The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, April 07, 1893, Page 6, Image 6

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mC1 ,it I risn1uHHf.
it . I. . ..
ini'r - !
KMi U-n U .1 l W.t
ft.!., 4 t Itdl-UU t
tMt4 11.4)1)1 M h
,)f t U i. k t
ttttt Mr fMrr'Hi4 nmnl fV4
tt t Jit Am .! H
ritt t !) i!U ltl ' I J
i4 wt jMtt' .!. Ho ih
me Mr Ht - t
T til rv.fM MsM In tV
uWt t Uii.f. I krti n i M
if, kit !ie M4 l. It Hmt l- rl
tf 4 " 1 . fctn l f ft lt'rrr f4ef
hr-n I, 4 M Uw
f.ft, 1 -r -t ! t
.y fat v f .tv nt Mo '
4 air lle' ,M 'k1' ",tf"'
' Oi' lu'fftf y V ''
lini V r) informal tly tn an
Io trllT" the MiHater, with
ftti n.M-wli'n if Ui i;rett atet iil
0ttni! amaieinvtit n lilt eliatpfea
Yea, tr," Mt.l Mr. Hat ful, aeettia;
that ha had mini a Sit IIhI liinrwim
tn hli liMener. "I waa raoutnl with
taaao qtilto ft litHa txi uioriitn, Imt
!, I couldn't alan-l no aevh fluMer
In, hum In tiim a ha hea ri.:ht along!
Twotild kill nt right off. or anyway 1
shouldn't firm b fit for anythtn ntf"
rtrwr k o' aevh work I Hut Iohho
ltkoa It, an aroma f feel real emy n em
colKi'inrd 'lout rtI tin rwuuvt. Tlirw'f
on thiiiK hii urn ma 1 wouM like t hrv
cltin(fl though, tlmt'i th fthort ration
o' tinio thry kIv him t' Kit from cmo
plara t rtiiothcr an hm-k nin."
'lira t' hurry, uk hr?" lnijulrwl the
"Ho rrrt'nly Uk(" rrjilltnl Mr. Bar
gont, croiwiiiB hi Imml on hi knraaiul
aurvrying the rITrct inrditutivrly ns hn
tftlkini. "Inano'a a likrly hoy at lrarnln,
an thry'd ortrr jdvo him a littlo moro of
chamw, rm of."
"Well, imow.whitt 1 Ikedoin iirtviiw
IjT iminirud the poMtnmtrr alW tt
Iimiw, durinur which h had wnitd pa
tiontly for Mr. Bargrnt to give oino
moro drfinito iiifornmtion as to hi Ron's
imrRult, which had always brmi shroud
1 in niystury.
"Why, 1 ain't cal'liilin t' tell yo jcHt
th' name they ifive t ahoy in Isaac's p'tii
tion," remarked th father prudently.
"It w'd strike ye kind o' queer, aino as
it did me fnst off, till lwaiio rxplninrd
bnont it? I nin't deemed it hardly wino
t' tell his ma even just yet, for Hho's kind
o' notional, an 'taint a pooty name no
two WBjs 'baout it! But It appears 't
It's customary, an don't mean what ye
mltfht s'pose oranythln like it. What
Isaao doos is t' korry what he tells tne
thry call 'proof the literary folks do
back an forth betwixt them that writes
Rti them that prints. Jest think o' that I
Right in with 'em all, Isaac iI"
"Do th' folks that he works for set
much by him?" inquired the postmaster
in a tone of great respect. '
'Th' printdn foIk set a heap by him,"
replied Mr. Sargent. "H'i ' Isaac here
an 'Isaac' there all th' time with them.
Ltaoo says th wrltln men don't seem t'
take much to him, but I told him that ef
he was a good boy an did his work well
they'd git so they'd feel real friendly to
him an be glad t' see him whenever he
come in, tame as th prlntln folks are,
An I said t' him, sort of encouragin, for
1 thonght he seemed kind o' dnonbt
ful, 'Why, Isaac, what a good thing it
w'd be for ye ef some o' them writin'
folks sh'd take a real shine t' ye an have
a little talk with ye naow an agin whilst
thry was finlshin up their wrltln for ye
t take off (for Iaao says tney never hev
it done when he gits there hardly).
