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A IH) I II 0 N A l KU I TO 1U A L
Ht M4 n ''.r llil '
it) ut 1u ivttn " " ''"'it p'l,"
III n x M ('
VllT-rv il tin"' V
in th I. st!H- liaU at t.tntidn 11
wt, k Hucvty the Hitmtti -1m U
tint Jtlw Into "Ul
inn. At t"a l.u ) mti n il In the
II itt titan ltift m Ht I f the nallotmi
KiiatiU t Illinois Hint wifctf TdiHim
1 1 art I jf nn mloticl, 1 lei W one rom mny
oliUnlll al?l- full.
urn lady friend wh eoninrUi the
llll'UlIx rtll lit HlMIVSS tVtltH'il No. .1, of
the W. A. I. A., had an Informal r"
ivptlon at thffr liwll in Khctly block
last Monday iveiiiiiu. IMn shnii'til
pw nervitl ami a p neral kihsI time
WaH llHli. NlHHVNII IHHIIH'll No. , I
one which pave tho enjoyable enttT
lainmont In WashlnKtoii hall last
month, and turned tin' profUs Into the
"Miller Fund." Ill turn of the most
iruMrnm councils In tho west.
Thk A. P. A's carried Cheyenne last
Tuesday. They elected their candidal
for mavor by a majority of 170, a will
la ikwn by tho following dispatch from
the secretary of No. 1:
f 'HK-vvwv. Wvn.. Jan. 10. John C.
Thompsoni-Clty election today. For
muvnp v.. V. stjihln. onu hundred and i
seventy majority over L. H. Bresnaher,
democrat and 1 toman. Full particulars
by mill.
The particulars did not arrive in
time to be published this week.
LAST Wednesday evening Goodrich
hall resounded with merry laughter
and loud applause. Council No. 8 of the
American Protective Association had
thrown open its doors to tho wives,
children and friends of its members,
and from eight o'clock until nearly mid
night listened and applauded speakers,
singers and musijlans for tho many
bright and witty things they said and
sang. Near the close of the entertain
ment the ladies of South Omaha Coun
cil No. 2, W. A. V. A., brought forth
their baskets and treated those assem
bled to an elegant lunch. Tho enter
tainment was a success from start to
finish. Doth the councils are In a nour
ishing condition.
UNTIL a few weeks ago the Richard
son Drug company hud a gentleman
working for them who attended tho
Tenth street mission. One day he had
a few minutes spare time and began
writing invitations to send ont to his
friends asking them to attend services
there. VMIo engaged In that work
hrBtoreTnllrcaitro up, noticed what ho
was doing and remarked: "Mr.
I have been pushing you forward under
the impression that you would go into
tho Catholic church." That was all
that was said. A few days afterward
he was changed Irom the position he
was then tilling, lo another more la
boriouswith a decrease in the salary
officii) a month. The Komuri did not
' discharge him because he was a Prot
estant, but he fixed turn so he hud to
myself that their husbands, brothers
and other muiu relatives are in the
United blates, aiiU found everywhere
only old men, women and children at
homo. They told me that they are re
ceiving money regularly from their
relatives, and expect them to return
heme again as soon us they have made
enough money."
This immigration wus started by tho
agents of Pennsylvania mine owners,
and retribution bus vlnlled the employ
ers by the development of the charac
ter of the supposedly docile Hun in Uj
the most unmanugeublu turbulent anu
stubborn element ever introduced into
the country.
It was in Italy, however, that tho
reckless stimulus of Immigration wus
found to he in fullest Mower. Facts
Hew up and struck the commission in
the face. It was found, for instance,
that 4,000 agents, sub-ugerits and run
ners were scouring the southern
provinces for business, it wus admitted
by the Naples ugent of the Anchor
lino that three-quarters of the pussiigM
tickets to America were prepaid in
America. It was learned that where
relatives did not prepay the pussugo
passenger mortgaged their serviced
through tho homo agents of Italian
bunkers In New York,
Woman for house-work. No Jtomiwi
need apply. Call at this ollleo. Middle
aged woman preferred.
For Lady Friends Only.
Send six cents In slumps for Six Pa
pers Sharps best sewing machine need
les. Mlts. ilKLLK Eaunkst,
2iM Cuming St., Omaha, Neb.
Agents Wanted.
A DVKKT18KMENTS inserted in Tub
AMKK1CAN are sure to bring a profitable
return to the advertiser. Amerieuris,
watch the columns of this paper I
. ,
Scratch puds put up from waste
paper stock. Just tho thing for mem
orandums, 412 Sheely block.
P. O. S. of A. pins. American
I.ook Department.
The LriitkUWvt Stituiion at
Mil. llinilltMt mt MUt
tloax wl hfn-n-iiut fcpMrat
Afflr lot tftitaw - lli
twMtxn hmIi tnft tli n
TVrttn. . JUw. I I'M thil iiiwwm
Dirt M Hll Hi l in Ink i(cr.U?
nidi iiiiiti mi. I n-itt t ii-rivii.MH In w vt
In on thi tntifii'u- tuiiimllU', ht h
til tto elmnof 1 aetntipll-h anythmtf,
OMiUral Wi'M th denminU nflHitll
Ihtiinitth rH mil by I lie Hrpuhll
rm at 8 o'clock In the efti'rnmm Chum
Wrn, the Onuuiu he eoiinly Is nes ml,
when hie tiame m rwirhiil. rente fur
werd end slnletl that the Iti'itux rete of
thehtmx hH'l kept out of the contro
verey Iwtween the Hrptibl Irene etui
Populista end hnd vIsiI.mI Uovernor
Levelling to piiIInI hie ihl in arriving
at a Mttlement of the flgU, Jjut now the
controversy Ix'lng; ae fa -from eettle
ment ae ever, the ,Hm'ocriits felt it to
be their duty to recognise the legally or
ganized house. They had not for a
moment doubted the legality of the Re
publican OTganizatfon. The action was
unexpected and was received with wild
demonstratione of applause on the Re
publican side.
