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Panic Stricken Hamburgers
Arc Fleeing the City,
CiTinu itirotns i(ni(
rim Want Malum Its A rr-srnr-A
I'M la Kw Yrk-or tlurmnl Or
an Tnty )a. Onarantina Ua All
VmmIs from In(trtl I'tirl.
IlAWM-nO, 8opt, 8. The thermometer
bs fallen to 70 ilojt. ami there have lmn
fToriU liht showers, Tha air U cooler
than it turn been In the lasts ton days,
Nevertheless tho alsttomont of the
Itliigwi has not boon so considerable as
to bring much comfort to tho stricken
plaoa, The most trustworthy rpjxirU
give the number of fresh oases m OS I
ami deaths m 847. The docreaso in the
namlwr of fresh cum U 42; in the num
ber of donths, U. Those flgnree do not
tirroe, however, with the reports of the
Hamburg officials, who hnve reduced
the number of deaths to 45. The city
government has thus again declared for
the fatnotu policy of suppressing the
facta and it reports are received with
ridicule. The number of burials has
fallen from IHtt to 818.
Keports of an abatement of the panic
In consequence of the lower death rate
are untruHtwortny. They emanate from
official raurces and are part of the gen
eral plan of concealing the situation.
The people are too thoroughly frightened
to be reawmred by a slight change,
which is likely to be succeeded with a
return of the high temperature by an
increase of the plague.
The flight of persons who constitute
the city's business and social world con
tinues. About 10,000 persons loft on
the railways during tho day, All these
were citizens with their families, as
non-residents practically deserted the
city early in the week. Most of them
left in haste and their baggage will be
sent after them. Porters have left
their posts and transportation companies
aro too short-handed to handle half the
baggage of the fugitives, so that most
families going away are obliged to leave
behind what they themselves cannot
Many postmen are among the victims
and the delivery of the mails has beon
retarded. A postal official said the busi
ness of the postolllce had fallon oil 60
per cent, in the last live days and that
apparently business correspondence was
dead. All tho factories in operation are
working short-handed and many factor
ies have boon closed for an indefinite
period. Families of workmen thrown
out of employment have begun calling
for aid. Want is already apparent If
not speedily stilled it will facilitate the
progross of the plague among the ill
nourished poor.
The numW of physicians attending
cholera patients is quite inadequate. The
state of affairs was apparent several
days ago, but the municipal authorities
neglected to call for aid from other
towns, The physicians who have been
among the stricken from the first are
worn out by overwork and there wore
few at hand to take their places. Al
most a third of the deaths are said to
have taken place before medical aid
could be secured.
In the harbor district only about four
patients among sevon are able to secure
physicians to treat them. There Is also
great diiliculty in getting enough nurses
to replRbe those retiring from the hos
pitals becauso worn out by the killing
work imiosud upon them in the last ten
Most urgent appeals for help have
come from the suburbs Horn and Ham
morbrock, whore tho people have died
by the dozen since daybreak. Nurses,
doctors and health oincors are said to
leave those suburbs almost unnoticed and
whole families have been wiped out
without having had a word of advice or
a prescription.
The harm done to the rest of north
Germany by oiHcial incompetency here
is enormous. Persons fleeing from the
city, in the last five days, have carried
the infection to twenty-three other
northern Gorman towns. In Luebock,
Liognitz, Kudu, Iiergedorf, Neukirch,
Maxdotmrg and more than a dozen vil
lages the breaking out of the plague has
been due directly to arrivals from this
A Casa In New York.
New Yokk, Sept. 2. A suspected case
of cholera has boon discovered in the
heart of the teuomont house district on
the East Bide. Shortly after 7 o'clock
last night Dr. Heck was summoned to
the tenement, 03 Orchard street. In a
room on the fourth floor of the building
he found a man lying on a sofa, suffer
ing great agony. The man said he felt
Ei tins in his body, his stomach ached
im and that he vomited freely. Dr.
Beck immediately became suspicious
when he saw tho case, and asked the
man, who was a foreigner, his name and
how long he had been in the country.
The man replied that his name was
Joseph Etuatniz, that ho was 85 years
old and had arrived in this country on
Bunday last by the steamship Kussia, by
way of Hamburg. Ho said he was bora
in Hussion Poland.
The doctor after affording the patient
some temporary relief reported the case
to the police, saying the symptoms and
the fact that the man only came to this
country recently lry way of Hamburg
led him to believe tlio man was suffering
from cholera. The police promptly no
tified the board of health and an inspec
tor was sent to the house. The house is
occupied by about twenty families.
