The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, April 07, 1893, Page 3, Image 3

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A KlMil? Irv si Hit CMIM
Ftwl tMa ft4aw4 a
ti iv un nih r u.t.N tw
htl a tem Mk Ommh Jam
lVrr n KI la rr 'sit! m tan
TMkl HflUA diawmr," thai f
Mkin Itqi4 Mr tamMi toty th
totmtw 1 1 irtkU r tht "hi li
af'1lim wnnrtii an4 th
M (4 tMM 10 tfMwtr ft! Colli Muttfc
mrf lh ml liimt rhHntr) A
ewrlti of th mlry." It It Mt by
rtwnttata that Mir gas tnnjr I Hn(lfxl
IT tha itaaanrc MiJ tnajr t obiln.l
wi.l rMi of tfTiMil ttrMftb ta
WHhaUnl lbs ffwil lrNiir
Iti th itMit thai Inajr I hUpfUt car
bcmle Mi g m Iim Iwn found to l lb
cbMtxMt ana rhot utas, ami vrhtU It
has two known for y JtHtr that tt
Ciiit J I tiqniflMl It Iim (toiifrallr liw-n
o prepared only In small quantities) fur
ti'nlilio nm Th hm of cotnprpwsM
air as a motive towpr hiu ptrwntwl many
diftlcultloa, ths principal on Mng IU
balkinwM; hsnr Urg mwIi must b
nwd In onliT to got aufllctotit mnonnt
of motive power, and it Is hard to tnaks
these strong enough and at the wune time
light In weight
Aa a motive power it is used at a prea
ure of from 000 to 800 pounds. Hut if
Professor Dewar has discovertMl an eco
nomical and ready way of liquefying it,
it will tend to solve a problem In carry
ing a motive (rawer in storage bulk that
Will bo of groat benefit to tho students in
this line. In the talk with tho represent
ative of The Pall Mull Budget, ho says:
"Well, I don't think there's very much
to say, because I've told all I have to toll
about the matter in my two lectures,
but 1 do believe there's a great deal more
to be learned about tho subject. You
aee, at present we've got those gases down
to 210 degrees below zero, and tho lowost
possible temperature is 274 degrees bo
low. If wa could got some 80 degrees
lowor down, we might liquefy hydrogen.
Hydrogen has nover been liquefied in a
free state yet,
"Now, it's a strange thing that air can
be mado into a liomogonoons fluid, You
would think, as oxygen can be liquefk
at 183 degrees and nitrogen not until
11)3 dogreos, that as you mado the air
collier and colder tho oxygen would bo
come liquid first and then the nitrogen,
1 saw that prediction mado in a stand'
ard work only the other day, Now, 1
dare say, you will ask why the oxygen
don't come down first,
Stepping quickly back to the desk Pro
fessor Dewar took up a pencil and begun
to draw with rapid strokes on the back
of a letter. The diagram when it was
finished looked more like the law of di
miuiahing returns turned np on one side
than anything else that I am acquainted
with. While he drew he rapidly ex
plained bow the influence of atmospheric
pressure on the different volumes of ni
trogen and oxygen In air makes them
boil almost exactly at the fume tempera
ture. Aa he made each point he frowned
a little, drawing np the wrinkles between
his eyes, "Now, that, in the old thoo'
logical days, would nave been taken as
a providential dispensution, The strange
thing is unit when liquid air evaporates
again they are nnder tho sumo pressure,
and the nitrogen goes oil first, as you
would expect,
'Ozone can be liquefied by acting on
the vapor given off from liquid oxygon
by electricity, it is a splendid dark blue
color, almost as (lurk as indigo. Ozone
has not the same molecule as oxygen,
and the electricity breaks up three twos
Into two threes, That is the secret of it
Tho queer thing about liquid ozone is
that when It goes back into gaa again it
explodes, You wouldn t think it, but It
is stronger than dynamite as an explo
ive. It's simply because the ozone goes
back Into the molecular form of oxygen
so fast. The force that comes from the
electricity makes it explode without
mooting with any outside body, It's i
tremendous explosive.
