The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, January 13, 1893, Page 2, Image 2

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Mr, IVni,
11 1 t I ! II IK IU !. (n
I I r . .. I tl. ' i . In l (
tt " ) M t M I M tnl I oil I
IK t ) t . .1 I. l . I I . .., . . t"
K t) t !.... . a i ,1 m-4
iMfeamflMit 1 . aw.l An I if
tM.ttw! tot . U 4
twi louM t .. . it.
p -.- In hie t n tl I ;. itt
hf tl.un.l ft )rl a Ilntitit l,
Ml 1I t.ftl Vi t halt 1111 Khl
ibttii HMI a rinrn ti l.liltt.(
man tui h I.Iih- i f V.l.lvon. I.til
tM nd )tiK Ik ." MiMlink
milil hair Hiai!!- t-i.,. Imi f,i
tr- 4 t4 1t mllii' IiimiI iif A mi l I.
nit r.t h t n i( lb Ai hl-l-lnii t inii(ii
Whi'll Ar titillim In lati.l mi,i fn-Hi Ilium
nil Hi'iil InNrwtnrk ami hail a t'lliati
lntMt mill lt MiU)n unit ttut.l4
(Writ an, I aiw n.tiii thin nf Iii.(hiH
l"v (HUM t) !!! ItitcrtrltW, ln-latill mil
tWttaanttti it anrrt.n Mt-ltiNiinttittti,
ml that Uiinn nf tlir caum fur Mrl.lynii
lid Irt'lnjul In uiiilv fiiifi
Now. mimim wi limk Hi llilinim fniiii
another !nmtHiliil. On thiitM foil at
afraid nf. your i'kiiimi limy turn hm r an. I ymi
would I liiinH'il Into tin- m'H. Whrit 1 hp
two rrhlillMiM ! li Hull 1 1 UK (ivir tin'
avliiail iiirtlnii, Jfmit It'llrrn lint' wi-r
written In mu ll a niHiini r thnt rach nf tln
tat-lloua iH'lli'vril ymi i't fa vm Inn ihclr
ultlii, kiiit now jroiir ri'pn'itKiiiKiiM', Mnr.
Hnlolll, Iiiiii Hi'li'il your kikvIiiI hiii iiI In
lr. Mi'tilynn'N chms nntl I wuiilil mil lie mir
lirlni'il If rnrh of lliu fHi'tliiim will llilnk ynu
urti their lnkt (rli inl, Mlilcli will fiuiMi Hip
(lin'ilnii In rlM, "I Ir. Mi'Clyini In llu
Komitn ('Hlliollc cliuri'li or oul of M" Tin
HniimnlMt will miri'ly y. nllny wIhIi to
my, "ltiuny wmili'il to return," Motllymi
would thi n l ."nti Anitrlcnu wlmt In It,"
Hut, If lio vfr doi- Kit nny )owir In tho
rliurchof Hiinm hiiiiIii, Mr. I'orrlKnn. t lie win
of the Newark gcMiHi'iimn, will MilTrr. "Thfre
I mor tlmn mm WHy to kill a cut," Hiitl
thiim In more than one wy for prli't tontop
the wlit'i'ln to nucreiiH of nu Hrchlilnliop, and
theaon of the Newark Kentlt'iiiiin knowalt.
I Uilnk It la a mlatuko you do not aend lilm
down to I hill. liK'ta too hot In a clliimti
like New York.
If the J em It a were to have entire control
they would aecond that motion. When Ir.
MtUI vnn iihtlihtMiK)i tided they law It waa
a vi i y Injudliloiia move to uiuke, and It haa
been ko. Ihu altuatlon In tint I'ulted Htutea
dcmanda you to take apoaltlon whleh hla
attitude auKKealed.
Ihe rliunb of Hume, through men like
(oirlKan, hnaahown her lion teeth, and the
DfOpleof tho I'nltid Htateahuve not heeuao
tllnd that they have not Men Hu m. And
they will nmtiiilier what they have aim.