The Othnra Follow,
Mr. Dougherty, a Populista from
Geary county, said he had been a Dem
ocrat all his life, but he was not the
kind of a Democrat to help the Republi
cans. This action was a semi-recognition
of the Republican speaker, and his
friends pulled him away amid great ex
citement. Order having been restored,
the call proceeded. When the name of
Meagher, Democrat of Leavenworth,
was reached, he, too, announced his al
legiance to tne Republican side and fol
lowing him Rosenthal made a like de
claration. He spoke at length and said
that his sympathy was with the Popu
lists as against the Republican party,
but he felt that the house should get to
work and he believed it to be his duty to
take sides in this controversy with the
Republican house. The action of Demo
crats had a very depressing effect upon
the Populists.
Liitmisd to with InUmt,
.The sjieeciies of Chambers and Rosen
thal were listened to with great interest
by both sides. On the Populist side
were gathered the leaders Including Jer
ry Simpson. Jerry Simpson said the
Populists were not surprised at the ac
tion of the Democrats ae they had been
looking for it for some time, the Demo
crats having been playing for position
ever since the election. Simpson thinks
the Democrats by their action have en
dangered the election of either a Popu
list or a Democratic senator. Thry have
widened the breach between themselves
and the Populists and he fears their re
lations will become so sirulned that they
cannot Ret together on a senator, The
Republicans at U o'clock heard from
their committee and said all hope of ar
ranging a settlement is at an end.
Tlie Republicans hare resolved to give
tip the house to the Populists without
resistance if the governor has recognized
that organization but It has since been
determined to make a fight for it. The
program is for Cubbison to take the
npeukor's stand and direct the operations
of the Republican bouse until he is
forcibly ejected by the adjutant general.
Tim Oovornor'i Action,
Shortly after 2 o'clock yesterday after
noon Governor Llewolling sent his mes
lage the Populist lower
house by his servant, the secretary, J,
C. Close, When tho Populist sergeant-at-arms
was called to the door to receive
the governor's message the excitement
in the house had in a large measure sub
sided. Rut as the door opened and Sec
retary Close was recognized the Popu
lisU arose and Is-gun cheering. Popu
list Speaker Dunsmore rapped for order
and restored piiet, the Republicans
making no demonstration. Secretary
Close called out. "Mr, Sjieakor Duns
more," and this official recognition gave
the Populist side another opportunity to
cheer. Women waved their handker
chiefs and men climbed into their seats
and waved their huts. There were cat
calls from the Rmmhlican side, stid as
the Populist chief clerk read the follow
ing: To J. M. Dunsmore, Bneaker of the House
of Representatives:
In answer to your communication, Jan.
8, IBM, notifying me that the house was
duly orKmilzi'd, with J. M. Dunsmore as
speaker, Men C, Itich its chief clerk, L. K.
Dick as serant st sj-nis, and wo ready
for business, I desire to say that I will
communicate with yon further In writing.
(Signed), M, I), Ll.KWKIxtim.
The Popnlists again cheered but Re
publican Speaker Jonglas rapped for
order and said: "The legally organized
house of representatives will come to or
der," Some minor resolutions were then
offered and the roll call ordered sixty
seven members answering the Republic
can roll,
A MHiidmnin to rin Aikfld,
Mandamus papers wore yesterday
evening filed in the supreme court by
the Republicans to compel Secretary of
State Oslsirn to turn over to Speaker
Douglas of the Republican house all the
papers in his possession relating to the
Louse of representatives, including the
certified copy of the roll made up by the
state board of canvassers and those re
lating to all the various contest cases.
The decision of tho supreme court will
at once settle the standing of the rival
bodies. It is clearly understood that
the programme of the Populists is to at
cmce use the power of tho governor and
the state to force the Republicans to
leave the hall. Republicans will resist
this bnt will Iki comsdled to retire. An
incendiary proclamation has lieon issued
by Clements and other Populist leaders
calling on the Populist house to main
tain its rights by arms If necessary.
r.ipllll'nt Itt'ollcitlotlK.
ToflkA, Kan., Jan. 14. While all
parties were striving to bring about a
peaceful solution of tho legislature prob
lem yesterday a few hot-headed Popu
lists were distributing in the two houses
copies of " resolutions adopted at the
Populist mass meeting. The resolutions
after stating the Populists' claims in
,(! 1 !, rtii"i -i
., Imt, 1 1 i mm l i . . i Uii.l
' ' '1 ! -t I I ''' I' V, "', t
if 1 1 m :t i "i h t i
.. , . .1.1 ti,i.t M M
!. MI., It .",.). t I l I." t
1 ! I 1 t ! .! ('
i ' U- ! 1 -..(, tttut r
I t I II. r .f li.r ,m r l.t
i kh!l tlmjfw tnitl l thr ;m wt lln ttl
Ui'll,l 1 Hl h i -r ,N.itli l
ft Hm mni mliK tomtit mt lwit1 ll-.l
tot l In- Hlil , tHt,f f,M t,.t
Utelit Mil ..iMti.itii,.i i,nn m
tti antt niriM iv( Hi h tin n Hwl
ii i..k rt yititniH Hint in h
p.ihnt 1hl W Miiff Hir in itii1
Him 4 llf Kivst imit.nn mi! lo
unit Brm null, n, ii1ifvliitfii'm
titf1l'iiiii( riiix,ri in il.i ir tmni mi nu
wmn( Hi rritvwiiiAliVf it wil ami
The rr4uHim wi enn.liMiitl hv the
Popuhut spi'skir, ititiiunm, u4ilher
tuore coiioeivstive pniuliu
1A? to innin.
