The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, August 19, 1892, Image 1

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Von mr II,
Nt MpHt fli
A Ornphlc Dtrii(um ! M IVorpM,
$ft"t mt Paii WunU Urd
If any ) n( is-oplc are Iwmli il lo-j
i;eth r lv more Infamou lh for Ihoj
avoiitpHlinnnt of inure illimitable j
woik IIiiiii tin? ( J.u, ll.ej
lending imcivI WH'ti'ly of lb" Human!
olimi'h, e should like In leak" Ihelrj
aitpmlnttttifc, I'rohnhly Ihe), !,
would have a religion- attachment lij
tine a a cloak In cover their deed of!
Infamy, Heir corruption and Ihelrj
licentiousness, l'mhably they, bi,
would have a MutiM Nrrtfn for lln-lr
guide, but It en.lltl contain luilhlng
more dastardly tlmii tho "extreme
otith cif tlio Jesuit," which wo copy and
publish In low. Tim authoror trntm
intor of th.i iHink from which wn copy
tho following, uiulcr the heading,
"Oorrbnony of Induct Ion ami Fxtrcm.'
Oath of the .lonuit," nays:
When it .li'Milt of the minor rank i
to In. elevated to command, ho In con
ducted into the ehnpel of the convent
of the order, where there lire only three
other present, the prlnclpiil or super
ior standing In front of the altar. On
cither side stand u iimnk, one of whom
hold a banner of yellow and white,
which are the papal color, and the
other a black banner with a dagger
a. 3 rod cross above a skull and crown
bone with the word "nri," and below
them tho wociIm, "hwtum, wear, rajm,
inipoin," the meaning of which Ih, "It
Ih just to exterminate or annihilate im
ploun or heretical klnjfM, government
or rulers." Upon the floor Ih a red
ci'ohm, upon which tho postulant or can
didate ktie'ln. Tho Huperior hand him
airmail, black crucifix, which ho taken
In IiIm left hand and presses to bin
heart, and the superior at the name
time pruHcntH to hi in a dagger, which
he grasp by the blade and hold the
point iiguinst hln heart, tho superior
HtUI holding It by the hilt, and thun
addreano tho postulant: "My Hon,
Heretofore you havo been taught to act
tho dissembler, among Koman Catho
lic to bo a Korean Catholic, and to be
a npy even among your own brethren;
to believe no man, to trust no man;
among tho reformer to b" a reformer;
among tho Huguenot to Imj a Hugue
not; among tho Calvanint to bo ft Cal
vanint; among tho l'rotcstarit gener
ally, to bo a l'rotoMtant, and obtaining
their confidence to week oven to preach
from their pulpltM, and to denounce
with all tho vehemence In your nature
our holy religion and tho poni, and
even to dcHeend no low an to become a
Jew among the Jew, that you might
bo enabled to gather all Information
for the leneflt of your order an a faith
ful soldier of the pope. You havo boon
taught to insidiously plant tho need
of Jealousy and hatred between com
munities, province and HtatoK that
were at peace, and Incite them to deed
of blood, Involving them In war with
each other, and to create revolution
and civil warn In countrleH that were
Independent and proHperoiiH, cultivat
ing tho artM and tho MclorrocM and en
joying the blowing of peace. To take
hid'' with combatant and to act
microti y and In concert with your
brother JohiiH, You might bo engaged
on tho other nldo, but openly opponed
to that with which you might bo con
nected, only that tho church might be
the gainer In tho end, In tho condition
fixed in tho treatle for peace, and that
tho end JimtiHc tho mean.
You have been taught your duty a a
pyt to gather all t.atltlc, fact and
Information In your power, from every
Houroo. To lngratlntj yournelf Into tho
confidence of the family circle of J'rot-
(tantand heretic of every cla and
character, a well a that of tho mer
chant, tho banker, tho lawyer; among
tho hcIiooI and univendtio, In parlia
ment and leglwlaturc, and In the
JudlelarleH and councils of Ktato, and to
bo all thing to all men, for the pope'
nako. wIioho Horvunt wo aro until
You havo received all your Irmtruc'
tlorw heretofore a a novice, a neophyte,
and havo nerved im a coadjutor, con-
fcHMor and prlet, but you havo not yet
been Invented with all that 1 noconnary
in command In tho army of Loyola In
tho norvlco of tho pope.