The ymtialhellc, co-operative, reclpUMllj
aetloin of the lii tnun ( atliolle cliuii hto
waiila Hie liec and pmple of the
I'nltid htntiH will do little to Rain theea
tttmof thepteple. If jcu have the Inter-
efcta if the An.irUau tuple at limit, let
tin m have an Aim Minn iliimli, and throw
away ti me if the tldlt ultiiatt ueta jouhave
tcokid out of nmeof Hie purloua trltlnn
In the Vatican library, and then theymlKht
ope for ii(ciki but If you hate America,
rule her Ik in your Human prlaon, and ever
""iTTI'&'yb'jr iHM4, -hiititlr to the llona,"
aaovn aa yuu are ationg t iiouh to throw
them there. Alkph.
Tht Prett the Eductlor.
EiMioit Tim AMkHiCA; It haa ben mild
that the free prem la the beat educator of the
people, the moulder of public, opinion, and I
aaarrt that It lathe medium thruuRh which
the piim'I hould he kept pouted upon the
vital Inane of the day. and warned of the
dangera that threaten thedeatruc.llon of our
free Inatltutlona. I'erhapa aumeono could
tell me why all the newnpapera, or ahotldf
ay newnpaper proprletora, of (hla great and
(lorloua country with Ita boaatcd freedom of
apeech, freedom of thought, free prewt, and
freed c m of roiinclence, liould fear todla
cuaa any of the uueatlona that agitate the
nilnda of the American people. I ahould like
lo know why thla aame free pn-sa ahould
revile and abuae a American cltlwn, calling
him a peaalmlat and a bigot, becaune, for
aooth, he aeeathe dangera that threaten to
undermine our free Inatltutlona and, aee
ln(, baa the manllncaa, courage and pa
irlol Imii to point them out to hla fellow cltl
tene. I don't know why an amerlcancltlxen,
free born, and nurtured tinder that grand
old flag, the atarapangled banner, and Ood
glven tjmhli m of freedom ahould bend the
auppllent knee to a foreign potentate, even
though he be the pope of Home, tho alleged
vlce-gerent of tlod. IMd I aay pope? Well
here we are at the dead-line, beyond which
the free preaa of the country feata to tread.
And why' The only reaaon that I can give
la that the edltora of thla country are not
made of honeat, manly atuff, Let a rumor
derogatory to the character and reputation
of a Protestant, be he a politician, member
of a chuirh or IU pant or. and the preaa of the
country ahowa no timidity In handling the
queetlon without glove, and, bare handed,
proceeda at once to acore the mounter who
could ao betray a truat. or prove recreant to
hla dutlea either aaactllren or achrlatlan,
but let an orator from the rout ruin, or a
mlnlater from hla pulpit, aound the nolo of
alarm and warn hla hearora agalnnt thatln
aldlouafoe to our free Inatltutlona, to our
freedom of apeech and freedom of comtolence,
that great octopua which threatenato under
mine and overthrow our very, government
and plantupon Ita rulnaa liomum hierarchy.
Yet that aame freeprena atartaback aghaat
and holda up Ita handa, aa It were. In holy
horror at aurh unwarrantable bigotry and
aueh daatardly attacka upon the holy Roman
Catholic church, audi vile and malignant
arraignment of tho motlvea of the holy
father, the pope of Home, Uod on earth,
The preaa of the country not only fnllato
warn the people of thene dangera. but
atudloualy avolda, or at uhbomly refuaea to Hie, warnlnga enunciated byothera,
both from tin) roatrum and the pulpit, Hut
have we really anything to fear from the en
croat'bmenta of Human CnthollclMii, In thla
great nation, with Ita teeming million of
free men In all the different walkaandavo
cation of life? Hut a little while before the
lamented Lincoln wna aaauaalnated by Ho
man Cathollca, of which there la abundant
proof, be aald: "1 am no prophet, yet not a
prophet I ace a dark cloud upon our horlron;
that dark cloud cornea from Home and la
filled with blood." What aprophecy to be
uttered juHt aa the greateat fratricidal war,
one of tins most cruel and bloody known to
- the annala of hMory, waa drawing to a cloae.
