,
If all nations were disarmed as Leo
plans, while they slept tho sleep of
honoHt, trusting people, they would bo
murdered In their Ih1s at tho toll of
tho Isill, as thu thousands were tnur
dured at tho massacre of St. Bartholo
mew, in France; they have murdered
millions in tho past and desire to repeat
tho bloody scenes of treachery again.
3, No, ii w mission I not a spiritual
ono. It Is ono of gain, glory and
tyranny. To keep millions in
Ignorance and superstition, that
ho and his gang of priestly
robber may go on piling up
spoil and influence, until they
consider themsolvo in position
to dictate to the civilized world.
They are planning for the over
throw of every nation and people
who hold an opinion at variance
to the Catholic church, their
motto I: "Rulo or ruin."
4. With all nation disarmed
and at tho mercy of the Jeaulta,
tho conquest of all parties, fac
tion or people, would bo com
paratively easy. While be would
bo pleased to see all nation dis
armed, ho would know that
every church basomont of hi
faith, 'was piled full with tho
best rifle the world ha pro
duced. There is no flight of fnucy
about our statements; already It
ha Mjcri' dbiootwiAf'und provu
that tho majority of their chinch
basement aro nothing rnoro nor
loss than arsenals.
5. Ho has no kioht to ask
anything of any power, avo that
of tho Lord Jesus Christ. Tern
jxiral thing should not concern
him farther than a desire to see
all iivo tip to tho golden rulo,
"Will ask for disarmament!"
Well, now that strike us it ask
ing a great deal. It simply look
to us a if tho "old hag of bones"
ha a largo sized wheel In his
head a Jesuit wheel at that.
Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany
and all other nation may do as
they please, but as for tho United
States, Undo Sam will keep her
loaded to tho muzzle, and when
ever Popo Loo, or anybody else
fool with tho American buzz
saw, they will be blown into tho
middle of the deep blue sea by
American loyalty and Yankee Ingenu
ity. Leo, old boy, you nor none of your
Jesuit will ever get our gun. Thoro
will be a great many people say: "Oh,
you fellows aro alarmists, That Is all
right; ho ha tho general good of all at
heart; ho Is weary of wars and desire
to see peace and love reign supremo."
History of the past will not bear them
up In their statement, Tho old saying
that history rejs-at Itself Is a true say
lng. (ilve tho Roman Catholic church
a chance and she will prove It to the
hater. Js.chatiye.
Judge Maoombcr will deliver tho
memorial service address at Trinity M.
E. church Sunday evening. Thoso who
have heard tho judge speak praise his
style highly.
Father Sherman, S. J,, delivered his
address on "True Americanism," in
Exposition hall, hist evening, to a good
sized audience.
Georgo E. Gibson has but recently
returned from California, where he
went to attend tho funeral of his father,
a former well known and restricted
citizen of Omaha. The muny friends
of tho family will sympathize with
them in their sad bereavement.
An Insult to Our Flair.
In the refusal of a Catholic priest at
Mankato, Minn., to allow tho Grand
Army of tho Republic to attend the
funeral of a deceased Catholic comrade
In a body, Injuring the United States
Hag, wo havo another instance of their
bigotry and intollerance and their ill-
concealed hatred of tho stars and
strijHJS, and . everything American.
Rome hates every government that
does hot recognize tho pope as supremo
ruler of all nations and tho "king of
king." This is but ono of many similar
instances when tho ling of our country
and it brave defender havo boon in
sulted bv the Ilomlsh church. How
Vong will they put up with it?