The trnral Itiillrr lukrit to II H
ttlil llnmo for liurUI.
Wasiiimitiim. Jan. 14, The train
bearing the Issly of Oeuetal It, F, Hut
ler left Washington at 8:1.1 p. in, yinter
dsy for Iowell. The funeral service
will take place at St Ann's Kpisctipal
church next Monday afternoon. The
interment will lie in tho family cemetery
in Lowell. A delegation fromdeneral
B. F. Puller post, No. 12, Grand Army
of the Republic, of Lowell, will accom
pany the remains of their old comman
der to their last resting place. Resides
Mr. Paul Putter, the general's only son,
and Miss Charlotte 11. Stevens of Not
tingham, N. II., his niece, the funeral
party consists of General O. D. Barrett,
the general's law partner In Washing
ton and a numlsir of his nearest friends,
who came on from different tKiints in
New England to pay their last respeots
to the dead.
President Harrison riuid a visit to the
Butler house and viewed the body of his
old comrade in arms.
The department officers of the Grand
Army of the Repnbllo assembled at the
house about 2 p. m. and accompanied
the remains to the doot. Tho Depart
ment of the Potomac, acting as escort of
The Kit Carson Post No. 2, Graild
Army of the Republic, met and passed
resolutions. The following message was
telegraphed from the White House of
all momlicrs of the cabinet:
Kxecutivk Mansion, Jan. 13, The
request having been made that the presi
dent direct that where it can be done with
out detriment to tho publlo service, mem
bers of the (irand Army of the Republic
of the Department of the Potomac be ex
cused from duty at 1:80 p. m, today to at
tend the remains of the late General U, F.
Butler to the railway station.
K, W, HAI.P0KD, Private Secretary.
Secretory Charles Foster had antici
pated this action by the issuance of an
order to the same effect early in the
Working for Cnuetin.
IIblkna, Mont., Jan. 14. There was
another fruitless ballot ' in joint assem
bly for United States senator. The Re
publicans all went for Sanders, while
the Democrats divided their votes lte
t ween Chirk, Dixon and Hansen The
Populists all voted together. The Pop
ulist Beecher will vote with the Dem
ocrats when they settle on a man pro
vided they do so this week. Ilausor
and Clark have been working hard all
day to secure a caucus but the Daly
men refused to join the call. If twenty
four signers can lie obtained the caucus
will be held whether the eight Duly
men will come in or not. The talk of
dark horses has been revived, and
among those prominently mentioned
is ex -Governor Toole, who will got the
full Populist's vote,
PruvKiiti'il Hut fight,
Cincinnati, Jan, 14 - Notwithstand
ing the fact that the Newport Athletic
club owns a franchise and has a license
empowering and authorizii thorn to
?ive and conduct glove contests within
heir club rooms, the Commercial club
of Newport sees fit to challenge their
right to give such entertainments. The
Uvans-Siillivan and Lloyd -Gillespie con
tests booked for last night were prevented
by the action of the Commercial club in
having men arrested lute in the after
noon. They were all placed under a
bond of f -J, oOO, which was considered so
excessive that it was deemed advisable
to postpone the fights. The content
will occur within the next five days at a
time and place to lie decided today,
ImllHiia's l.rglilittur,
Indianatomh, Jan, 14. Senator Boyd
offered a resolution that Alonzo O,
Smith, attorney general of Indiana, be
instructed to furnish within ten days
an itemized statement of the different
funds collected by hlrn or his deputlns
during his expired term of office, The
matter was made a ststcial order for
Monday afternoon. A resolution by
Representative Montcour asking con
gress to create the cabinet office of secre
tary of lalsir, was adopted, A resolu
tion bv Mr. Hendricks urging the pass
age of the Hatch anti-option bill in
congrosss was read and referred to the
committee on agriculture.
The I.ytti'liMrt Did Not Com.
Ciikktertown, N. D., Jan. 14 All
Wednesday night, while heavy flakes of
snow fell thick and fast, special police
men patrolled the town, dreading the
visit of a lynching party. But the in
dignant citizens did not storm tho jail,
anil tho four negroes condemned to die
for the murder of Dr, J. II, Hill passed
a restless night in their cells, The four
men are considered as hard a lot of cases
as ever breathed. Not ono particle of
sympathy exists for them in tho hearts
of any Chcstortownian.
Criihep Went Tslk.
New Yokk, Jun, W.-Richard Crokor
was asked yesterday if the report from
Albany that ho had criticized Senator
Hill's alleged interference with the work
of the New York electoral college was
true. Ilo answered: "I wont miv any
thing about it. No, I wont say whether
it Is truo or not."
Hum-it liy I ill'i'lraoirx.
Denver, Colo., Jan. 14. It 1ms been
established by investigation that the
mine disaster at Oumo was caused by
the carelessnoss of Stephen Conti, who
lost his life among the others.
