The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, March 18, 1892, Image 6

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jt 4
t I .l..t,-Jl tit (
tt I tta l ti ' I
I was walking through my
tiAil i.hv gun tih HS en I It' btHH
t-w acrcsmlttg nit Hi lp of th Pifky
reclptt Hiat oierhatiirsniV In tiist'it,
Tht doga hi Hi farm jard, on bearing
tho in'lse Hi baboon ci making,
rushed tip to lb iiimtuiaiit, and were
aooit engaged ""'" 'I'".
tight. I look ipmy ifin and climbed
tip Hi mountain for lh purpose of
assisting th ill In lUs !'hj uf
lng them fnuit being lorn to piece.
When I rem bed Hi summit of lli
fcmitU number of balnnm I
fired mill wounded nun tu Hi ahonhleri
b Immediately pursued ninl litikled
by tli only ib-g loft. Hi nthm having
twn torn ( iiIivim. Tli struggle for
life or death wa taking pirn between
Ui wounded baboon nml the dog on
tho very brink of i precipice.
I Im'il not nimllior cartridge, for my
gun, mi I put It down mitl picked tip a
couple, of hirg alone mul walked to
within u few yard of the spot. I wa
Just in tho not of hurling ono of tllC'lll
at the baboon when, auddenly, a Ire
mention male bub ion, tlio largest I
have seen, I'liimi alrulght at mo In n
bold mul delimit mn ti nor, hi eyea
gleaming with unger mul rnffcB, nml hi
huge Juwa working together ua If In
wnlli'lpullon of tlio crunching that wu
iu atore for inn. 1 Just had time to
hurl the atone, In my now upraised
Imiul, nt lilra, when ha wua upon me,
lie ecl.c-d mo by the leg first, and bit
me with Midi violence that I thought
that every bono In my leg wa smashed
to atom. I klrltoil with nil my mlfcrlit,
I trM to got liol'l of ft Monti, 1 nt
ttinptil to 11 tit by th throat,
ult him novornl blow with thn Imi,
jut it wan nil uwOonhi the xtre-nifth of
tbe enrairnd Afrlmin munilrlu ovr
poweri'd mul nuiHtiMeJ me ormipli-tely.
AfLi'r ho hml flnUliiMl with my U g hn
tnhieil lilinii'lf on hl lilml b'lft, put liU
rai urmiiul ma ttiul m'ImI hohl of me
on the client with hie powerful Juw.
Whnt oouhl I (In? Kvury nu end then
lie !'t go liU hold of my breimt
rid mmppiid nt my throat, 1 ewlf.ed
Win by the throat with my right hand
nd clrnrhed my flngera, but lie would
not yield hit graip for ulnglo In
Hunt, Kiry time I moved he
dragged me mmriT to the edge of
the prm'lelee, end wu were now within
three ft of the brink nd the ground
loping dawn to It. I knew that If I
for moment lout my foothold, down
w should go Into the Hiamn below.
The woundtul baboon and thn dog, that
were renponMl hie fur the awful prediic
uasntill JuixJiMow found my eel f,
adjust rolJrd over luli Hie "C
I Vt TM win t, (
We bad been at It nearly an hour, and,
a the baboon allowed no algn of re
leaning me, I felt I ahould not be able
to bold out much longr, a I am an old
nan, eonalderably over 00.
At thla alage I bethought myaelf of ft
pen knife 1 had In my walalaoat pocket.
If l could only get It out, I might ward
blm off by atabbing him In the faee, I
gradually got my left band Into my
pocket and got the knife out, the brute
acrat'blng and tearing my fe wllhhla
band all the while, I got It to my
mouth and held It there till I bad an
opportunity of opening It with my left
band, I then began atabbing and prod
ding bfin, but the knife wtm not large
enongh to do hfm much damage, I
drew blood, however, the alghtof which
only made him more virion atlll, Jly
thl time I had acarrtdy ft veatlge of
clothing left, and my laivrated body
bore token of what ft Koulh African
baboon can do when he chooa to
taekle and fight an unarmed man.