"We have discovered that liquid oxy
gen acts as a lens. It Is so transparent
to heat, so to speak, that even at HM
degrees below zero yon can focus heat
ou it from one side and light a pleco of
papor by It on tho other. You know
that's just what happens in the earth.
The sun's heat gets focussed on to the
earth through the lens formed by the
vucuum of space, which is so cold that It
ntisn t any temporature at all absolute
ly zero."
Professor Dewar gave a lecture on
"Liquid Air" at the Royal Institution In
the presence of tho Prince of Wales, tho
Duke of York, Lord Salisbury and other
notable porsons, He showed that by tho
withdrawal of heat the air Is converted
Into a liquid with total loss of chemical
properties, incapublo of supporting com
bustion, or of entering into combination
even with phosphorus and sodium, while
certain physical projiortlos remain, Tho
ofiti version of oxygen into ozone was also
described, and tho retention by oxygon
peculiar optical properties at the
st temperature was demonstrated
le very tlimsu and well defined bands
s spectrum, in ordinary conditions
rfen shows no unreasonable thermal
orption, tmt at low tomperaisire its
ti. rinul absorptive power liocomos mani
fest. Thwarting an K.nmny.
Sardanapalus. the luxurious oriental
monarch, finding himself hard pressed
by his enemies, gathered his guards, his
wives, concubines and children together,
with all his reiiNures, and set fire to the
building, thus thwarting the iioie his
foes entertained of taking him alive.
St Louis Globe- Democrat.
May lie Wnrsa.
"What Is more awful to contemplate,"
said a lecturer, glaring about him, "than
the reletitluss power of the maelstrom?"
And a henpeckod looking man in the
rear of tha building softly replied, "Fe
inaloHtroin." Kxchango.
A knuto an t a 4( I-1 an lMtnm
nUl snrpttaa Hy t tHf utM-im tn
te Ml IMia tm data ar-v,
Tfca Mt, aTl t a j witifhfctii
tsttfttf m tt at k ttlot fcljM
II SIM tfe4tm ff i, rrirhtifr4
h Wit. Im tWr m a fUtve ttC
a4 aat itit Ml tt trtr Wis
trt, m thai M Wrlr Mila4 t4ni
fM la Km trap I W HMaf4 t-
efcaka lHMtf rW, a! wswvarlaf lilt
fwt h fsM-tng Ktm a full itxa faf
falo wWf. TV n4f niM Hlla m
mark nr tll as the taa(r, m4 tktr
Kkf4 at ajrki rtWf h aacott.M W
fwra lh wMck m la tha doatk
th 4f , IwsMh, TIM hru vMi)llr
waa fHtl4 by the st and H kanWt'i
au')4if mUin an4 mttk ttlnt f
an4'tblf,-l,lliirtnly HtttUat.
t Ha MmI alrking TvHIm.
A rur1ns imola of est.(iln turtlM It
pra ltt. In the Vt ludlwi. It fottalsta
in atuc hlnjt a rtnar and a line to Die tall
of a epocti of ttckir flh known as the
tviuota. The live fish Is then thrown
OVPiUmrd and Ininostlatoly ttiaVm fur
the ftrst turtle he ran spy, to whit h lis
attat liM himself iry firmly by means of
a tucking apiwratus arrangnd at the ton
of his Item). One attaehwl to the tur
tle, so firm is his grip that the fisherman
on drawing tho line bring home both
turtlfl and the ticker. Exchange.
A f'rvalnr From lata fir.
Aristotle lnlleved that some creatures
were capable of supporting life even
though confined to the devouring ele
ment, lie says: "In Cyprus, when the
manufacturers of chalcitis (lime) burn
it many days in the fire, a winged crea
ture something larger than a great fly it
seen emerging from tho stone and leap
ing and walking about in the fire. These
creatures perish Immediately upon being
removed from tho furnuce." St. Louis
OuimI Authority for "Itmig-litcn."
"Boughten" lias the authority of ago,
example and well-cnnsidored use by Cole
Hugo, Hontuey and others, still more
weighty aut hority is found in astory told
to us by Uoscoe Conkling, who wus pres
ent at a fawhionable hotel In I'hiludol
phia thirty years ago, when a lady naked
for tea. Tho reply was, "Will you havo
fassnrras tea or boughten tea" New
York Hun.
