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ns,M . W a 'iy V ! al lite
of " tli1iSiH,ll tll
in 1 U lu t, Itml if'iu . ml mi !,. ',(
tie ttltnttlirlitl I t5a J !' 11ml I
i ol 1 1. I tiit Horn i, r ;in Uii'S
1i l,Uil ! tvtt trim! f kt I. an
In Mi ! w miw In ttml Moo I t
itilll I? the nut t UHir lil. h
!,'. I ivtoe In fivni other lm..S
I ' ifi'i 1i';m k mild i1 l 1W I'aHtm elk
lo la lV' " "'I '''I' '"r
l ll.o I Mm-w It ! tw1 l it
very lentf !mvtnirlilotii(Mno!!ifi
kit ltltid f Imhioi menu fir I'lthikmrn
U oome, Tlti-y rami ktol tittlU ikil
iintiiM Mini onm4 up hli;liM) ktnl
ikl U )olUt for iVHWiiIm t la
otie I h grvn rotntiiotikvaHh ln la
today, Ni'w i done klili 1tn'
I him eo Mini i trvlnjr to tit lv llnm
out. Wp tned the Iminljftkiilti for our
mini' Mini our rallnwiN, and atr-
vktiU In our homes. Wo oonld hardly
got aloiijr without them. So I tliluk ll Is
extreme t say i must eloat our iratoa
nml atimll no one, for in! iUUonar
cotninir. lo u every day.
8om lnivt jrtijwtM'il that wo have nn
edueatUuml qualification. They nn
coming to us fioinCalholio lands, Mum
who ckiiiiol road or writo. They can
scarcely learn our lunirungo, so that to
day New York and Chicago have in
them forcijrn qrartors, practically no,
where 1 ho lunjjiunfo and customs arc
taught. Over In lioslon hint year then
was a convention of French Cat hoi leg
and thin was one of the mottoes over
the speaker's chair: "Wo arc French
men ilrst and Americans afterwards,"
and all over tho country that in their
practice. Over in WiscoiiHin there isn
whole county that lms not any Ameri
cans in it. The land in all owned and
controlled by foreigners and the spirit
of tho people is hostile to the institu
tions of this land. I think then that
tho suggestion that we have an educa
tional quulilleation is a good one, for a
man who cannot read nnd write cannot
bo aHHlmilated into our national life,
An educational qualification has a true
American ring to it I am sure.
And then they talk about a property
qualification. They say no man should
bo allowed to come to this country who
cannot bring with him one hundred; I think that is what they sug
gest. I think all things considered, there
should be such a condition. I think
tho man who comes to our shores should
have e.iough money to keep soul and
body together until ho can get somo
But thero i one condition, one quali
fication which, I think ought to bo em
phaslzod. Tho saloon keepers of this
country are largely of foreign birth.
We could crush tho saloon power out of
this country if It were not for tho
foreigners. Saloons bring misery and
want to tho homos of the ieople, If it
were not for the influence of tho for
eigners, tho native born would crush it
out. Wo are told that sixty-three per
cent, of the saloonkeepers of our hind
were born across the sea. We are told
that twenty per cent, of the remainder
were born of parents born across the
ea, so that eighty-three per cent, of
all tho saloonkeepers in our country
wore either born across tho sea or their
Tiuronts were born thero. Ho there
should bo a condition imposed upon
every man that comes to our shores
from other lands that ho will not en
gage in tho manufacture or sale of In
toxlcatlng liquors, and a violation of
V that condition should bo sufficient to
send him back to the land from whence
i he came, If such a law were enforced,
the saloons would not have so many
No man should be admitted into our
country who is a drunkard or who
drinks, If a man does not love our
country and our institutions better
than ho loves drink, ho should not bo
allowed to come.
Immigration must bo restricted.
How to do it is tho problem. We need
an educational qualification and we
need a property condition. Wo need a
restriction regarding tho sale of opium
and intoxicants, We have enough
drunkards on thissldo of tho sea now
and wo could well spare ourselves any
addition to tho number. This, in brief,
is tho situation today. There are com
ing every year six hundred thousand
people from other lands. A largo per
cent, of thewo como from Catholic
lands. A large per cent, cannot read
and write, A largo per cent, como
with principles hostile to our institu
tions, A largo per cent, settle in
"quarters" in our cities to become
foreign colonies. Wo need to been our
guard. We must not overload tho life
boat. Wo must not undertake to save
too many for "If any provldo not for
his own, and specially for those of his
own house, bo hath denied the faith
and is worse than an infidel." As citi
zens, then, of this country, wo must
provide for our own. We must protect
ourselves, for in protecting our own and
providing for our own wo will do tho
greatest gcxid to our enterprise and
make America what sho is destined to
become, tho light of tho world in tho
years that are to como.