There are over 100 people living in the
place, They became greatly alarmed
when they beard that Ktunniz, wlio was
living with his sisfcfr, was believed to lie
frittering from cholera and many of
them preferred to walk the streeU rath
er than go to bed,
HamiiMUI, fiopt, 2, Professor North
nagle has given cliolora patient enemas
of warm salt water. It is claimed by
those who havs followed this course of
of treatment that fully tW por cent, have
Only Miin I'HMn(fr.
Nr Yokk, Kept. 2, Th Ionian line
management has dVcided to- tarry only
first and second culin passenger from
Liverpool during the month of Beptem
ii i moim mi u imi ir.
f Mtl !' QnamntlM f All Vxwl
I mm lnfWItl Sr.
M'amhnmtum, rVpt, 8.lWd.'iil liar
rtm hrt( il(rii ,ii, Wv action on tha
tlgu hii h now threatens to rsvs
lh wind country. Twenty days' quar
antine f vrwM-ls from all Inflated conn-
trie lias !wn ortiert! and ir tist-txwary
v-n more "drnxiio mrvwitma will to
taken. Mr. Ilartiwrn reached Vahtnsj
mn snortiv iwrnr nciock ami pro-
oasled to tha W liil Iloitwt, While ha
was at hroakfaat Private Wntarv Hal
ford sont a telephone lnoawijro to the
monitor of the cabinet, who are in the
city to appear without delay at the
W Mt IimiMt for a rxmanltatinn.
Tha rimferenm togan at 11 o'clock
and laated until 12. Those who partiel
rated in it worn Hoeretarv Cliarles Ftta
wr, Attorney Guneral Miller, Asalstant
Bwntary Bjiaulding and Burgeon (Jen-
erai wyman. '1 lis prmliJnnt listen! Ui
an that nts advisors had to say concern
ing tha cholera, and then the question
OI oloHtnir tho tmrta was discussed.
There was a difference of opinion re
garding it, and at last it was suggested
mat a twenty days' quarantine could lie
ordered against all vessels from infected
countries! It was agreed that that or
der would have the same effect as clos
ing the ports. Mr. Bpanlding, who has
paid more attention to the subject than
any of the rest, was sanRuine that such
an order was snflloimit and the confer
ence adjourned after agreoing that such
an order Bhould be issued.
The president immediately after the
the conference instructed Assistant 8ic
retary Bpanlding to prepare the order
imposing a twenty days' quarantine in
all ports where such an order would not
conflict with the local laws. He also
instructed the attorney general to pre-
Sare a legal opinion on the subject, and
)ld Secretary Foster to give ont a pre
pared interviow sotting forth the gov
ernment's position and intentions in full.
He also ordered the postofflce depart
ment to fumigate mails. The president's
proclamation ordors the detention at
quarantine for twenty daya of all ves
sels conveying immigrants.
The president is of the opinion since
the conference that there will be no ne
cessity of calling congress in extra ses
sion. He still believes that he can close
the ports entirely, but has faith that the
twenty-days' quarantine will answer as
At Liverpool,
London, Sept. 2. At a mooting of the
health committee of Liverpool an officer
reported that the emigrants who em
barked yesterday were in excellent
health; that the city of Liverpool is in
the healthiest condition it has been for a
long time past, and there is no reason to
fear an epidemic. The passengers of
the Bteamer Gemma from Hamburg have
been released from quarantine at Graves
end. Untie lionlen Hold.
Fall Eiveu, Mass., Sept. 1. The
hearing of the case of Lizzie Borden,
charged with the murder of her fathor
and stop-mother, was closed.' After the
lawyers on each side had made their
arguments, Judge Blaiwloll said that
sympathy should be laid aside, and
duty, stern duty, requires upon this evi
dence but one thing to be done. Sup
posing that a man was seen in the
chamber of Mrs. Borden, the chamber of
death, and that he was in the room of
the father when death came; supposing
that a man should toll as many different
stories as Lizzie has done. The way
would be plain. "I find that she is
probably guilty." , She was ordered re
manded to the county jail at Taunton
for trial at the November term.
Wanted la live States.
La Junta, Colo., Sept. 2. Sheriff
Wordon of Potter county, Tex., arrived,
as did also Attorney McGarry of Dodge
City, Kan. Thoy both want B. R. Win-
?ate, the man who claims to be a world's
air agent, on the charge of forgery.
