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We commend President Harrison
for Ms action In closing our harbors to
foreign emigrants while cholera is
UNDER the heading, " A Western
City," our friend Stephen Collins writes
two column article, filled with facts
and figures, for the American of Pitts
burgh. The city he refers to, and
praises so generously is Omaha.
THE nomination of J. Sterling Morton
for governor on the democratic ticket
is probably the best selection that party
could have made. Nobody has any
thing against Mr. Morton except that
he part his name in the middle, and
that's not a serious draw-back.
Certain young gentlemen in South
Omaha have organized an association
similar to the Roman Y. M. I., and
have asked the lice for a name. As
that Bheet failed to comply with the
requetit, we hasten to proffer an appro
priate handle for this new child of
popory. Make it A. P. I. Allied Papal
OUR excellent friend, Rev. G. M.
. Brown, who did effective service lust
year fighting against popory, will de
liver his farewell Bermon in Hanscom
Park M. E. church, Sunday, September
11, 1802. Why wouldn't It be a pretty
good Idea for the friends who are inter
ested in this work to attend Hanscom
Park M. E. church on that date and
give him substantial evidence of their
appreciation for the work he had done.
Think this over. He deserves our
hearty support. Let us show him we
have not forgotten him.
EVERY man who holds a public office
and is known to, or supposed to, belong
to the A. P. A.'s, will bo placed before
the public by the Bee as an incom
petent, dishonest, or a conniver at dis
honesty, long before the next election.
The object will be to prejudice the
public against the association. People
who know the tactics of that paper will
not be misled, but those who have here
tofore sustained it In every move, may
not have had the scales entirely re
moved from their eyes, yet even those
persons will not need to be put on their
guard a second time.
Last year the Protestants of Douglas
county banded themselves together for
tne..purpose ol driving tne woman
elurch out of politics. They went into
" the fight not us democrats, nor as re
publicans, Independents or prohibition
ists but as Americans, fighting for
American principles against a foreign
potentate who was inslduously trying to
abrogate many of the fundamental
principles underlying our constitution
and our form of government by making
politicians and political parties sub
servient to the wishes of the fraud who
sits in Rome as the successor ol fit
Peter, and who blasphemously terms
himself the vlce-geront of God. How
we'll they carried their point the re
turns of the last election will only too
readily disclose. That they did not
consider their mission fulfilled when
they learned of the unexpected victory
they had achieved under the leader
ship of Mr, J. II. Winapear, is made ap
parent today. Made apparent by the
fact that in nearly every section of the
state ha been organized a patriotic as
. sociatlon, which is working In harmony
with the associations in Douglas county,
and which will do much to prevent this
great state from being handed over,
body and breeches, to political hacks
and demagogue be they democrats,
republicans or Independent who are
giving money to upbuild Roman Catho
lic churches, who have promised to ap
point only Romanist or Roman Catho
lic sympathizer to position upon the
board of fire and police commissioner
In Omaha, In consideration of 12,000
Roman Catholic vote which are sup
posed to bfl cast In Nebraska next
November. That certain candidate
have made a bid forth! vote, webe
Hcvft we are able to prove, m w bar
letter In our possession bearing upon
thi question, which we have not given
to th public, and will not give to the
public until we ftre posltlv w are on
th right scent,
TliI papfef 1 not arepiiM lean papw
although the editor I ft republican
neither J It ft democratic Of people'
party aper, and ftr that reason i
prptm U treat at) side fairly, ami hot
give currency, through the columns,
Many it.-mn! that will In any way
! n the chsmvs t any cwmlUUto on
cither of tho tlekets, unless i n
nlwolutely ltive there ar gd and
s-ifftctcnt reasons hy the public should
N made eqttlntd with, the facts
which ha come Into our possession.
That the Roman's have centered
their fight upon Hon. T. J. Majors, the
candidal" for lieutenant-governor on
the republican ticket, w have every
reason to tx'llew; and that that fight t
N'lng made iveauw Mr. Rom'wnter, In
hi attack on Mr. Major lact week,
charged the said Major with teliig an
A. P. A., we also have reason to
Suppose, for the sake of argument,
that wo admit Tom. Major In a mem
ber of the American Protective associa
tion, why should any American eltUen
we do not consider papists American
cltljien vote against him because of
his connection with such organization?