P'r'ap they might kind o' set forth f ye
baow they write, an so on,' says I. Isaac
didn't seem t' think 'twas likely, but I
do, an so doos his ma!
"When a boy," said Mr. Sargent,
rising as he heard the sound of the ap-
Iiroaching coach, "he a chance like
mute's, titer's no knowln what may come
f him!" Youth's Companion.
Man Who A buna rrlvllc.
Chambermaids at swell hotels soon be
come great students of human nature.
It doe not take them long to size up
either the social or financial standing of
the guests.
For Instance, one showed her acumen
In this direction the other dqy when 1
happened to call her attention to the ar
ray of six towels on the rack over the
wafthttand in the bathroom,
"Think that extravagant?" said the
bright young woman. 'Well, don't you
make any mistake!"
But it most oost the house a lot for
laundry bill," I ventured.
"Not a bit of it," she replied yivaci
onsly, "Most of our trade hero Is first
thiHS. No one ever nses a lot of towels
unless they are not used to them at
home. Men who are accustomed to the
luxuries of life do not take advantage of
the supply. It is only the class who usu
ally wipe their faces on roller towels
who abuse our generosity."
And doubtless the girl knew what she
wa talking about. New York Herald.
An VnaueecMful Persistant Suitor.
One of the most persistent suitors who
ever proposed and was rejected was the
eccentric Cruden, compiler or tne con
cordance to the Bible, Miss Abney, who
had inherited a large fortune, was the
subject of his attentions. For months
and months he pestered her with calls
and letters. When she left home, he
had papers printed, which he distributed
in various places of worship, asking the
congregation to pray for her safe return,
and when she- returned home he issued
others asking the worshipers to return
thanks. Miss Abney never became Mrs.
Cruden, Brandon Bucksaw.
Sweet Potato Flour.
A St. Louis woman has perfected a
patent to cover the process of making
"sweet potato flour." The processes are
those peeling the potato and kiln drying
the peel so that it will keep for any
length of time as a food for live stock;
of drying and grinding the potato into
three distinct grades of Hour, ana also
of slcing and drying it in the form of
'Saratoga chips." New York Telegram.
a a , . . . . a
n.l i I l ft-t " 1 h
ttii ! t!
tvl. tl" , Uw !
t-.. modal in,!
.) ! r-A fi HI
tit Mlftnif'" ftlM..s a ft-rxM &t4
H.-iH. a ti MhmkM tspHrt1
ttxm ltl"i 'h'r tm.ll
11 .ldlj f.'umt ! h fcooltt
tn iMr tiir.M.IHS a th Nw Yttk
f.nn.1 In iHrir jil av"ftrftin
11,. ii.n aiiiarwtly fcal t!kwrt
t.tMtH"n and itI t Ihrif
i, -r I tiiat einl"U ti..iii ib
jm-U th parly iov.
At I5.vt-r inrt ll-jr aw a flow
talid, Slid hftlf a d.'ew Hm W.Hie l)
sulltt ti-l ul it and v vwit to tilu
bl rttitMhn f dt ltitht. Thry dttl
ftoiiir ef tin iiM-n tx f. rt Hie Intel and
gonllnilNirtl violently. Tb tmn tiirl
t. pull away from them, but nM tut
Alter awhile ami f immry raiur
out of the men's nki't, and with
flinch ragemiK and chattering the wom
en fteliH te.1 one flower aplin-a. The Ven
dor took hi pay out of the handful of
American silver tendered htm, and the
party moved mi, Uvth men and women
a joyous a a lot of school rhlldrrn.
New York Tinu.
A l-"rliutl of th larnior.
The hop growers of Otsego county
have discovertxl what naturalist have
long been trying to make farmers under
stand that skunks, instead of being
their enemies, a they formerly supposed
are among their most useful friends. As
one hop grower ox pressed it, "Nowadays
wo protect skunk a carefully a we do
song birds. "
Hop yards, it appears, aro infested by
a certain kind of grub which gnaws oil
the tender vines at the root, and this
grub is the favorite food of the skunk.