i wan wondering how all thl wa go
ing to end, when one of the dog that
bad been wounded in th fight, and
which bad recovered aufllt'lently to
make hi way to where we
were. aeied the animal from
behind. I felt the brut winded to get
t the dog' lie threw hlniM'lf from me
upon the dogs they had on rough-and-tumble
and then the baboon walked
snddenly away along the ridge of the
precipice, looking back from time to
time, aa If undecided whether he nhould
renew the attack.. It waa aome time
before I could recover an (llclen tat rength
to daacend the mountain. I got borne,
K - , . 1. .1 A
counter auch a I ahall never forget
and the like of which I hope never to
) experience again.
f ' r .. .
I Willi aticsn on Mliatt fslanil.
Ahtnit thirty year ago Mow Htar-
ling and ot her put two small flock of
eheep on Monhcgan, a bleak and ro:ky
lalitnd off the entrance to Penobecot
bay, belleln(f that sheep could take
1 care of tbemselvea almtut anywhere.
Hilice then the flocka have inert-used to
an agreyat'! of VM bend, running wild
and r ;cnivlng no attention whatever.
Once a year men have gone to the is-
land, driven the sheep into a pen, and
b u red them and marked the lambs.
i u .... ,....a i.. i.i .
-r . ...i f '...
"7n jwrsnis, some oi wnorn uar not,
IN A INdht'l tUMU
iim'i m i't r
the m-
'lb ftnr..ll f M-eif H.f
,.f NlkiW. net , !lglV
a.lii l-t fH Mr Ibnivnr hn
fnu stu 1 mil fvm the rtl
tlT ln lmth, 'I,,H ht;H U ft
li utli Ihit, l.i wiidh Ih xf wet
M nt . tilng M'' " H"li-lng
wbri b tri vtlt4
on what he UiouirM - ft dili'd Mrk,
ln.ut III IM. ki"" f ll mm, hut
vhl. h piiid ti ! bug mHlMiirtkft,
ft f l bllll,,
Hip niiako. IrifUtiil by ! miuel
ptTMf, .it!tl lt" If Hgbtly Umt
mm tor I,
theboy'alega that lie w unable ti
fr hlniM-lf from li deinlly I'lubrae,
mid there la no doubt that he would
have been killed outright had it not
been for th itHhUluiice of ft large dog
that aecoiiipanleil him.
At the bidding of th boy, the faith
fill brut aeled the niialie In hla teeth,
and the little frightened fellow, brae
log hluiNelf In an npp mlt direction, ao
iih not to be drugged, allowed the dog,
by a great effort of atrength, to tear
the anake loone. Ho great wa the
ahrn k to the little fellow a iiervna that
he becumn teinrKiiarily blind, and
would In all probability not havo
reached home that night had it hot
been for h!a augaclimNcuniiid friend,
I'liKilng hi IiiiihI on the back of the
(log he wa piloted safely to the houae.
lie ha recovered hi alght, but hi
mind la idiattercd.nnd hi body the aub
jectof frequently recurring upanmodli)
lltn, the remilt of hi terrible ewprrl
enoe" Hlirreenviiry Ik doubtful.
True I'Hllioi,
Four long yearn had Jiwk, the aallor,
been awny, and hi hlp wa reported
"loat, with all on board," 'i'he new
aeeined to pile year on lit fathar'
bent alioulilerni hi mother' amllu
faded out and wrinkle aeamed her
cheeka. One aiimmrr day, however,
lift the two cHiuc nut of church with
their pretty daughter all three
eeureely balancing the loa of the one
dear aon it almbby, broned and bund
aome fellow ruihcd up to the group and
took hi mother In hi arm,
"It'a my boy I my own boy!" pried
aha, throwing her arm about blm and
amotherlrg him with klnaea, while the
father managed to get poaneaalon of
one brown lnewy hand,
"(Vriie, mother, given ft ehanoel"
cried the girl In chorim, and by thl
time the entire congregation bad aur
rounded the wanderer and claimed hl
"Hut you were drowned, Jack!" ei
claimed the youhgenl abler, and Jack
laughed an he explained:
"No, only partly, Two of ua floated
for day, reach ml an inlard lu the Pa
cific, foil In with friendly aavagea, and
thenwaited for a ahlp, (lot my belt
full of money, father, but couldn't wait
to buy a rg of decent clothe."