Certainly no Intelligent American
would find in it sufficient reason why
Majors' name should be left off the
ticket he votes! And why not? Because
the American Protective association
believes In upholding
The stars and stripes;
The constitution of the United States
and of the state in which It Is organ
ized; because it believes in
The public schools;
In free speech;
A free press;
A fair ballot and an honest count;
In liberty of conscience and the right
of every person to worship God accord
ing to the dictates of his own conscience;
It believes In justice and equity
being done both employer and employe;
It believes In honest, Impartial pub
lic officials, who do not "place the law
of the Roman church above the laws of
this country," which every loyal Ro
mamist la bound to do.
It believes there should be no inter
ference by ANY ecclesiastical body with
the duties of citizenship, and its mem
bers will support these God-given liber-tles-the
flag for which their forefathers
fought, the constitutions which breathe
and guarantee all that Rome hates, and
which you love and enjoy--wlth tholust
drop of their blood.
Therefore, If there is anything In Its
platform, which is embodied in the
above, which you, as christians or as
conscientious men, do not approve, wo
shall not blame you for joining the Ro
mans and making war on Torn Majors;
If you can subscribe to that platform
we want you to put your shoulder to
the wheel and help us roll up a majority
for Tom Majors which will learn Rome
to keep out of politics in Nebraska, not
only for next year but for all time.
If it is a foot that Torn Majors Is an
A. P. A. and we know he Is a Protes
tant closely allied to that grout re
ligious body known as the M. K. church
every Protestant should see to It that
his name Is on the ticket he votes, and
that he places an X opposite It. It bo
hooves every Protestant to see that
Tom Majors Is not defeated. Rome
has dragged her political organization
which she Is pleased to term a church
Into our politics let us drag It out
for her?
Young man, are you thinking of link
ing your fortunes with those of a Ro
man Catholic maiden? If you are, be
careful! Think twice before you take
so Important a step. Weigh well
whether you would be master in your
own house or whether you would tol
erate the priest as master; whether
your word or that of the father confes
sor should be heeded by the woman who
agrees to forsake all other men and
cleave uoto you until death doyou part;
'whether foul-intentloned priests should
pour Into her ears questions that they
would not dare to ask her were you
present, and which she under the seal
of the confessional dare not Impart
even to you. We say think twice before
you take thi step, the imMrta.nco of
which may never be realized until it Is
too late. Remember that the priests
ask of married women indelicate even
obscene question while closeted in
that sink of iniquity the Roman con
fessional. We know thi is to! We
know It because married women who
have attended confession In Omaha
have admitted a much! We know It,
because the wife of a friend of our and
be 1 an honest Roman Catholic told
him, when he asked ber whether the
priest propounded to her such ques
tion as Rev. White said were asked of
married women, that they "did not ask
decent women such question" they
only ask thera of the "ornery" women.
Ife never thought to aak how ? knur
tluy fven anhd Ihtm of Iht, "trmry"
wtmimt Can yon tell u how she knew?
Do you supfxmo the father confessor
are guilty of telling one female penitent
of th fralltie of her Roman Catholic
sister? If they are, how doe a wife
know but what, wmbr ttotruX of Iht am
fiMmml, they have regaled tbo am
sister with ft rehearsal of her own
hortflornlflgMr' Can yt n-r that?
We know that Roman Catholic priest
talk to married women, in IM rmfe
tbrtuiJ, ujKrfi question you would not
allow your own brotfmr to broach to
your wlfo! -Jfow do ',w know
thi? Wo know Jt because Roman
Cathollff woman told th w)f of
The fit vue Hm. Thiwna J. Majnr with Mng unfriendly to Omaha.