As a general thing the skunk stilly
forth at nightfall, but now and t hen they
are to be seen at work in broad dayligh.
The proceeding is an interesting one ti)
The skunk begins his quest on the edge
of the yard, where he cocks his head over
a hill of hop and liMi-im. If a grub is
at work upon ono of the four trailing
vines, his quick ear is sure to hear it. At
onco he begin to paw up the earth, and
presently he is seen to uncover the grub
and swallow it with unmistakable relish.
Then he listen again, and if he hears
nothing proceed to the next hill. And
so he goes on till he has had his fill.
Now that the skunk are no longer
molested, they have become compara
tively fearless. Bomelimes, we are told,
they keep np their operation even whllo
the cultivator is driven botweon the
rows. Cor. New York Tribune.
The Work of a London Writer.
"T. P." stands alone among popular
Journalists in that practically all hi
work is done for one paper, The Weekly
Bun, of which he is the founder and ed
itor. He knows as well a any one the
value of his own pen, and he takes care
to write the most important parts of the
( taper himself and toapjiend hi famous
nitials to aU hi work. A casual glance
through a number of the paper will serve
to show the amount and variety of hi
weekly labor.
First there i a review of the "book
of the week," which invariably extends
ovor five closely packed columns. This
article, alway conspicuously brilliant,
would be a good two days' work for
any writer. Then there are the editorial
notes from one to two column; an inter
view with some celebrity, one column;
theatrical critiques, two or three col
umns, and lastly a few paragraphs on
the correspondence page. All these are
signed "T. P." Yet Mr. O'Connor con
trives to keep in the forefront of the
political battle and also to write an oc
casional book. London Tit-13its.
Two Chargea.
Thore was suit tried in the United
States circuit court at Raleigh some
yean ago in which a Baltimore commis
sion house wa plaintiff and General
Bryan Grimes, who led the last charge
at Appomattox, was defendant. Judge
Bond, who presided, was strongly anti
southern during the war and a citizen
of Baltimore. The late Governor Fowle,
who was a very eloquent lawyer, repre
sented General Grimes, and in his ap
peal to the jury laid full stress on the
character and record of his client and
dwelt eloquently on the "last charge at
Appomattox." Coming out of the court,
he said to the opposing counsel (now
Judge Fuller of the United States land
claims court), "Fuller, that last charge
at Appomattox has got me the jury.
"Ye," said Fuller very quietly; "and
that last charge of Judge Dond ha got
me tho verdict." And so it proved.
Green Bag.
Varlom Soarcae of Milk.
Silk worms are not the sole source of
the production of silk; it is also obtained
from several vegetablo substance, but
of an Inferior and less durable descriti
tion, Excellent colored silk is obtained
from the paepared and finer filter of the
bamboo, which is much in demand for
clothing in tropical countries from it
lightness and porosity. Another form of
silk is obtained from the pods of the silk
cotton tree, of which there are several
Varieties in existence, the material ob
tained from them being known as vege
table silk. Brooklyn Eagle.
It All Uependa.
"How long," aays a contemporary,
"can one live without airf
It depends on the air. Most peopl
could live a long time without some of
the airs which have been popular during
the last twelvemonth. Exchange.
No Kefnranra to Allusions.
She You are alway sneering at worn
en who talk too much. Are you hitting
at me?
Ho Not at all. There are lot
women beside you who talk too much
Texas Sifting.
f4 U tW
V t.l a-ni ! It
lira iiih tmn taaaPivat,
AM ..( t
l ttiMA, fcka
V Htm 4 Wla.
It f ft-1 I v
14 av m I"1
U km Mi t, e I M
t nmm a t
A ) lim(-tl h niriM Wl a Korftft
).! t4., l.nti wk-4 I irty.
tng ftli-u4 fit KtaMH't tttftttUl tN
tKftt waft xt4, tit ftpvM rvt of It
time in a wnall ir A M ImW,
aiMt MoHvt to Utft 4ttmler, w In
rrftrat4e tiii ff Ibe 4l tHim
WbW the !! hHe Wftft hatttraanl ttth
rati th dog waaon nrt l.n that
-thitiat Wft t4en trtiti tl tarl. In
the 1r tlio d. waa ftUftvt anlffliiit
ar iihd the liorw and w ttvrr d
ItKhtnt aft hen Die borax w.m 1. 1 ImIr to
roll in the )tta, which It often did, an
p rent 1y to ph-ft" the Ag, which would
jump ainmt In every direction and Iwrk
for pure Joy.