You munt nervo tho iroper tlrrio a
tho Inntrurnerit and executioner, a
directed by your miporlor, for now can
comrimnd lure vho linn not conmcrdled
hln hihorit villi the hlnod of the, herelire,
for without the nhrddintj of blood no man
can be mmd. Therefore, to fit yournelf
,. or your work and mako your own nal
vatlon dure you will, In addition to
your former oath of obedience to your
order and allegiance to tho pope repeat
after mo tho extreme oath of tho
I now In tlio preneiiec of
AlmlKhty Jxl. tlio tileHwil Vlruln Mary, tlm
bli'Hxi'il Ml. Iiiii'l tlm HrrlmiiKi'l, tlio IiIuhhihI
Ht. John tlio HiiptlHt, tliu holy oiinsllm Ht.
I'otcr n;id Ht. Piiul mid tlio -Hliiln and nncred
hunt of heaven, mid lo you my ((lioHtly f ui her,
it he nupcrlor Krncral of tlio noclcly of Johiih,
if, IHi.ti I I HiiUiI l,h'll ....
! li. ., I'xHt 1 '
j tt,.l. .1 1.1 fill- (HI - hi it'V Mf
Ik H i
I.i.l Mi.
iiiin tin' h.iiin ui iiol -ui tin
.-I !!
J.-m hi UI iln Iill1
,tliM. Iln- U V K lil !
mill u lltt- I ni- I" ! "I I"' !
il,. l.f l.., ,h....h I..,,.SI..m.I H.r j
mMli. iI llml nf U"1 eli
l.l.lli. ami I...I1.4 !.!).. 1.1.
,v l( n,, ,,r, "i riiH.l, lii liaili ii'-i i !
.t. ( l n II. nl Hint. .ilii. . ll... . ..In- I
iMIIIIMI'nilll. PIIMI l. f fll.M III-. Hit .HK
lllixnl milniill lil- .n.-l. il .-..i.Ilr i.l l..i Hll.l
Iln Hint Ih niifi'lv ilinliinnl Tin M tints In
Mm uiiiiiwl el li.y '' l. I U1 ili'i ii'l tin
Iik IiIiii. iiiiiI lil liiillm --' tlulil iiml i ikIimii
siiiliil nil li'in I"-!"! ( ' Innlli'iil er
'rii(t iiil niiilmiil y liiii-m'vi"M'ii-i lilly
l l lllhi lull ( lllltrll of (irriiiltliy. Il.illiillil.
Iii'iiimif h. Hw Ii-ii iiml Ni'1-.nv, iiii'l I he i"' !
lirelelnleil mil Imrll lin IiiiiI eliinrlii el t.inl-
Ihii.I iiml hciiiiiiiiu. nun uMimiie- in hum
Pllllil' IIIIW I'll nni'Nl' il Hi m I'tmii ami i
' hi 1 1 in ii i of A ilea ,l ..M.i, ..II
Lil. t.. I ....t I .. ti.l I I I
miiii'M iiiH in -"mini tluii iin-y ! iiuiiI
nml lielileiil, iimIiii the miereil ini.llier
I'liili-eh nf Hiiliie.
l.l.....,,. .....I uiiv all.'J. I
Inure n line In liny herel leiil klnif. lii liiee or
Htllle. llilliiell I'liili-sllilll, or l.llierillH. IH
dln illi life In liny f I lielr ln. inliKlNlliile
or tillli'elH.
I iln fiirllier ileeliire I hill Hie iIik-I line nf
I hi' eliili elie- nf KiikIiiihI UIkI Mi'iiI IiiiiiI. or
HieC'iilvliiUix. lliitfiii-noiH nml niher- nf llin
inline nf I'liilcMiuil or I.HieniU. In lie iliim-
liulile, mill lliey llieinMelve In lie ilimilieil
who will mil. fnrwike Ihe -nine.
I iln flirt her (Jeeliire Unit I will lieli, HhxIhI
mill iiiIvImii all or liny nf lil linllniW iitfelil.
Ill any lilnee wherever I hIiiiII he. In Hwllz-
erlmiil. (ieriuany, llnllmiil, Denmark,
Hwedeii, Norway, KiikIiiikI, Ireliinil, nr Aiiiet-
leu. or In any nlher klnttdnm nr lerrllnry, I
hiill enmn In, nml do my ill innst, In exl lr-
palo tlm herel leal I'mleHlntil. nr l.llierul
dnetrlncM, mill Indent rny all I heir pretended
power, renal or ollierwlne.