1. The coIIMl II ill loim of ii Itici-m are tint
suiiiTlnr. tiut nuliorUlniilu to eec'Iclutli.'ul
2. The lawn of the eriierorK ciiiinot din
silvo the eccleslUNilmil or cuiuioii lawn.
3. It Is not lawful for nn emperor to exact
uiylliliiK optioned to tlie iiHmlollc rulen,
4. It Is not, lawful for klriKM to umiiiii the
IiIukh that Im'Ioihj to tirliwU,
8. No custom of atiyono can thwart tlm
tlutiltet of the popoM,
0, U t no ri'Hliitaiicu lie olTcrnil to tlm
apostolic (canon) precepts, but let tlicni lie
nalutlferoiiMly fulllllod.
7, The yoke Imposed by the holy see Is to
Is? borne, though It appear intolerable and
s. j :no ronuir can nvitner be uxmva nor
bound by the secular power.
9. That tho Pout! IT was called Ood by the
pious Prince Constantino, and that as oi ho
cannot bo Ju(lcil as man,
10. That as god tie Is far above the reach
of all human law and Judgment.
11. That all laws contrary to tho canons
and decrees of the Itomuu prelates uru of no
IS. That all of tlm ordinances of the pope
lire uiibesltutlfigly lo ho obeyed.
J.I. We ought not even to speak to one
Whom Mm pope has cx-coinmtitilcutod.
14. ITIosUi uru fathers and masters, even
of princes,
1.1. The civil law Is derived from man, but
ho ecclesiastical or canon Jaw Is derived
directly from Ood, by which the pontiff can,
In connection with his prelates, make con
stitutions for the whole christian world, in
mutters spiritual, concerning the salvation
if souls, and the right government of the
liurcli; and If necessary Judge and dlsptsie
if all the temporal good of all christians,
ID. A heretic, holding or touching falsa
loctrlno concerning the saitruments, Is ex
lommunlcated and degraded, and handed
jver to the secular court.
17. Hectilar princes unwilling to swear to
defend the church against heretics are ex-
ommunlcated, and they are lulu under an
IK The goods of heretics are to tie con
fiscated and applied to the church.
It). Advocates or notaries, favoring hern-
tics, or their defenders, or pleading for them
In law suits, or writing documents for them.
are Infamous and suspended from oltlce.
20. The sncular powers, whether perma
nent or temporary, are hound to swear that
they will exterminate, according to their
power, all heretics condemned by t lm church
and a temporal lord not purging his land of
heretics, Is ex-commuulcated.
Zl, Those signed with the cross for the
extermination of heretics, rejoice In the
privilege grunted lo the crusaders for the
help of the holy land.
23, They are absolved from all obligations
who are In anywise bound to heretics.
2,1, Whoever dins I" battle against the un
believing, merits th kingdom of heaven.
24, We do not esteem those homicides, to
whom It may have happened In their seal fur
their niolher church ngalnst tho ex-coin-
inuiilciiled. to kill some of them,
US. That Catholic Princes are bound, both
y cIvH ar.d canon law, not to receive or
oleruto heretics, and much more are not to
jcrrnlt their rites, or other exercise of their
'I'llglon, or rather, their false sect, but are
nimt solemnly hound everywhere, to repel
Hid expel them,
2fl. The following temporal punishment
are to bo enforced on heretics! 1st- Infamy,
snd the consequent disijuallflcullnus fur all
ml acts. Iinl -liiti'hiiilillliy. n well active
as passive (that is. they can neither make
Mil imr Inherit what Is left to them by
oilier). 3rd -Iokh of paternal power over
lilldren, 4th Loss of dowry, uud other
privileges grunted to women, ftlh-t'oiiflsca-tlon
of all good. litli-Tlmt vussuls and
slaves and other are free from all, even
sworn obligations duo to their lord or an
other. ?lh t'lipltnl corporal puulHliment,
I'Sioclully death, and perpetual Imprison
Zl, The canon lair forbids all t deration
2s, That melropolltans uud l,.nliois lire to
'X-vommunlcatfl him who gruel liberty of
.1. No oath Is to be kept towards heretli!
princes, lords or others.