Then Hi inlnUt-r ald eolcmnly,
"Let u pray," and thert tinder the
treea with umovered head, lift offered
thanba for thn wanderer' return,
When he had finUhed, everyone wa
aoftly weeping, and note twin I dreamed
that the tragic Joy of the oeeaalon
could be turned Into mirth, Knddenly
Jack' mother, wrought up beyond en
durance, opened her Hi and apoke.
"Jack," aaid ha eharply, "ain't yon
aahamed to come to meetln with auuh
II ragged old handkerchief aa t hat?"
Jack roared and ao did the neigh
bor, Tear were wiped away and
laughter reigned.
4 Mammnlh Onfc,
A giant oak, which wu king of th
foreat at the time William I'nnn bought
the ground from thn Indiana, and
which now rivala in many of the
cnormoii tree of ( alifornla, aland
lone in anient n grandeur on Old 1'lnft
rmd, about Hire a mlha alxrve Vat
(hnae. Thl mammoth white oak I
atlll aonnd and healthy, and meatuir
twenty-aeven feet In circumference lit
bout lx feet In diameter. The flrat
branch which ahootaoitt from the pan nt
trunk meaiture nine feel alx inchea In
circu m ft rr nee and extend out the
normoue length of over wventy feet
Tradition ny that it wa beneath
the branchea of thl giant oak that the
Indiana held many of their council r-f
war, and of lot yearn aeveral ramp
meeting have licen held tinder it
ahade, while the worehfpera listened to
cloui'nt aermort from many cele
brated divine.
No ( lot h In Liberia.
Kxplorer linttikofferaayn thatftclwk
ia rarely eren In the farm bouaea of
Mlicrla, and many of the town people
have no time piece, lie aon niav
. . , ii . . J t. it . i
! th;r r !ew '',v ",Btri1" w "
j a time piece can lm dnsi-d will, ao
conveniently, I he aim rise at 0 a. m,
and act at 0 p. m, almost to the minute
throughout the year, and at noon it I
directly overhead. Many of the people
become o ex pert in telling time by the
sun that they are rarely more than ft
quarter of an hour In error. In plaea
of alarm cloka they depend upon the
crowing cock to arouse them la tit
ilBStlnr t'arved Kernttere.
A new, aoft brush i a good thing to
1 dust carvid furniture with, aa the
1 l.-Ult... .!11
penetrate the deepest
1-4 dft
w v .
rij.wixu ion a mul
MAttt .K.9NAMI
IkniMiUl Willi Ik kllM
II IUml Mitlilltif !. Ilt.llle I
IkHk IIK IM M.i n 'the
iim tl."
"I a working fur Hie .1, V, outfit,"
IiIh trait, "and we had Jitt gotteun Hi
lining r.nni'l up and wn WKiking lb
.'tun Itltrr rant;. I got tiirllttlndy,
-i. taking nut amall uinutli otgait or
harititttiira, whU h limit tiitit'tit lit Hio
ilayamaita great favmlt niuoiig i,W' '
pnnrbnis lM-gntt In plnV,
'i luive h ea fd iutt play on thU In
ktrumeut whow otitd make a prnfailoii
1 titinaiiy for hla ItutirK I w aa n fair
ly gH mm former, and bring In, na I
aald, a tender infill, I guv vent In my
feeling In 'llnnie, Hwecl lloiua,' Thru
I went Into what I rouxldrred my
iniottei piece, beglunliig, 'Hear inn,
Norma.' I pbijnd aoftly mul lowly,
and hml got It 'At thy feet behold,'
and which Hi hoy alwaarallcd for
that air, when I lieiud n low rattling
and looking down n few feet below me
aitw a btrgii rutlli'Miiilut rolled, with hla
head alowly awaylug to and fro, mul
evidently enjoying the iuiikIc.