The Bernalillo Indian School.
This is, or was, an Indian contract
school. It Is in charge of tho Catholic
sisters of Lorctt. Sister Margaret is
in charge, and is the teacher in the
primary grade. It is sho that is re
sponsible for tho report sent to tho
jtfcttt! rfav i U tkmv kn tiki H U
V, f V !,. I ! j .1 t. .1 .l Wk-Jl
i trbt ll.l I m.I -il li!kk
jjlll With 1I ,!',( Sjptl li IS
Uviiti! i'ii it it i ll in t 1'i r
' tt!tnw lkm n?l.H t.r ti4rttii "It
jk full Wiisl. il Mii !. Oi'l tmit
tiirnut 1 ! If ti ll t J1.,
j Nklkj'A MK.I : Vi ':.' Tl. 1
I ) !. m lil lii tkmlrn lte u bixi)
'rlml UiMt mi. r Mrtktl h. InM
fiiil In r tjir kiul I til il k'iiU
ktn itol Mil IndUim. U ?mU ckii ful
i-iMnl'k1Mi, I llli"il tin ktvnu f
UMlilMivn Ml I In ir lim' kml lemmsl
Wjehil all mh i-Hon Itmt lh it ltl
Ut-n klmli'Nilii fklniflektimi. lnU-kl
if lliem ltng Imllnn glrU In the
Mi'huol, lhin i n Iml khilo the
other 42 we ii Milen, klih iMilnillan
hliiml khaU'Ver. It had I vn cm of
downright fn.l htuxl nml nliln'ry of
tin guvenilHelit
For i nample, Iheiv wen Islne Moul
can girls from the village of IWimllllo
Itlf, of whom two were reimrtnl u
Navajok, and wven as I'm blon, Thero
were two ivHrti d a Attchi( when
theiv wan not one Apache in the whool.
Thnni girls were reHirted as Pueblos
from Snn Juan. With gnat ditlleulty
the insHctor found tho paiviits at las
Couees, 3-i miles away, whera they
had always nslded. Kleven girls were
reported from CiHhili, but there was
not one from that place. One girl,
Henlgno Ziunora, was put down as from
Sum) in, but her home wasat Hernalillo,
only a quarter of a mile from the
school. When her father was told by
the inspector that sho was reported to
the government, and paid for as a
Pueblo Indian, ho was very indignant,
and said that ho and his wife were
pure Mexicans, and that three years
ago, after tho death of his wife, the
sisters had persuaded him to let them
have his daughter and they would
raise tho child for him. One girl was
reported as from San Felipe. The in
spector could not find her parents liv
ing thero, and went to tho school, and
in the presence of two of the sisters,
asked her where her parents lived.
Sho looked at the sisters and ono of
them said "San Felipe," urid she re
peated it after her. Her parents had
lived in Bernalillo for seven years,
having como thero from Mexico.
Tho deception was not only taught as
well as practiced in this case, but was
observed in the examination of tho
scholars by tho inspector. Tho char
acter of the teaching was very poor, as
may bo judged by this report. Tho
Inspector attempted to test the scholar
ship of the pupils in the advanced
grade. He put a row of figures on the
blackboard and asked the scholars how
the points shoufd bo placed for numer
ation. The sister in charge stood bo
hind him and took hold of her beads,
and was soon by two Inspectors to
divide them into threes, to help tho
girls. Ho put twenty of the younger
girls in a row and asked how many
would bo left if flvo should bo taken
away, ine sister standing benlnu him
lifted up her two hands, with out
stretched fingers, and then held up
ono hand, clearly Indicating tho num
ber. Several times tho pupils wero
thus helped with fingers or beads. On
such reports as this tho contract was
annulled. Wo suspect that if tho teach
ers had been men and Protestants they
would have been arrested and Impris
oned for fraud on the government.
We hope to learn what the ecclesi
astical authorities will do about such a
case as this. The honor of the church
is at stake, There aro half a dozen
sisters in that school, besides tho priest
and bishop who are over thorn. Many
people must know of this fraud, Some
ought to denounce and punish it. Least
satisfactory of all would be a defenso of
it. Tho inspector reports that when
he made complaint to tho sister in
charge she replied that they had given
satisfaction for seven yoars, and that if
tho government was not satisfied and
would not pay thorn, their Catholic
friend would. N. Y. Iwhimuhnt,
A Fearless Minister,
Stuart, Neb., March 27, 18H3.