I do further prmnlNc mid divlare that, mil-
wllliHtatidlim I am dlMpensed with lo HHHiime
any rellKlnn heretical for tlm pinpaKatlnti
or i.i... mntii-r enure , ...Min, v. . ..
neeret and private all her liKeiit' council
f,,,. il.,,.. . time, a ihev ei.iriiHt i and
.ml, to dlvulKc, directly or Imllrectly. hy
clreuiiiHlaliee v hiilever,
" ,,",l,t H,m". .I'ir'.T;:!;
word, wrllltiK or
hut, to execute all
Klvcri In charge, or dlwnveri d n.itome, hy
you my Khonlly father, or any nf thin wacred
con vent.
I do further prnmlwe and declare that, I will
have no opinion or will of iny own or any
mental rcHerviitlori whalHoever, even a it
corpxe or cadaver (pcrliido lie cadnveri, hill,
will iiiihcKlliillintly obey each and every
co ii i in a .id Unit I may receive from my miner
lor In the mllltliiof the pope mid of Jen..
That I will K'i U any part of I hit world
rhltbcinK ver f limy h mmh to the frozen
r.-Klotm of tho north, the hiiri.lnKat.dof the
a , M-.t it... ..'....t,.u ,.0 l.lf-j 41 I
c oi nirii u, ... ...... p... .--. ... "
.1... .i.t.ti.ra nf i' v I at, on of Mil-otic, or to
the wild hai.iil of the Imrhiirou hiiviikc of
America, without, nnirmurliiK or rcplrilnx,
aiiiiwrnocHunmv.,,,,,,,, .,,,
..'.. II..IKIIII i'll Jlf 11 fllll.
I , I,. f. ,.i i,....,.r,. i.rr...,l. and declare Unit
will, when opportutilly prewiit. make mid
wane relentle war, ecreny or openiy,
iiualiihl all heretic, I'rnleHtaiit and llueral
K ' . .. . . .. .. . . .... ...,..
UN .1... ..... I'J ..... l,. .rtl,,, .......
from the face of I lie whole ciirlh, and that I
wlllnpurc neither ne, e or cmidllloii, and
tliiit I will luiiiK. hum. wiiHie, hoil, liny,
"trmiKl and bury ailvn ihe-n infamoii
herel.icwi rifl up I lie Miomnrii- niiu w.imim n
Ilielr women and cru-h (heir' hcml
MKiillihl the wall In urder lo antilhlllite their
xecraliln race, That when the wiine can not
he (lorn, openly, f will necrelly ll-e tho pol-
oiioiiMcup, the HlranuliitliiK cord, the Mecl
of the iioliuird, or the leaden hullel, reard-
Icn of Hm honor, rank, dltailly or aiilliorliy
of the pemoii or peron, whatever may o
their condll Ion In life, either public or priv
ate, a I at any lime may he directed o to
do by any iieiit of llin pope nr nuperlor
of Ihe brother bond of the holy father, of the
widely of Jeu.
Ill confirmation of which I hereby dedicate.
my in-, .,-.,..,
. ....... . .... ..........! i ... fu .....I
wlih ililHdaerwhicb i now receive, i win
. i, ..... ... ..... i.i, i w. I
IHimnip.' iiij ....... .
.,...,.,.,.'. ...ill k.ll. ill. I fll-.tV.. fiflKl.
... u,.... lit. tt I.. ...v i.n.ri.i .ml. .in. mav mv
brethren and fellow m.ldlemnf the mllll III of
tbe pope cut orr my iiioiii linn niyiee.,.1 mi my
..'.." .
ment, Ibiitemi helnlllcled upim meon enrlli
mid my noiil be tortured hy demnri In an
eternal hell fn.ever.
All or wiucn , i... --' "j
..... i..i. I.I...M..I
...ii Pii' Wii 7, ...... "
which I am now lo recelv, to perform, and
on my pari, to keep Inviolably; and do cull
all the heavenly and irloriou iiot or neaveri
lo ., my re,.,cm,o,,M,..,-
III Mill mini. in i ft. i I--." I
i.. i. .... f I it.i. UiIm (nM-t tin iv
and blenw-d acramerit of Hki nuciiariNt.
midwltneNthnaiiitfurther, wllh my name
wrllleu wllh Ihe point of thl diumcr, dipped
In my own blood, and M-al In Hie facii of
thl holy convent
Ho receive tho wafer from tho
auporior and write hi ritimo with the
point of hi diiggur, dlpjied In bin own
blood, taken from over the l.cHrt,
Tho ntiiierior then nay:
You will now rle to your feet and I
lntruct you in tho eatcchlnm nccennary
to make yournelf known to any member
of tho Society of .fomw belonging to
thl rank.
In the flrnt place, you, an a brother
T Ill ,(... trilltllH V
i ft..-.
IIIIIRO Hl .".." J ""S"
.il...... IJ-.,un fi.ttw.llf. would.