"Ah, ha!" Hit light I. "herti'a a anukn
that Bpprclntc op.'i'ittlu iiuihIh. And
a I had often rend of the power mimic
la auppoaed to have over amikea of till
kind, I determined to keep on playing
end are what It would do, ao I (liiUhcil
'Norma' and went over It again. Hut
thl aiiuku wa aoon Joined by ot her,
who. lot they crawled out of their hole,
UNMtincd the aitnie attitude a the flrat,
and were evidently charmed,
"ity Jove, boy, they came out in
drove, and 1 aaw that the vicinity wna
live with them, A long experience
with tlieMri'plllc innilc mn Insensible
to fear of tliem, mid worked tip by the
novelty of the thing and the excitement
of arcing aomuny of llieae powerful da
troyera ubjct to my will, I forgot
ult about perwotiul atifcty and kept on
playing and enjoying myaelf.
"Once 1 alojiped, uml then begun an
gry rattling and a qiiloU dlHuppearance
of many, but they aulmldud and all
came buck a I returned, t gave them
air from 'Tim llohemlun Hlrl,' varied
with 'The Devil' Iheiiin,' 'Mr, Me
I,eod'!teer and The Hlrl I Left lie
bind Me,' and they reiidlly renpouded
with their away lug head to the differ
ent time, Hut the tuna Hint aeeined to
plcttue them moht wa 'The Huwanee
Klvcr.'andone big fellow in particular,
on whom I counted twelve ruttle, got
ao excited that hi leap and twiata had
brought him within n few feet of where
1 aat. Then he auddeuly quieted down
and hi head junt barely came down
above hi coll, while hi tall alowly
rattled In time with the munla,
"Then I caught hi gaze, mid, boy, I
wa fairly fuaclnated by the look I aaw
there, I believe thl talk of anake
eharming people to be all fancy, but in
the eye of tnl rattler Hint wa fuat-
ened on mine there wa audi a wicked,
cold, devllleh, flendlnh atare that I
ait- .it A A t .... I
rainy antvereo, mm tuoveu my mmi . umntpr, end the reault wa that Jt re
round to get my pWtol to take a ahot ; Mvlt& ft whipping, it went aiillenly
at him, 1 wa anting up now, with my f)t, t)0 ,0x, but all night long the
buck a1ni'it touching a mall ridge of, Mexican and hi bride could hear it
rock, rltlll keeping my harp In my jow wl. Next morning the animal
left hand, I wa on the point of pulling Mi tn W into the houwi and curled up In ft
my gun from the acabbard, when a low, ,.,,,., reputing the rare of It
Inleiiae voice ft few yard behind me fnmHte. u wa aullen all day, but the
" 'Don't move, Jlrn, for C"I(hVj aake,
nd keen on playing. There' ft big
rattler within alx Inchea of your neck
and another cloae to your hand, Keep
on playing till the boy come op, I'm
all alone and can't help you,'
"I knew the voice to be that of my
boa, Wallace, and from It toae I wa
In great danger, and for ft moment I
faltered, and In that moment I could
feel the cold body of the anake a it
came in contact with my band; but,
although I felt like yelling and Jump.
Ing up, I knew that would mean death,
for quicker than any living thing, ex
cepting the cat, I the movement of ft
rattlnek It utrlke.
"Ho I aat atlll and kept on playing
The Nuwanee JCiver,' where I heart-
lly wished I waa, Kvery fw aenonda
t,tr Mflrned veara to me Wallac
w.rt.(i Keo ud your nerve
' ' " w .
o)(j ninn iilt) ,y Hf4 fcim, t j,r,
There', lot
u.' Kii'
U of whisky in camp If you're
lon't atop playing or you're a
ronr.' ano other ctieerrut worn, at
which, aerlou ft the occelon waa, I
tifiost fIt Ilk laiiirhlutr. ao wrought
Vtnt CUM wt J taw,
"Mtlll I kept wp 'The Huwanee IMver. inatche per head for the whole popu
My tongue got dry and my Hp almost ' latlon are used dully In the United
refused to aha,, the notea On I kept
until 'The Huwanee Ulver" had run (nt,
a perfect muddle of extem,or ing, the
like of which no one ever heard be-
fore from a mouth organ
moutll organ, wim v
. m a f .1 4
ret ba'k on aome air I knew,
t,n t at.