1111 1 mill M M IHiMt
t !. . tlTVt I iv4 I ! It
Ml4i( twi
Niw Yon. Jn II It Ms
tnt m . the fcstUt ttvt tin
tif IMiidv hut tmen fci tlewneiihlv
W H w m at p-hl tv .!-
and etntpi l the ittimutain t
trw 1'V lh li te
tht tM tt dstl ,i f.ire a (xt.u
hi yesir-Uv, and tn the iinl iw
wftil tofvm linwr wmtld hti(t Hiile
bf,tttitng ii fti hor way Ihrouiilt
lb Imi tier, Feitv lU run enlv
nn the a vm plt Un,
lot ik UIku.I and New .lerwv ptrni
of Ostium Iimiip list tt n iIi-UmhI n,
hMrnwi m Immnt4l'le ways, but
(iaien IUnd U evw in wrw heie,
Kverv Usl on tlisl line Was froreil in
In the lunMiitm and though entiietif
llm were later trylnit t' make lri,
I bur reus were emwditigly IrregtiUr,
A Minding sitiiw ut in ilnvi-n bv a hiiih
Wllld NggiaVSttsI h illmttllifntl Slid
danger by itmking It litiismntlile fur
pilule lo mm fsr enuugh ahead to mc k
out the let t'liNiinels.
The unprecedented ht flites have In
side of a few days disabled ?') ont of
the 500 tug IsisU in the New York Hit t.
This condition of things in unknown in
the history of tuglsmling and additional
Interest ran bo attached lo this state.
ment when It Is understiMMl that It has
beituno impiissible to repair them,
owing to the severe weather which has
tied up the dry dis ks.
Almost all the dry dock in this city,
Brooklyn and Htaten Island have lieen
forced to suspend work, Floating ice
has made the channel buoys in the bay
irreparable. Between the upper harlsir
and the hook there was no less than
twenty Isiats fast in the lee. They could
neither come In nor go out. The schoon
er Cricket was crushed in the ice in the
North River. The captain and crew
had only time enough to save a few
personal effects liefore she went down.
Pilot boat No, 6, the James Gordon
Bennett, was caught in floating ice and
went BHhore at Heabright, N. J. Her
crew were taken off by the Heabright
life saving (Tew. The sea was running
very heavy last night in tho lower bay,
All the western trains were from three
to Six hours late. Postmaster Vancott
Issued an order to close all outgoing
mails thirty minutes in advance of the
usual time on account of the present
condition of the streets and the oiwtnio
tion of the ferry boat service by ice.
ChiiiiI tho Vote,
Limit Rock, Ark., Jan, 14. The
general rwstuuhly In joint session can
rnesed the returns of the late election
yesterday, The returns show that the
entire Democratic state ticket was
elected. The speaker also declared
amendment No, 3 to the constitution
adopted. This amendment requires an
elector to exhibit a poll tax receipt be
fore he ran vote at an election. The
Populists in the house protested the
speaker's decision, but were declared
out of order by the presiding olllcer,
Hon. William M. Fishhnck will lie in
augurated governor Saturday afternoon
at o'clock.
fnilll Sssrnh for Ills Wlf.
San Francisco, Jan. 14. L, A. Ben
adorn, a rich Nebraska cattle man is here
half crazed by his fruitless search for his
wife, Ho met and married her five
years ago in Beatrice, Neb, Last fall
they moved to Fresno where Mrs, Ben
adorn liecame acquainted with Homer
Banta. shortly afterward Bonadom was
called away on business and returned to
find his wlfo and S0(i In money gone, A
detective traced the couple to San Fran
cisco but hero they eluded him. Bona
dom is thoroughly broken down by his
domestic troubles but proposes to con
tinue the chase.
Nearly Matin tint Trip.
Red River, Utah, Jan. 14. The twin
screw launch, Major Powell, started
from the mouth of the San Rafael riv
er Tuesday evening on her trip through
the Cataract canon of the Colorado riv
er. The craft made the twelve miles in
an hour, being thrown from side to side
of the stream In a helpless condi
tion, She managed to escape the rocks
but at the mouth of the canon she
struck a snag and sank. Everyone es
caped, This is the first trip ever made
bv a craft of her size.
Sheriff's Hale.
Ily virtue of an order of mile (hhiiciI out of
the' IMhIMcI, Court of Modulus Coioily, Ne
liritskit, and to me directed, l will on I let 14th
diiy of I'l-liruiiry, A, l, MM, at. 10 o'clock, s,
tn, of siild day. lit the Kant front door of Mm
County Court limine, In the City of (IiiihIiii,
IioiikIiin County, Neliruxkii, sell lit piihllc
iiiicllon the iirtiperty dewrllied In mild order
of mile iih followN, tn-wll !
l.otxelKlil. IS), nine (III, ten (Id), tlfleen (Vi),
mill Nlxteen (ll III Mock one (li: Imx five i.'n,
si H (111, seven (7l, eleven (III. twelve Il2i. Ilfteen
(I'll, mill sUU-en (HI In block two i2l III I'alter
son's llrsl, Hildlllon lo Hoiilh (liinilni. till In
IiiiiikIhs coiinly, stale of NehniMkii, mild
iroM'riy, or mi iiiiicli of it us may lie hccch
miry lo lie mild lo mil My I 'lt nl Niitloiial
Hunk, of Oiniiloi, I ho niiiii of foiirO'en Inoi
ilreil. (Ifl v-eviii snil lll-liKI ilolliirN I I,4.'i7.l),
with Inte'rct lliiireon ill. rule ofelht (Si per
cent, per annum from Pepleuiher in, I'-'i,
and llfiy mid li.l-(KI dollars cohih, Willi
lnteriwi. I hereon from the lift It titty of Hi'ii-
letlllllT, IMiC, tJIUI'llllT Willi ncrriilnif coln
neeordlng li a Judiriiieiit tendered liy Hie
illnlrlct. conti. of mild IioiikIiin county, at Its
ScplemlMT term, A, !. Mi'.!, In a certain uc
lliin then and there pcndlnK, wherein I'lmt
Niilloinii Hunk, of Omaha, was plalnl lfT. mid
liudiilpli M, I'lillernon hikI oilier were tie
felldlllllH, (tmaliii, Nebraska, .laniiary l:!ih, n(i:i.