Yet In the light of recent event. I believe
the time la rapidly coming and la much
nearer than moat of ua think or realize, when
theclaabof ateeland tho roar of musketry
will be beard, and the patriotic Americana
!! afc4 tu.. - tit t
lit; !-! .1 Ifct I . t-l t'' r"
II . . t t . I.t. . )'
',, lit!., :r -..! 4 .
jl, t .,.iiBi a i I f.i'.l.m ihtitli
Hi l ll 111' 1"
ilil.l,.n,-l ,i t-t l . t i
).t .! it,. i j . n . I . t o ti n
I..I l't k.r .1 . '
! tl i rn4 ' " "t .li
, ii,,! !. .. . ii"i "t !irt.f
., arMi4 til " 1 t"
I a t, iit nl"t' 1 !!
tu.,, il. I). l' ' '' a 1.4
i.4i. fr I t lf 4 at ln t ht Him. I ath
.M .t i. Utlm a
rt t. i f. It. ! i liad tmt- tl
lit. , . I ' If ii a i. I the t M-t" " "'at
I U i. !,.( ViMt n'a rtii H..M . the
t r.'ii it iii mid ni1 1 Mimt-ihmi i( an
Ae-rttrati hl " If nitl'r loail lnuil.l
l tt.aite v niat'lf ! of mtititlM and
Ihe ( ai liiil l' ami reer iff
thai ii old " e wti-i f.ilillill fly the
lM l nt ami ItniH lilh " I hate ta-en
ert-tttiaiilv tnfiiiii.itl that tn iie of imr
tiimlt nf it,l..Ha nif dittirvnt klmlnl
,lilnUlii l In -lug litMM, lhal the iw' l
three tald ti Iw lilalu In authmtly In IhU
inunliy than the president of Hie I lilted
alalia. In aaraiii. New ntk, l'rlel Cm
mi ll of Watnt Mniy'a ehiiieh. iirdeml mime
of the traehentln the ptilille aehiMtla lo dl
t'lilitliiiie reading the nerlptMrea therein and
a nlnyed. The lua ltilU Herald
call lhl A.I'. A. itrganlrathin "un-Amerl-ean,"
and a -lhl country l noplace fur It
and that the H-oile would he julltled In
iuloilliig any roiiie In wlH' out the monitor
ft oiu off the earth." mmiethliig of a coin
cidence. I Iihi believe thin Country for It
(the Hoinaii fathollc church) alth ltecret
and aedltlona leaching. It colifeiwloliiil,
monalery and convent, where Iniinuent vir
tue iKoiitruged and ilehauched. Ita mulla and
order of JeKiilt. In which Itaoiith IhiiiikI and
deluded devotee are taught, and compelled
hy t lire ii l of c x-cnniiiiuulcatlnn and eternal
diminution, to deed of plunder, rapine ihhI
hlood-xhed. I loo believe that, tho patriotic
AineiicuiiN would be limlllled lit ndoptlng
anymeanato wipe out the mounter from off
the earth. A Mkhi Wn.
1 HitMoar, Neb,, January 7, Hill.
Sytlem of Fraud.
Hock Ihi.jind, Jnnuiiry 4. Ixki.- KticriiH Tub
Amkiucam: In dlacuaalng thla principle or
ayntem of fraud, It la not our iurMwo or In
tention to deal In the myalli-lum aurrouudlng
It, to prove our anaertlotia,
We might, It In true, follow out In detnlla,
aa many writer have done, and produce a
learned treatlne on the nnll-C lirlnt of the old
and new Tenlanienta. Hut In thla Innliwice,
the hlntory of Antlocbua and Judna hit
punned Into oblivion. Their page of tho
ledger lui been biilnnced, and Ita product
hiu Ita credit In the great beyond. Aa to the
horna nn npecllled by Daniel, we cun afford to
puna them by, aa wo Intend only todeul In
very plain fiicta. Ifaomeof our reader are
nufllclently Interented In thla aubject. or If
nine of Ihu learned dlnclplea of thla nyntein
denlre to Indulge In a pannage of arm, and
ventilate their learning, then, we would feel
J null Hi d In opening up thla tohject In Ita
entirety. If any rcafer dealrva more fully to
Investigate thlamihjcct, lethlin goto Uevelu
tlona, 17th chapter. There la aubject In that
one chapter, hot to any anything about the
other In the aame book, to give him all the
food for literary dlgeatlnn that he may want
for week a,
Aa a dlgreaalon, we will have to-no as to
connect our aubject-apeak of the fulfillment
of the klryt'a dream, aa recorded In tho book
of DanleC 2nd chapter.' The Interpretation
aa given to (he king by Daniel, hnabeen fully
fulfilled In the rlne and fall of the three
different kingdom, andtherlaeof progreaa
nf the fourth, and the near completion of tliln
hint, the fourth, theltoman power.