though I knew my life depended ttport
berDliur the anakea onlet by the music,
I could not remember a aiiifle tliinir,
r,Ui.l r...l M ! t l t
r,.l. luttsi out 4 It bmp l.ft
Ho'' n-lrt I il mi'l iiy
A e It ir bl' i'U -.l r-i bl lb
r(l' i lin, i rnt i ii'i Itirlti. ( I
i-onitl M'f m b t ii inf In foiiit '
f iilutf lii tluk n I In rl ! in M
Itiy It Mllll UI lntHllltt', wlli'lt bit
Now, lj," end lFYn ntf r-)"rt
! l bind tn 1111 and I II b'g '
) In fiiinl it niiiiuv with liU ltad,
' end Hun flnh .l mt I kn Miltlug
it.r till I It M ""in. -Uili.rf ivd p'
ttgtbiwn tn,V llir-lul lain In li
find my head Mipiii led Wallae'
km, and Mi ff Hi" Una am.iitg
w hUlty lulu in fill tf a p'ltl fup, hll
th l.,lii of a luilf ilirit Mink lay
1 wlpgllntf I'littH1 by.
"Tb fi'llow by my band had hdiiM!
in, bill IS I dtiitiU aboiil Hire p' ila of
t-iiiii'h w liiNky, Hi tlio h,lHini i, ml a
light for It, and tthNky rani out
ahead. I wui uli'k for a i imple of daya,
but fell mi other bud I'ffeeU f I'lnn the
lilt. Theilt n lt, my tliiiuili, I liuvit
never tried to rh ii'in any iiior mltlo
anttkea, and Hie mhiiuI of lint 'Sutviinee
Itlver' iflve mn thn horror,"
A airanga Nlnry of a llriiln'a Vriiteiira
fro in Nnr Itlftlcn,
A atninge ltttnncil of jenloiiay In nil
milinal I reported from it ranch lu the
range northwest of Sliver t'lty, N. M.
A Mctli'iiii mimed .hum I.opiv, tome
year ngo eaiighla young iiioiiiitaln
Hon and rained It it a pet, I In bud the
iiiiliniil completely under aiibjectloit
mid it wnaita docile with blm aau houae
cat. Tlio lion la now about i year old
mid I full grown, but It ha ahvnyx
been aeciihtoini'd to aleep at tlm foot of
the bed of it niiotlcr and linn followed
blm like a dog when he went around
tlio place. Lnpnx had Hie lion trained
for hunting and it wa itlwitya with
him except when he came to town. It
had never ahown any dangeroua
dUpoaltlon when with other peoplo,
uml would allow vlaitor to fondle it.
Lopez recent ly married and b! bride
liiHlhtcd that the lion Hhould bo made to
aleep out of the liouae, n ahe wua afraid
of it, Lopai UHM'tMcd to her whdie
ml built a lioiixo for hi pet near Hie
door of hla ouhln. When ho Httemptod
to make the uuimal go in It that night
tm jmt tt mf.t him.
tna hrui(l for t(m firt tmt W(U dlpoed
to r(,)M!j ntinmt Hie wiabea of It
' . ...
bride noticed that It watched her con
alantly, and ahe becameaoiiervonathat
ahe fnlted that her huaband ahould
get rid of the big lion, and he promlaed
to do ao Mion a poaaihl.