') Heretics are to be ileprlved uf all civil
and paternal rights.
1:1. Tho pope can ulmolvo from all oaths.
Ili Every bishop is ordinary Judge In a
huso of heresy. The reason Is bec uiim) thu
- " " "'' ' " " I "
iwm m4 t'Oi t. ..4
(' a. 'U4 If tl. fiti'
I tW,. l I I !.( l. I,
n4 ta v H U a nlMtnl ttMi.'t.-f in. .
My ll l4ti)wl.t, i tai hr . r
i anh u M-itiiMM in a
'WW t Iwtvt)
U ta r rnxt.twxy elK. atlMuti
4HOlf tWt, llirl trMda lill
lfc I, ulf ami. i, aiHttufot atikliti!
M It I f t t4 T lli ntl anil
HtMwM if a ii'4lf i a4 WttFM ih iiH
ilNM ikr h it lli ainaiolle m- In I
liil. tt.
M. Tfcl III si. Il if Tn Ht iKi- l ai4
aulllilt)r f ltoirl, M frf anl imh.
Ixkiiil iht Ih t. iil r and Ml ia
i"iiim ll, alwt th tHhrf mt.ill.' t-aacl
Hunts twwH la tif nt it Iptlatth al
irrwitia if m liilnilk il lll rtf, anil agalnat
it liUit, alt ef lil. h t thl inwti
iln n II tftira. aMit nuM ti r 11 nip
KoJ I'jr all,
.i sMllnnl uf th IMr Itoman
i htitvli, lie iomiiI ami swear Ibst, (mm Ibis
tltiiSM lb nut of my Itfis I will I fnlll.fut
slut utHMtii'iii antu St, li le r, th holy aisis
tiille lloiimn I'liiiri h, ami our iiiimI holy lord,
tin pop of Home, and tils siiceesMirs, canon
Icslly snd Isnfully i'I.n Ii .I: ilmt I mil glvn
tin advice, ninsi'iil nr asttiiiHc ikhIiisI tlm
IKititlflral majesty Hint pi loiii that I will
in'ter kliuallily Slid sdvlM-illy, In their III
,ury or ll"rHci', muku puotic the eimnclU
htrusted to liie by llienwlve, or by lues-
n'tigers or letters) alwithut I will give them
liny usslslumti In M'tiilnlng, defending slid
ri" tiverlng the Human papacy and llietvgullit
of I ru r, with si) my tulght mid endeavor, mi
fur us the rights and prlvllexes of my order
will allow It, and will defend them against
nil their honor and state, and 1 will direct
mil defend, with due form and honor, the
legates and nuncios uf the apostolic sec, In
he territories, churches, munaslerles mill
el her lu'tiellces committed to my keeping)
.'lid I will cordially co-operate with them
iml treutthem wllh honor la their coining,
abiding and returning, and that I will icsIhI
unto blood all xthoiis wluttwievcr who shall
ittcmpt anything against tJiem. That I will,
,y cveiy way and by every means strive to
pii-scrvo, augment and advancn the rights
mors, privileges, the utrthurlly of the Holy
ilium bishop, our lord the pope and his In
.o ineiitioneil stiiTi'snors; and tluit, tit
alevcr time anything shall be decided to
nelr prejudice, which Is out of my power to
iluilcr. as si Mm us 1 shall know Hint any
ceps or measure have been taken In tin
iiutler, 1 will make It, known to the sunn
uir lord or his successor, or some oilier per
on by whoso munis it may be brought to
heir knowledge. That 1 will keep and carry
ut and cause others to tcep aid cany out
e rules of the holy father, Hm decrees.
ordinances, dlcusatlnus, reservations, pro
visions, apostolic mandates and constltu
(Ions of the Holy rather Hextii. of happy
memory, as to visiting tho thresholds of the
apostles at certain prescribed times, accord
lug to the tenor of that which I have Just
read Uirough. 1 hat I will seek out and
appose, persecute and fight (omul conalu
perseciiturum et linpiignaturum) against
here) lea schismatics who oppose our lord
tho pope of Home, and his before mentioned
successors, and this I will do with every
possible effort."