. ii ..,.1 . it .. uuJ
then one croHHe hi wrintn, tho palm
of hi hand omn; the other In annwer
cronnen hi feet, one above tho other!
tho flrnt point with forefinger of the
right hand to the center of the palm of
tho left, the other 'vlth tho forefinger
of tho' left hand -mint to the center of
tho palm of the right; the flrwt then
with hln right hand make a circle
around hi head, touching It; tho other
then with the forefinger of hln left
hand louche the left nldo of hi body
jimt below hln heart; tho firntthen with
l l fluM b'l H n e lb"
! tht.Mit -tf the otti. t', ami tb" ltl''f tin
! Hb bi ril't hnn.l !ek. tin (uelten
f cut 11 ntf wllti a .llu'l r bn Ih"
lill. Il Hllil U.ll. lief llie ll't. Tin
(, .( )), iuiriuin lite otln'1' an
, ,;,-,,, .,, ,,,
lliei.lh. rnil-i. r, iip-. pb "ait
mg of Wliieli h !n--nl, l-ll
..l,,!,,,.,) T, nt K il) Hu n prewllt a
Ullinll idrCe of l'Hlx r folili'il III H 11" 'III lill'
nun lu-r four linn , which lln other
will cut eiiiitfltinliiinlty, and on ii ii-
llig, Ihe inline Jexil will be found
HI'itli'tl iimiii the hi nd, and nruin uf a
ciiw- Uinn lime. You will then give
ami ii-eilve with him
the following
,,,,( ,mi, nn, hiimWi I'h:
.. ..,. ,. .,.. ,,,
''' i
. . , . . . .
A. ! rom t he bank of the .lordim.
from ( aval ry, from the holy wpuiciiro,
nm My fr,,in Uiiiue
V1,,, .1,, . L....n im.l fnf u-lutt
" 1
no you ngnir
A. The holy faith.
. Whom do you erve'.'
A. The holy father at I tome, the
pope, and the Itoman Catholic church,
tinlvcrnal throughout the world.
Q. Who command you?
A. The htieeCwHorof Ignnt lu Loyola,
the founder of the Society of Jennn, or
the noldler of Jeu Chrlnt.
(. Who received you?
A. A venerable man In white hair.
Q. How?
A. With a naked dagger, I kneeling
u (ion the ere belli ath tho banner of
tho pope and of our nacrcd order.
Q. Did you take an oath?
A. I did, to dentroy heretic and
U)M.P v,, rrjmei it and ruler, and to
, . eondltlon;
' , , . . i
to bo a acorpnn, without any opinion
or will of my own, but t' Implicitly
mi w, ...j ....... a
0)(,y , m,m-VH all thing without
h.ltatl,in r murmuring.
Q. Will you (lo that?
A. I will.
Q. How do you travel?
A. In tho bark of l'cter, the liHlicr-
(I Whither do you travel?
A. To tho four quartorof the glolxi,
i. For what ptirponV
A. 'ro oIk'V t,l" order of' tho gen-
j ttr(( j.M,rJorM nil'1 cxtsClltw the will
, .. , .,..fllIitf i,. ill .
1 '
condition of my oath
(',, yo, then, Into all tho world,
f k I)(.M(.HHon of all land In the
name of ll.O tiopo. lie WHO Will 1101
iioeept him a the vicar of .Ii :-u and
(jM vl(.f!.,,(.n!tlt, oll ,.rth, let hint be
, , , ,
accured and exterminated.
The pe(, porformf,j i,y the Democratic
Party of Iowa,
DKH Moj.NIr-.H, Ia Aug. IH, IXirJ-
KlrlTOH AMKKICAN! The following I
a Hi-oiion rrorn ino uemiMiratic piaiiorm
adopi-'d by the nt.ato convention held
at Davenport!
10, We denounce a un-Amerlcim-liriy no-
clelyor nrtfm.lziillnii tlnit, I iled;ed to de
prive liny clllwn hUrlybt, to vole or hold
ofllce on account of hi rcllfflnUM belief or
mir Inutility,
One ha only to rend nome of the
....i. ,.n.. ,i... ..i...i...u ..r ii... ....(. iiu
v,,, .,., ....,u,,..., ... .....
t l t or(.y,at Ion to itridorntarid
i "
...... u.,l.t.'i. tlii. f.lU.WI. .l.
' '""' "...'
.... 1 1 !.... I...,...,
inan-n wins nun ninu ioiy u. n....n
tho ponltlon t hat tho no-cullitd
,,,,. ,, Irihtltittion" hold on
,.il ..! 'IM..
nianu uu iniioii.! nniiii.mi.j. , ...