Dkak Ukothkk Thompson: I am In
receipt of your valuable paper, I can't
do without it. I think we shall soon
organ I zo an A, P, A, here, I want our
peoplo to read Tub American. I keep
my paper on tho go. The Presby
terian minister of this town gave me
GO cents to send you for Tub AMKHICAN.
Ho is a fearless advocato of truth. Ho
gave us an ablo lecture on Humanism a
few months ago, although he was in
receipt of a letter threatening his life.
Ho stood up fearlessly for the truth.
Ho wishes you to send him tho back
number December ,10, 1K2. Begin
subscription with issue following re
ceipt of enclosed stamps. Yours for
God and native land, AMKKICAN.
An Old Patriot.
Editor American: Through tho
politeness of my grand-neice, Mrs.
Kowley, of 1.11!) north 20th st., Omaha,
I have frequently had an opportunity
to read your truly loyal paper TlJK
Amkkican, and though an old man
seventy-throe years of age, I thank
Heaven that Omaha contains ono man,
at least, with courage enough to pro
nounce clearly tho loyal American
shibboleth without tho faintest sign of
a hitch in its enunciation. And dear
'! ! tH i I I'm k I. HI If I. I j
' 4im!i kwt .ii-!o l.i.k' l !
l I ll- ! tltJf ft;, iml" li"'l 11 . tt j
j 1 m4 it('iMt ii"i'l ll iii i ;n M-1
ill! Iiit.iu., I. n f of nl'.lih l iiii I
,VI t M 4 IH of .kHl Tti' ;
iimi!!k 1. m tit -kit inj't.lH ; I In I !
i ( lltilt)On 1' tutkl li't, kii
J 1 1) ! !! I 1 of l.t kit In i'il .
' i t ini'i i l kUl iKtm. kin) Ho n iU II t
kit.n 1ii k'v oh Hi. itti- I'lvhH ki tl
ivllfc'toti ItUtty ln kiv lift
lli'ii kv ktv lnvitj;!,! tuer In fmv ktth
k t mi lilt- HomH l.i Prt'l. li-1
lom rikluiv In llii t.ii in if k)U1 nt
,'i Uiiis wliWh tunny IkimI Aim it
ckti kiv oliligiil lo lii h fnmi Uiio to
time, ami whleli m l, from iny nlkiul
otnt, loul k liuiniHutlng n to gel
down on liiniil Mud ktiii kiid klwlhi
fool of Ihi Jo; kiul lhi jikpift
ohm kle over our Mitim ii-oi lo thU kl-
jiii oinlitloii kiul nay lo lm "kliat kli
you going to do almul It? We own
nearly all the oftlees iiow, and okitocl
lo trattfifortti jour entiiv government' to
our liking in the m ar future." And ll
looks that way to me unleiw Amcr
leans m nnined to immediate action
by some erthiuake-tn1irMw!llon of
(iod, (iihI bleu you, friend, for the
grand and noble work you are doing in
behalf of our country and its Instilu
lions. AN A. P. A.
FT. CALHOUN, Nkh., March 31, lHJCI,
. .
They are Here Now.
Bishop New man (Methodist) in a
recent sermon said, among other
things: "Homo Iniing Immutable, It
proposes to establish its government
in this country."
Tho AVin H'oWif, the organ of the
Homlsh Archbishop of tho provlnoo of
Illinois says: "ProjHises to establish!
Why, good sir, its government is estab
liHhed hero, and has been established
hero since a period long prior to the
birth of MetliodlHin, or of its founder
Look around you, good bishop, and seo
all tho Catholic churches, and Catholic
colleges, and Catholic parochial schools,
and Catholic convents, and Catholic
academies, and hospitals, and asylums,
and homes and then talk of Home's
proposing to establish its government
here! Look around this ono city of
Chicago, good bishop, and count the
evidences of Home's government here;
you will see them on all sides of you
And look over tho country, in whatever
direction your eyes turn, and you will
seo similar evidences of tho establish
ment of Homo's government hero.
Thero Is a cardinal archbishop in Bal
timore, and there are thirteen other
archbishops; and thero aro seventy or
more bishops, with over five thousand
priests and ten or twelve millions of
Catholic lay people. And yet you
speak of Home proposing to establish
its government hero! You had better
be honest with yourself, sir, realize tho
foot, the situation as it is, take into
your inner heart that Home's govern
ment is established here."