The aecond night it went to It but
ouUlde with little oppoition and next
morning Iop aUrteil U town U) find
ft purchaser for hi I'd, lie left the
! Alllrliij t home and told hie wife ti
pay no attention to but go about her
work a If it wa not In the house,
Iopez had no difficulty In finding ft
purchaser for hi lion, and about 6
o'clock in the evening aturted home
pretty well intoxicated with meaoal,
lie arrived borne after dark, and wa
surprised to f!o I the bouse dark, Al
he entered the place and groped about
be atumbled over aomcthlng on the
floor, fitooping down be discovered
that the object wa a woman' body,
lie quickly struck a light, and wa
horrified at the alght that met hi gaze,
i'lie young wife had been torn to
piece by the aavage brute. The strug
gle could not hav been long, a t the
mark of the teeth alio wed thatth lion
had Jumped upon hr buck and broken
her ne k at the first bite, It then had
torn the victim to shred 4, The animal,
afUr completing hi bloiw'y work, had
fled to the mountains uml ha not since
been seen,
The young IniNband'e grief wa ao
great I lint he became Insane and had to
be confined to prevent him from taking
hi life,
Tb Malelt Trad,
The oldest and it I xild the large!
mutch factory In the world i in
Kweden. Mutchc were made there
long before the old roughly trimmed
splinter of wol, tlpjicd with
sulphur, wa discarded with the
Under boxc for which they were used.
In twenty-five year the export
trade of Sweden 1n modern
match Increased 1,000,000,000
boxc a year, Nome of the machine
', for making the match which we tie
in these day make 200 revolu
tion a niliiule each, and turn
out about 2,,Vi'),000 f matchea
dally, or about tl,OO0,0ijO
i annually, Itatlier more
Kill her more t han live
M . i r'"Z,
; .aa, ally. "
, In ' B
, "intend to rn iu the manufatlnre
n .,t Anintiiii nu mul i lid iiri iti t win nrrw
. - i .
' dure a revenue of i:.'oo.imo. a i loirei net
... I. I'. ........ ,. I....,t in Cum lu n
l Jl at ifl.rMaUKKL
h 'fU SptMh
hjm i "wkk
(IHOfttH lllltntlNd ArttlUNO
AN til l) IIDMHtlr AH.
1t Mattlar . tat tlttta laliH
t.ll.4-a A..aitt MM.h wU
la tit aeip-A liMt 4 t
tnl ltf.
On ft rla f fnnind aloplng lowaM
awatu)t ftlnglng tb ttint tiirtiitn
ttf l bmlle of water known aa th
l ittle Lake in th town of Warren,
N. V., aland ft dlbtplitlril fiam
alrtu'litr, who atoiy of bbtttl aoiu
half ibirett Venr ago appalled Hi civ
il Uml w or li llciallwit Hint lUma
latift Itruae, aaalaled by a dnughlrr of
ITaudabelted by woiitftliNiuephiiwa,
ca iTomr aiottrs.
butchered, backed and chopped her
huaband, William Prime, and then, with
true hell-born inatlncta, boiled, ronatcd,
and burned the remain and
ca tiered the aalira In the awump, ad
Joining h prcmiaea. The atory la ft
familiar one.
The miserable little frame farm liouae
wherein thl tragedy wa enacted baa
literally been carried away piecemeal
by morbid-tnlnded relic-aceker. The
wall-paper witli which Mr. Druae cov
ered the blood-bespattered wall, baa
been torn off and carried awnyi the
floor, which ahe daubed with liberal
coat of pitint to bide Hie crlmaon
atalna, hn been hacked, aawed andup-
iiroprlatcd by I tin army of clinker
iritlncd individual whi have vialled
the place. Juat what plcaaure thcue
people derived from theao ao-callcd
relli! it U dinictilt to determine. The
anake-fonce which once aurrounded the
building, bit alao been curried off, but
whether ua re I lea or for fuel by eouw
poor but dialtoneat neighbor la not
And now It ia u Id t hat the old bonne
i haunted. It would bo difficult to
imagine ft more favorable place for
pooka, even were there no horrible
tii Id connected witli it, HI tun t ed in the
rear of a great barren field with a
awump at the back, and tho blghwy
aeldom traveled, however aome BOO
yard distant, with toppling chimney,
flapping clapboard, creaking door,
nd great rent In the aide the build
ing preacut a truly uncanny aapect.