Hherlff of lloiiiflu t'ounly, Nebriika.
InaiK' K. Condon, iillotney. l-lil-5
Sheriff's Sale.
Ily vlrl ue of an order of sale IkhiiciI out of
the iIIhI rlct court of Hoiitflu coiinly. Ne
lininkii, mid to me directed. I will, on the I M h
day of I'ebi uary, A. It., I!l, al Ido'clm k a.
m. of Nald day, at the KAsT frontdoor of the
coiinly coiit t house, In I lie city of (IiiihIiii,
liuiiifliis i-i hi n I v , Mi'braNkii, w ll at public
iiiiclloii Hie proiierly di-wHIied In nald order
of mile H k follottn. td-wlt :
'I'lie nortli oni'-liulf (N ',1 of lot three CD. In
hliH-k Hie i."ii. In KoiiiiI'k third Clrdi addll Inn
to I lie cit y of IiiihIiii. iih miii'Vi-VimI, plalled
mill liccoiili'd In I lou i; I in couiiiy, Nlnie of
Ni'lirietkii. mild prnpi rly lo be Hold lo MilNfy
liiiiiiha Hiiv lints Hunk the sum of one tiioiei
n 1 1 I one biiiiilrcil. elirbt and 4 t-1 s t ilnlliiis
(1. ( 4m. Willi Interest thereon lit tale of
el si lit isi per cen I . per a ii ii i iii from Sep! ember
I'Mli. Is'.iJ. mid twi iily-tbree and i',:i-I'm ilollii th
i:;i.iKII eofcls Wil li Inii reHl (hereon from the
Unlidayof Hepieinber, A. II. Isle!, touelher
Willi accriiltiK ciisis according In a luilir
menl remlereil by the district court of hiiIiI
liiiinrliis county, lit lis rn'ptember lerni. A. II.
1K1K, III a certain m-l tuti then and I here Htid
Inu uliiieln (IiiihIiii Havlnui, Hunk was
iiliilntllV mill .lull it lliiiliuiiii and liarbiira
llnlliiiiiii were ilefcndmil.
(IiiihIiii, Nebiaskii. .lauuary l.'ib, I :.
Hherlff of Uoilu'liis Coil in y. Nebraska.
I'ranclH W. Wexsells, alKirney. 1-1:1-3
. I m , -i IS ', , , - ,l I-
I-- , . i w t-i, , t t I,. i .
rxiENon Give
I eftl Nil e
W,li,, I lusllin M. .till
It M-.. t.lls txm- 1 t,.,,,,,."5',
til l(t 'a, i , l ttllHi, I limit H,
t Hunt lit- i, I I l 1 1 K iii ii. ,it
tvi. I !.... ,, I,,,.!.,,,!
t,,, .l., Wi!.... H W.sst lk .t
,,,I1I., ,,it, loan. It t ( ( tl "l
, m.ii.- ttiot on ntt .!
,1 " lie llni' iiitm Mini" t ( i..,i
tun,t.S I,, r in ttli.t H i iiit.wt in ! Ii
tit, t niit i, lm! ,,,,lt Nt tftwsi,
, i,,vi si'l tt, I, ttstit the nbh-,1 mil
pi.,, , ,.t l,l,l, mv tiitmii t" iiiUIn
! I, mill i titn lot" llii't" li il "
I. nni.inill in Mix k tilne i In lte ! of
II, nei,.k..t, utt i'l, ltril tti H
,..i,l., I. lit Ixunlxx ciiiniv Ne
l-txsks mill iUte, the imh ,l nl Atiyust
"t tot M,t. Slllil Ml f.i'i i'l Wtlll tlllen-st
II,, te,,ll ft, ,11, tUle lliettHif mill (lixl tlll lie
t.n.lxiil Mmy M lloiiklnx,. Iisx Hl.l 1.,?
, r,. ix tin ivln. tin- nblii I snil iti r
of l,, h aiv to fnl'i low s it'ltnlti tool t tl n ite
I'Mt iileil by the id fetnlxtitx, I txtikllit .1.
II..I. bkisx nml fmxli II llnt. likl-. Iilxwlfiv,
to I I, i !.- !' si i xl loii. In xeeiiti- (be imttm-nl
ut ,11 1 Hill iiiiiiiUwity lbi'iiio li
tniilii y of xxiii iiii'inisi'x, iinitHi in.- ii-,, i miv
oftVlolH'i xu, lot the until if f Ks line
ami piivnble In two yisr twin tne tune
llii'i. iif, xihI wlileh wnx duly sxxlsiteil lit the
xxlil Mniy M ll,iikllis; dial (lielvlstiow dun
iiiHin the xnhl hum liiillli 'x Hen (lie xiim of
anil iiixm (lie xnhl time Mini mot tunny
Hinxiini of Ilnmim, Willi interest nit encn in
the salil xiiiiix from (he ilal lliereof, Slid
which xiiiiix Willi Inlcrexl from xald ilatex
(he xii Id pliilnlllT Slid (lie xalil Mary M. lloii
klnx pray furs decree Unit the. diifemlaiilx
may U reiiulreil (n pay (he same, or thai
xii Id (iienilsex may be wdil In xxllsty (tin
aiuoiintx toiiiin tine.
Von H re tiiiilreil In snxwer snlil liellllmt
anil cinsx net It Ion on or before (he Jniliilay
of Kebriuiiy. A. I. IstSI.
luleil .litnmiry nun. ewi.
!l A M I'll N I.I'M II Kit COM PAN V,
Ily It, I,. .Iiihuxoii, attorney for
Ily ,1ns. W. Curr, her attorney.
Inn. Ill, Nit. .16. ' I-'"
Sherifrs Sale.