'un-American lnntitutlon" do object
U., ., 't.i !..' 0f anv "nationality" who
, , . .... .i... rr..!i...i uii.,a ,. .
nu inn. i.;n.....4 ... ..." u ........ ....- - -
. .. ,
iear, live yiar arm meouie luuui-ttiiA.-.n
the "fight to vote or hold oflioo," The
t'un.Amorlean lntltut.lon" do not deny
.ltlsM,-n" lof tho U. S,tlo "right
ui viih! iir fitiiu iniii-j', r-i:uuniT wi
religion boiler, " but when l none '
.. . . oolitleal and tlii'V CUll-
nab) from I tome, through the prlentn,
then there I a kick coming,
I think the democratic parly of Iowa
ha Mwallowed a.Ioriuh, and will, before
the election, vainly look for an Inland
on which to ueponit t.ho loan wnicn
ha boon middled on thorn by tho Ito
man church, ZlMKI
Fell Into Boilinf- Water,
A little win of Wm, I lumen of South
Omaha, aeohloritly fell Into a vat of
(Milling water at Oudahy'n packing
1 1., i... ........ ,1,.., .....i i.,..n
""""" " " " J
LW.. Although bin Injury 1 very
.1 I ... .l!.... .1.I..I...
I r.oun viin piiyii'i.iii iii,ii..iuiiiu nun-"
he will nucceed In navlng tho boy' life,
Sunday Night Carounali.
There In considerable complaint
among the renldent of Clifton Hill n
gardlng the Sunday night carounal of
nu n returning to the city from nub-
urban parkn,
ItF.PCtil.ICANH In the Seventh ward
want to wake up If they do not want
Chan. Wehrerin the legislature and
1 Kdward Walnh In tho council.
ItOMt H AttllUlt
tM-iU f r'i1 1.bei tV.'nl"l.)'
Heel Aninl f ffrnmeif.
tl-h..p li.rtiil."i. ol 1 1( li ii, l'ine
wrt-.b p..i..l.) I'e I'i.. l. In I'',
111 'i pill-e a "lll tfllil I'li-eilia
win ), nu.l In u bo lb n!!Hliicinn ami
IIhhi.1. H of Ihe VnileiUI nilnl till Hfili'l'.
;l of i n Ui u aki. lln f. llow
I Ig tpie-lli'li Upon Ihe mtt'J.-i-l of fi-e-
ui". 'iny ;"
"I Il (III lliolllutli'll hoflile III i lif
oil''" "May a chi 11 Ian l'intw A l-'rei'iiut-win''
"fun one I' lit the name time a r'ive
iniiNiiu nml a chi-Utliiii?"
Home year au Mr. Di Krlleli-r,
Hinhop of Miiyeiu'ii, one of Ihe itnwt
learned bluhtip and large-minded men
In tli'i'timny, wan alo obliged to jjive
hi i.ltentlou lo thin niibject, and he
I a piibllbheil hi pnmphlet, wllh thl
I tie, "t. 'ail a ('ill hoi Ii! la'Come a I'ree
.iihiii?" Ill annwer wa the auin a
mine, and after a careful ntit'ly of Ihe
qtioHtlou, 1 munt reply he iIimh, "No,
a catholic, a cIii-ImI Inn, catiuol, be it
rrei'iiiiiHiin." Why? Kree
rniiMoiiry I an enemy to chrlllaulty,and
In tlm depth of It heart, an Irrecon
cilahlo enemy. I will go further and
ak, "can anerlou ruludeil man, a man
tif Hound common eno tieeoine a I'Yoe
11111011?"' And I rniiMt annwer eipially
clearly, "No, beeauno Preemanoiiry In
II true Hplrit, In it very eeuee and
In II hint act In the declared enemy of
ehrltiaiilty, and by It fundamental
principle, an Irrecuricllablo enemy,
Wa It not with a deeply Heated hoHtile
Intent Inn that Itr I SHU, at lirueln,
Naple and I'arl, tlumo new council
(in miiHonlc language, convention)
were convened In tho face of the (Keu
merilcnl council and qui to lately ha
Hot a nlmllar convention tried tUi rneei
In Homo ltelf? Wo may niiieinlrer
that thin J'arln convention wa an
nounced by a circular of tho grand
irianter of tho order, a follow; "The
underlgi-d, cormldorlng that under
irrenerit circuumtancen, In tlio face of
ho tKcumenical counel which Inaboot
to open, It In Important that I'Veema
nonry nhould nolemnly alnrrn It great
Iirlnclfilen," etc, 1 only wlh to make
one remark upon thl circular. It In
upon the motive of thl projeobul con
vention. Jt 1 to elaborate and vote a
Holernn manifi to for what purpoe?