Hut when ore added the detail of ft
crime, the awfulneax of which aixycar
ti retelling ha not nerved to augment,
a grewaomenea aurrounda the prcmlac
which the atotiteat-hcartcd yokel doc
not earn to investigate.
It la aaid that upon atormawept night
the place ia vialtrd by the wraith of the
murdered Druae and hi demon wife.
There are aottnda of plwtoi-ahot and
(rriAii, of wild yell and curaea. There
the nolae of a falling body, plea for
mercy, followed by the dull thuJ of an
I chop, chop, chopping off band,
mi, leg. The whole horrid tragedy
li again enacted, A brief alienee cri
me, and then laattea forth from the
house a ghoat ly apparition, which glide
round to the rear of the building, fol
. lowaa path awarnpward anddisapja'ar.
It bft'i licen noticed that the spook ap
pears to be that of a woman, anMt
carrlca concealed ft large pack Age of
aome character. Thla ia imposed to
be the ghost of the murdcresa, and that
the package ahe ferric contain the
bead and cremated remain of tiie mur
dered husband,
Of all those atlll living who were con
nected with the tragedy, the daughter,
Mary, ia lowly dying in prlaon of eon
umptlon; the little boy, Heorge, i atlll
living with t!ie bind hearted farmer
who adopted blm; Frank (Jatea 1 living
eonui'where in tho Houth and Cheater
Oatea.the younger of the two nephew,
la making a living from the sale u a
liniment made from a favorite formula
encoded by the old man Iiruae,
The Man Wen lit Klalit and Oel III
Iloiintv for th l In.
Itwtt winter, the anow wa two
feet deep in our set tlement,, which wa
in the I'rovlnce of New JiriinswicU.
Wolve were plenty, arid Johnson and
K mu mt tMH Mir,
were dolwr a (food btialnca
trapping them. On each waa a bounty
of 110, and each akin waa worth 13
One Sunday morning, after Johnson
1 b-4 W rea-Ty for church, he
bought he would examine one of hi.
' trftp. Aftl la th edge of the wood near
...jr.i.-,, V,tln OHAhhellvv
!.,.. .nA lt !,.. cun r . 1.
. v. - - n - a
, ' "
svrouou " wm m iiuar
I . , n . . . V I.AM
the spot the rattling of the chain by
wul;- tr,P w" '-nd quickened
tL J, Iti h.iU ft Urgewtdf waa
U id r
Johnson aaw at !.- that b
altfhtly ranyht I v the M tt M paw.
"Now,1 b ..libni t -l."! I g.U' k I
Ik gntt It tt.AV attni-t rd In (t-tlit g frrft niuitt," for Hi bin l w
l.ialltig fi-aitll effoit bi ft bliiisi tf.
The iMitittly 111, Ih skitt l It w.mUl
ttol tl.t t Ht', blm. Helng ft lln allt
let Jiilittn tttnd ft Ihniti.l for tha
wolf, ral littig bini by tb them. In
Hi n.ft in tlm Hi wolf bad t leaft
himself front lb trap. Tin tl ratti Hi
lug of warltt Ihal Iwti feet of anow.
Th slruif fie wa shoit and f trlnita
Jobtiaott held bis tb alh grip, aottift
llinr on l..p ami at in underneath the
brute, both tut mined with aiittw it
waa dlflb ult In ttlstlngiilsh wolf from
matt. Thtilfat lust wa tWrcotna,
kicked atidrhoked to den th by hla pow
erful aiitagoiilst Johiisou did not at
tend rbtiivb that tbty, fur hi Huiiday
abitha hung In latterai besides, there
were some ugly acratrbea from tho
sharp rlnWN of the now dead gitin.
"I will never try Hint again, Mack,"
h aaid to me. "I thought myself a
mutch for uliuosl any wild animal of
thcHO wihmIh, but this fellow waa ft big
ger Job than I reckoned on."