1,.. ..I... I.... ,..,l,i lit HIllll ImxiiihI nut. of
liy li ni i," V,
the lllxlrlct Court of Hoilijlns coiinly. Ne
l...,.L.. u,l l.,, (llrerli'll. 1 will, nil tint Mi ll
day of l ebruary. A. Isnil. at In o chx'k u.
in, of xii Id day. at the KAHT f runt, door of I lie
Coiinly lioiirt lloiiHe. In the cllynf (ttuahii,
Doiuiljtri county, Neliruxkii. sell lit public
auction the properly dexcrlbed In said order
of sale as follows, to-wlt I
"Lots sixteen (Kb, seventeen (17), eighteen
(IS), tilneteeii (III) and twenty (211), In block
live ifn, In HowIIiik (Ireen addition lo theelly
of (IiiihIiii. axxurveyed. plal U'd and recnrdeil,
loel her with all and sliiKUlar the leiien t,
nereiiii iiiiieiiix aou iijipio i.,-iihm,
heloinilim. or III any wise upperla iiln. al
,. ' . ........ ..f U..I.UuLl. " M.ll.l
in iiinmiax ciuon.v, xi nn, r,n,.,
proiierly to ho sold to satisfy Arthur y. V.
Wood, TrusMie, the mini of live hundred
. . .. ,, .1 ,u l,M ,l..ll..H IAT.II1I IMI will,
lllliei y-l.llieo nun in en, ,i,,,,,r, .......
Interest thereon at rile of eight (S) iM-rcent.
per antiiiiii from Heiitember IKI h. IslCi to
xallxfy fiimi the iindlvldeil one fourth (')
lulerexl. of Thomas II. Taylor In tlm aliovo
dexcrlbed premises, the Cnlld Hliiles
National Hunk tlm sum or iwti iiuonreu
seven anil M-lim dollnrs (!(fl,75) with Interest
thereon at. rale of eight IS) per cent, per
I...... ?,i. Iwm l.ktf.illuii. vu I li
milium iroin .nun' imh ,., ......
iiIiiii and 4(1-111(1 dollars (W,4fi) costs therein:
tn sallxfy from the liud.vliled oiie-foiirlh
C) Interest of Thomas II. 1 ayior in inn
above described premises, ine u mien minus
,1 III HIIIH I llllllll Hie Mil,,,,.
hiniilred sixty-one and IU-W0 dollars il(ll. I.I)
wllh Inlerest thereon at rale of ton (10) ier
cent, per milium from June 171 It, Mm, to
gether with seven dollars if i.iiuicosi.iiiereiii;
to satisfy from undivided uiie-foiirlh (')
Interest of Thomas II. Taylor In llin above
described promises, the Commercial National
Hank of (Imaliii the sum of two thousand
eighty-four and 4.VIW dollars (,!,iiS4.4.'i with
Interest thereon lit rule of ten MM per cent,
per annum from rtcptember ilgwl. A,
to satisfy the sum of llfly-sevnn and Is-KHl
dollars .7,IN costs, with Interest, there"''
from the Kith day of Hepltmiber. A. Il, !,
., - ...hi. ...... .I.... ,,,., ,p,l 1 1, 4i. it
Mlgei lier WO II ai-emmx , .,n..r, n. . .... -j
ludgment rendered by the district court of
' . r .. ... i.u u..... .. . I ... s i.,,,..,.
HO III HOIigiaS eolllll.Y, im OS n. M .-..,,, .
A. II. ISW, In a certain action then and
there pending, wherein Arthur Wood,
Trustee, was plaintiff, imd Mill) II. (loble,
'I'ruslee, Thomas II. Taylor. Albert M
K lichen. Henry O, llevrles. Merrlwealher ,1.
Wiiugh and others were Jefonilmils.
""""KlJT irkNNkTT.
Hherlff of lloiiglas county, Nebraxka.
Morris ft lleekman, alloriieys. J- l.l-n
Appointment of Administratrix.
HTTKorNr.iniSKs, m
DoiiglasCounly. f '
In ihe Couiiiy court of Koiiglas county,
Nebraska. . , .
In ihe mutter of the extal" of .lames
Krewen, deceased : , ,
Kllen Krewen. Murgaret I rewen, Kllabeth
I'reweii, Mary Merrill, and all other persons
Interested In said mill ler are hereby untitled
that on the 'lib day of September, Ih!, Mar
Kit re 1. 1'' re wen Hied a petlllon In said Coiinly
court alleging among other things that
,1 limes Krewen died on Ihe 01 h day of March,
Mil, leaving no last will and testament,
and poxxexxed of real and personal estate to
bo admlnlxlered, and that the above named
(institute, the persons Interested In (he
est ale of said deceased : iinil praying for ad
ministration thereof. , ., ,
Von are hereby untitled that If you fall to
appear lit said Court on the Kind day of
March, MM, at 10 o cluck A, M and contest
said tiel II Ion, the court will appoint Mar
garel I rewen or some other suitable imtkiii
admliilxlrutrlx, and pns-oed to a sell lenient
of xuld extuMi. ,
Witness my hand and official seal this
day of I milter, M.
smi,1 l-hl-4 .1. W, Kf.t.KU.
Coiinly Judge,
Notice to Creditore.
Htats or Nkbmaska, l
lloiiglas Comity. I '
In the County court of lloiiglas county,
Nebraxka, lleceinber :!Hlh, A. I. IsW.