National Danger In Romanism,
A series of twelve patriotic addresses
on vital topics raised by tho Bomun
Catholic hierarchy;
1. National Danger in Homanlsrn; or
Bollglon and the Nation.
2. Columbus and tho Discovery of
America; or, Papal Claims and Historic
8. English Protestantism and Spanish
Homanlsrn on tho Western Continent
4. Despotism in Church and State
the Principle of Humanism.
f, Homo's Despotic Intolerance of
Free Opinion.
(I. Tho Inquisition an Essential Part
of Papal Power.
7. Persecution and Property: Homo's
"Death to Heretics," and her purposes
of til under.
8. Papal Greed of Money and Vast
Accumulations of Wealth.
1). Governments Compelled to Con
fiscate tho Property Seized by tho
Papal Church.
10. Tho Taxation of Church Property
as a check uori Ecclesiastielsm.
11. Church and State: Their True
12. Homo's Avowed Purpose to Con
trol tho State, Her success in great
Single copies, 10 cents, Tho entire
series, GO cents, One hundred copies
i,00, and each copy mailed to a differ
ent address if desired.
SPECIAL OFFEH. For a one dollar
bill we will mall this series of addresses
and ono copy of "Homanlsrn and the
Hepubllc, or "Bomnnlsm and the
He formation."
Boh Urn, Mass.
Americans Should Read.
Hev. Charles Chiniquy's "Fifty Year
In the Church of Home," price 2.00.
Also "Tho Priest, Tho Woman and
The Confessional," price 1.(M).
T. M. Harris' "Assassination of Abra
ham Lincoln," price $2.50.
"Maria Monk," price 75c.
"Secrets of the Jesuits Exposed," by
Hev. Thomas Leyden, price 7,1c.
"Our Country," by Hev. Joslah Strong
price .l-lc.
"Why Priests Should Wed," by J. I).
Fulton, price SOo and $1.00.
Thank You.
The American, published iu Omaha
and so ably edited by Mr. J. C. Thomp
son, Is ono of the brightest and most
interesting papers that comes to our
exchange table. Wo have greatly
fallen in lovo with it. We admire the
bold stand it is taking in behalf of
American liberty We only wish that
it may find its way into every true
American homo in the land. Mini?
City Tribune.
i mm m
iatk Maomo Tempi ni
Hum thf I uiiitrt,
Mitrun mi nM Mir,
iM t k 1ltm ttw t li4
Mll MlkUli-t Hlifcl-a rtH-U
tflt k Vt- A A f
k4 l4mlly tMiMl4,
XVhihitoi, Aprtlt.MliiUtot Junk
ItM V f kblrk tUttUI 4krtmiitt from
l.ttiik, iVrit, m feUewkt
Lima. IVrit, A iil k.
To l.r-lmm, Wkdilinetom
Al tt nntHI.-.i iiitl Mi Itr.) Mftili
Irttlirn, t ktvl tiilililinit Mini Itmimt (It I nil
In Hi utiiTk tin l.tcninllr, I iilt.M Nutim
Oi'tiiiUt IhiMpiI, fmiiinliliiM 'li'
Iniifxl Mini Mi'1tlii rolmuUr MKhl ulnil In
f sil, Anli1fi kMitnl IliUi I, (Nilnt uf
iVmvUii h1ui tNtk,. on whlU llm iimli
n-rfm nni work klthoul Inlrrfirlim. TIim
mull I'll ii u I In' linrtlriilm-M. lllrKM.
Tim pNitiolnni In qiimtinii, w hieh am
left to ls 'Hiplitd by umil, Mpiinnmlv
include th informatlnii as lo whnr tl
ontrtr iHX'urml, wliieh uiim-ennntnl lr
Is missing in tint tnlegrNiit. Therw is
but one cousulnto tu Peru, that at
Cull no. In this piwithm, Mr. AmpiilU
J. liingherty of Illinois, ap'siimo, dur
ing Mr. HarriMin's ndmintHtrMiton, Jiiiia
S. IMKI, stands on tho record as consul.
Him aro under him six consular
agencies, tho occupants of which po
sitions are doulitliws merchants of tha
country who aro paid by fees, and these
flics seem to lie very small, inasmneh as
only two make any returns at all to the
department of fivs collected and those
returns are under fl'5 a year. Probably
many of them are native Peruvians,
though the names of some of them indi
cate the contrary. Whether
Tlifl Out rKi Coliiplitlnitil (If
occurred at ono of tho small agencies
or at Calhio, no one at the department
can determine from the telegram, but
inasmuch as it comes from Lima, the
impression prevuils that the scene of the
outrage was at one of the interior points.
