The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, November 04, 1892, Page 5, Image 5

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French Vott Cairt Vutotifi
Orrrthr tUhomc jp...
ltlii I i.l n ix ll Mt .1 NOtiK,
A4 1 tM.n.4 t At klU
W Mtw III I ! I It I if.tHU
m - i ltMrl MtrM(
Ik pltt,
rw, Nov I rt1irr uVunf Hi
tm M. SO n ?l l'vi Wi n l. ;rliM
tViHnl li1il. It in)-r from tli"
dl4itih tlwl Uir ItoliKiiii1) t wnr tvn
rftt((t in fort at Ak aim! llmt tli
flghlliiu furtlif two tln tiwnUiHl In tin
ijml of tli imtivwi with Irrrilile ln.
Tlumtfli wll nnnrvj, lhh inr.hiV fnllnwiT
r not fmnihnr with tlii-tr wwqMiim ntnl
linve no Men of tnklutf aim. Tlti '
connU fur tlm tMitH.ll FrMtrh l.wn during
tliow two iluvV right inn uf 1 killinl nml
M wonndiHl, while the h of th nntiv
foriHv run up in th tliinmniid.
Thin ti'trilile MauKlitor hi nttrib
nted to tlio uVmlly oflfwt uf
the Lfdx'l ritlo. After tlio battlo
overttiniiof jwhco wore timdo to (.'oloind
PoddN. ItpiiiHiwtod iwapri'liiniiiiiry upon
the pvncniition of n ntronrly wcnjiii-d
position on thn bankH of the river Koto.
Thin wiw rffiiHod and on Oct, 0, whim
the exported roinfori'omonU arrived,
tho Frenrh column at tucked and carried
the linen of eiitrenchinent between AkiW
and Kotopa. The following day they
followed up their nucress by rapturing
the utroiiRly fortified position epoken of
on the rivor Koto. This latter conquest
is regarded h very important. At thin
point Colonel DoddH gave his men three
days' rout in preparation for hiH march
to the capital, AlMiiiiey.
A dispatch from I'ort Novo states that
a Dahotneyun chief, who has been cap
tured by the French, says that the Da
homeyans are led by 200 white men. I In
gves the names of many Utdgians and
oriiinris. The dispatch adds that after
the French capture Alxiinoy another
king will succeed Uohanzin, who will be
executed. The campaign is expected
bo over at the end of the month. Color 1
Doddn will return to tho coast by way
of Whydali. which place has been forti
fied. One thousand men will remain for
observation purposes at Kanagome. in
the heart of the country, for two months.
Watr Hale Irrrgnlnrltlc.
Cihcauo, Nov. 4. Charges against
the manngmcnt of the city water rate
department were made verbally to
Mayor Washburno, pending an investi
gation, Edward J, Dwyer, superintend
ant of the bureau, and Francis A. JJrosk
oski, chief meter clerk, have boon sus
pended. The charges were preferred by George
W, Rosea, an employe of tho office who
vrm discharged last May. In general
the complaint alleges that JJroskoski
baa been wilfully irregular in his meth
ods and that Mr. Dwyer wan aware of
the proceedings. In particular the
ofTense charged against liroskoskl is
that ho has cut down the rates assessed
on certain users, altering tho luniks to
balance accounts. A hasty examination
of the Ijooks by Mayor Waxhlmroe, Com
missioner Aldrich and Corporation
Counsel Miller resulted In tho announce
merit that the evidence then in hand
against tho bureau management showed
first, that it had Isien slovenly; second,
that liroskoskl had followed a long es
tablished practice in cutting down rates,
but he had erased tho figures instead
of making a separate report. The short
age is aixnit fi.Oim.
Nrlirmltii rliiiliutU (,'Kptnrnil.
AChcii.v, Neb., Nov, 4. The three
Sumner boys, who broke Jail here about
a month ago, have been captured in
Itichardson county. They were heavily
armed, each carrying two revolvers.
Unite a battle took place between the
tieriffs posse of Kiehanison county and
tiie Hnniners. The sheriff and his dep
uties were armed with shotguns loaded
with buckshot. The hherift of Itich
ardson had the prisoners in custody
only a few hours, yet in that brief time
they had succeeded in making a perfect
draft of the Jail key on tho Imttoni of a
tin cup in which they were given a
drink. They are horsot hioves,
Itfynliif Inn In IIhjII.
