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    T H II Jl ERIC AN.
intUMtHoni to United Bdttri
MmhU ami Altonte jr,
tiwiut, ai iiioniti t mum.
fv ,( l te4F Itk4 U
tVfIOt In Oi(m Mid
Ml ttt lv(n t III W. 1. .
VMiiii(ini(( Nor. y AttMn 0
wl Miller tiM loi.t ritvulr letter
l.i nil l itiUvt htto itmrhU Mi1 i)m
lii.t nttortwya Uihrnuhotit li t'tilte.1
MaIp. In.lionMnn lit Irn of jioll.y
wlitrli tho tloiwittmoitt f Jiulio will
Mit-ni tn III iHiiiiiit Wtloh for con
(jnwmoH, in to Uio klntmiiit
of t'hiip't him. ttijcrvlwri of rliiin
nt ieviiU tlity nutnlmU to watch
llm jHilk Th attorney KPtiPtitl ijuolwi
nil ortlor itmxml by rrtilint IVveUiul
to Attorney Uertoial Umlaut, tn lSvtt,
tn whU'h that oflWr was "niHtM.t(l to
takf iioiiornl ilwrmi aiol OirwiMi of the
twutioii of the statute nf tlm Vuitini
Nat, touihiiitt tlio Hp'tiilini'iit of
niierviaora of vliHtloii ami -i-Ully
deputy marshal ami thu jwi-foi tnutiw
f thoir duties nni tlioir coiiintisatlon,
ho far a thiw subject am constitution
ally undor tho ticrvtaton Mini control
of the executive bninub of the govern
ttiont." Attorney Uotipral Miller says thn au
thority thus given hit npvnr Urn re
voked and hu totlow it up by quoiin
with Apprnvut thu Instructions' Issuo.! on
th 18th of last month by C. M. IVn
uison, chief nnorviaor of election of
the northern district of New York, in
reply to an inquiry whether "hihwIuI
deputy marshal have a right to lie in
niile the pluuu of regiHtrutlun during the
rroijresB of registration and whether
thoy can lie instilo the polling place on
-nlnction day outside, tlie guard rail."
Mr. Dnunison cites two cus where con
viction wore had for obstructing a
jieciul deputy marshal in the exeution
of thin duty and nays thu decision of the
Bupretne court of the United Htatun
clearly ostablishml the constitutionality
of the law of congress and the further
facta that authority of the national gov
ernment in paramount in the election of
rcpremmtativeii, and that "the national
government ha the right to two phys
ical force in any part of the United
btates to compel ou.xlietioo to Its lawn
and to carry into execution the power
conferred upon it by the constitution."
Further, that the providing of the fed
eral election law aro in force whenever
a representative in congretw is voted for,
mid whenever any of the tirovisions of
the federal law are in conflict with the
Hi ate M ut,u to the federal statutos muMt be
Kunloil tn Hniitli Dakota,
AtiRitiJi'EK, H, D., Nov, 2. The Dam
ccratlo leader of Bouth Dakota have
11 ii ally ihown their linnd in a request to
all the member of that party to cant
t heir votes for Weaver electors. Dem
ocrat! hero have been given the t ip in
the pnt twenty-four hours and dis
patches from Huron, I'lorre and Mil
bank say that such an arrangement him
been entered into in those cities. There is
. nlno mi agreement on state ofllcers and
congressmen tho Democrats to sup
port the Independent candidates for con
gressmen and governor, and the Demo
crats have the other slalo olllces. The
vote of the state t wo years ago was:
Itepublieaus, il 1,000; Alliance, 25,000;
Democrats, 1H.000, If the agree
inent is faithfully kept, the independ
ent electors may win, but the Jtepubli
cans claim at least 10,000, Democrats
will insist on voting for Cleveland, It
looks as though the parly which wins
will not have a majority of more than
1,000 to 2,000.
iMiiuir rxllii ('lull,
New Yohk, Nov, 2, Lawrnnce (Jard
net of Washington, D, (J,, secretary of
the National League of Democratic clulis,
arrived in New York. Ho will make a
report of the work of the club to the
Dei,, icratio national committee, We
now have over (J,000 club "he Raid,
and I don't know how many mem
bers. They include all the Democrat
who would join and numtwr many
thousand, The clubs have done great
work In advancing interest in the Demo
cratic campaign and I believe good re
suits will be seen on election day, I have
not yet received returns as to the
amount no collected, tmt I am convinc
ed they are very large,"
Vliilwlfiit Him Civil Srvli! I,nw.