Dost It Contain llouly Meeiiratl bf a
Once Notorious California llaintltf
On tho north aide of Table Mountain
and near it top ia an opening in tho
lava that hu since- early day been
known ua the "llon'a dcii," It wa o
named from tho fad that for year it
wua the lair of a band of fcroclotta Cal
ifornia lion that, when thl country
waa duvotcd largely to ahoep ruUing,
mado nightly depredation upon tho
flock und caused lite owner much
annoyance ami los. When puraued
tho animal would sock refuge ia
thla den and no hu titer would dare to
enter it.
Tho ground about tho entrance to it
wa covered with bone and remnant
of sheep and other animal. With tho
IncrciiKu of population the Hons havo
gradually dlaappcuri'd, although a la to
a last spring two of tho animal wer
acuu to enter the cave. Htrnnge to say,
no known man ha ever penetrated to
It fullest depth. The mouth I about
four or five fret high and three foot
wide, and the opening dcaccmla with a
harp Incline for about 800 feet.
Further than thl It hu never been ex
Now, however, a party of young men
have made arrangement to explore it,
and, If possible, penetrate to II bot
tom, 1 bat it i of great depth I cer
tain, for one can aland at the opening
and heave great atone down tho de
clivity, and tho aound will gradually
die away In the distance. The young
men nave procured several hundred
feet of rope, lantern, torch and
ladder, and will thoroughly explore
the cavern.
What add peculiar interest to tho
expedition and give eat to the explor
er I the well-known fact that ia the
heyday of hla career it a bandit Joaquin
Murlotfa and hi band of faithful fol
lower made tho rccessea of Table
mountain their base of operation.
From there they would swoop down on
the miner, and then, laden with gold
dust, retreat to the mountain. Hearth
a they might the ofilcer could not lo
cate them. It baa been xtipposed by
many that pcrhup in thl same cava
wa where the famous outlaw accreted
himself. It may be, too, that down
deep in the bowel of the earth Joaquin
hid the greater iortiori of hie ill-gotten,
but nevertheless Just a potent wealth.
Hypnotising a Iforsa,
Henator Htanford bcllvea that magna- .
tiarn can be devel'iied in men and
horse by intelligent effort, and in
breeding thoroughbred on hla Cali
fornia stock farm be ha made experi
ment to that end, Tho triumph of
Hunol and Palo Alto provo ll thcorle
to bo correct, bo think, loa friend
ho I reported to have said; "In abort,
my secret ia thla; I cultivate tho
bore'a magnetism and Intelligence, I
let blm know I want hi utmost, but I
let blm understand I will not pre him
too far; then he trust me and doc hla
beat. They know me a children would,
and manifest attachment for mo, I
havo found that if you pre bora
too far for an instant you may bo
week getting back where you were.
From tho colt day they know I ftm
studying to help them, not to hurt
The Main '( lrtlM,
Homo of the Main coast dweller are
no better off in respect to school and
church privilege than the people of
tho remote A roostook wilderness, who
never aee anything much except treea
and bear. A man who live on Great
Diamond Island, Portland lower har
bor, bu throe children of echool ago,
but there i no echool on Urand Dia
mond, and therefore he appeal to tho
mayor of Portland for assistance in tho
matter, It baa been arranged that tho
children ahall bo transported dully, at
tho city'e expense to Peak' island,
where there ia a achool. It Isn't every
poor family who have a private steam
boat at t heir disposal daily, a in thl
cae, and tho children enjoy the dl
Unction about a much aa they do the
"Aroostook or Must,"
Fourteen yeur ago Hnnjarnln Hitnp
on and family passed through ISangor
on their way from lilddeford to Aroo
stook county. They traveled In a big
covered wagon, drawn by a puir of
horse which bad been provided for
them by eltinen of lilddeford, for the
family wero in reduced circumstance.
On either side of the wiigon appeared
the legend, "Aroostook or J!usl,"iind
the outfit attracted much attention
along the. route. (Simpson didn't
"bust," but la now a prosperous farmer
in Olenwood, one of the richest sec.
Hon of the irardcn countv. and U
about to receive a pension from tin'
government for disabiJitlee from Ion
urvico before the must In the navy, J
.the atock for twenty year