This impression is further strengthened
by tho knowledge in tiie dapartment
that in many cases where tho natives as
sault the sub-consulate, the trouble is
due, not to any antagonism of the coun
try represented, bnt to prejudice and
ill feeling against the representative
personally. This is no uncommon oc
currence in South America or other
parts of the world, where the acts of the
American consular agents are rosented
by the people who would respect the
acts of a citizen of the United States
duly appointed to a full consular posi
tion. Intruotd to 1'riilent.
After consultation with President
Cleveland, Secretary Ureshara this
morning sent the following telegram to
the minister
Dki'aktment of Statu, Wasiiinoton,
April fl, 18IM.
Hicks, Lima:
Protest aKalnst the failure of authorltlos
to affurd protection to consulate, and If
facts are well established ask expression
of regret, prompt prosecution of Die guilty
parties and reparation for injuries to
American property or persons.
, Grrsiiam.
It is lielieved at the department that a
satisfactory explanation will shortly be
USING Til Kilt I l'.NOS.
Sanator I'ut In Tlnm Talking on Varlom
Washington, April 7. Mr. PelTor
made an argument in the senate in op
position to the right of the senators ap
pointed by the governors of the states
of Montana, Washington and Wyoming
to take their seats in the senate, and
Mr, Hoar commenced a speech in sup
port of a resolution offered by him last
Monday, declaring the proposed amend
ment for tho election of senators by the
people of the sevsral states inexpedient.
Mr. Hoar didn't conclude his speech,
lie yielded the floor in order to allow
action to be taken on the resolution for
the election of officers of the senate.
The resolution was agreed to withont
tbe formality of a division, after the de
livery of half a dozen speeches (all bnt
one coming from the Democratic side)
in warm commendation of the charac
ter, ability and efllciency of the present
inenmbenta. Then the resolutions were
agreed to, electing William B. Cox of
North Carolina, secretary of the senate;
Klcbard J. Bright of Indiana, sergeant-
fit-arms and door-keeper and William
1L Milburn. I). D of Illinois, (popii-
larly known as "the blind preacher")
cnapiain, tneirj terms oi omce to begin
on trie nrst aay or tbe meeting or the
fiuy-tnira congress.
The ftorvlee Mr. ClATalnnil Will Do For
III I'nuglitar of tli lUolutlnn.
Washington, April 7, Mrs, Cleve
land has decided not to accept the invi
tation of the Columbian exposition di
rectory to lie present at the formal
opening or the World Fair on May 1.
biie will, however, take part in the
opening ceremonies through the medium
of an electric wire, which will connect
the White House with the exposition
grounds. The society of the Daughter
of the. Revolution recently decided to
have a memorial Ml cast within the
fairgrounds on May 1, and Mrs Cleve
land was invited to touch a wire
through which a current will pass to an
electric automatic arrangement and
turn tbe molten metal off of which it
will be composed into a mould. As she
will not be in Chicago, Mrs. Cleveland
will touch the button at the White
House, and Private Secretary Thurber
has notified the officers of the society of
Mrs. Cleveland's acceptance of their in
Pmldnntlal Nomination!.
Washington, April 7. The president
sent to the senate the following nominations-
William Lochrnn of Minnesota, to be
commissioner of pensions.
i Harmis Taylor of Alalinma, to be United
StAt.ininiHtir to fSpsin.
diaries K. Kikk of Iowa, to be assistant
urKon in the envy.
rostmnstiTs rnuik Hills, at I rlinnn,
Ills.: Thomas Powell, nt Vienna, 111".;
William Howies, at lireenfleld. Mo.: Alex
,Wrlght, at Neignrt, Mon.
Angus' li) Navnmiah.
Augusta, Ga., April 7. Anirusta de
feated Savannah by a score of 6 to '.
S tMMi Ml DIM Hl ik.
Htt, I i.ff I n r MM
IVm Apiil I Mi Mnidls
JV l't-. !.i i-t l!i I . m! Wniinw,
ItOMtiMM T''IMi' WliMk. MiMOt
k hikk t i,'('k of iU!iMi tm
kliU, WMM OOI lil'1f llt1lil.