Word was received that the; First
National bank of Cheyenne and the
Denver National bank had each been
fleeced to the amount of $200 by thesamo
man. He is now wanted in five states.
A Bioux City bank claims that under the
name of F. E. ltogors he swindled it to
a considerable amount,
A Blanked Man's Mlntake.
Kansas City, Sept. 2. Last evening
at 9:20 a masked man flagged an east
bound froight train on the Missouri Pa
cific rood at Dead Man's curve, just west
of Leo's Summit. When he saw it was
a freight train he ran into the bushes.
As the freight was running on the east
bound pasHongor train's time it is sup
posed that the man made a mistake.
The country is now being searched by
Sugar Jlonnty Clalmi.
Washington, Sept. 2, A statement
prepared at. tho treasury department
shows that there have been filed during
the fiscal year 1803 claims under the
law paying a bounty for sugar nroduc-
tion as follows! wane sugar, 04u; neet,
ti: sorghum, 2; maple, 0,100. Last year
the applications aggregated 4.0HO. The
increase in the number of applications is
in those producing maple sugar.
I)lnguted with tha Work.
Kansas City, Sept, 2. The sixteen
switchmen employed by the suburban
belt road quit work and asked for the
money due them. The men say that it
is not a strike; that thoy simply threw
np their Jobs and any men who want
them are welcome to them. The men
were getting $55 a month while the pay
of switchmen is $2.50 for a day of ten
Cabinet Council.
Wasihnoton , Sept. l.Thore was an
informal cabinet council at the White
House all last evening. , The secretary
of war, postmaster general and the at
torney general were in consultation with
the president about the affairs of their
respective debts. Secretary Foster had
his consultation in the morning.
Hall Hoit Hung.
Richmond, Va., Sopt, 2. Governor
McKinney refused to interfere, and it is
now certain that Talton Hall will to
banged May, The Jail is heavily
guarded and nothing short of a go, jral
uprising can step tho execution,
Hope tot florernor Ktfl.
LlTTI.E WwK, Ark., Sept. A tela
gram from Illchinond, Ky,, states that
tha doctors think that Governor Kagle l
doing as weD as could to expected. -,
The Western Rcsertre Goes
Down Off Au Sable Banks.
Twr.NTf six mm aiie iost.
Tw tlri and r mirier Sudor Mllnw
Iitt la th TueMley MiM'i htttrm,
TMHy-thre Mm MrrlBveil In s r
Belgian Mine.
MARorrm, Mich., Sept, 1. The
atenmer Western litwcrva broke in two
off An Sable tonks Tuesday niitht and
all but one of the twenty-aeven on board
were drowned, miry Stewart of Al
gonao, SI leu., was tho only on saved.
Two of tha bodies were washed aahore.
The Western Reserve, which was bound
for Cleveland, was a steel boat of 8.000
tons, owned at Cleveland and valued at
The following persons wore on board
when the fated vessel went down:
with his wife and two children, Chartei
and Florence.
of Vermillion.
ALBERT MEYERS, captain, of Vermil
W. H. LEAMAX of Cleveland, chief en
1RKD KNOAIjLS, first mate.
CHARLES LEBEATJ. seoond mate.
CHARLES WELLS, assistant engineer.
BURT SMITH, steward.
RAY APPLKBEE, steward.
CARL MEYERS, wheelsman, son of the
S. D. HOLT) EN, fireman.
R. LONGFIELD, deck hand.
M. COFFEE, deck hand.
JOHN WILSON, deck hand.
This was the make-up of the crew
who served on the last trip of the
steamer and it is probable that it was
not changed since.
Captain Peter Hinch. the owner of the
Western Reserve, retired five years aero
and sottled down in Cleveland to manage
his vessel interests. The present trip
was intended as a pleasure trip for him
self and family and several friends.
The boilers of the steamer were
spected recently and repairs were
dered but had not yet been made.
Twenty-five Killed and Eight Mortally
Wounded In a Mine Explonlon.
Brtosfxs, Sopt. 2. A mine explosion
resulting in great loss of life occurred at
Bororage, in the province of Hainault.
The Aggrat coal mine was the scene of
the disaster, which was caused by ac
cumulated gas. Tlio noise of the explos
ion was beard for a great distance and a
column of coal dust shot up from the
main shaft. Men were at once put to
work to rescue the living and ascertain
the number of dead. Twenty-five per
sons were killed and eight mortally in
jured. The mine is the property of the
Rothschilds and accidents there' have
been frequent. One hundred and
twenty-one miners were killed in this
mine in May last and another calamity
in 1802 destroyed 183 lives.