Wahkinuto!, D, C. Nov, 2. Thu civil
norvice commission ho reported to the
attorney general for criminal prosecu
tion under the law against xoltciting
political contributions the case of
uel Thomas, treasurer of the Republican
itnte committee of New York, Three
nepnrntn offenses are charged, consisting
of sending letters to the goverment
clerk in this city, The document in
each case aro forwarded with the report.
The letters call for no specitlo sum, but
jeuest tho contribution of such an
amount as the recipient mar chose to
give toward the necessary and logitniato
expense of the campaign,
In iiliiriulci,
Pknvkii, Nov. 2, Judge Miller of
the district court has Issued a perempt
ory restraining order to prevent County
Clerk MeOaffey from printing and pub
lishing the ollicki ballots with the
n.tmes of the l'eople' Party elector on
;.ie stralurlit Democratic ticket. Clerk
MeOaffey will simply file an answer
questioning the jurisdiction of the court
and proceed to print the ballots accord
ing to law,
ClnTnlmifl l':llir Withdrawn,
Porm.AND, Ore,, Nor, 2. Instruc
tion have been received by telegraph
from the national Democratic headquar
ter to withdraw the Clevoland elector
In favor of the Weaver men, This ac
tion meet the approval of the Demo
crat here and thro claim that it assure
the defeat of tho Harrison elector,
( IoimI Until- Hi'Hilon.
CoutuibUK, Neb., Nov. 2, The annu
el conference of the Church of the Unit
ed Brethren in Christ, which lias been in
Kessiou here during tho lust week, closed.
The s ion was one of interest through
out, 1 shop Floyd presided.
1MI . -
! I ) X -llM. I .), t
t m i , V A " twn
tbl Hlto - -Mil v h.'llt,
..) tho tnil t tn t,P V. t T. i. ri
M It, t ', ) rt-i.. ht t )h Ivh.j U
fro. ui tn t Tmh4 t Oo. Im l
.tt itr. i. , t(n!tt'n f 4 tse4
lpiitii Tiie K'uitein b'sti.m
if tU iiito Ihtt Um Trtii)r
CohM I pnl I W'Mr i
ttniii-4 Intit iwi tilting U fir
t't!titl Hr, ri'inll) th H pubhmn
lilv. mid tlif-y ma l umie ry rutting
liinsiki, 1 her wrm Urn wouina In
Hie viiruli.-n. however, Whi nerr
llepublli Aii and ther refuted the im
pnUHoii cai-l nn the rtv.
IS llnallv mniied aint the repoti
Was iit-tHwdod Willi. It nhown bv
tlirN.kof the leinple eiiimny Uist
ttie fenU for i llionlhs aii;MgslMl
ft.trt.wsi ami would pMbeblr extHtHithat
inoiiiit h- n stier. Tle-re wm no doubt.
Mm. ('arse Mid, that thecotupAtiy would
m stile to ikviiit end hold the biithluiK.
They expected ts fnie long to rme into
iMWMDMion of the tis k hild by Marsliall
'leld, aniolltiting to f .'.MI.IHNI.
Mrs. J. It. Mobli of Chicago, mijterin
lendent nt the National Teiuperniue
hospital, made a rejsirt on that institu
tion. 1 here were 121 imtteiite during
the year, of which eighteen were men
and the bahinee Women. Thu death
rato was i'J per cent., the lowest of any
hospital in tlio United States,
1 no balance of tho session wa taken
up with report of elate Incomes which
were of little interest. The session at
night was devoted to reHirt from state
i 'residents and the presentation of preal
ii'iits' pri.e banners.
I lorlleii I'.rrura In Oklnhomit.
(Hthkik, Nov. 2. Through neglect
and ignorance on the part of tho ofUcial
a serious complication has arisen in thii
territory, and it i questionable whether
more than half of tho counties in the
territory can hold a legal election next
Tuesday. The Australian system a
adopted here provides that in evorv
county the entire ticket (territorial,
congressional and, local) must tie offi
cially printed in two newspaper for
two weeks preceding the election. In
fully half of the counties this has rot
been complied with, and it i fearod
their vote can not be counted. This
printing of tho ticket is expensive, and
added to tho other costly and moloss
machinery of the system will make the
expense of holding an election run up
into the thousands. In a number of
counties holding this single election
will cost more than the entire expend
iture of the conn tie for all other offi
cial business during tho year past.