NE'V Yokk, Nov, 4. The Atlas line
iteamer Atlas arrived here from Kings
ton and ottier Ilaytleri ports. Captain
Loow confirms the reports of impending
revolution in that country, Ho says ho
heard that there hud been A skirmish in
the northern part of tho island near Cape
Ilaytien, but lie did not get any details
of the afl'air. Jn the south of the island
the people are loyal to President Jlip
polyto, but in the north, tho Captain
said, the people are anxious to overthrow
the present government.
Counterfeit Half Dollar! Found,
CfUCAOO, Nov, 4. -Captain Porter, of
the United Ktates secret service, has in
his oflico a pile of counterfeit half dol
lars of tho issue of 17. During the
heavy storm a few days a go a largo
tree in front of a house in Hotith Chica
go was uprooted, exposing a lot of
blackened coin and counterfeiters' tools.
They had been placed in tho earth at
the foot of the tree, probably by a coun
terfeiter who did a flourishing business
In the neighborhood about twelve years
Fir at Atnlilimn.
Atchison, Kan., Nov, 4. At 1 o'clock
fire was discovered issuing from Mo
Lood's photograph gallery. At 'I o'clock
the fire was burning fiercely, the firemen
being unable to get it under control. The
loss will be heavy. The cause of tho
flro is supposed to be spontaneous com
bnstion. Wife Murderer Sentenced.
Phovo, Utah, Nov. 4. Enoch Davis,
who murdered his wife laet June by
crushing her skull with a revolver, was
sentenced to be shot to death in tho Jail
yard at Provo, Dec. ilO.
Silver llulllim.
New Yokk, Nov. 4. Silver bullion
on deposit against warrants, 1,8S7,H83
ounces; certificates outstanding, 1,880,
I t illlli lUtt HtHM, 1
j 1 vt Mia ! ( 1 1 !.' i
j unit I k'hiihi ma t r1 r
I 'l t M N 4 t hlM M t j
I m 1 'I -A 11 -llkllf III tntl'l
j in Vumi liil ii.Mm. miki Ktr"- fj
j Hist Out Sit viU w lit i-hlitl h i I ;
r In hti1 M. I l' t
i Mlfd With Ktvat 1 1. !'-. He n.. 1
t-l lllH Mo- 1 ,H 1 'I 1 lot 1 11 v n, I lo t
.l i iiiimlH a an 'Mbn 4 t
b li.H,.., r't tH pr, inn
t'tn. He aid ln jl 1
tmr i-t llm Mit Willi L- i-l Mi
pr.)' lit (,( tlie t'nil.v.1 !i ."., and in l
ll'Sl tnr he f 'uii.i ni cue li,i ) ii I
liij lie litel hv iti iriieiil itn
if ier had h fitn.l 'H ii
itn'ir llrrtam t'Mir rae ai b
wa (tniij to dii tt attain,
Mr. l. 'W ,k luttha mihj.vt nf Iim
hI.v if Mr, CheVet, ht- Ii he m I
Wa limde tln ptiiii i aliiHiln dx i
tin-lit of tl IK'inm'tatte art'. It a
at a pitmie iliniii r. No tvntTii Were
ir"iit. Mr. t'levilund aa therf. hi
vi aa Uelu rsl hheliniin. Tliolna Nai,
Mstk Twain and othei. When Hi
iblMiir wn 11V1I the hiwl alotl linn lo
deliver N Spoil h, H IiiIim-iiIinI, and i
he always had an tiuhiuttd sinniui! 1 1
tatTy mi hand, he prm-eeiled to apply '
uuitiutiiigly to the ilistingut-hiil .n
tlennn present, and when he felt thai
ho hud caused ns intu it hnptneMi a-i they
could stuuil he sat down.
"Hut I'll tell , vmi whut I'm guiiiK In
do," he said. "Six week from tioW
there will ln a dinner nt Helm omen's. I
will lo theiti, and so will Mr. Cleveland.
The IViPHNTuhc CHiididate will probalily
by that time Imve recovenxl from t lie
full he will get on election day sullloieiit
ly to Iki out. On that isi-asinn 1 will
pour so much tally over Mr. Cleveland
that the most entliUHiu-tie Democrat
will say, 'when Mr. Cleveland dies thu
last speech of Dopow will bo his epi
taph.' "
WHiiuiiniker'ii View.