Fourteen Sailor Mlniilng.
Ashland, Wis., Sept. 2. The steamer
Toledo, Captain McKenchy arrived in
port minus its consorts, Guiding Star
and Oneota. On Tuesday, while off
Manitou island, the boat encountered
the worst storm for years, and the
steamer and tow were tossed about with
out mercy. The tow line broke and the
two barge's wore left to the mercy of a ter
rible sea. On board each schooner was a
crew of seven mon. The captain cruised
around all Tuesday afternoon and night
and Wednesday morning, but could find
no trace of his missing barges. One
of the boats belonged to Ward's Lake
Superior line. '
Double Tragedy at Denver.
DiNVEit, Colo., Sept. !!. Shortly after
midnight Henry D. Orm, a faro dealor,
shot and instantly killed his mistress,
who was known here as Dolly Rees, but
whose real name was Lavissa Hilde-
kirke, who came here from Hazleton, O.
Orm then shot himself and will proba
bly die. Orm is about 28 years of age
while his mistress was 85. They hod
quarreled and she threatened to leave
him, whereupon he took her life and
mode what will possibly result as a suc
cessful attempt to end his own.
Curtis' Funeral.
West Brighton, S. I., Sopt. 2. The
funeral of George William Curtis will
be strictly private and will take place to
day from the family home here. The
Rev. Dr. Chadwick, pastor of the Uni
tarian church in Urooklyn, who was an
intimate friend of Mr. Curtis, will con
duct the services. The body will to
placed in the family vault in Old Mora
vain cemetery at New Dorp. Numerous
teleirrams of condolence from prominent
?orsons have toon received. One came
rom Grover Cleveland.
Mew Pontniatter.
Washington, Sept. 2. The president
appointed tho following named post
masters; Frank W.' Atkinson, St.
Joseph, Mo.; Leonard U, Mohr, Troy,
Mo.; Oscar Cramer, Cape Girardeau,
Mo.j G. A. Kchiiltz, Two Harbors,
Minn.; Mrs. Nettle J. Van Inwogon, Or
tonvillo, Minn.) Ronton R. Hickox, El-
reno, O, T.
Tha Weather.
Washington, Sept. 2. For Nebras
ka! Showers in western portion ; cooler;
south to west winds, For lowaj ' Fair
in east and occasional showers in west
portions; cooler by Saturdayj south
winds, becoming westerly.
Silver lliilllon.
New York, Kept. 2.Bllver bullion
on flopoalt against warrants, i,vdi,imd
cnncesi certificates outstanding, 1,030,
Everybody in Town
Swrnt i pjr-cit 1,,-t (hat ll ey
run buy Wt at th Wkltnrj mnjrjr
m!h at M Smth Fiftot-BtB, rWapr-r
than rvrr M..r in Omaha, aril grt
Mi tol tf piciis. The tw-k is selling
very fat, but thnr I Mill a hue -
sitrttntni, nm and gnus up
Jrini f unity, tf
poll sAt.K ok thaws-Two xxi
. niarnimn. inimiimv.
!!-! t
fThl TKAUK- ti Bn smmkI farm land 10
A irmle fur Raxi nttnr anil Joh niMitv
band UkI1iiiiI.iI m-xr irmxl l.-wn mul I imln-
f titiitNnd. AililrvM, "h, V. ., ' Uita oIHihv
mltl of any kind. AUdrena
xa" nils
1 1 umin.
"Mm" IM onV",
an clerk, Adilrt'KS
WANTRU A rxMttlon by a itoiid rWiahle
man aa nVllvery rli-rk or cnlliTlor.
UihhI Hcforvnex slvi-n. An uhl nulilont,
Aildn-x-t .1. I AMKHK'AsOnii-e. S-27-tf
WTANTKIl Every himliH'KK man who want
JT ajdMKljoti orprlmlnir li ral
In rail at TUB
and ai-t
WANTED (llrl fur ifeni-ral housework, at
IM Urant at rout, Clifton II 111.
XANTKI-WI11 'y. wit or exclianire
nuMt line and rovi-niie Nlainns In lurire
or small quaiiUtloa, CoIU-cIIoiih wanted.
It AltlflY nlulWN,
It lift Nor til ItHli Ht up stairs.
FOR 8AI.E ThorniiKhnrpd Kentucky ead
dln horHO, lit-nlle: anyone can handle,
Aililreaa. Dr. 11, U. W im Wllliuull block.