New Yohk, Nov. 2. In the Lenox
lyceum last-night 0,000 Democratic busi
ness men imve a most enthusiastic re
ceipt Ion to (Irover Cleveland and also to
w. i: u. JirecuiiirKigo or Kentucky,
Mr, Cleveland was present, sit ting in
the center box completely concealed, ex
cept after the sneaking began, by tho
flags and draperies. On the platform
sat 200 vice president of the meeting,
among whom were all tho best known
Democratic business men and politicians
of New York, J. Kdward Hlitious acted
as chairman and after a set of resolu
tions were passed Mr, Cleveland was
introduced as "the trreat standard bear
er of the day," He was received with an
outburst which only the motion of
lit lips in speaking ills first word
Illll at HelumudUily,
Bchknkctady, N. Y Nov, 2, Sen
ator David H, Hill poko here laifore a
large and enthusiastic gathering of Dem
ocrats, Ho reached Bchmioctady on the
train that arrlvea at 0:4"), ami wan met
lit the station by prominent Democratic
leader in tho county. Ho dined at the
Edison house and at 8 o'clock wa e
corted to tho convention hall by the
marching Democratic clubs. There was
a large number of Republican and
women in the audience and the reception
given Hen at or Hill wa one of tho most
enthusiastic ever accorded a campaign
speaker in thi city,
' To Vote mi bii Kducsllnnat CImiiso,
8an Fkani.mto, Nov, 2, In addition
to voting for president, congressmen
and legislature, California will vol
next week on the following proposition!
To refund the state debt; to build
depot at Han Francisco; an educational
qualification requiring every voter to 1
able to write Ids own inline and to lie
ablo to read the federal constitution;
election of United Htate senator by
direct vote of tho j joplo.
flrewniul In Devil's l.uUn,
DicvuB Lakk, N, D,, Nov, 2. Nod
Oleson Bnd Joseph Whitton, young men,
wero drowned in Devll'i lake by tho
CBisl,lng of a iHiat, Two young ladies
who accompanied them escaped by
clinging to the boat.
A (lift l' I'll rl fin.
Fiiankkokt, Ind,, Nov. 2,-Amos
Iloavllon, a wealthy bachelor and re
tired farmer of this city, donated flM.OOO
to l'urdiio university, the stipulation
being that the money was to be used foi
periiMuout improvement at the institu
tion, IVurU Wlilrtky Treat,
Pkohia, Ills,, Nov, 2, Total revenue
collection for tho month of October,
$2,2iiH,2;W.0O, and 2W package were
taken out of bond for export. Tho col
lections l ist week were between $1100,000
and $700,000.
The WoHthar.
Wahiunmton, Nov. X. For Nebraska:
Light rain or snow, followed by fair
weather m western iKirtion; slightly
cooler in eastern Kansas; north winds,
For Iowa: Hiowers; variable wind.
Mlnlnlxr llnti'lirllr IIikIkik.
Washington, Nov. 2. -Uonrge 8-
Balehcllcr called at tho department of
BtuW and tendered to Boeretary Foster
his resignation as United Htate minister
to Portugal, which was accepted.
, H.-1 1 if lor Mllnnukixi,
Miiavaiki.k, Nov, .Contribution
to tho relief fund for the Hie sufferers
have reached $100,000 and are still
iouring into the hand of tho committee.
H., ti Out IMt!H
OWIM. S.l. , ul flt, M
t. S. I -vj , HU' I omit il .T ) .lr
O V. A t In V. t k - l MS
M Hu. hit.- t. t..v t I,
u, 4 I I'e , I'leml nij !
