The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, February 11, 1892, Image 1

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JuL " U A
Vol.t'MK II.
Tho American awoelatloim met In
Druid's hall In St, Imix Inot week, and
transacted considerable business. Tim
wh ik placed the nuniluT of loit
al.'loo. Tho Star Hayings, an evening
wht, gave thin Bi-eount of their pro
codings. Mr. A. 11. Case, tho well known
Chicago publisher, was found, ami iion
tho rcjNirtor announcing his mission,
hhUI: "Tho Star Sayings' made an ef
fort yesterday to ascertain tho fact In
connection with our meeting. Upon
learning In tho meeting thiit tho ro
M)rtor In fact all reMttors wore
being refused any Information with
roforonoo to our meeting, I aroso In tho
convention and protested vigorously
against hucIi a jwillcy, saying that if wo
had anything wo woro ashamed for tho
jxjojiIo to know, it wan alsiiit timo to
expunge it from our order of business.
Triio, wo aro a secret organization, but
for tho simple reason that our delibera
tions must bo hold where wo will not bo
annoyed by a great crowd. I do not be
lieve, however, that thoro is anything
in our work that wo Bhould bo ashamed
of. Those who aro aHhamod of it should
sever their connection with tho Pa
triotic Bonn of America. I havo no ob
jection to giving you a frank, plain
statement of what tho Patriotic Hons of
America aro hero for, and what they
hope to accomplish. Our organization
Is unalterably opposed to tho aliens who
aro Hooding this country and robbing
native Americans of tho opportunity to
make a living. Wo are unalterably op
posed to any alien who comes to this
country and claims tov be a Gorman, an
Irishman, a Polo, a Scandinavian, or
any other foreigner, because this coun
try is for" Americans, and Americans
, only. Wo do not mean by this that tho
aliens who como to America and liocomo
Americans shall lie ostracised, because
he is as good as the native born, We
know, and tho public should know that
pojssry and tho Catholic church has
this country by tho throat. We can
take tho railways, steam and street, and
it will bo found that tho great bulk of
those holding offices, down to tho man
ual lalsirors are Catholics, arrogant, In
sulting and unfit to control anything in
a free and enlightened country. We
claim to know that the pojMi, and the
church of Homo, and the priests, are
constantly at work undermining Amer
ican citizens of Protestant belief, In
order that they may bu supplanted by
those who cling to the Catholic faith.
We know this, and we bollevo that a
largo majority of tho American people
know It, but aro afraid to tackle the
subject, There aro momlfors of our
organization, as is evidenced by their
secroliveness, who are entirely too tlm-
orous in this direction, It has como to
such a pass that no native born or
naturalized American citizen outside of
tho Cathollo church Is safe in his jkisI
tlon, Tho induction of tho priesthood
of tho Roman Catholic church Is con
stantly being exerted to encompass tho
i o wnfal 1 of the 1 'rotestants. Those who
' 'doubt the actual existence ef the state
of affairs claimed to exist, have but to
look at tho statistics, and investigate
for themselves. Take tho steam and
street railways, the railroad olllcers,
tho manufactories, tho great commercial
houses where largo forces of men are
employed, and go through tho list
marked C. and P., meaning Catholic
and Protestant, and you will find at tho
end that pry Is In tho lead. Not
only U this truo In connect Ion with cor
poration and private business enter
pt Iscn, but the church of llomo U today
aiming tooontrol the government of the
United States first, by city, then by
county, then by state, finally, unless
something Is done toohivk tho move
ment, tho priests will prevail, and 1 V.!l-
cutntn will lie comilled to seek an
other land. This is plain talk, but It
embodies tho facts. The Pat riot Ic Sons
of America lsdlevo that that tho Indi
vidual who cannot, or ihs-s not, control
himself, is not a gissl citizen, but a con
stant menace to a free government.
We arc, therefore, In favor of individ
uality, and the aim of jMipery is to su-
prcss individuality. Tho true Catholic
daro not express an opinion contrary to
that entertained by tho church, and,
therefore, his Individuality is wiped out
by the priests.
Now, what tho Patriotic Sons of
America hope to accomplish can bo told
In a few words. They hopo to throw a
safeguard around tho public schools,
which aro now threatened by popery.