Uiuaha. NeliriiHka, 7-22-tf
outalda of Omaha, where Thb Amhricam can
Be rounn:
I,, (l. Ilrackett. Council BlufTs, Iowa,
1), W. BuahnelU
.1. J. Stott, (Sooth Omaha, Neb.
O. W. Webb,
Cheyenne News Depot, Cheyenne, Wyo.
J. K. Jeffrey, '
J. I). Hrown. MlHHOtirl vallev. Iowa.
M. V. l-'errls. 2I( Larimer St. Denver. Colo.
Kd. YotitiK, 1S07 N St. Lincoln, Nob.
W, H. UoKera, Fremont, Nub.
800 UaniKe Bl'k, cor Harney & IS, Omaha.
Jamea-Borrv. defendant, will take notice
that on the 24th day of May, 1HI, Avla V.
Hi-n-y, plalntllf herein, tiled her pi-tKlon In
the dlHtrlct court of Doinrlaa countv. Ne-
1) rusk a, liKalimt nald defiiiidant; the object
and prayer of which Id to procure a divorce
from I ho KaUt defendant on tlio uroumls of
habitual (ii-iinkoniicKH. extreme cruelty, fall
tire to aupport and adultery. I'liilntlll' auks
for tha custody of their four minor children
and for alimony.
You arc required to answer Said petition on
or before t he ltd It day of September, 1HW.
Dated AUBUsttitn, imi.
8-13-4 A VI H a HENRY, I'lalntllT.
Ky SuundorH&Macfarland, her attorneys,
Articles of Incorporation of The Milen
Cure Company.
To whom It may concern:
Notice Is hereby iflven that a coi-Doratlon
has been formed under the name of The
Milen Cure Company. The principal place of
tranguctlntf the business of the cornoratlon
xhall -be In the city of Omaha, DoUKlaa
county, Nebraska.
The seneral nature of the business to be
transacted by this corporation shall be the
treatment of the Honor, oulum, tobacco and
other narcotic habits and diseases; the
manufacture and aa e of reined es used in
such treatment, the disposal of the rlubt to
use such remedies in various localities, and
such other business as may be necessary, In
cidental or proper to tue carrying out or tne
aforesaid purposes.
The amount of the capital stock Is twentv-
flve thousand dollars, divided Into live hun
dred shares of Sfty dollars each; said stock
hall no assessaiue to tne amount OI tifteen
dollars per share and no more, and after
assessments to the amount of fifteen dollars
have been made on any share, such share
shall thereafter Jie non-assessable. The cor
poration may commence business when
eluhty shares of stock have been subscribed
for and fully paid up.
aktiut.b v.
The highest amount of Indebtedness or
liability to which the corporation shall at
anytime subject Itself shall not exceed an
amount ooual to one-fourth Dart of the
capital stock actually Issued.
The stockholders shall not be liable for the
corporate dubts beyoi d the amount of their
uupaiu sUDKcripuon.
Tho time of the commencement of the cor
noratlon shall be the Hrstdayof August, A.
1). 1S1I2. and tlio termination thereof the Unit
day of August, A. I). 1U1I3, unless sooner dis
solved by a two-thirds vote of the stock
artiolr viri,
Tho affairs of the corporation shall bo con
ducted and managed by the following
officers: A board of live Directors, to be
elected at the annual meeting of the stock
holders, to be held In Omaha, on the first day
of August of each year; and a President,
vlce-I'res (lent. Secretary. Treasurer and
Oeneral Manager, to bo elected by said Hoard
of Directors. All of said officers, with the
xcent Win of th Oeneral Manager, must be
stockholders of tho corporation.
Notice of Discharge of Administrator.
Itouglas County, ) '
In tho County Court of Douglas County,
Nebraska, August 'M, A, 1). iW.
In the matter of the estate of Moses
Doyle, deceased!
All persona Interested in said matter will
take notice that on the 24f hdy of August,
W.ii, the county Judge of Douglas county,
Nebraska, made the following order!
Statu or Nkiihaska, I
Douglas County, f
In the County Court of Douglas County,
Nebraska, August 24, A, D. 1MB, Present,
j. vy, iMior,i;ouni.y judge.
In the matter of
oslate of Moses
Doyle, deceased!