MI, lO tt lird I w HI, t. h
NUi,nt H, iaioH nk, I b .
m.t I'tit t ffc Uk, itlli r j"bi
bet r !! li. pr - In bemt.
ttiiioee! ll I tn. h ,ol,l bIHn
ft let,". l"t h fold bullion t'K and
iil. ImiUll.'ii of ii;nut or bi)
le, ilh tot itU, and bi hollow
oufc'lo, jt, nt b ftth.-r H, end oil olotti
iovt-r, all ooinplt io, This t U noml
of the fli.' sold In many etth at Irom
T. o Itmi. ami l a i rlWt U enty:
of Ihe oldeKt ami fineol Coisin lU In the
last, ever arrhst a flni-r one
I have oiti. 'hided to lust... tho follow
ing uw of this flag, t offer It as fi'Ue
U tho Nebraska iVmncll which will
make the gtreatosl iwnviilagn of gain
In nieinls rshlp during the six months
ending w ith March .11. la!. Iawl on
tho quarterly report nisdved by the
State C. HiH'y, quartor ending with
Sei.teinls.r, l!!'i,and Maivh, hu.I. The
liieints'is to Is admitted by March .11,
The Hag will Is' ordered In April,
l!i.'l, and placed on exhibition In De
troit, prior to Ihe session of National
Council, and It will Im presented to
the Council winning It on the tlrst day
of tho session. I would Is. pleased to
havo you otllclally notify all your Coun
cils as sisin as possible.
Yours In V. L. and P.,
STKl'llKN Cot.l.INH,
A'utionnl (htjtiiiixrr.
Kuenno' bakery, 5'-'2 8. KUh St.
Here Is One.
Tho following Is a part of an address
delivered before tho Journalists of Now
York City by Whltelaw Held:
There Is no such thing in America
as an independent press, unless it Is
out in tho country towns, You aro all
slaves! You know it and I know it,
There Is not one of you that daro ex
press an honest opinion. If you express
it, you know before hand It will never
appear In print. I am paid $150 per
week for keeping honest opinions out
of tho puper I am connected with.
Other of you aro paid similar salaries
for doing similar things. If I should
allow honest opinions to be printed In
one Issue of my paper, llko Othollo, bo-
foro twenty-four hour my occupation
would be (jono. The man who would
hu so foolish as to wrlto honest opin
ions, would bo out on tho street hunt
ing for another job. Tho business of u
New York journalist Is to distort tho
truth, to lio outright, to pervert, to
vilify, to fawn at tho feet of mammon,
and to soli his country and his race for
his dally bread, or for about the same
thing, his salary. You know this and
1 know It; anil what foolery to bo boast
ing of an Independent press, Wo are
tho tools and vassals of rich men be
hind the scenes, We am Jumping-
Jocks. They pull thu strings, and wo
danco. Our time, our talents, ourllves,
our possibilities aro all tho property of
other men, Wo aro Intellectual prosti
Imlde the Fence.
Tho following conversation was car
ried on between two Homlsh ladles, on
Friday last, at a certain dry goods
establishment In this city;
First Lady "Ho Marlah Is going to
leave Father Morlarty', a house-keep
er, 1 she?"
Hecond Lady ''Ye, sho I to movo
her thing to a friend of mine next
week, a Father M ' old house
keeper I coming buck, ami you know
ho Is dead In lovo with her.
First Lady-"Yos, H I said ho al
ways was In lovo with his German
Hecond Lady Ain't It funny that a
holy father who Is married to the
hurch should daro lovo hi I house
keeperbut I suppose Its right and
according to tho Catechism, for priests
can do no wrong,"
First Lady" 'Kposo so,"
Suits Made to Order.
llimiiiiilee ii ie no, die .11 sll eases, Clollc
I11K rleitneil, ilyeil.finil remodeled,
2017 OumlnR t. O MAHA.
Cor. 16th and Douglfl.
IUioikiikIm, Wnlelies mul Mllverware, Optical
IliHiiU it leii'lltiK Nici'litlty, Kor Hrst-claM
Wnli li ivialrln ami IjikiuvIiik
Kill K.N IM OIVK t:H A ('Abb
207 North 17th St., OMAHA, NEB
Work ciillei) tor unit delivered.
W r th li.f..l U k.. I. ,li.h
' I ' "! II V ..'.
, .,kn t., i , nn i-n
la. Mt Co. Slrrliti.
Eitr m. Wrtsifr.
n .. .... I,, ti:), h y.n Hi ,,.,
""For $2B0.
ll il H'Osl'l.- . It ms.ti t'lM.t in
eUi .l ,n ,i. - ...... I.n .'...!