To alllrm certain principle which It
wa Important, to lay down In the face
of tho (Keumeriieal council. Would It
I. polble to declare In a more explicit
manner tho flagrant antngonlnm
tweerr Freeinanonry and the (latholle
eh'urch? And If It were pol bin to
have any doubt left on the nubjoet,
would It not bo enough to remove
It to remember a loiter publMieil
at that time by N. Mlehelet, and
In which tho "marilfotatiorr which It
wan Incumbent upon every Kreemnnon
to make In tho face of the iKoumenionl
council, would I) tho true council which
would judge tho fale one, Freomo
onry then In morion war declared
again!, rellgeon, Hut the inllou ob
ject of Freemanoii penrn nperdally In
, , . . ,,..,...,, .., ..,
: ,. . ., , .
- .1 t U wit lii ii 1 1. ( !i,l In eoi Hen n-r ice
allty without tfod, and, In coiinoquenec,
In neparatlng the Irn tructlon of youth
from all religion belief.
Christianity Catholclrn), It In mild
Incennantly In the lodgen, I a lying,
bnntard religion, repudiated by com
mon nene, brutaliing, and which munt
bo annihilated. It In a heap of fablen,
worm-eaten fabric, Cnthollolm I a
iined-up formula repudlab-d by every
wnnlble man. It In riot the lying re
llglon of the falno jirlenl of a chrlt
which will guide our nU-p." Thun
npoke, at the Inntallatlon of the lodge
of "Mope," the great orator of the
lodge, the liro. Locoiriblo, According
to thin orator, the rnlnlntor of the gon
riel (prlentn) are a party which ha mi
rtaken to enchain all progre, nil do
all light and dentroy all liberty, In or
dor to reign quietly over tho brutalized
population of Ignorant nlnve, Further
on becoritinue: To-day, that the light
I beginning lo nhine through the
cloud, we munt have the courage to
make nhort wor k of all thl rubblnh of
fablen, even nhould the torch of reanon
reduce to cinder all that ntill remain
ntandlng by thene rentage of Ignorance
and nii!rntltlon. Thin in tho way
every Free Mnnon npenkn. That in
what It calln, "Not troubling It head
about Christianity, What In fact in
the principle? Free thinking. Free
thinking In the fundamental principle.
Not restrained, but complete and uni
versal liberty. A liberty which will
In. alrHolute without limit fullest
extent Almolute liln-rty of coriHcieiioo
i the only bai of Free Masonry,
Free Maonry In fact In alntvo all
dogrnan. It In nlxivn all religions,
Lllsrty of conscience In miporlor to all
form of religion belief, and thl un
limited, complete and unlvcral llln-rty
1 a right. Thin, liberty, right not In
n id tit Ht" -tt I) U but bit'"' ii
I. tin. i..iiM I. in-- Iil .t, It." n.
lull., ( . i ,; It I lo t II. e ttbal
iKie will-. n b" -.Hit, tr hot l ' "
!ylhiug Ht all
Ti l llt'ht. ahl. h I .i. Inlim .1 bi
l nnb t lor ami -...:l.r M all r llltti
entiO. Il.'.i or t"l in i'l' tH'f thl I"
bimbt.ii. nt il pi lilt l'l ami Hi" nob'
ttrt-l of l i. e Mawtniy. The lnitoiile
piliielple I Ihi'tfftuv i'i'i.nh of
'In l-llntihy, nml In mi' a t'hiUHan
1'niinol b" a l't.- Mn"ii. And Udil--
hn not I in. Ilmldl, the mvoinpliec, nml
pi't hnp Ibenci ntal Ibi nioui. nl In :
U urn , (be great h rseciilor of lb"
church In lieiiiuiiiy, ha not tlarllmhll
m en liininl Master or the llnlinn Fn e
Mimoii? When Hut great coi.Mpli liter,
.lom'.ph Miiflul ill' d, what lui'Mnii'
The llnlinn Imlgen went Into nioiiriiltig
Many of Ibeiu sent deputation to hi"
funeral, nml the grand Orient of Italy
Invlloil all Free Mimon of what ever
liilllotuillly, who found ll.emnelvcn lit
Unit moment In Ihe Valley of Ihe Tllmr,
to asseinpln theiiiselven In III" l'
del I'opalo. At the hour appointed a
host of brother mil-rounded Hie mu-
nonic naniier, wnien lor nut nisi, nine
had been displayed In Home, ami fol
lowed It, lo tlm capital, tsariiig Ihe
bust of Ma.lul. Can wo wonder after
all thl that pope und bishops should
have condemned Free Masonry? And
Is It nut n great, duly that they have
fullilleil ami a great service rendered
to humanity. For two oonlurlnw, dur
ing which Free Masonry ha been, I
will not nay founded, but developed In
Kurnpe, the popen havo never ceased
their anxlou watch over it move
ment. And In tlm Klgbleenth century
two noverelgn ponlllTn, Clement, XII.