IxniaNAi'oi.ix, Nov. 4. Mr. Wana-
Uiukor spoke bi a crowd of about 8,00'
people last night, the speech Mng pre
aided by a iu strei-t demonstration. In
the course of his speech he gave these
ideas of his own in regard to the out
come of the loading issues: "I admit
that there mav lie things in our party
that wo don't like, but we should nut go
outside of it and sit noon tlio fence and
throw stones at it. Let us stay inside
and attack tho things we do not like
anl improve the tilings that are not per
Mr. Wanamakor said the McKinloy
bill was not perfect, but ho favored a
permanent commission to regulate this
question. Other tilings he favored were
a bourn or urmirauou to settle Minxes, a
permanent diplomatic service, a proper
monetary basis of silver, and immigra
tion restriction. He concluded: "We
are going on well enough and do not
want now to be upset by solid south
Ciiicaoo, Nov, 4. Tho Democrats of
Chicago turned out in force at tlio Audi
torium and gave a right royal reception
to Mr. Cleveland's associate on the na
tional ticket of that party. Half an
hour after tho doors had deen opened tlio
vast interior, scats and standing room
alike, were filled to overflowing and a
throng large enough to till it over again
marched itself around tho two sides of
the building and clambred vainly for ad
mission, while the private holders of seats
upon the stage had. literally to light their
way to the private entrance. The de
monstration was under the auspices of
tho Iroquois club. When at H:!W Mr.
Stevenson appeared upon the stage un
der escort of A. T. Ewing, the president
of the organization, 0,000 men and wo
men rose to their feet and gave him a
loud reception,
An Auatrullan llullot
Houston, Tex., Nov. 4. The Judges
of tho coming election, with an array of
distinguished counsel, have put in th
whole day without result in trying to
decide usm tlio form of ticket which is
to be used under tho Australian system
in accordance with tho law passed by
the legislature, Tho law, like half tho
others on tlio statute Ijooks, is being
warped and twisted by lawyers and pol
iticians, it is now said that no matter
which form is selected, the other side
will contest the election,
llnlford's lnt.
Jn-iuanaI'oi.w, Nov, 4. E. J. Halford,
President Harrison's private secretary,
made his first speech in Indiana at Ma
rion, where ho spoke in company with
Mr. Wanamakor and a half dozen
others. There was a big street parade
and the hall was packed, Mr. Hal ford's
speei h was necessarily brief and was
contltiea to a discussion or 1110 aumims
traf ivo work of President Harrison,
11(11 at Syra!iii,
SruArfBK, N. Y., Nov, 4. The larg
est audience of tho campaign was ad
dressed by Senator David 15. Hill at tho
Alluimbra link last evening. Nearly
five thousand people crowded into tho
big hall. The senator's passage through
the streets on the way to the hall was
like a triumphal march, and as he
stepped upon (lie stage ho received a
magnificent greeting,
Inrreaned Seventy Thoumind,
Han FhS( K(!o, Nov, 4. The total
registration in California for tho elec
tion of 18!:i is 834,000. Tho total vote
in tho presidential election of 1888 was
iU 1,000,
No I'mliin In (IrCKon.
Portland, Nov, 4. Tlio Democratic
state central committee decided to keep
the Democratic electoral ticket in the
Kunnlclou Fire.
IIraveii Falls, Pa., Nov. 4. The cit
izens of this place have been aroused by
a ntiuilxn- at (Iron of Hiistiicious origin
ocenrring close together. The council
has taken action ami a vigilance com
mittee has boon appointed to run down
the firebugs if possible.
Kloped Willi Her I'ni'le.
Mindkn, Mich., Nov. 4. Pretty 1ft-year-old
Carrie Pearson eloped with her
60-year-old uncle, Herbert Hot.kin, and
the couple are now on their way to Can
ada, If caught, Hoskin will be prose
cuted for abduction.
Wenlern In Inn Stork Inrreaned.