The Ilabylon lymhollcally referred to by
Ht, John, haa reference to thla lant plague.
When the Iron rule of Juntlce, In tbeperon
of Illbi who died the"Juat for the unjunt,"
come to reign, then the alone cut out of the
mountain will overnhadow thla fraud and
conalgn It to the apot where the a pontic mud
It nliotild go with all Ita friend, If they don't
let go lit time, that la to the bottomleaa pit,
where it bead, the devil, la alieady booked
Tho true Chrlatlan church (t'hrlnt'a chil
dren) larepreaented by a pure woman, whllat
the poplnh church la reprenenled by a fnllen
woman, or harlot. Thla poplnh nynlein lathe
"mother of harloi,an abomination." Hnv.
17th chapter. Any pure woman who goen to
cnnfcnalonal and confeaaea aa alio ahould,
mile ahe haa a fulneaa of virtue, which
every woman ahould ponnenn, will, In time,
fall a prey to the practice of thene foul,
lecberoua aona of perdition. The devil font
hlacelCNtlal poltlon by violence, and ever
Inre ha been trying to educe tho woman
(the church) by the gaudy apparel of t.'io
world. The woman not having the strength
of character of her Lord, ahe gave way to
temptation, hence, nlin la obnerved occupying
a teat on the "ncurlet colored beant," no
longer the wife, but tho harlot, No longer
the city of the great king, but nplrltunliy
Mr. Kdltor, my heart I mid. lean hardly
keep back the tear when I contemplate the
ruin of virtue, tho degredatlon and the con
algnmtmt to a llfeof nhame, of tho Innocent,
pure, unKophlntlcated young girl when they
are firrced to come within the fold of theae
lying, lechi rou aona of perdition. Why I It
thatparenta will not lay prejudice ankle and
look Into thla nvntein of rottennena, before
their daughter are ruined both for time and
If Father Macble, of Hock Inland, dure not
take up thla challenge, let aome other
dlaclploof till Honilnh ayatem atep 111! They
dare not meet thla aubject nliorn of Ita
ophlatryl Whether they do, or do not, we
have entered tho arena of con II let, and we
are prepared for the buttle. Wenhull aound
no uncertain aound. Wo have aucked thla
tit of Cathollclmn long enough, and now pro
poae to lay the aubject bare to the core, even
If we have to trace atep by, atep ita hlntory
from ita very foundation. It ha a very
dirty hlntory-In It Englinh, let alone Ita
Italian. Lord Hacon wna not very far wrong
when he mild, "The thlcknena of a piece of
brown paper only waa between the two."
Hock Ii.ani Mktiioimkt.
Looking for an Increase.
IlK Mm. sen, I.,.Ianuiiry 4th, iwi.'l.- Kiiitoii
Thr Amkiiican! Thecaune of Aiiie'rIcanlNin
la booming In Dea Molne. At the regular
meeting of No. 21, on Thurnday of lant week,
wo bad with un l'rof. Geo. P. Hudolph, who
gave ua an Interentlng talk. The deputy
organizer for the eiintern part of the ataie
was alno pre nent and npoke of the progrcn of
the work. On Friday evening, at No. Al, the
above mentioned gentlemen were present,
and aln our state prenldent. Tho state
prealdent made the principal apeech of the
evening, and everybody declared that It waa
a "corker." lie npoke of what the A, P. A,
had done and what It Intended to do, All
went home feeling that It waa good for them
to have been present. On fundny night Itev.
J. H. Weaver cloned hla aeries of sermons on
!.- I li tt I I
.4 t, . I lit I . ! (.r h 4 m .