I'i'M Sm .(, mul ...,i.iii n i Okiki
Hinliir i,f !., ,,.) fur- mrint l.i tnwiif
lo. I tv ,,, , ,ith pn,-- t nllii-1 ib'slt in
lllafiillf lTni,.l !. . lusnufsclurfttl
nt I- eei", l f..r om
.i .! lnt HKltt IK I. Illll t dll.ltll'lt
l t-l ruck irl.'i mul on !. tertim
Second Hand Organs, $10 up.
" Pianos, $25 up.
Instrument) reeled suit riil hIIhwi'.I It mr
iimi'i Clicnti leiii'llli'd Irimli, wi ntleli tin
M4. iihiii liuters . dn mil liiin.lle er . A v 1 1. 1. 1 t i, ml it ill mnki. S.'i'uml 1 1 unit
1 11 t rn l, m-n I In lirlli l limn iiiiii Ii nf t he cli.'HU
truth M.l.l.
V.nir ml rniumi' millrlli'd Hint lilnlily npi
lull and m im, or write fur ciilulntfiii'ii
Max Meyer Bro. Co.,
16th & Farnam St, Omihn, Nat
JESSE WHITE, Mgr. Piano Dept.
A. L. Daana,
J. W. Donnall.
A. L. DEANE & CO.,
Cenaral Agents For
And Locks.
! Bank and Vault Work.
IHO Farnam St. Omaha.
l'urchaso Tickets arid Consign Vour
Frelifht via the
F, E.& M, V, and S- O.&P
If, (I. IlUirr, Ceiieral Mamuer.
K. C MoltMIIOUHK, J, It. Jii;!ilAffA,
(Inn, Freight Ant. (Ion, 1'ass, Ajf t.
Omaha, Nebraska.
Shenffi Sule,
I'imIi'I' unit liy virtue ot nil exeenl Ion Inmied
liy j 'niiik )',. 'Misirew, elerk of I lie IMitiicL
l iiiirt of MiiiikIiih I'm (it v Nelniixloi, iiiinii n
InilKliielit of said t'oiirl. ill lis Me,!einlier
M ini, A. ii. ismi, in rumr er i nieiiKo i.iimiii'i'
Ciiiiiliiiny. a iin ini'inlili fiiiined fur the mii
hiiMii nf ilelllK I.iihI ricM In I lie Ht iite of Nn
IiiiihIim, and iikuIiimI IniiiiiiH, llimrnll. I have
levied iiioii lint following dencrllied rent
iwl iil K as Ilin il'iiinrl y nf I he Mi ld I nil or H,
IIum'iiII, In-wll :
liil .seven TO, Ihe miiiIIi eiin-lnilf of (H'i) of
let sin HI) and the noiih nne-hitlf (M 'iiuf lot,
I'IKlit mi, nil III liloek twelve (I'ii, In Kiiiiiil.,e's
Third addition to Iheelly of Omaha, IiihikIiih
I'liillity, Nelnnskai and I will on Ihn tind
day of Noveinher, A, l. Wi, lit. ID o'clock a,
in, of said day, lit. tlie KAH'I' from, door of lint
count y eourl. house In Ihn city of Omaha.
limnIns douiily, NehniNkk, sell said real
eslitle at. puliHc iiiicl lnn lo I lie hlu-hcsl, lildder
fur cash, or so much of II. as muy he neces
sary to satisfy said encciillmi, Ihe amount
dun I hereon heliiK four t housand three hun
dred, twenty-one mid 44 WO dollars tHMH.H),
with liil'ieHt on (tl,7.W.?il I hereof at the rale
of ten iliii per cent, pur ionium, mid on .Vl,').74
thereof lit the rale of seven per cent, per
milium, and twenty-two and iis-UKi dollars
(fii.HHi eosls from the SJnd day of Sepl.'mher,
Ihki, (li s. I lie sum of fi,7Wi,li piild June Xlllh.
I h:i, and also less Ihn sum of paid
j ehruary IVlh, Ih(i:1,i and also the furl her
sum of fourteen and in-lKi dollars itu.lui the
iiimlsof Increase and the aiTruluK cosis,
Omaha, Nuhraska, Oeioher amh, Isii!.