New Yokk, Nov, 4. The Western
Union Telegraph company filed a cer
tificate of tlio increase of its capital
stock to 100,000,000 in the county
clerk's oflice. Its capital was formerly
Qn klifie sir V.miill ih tti ;
I )l l'i Wll(ti H At tin' U'tj
.',.iii til 1 ij at il .i(ii "Vi 1 . a j
V i ak, U'i t in t U tt k t a th
t.itL.I. (fcvaow- ' lluien.l
,1, in,. .) xU, It,. P. V ti.k. t titj
m-Jor .i i-. II. . tin illy lem U.ntan
lllli tele. uMiULt j i '. I - 11 a
i limn in ! HiUrnlc ami lilli im
The t sji-i tal-t.i 1 ii fmi'tit id t!i" ,'ty
ill lint U' ul a latfpai lur He, WU nihd Hie (ally at that
time, and ml'- It ttltt) . 1
Kmmlni!, that in nil pivkilulnj
lliimaii I 'at Initio of Ho lr l iinj iimldU
elii Ud, U.niian lii- polln tiy tuomi
Irol tho parly thiimth tin ir IhmiiHiih
1hsU at Hie name nf the illfletvtit
itiuiiiilit'i'Hieti an. I y mi 1 an dra jour
nan iiniidilina:
Kmlld Martin, Idnnnn s) nipethifer;
,ln, II. hhnhnn, (on t tilling her, I', II,
Ibutim, All tho inuiinlitii's, state,
ooiiljres'loiml, iHiunty and I'ity, aiv
inado up by over to-thiiil majority uf
that Midi-known i'lliue. Nanus like
si nno nf tho following, Inbox prlumi'ies
Hint imiuiittttloiis do not inspire much
ooiilldeiuv: T. I-owry, Jhiiics Murphy,
Put Ford, S. II. Hindi, .1. .1. tit'onnor,
.1. .1. t'onliin, .1. P. Cnnnolly, T. J,
Mahonoy, etc.
Deiins'i'iits who do not sympathise
with that ring, will think It over twice
to vote for some nf tho cuiiillilutos.nnless
they prove that they are not under fu
ture obligations to these "commit tons."
Hy tho way, is it, a fact that the
democratic candidate for county at
torney had to pledge himself to apHilnt
a certain Unman as usslstunt In case
he was tdnctod?
Is It also a fact that a certain nomi
nee for school Isianl, who Is at the
head of a largo business house, resigned
from tho ticket becauso tho Hoiniin
managers wanted him to pledge him
self to certain things, and even went as
far as to threaten him with boycott r"
Those are matters which a few hun
dred democrats want to havo answered.
Clover and the admirers of Arch
bishop jt'echan are determined that the
Morris Protestant schools shall bo
closed. They rend the circular Issued
by Archbishop Feehan and the bishops
of Peoria, liellevillo and Alton, which
appeared in several Chicago papers
lately, and In their extreme ex
nberanco they secured the services of
Haley & O'Doiirioll, ofjollet, anil to
day they filed a petition In tho circuit
court of this county for a writ of cer
tiorari to have the school records aired
before his honor, Judge lil.tiiclinnl.
They claim illegality in the hoard's
action in making the tax levy and in
hiring teachers. Tho petition issigned
hy James Keardon, Frank Mcquillan,
Simeon lliggs, John Taylor and I, h
Furr. not 0110 of whom has chick or
kin to go to school, and would gladly
see the doors of the public, the free
schools locked in order to gain a re
talialorv point. James McCann,
whoso naino was signed to tho docu
incut in typo writer, took a sober
second thought anil refused to have
his name used In this conteiiiptable
piece of work.
Poor Con Keardon, wanteo tho noni
ination for circuit court on the demo
cratic ticket. Ho Is a (Jathollij In reli
gion, certainly no disgrace, but an
American in spirit, a linn believer in
the iiuhlic schools. For this he is
called worse than a member of an
American order. The Tammany ring
beat him on the tr rou nd he was a
"backslider," and yet the Tammaiiy
ring says Americans are dragging re
liirlon info politics. Mr. Keardon is
n 1
respected for Ids religious views, and
every citizen respects him for refusing
to approve tho assaults of the political
order of that church 011 the publb
schools. He Is a far better and far
stronger man than the one Tammany
put up (0 beat him with, and would
have gotten more American votes.
Morris Herald.