Ml 11m miiioimI tnwi1iit i f ll .otM, i
!tTtttiMk Tiitkit'ki1t'W. In t W .
tok 1mi lk la rrtMi.l t llt n,t
tMnfc'wtiiiil if Ihk rlkMitl, Mik
tkia t)Uin ttiMt ttiy Kk t i-ti' I a
' rtmn ml In t ii twlAll 4tf f.l .t
j HM A kk t.'kfi, Iml rk fm. !
hifik Iwtct lv Uik irntrt.irk of tw
! I'llt l tti i'ttlng IwUiiimili In ll'.-if
plt i f IniMiii, kii'l fikMitv t l.lw-l in
, .4m m tlnir tiMtt I il 1aVn fi"
tiMm, Mm lwr linn dini 1I M ki
, to m rfpottH- of k tiioriiing M(r
whtt h ha from tmtn t Hhh )l,lilul
!tttti'ti eliioi(i nliiiMiinfcTiiiiiil on
tier jkl. Afir linmneiiig tlom. m
ImIiw troiii liiiiitilng to tn., h il.rl
the rrpoiiw .i ivkllin liH. which lm
del Al tliM kt'wunon kwwlon of the
Hiiltiii, Mm. lwrk m iitiaiiiiitoiisly ik-
J Irvtiil iVai.lit. lthir oftliVIk WMk
c In mii ami a nninWr of n irl iwh.I.
j MM IIIK SHIM H tl rltlllllllMI,
Ik Harkf Mnanlalm ImlpH la High
l ln,l lrm Muting Kailaaiil,
DKXVrit, April 7. Tiie whole llocky
Mounts ii region was trestixl to wind-
' slur iu Thurmlay of unusual severity,
' ni.. ..... .. i .... -,... i.. t-....
Aim men in iiiit iii" ,AVf.iiiin iiiiui
Montana southward ami tha storm is
cyclonic in its nature. The wind
jblew 1)5 miles an hour in Denver,
while at Salt Lake, Utah, and Orand
Junction, Colo., it blew 00 milis
an hour. Tho wind is very hlxh at
Aspen and Leadville, where grmt iliun
ae Is reported. In this city telegraphic
anil tiilfitilumu wiriw lira down. uImIh
chimneys and brick cornice were
I blown over constantly. A mass of brick
i from Met lovern's undertaking establish
! merit fell on Mrs. llertha McFarlnud,
(aged HI. Injury lug her so severely that
she died two hours later. The storm is
! moving eastward and greater damage
: is promised in this city. At Florence,
Colo., many oil derricks are blown down
while many other places report great
financial loss, A numlier of persons
were injured,
11 A If 11 FAII.UKK.
A Sibley, la., Institution Makes an As
(lguniiit. Sioux City, April 7. The Northwest
ern State bank of Sibley, la., has closed
its doors, Soon after the doors were
closed it was announced that a general
assignment had been made for the bene
fit of the creditors, with no preferences,
and N. F, Thayer was announced as the
assignee. Parties representing the cred
itors state that the liabilities are full
i I no. 001) and that tho assets will not ex-
I ....,! rrr. rirm ...1,11.. II... 1. .,!, ,.01il..
bODU ' i' " " v j ii . . i j til. uiiiin v.....
say that they will be able to pay dollar
for dollar in reasonable time. The
greater portion of the liabilities, possibly
with one exception, represents the
claims of depositors, mostly business
men in Bibley and farmers in the sur
rounding country. There is no definite
information yet as to the cause of the
Kzoltamaht at Antlers Abating.
Antlkks, I. T., April 7. The excite
ment which ran to a fever heat her
Thursday on account of a threatened
attack on the town by the militia, has
somewhat abated, though no one feels
secure. Ic is reported here that the
malitia are coming np to search every
house in Antlers. No reason for this is
known, unless it is to harass Locke's
friends. People here hoje martial law
will be declared at once, Jones' militia
are already growing weary and many
are leaving him every day. Many of
Jones' friends are bitterly against him
and the sentiment everywhere is in
favor of Locke, who is at his fort. He
will make no offensive movement.
Tha " Corn King" Fall.
Mattoon, Ills., April 7. -It. A.
Traver of this city, who has for many
years borne the title of "liroom Corn
King," of the central Illinois district, is
in apparant financial straits. Judg
ments amounting to $fli,j00 were en
tered against him in the circuit court of
this county, and it is asserted many
more creditors are to lie Leard from. It
is asserted by friends of Traver that
when he returns home he will be able to
straighten out his affairs and pay up in
Rhoda Island F.lantlon Ratarn.