They hopo to formulate plans upon
which an active camjmlgn can bo in
augurated and defeat the encroachments
of the priests. In fact, tho Patriotic
Sons of America hopo to bo able to show
that in America stato and church are
now and must continue to bo sejiorato
and distinct. That is what tho Patri
otic Sons aro hero for, and if that is not
a benevolent work, 1 don't know what
it is."
Tho proceedings of the Wednesday
meeting which was really tho opening
day of the convention, woro interfered
with in a declliedly tragic" manner;
Col. O, G. Minor, of Chicago,' 111., a
veteran of tho Mexican war, 70 years of
ago, climbed up the four flights of stairs
In tho Druid's hall building, and upon
reaching tho center, of tho room in
which tho convention was in session,
suddenly threw up his bands and fell
over dead. Tho proceedings were
naturally, at onco abandoned, and a
committee, with Mr. A. IJ. Case, of
Chicago, at tho head of it, was ap
pointed to take cbargo of tho remains
and prepare them for shipment to tho
former homo of tho deceased In Chicago,
Mr, Case will accompany tho dead
member's body to Chicago Friday
morning, via tho Afton railroad. No
thing whatever was done either during
the day or night session Wednesday but
tho work of preparation to care for tho
suddenly stricken member.
Tho convention reassembled Thurs
day morning at 10:.'M) but did not got to
work until nearly noon. After dispos
ing of tho routine business, Mr, A. IJ.
Case rose and offered tho following,
which was unanimously adopted:
In tho mysterious workings of Provi
dence this supremo ixsly has been called
upon to witness a scene which rarely
falls to tho lot of man In evory-day life
to experience, Hefore organization, lie
fore tho necessary preliminary work
could bo accomplished, and while tho
first votp was Isdng taken, one of our
worthy members, a good citizen and a
loving husband and father, was snatched
from our midst by tho fell destroyer.
Ono moment in tho midst of tho
hurrying bustle of active Ufo, urging a
mere matter of formality, with all tho
Intensity of an honest nation, before a
delegated assembly of friends on earth
the next summoned to tho ranks of tho
silent majority, that grand vast as
sembly which Is, and always will U U
jottd the reach of human ki n.
It went fitting at such a time that
this assembly should aune In Its active
work and pay lis tribute of rcspcet fct
the memory of one who lias done un
ceasing good for the grai.d online In
which we are engaged, and whom death
even honored by seeking him when he
was holding aloft the (winner tinder
which ho had )'cn fighting all his life.
Descended from the Huguenots, horn
on American soil, he Inherited from a
noble ancestry an uncompromising
hatred of poHry and Its pagan iiNrstl"
lions. When a mere stripling his noblo
sentiments prompted him to take his
place in tho ranks of American sold inn
who faced tho bullets of tho Mexicans,
to uphold tho honor of the American
flag, and tho same indomitable spirit
drove him later on to face tho relxdllon
and to offer himself a target to tho
deadly missiles of disloyalty.
When peace was seemingly reigning
In tho land, this valiant soldier of the
American idea remained constantly on
guard against tho country's most dan
gerous foes, even when the majority
believed tho nation safe.
It wa i tho lifo mission of our deceased
friend, Col. Miner, to warn his people
of the danger with which tho cunning
of Homo and her emissaries Is over
threatening us, and also to engage in
active warfare against this foe, in which
he was ever ready to sacrifice property
and life. And It was h 1b good fortune
to die a truo soldier's death while mar
shalling tho forces of his friends to face
tho common enemy.
Under those sod, yet Inspiring cir
curustaucos it is befitting that this su
premo body bow In humblo submission
to tho flat of omnipotence, atid remem
bering those nearer and dearer to our
departed friend, render our sad condo
lence to tho mother so suddenly left a
widow, and tho daughter who was tho
prldo of her father's heart. In their
affliction wo trust that they may find
help and strength through tho love of
him who doeth all things well.
Unsolved, further, that to honor the
memory of our friend, wo will ever ro
rriemlior and hold up as an example his
earnest devotion and untiring lalior for
our cause, and that wo pledge ourselves
In tho shadow of his death, to carry on
our holy war with tho same splrltwhlch
ho was evor striving to inculcate into
his people.