. -
The lato Protestant Kplscopal con
vention put Itself on record against the
appropriation of national funds to sec
tarlan Indian schools, thus falling Inti
lino with Huptlsts, Methodists, and
some other I 'rotestant denominations.
Wantkd. -A first-class Watch ma
or. Noononeed apply unless ho has
tho best of references. Address, Hox
filifi, Omaha, Neb.
A Challenge.
Wn Iiuvh in millions of circulars and
books and for years defiantly ehul
longed more than 8,000 Roman clergy
in the United Stntei including all their
Priests, llishops, Archbishops and
Cardinals, to disprove the secret
abominations of auricular confession
as disclosed In our private lecture to
men, and the latin extracts by Homo
Tiiky pa it k NOT PKNV books and facts
And wo again hurl the challenge deli
antly. Now let the Ignorant dupe of
Popish Priestcraft at Plattsmouth for
shame hide his diminutive head.
Now llicso 11 ro tlio kiml of Shoes (ilHSON wnula you to I nolo your money for:
A nice, iH'iit looking, gooil Mock, fnir Milch, iiuui'h Shot1, ll.To.
A douhlo t'xtrtiwiou hoIh, mil mini Slmo, solid nil Ihrotigli, for $2.00. Other folkH wouhl
not think of Belling thin kIioo for
My $.1,00 Shoo in PKUKKCT, elegant, soft linixhoil calf,
too, will wear ciinl to 11 $5.00 shoo ntnl looks an nico, Don't fail
My Mock of extra KINK SHOKH in eoiiiilo!e.
llainl sewed French ('all', Cordovaim and I'atont Kealher.
I havo a splendid lino of CORK SOKK Shoes. Nothing on KA IlTII helH-r for winter
time. Shoos marked in plain liguics.
All guaranteed. Nothing SHODDY.
Will he glad to show you.
Snst Bide Sixteenth, holween Dodge and Douglas,
Wc have opened our Wholesale Room on
second floor to the Retail Trade. We will
sell you Goods cheaper than other houses
can buy them. Hundreds of beautifully
trimmed Hats. Any Mat in the wholesale
room your choice
range in price from
will find the great Bargain Sale on 2d floor.
Only 1,000 will be Sold
at these prices.
Wholesale) and Retail Millinery,
1510 Douglas Street, OVAHA.
S - H - O - EE -
103 South Fifteenth Street.
This is no FAKE SALE, and Everyone Knows
None but the Best Makes.
1 las tin? Shoes,
YOU have the money,
(live (iIBSON the money,
And (ilHSON will nive you the shoes.
I lien (IIBSON will Have your money,
And you will have GIBSON'S shoes.
MO UK than i.00.
115 South
for 3.00, Mats will
25 cts. to 3. OUR
Lneo or (!ongiesH, hitofit Hhuel
to hoo it.
Sixteenth St.
Hhnrifl't Hale.
Ily vlrliiK of iiiinrili'P nf wiln IkniiwI out, nf
IIiii IllHlrlrl Court nf IiiiiikIiim hi nt y , Ni
IpiiinIoi, niuI In mi' illri'i'li-il, I will nn (Im lllli
diiy nf lii'iTinlii'C, A, l. N. lit. I" o'clnck, H.
in. nf niiIiI liny, ill, IIiii I'jiHl, fnnt ijimr nf Out
I iiiinly I'uiirl. IImiinI', In lh" Oily nf Oiniilin.
IiiiiiiIiin Coinily, Ni' IiIIInI.ii. hi ' 1 1 III, iiiIpIIi'
ii m l Inii tln iiriiii'i l y ili'HrrllH'tl In mtlil m ilur
nf nii Ii- im folium, lo-wll :
l,nlN iiiiiiilii'li'il hI (Hi mill ovi-n (7) In Work
lllllllllIT IIVIl lilt lillllilil'r fl(llMll'll II) In
lilnrk lillllilil'r nil) I'lii Inln lillliilior I lirn l.'li.