! V,l'i( . M li.wr at.1 ai,it.
ikm t nNi nf i ir, tt tn
tt M t ih" Hit. In ! lit
ti n -,( t. i " A l"l
fci. .!- tiial tr a Vtvi.f Vt it. I '
IliiloV ! I )it hn4..1-i at.lltt-tv-4 rt
Ufr ilrt ti, In It III ' rtH.lH.n
I tl l..lH tl.... .kUu 1K I ,W .J k tt-t
ttlllHll ekhtl l.'t ,H I" tli-.l
t t l mU, .i ai1 II li.t. . li i,t
iki . .!.,( ' ti. t. .i, t A I' i t
. lot In I I t lhl hp lit !
(. tf tw ami ltl ltf -i ti t
laliltt lttl he Wlnt-d I lie trtult It tl.,tti
M !, ! Uifi ! of i.,
t at IIip MtMll tiflhe ttt'itl il Hi I, m
n fiwel
Cant fi all lnggementa.
tMirwt. Niii, JMtiy I, Im M'lma
lei A man li i ant IVrnill Die l v
llitoiiirh Jnnt n.'t le. ialilnllt' and lule
.l I, irml I am cii, lit d tucaii.t l all my
rttgagi nn nl In lii tnif, and am K"l al
IllwtiV I" make any further engatfeltienl
thlayear. If you will kindly Bud upaor f,n
i hi" In tiwi tievi liin, mi that II may end h
the eye nf the brave, I nhall le grtnlly
oldlgeil W lih myklndeot regard and hunt
wlli, your faithfully,
I lium Pkikh IHihniii.i t.
Mc'Glynn Quieted.
When lr. Mc(iljnu, a an ox-i'oiii-B.tinionleil
jirleal, lolil of Ihu covert
ami Inlijiilloti iittta of tho Himiah
church u oii our public Inatitutiotia,
noil expound Ihu ah a ni paroclilnl Innll
tution, lin held Ibo liljjli rogitrd and
rcHioot of tivory public apirited citi.cti
(or lmvitiK do no In duty n nn Ameri
can cili.en. Under Satolli'a inatruc!
Hon (tho Amerioiin popo) ho lias sacrl
lico liia manhood, mid htt been madu
to follow In tho foolHtcp of tho piiost
Corrignn, and framed an Insipid excuau
for hii rubollloiM conduct, whilo Aroh
biahop Corrlgun wag coerced by Sit
tolli into a sbani rcconcilalion with
the man whom he hnd denounced in
the moat scathing terms of scorn end
contempt even holding him up to the
public guze as a liar and a deceiver in
the matter of holding back an impor
tant document which should have for
warded to his master, the pope, by Cor
rlgan, in the interest of McGlynn. And
now the "ban" or curse of excommun
ication has been removed from Mc
Glynn, and he has by that act of hocus
potus been transformed from a "free
man" to use his own words into a
subject of a foreign that he
cannot hereafter, with the least degree
of consistency, claim to be an Ameri
can citizen at liberty to express in
public his conscientious approval of
Henry George's nihillsllo doctrines or
single tax, the annulment ot all per
sonal titles to land and other wild
socialistic theories which stand in
direct antagonism to the spirit, laws
and prevailing social system of Ameri
can Republic. He has sold his birth
right for a mess of something which
be baa repeatedly derided as evil and
corrupt. With what grace can this
self-stultified man now oppose the pa
rochial schools, endorsed as they are
by an overwhelming majority of the
highest clerics of his church and by
bodies of such high authorities as the
plenary council of Baltimore, which is
here quoted:
The experience of every day shows
more and more plainly what serious
evils and great dangers are entailed
upon Catholic youth by their frequen
tation of public schools in this coun
try." Cone. Tien. Bait. II.
"Cherish your public schools; listen
not to their enemies, no matter whence
they come. Make them as cotnpleto
and perfect as you can. Show no fa
vor to any other rival system. If you
will not exorcise the right to forbid
rival systems altogether, atlenst do not
be guilty of the incredible folly of
nursing and fostering and actually, by
appropriations and tax exemptions,
encouraging rival systoms. Tho rival
systems, as a rule, are promotod by
those who are not friendly I j your In
stitutionary those who, educated In for
eign lands, are but half republican or
but half democratic Never be guilty
of the folly of dividing your school
fund among the various churches and
sects. You, In such a case, would be
guilty of destroying ono of the grout,
est and most potent instruments for
building up and maintaining one great,
free common nationality.