and tho learned liertedlct XIV, and
lastly I 'Inn JX, pronounced against thin
association the most explicit and most
solemn condemnations. I't it nulllee
to quote here nome pannage of the
celebrated bull ijuo (Jravlore, of Ijoo
XII, and the recent iillocul Ion of I'lun
The I'oiio Ifco XII, In thl bull llmt
calln lo mind the comlemnal Ion pro
nounced ngalnst Free Masonry since
the reign of Clement XII, and declare
thl I re-It tut ion to bo the open enemy
'of the Catholic church, and finally re
tail the bull of I'lun VII, hi Immedi
ate predecessor, then brt hlmwelf re
new all of the., condemnation. "He-
ware of the neiluetive und Muttering
speeclien which are employed to Induce
you to enter Into thene nocletlen. Ho
ton vl need that no one can outer upon
them without being guilty of grave
nln," Further on, In accent of warm-
t charity, he conjure thoo who have
allowed themselve to bo nedueed to
give lll the lodge an noon a possible,
and forbid under pain of all tho pen
al tie nroiiouneeij hy hln riredeeessor
(including conlincallon of properly and
death) any Catholic to be received In
the noeloty of Free Manorin,
Lastly, I'lu IX, recalling In hi al
locution of the 2.'th of September, I He.",
the warning given to Free Manonry by
hi predecessor, continue thun
"Unfortunately, these warning have
not the hoped-for result; and we look
upon It, therefore, a a duly to con
dernn tliln society anew. We condemn
this mason ie society and all other no-
clction of tho name nature, and which, j
though different, Inform, tend lo the
name object, under the name pain and
peiialtlen an those specified in the con-1
ntitutlon of our predecessor, and tM
concern all Chr istian of every condi
tion, rank and dignity all over the
world, It I for thin reason that all the
Belgian bishops, In a collective circu
lar on Free Masonry, made the follow
ing declaration:
"It I positively forbidden to lake
any part In thl nndety, and those who
ierit. In no doing are unworthy of re
ceiving iibnolutlon a long an they shall
not have sincerely renounced their cr'
It I for thin reason that the Irish
bishop, assembled together In Dublin,
In April, JHnl, In a pastoral letiVr ad
drenne.l to the ch rgy and faithful, of
thl diocese, pointed out Free Manonry
among other contemporary peril, say
It Infer ii a nacrcd duty to warn you
to avoid thene merct nmjletlc, and
cn cially that of the Free Maon,"
Finally, not to multiply quotation
any further, It I for thl reanon that
the blshopn of free North America, an
nomblcd In council at Haltlmore, glint
ed out and umfnlrnoiisly condemned the
wndtty of Free Mason, In a pastoral
letter addrenned to their dlmienan.
In France, how often ha not the
episcopate lifted up her voice to H
m at the Pontifical condemnation and
demount rate the Incompatibility of
Free Maonry with Christianity (Ito
man Catholicism.) What the bishops
think In France, Helgium, Fnglund
and America, they equally think in
I have before me at thin mmiict ', a
iminphlet nubllnhed by Mgr. Del t-
I. !. r. i In' t.Mi. tutl.'li of IbU r!m n'l
i thnMniit.' i nil.-, U II. l Tb i- K
Hun, on lb one bil H l"nlnHi
. b oi b, ami on H.e i'Hi. r m.b in Titt
U..ttt) 'j'b.i I'lt'bolic ab.t l ' "tm
a I it" Mt-i.i d M il lb" l nttl. ol lln
lltii.rf l..f In ...k at lb. I. inpl.' of mi
l,. I
Hn Mur., H." ItUbopot Autnn, 1 H
oil" w UIm b.iinHy to rema.nj a t"h U
IImi. il'aib'iliel om cannot be at lint
.'nim lime a I'iii' Mnton 11
"V," In reply Hi"li"l Hupan
loiiii' liin.b and lalne ai l I Inun, e
e. pi nil", ami In Iiml wn immt ben. tly
eoiteiir, , Hoi.m.i l al lioiw ciinmu mi
a Free Mniu, tur cnii a Free Mason In
n Itoman I'nlb.illi',"
Adopilug Hi" lauginige of Ihe Uv.