In the mailer of (he cxluto of Unrnthn
Kllllnger, deceased:
The ( redllorx nf said exliileiitnl all other
persons Inlerexled III xuld mailer will take
notice thai the Credllnrx of said estate will
npiicur before I hlx court on the day of
ivlurch. Mill, on Ihe Suh day of April, Mil,
and nit the -.".lib day of June, MM, at Ido'cbx-k
A. M., each day, for Ihe purpose of preserilltiK
their claims for examination, adjustment
and allowance, Hlx uionllis lire allowed for
the creditors Hi present (heir clalnts and one
year for Ihe administratrix In settle said
estate, from Ihe .Mh day of liceembcr, Mr.'.
This mil Ice will be publlxbed In Tits Amriii
cam for four weeks successively, prior to the
.".nil day of March, MM. All claims not men
on or before the '.".Mil day of June, MM, will
be forever barred from conxlderalloii In Ihe
lllilil xettlemenl of said extale.
Wlluexx my bund mid olllclal seal this l Ii
day ol llecei'iiber. s',,
skai. J J W. KM.KK.
.:i4 County Judge
Notice to Creditors.
Htatk. ok Nkhhaska. I '
lloiiglas County. I '
In the County court of Houglax coiinly,
Nebraska, lioceinbcr :l. A. I'. Mtt.
In Ihe matter of the estale of John H,
Thomas, deceased.
The creditors of xuld estate and all oilier
persons Interesied In xuld mutter will lake
tiollce thai the creditors of said exliile will
appear before Ibis court on I be 2,'iih day of
l ebruary. MM, on Ihe iilh (lay of April
MM, and on ltie:mtb day of June MM. al in
o'clock a. in. each day, for the pitrKixe of
prt'xetillug (heir clafnix for examination.
ndliiHimenl and allowance. Hlx months are
allowed for Ihe credllnrx to present (heir
claims, and one veur for Ihe udmlnlslrulrlx
to settle mm i estate, from the :ilh day of
liecember. MIX This tiollce will Is- published
III 'I'll K AMKHtt'AN for four Weekssliccexxlvely
prior In the tMli day of I'elu iiiii )'. IWM. All
claims not (lied on or before the :mih day of
June, MM, will be forever burred from enn
xlilcritilon III (be liiuil xelllemenl of mild
Witness my bund and olliclul ni'al this :mth
day of llecehilM r. M.M.
Ixkai. I l-Ci-4 J. W. KI.I.KIl.
Cnu my Judge,
Mcilit mc cupu-isi-il to all parts. No i-xpnsme.
-ivln I rt . kiiMwevCo (Inuili.'i Vrb,
t , M .N -Mil i i,
- iifc - .
v ! ,
t ' 1 , t' I .
'I -. ' i
me a call.
N.Mit' tti Ctilii
n,l nl . i
K,, l,. I ..,,lt (
It, tl., i e,i,ii i ,,,it ,.f l,iitx eimeiy
, i.i six Ix.n lsl I
Ixii.e e-xiiit el tbt .t.te iif Nxfti f I
H iil HI
1 1,1 . ,, IH..I, ,.( . , 1,( , ,, ,,. x,.. a( Lit,,!
t ini, -sii., in xx I t.ixiit f talt.i
tt,.l 1,1 tl.xl till I illlol M , 1 tle ll
Xt'lX xi Is lit- IhU ,11, nt tt Hie XS ilxf el
I i nxi t"i on i In- ;i b ilxy ut A 1 iwi
sml i tin :il, list n( jntie (s xl (a e , (,
X im i s- ti itxjt f.,i tbe iui ti. ,il tnki ,t tint
(In it i IxOms f,,i eiixixdixtlnti, M,t!ttttet'it xli .x xii.h. xi ,,,ii,, ate xll.ixi .t f,if
(lie ei-ill1,il tn ili'xi'lit tin It elxlmx fttnl huh
li XI t,,l Hie 1 . nl.,1 1,1 s. Ill,, xxl'l txalnto.
Imtil Hie l(t ltx of leietitlx r. M,4 llllx
tintl. e III Ih pub IKI, . . I 0, ln ntnli x
lot fmil His ks ii,viU, lv pilot (il (lix ?x
itH nl It liuixty (xi All clxlnix eied
mi nt Is fore (Im v'lh ilxv nf Jinn'. Mil will
Is' for,et htitieil f entti eiiiixlileiRt Ion In (lie
fttlfll xi lib lie HI nf xatit lnl
Wlluexx ley liiiinl xil olll, ,i n nl (111 Jlld
lis 111 IkxfttilH I, IX'lJ.
if Ait ) w ki i.m.
I II I cniiiily Jiiili!"
Notice to Credilori,
INilltflllxI'iillllly. (
III Ihe cm oily i iiiiii nf IhiiiiiIh coiinly.
Nehrsxks, Ik'ceiiiber 2, Mi!,
In the mslli r of (he exlxle of (limign II.
Heard. dixtiixiiil :
The credllnrx nf xuld exinte mid nil other
icini Inlerealcil III xuld mailer Will (like
niitlcii Iinil Hie cieillliiix or said exlaln will
Hpixiir before ibix coin I in tlm Ilaih day of
I I briniry, Isim, on thu 'istli day of April. swi,
and nn Ihe ib day of June, lsv:i, ,
lit In o'clock a, In, eiich diiy. fur the iursixt)
nf presenting (heir claims fur exatiiliistliin,
iiiljiixtmeiil, and allowance. Hlx iiiimlhx urn ,
allnwed fur Ihe creditors to present (heir
claims sud one year for the inliiilnlxlriilur In '
settle siild estate, fiimi the Will day of
Iteceniber, I Mil,', This not Ice will be pub
lished In Tus AMsmi'AN for four weeks suc
cessively prior hi the 2sih day of February,
I "IM, All claims not tiled on or before the
'-sill day of June, MM, will Isi forever barred
from consideration In the llniil settlement of
said estate,
Witness my hand and olllclal seal this
day of iNicember, I SIM.
skai.i j. w. icu.Ku.