Pbotidence, April 7. The revised
total rote for governor is as follows:
Baker (Dem.), n,)'v, Drown (Rep.), 71,
b30; Metcalf fPeo.), H.Siflfl; scattering, 0j
a plurality of for Baker. The ofll-
j cial count in this city seats the ninth
representative, a Democrat, making the
general assembly: Republicans, 40; Dern
I cerate, 8j doubtful, 8. The Democrats
. feel confident of electing enough axsern-
' , At. Al. 1. iA.
oiyinen tu K1Y" i'ikiu uib joint commit
tee and to enable them to elect their
general officers.
Program of Naval Rcvlaw.
Washington, April 7, The secretary
of the navy has decided upon the offi
cial program of the review of United
States and foreign ships of war in New
York harbor April V7. The men-of-war
will lie anchored in two columns, ex
tending from Twenty-sixth street up
North river, the foreign ships on the
New York side. The Dolphin carrying
President Cleveland will run nn and
down the Hudson, and will be followed
by the coast survey steamers Blake and
the Monmouth.
lloss Mltchitll's Trip.
St. Louis, April 7. Bess Mitchell
left here via the Wabash road at 7:.m
a, in. Thursday and will go straight
through to New York by way of the
Michigan Central and New York Cen
tral roads. The conditions are all
favorable for a fast run, and the young
lady expects to reach New York at 2:5)
p. in. on Friday. She has had a mag
nificent trip so far, and hasn't once
found it necessary to step to the ground
or to don her hat or wrap.
K 11 Ion bv an F.lxctrlo Car.
Washington, April 7. frank K.
Ward, once a prominent business man
in Washington, was run over and killed
y an electric car. Ward became no
torious several years ago through the
killing of Max Adler, in the Marble
saloon this city. He was tried for mur
der and acquitted.
1 It! 1 1 . t';ot kKt
l it i i ..'.n.jft.,, V, t k kt4
'' ! t " tti MM4-t,..kl
'...).. j I il,U't;.. t l,,f ') t
I , h I ,! (.'!' I'M, fc
1 in- II :tr't i, -, a , -ft, t i, .:-.. ,aU.'i
tlit.,t.i (iti iin l.i l tiii r st
I " MM h I m
1 I t , I .'t l aiKM'n Hire!
l k1t 11 tttM
i kt !!.k jooiwlf ,. (i ( j
kith (f 1sm lJ (If. khu Ititiiw
ml liiiijf of it tt I iii iiw a ew
1. Ic I, l Cj-e, n, n, ..V U ilimsi
elfittHil ll, f U.l.,1 a i,, fill It I
li-e .1 i hsigB JOHN lil'IMl,
tt an.. N, Pll. M,
Uim M'RLS k.ifc..rii T..MM
land kohl aliiifi )m1
Sfpti ml r. Now a llm Hum to mv,
Ni't fseuinion TIiiiikiIbv, April l.ttK.
Iimi 1 ral. ipiirWeat lime, l kiTOHI
llimlal Ion Mild thiimtti iiliiii', Tor
pHrlii-ulara mie i miilri'Mt,
f. A. I.I.MI N,
If I.M I Capitol Ai.
riiVHti,i!i X Mimical llatrician
ullKst: Oil H11 I'T PI'iH'I.K kill In re
lieved c.f tnnii jr Ki'iHiteiil iliM aw If irnHrly
Ireiileil lor tin lllw ilHe uf iilM'nlljr.
Private Diseases of Male 4 Female.
Offlcal 310 Bltaalr Bik, isih and Howard,
Telephone lam. (IMA II A, NKH,
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Fink Watch Hkpaiiunu a Si'kcialt
fil2 Hon Hi 1 HI reel.
Northaast Oor. 10th and Dodga St.,
Foreign and Domestio Fruits,
Nuts, Oonlniitlani, Olgnri and Tolmoco.
Telephone J7U4.
Oftlee, IU North lOlli I KonI(1oiii-ii. lno4 Yntesw
HI reel.. Hl reet.
Telephone IX), Telephone T.
My Only Place of Buelnaaa la tha Oldl
Stand, 113 N. SUtaanth Straat.
Stationery, Boohs and News,
Periodicals, MiiKiir.lnes, Nolloim, I'lne Pocket
(.'iillniy, ClKiirn, Toliiiccos, unil Hinoloir'a Hun
drle. KverythliiK Ilrst uliuis,
Friends Patronage Solicited.