Urn. I',. II. Ward al Ihe laying of the
new corner slum' of the new Masonic
Temple of Hlis-klon, California, he lit
tered Ihe following truths:
"Voil Will seek in vain for a higher
morality I ban Masonry Inculcate. I
Isnr thl leslliiioiiy gladly for 1 1 ha
rejoiced my heart to learn Hint Masonry
ground Iln tm tit lily not upon ut Hilar
llilsn. or philosophical theories of the
past or of the present, but (where alone
a true nyntem of moral can In. based)
upon (iod's existence and mail' ae
coiinlablllty to him, It (lis not pro
fess to have discovered M system, but
to have derived It from the bible, the
great light of Manonry. To every In
telligent Mason, that book I ennentlal
ly different from any other liook.
't'li 1st book, every linn bedewed with
drop of love divine, mid with the eb'r
mil heraldry and signature of the Al
mighty stamped we Mason accent It
as a revelation of Cod'n will to man,
and from It derive our moral precept.
Pui-llv. brolherlv love, relief.
if T I' ' .
truth, temperance, fortitude and jn
tlee are only u few of them; and (lower
more beaullful than thene grow not In
the garden of Cod,
Contrast the almve beautiful and elo
quent, eiiloglum with tho following
from tho Itoman Cathollo Monitor of
San Francisco, the mouth-piece of
Home, In Hpeaklngof tho Knight Tern- ,
pier of America, atthelr'nd trlelal
conclave, at Han Francisco, August 2),
IKK.'I, Jtnayn:
"They aro simply ft band of men be
longing to tho Masonic order, and all
their Latin device, cronne, religion
, . ... (A ..... 4 I .. ...
ceremonien anil uarrr rwiignuy armor,
are simply no many gaudy, glittering
feather plucked from tho poacin'.k to
ornament the buzzard, Tho ceremon
ien on Sunday at the pavilion were a
hollow mockery of the Knight Tem
plar Order, merely an noclatlon of
oath bound grlpper who believe In
having a good time under borrowed
plume iid under Knightly name that
are only willed by being ued by Hitch
unworthy imitator of the Invincible
Knight of the age of chivalry. There
in no more connection Initween the real
knight of the past and the dressed up
dude of the present than therein Ini
tween tho architecture of Sl l'cter In
I tome arid the brick pile abortion call
ed the city hall, These men are mere
ly Free Mason who are void of the
first principle of dignity, honor and
religion zeal which animated the
knight of the pant when the church
blessed their banner.
F.very man In the sham Knight no-
ciety In under the ban of the Calhoun
church, and thin of Itself 1 mtfllclent
to prove that there munt be nomethlrig
dangerous lo ChrUt.laulty, to morality
and to noelety In such an oath bound
necret organization, Individually, the
men who Intend to parade tbenmelve
In public, like no many clrcun rider
dressed up In tawdry trapping of the
ring, may Imi very decent dbth washer,
counter Jumpers, cock-tall manipulator
or memls-r of any of tho varloit craft
by which money ) made rapidly, If net
honestly, but It would take considera
ble magic to transform one of these
dressed -up dude Into the genuine
knight who flourished In an age when
courage passed current for character
gii when men were val 1 for their
ltf, and valor and not Is-cnuse they
rouid put on borrowed clothe and ride
n lorrowed homo, and called them
selve by the double-rid leulou title of
Sir Knight.
In response to which we offer the
following brief pmun by the gifted
authore, Mm, F.llza A. I'lttnlnger.
,liV.llf A. riltslnifr. Author or nm !""
Kit. renin.)
,11, ,.,! fully dedlcnled Hi tlm KiiUhl r -m-pliirof
Amerlcsnl llielr'rrl.'i,iiliiiK.'-l
and .1... biylim f tho corner somen I n
(farfleld mon.iiiiei.ini nan l-rnnc - '..
Hie 2llh di.v of AiiKu-l. !. 'IHh
Hiuiiversnrr nf HI. lUrtholiiuietv.)
Wliat ineiin thl pai'iuil of display.
Tl.esn symlsil "f nn ancient day.
That e'er our city Hunt ami plnyf
What mean Iln-" m' "? T'd mlKhty li.n.1
( t which thl) nallmi well may woast,
In t Is nr Us hauliers to our roust?
TVi biiniilet, danc", pns-essieii 8 rn.l l.
V. nh valjmit lyi' nml model man,
O iuwer liens' of tlio land.
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