At nlKiit w ben the liorae wa put In the
Iwrn the dog alwuvn rnti-ntl with its
friend and ulept on the animal' laxly
Ono dny the iirighlHtrs heard the moat
disninl howl nmiing from the paatttre
and found that the old horte had died.
There wa the terrier on the dead body,
owling out it sorrow and misery. The
og rrmainiHl with the body until it was
removed for burial. New York Tribune
A rocket I.I fa Raving Apparatus.
In IH74 Lieutenant Brunei of Dieppe
introduced his Htcket life saving lines, of
which already upward of 8,810 are being
umHl In France, where they now rescue
annually some 285 live. Nevertheless
theso admirable invention are almost
unknown in onrempiro. Brunei's small
pocket lino consiHts of a wooden float,
round which some 1)0 feet of stout cord
is wound. The other end of the cord
terminates in an efficient grapnel armed
with four small hooks. The whole ajv
paratu complrto weigh only five
ounces and is the most convenient of all
life saving lines. Hence 1 urgo It adop
tion everywhere, especially for olllciitls
and others engaged about our roasts and
inland waters. These appliances could
be profitably retailed for about Is. 6d.
each, and any one can make tlioni. Lon
don Vanity Fair.
A M(iH-tlo lletectep.
A clever contrivance ha been invent
ed for the detection of small piece of
magnetizable metal, such as needles,
tacks, steel and iron chips, etc., that may
have entered the human body unaware
and hidden themselves in the skin or
deeper tissues. The Instrument wa de
vised by Dr. J. B. Williams and consists
essentially of a partially astatic combi
nation of small magnetic needles sus
pended within a glass tube, the tube be
ing covered with tinfoil to minimize
electric action, except for a small space
through which the needle can be ob
served. It is claimed that the Instru
ment is sufficiently delicate to detect the
presence of one-eighth of an Inch of steel
or iron wire at a distance of six inches
from itself. New York Telegram.
What You Shoot In China.
A naval officer once told the writer
that pheasant shooting in China wo
very fair and would be really good if
there were not so many obstacle about
to enjoying it comfortably. He said that
tho pooplo were so numerous that if you
lot a gun go off almost anywhere in Chi
na yon were pretty sure to hit a China
man. They seemed easy, however, to
deal with, a small- present as damages
sending them away in a contented state
of mind, and indeed this naval authority
did say that they would sometimes try
to get in the shooter's way en purpose to
get these damages. Macmillnn's Maga
Imitation In th Matter of Dress.
Imitation is one of the most marked
characteristics of human nature, and in
nothing is this more noticeable than in
the matter of dres. To the desire to do
as other do may be attributed the prev
alence of almost all the fashions that
have existed since the days when our
primitive ancestors donned their unpre
tentious fig leaves. London Tit-Bits.
Motal Tin for Roadbed.
Numerous metal ties have been invent
ed and many railroads have tried them,
but all have proved unsatisfactory. Tne
principal objections to them are based
on their cost and their nonelasticlty. A
track laid on metal ties wears out roll
ing stock much faster than one laid on
timber. New York Tribuue.
Tempting Providence.
"Mary Jane," said the Dakota farmer
to his spouse, "it seems like flyin in the
face of Providence to name tne boy
Elijah. It sound too much like the old
feller in the Dible that was carried away
by a cyclone. I don't think it's a proper
name at all fer this country." Indianap
olis Journal.
Government "Deadheads.
In some of the departments at Wash
tngton there are so many clerks that the
useless ones stana In the way or those
who are dispoHed to work. The working
clerks are a splendid force of experienced
and capable men, but the Tite Barnacle
are found everywhere. Pittsburg Post,
It is a common thing for actors and
actresses on the road to send money or
ders to themselves at coming places on
their route lists, which is often the only
care for the future many of them will
Catullus Luctatius killed himself in
peculiarly painful manner by swallow
ing coals of fire and supplementing them
with a piece of redhot iron.