Thl I ftet -unless Mr, R,wter I Omaha. That the editor f the
evidently insider hltnwlf ran be wi n by a eitirl.n of the ticket - a
fae-slmlle 4 the one poMlshisI in the IVrw t '., Will H. IthmNlshauiih'
lvr, ami that alleged by 'h ",v' H'n l,u,,"d M Uotrilr.
The two tickets-both raaotly like the original in each xvrare printed
U low, side by side, i as to enable you to Judgw for yourselves whether the
f;,inff referred to lle ater or Omaha In it fling, and whether Mr. Ifcwowntor
retard himself a an tmli ideal or a a community;
KrpQMlc2Djla!c Ticket.
For Onvi-rnor,
Of Omnh.
For Lieutenant Governor,
Of Omnh.
For Auditor,
Of Omnhn.
For Me-oretary of State,
Of Omaha.
For State Treasurer,
Of Omaha.
For Attornoy General,
Of Omaha.
For Superintendent Public Instruction,
Of Omaha.
For Com'r Public Lands and Building,
Of Omaha.
First DUtrlct K. UOSKWATKU
Seoond District K. UOSKWATKU
Third DUtrict E. UOSKWATKU
Fourth District K. UOSKWATKU
Fifth Distilct K. UOSKWATKU
Sixth District E. UOSKWATKU
At Large.
Slioulil It iMiootne apparent Inter on In the
ciunpiilKn that any of these oltlee are nit
wimU'd by Mr. Hosewatcr, we will (,lttily
ftdvm'ftto the election of some other Acimlly
g(Kd niaiii hut In tli prHHunt condition of
atTuIr. we feel that a a md republican wo
can do no less tlmn to give Koxewntor every
thing In slKht, as far a we sr able, as Unit
seems to be the present illpy of the purt
If any sane man can read and compare the above tickets and not conclude
that our friend on the Ike imagines he is the city of Omaha, we think the
proper place for that sane man Is in an Insane asylum. For some time wo have
wondered why every republican in the state of Nebraska, barring Tom Majors,
paid homage to the gentleman on the Ike. But now we know, Tho secret Is
out, IIeisOmahaI And Omaha has more than 16,000 vote to her credit.
What fool asplrunt for an office would not like to bo on the good side of 10,000
votes? But this year poor Tom ho has said you can't have them. And ho
means it. Oh, Tom, Tom! Why don't you repent, bo baptized of Rosewuter
and bo saved? With you, Tom, goes the A. P. A. And when It busts, what
will become of the bigots who have stood out against Mr. Rosewater we mean
Omaha? OU, the thought Is" terrible! Just think of living In Omaha for years
and only finding out tho 24 ult. that we were In Rosewater,
Omaha said in his paper oh, no, not out loud, but between tho lines that
no A. P. A. should bit nominated this year. And why not? Because they are
members of a secret antl-Cuthollc association. From this, then, we are to con
clude that he ha finally thrown down the gauntlet placed in hi hands by John
Rush at Pacific Junction upon his return from Europe one year ago, and has
taken up the Job which John Rush was, unable to carry through last full
namely, '"busting" up the A. P. A.
When Mr, Rosewater gets through he will know more about tho A. P. A.'
than he does Unlay, and we shall know
organizations have been successfully carried out. Watch your Rosewater
strikers, and if they become obstreperous, and evince a desire to see accom
plished what he so earnestly desires, sit down on thera with a "dull, sickening,
thud." This is no time for mincing matters. Mr. Rosewater has declared
himself. He Is against the A. P. A. To be fore-warned is to be fore-armed.
Just let Mr. Rosewater make his fight, and we shall see who is right for God
will sustain the right.
Gorman friend of ours, that "she had
not Intended to bear any more children,
but the father confessor had told ber
she should continue to replenish the
earth." How did lie come to know she
had concluded her family was largo
enough? Can you answer that?