Ilosol ved, That all councils within tho
Jurisdiction of this supremo body, bo
sent a copy of these resolutions with
tho request to take suitable action upon
tho death of one to whom this order
was so much.
I lowilvod, That a copy of these resolu
tions, properly engrossed, bo prepared
and sent to tho family of our departed
friend, to tho end that they may bo
consoled by knowing how wo feel their
Tho Roman Cathollo bishop of Colo
rado, In tho course of an address In
Denver, mado use of this language:
'A few days ago tho papers of tho
countrv were full w Ith tho reports of tho
condemnation by tho French courts of a
certain bishop who went to Home wun
out asking tho iormission of the govern
ment. For that "terrible crime"-he
was mulcted In lb sum of 8,000 or 4,000
francs. Now, I must confess that It ro
(i ulrud some courage for a judge In
France, a Cathollo country, to fine a
bishop for such an offense, nut lor u,
000,000 Catholics to stand there and
submit to any such outran, W an act
contemptible, so itnMnriily mean and
cowardly that I ean Hud no nmnn to
MagmatWo and brand it U-comitiyly,
I ak you, as Americans. If such alhlng
had U-eti done anywhere on lhlsemttn
ont, what would you have done? I can
tell you what a wore or two of bravo
lriihmen w ould have done. They would
have tarred and feathered Imth judge
and jury; and in that condition driven
them through the length ami breadth
of this country, as a Iohwh to future
generations. And Americans
would have applauded tho act till the
very vaults of the Armament would have
re-echoed with their "bravos." "Well
done, ixiys; nioro power to you!"
We quote this statement for the pur
ls we of showing what a dejrth of loyalty
(icrvadcH tho utterances of the average
priest of Home, who claims tho protec
tion of the laws of the land where ho Is
domiciled, yet applauds the rascals and
traitors who havo the temerity to tram
ple upon any enactment, and override
any order which does not meet their
approbation, nor which does not receive
Instauter tho sanction of the holy (?)
fraud who Is now passing as the vice
gerent of (Jod, and the prisoner of the
What Is loyalty? Webster says It Is
Ytho stato or quality of being loyal."
And what is that state or quality? "De
voted to tho molntenanco of law; dis
posed to uphold the constituted authori
ty; faithful to tho lawful government,
whether parental, civil or divine."
If that Is loyalty how can you reconcile
tho act of tho Archbishop of Alx when
ho set at naught tho order of a civil
officer and proceed .to do the very thing
he and all other Humanists had been
ordered not to do with the desire to
"uphold constituted authority?"
How any Roman orator can stand lo- "
fore an intelligent audience before tho
whole country and proclaim suehsontl
ments as tho last sentence of tho above
excerpt contains and not bo censured by ,
tho dally press, is certainly lioyond out
Tho idea is preposterous! Think of a
score or two of Irishmen tarring and
feathering an American jury! Think
of tho superstitious, ignorant, and cow
ardly citizens of tho most pope-cursed
and priest-ridden spot on God's foot
stool, darrlng to even dream, lot aloud
attempting to decorate the form of u
wearer of tho ermine, In the United
States with a mixture of hot tar and
feathers! Think of 70,000,000 Ameri
cans applauding tho act! Hindi talk
may please Irish, but If they ever daro
to raise a band against our officials for
enforcing laws and decrees, may God
have mercy on their souls the Ameri
can people will havo none I
Tho Irish have already ruled the
cities of this country too long! It Is
time that Denver, Minneapolis, La
Crosse, Davenport, St. Joseph and Kan
sas City emulated the example set by
Omaha 'at tho last general election,
when every Reman Catholic was given
two years longer to look after his own
private affairs, and when none but Pro
testants were clothed with authority to
transact public business.
Tho more Roman Irish you elect to
office the more will Hock to your city.
They will drive Protestants from
every branch of business, and under
mine them In every walk In life.
When this Is done, Protestant
churches will grew fewer with each
succeeding year, and, while they are
declining, tho Roman corporation will
grow In strength and wealth, until, like
It Is In New York, the politics of the
cities will become proverbial for their
1 1
1 i.'