foul Hi, fniirNH'ii (Hi mill llfMtm ll.'i) In lilni k
iiiimlii'r Hitil inii loin iiiiinlii r nnn ill, I wo cm,
mill Lwi'lm (I !; In hlm-lt niimlinr I wi'lviMlan
InlH iniiiilii'r II vi' i'm ii ml Iwi'iily Ill liloiU
liuiiilii'r llilrli-i'ii 0;iii lot iiiiinlii'r I'IkM. t
iiml iilni' ii In liliN'k iiiiinlii'r lifii-i'M ii:..: lot
miiiilu r Ml nli'i'ii ll'li In lilni'k iiiiinlii'r hIhU'I'H
llHil Inlit iiiiinlii'i' iilni. Mil mill I wi'iil y-l wn f::!i
In lilnrk iiiiinlii r li'ii iloij InlH iiitmlii'i llilrli'i'it
il li iiml fniiiH'i'ti ii In lilorti iiiiinlii'i i'ii
(II. : InU iiiiinlii r four id mill hIxiHiIii l.lork
liuiiilii'r lliliii'i'ii H li, nil In Noiili (ihhiIhi, mi
inlillllim In IhKi'llynf limiilui, hh tnirvi'yi'il,
liliilli'i) mill ri'i'nrili'il, nil In OiiiixIiik rnitnl y,
kIiiIii nf Ni'liriixltii, 1'in'li lot In ln wifil
wiiiinilfly, In nitliNfy llrl, mil, nf (liti tim
I'l i ilit nf lln mill' of n lil InU liuiiilii'r f nil
mill M'vt'ii I7i In IiI'h'I. nnmliiT II hi ('.',, Inl
iiiiiulirr I'IkIiU'I'ii Hi In lil'R-k iiiiinlii r Kit (Hi,
InU linn. I r lliri'i" CI) it rid fuui it, fnui li'i'ti
(Hi itiul llfii'i'ii n.'ii In lilni'k n n in I- r i-lil.t (.
InU iiiiinlii'r mil' (Ii, I wo ci) mill I wi'lvi' 1 1 : In
lilm'k iiiiinlii'r twi'lvi' il !i, InU niifiilii'r five Cil
iiml I wi'iily i'ii In lilm'k iiiiinlii'r llili ii'i'ii I I II,
InU iniiiilii'r i lilil ) linn lllli" ll'l In lilm lt
iiiiinlii'r llfli'i n iI.'h, mill Inl. iiiiinlii r nlnli i n
iIDi In lilni'k nun. In r I 1 1 (lil.ulioni iiihih'iI
iiml tli'M't Hull, On' Ni di iinkii HiivIiiin iiml
l,i'limilii HmiM IIiii kiiiii nf llfti'fri liuiiilifil
fnrty-lliri'K mul ln-IKi (lolliiri f I .Mlloi. wit It
liili ri'i.1, I licri'iiti nl, mil' nf I'ltilil im; w r ri'iil.
iir iiiiiiuin finiii Hriliinliir SImI, I'.i; Ut
mhiImIv 'I'Iih llnitii' IiivI'miiiii-iiI. l.'miiiiniy Hit.
miiih nr rnur iiimiimi'i u iniiiuri'ii Mixty-xM
iiml mi Uti ilnlliim fl,iiiv.iiii wltii hii.-rt'Kl
llii'ii'iiii Hi lull' nf I'IkIiI n in r ri'iil,. pur
iiiiiiuin fimii Hrii iiil'r !!l'-l. N'l; In MiiliMfy
I ii 'iii ti' I , IIIiinI iiml ( oiniiiiiv tin' nil" of l.'ii
liuiiilii'ili'ltilily-i.11, iiml tl-i)ilnlliii i i mi H
Willi liili n i.1. llii'ii'iiii nl. nth' of i-Ik'Iimhi iit
i'i iiI. n r iiiiiiuin fruiii Mi iii'iiil r'.!l'.l. mii; U
nullify .liiliu 'I', ( iilln n IIiii miiih nf llft linn
ili"'l foiiv-oiii niuI tvi-imi ilollurM
Willi IiiIi ii'mI llii'ii'iiii nl, riilii nf i'Vim V jut
ltlii, r iiiiiiuin from April i'lli. Itwi; In
nullify llii- Minn nf Mtiniily-fiiiir llli'l (m-IKi
ilnllitiM If'.'" I i'iiiU Willi Inli'ii'Mt llii'ii'iiii
from tin' :!lil tiny nf ""I'lilt'iulii'r, A. I. Iw,
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luilirini'iil, ri'iiili'ii'il hy llin illitrlrl roiirt, of
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Sheriff's Sale.
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