Sheriff of ioiiKlii(,duiily, Nehraska.
tliirtlelt, ( time A lliihli lun, allorneys, 10 Jl -ft
Sheriff! Sale.
Ily virtue of an order of sale Issued out of
Ihn District ( null, of Doimlus county, Ne
braska, find lo me directed, I will, on I he 'JIM h
day of Novemlier, A, D Is'.i'!, al III o'clock a.
m. of hu 1 1 1 day, Ml I he KAH'I' front door of Ihn
I'utlfiiy Court IIoiimc, In the city of Omaha,
iiouullts coiiiily. Neliraska, sell nl putillc
liiii'llou Hie property desi tllied lit said nnler
of sale lis follows, lo-wlt I
"l.ol uumlier nine i:n In Mock numlier
I i rlv-oue Illll of Allil'lwlil s rimice, mi ml-
ilii Ion to Ihe city of South Omaha, its sur
veyed, plat led nn'l recoi in n. nil In iioimius
cniiiiiy, slnleof Neliriiskin" said properly lo
he sold to sat Isfy I he Hunk of I ommerce I hu
sum of live hundred U and 4i-lm dolliiis
if.iiiil.47) with Interest I In r ion al rule of elutil.
isi per I'ciil. per i i n 1 1 1 i from Mnytuh, l- i;.
until paid, and foriy-eltihi and 7u-im dollars
if l,?(ticosls, wllh tnterest thereon from the
lull day of May, A. D, Is'.i:!, loirether with itc
criilmr costs iiccomIIiik to a liiduiucul n n-
ilei'i d hy Ihe dlslilct eouit of said Dunlins
coioilVi "I Hs May leiui, A. D. I "'.'I, III a
certain action then mid there piiulliiK
wliereii. the Hank of rommerce was iihilnliir
mid Charles ( '. Spotswood, M, II. 1-h and
ol hers were lefendiinls.
Oniiihii, Nehianka, ociolMr!iT, iHir!,
Hherlff of DnuKlas county, Nebraska,
CiiiiiIi.Ii ttolit I'Ihoii, nltiiriieys. In -.1
Sl)':ritt' Sale.
Ily virtue of a order of sale Issued out of
(lie llll nn roiirn ror iniuioas rininiv, ri--lit
nskii, and to me directed. I will on lfn i!!Mh
davof Novemlier, A l, I''!, at luo'clock A. M
of said day, at Ihe' KAH'I' front (hsir of thn
county court, house, In the city of Omahii,
liouulas county, Ne'iriiskit. sell at imlillc
n 1 1 1 -1 1 in the iiroperl y ileM'rllied lit said order
of ho I., us rollows, to wit :
"HIiK'k three Cliinid four i4l lu Illll. ke'i
addition to I he city of Omaha, as surveyed
nhilli.,1 iintl rt'i'i it'll,. il. nil In lloinrhiM count V
state of Nnlirnskn;'' said properly to he sold
to satisfy the I tilled Mutes Nallolial Hunk
the sum of t wo I In ne,iiii(l two h ii nil i nl I we i
and Ti-VH dollars V!;lViV with interest
I hereon al rale of eluht (si per cent per
it 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 froui Hetitemlier V-t, until pa
and I w. iily-llve and 4h-i.i dollins i;.'i Ihi
costs, W illi Interest Ibi'ieoit from I In
Jl-t day of HeplemlH-r. A. ! I"!'l. tom tlu r
wllh m criilnif costs accord i ex to a lielnmcnt
rendered oy Ihe ill-nl.'l court of sithi lnui
ins i-oiiui y, at Its Hepleniher o rui A. I . I.'l. lu
a ccitalii action then mid there pi inlliiu
win- .-In The fulled Hates NniloiKil Hank
lis plaint Iff. ami l,oul'e Hllleke .efeiil:.e I ,
I'm ilia, Nehriiskii, octolier fi. Is''!,
in ,i I i I 1 1(( i : A . III'.N I TT.
HIierllT nf I iiiiitrlus i niiiii y. Nelu uskii
l,nk( X iliiHwell, allorneys.
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Tho Hell I )cp.utmcnt Store, N, K. Gr.
U)ljo and l'iftLTUth Sheets.
It is the host place in the city to buy
almost anything yon are in need of.