Art, so far as it has the ability, follows
nature as a pupil imitates his master, so
that art must be, a it were, a descend
ant of God. Dante.
Tho average weight of the Chinese
brain is aid to be heavier than the aver
age weight of the brain of any other race.
I ti-a fct !.
I rfj ftM.-rerj tn,, rS i Ttttt
AwtHt. lt tlUti MrttPftHf
ttlll -. ly U,k. and ler a
(pp. tt"M tnftM-4 I,Ih m
tiotwry. It I the tm thief U ihft
Wtft'set, 4 4-ft Imt wt thftft
W-Olnftry Uiwft. paper. TVSeph.we H,
and i!l tail e4 ! )i a wawtpl
a -tYtnft'pft
lmte ivlttlfw-e
,. a - -
Trrifc n4 rW t wu. Ir.
Wither. lVkHt, h IW IWftft Itik.
, -. ....
Knt j liaH'ftiJrllei.mat'reawt'aedUft.
IM IVit'ifilaa Ht.
M It I'ttteN, deftl'tt
building, VlephiH M
II lie
A I. I'f am:.
J, W iin.t.
General Agents for
Bank 0 Vault Work.
1116 Farnam St., Omaha,
Practical Horseshoer.
Ilor.Hes culled for and returned free
of charge.
el. UW,
Shop 1037 and loo
M am
Unltsd States of merica.
All ltKiulrles reKurdltiK the organization ,nf
new I,(ltjns In tho stale of Nebraska, should
bo audi-emeu to M. L, ZO K.
Htato OraaiiUur for Nebraska.
414 theely Block, OMAHA.
No. 2! I. tiihi-i nverv ThurMluv nvenlntt
at 8:00 o'clock. M. L. ZOOK, Beer.
Patriotic Oder Sons of America.
of A., meet eaeh Monday evening at
Gate City Hall, Thirteenth and Douglas St.
A. P. A.
rart I'roiectlvH Asaonlai Ion meet every sec
ond and fourth Wednesday of eaeh month In
I. O. O. I'', bull. V Hit Hinotith. Nell. Visiting
member are welcome. K. I'. Hrown, Hec.
Chicago Short Line
or th
Milwaukee & St. Paul R'y
The Best Route
Train Dally consisting of the HftST Pai ac
mtteping i urn; m.koant. r hkk uniur ib,
Luxiihiou Coaches, fttm the r'lni-nt Dining
Can In the world.
Kor Through Tickets, call on tne ticket
agnnt Bt l-'iO! Kftmam street and ut Union
1'acinc depot.
Evrv attention ttald to passenger by
courteous employe of this company.
tien'l Ag'l, Omaha, Nub.
Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley
Fremont, Hastings,
Wahoo, Lincoln,
David City, York,
Albion, Norfolk.
Northern Nebraska. Black Hills
Sioux City, Minneapolis and
St. Paul.
Ticket OfHco 1401 Farnam street and Webster
Htreet Union Hta'tlon.
Oon'l Manager.
Oon'l l'ass. Agt
In this hrpatiinrnl nflVr 0e
l'Vliowlitjl SUtwUr.!
wJiUU vr?r? TalrioUc AuHttcwt thoull rfl tn orlr
tuilc of llit jtapaiy.
MAUI A MONK M lru U iVni.
Uuw CUUUiyH lloohst
Frifo $200.
Frio 11.00.
Iutt)iis Honk st
Cents ; Cloth $1.00.
Frico $1.25.
7 if. Harris9 Hooks:
Morroeco $5.00.
Bdlth O'Gornum's Uookst
Iifev and Mrs, Slnttcry's Works:
Price 40 Cents.
Rev. .7. G. White's Works:
"DEEDS OF DARKNESS " Price in Cloth $1.25.
"ROMANISM EXPOSED " Paper, 30 Cents.
ACY" Price, in Paper, 15 Cents.
Thomas IS Loydcii:
" OUR COUNTRY "30 Cent.