4,0, American people, protect the
poorest, the weakest of the children of
the nation, the children of the poor,
the children of the immigrant, from
the cruel injustice their parents, under
the coercion of tho Hotnan church,
would Inflict upon them by depriving
them of tho magnificent advantages of
a common school education. They
are compelled to accept tho utterly in
ferior so-called education that Is given
in these sham parochial schools. A
large part of the zeal f or maintaining
these church schools conies from the
clannlshness of foreign nationalities
that wish to perpetuate themselves
here in hostility to our American
"These Catholic schools," said Mc
Glynn, " are very often a mere sham,
a mere pretext and pretense, presided
vvrr Mrrirtifie l h tl n 'hrvt e.v'
hit l.'tef wiel it, h Ml t f lt
l It.ttttanmt, n thfif etc tt-di) g
rlU' nine I, wM lt wnate
ttian W:it, havinf fvlett Iti 4 a. a
jiiti of il heavri nr a.i ntt'iMifc ft
t,t .tit, imittvUit mat U gt a
Hile i hiKilirif a Int. a nil thirst
he mjjM e hi i' fill lb fHVniUea
f ItomUh teailit-i. And thla hiv,
w h i otMl,t not Iteln tn gt hi If ei.
anihii-d aa a teachet In Ihe ptthlie
m t 1, lindt hiltttelf Oit'llte iv Ihe
giHteS fvlhrt rtf the paritehlal arhiml.
jlwame he U tailllng In si'irpl f.'O
nmnth; and il would lie a pood
cirrus If j mi chmM, from hehind the
dour, enjoy a piclnian if lirautifat
Hottiiah education that l given In annie
nf theae school the queer aandwttch
Int of had Kug!ih, bad graiittnar and
bad pninciirclatlon, with liltle akelches
of thw caiechlntii flogged into the
children with birch rod."
Much mure, and much th:tt waa more
severe- did the now tongue-llcd prieat
layabout the parochial school, the pet
schools of tho pope ami thotv of hit
subject In America who are conimis
sloued to uphold thonu "sham" schools
and lo destroy, If poiaiblc, thi public
schools so highly extolled by their late
champion, McGlynn and Father Cor
rignn. But now, in order to be a good
Roman Catholics, faithful and obed
lent to their sovcrign head at Home,
and in humble compliance with the
orders of the popes vice-gerent here,
theae same champions must do as the
Romans do, and either aid them in
their attempt to destroy our public
schools, or forever hereafter hold their
peaco. (ireat is tho tyrannical power
of Leo, and Satolli Is his prohct! Truly
there is a great deal of the whipped-
cur, the shrinking spaniel, the timid
haro, the un-American spirit, evident
In all this strange business growing
out of the Jesuit Satolli's presence,
and there Is, moreover a great deal of
dust being thrown into tho eyes of the
people which will, for a brief period of
time, blind them, or some of them, to
the real meaning of it all; but by
watching tho movements of Satolli and
his associates closely, we shall soon
see the outcome of that which now has
the appearance of a popish conspiracy
or a satanlc plot concocted by the
schemers In the Vatican, whence issue
many mischievous, political intrigues
that harrass the nations of the earth.
Morris Herald.
The Jesuits and the Late Crown Prince
. of Austria.
The Empress of Austria is now more
cheerful than she has been since the
death of her son, the late Crown Prince
Rudolf. The latest rumor about the
Crown l'rince's death Is that he did
not commit suicide, but was assassi
nated by the order of the Jesuits. It
Is well known that the Crown 1'rlnce
Rudolf had broad views as regards re
ligion and politics, and this made the
Jesuits afraid that he might show but
little sympathy for the Roman Catholic
religion. Such, at any rate, Is the lat
est Austrian report.
To Begin Saturday, November 26th,
and Continue Until the Evening
of Deoember 31,
On overcoats 7 per cent, and on
trouserings 10 per cent, discount will
bo allowed. All goods marked In
plain figures. All who are In need of
an overcoat or a pair of pants should
avail themselves of this great oppor
tunity. Merchant Tailoring I'arlors
of 1 l-25-t FRANK VODICKA.