All we ask is a trial to convince yon of
tins fact.
Kverythinjj in the store sold cheaper
than the same jioods can he bought elsewhere.
Dodge and Fifteenth Streets,
We've niiulo sonio hltf imndiusos for cash. You want to road ahout thorn.
Our Immense ensh purchases Include Teas. Cloves, Mittens, Crockery and
Hardware, Fresh goods from tlrst hands, ami at awfully low iirlces,
Owing to tho depressed condition of trodo all over tho country wo havo
heen very lucky to procure with ready cash great hargalns In thu above lines of
all new, fresh goods direct from tlrst hands, and wo aro now prepared to make
you very low prices.
In teas wo havo put In an luinienso line and elegant assortment at prleoa
lower than we have ever lmught at before, therefore wo can glvo you extra
value In this department, commencing at loo per pound. Our teas are all "tlrst
picking" goods and Ixnight from tlrst hands, not job-lot or bankrupt sales, made
worthloss from ago and exposure, hut new, fresh, clean, and will go further
than other teas and aro conso(iiontl v cheaper In tlio end. Every pound guaran
teed to suit In every particular or money refunded.
Here's where we can do you good. They are ull new, just received from
factory, and ull very cheap. Look over this purchase, It will pay you.
Wo have just consolidated this department, bringing in everything we
handle In this line Into ono grand department In tho center of ull our stores,
Largo additions niiulo In this stock, together with our Immense sales, enables
us to sell at lower prices and glvo better satisfaction than has over been at
tempted by any other dealer, Wo begin with old time prices und give you
extra values at le, 2e, .'lo, 4c and Tic ouch. We havo tho best fas cigar In tho
west, also the best Kic cigar. Wo aro ut the top of tho heap and can do you
tho most good.
Largo additions miulo to our crockery stock. New goods just arrived.
Prices away down, Hardware! Our coal scuttles and tiro shovels are In. Nnw.
goods, Prices away down. Stationery department Is complete. Largest lino
of toys and picture books In Omaha.
Vm TO l.r)H CAITI'or, Avk.
Thd Place to Buy
The Best Quality of Meat at the Lowest
Prices is at
2815 Leavenworth Street.
Hiirloln Hleak
. IOC to i',i:
..,. to 0o
,,,.!!! to No
;ie to IU'
. Vl'ie to Iflfl
, Hie to l:i!ic
I'orlerlioiixe Mleak , t. , ,
Hound Hteak...........
kill ICoiod
Iliillliilf lleef
I 'urn lleef . , ,
Veal steak
Veal chop
Oysters, Fish and Game
These Prices are for 0A8H onlv. Buv
718 S. 16TH ST.
Will sell all kinds of
Mcn'H HIiocb, hoM tit $0 tnid 7 $5.25.
Mch'h SIioch, Hold at 5, 4.00
Mcii'h HIioch, wold at $4, 3.00
Our 2.50 Shot'M at $2.00
Eadics' $5 Frcticli Kid, 3.75
Eadics' if J Dotio;ola Kid, 3.25
Endk'H $:;,r.o, 2.75
JL. IIOG3?3H, Til.,
J' 1 '' 16,3 Dou'" 8,1
Omaha, Nob. VUSIC
1918 S. Twentieth St.
Fancy and Staple Groceries
Ooodi delivered to any pnrt of the City,
HiiccciMir lo lirem l St Maul.
Undertaker and flmbalmer
J 117 I'liriinin Street.
Tki kioiom'. ;r.. OM A HA , NEB
...flc to OSHn
fk; lo h:
..l"C lo VMi;
Si! to (H!
ik! to Ik!
,...(! tO till!
Shoes at a Cut Price.
Estey and Camp & Co. Pianos
and Organs.
Necillim. (Ml, Hiliplll' for all of Hcw
I11K MaclilncH. (mr own Meeliatili! In HiHt
el ins. Will repair any hewlnn .Miiclilne,
TMLtrHOK tl.
5H Booth 8ltoiHh St., Omaha.
J E W E L. R Y
602 South Nlnotoonth St.
Veal Itoast
Veal Stew
Mutton ( ioi . ,
Mutton itnaxt.
Minion Hlew.,
I'ork Chops...,
I'ork Hleak..,.
fork KiiiimI....
f "