I CI-4 County .luilge.
Notice to Creditors,
Htatk ok Nkiiiiaska. I
liuiiglas County. "
In (lie coiinly court of Dougl is county,
Nebraska, December 22, A. I), M,
I u the mai ler of tlm estate of Hux I,a.urax
The creditors of said est alo and all other
persons Interested In said mill ler will Inks
notice that the creditors of said estate wilt
appear before this court on tint 27th day
of I'ebriiury, I him, on the 27th diiy of April,
I s;i, and im the 27th, day of June, I MM. at Kl
o'clnck a. m each day, fur the purposti of
presenting their claims for examinat ion, ad
justment and allowance, Hlx months am
allowed fur the creditors In present their
claims and one year for the administrator
to settle said cMliiln, from the 27th (lay of
liecember, MM, This notice will hn published
In TllH AmuiiiOAN for four weekssuccesslvely
prior to the 27th duy of February. MM, All
cluliiiN not tiled mi or before the 27th duy of
June, I him, will ho forever burred from con- ,
slderiitlnii In Ihe Hint) sel l lenient of said
Witness my hiiiid una olllclal seal this 22nd
(lay of lleeeiiilier. Mi!i,
sk,ai, J. W, V.U.KH.
I-l.M County Judge,
Notice to Creditors.
Htats or Nkiiiiaska, I
noughts County. f
In the county etnirt of Itourlaii county, -Nebraska,
December 24, A. Il, IsW,
In Km noil ler of the estale of Hugh 0.
The redllors of xuld estate and all other
persons Interested In said matter will lake
notice that the creditors of said estate will
ii lipeur before this court on tlm Vil li day of
I'ebiuary. MM; on (be 27 th day of April, I HIM,
mid on the 27th day of June, I HIM. at Id
o'clock a. m. each (lay, for the purpose of
presuming their claims for examinat ion, ad
justment and allowance. Hlx months are
allowed for the creditors to present their
claims and one year for the Imlnlstruior
In settle said islaMt from the 27lh day of
December, MI2, 'Ibis tiollce will tin pub
lished In Tns Amkhioan for four weekssuc
cesslvely, prior lo the 2ftlh day of 1'Vbruary,
MM. All claims not (lied on or before (he duy of June, MM, will be forever barred
from ciinslderulloii In the llniil sell lenient of
said ex! me.
Wlluexx my hand anil olllclal seal I hlx 211 Ii
day of December, IWM.
SK,Al, .i.w.r.u.m,
I-1,1-4 County Judge.
Notice to Creditors.
Htatk or Nkiiiiaska, I
Doug I ax Coiinly. I
In Ihe Coiinly Court of Douglas County,
Neliruxkii, December. 22, A, D, Mi2.
In Ihe Mutter of the estate of John
lluhf sohll, deceased.
The Creditors of said estate and all other
persons Interested In said mutter will take
notice that Ihe cred lints ol said estate will
appear before thlx court, on Hi" 2stli (lay of
l ebruary, MM, on the 2sth day of April, MM,
and on the 2sth day of June, MM, at Id o'clock
A. M., each day, for the pui'imso of present
ing (heir claims fur examination, ad bisl uient
and allowance, HI x moiii lis are allowed for
Hie creditors to present thelrclalms, and one
year for the administrator Ui settle said es
tate, from the 2s(h day of December, ISM.
This tiollce will Is- published In Tns A MKlticAN
for four weeks successively, prior Ut the 2Slh
(lay of February, MM, All claims not tiled on
ornsfore thc2Hlh day of June, MM, will lie
forever burred from consideration In lbs tin ill
xelllemenl. of xuld cxlatti
Wlluexx my hand mid nfllclul seal this 22hd
day of liecember, M.I2.
' J. W, K M.Kit.
(skai.,1 l-l.l 4 County Judge,
Notice to Creditors,
Htatk or Nkiiiiaska, I
Douglas Couiiiy,
In the Couiiiy Court of Douglas Ciiimty,
Nebraska, Decemls-r :ilxt. A. D. isW2.
In Ihe mailer of the cxliite of John A.
The rredllnrs of said cxfntn and all other
perxoiis Interested III xuld matter will take
not Ice thai the creditors of said extale will
appear before this court on the 2Mb day of
February. MM, on theiiKli day of April, Js(M,
and on the 1st day of July, MM. at in o'ebx-k .
a. tt each day. for Hie purpnxe of iiresentliig
Ihelr clalmx for exumluailoii. adjuxtmeiit
and allowmice, Hlx moiithx are allowed for
Ihe credllnrx to present their clalmx and one
year for the executrix to xetlle xuld exlale,
from the illxl duv of I lecemlsir, Isir!: (bis
in nice will be published in Thk Amkhjcan
for four weeks successively, prior lo (he 2,'ilh
day of February. MM. Alli'lalmsnot tiled on
or'lHfore the Ixl. day of July, MM, will Isi
forever burred from conxlderalloii In (he
Ileal xettlemenl of said eslnie.
Witness my hand and olllclal seal this .'list
(In y of December, MiJ.
-. . , i ii, t.L i r t-ii
SKAI. .i. r.i.i.r.iv.
Couiiiy Judge.
. gsSrTV MJ-C -A.CJT1.
IITf'raifii ii-k
I'urcliaxo Tickets and (,'onslgii Your
Freight via the
F,'E,& M, V, and S- O.&P
II. C. UUHT. Co in -nil Manager.
K. C. MOKK.HOI'HK. .). It. llt't'HANA.N,
(3. mi. rV.irfht A,'t. J -n. I 'ass. Agt.
Omaha. Nebraska.