812 S. 12th Ht., U. H. Bank lildg.
Linen Stationery,
Every attorney should call on The
412-13-l t Shooly block, and order a
supply of fine Bond Glazed Linen Sta
tionery. It is tho finest thing in tho
market, and docs not cost tnoro than
ordinary linon paper. Telephone fill,
and wo will call and show you a sample
Tako your repairing to The Drum
mond Carriage Co., iHth and Harney
Sts. Upp. the County Jail.
Attention Jr. O. U. A. M.
Columbia No. 3. will moot Tuosday
night January ild, and thoroaftor, at
Patterson Hall, 17th and Farnatn.
John Rudd, 305 North 16th Kl., has
a full lino of Ladies1 and Gent's Gold
Teeth Extracted with Great Pains.
Hoonm 4KI and 404,
MuC'hruo Hl(l.
Flftaenth and Dodga.
N a !.!. lit iMit v.f MT" n y T
t'xmO.hitf a..l m (Tit JDvI-JL
Wo nu.itmii rmuhiisi; l. U-nf ttiUhl .jimlih nmt r.
a. tly nn r, jn mittt m liming i rvfuttilcil. Wlmt tin we w 11 f
Why. t'm,tliiii,-)ivMpKiU UiliiV iM,tv u. tiitvtcrwriir,
inn fiiitiiliiii Uvut ntn fc.lnm, iuMh-1 ilnips, jvatrnt
tnii, in,, jM ifutnrN, jowt lrv, tvhM-t. iiotiotiMiuufoils Mank-
ts linriis ilmiirdlio, vUAs tuilliiim, to, Wiinnii ianis
Uiiilp-jmrt Orpin, trwKrrv, lianlwiuv, I..mim furiiUtiitt liar
Mr, io!i lvlfinVftaa, fur hiU ninl grmviii',
V tin- Imt, lin.M MHk f KKMA1U.K Mn.
rliHinlis, in Onmhd, Our pritvi MtMvant XZNt
looonijian' tliom with t)nm of oihrr ilcnlom, J
niul if you liml that v. nn tho CUKAPKST, vo want
"Vyl T t i?ivo um your t ratio. I that nuking too
I VaaLJlllUfM
Como unci SrSoo
The Bell Department Store Co.,
(Moody, Ackerman & Williams)
Dodge and Fifteenth Streets, - OMAHA.
W. W. U)VK.
PRESCRIPTIONS a Specialty, S. E. cor. 16th & Farnam,
The Place to Buy
The Best Quality of
x rices is at
2815 Leavenworth Street.
Hurloln Stunk
I'ortorliouwi Ht.i'nk......
Itmiiiil Htttak
Kill Ul.KHt,
Iliillltiit limit
Corn lliiiif
Vciil uliiuk ,.
VomI Chop
100 to I'iKjO,
fic to UUi
, ita to Sc
. , , Ik! to Aa
1U V to liic
KM: to Vic.
Oysters, Fish and Game
These Prices are for CASH only. Buv
109 South 16th Street,, OMAHA. NEB.
Mail Order aollcitml ami Hittlafactlon (hmrnntood.
Superior Work.
Books For
Rev. Slattery and Wife's Works:
"Convent Lifo Exposed" (Mrs. Slattery) 7Cc.
"Hecrets of Romish Priests Exposed" 40c.
"Why Priests Don't Wed; or, Substitution for Mar.
riago" 75c.
"Woman and Rome," (for ladies only, by Mrs. Slat
tery) 2Gc.
"Devil's Prayer Rook," men only, Rev. Slattery 25c.
"Why Piuksts Should Wkd" Paper 50c.
SrunoEON Our At.t.v."
Rev. J. Or. WHITE'S:
"Dkkdh ok Darknkhh" Price, $1.25.
"Homo" men only Price, 50c.
"Assassination ov Aiikaiiam Lincoln" Price, $2.50.
Many other valuable works comprise our list. In our Rook
Department we will mnko a specialty in all works of this kind.
LOGAN" C. THOMAS, Manager.
Meat at the Lowest
Vmil Itoaat
Vnal Htew
Mutton ( licip ,,,
Multim KoiiMt)
Mutton HU'W...
I'ork t'hopa
I'ork Htuk
I'urk ItouNt
...fie to Ho
m:H.;;.,.; wwc
lie tote
He to lc
Reasonable Prices.