(Hlgnature) then sent to the pope
t elect of the Oetroit
dlm-ese, from henceforward will be fallhful
and otiedloiit to Ht. I'etur the A pottle and to
the Holy Human church, "nd lo our lord, the
holy pope of Home, and to his successors,
canonlcttlly entering, 1 will neither udvlsi
consent nor do anything that they may lose
life or member, or that their persons may he
seize.u, or hands in any wise laid upon them
or any Injurler offered to them, under any
pretense whatsoever. Tho counsel with
which they shall Intrust me by themselves,
their messengers or letters, I will not know
Ingly reveal to any, to their prejudice. ,
Will help them to defend and keep thu Itoman
papacy and the royalties of Ht Peter against
all men. T legate of the apostollo see.
going and coming. 1 will honorably treat and
help In his necessities. The rights, honors,
privileges and authority of the Holy Human
cnurcii or our lord, the pope, and his afore
said successors, I will endeavor to preserv
defend, Increase urid advance, 1 will not bi
In any counsel, action or treaty, In which
shall be plotted against our said lord and
Human church, any thing to the hurt or pre
Judleo of their persons, ffghf, honor, state
or power, and, If I shall know any such
tiling to be treated or ugltated by uny what
soever, win iiinuer it to my utmost, and as
mm as I can, I will signify It to our said
lord, Thn ordinance and mandates of the
pope, l will observe with alt my tulght and
cause to be observed by others,"
llerutlcs, schismatic and rebels to our
aid lord or his successors, I will to my ut
most persecute and oppose,"
"Hcretlcos, achlsmutlcox et robello eldern
I touilno nost ro vel successor) bus predict l pf0
posse pcrseijiiur et oppugtiubo."
"I will come to a council when I am called,
will visit the threshold of the apostles
every three year and give an account of our
lord of all my pastoral ofllca d of the
Milngs belonging to my diocese to tho dis
cipline of my clergy and people, I will In
like manner humbly receive and diligently
execute the apostolic command. If f am
detained by a lawful Impediment, I will per
t ,i . . , ........ . .
lorin urn uiori'sHiu ny a rnemner nr i.,v
chapter ore priest of my dhs-ese, fully in-
si.rucu-o in mi unrigs hiovo mentioned The
pussessinns neiungliig to my table, I will
neither sell nor other wise hIIcioiki wltluMit
ciinsiililuii the Kouiim puntlir. Ho help inu
ini ifi.-mu iiiiw sonin'ISOI lUII.
, f tsignufitrel,
HentlotliW HoiiiImIi Malinger,
I, now In the presence of
Almighty OimI, the blessed Virgin Mary, the
blessed Michael the Archangel, thn bleswd
Ht. John the llapllst, the Holy Apostles Ml.
Peter and Ht. Paul and the Hulnfs and the
Hacred Host of Heaven, and to you, iuy turd,
I du declare from my heart, without mental
reservation that tho poMi Is Christ's vlcnr-
generul and Is the true and ony head of Itie
universal cliurcli throughout the eurth, ntwl
that, by virtue of the keys of binding and
loosing given to his holiness by Jesus Christ
he hits power to depose heretical kings,
princes, states, commonwealth and govern
ment i, all bclr Illegal without his sacred
onllrmutloti, and that they muy sufcly be
destroyed. Therefore, tu the HI mint of iny
power, I will defend this doctrine snd tils
Iml 1 1 res.. ' rights uud customs sgalnst all
unit pern of tlm Protestant authoilly what
soever, especially against the now tirctciiilcd
authority and clinch In England and till
adherents, In regard that they be usiirpal
and heretical, opposing the sue red mother,
the church of Home.
I do denounce arid disown any allegiance
us (run to any I'rileslant king, prince or
stale or olx'dlenco to any uf their Inferior
oll.ceis. 1 do further declare the dis'trlne uf
in church of England, nf the Culvlnlsts,
lliigueuois and oilier I'rotcstiiut, to be
(luiiinnble mid those to he damned who will
nut forsake the same.