Again, young man, we say to you, be
careful. Look before you leap. Once
you are married and your wife goes to
confession, tho father confessor has the
power to make your life as pleasant as a
summer night, or fill it full of trouble,
grief and tears. At hi command,
though she loved you as a mother loves
her child, she would hector or cajole
you until you were forced to do just
what the confessor had planned and
plotted had probably planned and
plotted to bring about even before he
had granted you a permit to wed one of
hi communicants; at his command she
would leave rour bed and board, would
even forget to cleave only unto you and
would cleave to other men for counsel
and advice; at hi command, probably
at his solicitation she would Iks more
than a penitent to him. Bhe might
even go as firr a the following dlwpatch
how they too often go, and when
they go tbl far you find you have made
A mistake:
Montkba'v, P. Q.. Aug, 30. A scan
dal ha been caused in French-Canadian
society by the discovery that a priest 1
involved with the wife tit ft leading law
yer. The priet 1 ft young man who
carna from rranw about ten year ago
and Joined tho Huspician onter, lie
wa assigned to Ht. .fame parish, one
of the leading church", where many
lealing French famlll" worship. There
be became ')iiainted with th woman
and became her splrtual adviser, J I
went on a trip to jWopo ft few week
ago and wblio away oonwomfwing let
ter were fund. The wife ha gone In
to ft convent and tb husband threaten
to shoot the prfet when b ruturoa to
No, rny young frUtnd.ft marrlagn with
confession! ftUaonrwnt is not th
kind tt enter Into In this frm conntry.
It may do In Hpaln, Portugal, Mexfco,
Chili and th Kooth of Ireland, but In
rm America s VT.ttf
iht lit:
l or UovefNuts
K, lloxMYATMl,
0! Omala
Ktif t.H'tiletetnt Idtmniitr.
l:, lit .V A VMt
01 Omaha.
I'nr Ainlller,
0! Omaha.
I'ur SeftrtNry of Sinle.
K. in CK WAT Kit,
Of Omaha.
For SlRto Trenimr,
K. KucKWATKtl,
Of Omaha.
for Attorney (lenersl,
Of Omaha.
Ktir Huw-rlnlemli'iit I'lihllc 1 nut met Ion,
Of Omaha.
For Com'r I'tilille t.nntls nl llulhllnirn,
01 Omaha.
whether his threat to break up the
Missouri Valley experienced an awak
ening tho first of this week. Rev, J.
G. White was there and delivered three
lectures. The first two were free. The
third was for men only, being tho same
a ho delivered in this city last fall,
upon "auricular confession." Each
evening the hall was packed and many
were forced to go home without hear
ing tho lectures. Those in attendance
Inform us that he scored the Roman
hierarchy unmercifully, yet he was
particular to say the members of the
Roman catholic church were not to
blame for the existing state of affair
In their church, except so far a they
did not attempt to remedy the evil.
He believed the women were not, as a
rule, corrupt, though that fact wo not
due in any way to tho teachings of their
priests but to their own good sense and
strong personal will, of which evon the
terror of excommunication could not
deprive thera. He believed the books,
from which hi book "Homo" wa
translated, were authentic and that
they could not be disproved; he thought
that if Roman Catholics of American
birth were educated In the public
schools, It would not bo very Jong be
fore they aw bow fallacious were the
claim of the priests; how blasphemous
were tho pretention of men who set
themselves up a the vlco-guronts of
God upon earth; and how injurious were
tho questions propounded by unmar
ried priest to married and unmarried
females in thi confessional under the
protons that they were naked with the
olo end In view of learning whether
the penitent had been guilty of sin In
thought, actor word,
Ife claimed th hierarchy knew
when It was safe. It know It Is not
afo if Intelligence stalk about the
land; If there I ft publle school on every
bill-top; If tho MM Is placed In tb
hands of tho peopJfi, and the poopl
ro4 for themselves; It know it is safe
as long Its seven million eomrour1
mnUi ftro kept In fgnoranco In Ignor
ance not atone of lite bible, hot In Ig
noeaitoe of t schema tl this
country by cajollcry If IWs by
krnwsl rvht'tlioii ifmivsMryt H kn
that thoso eommttnlesol are so hi I ml
In their faith, o loyal to their parish
priests, that they would not question
anything they received Instructions
to soe earrlol out; and, to keep
them In this condition, to keep
them they will not have
sufficient courage to say "such an act
would he treasonable; the law of my
country should not be sulworvlont to
those of my church, and If they are
they are not In accord with the consti
tution which guarantee religious free
dom, protection to every man In the
pursuit of lifts llliorty and happiness,
and which declares all men are created
equal. I will take my religion from
Rome, but my (sdlllc must bo the
choice of my own mind,"
After Rev. White had finished his
lecture, ho offered his book for sale
and before he left tho city about four
hundred copies hod been disposed of.