Coon reading and
if and flllnir the petition of
ratrica v. itearey, snowing teat on tne urn
day of January, INIll, he was duly appointed
and commissioned as admlnlstraror of said
estate; that twelve months have elapsed
since his said appointment, and that he lii
filed a final account of his acli and doings as
such administrator and praying that his said
final account may bo duly allowed and ap
proved, and that he may be discharged from
tils trust as such administrator, and praying
that such ot her and f urt her order and pro
ceedings may ho had In the premises, as may
be required by the statutes in such cases
made and provided.
Ordered, Hint September HO. A, D, JH02, at fl
o'clock a, tn., be assigned for hearing said
piitll km, when all pursons Interested In aula
matter mil y appear at the County court, to
fie held In Him for said county, and show
cause why the prsyer of said iH-tltlouer
should not he granted s and that notice of t lie
pendency of said petition and tha hearing
thereof, he given to the persons ahove
named and all other persons Interested In
said mat ter, liy piilill-lilng notice of this nro-
In Tim Amkhican.
a newspaper
In said county, four
weeks silcces-
slvely previous to tlio iimti appointed
Count V Judun.
And you will further take notice that mi
le. you appear to contest the said pi
flon of
i n i nrs i;,
leafey at the time and placa sp
r,,,,.h,, .... lilt, u .....j ...
your almencu allow said final account, and
..,.i...,.h ,i.... ...
inn v wiiii I the rut-ther nrsverof said petit, on,
Witness my IihihI and official seal ihl '44th
day of August, IHM,
t !. I
J, W, KllVM,
County Judge,
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Room 407 Paxton Block, OMAHA.
AH work guaranteed first class and prices
reasonaoie. leiepnoue oea.
: U43 South Sixteenth St.,
OMAHA. -:- -:- NEB.
Silk Dressmaking a Specialty.
1918 S. Twentieth St.
Fancy and Staple Groceries
Goods delivered to any part of tha City.
Estey and Camp & Co. Pianos
and urgans.
Needles. Oil, Bupplles for all kinds of Sew
ing Machines. Our own Mechanic is first
class. Will repair any Hewing Machine.
614 Booth Sixteenth Bt-, Omaha.
We will giue a Beautiful -
Uristo Panel.
With every "CABINET PHO
TOS" taken at
Gray's Photograph Gallery,
218 North 16th Street
Builder and Ounntal Repairing. Estimates
12S4 N. 19th t. - - OMAHA, NEB
Pacific Barber Shop.
Nawly Flttad up, Th Bast ArtHU.
Has removed from Seventh and leaven-
worth U N, B.Cor, Seventh and I'acltlc,
ffhavlrig Je, llafr-(!nt Hea-Koam 10c,
0i ni i Cull, Batlifsotira 0usrwit4
T1IK I'Kl.l,
of the
IMJXKN Men's Socks, regular made sosm, French
top, black and colors, worth a.'ie, our price,
perfect fitting, actually
Reliable dealers In First Class
Pianos s Organs
We carry the largest and best selected Stock
to be found in the west and sell at Manufact
urers prices for cash or c -isy payments.
Steinway & Sons s Vose&Sons,
Wm Knabe Co, g Sterling,
Bear Bro, Webster,
1 In addition to which we represent several
inner muxes always to oe rouua in our targe
For $250.
we sell a good, reliable, well made Piano In a
plain neat case. This Piano has a good ao
tion, fine touch, and smooth, sweet singing
quality of tone and far superior to many
which are sold athlgh prices by other dealers.
It Is fully warranted by the manufacturers
and by ourselves for live years.
So food a bargain cannot be duplicated
at bed rock prices and on easy terms
Second Hand Organs, $10 up.
" " Pianos, $25 up.
Instruments rented and rent allowed if pur
chased. Cheap stencilled trash, so often Im
posed upon buyers we do not handle or re
comend. A good standard makeSecond Hand
Instrument Is better than much ot the cheap
trash sold.
Your patronage solicited and highly app e
- Call and see us, or write for catalogues
Max Meyer Bro. Co.,
16th & Farnam St, - Omaha, Neb
JESSE WHITE, Mgr. Piano Dept.
If Si-. .i.t.ii
Hammocks, 35c to $2.95. Cro
quet, 74c to $2.95. Boys' "Wag
ons, Velocipedes, Tricicles, etc.,
The most complete stock of
summer goods in the city.
Prices Always Lowest.
THE 99 CENT STORE. 1319 Farnam St.
A. L. Daan.
1. W, Oonnsll.
A. L. DEANE & CO.,
Central Agent for
And Locko,
Bank and Vault Work.
1116 Farnam St.,