. ! I ln tht I III hft AwiH
' ' ' I l l l II I i t k k,lll-a' ala
! I l l ,l ,J . , f I, , k,. 1,u
tm st. I t.i 4lt ll .m I, il,,
I""' "in il..ii . M..rti. (,...,.
t i.t( it, ) tt.01, ,, llin .M t tf
I isib.ih M I f limi l.i aMiimr xf
t ni t- ti, 1.. 1 1.. !,, S i. n.iHsii ,w
f I'.. )tn-.ll i.f l,r hili, f , ,uilil
WiM I,iniif,n 4 iiki Itif
si in i ..,. It K t riilll He, ami !
l.i .el. ,1,.,, (f , ItotiiKcllf , .f amL
ltlli.( 1 i lO'ttniaUnrf hla I. IhI .i
lM HI l Wht) ll tisll I HKlHt IM
) I Ixttf t dlMtllPO-tl HMId hi I'JF , w l
i..,al i, it n , h4 M.t,,,,,
Allef l,l. N , . , il,t,.r 1 1 iha
l.M, TitHiir snil )). d S. tamoiil
Mei I am lamM,i , t.its ( id iI.uiii en
h. poll In Iim t Imli.lslill, Slot it.l t all on
all lli Hi sillily ih iilotlom II. ml i f
Hi an a wlini-M hi y Hph ItiH M!o l.i kM i
Ih I I. f esiti
' In looey alo lrof t Usk this hiil Holy
ami blfwd Sni'iAinenl nt th I le tiailst, and
altiiis th ssieii tntilnr alth ley isnise.
I'tatnl tisiiil, In III ih-wiiii ef toy liuly
tibii snd nit it, pihis alin tv,ll hi in In
ley uiilliisllon In Hie prlii.ilo.Bl,"
I St HI Ml OStM or tHI Jieuiis.
I , now In th presence uf
Almighty Uud. Hi blessed Virgin Mary, Urn
bli'swd Mletmet the arelisngel, the tdessi'd
St Joliii lh llnptlsi, ih holy aiMHitle HI,
I'eter and Ht, t'sul and th tints and ssered
host uf heaven, and lo yon my ghostly father,
the superior general of the society uf Jesus,
founded by Hiilnt tgnntiis, l.ovola In the
pohtlllcntlon nf Paul the Third, and con
tinued to the present, du, by Hie womb uf the
virgin, the matrix uf Uud. and the Mil nf
Jesus Christ, dee I ii re and swear Hint Ms
holiness, the pope, Is Christ' vlce-gereut.
and I the true and only head of the Catho
lic or universal church throughout tint
eartht and that by virtue uf the keys of
binding and lousing given In his hiillness
by ley Havlor, Jesus Christ, lie hath power to
depose heretical kings, princes, stall's, com
monwealths, and governments, all being
Illegal without his sacred conllrmitllun, and
they muy be safely desf ruyed. Therefore, to
the til most nf my power, I will defend this
doctrine and his holiness' right and custom
against all usurpers of the heretical or
Prnteslunt authority whatsoever, especially
the biilheriin church of tlermany, Holland
Denmark, Hwcden and Norway, and the now
pretended uuthnrltle and churches uf Eng
land and Knit bind, and branches of the
same now established In Ireland, and ou the
cnnllnentiif America and elsewhere, and all
adherents In regard that they be usurped
and liertlcal, opposing the sacred mot In
church uf Hume,
I do nuw renounce and disown any ulleg
lance as due to any heretical king, prince or
state, named I'rutestant or Liberals or
obedience to any of their laws, muglsl rules
or olllcers,
I do further declare that the dis'lrlnii of
the churches uf England ond Hcotlaiid, nf
the Culvlnlsts, Huguenots and other of the
name of Protestant or Liberals, fci be (lam
liable, and they themselves Ut be damned
who will not forsake the same,
I do furl her declare that I will help, assist
and advise all or any uf his holiness' agents,
In any place wherever I shall be, In Hwlts-
erlurid, Germany, Holland, Denmark
Hwnden, Norway, England, treland, or Amer
ica, or In any other kingdom or territory, I
shall come to, and do my utmost to extlr
pate the heretical Protestant or Liberal
doctrines, and to destroy all their pretended
powers, regal or otherwise.