"PAPAL LICENSE" GO Cents per hundred,1 or
$4.00 per thousand.' '
hundred; $9.00 per thousand; single copy, 3 cents,
American Publishing Co,
412-13-14 Sheelv Block.
Jr, Order United Ameican Mechanics.
Instituted May 17, 1893-Ellglblllty
For Membership.
Anv white male Benton ttorn In the United
State of North America. Ita territories, or
under the protection or im llag, who (than
have attained the age of alxteen yearn, who
U nt amtd mural character, a liellever III the
exlNtenca of a Hnjireme lleing an the Creator
and I'retterver of the unlverxe, in ravor or
free education, opxwed to any union of
church and ntute. uliall he ellglhln to mnm-
Ijernhlp under the provmion or tn law in
i In, utiiif and euluirdlnate cmincll to which
th application l made; provided, that no
ix-rwin Nliail i) received w, im-iii-im-iui mum
berMhlp who In over fifty yearn of age.
A tM.iKon nhall not lie nermltted to thin
order who doe not kwhi-hk a giMid moral
characM-r. or who In In any way Incapacitated
from earning a iiviiikmki, nor nuu nn o
under nlxttM-n yeftm of age.
Huhjectn of a tteetarliin or partlan char
acter hIi it 1 1 not lie Introduced Into any meet
ing of th l council, nor lmll any memlwr
makis mte of the name of thin order at a
political .meeting.
Flrl Tn maintain and uroniotfl thn Inter-
fHtiof Amnrlcamt, and ahlld them from the
deprHDNlng elTei lJiof foreign competition.
Heeond To aHMlMt American in ouiaining
Third To encourage American In buxl-
Kourth To CKtahllNh a nick and funeral
llfiV.Tn miilnlitln llm nubile (k-lilH)l v-
tern of the UnlUid State of America, and to
prevent aectttrlan interference inerewiin,
and uphold the reading of the Holy Bible
f. O.-W. A. IIOWAKD. Lincoln.
M.S.-M. IlAV.
H. T.-C'. II.AM.RN.
Conductor-W. K. f .OFF.LAND.
Ouard-I'. B. McAIIIKY.
Hi'ntliiei WM. TUHNKIt.
delegate to National Uouventlon I'"KANK
Warden-K. A. BAYMHH.
The next regular meeting will bo held on
the third Tueaday In July at Houth Omaha,
" every Thurwlay evenlmi
if In the hall at
24th and Franklin.
Jl. O. COUKKMAH, Hec'y.
l.TNf'nt.N rollNCIL No. 2. meet In Lin
coin, NehraHka.
COLUMBIA COVNCIL No. , meet every
Tuewlay evening In Ked Men' Hall, Con
tinental block, A. 11. Flint, It. Hec'y,
WINONA COUNCI L No. 4, meet every Hat-
urduv evening In K. I'. Hall. Paxton
block. W. M. I'abiikb, Hec'y.
n A KFIELD (COUNCIL No. Ii. meet every
VI '1'uenday night In Houth Omaha.
William Fahb, Hec'y.
flLUKK CITY COUNCIL No 7 moetaevery
' Wednedity evening In O. A. It. Hall,
Council H I ii ITs, la.
" A., Council HIiitTn. Meeting In their
hall over 410 Broadway, every VYediiexUay
night at 8 o'clock.
J. Ii
Van Pattan,
I railway time card
H. & M Iti
Depot 10th and Miion H.
.. lenvr Limited dully ...
.... Ji-iii1 wihkI Kxpn-NH
Denver Kxpi-eM
(Chicago Hpeclul from Den.,
, . Lincoln Llm. (except Hun). .
Hunting Local
4.05 pin
4.M pm
D.;i5 am
Vim am
11.;) am
B.37 pin
i.H) pni
10.15 am
10.15 am
'Hii a'lii
S.fiO pin
'4.4.1 pin
O.flO am
12.40 pm
e.M) pm
II. A. O.
8.00 am
4.2A pm
.00 mn
Depot 10th and Miiion Hlw,
..... ('hlcugo LlmlUid ,...7
..... !h leugo K x pretut , , . , ,
. . , , . Chicago Ex pre , , . . .