It Is assorted that the same old chest
nut, "we will not allow hltn to speak:
and If ho attempts it, shall egg him,"
was indulged in by tho Romanists. But
as Rev. White ha seen considerable
service, he defied their threat and de
livered his lecture, although tho party
who leased the hall for the course of
lectures, charged the highest rental
ever exacted from a lecturer for its use,
and in spite of the fact that the city
officials mulcted him for the highest
license ever Imposed upon a lecturer.
This was the more noticeable becauso
only ono week before, Father Nugent
occupied the same hall, rent free
was not required to take out ft
license and yet charged an admision fee
of 60 cents jusWu'tce the amount axled by
Kev. White. This is where wo have
free speech when a Roman wants to
talk; this Is where wo see justice done
to people who are not of the accursed
race of heretics; and this is where no
man should be "discriminated agulnst
on account of his religious convictions"
a la Roman resolution boforo demo
cratic convention in Nebraska, and sec
tion ten of tho Iowa democratic plat
form). Tho Roman of Missouri Valley who
cannot distinguish latin from tho lan
guage of tho Aztecs, proclaimed quite
loudly that the books Rev. White used
were not authentic, so a forfeit of $500
was offered if any priest, bishop, arch
bishop or cardinal would undertake to
disprove thorn. Up to the hour of go
ing to press no Roman Catholic had
come forward to claim the money.
Rev, Chas. Chlniquy says tho Roman
Catholic confessional is the "modern
sodom," while Rev, White says "Its
outer walls are pearly white, while its
inside is blacker than the walls of per
dition," Both are correct.
And now you father and mothers
who send your children to confession,
ask yourselves If you would like your
sons and daughters who know nothing
of sin, to go to the confessional to re
ceive tholr first lesson? Think whether
you would lke that bright child to be
questioned upon something It knows
nothing about; whether you would like
to have its train of thought turned
tiH)n thing of a corrupt nature ruther
than upon love and reverence for God.
Think this over, and If you conclude
we are wrong In any of our statements,
come to our office and we will convince
you that you are not acquaiutod with
yocr religion If such practices are
Roman Catholic Children ot School Age
Grow up in Ignorance.
SiDNBr, Neb., August 19, 1802,
Kditor American: If anyone imagine
that the Roman Catholic are losing
tholr religious fervor or fidelity for tho
pope, or lessening their hatred toward
the American publlo school, they cer
tainly do not understand the situation.
People who do not study the Roman
Catbolio question cannot possibly
realize the many depredations commit
ted by tbcm against American Institu
tion. The following quotation, from
the Catbolio Quarterly Review, Boston,
'We would much rather have our
children grow up in Ignorance than be
taught In ft school that it not Catholic,"
ha a living example in Sidney, which
is one of the most dastardly outrage
ever perpetrated upon humanity, Thi
I manifested In the family of one of
our prominent businen men; this
family (Roman Catholic) consist of
the father, mother and four children,
three of whom are of school age, the
oldest being about fourteen year old.
It sound Incredible to say that these
children have never attended ft school
of any kind, either public, private or
religious, but such I a disgraceful
fact, They even do not know the A,
B. C'f. and are absolutely unacquainted
with the lowest form of education.
Their parent will not permit thera to
attend the public school, and claim to
be unable to send them to th Catholic
These children are prohibited from
associating with Protestant children
who ve n education. Neighbor
say (be mother uses language unfit for
publication, and It Is safe to say that
tho children wiil lis adept In Immoral
Ity by being Immured In IgitoiHiicst
ami Mfiiiiity, It I Indeed pity tht
liters) utitoruthat r-MMren hsve tor
parents, Komsn Catholics, who sr
wrapped up In Catholicism that they
overlook ths vital Interests ol their
own offsptlng. This family l In goml
financial circumstance, "ivy do not
claim or pretend to bo too poor to fur
nish proper clothing, etc., fur their
chiMren to attend th publlo school.