I do further promise and declare that, not
withstanding I am dispensed with to assume
any religion heretical fur the propagation
of the mother church's Interest, to keep
secret and private all her agent' councils
from lime to lime, a they entrust me, and
not Ut divulge, directly or Indirectly, by
word, writing or circumstance whatever,
hut Ut execute all thut shall be proposed,
given In charge, or discovered nolo me, by
you my ghostly father, or any of this sacred
I do further promise and declare that I will
have no opinion or will of my own or any
mental reservation whatsoever, even a
corpse or cadaver (period" oc cadaver), but
will unliesltailiigly oliey each and every
command that I may receive from my super
Inr In Ihe militia of the pope and of Jesus
That I will go to any part of the world
whithersoever J may be sent, lo the frown
regions of the north, the burning sandsuf the
desert of Africa, or the plngle of India, to
the center of civilization of Europe, or to
the wild haunt of the barbarous savage of
America, without murmuring or repining,
and will he submissive In all thing whatso
ever, communicated to me.
I do furthermore promise and declare that
I will, when opportunity presents, make and
wage relentless war, secretly or openly,
agalnstall heretics, Protestants sod Liberal
as I am directed to do, to extirpate them
from the face of thn whole earth, and that I
will spare neither age, sex or condition, and
that I will hang, hum, waste, boll, flay,
strangle and bury alive these Infamous
heretic; rip up Uie stomachs and Wombs of
their women and crush their Infants' heads
Sgalnst thn walls In order to annihilate their
execrable race, That when the same cannot
tie done openly, I will secretly jse the puis-
onouscup, the strangulating cord, the Nteel
of thn polnard, or the leaden bullet, regard
less of tho honor, rank, dignity or authority
of the person or vrson, whatever may he
their condition In life, cither public or priv
ate, as I at any limn may tie directed so to
do by any agent of the pope or superior
of the brotherhood of the holy father, of the
society of Jesus.
In conflrmatlon of which I hereby dedicate
my life, my tool and all coporeal power, and
with this dagger which I now receive, I will
subscribe my name, written In my blood, In
testimony thereof; and should I prove false
or weaken In my determination, may my
brethren and fellow soldier of the mllltla of
the pop" cut off my hands and my feet , snd rny
throat, from ear to ar, my belly opened and
sulphur burned therein, with all thn punish
ment that can be Inflicted upon me on earth
and my soul be tortured by demons In an
eternal hell forever.
All of which I, do wear by
thn blessed trinity, and blessed sacrament
which I am now to recelvn, to perform, and
on my part Ut keep inviolably ; u,n do call
all the heavenly and glorious host of heaven
to witness these my real Intent luiia to keep
this, my oath,
In testimony hereof, nko this must holy
and blessed soctament of the eticharlst,
and wltues thn sume further, with my name
written wllh the point of this dagger, dipped
In iny own blood, and seal In the face of
this holy convent
lf receives tho wafer from the
superior and writes tils nuin't wild the
loint of bis dagger, UipH'd in bis own
ilood, tukun from over the heart, 1
Al)VKHTIEMf,NTH inserted in Til If
Amkiiican are sure to tiring a profitable:
return to tlm advertiser, Aiuerlcuns,
wutch the ooluiiius (if this pitS'rl
1206, 1208 ami
PRICE 31.2S.
N. W, Corner Fifteenth uud Dodg-t) Streets.
Four (4' Per Cont Intoroat on Book Account,
Flv '5i Par Cent o n Ix Month Cortlflcatosj.
Foreign Drafts and Money Orders at Lowest Rates.
Hunk open from u, m, to p. m, Monday from 9 a, m, to K p, m.
The Place to Buy
Tho Best Quality of Meat at the Lowest
Prices is at
Geo. Wilson's Meat Market.