... Chicago A Iowa local...
D.A0 am
0.4R pm
II.4A pm
K.iL HI. J. A O. H.
Depot and Manon Hi.
Arrl ve
6.00 pin
8.40 am
...Kan. City Day KxpreH...
K.O, nlirhtex. via U.K. Tran.
Ht. L, nlghtex, vlaCo, H In Its
USffoN" PACIFIC f A rrlvea
Union Depot 10th and Miircjr Omaha
7.W am
0.M) am
2. lf pm
it.m pm
4.IA mn
, Keulrice Kxpren
0.40 pm
4.05 pm
7.00 pm
4.20 pin
I :!.) pin
9.II5 am
5.50 pm
8.15 am
A 10 pm
fl.20 pm
2.15 pin
ft.fiO pm
ii.05 urn"
.......wenver Kxpre,,,,,.
.......Overland t-ly", .....
Denver Kant Mall
. H. H, A K. Rx. (except Hun)
I'aclHc K x pre km . . , . .
C.7 M. A HT. I'.
Depot 10th and Marcy HtJi
.. Ch caifo Kxiiriw ..
. Chicago KxpreH,. ,, , .
Ieave T
Omaha I
C. A N. W.
(Via U, IvrranHfer)
. . .Chicago tCxpreiM, dally. , ,
Chicago Mall, dally ex. Hun
. ..Chlcuvo Limited, dull v..
12.40 am
(1 .40 pm
4 05 pm
7.00 pm
7.20 am
.... Chicago Flyer, dully ....
uarron ijocni, nany ex. nun
....... ii. i .v., rv. . .. i.f. n. f.
Omaha I Depot 15th and WeliHter Ht.
8.10 ami Hloux City Accommodation
1.15 Dill
H. C. Kxprewi (except Hun) .
12.40 pm
A.45 pm
B. 15 jiiii
nr.. ruin i.iiiineii
Hunmift PanH(except, Hun)
v.zo am
8.45 am
V.'. R. A!d, VALLKYT-iArrlve
Depot 15th and WebHterHta,
5.20 pin
5.20 pm
10.25 am
9.25 am
10.25 am
9.00 am
9.00 am
5.:i0 pm
5.45 pm
Dead wood Exprewi . , .
(Ex.Hatl Wyo. Ex.lF.x. Men)
....Norfolk (Kxi-ept Hun.)....
.... ,..Ht. Paul F-xprewt
Lincoln Kx, (ex. Hunday)..
Omaha Det 10th A Marcy HI. Omaha
7.20 ami . . . .Hloux City I'luweiiger. .. . I 9.50 pin
6.M5 pml .. .. , 1JL.Ht. Paul Kxprenn 1 10.00 am
....CHICAGO. R7rrAl7T
Via V. P. TranHfer.
I Arrive
I Omaha
10.00 am
4.40 pm
H.;tr pm
7.10 pm
.. Atlantic Kxprew. dally ..
..VeHllbule Limited, dally .
... Night ExpreHH, dally....
KaimitH C. A Co. It., ex. Hun.
Via II P. Transfer.
8.20 pm
1.10 pm
8.50 am
8.45 urn
8.50 am
1.20 pm
Co, lllurr and K. C..ex. Hun.
'hlcago and Denver, dully
7.05 pm
4.110 pm
7.00 uin
5.05 pin
9.20 am
Leave I MlHHOljHf PAClFfd
Omaha J Input 10th and Manon HI.
10.00 pun. .Ht. LoiiIh Fx. dally
110 iiiii Ht. Loul Kx. dally
5.10 ptn..J.JJL.NebraHkaLii-al
Lea veT WA BAH 1 1.
Omaha I (Via U. P. Transfer)
"400pin' . ..'hi.; I.miiTm "Ex.7 d it'll y ....
I Arrive
I Omaha
Big Money Si
be made by
Itfmllltf fur tho
f. A MKItlflAN. a
National, Weekly. Patrlolle NewNiianer.
AdilnwH, Cviii-H II. Kay, 21 Pope' Building,
Ht. LouIh, Mo.