For Prices.
Tel. 1538. 109 8. I6lh street,
Sheriff's Sale.
Ily virtue of an order of wile Issued on t nt
tlin district, court, of Iloiiglns county, Ne
liniHku, mill to tun directed, I will, on t he Hh
day nt May, A, 1). ISM, at III o'clock a.
m. of Mild liny, at the KAHT front diHir uf tho
Coiiiily court hoiiNii, In the city of Oumlm,
IioiikIiis I'oioily, iNi'hiHHkH. hcU at pulille
unction the property dewrllied In said order
of mile us follows, to-wit ;
Lots niimliersU (Hi mid anren (7), In block
hU III). In lioyd's ndillllon Ui the city of
Omnhii, us surveyed. pi lit led mill recorded. all
In Iioiifiliis county, stute of NeliruNku, bhIiI
firiiS'ity to he soli to satisfy Mlnervu (!,;or
ett, adiiiinlMtratrlx of the estaUi of William
W. ('orlett, deceased, the sum of eltfht
hundred, sixty-two and Kl-IHO dollar (Wi.tU)
JildKiiieiit, with Intercut thereon at rule of
elKhtiH) percent, per uiiriiim from Ke lirnury
11., m'., anil iwenly-elKht and 7D-IW dollars
(t!s.7t cot. with InMireHt thereon from the
iKtdiiy of Kehruury, A. U, W,ri, toxelher with
acrriifnif costs ttccordlnif to H Judunieiit
rendered hy thedlNtrlct court of said fioiix
Iiin county, at Its Keliruary term, A. II. Isw,
In a certain action then and there ncndlmr,
wherein Minerva ('. I'orlett, udmlnlstratrla
of the eHlttie of William W. ( orlett, deceased,
wax plal'illlT, unil Mary J. lleatty, Thadilei
H. t'larknon and others wern defenilunts.
Omaha, Nehranka, Apnlftth, l'i:i.
Sheriff of lioiiidua (Jounty, Neb.
KreckenrldKii, llr,cknrirldt) & CrofiKit, at
tiirneys, 4-7-S
Notice to Creditors.
Htats ok Nkmhaska, i m
iNiiitflna County. f
In the county court of IhmikIim county,
Nchriotka. Mari'h With, A. I).
In the matter of the estate of Oeorne
The redltorn of said estala and all other
persons IntcreHtrd In said matter will tnkn
notice that the creditors of said est ale will
ititjM iir liefore this court on the "Sdili day of
Mny, iHiCij on the tvth day of July, IMfl,
a ml on llm ith day of rtcptemlier, IHW, at 10
o'clnck a. m., each day. fur the purpose: of
iireseutliiK their claims for examination, ad
justment and allowance. Six months am
allowed for the creditors to present their
claims and one year for the executor
to wttlit said .stale from the :iMh dy of
March, 1 This notice will In puli
llxhed In 'I'll K Amkhican fur four weeks suc
cessively, prior to the SMh day of .May, I sua.
All claims not tiled on or hefon the Hotl
day of eptemlier. Kill, will 1st forever liarred
from consideration Iu the llnal settlement of
said estate.
Witness my hand and official seal thla 30lb
day of March. 1-VJ.
t-:-4 County Judge.
Notice to Creditors.
Statr or Nkiiiiaska, i
lioiixlas County. (
In the county court of HoiikIuh county,
Nebraska, .March ?Jml. A. 1. Hiii.
In the matti-r of the estnte of Johanna
Chrlstlanson. known us llaiifs Chrlstlauson:
The creditors of said estatie and all other
persons Interested In said matter will take
notice that the creditors or said estate will
iipH-ar la'fore this court i n the 2Hth day of
May, H, on the Wt day of July. Wi, and en
Hie .'mil day of Scplemlier, MKI, at Id o'clock
a. m. each (lay. fur the purpose of prescntliiK
their claims for examination, adjustment
and allowance. Six months are allowed for
the creditors to present their claims and one
year for tin administrator to settle said es
tate, from the Slid day of March. ISIM. Thla
notice will he pulillshed In Thk Akkkicam
for four weeks successively prior to the 2iitli
day of May. Ism, All claims not Hied on or
Is fore the iaith day of SeptemlKT. IH'j;i, will Ihi
forever liarred from consideration In the
tlnal sett lenient of said estate,
Witness my liiind and tittlclal will this 22nd
day of March, ls;i;i.
iHKAi.J J. W. EI.I.ER.
4- 7-t County Judise.