Tito only reason they give I that they
are Unman Catholics, and a such, the
American public school Is unfit for tho
education of their children. This
proves which these parents lovo and
esteem most, their church or their
Tbl I only ono of the msny In
stances which goes to prove the Catho
lics' fidelity for tho pope, end it I
reasonable to presume that there are
thousands of other families in tho
United State a debased as Is thi one.
Hero in our midst with tho publlo
school open and accessible to all, are
children raised in abject Ignorance
with no other plea than that they are
Uonmn Catholics, and at good Catho
lics they cannot patronize tho publlo
schools. They Ignore our public
schools, and In liou thereof they breed
and cultivate vile Ignorance in its most
perfidious perfection. I)o the people
realize the import of this, and the de
basing Influences and results of It per
petuation? It is a crime against na
ture, against statoand civilization, and
in truth against everything which tends
to make belter people. This Is an In
sult which should be resented by every
loyal citizen. What Is It that retards
the moral progress of humanity ar.d
fills the land with superstition and
vice? What I it that crowds our jails '
and adds to tho number of beggars,
tramp and paupers that Infests our
glorious country? It is ignorance and
Catholicism. Ignorance, a word that
Insults modern civilization and casts ft
slur upon humanity. Ignorance should
be assassinated In the cradle, and over
its tainted enrcs reared . grand mon
ument of Intelligence, Intelligence,
the greatest boon which mankind Is
heir to, yet it Is valued as naught In
comparison with the Uonmn Catholics'
love for his church and pope
We Protestants are injured directly
and indirectly by coming In contact
with Ignorant Catholics, and it is op
portune here to say that the success of
Catholicism depend upon tho Ignor
ance of its adherent. It Is high time
for the Protestants to wash from their
eyes the cobweb of antiquity and take
look at tbelr surrounding. Why
allow this disgrace to continue, and
the percentage of illiteracy to Increase,
when the alternative Is in reach?
Catholics should be compelled to edu
cate their children. Protestants, If
you have any patriotic blood left in
your veinn, take action at once and
exterminate this disgrace.
An Amkkican.
Portal, Ncbr., Aug. 30, 1802. Ed.
American: The case here In which
Agent Greenaugh was arrested, for al
leged assault, came off Saturday at
Papilllon. All five of the attorney
there, and some say, the judge, wore
Interested In the prosecution, and every
Roman in the vicinity hovered around
anxious to help, Phil Winter and I.
A, Haulsne took Greenaugh' cast:, and
without subpoenaing a single witness
went In and put tho enemy to rout.
The concocted story of assault all fell
to pieces under Winter' cross-examination,
and tho jury brought in a ver
dict of "not fiullty," and further said
that the complaint was wiihout founda
tion and malicious. This compels tho
prosecutors to pay the costs, whbh run
up to about W0 with attorney fee ex
tra. It paralized the Romans, but
tickled the boys mightily, The real
cause of the trouble was well known by
the people here, some of those inter
ested In pushing the case having boast
ed that It was their purpose to "drive
out tho d A, P. A.'s" The indica
tions now are that It will be awful bard
driving, American,
8 ineo receiving the above communi
cation we havo learned that tho cats
paw for the Romans In the case has
lost bis position with the M. P. com
pany, on account of bis many indiscrete
ftct. j
Medical Electritlan,
All classes of disease treated, but
more especially those of nervous,
chronio or stubborn and lingering
character, no matter what the aliment,
if other methods have failed, electricity
may cure. This agent astonishes u
in many esses, Uheutnatlsni of ten
years' standing positively curd after
all other mean had failed, even the
Hprings, Mpeolal attention given to
disease of women and chlhlrsn. It
0ot nothing to Investigate, rtend
tamp for further particular. Pro
fessional call promptly attended,
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