2815 Leavenworth Street.
Oyotero, Fioh and Game
i'KESCKH'TIONS a Si'Ecmltv,
CHOICE CIGARS. : : ; : :
The Old Reliable-The
to Trade atEverything Sold on Honor.
t.V IP,.KTT' Kf'KKflTt HK fiKI'T,
Klexsnt assortment of liisikwascs Oi rUm.
rsiiKlns In prlew Wi-Xt, W-i 'It SW" snd
upward, all ImrKuln's. Also sldn tsiards,
Is'st makH, HSi'i! and upward. Sofas, Ud
lomisi's, !'., all to I'him-n out at low
prices, roMInf lieils at a liarsaln, Don't
fall to f nsmliie, f.srioi assortment of 1sliV
and doll Iiiikk'". Mirror, plctnrns, uw., In
d re at variety, all eliesp, Nuw assortment of
eeiiU'r tallies. s4'Win lames, troin s.' up.
KlleKunt assort iioml of MkIi clialr at oof lorn
r (.I...U,P.MU 114.11,1 III I, K'tl, III I.L'
lir,.ir.ii f a v.Tt r.iit ivp.i sin it."
'A II I NT, -This Is a wonder W ar
irepared to h-hwiiKi tlie most rtlltlciilt. work
u wHt'lies. elis'ks and Jewelry, if any of
our friends liave a waO'li, dis k or any kind
of Jnwelry lliey cannot arct repaired In suv
sliop In (uiialia, lirlns It to us. W will guar
snii-e ii lu II, and tin It rlKlit, and at a low
firlen, All kinds of Jewelry wild at llenneit's
popular priees, ris'sci eunery in mis i-
pailiiienl fully warranted, I ry us,
ll mmumtii .-siiii I'r.i'nii i ir-.T i ,
VV liavn lowls fs' and upwards, SuS'nd-
ers IV', a lismalni milieu and slovrs at low
prices. is'r pair and up.
Ii.;nKT.' WIXIiK.NWAHr, firl'AHT-MK.NT--
lret liarsslns In splee calilncts for
the klO'lienut 4s cei, l, VVsslilsiards, a lilK
ilrlve, I; cenls. Market lis.seis, cents
mai li 1'tf ht palls, 'in cent each.
IlKNN K IT'S Ht TTHJ - VV still lead In
tlm pure srtlcle, ( heap and Kood St the
wiiiu.Ksjii.K sail nr.TAii, iiKsi.rna is
Rock prlrtK
l I K
V.: S W. for. Ptih and Ituward. Telephone ITl. JT A TT n
3nih Street ami ropplelon AY". I eleplione 1..;. '--v----
1210 Famam Street,
rumtHKlK Y, MO WIS, Ms40a
S E, cor, 16th & Famam
Best Store in Omaha
nrlces n slued.
I rent and upward.
II A Mil, K, no iiS.YHt.
defy compullt Ion, Wlmn
you want anyllilnv In tli lln slvti us a call
peforii Iiuyms,
M t.ST.- t'spr, for Zft slneUi( envelois', in;
fur Vr, stnow, if mill upward, All food and
e(ully etieup.
ur.sxvrrn mockkhy ir.iAUTKMT
Heavy om"-llilrd pint tumliler wli,
tll crystal tila -lsUI castor (inlr Z7
-pii' Kiss lireasfast set Ss!, Hand ilecor
ali'd fiispaiUiiwa each, Tlm best of W, i,
at price. I list will tell thxlrown story. (l
wM-r Mds. consisting of S tuuilders, oru"-tialf
sal, plt4 lier and tray at fs 7V. Il.u. and
II I ci, Tlii'W'l arn liiirKiiln. A fw
ft-piece toilet sets left will I'l'ms at II IM. Sr
lliem, Nutlilns ran touch them In th city
si r'i ,hiiiis of all kind and st prices
that will Interest,
are the only cut, price driiiirl-ts In tli city
in the 'I nut line at sixlit one-half thn usual
price. Prescription, psleuis and all kind
of drus t cut prices,
Von will Snd tsre harKaln In our randy
department, our hardwara department, our
lea. coftii" and snlci ilepurliiieiii, our grocery
depart meiit, and on our wcind II sir.
I nine in and uw Itennei t.
Wood, Coke,
03AL fOH 0001 PUHP08ES.