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Inputting bnnrt and watrliing eye.
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And Kofily brontlio aloue to tbo,
"'Mio loved tlico then, ill Iovm tboo
Harper's Weekly.
Should you look over the files of tho
World for the lust quarter of tho year
lobb you would find somo reference,
telegraphed from London, of tho mu
tiny of tho Russian brig-of-war Ivan
nt logo Inland. Thero may not bo
over twenty lines about It, for all
news was suppressed an fur as postslbla
Should there even bo a quarter of a
column you will not got tho details as
I can glvo thorn, for I happonod to bo
In at both tho beginning and tho end
of it
Fogo Is tho southernmost Island in
tho Capo do Verdo group, situated in
tho North Atlantic I was there on a
bark which had brought lumber, hard
ware, agricultural implements und
other stuff, and on our arrival wo
found the Ivan already at anchor.
Sho was thero, if I romombor right, to
seo about a Kunslun craft which hud
boon wrecked In that vlolnlty.
It may not be news to tho avorago
roador to be told that tho discipline in
tho Russian army is tho strictest in
tho world. If any thing can bo tnoro
strict it Is Husslan naval discipline.
The commander of a Husslan man-of-war
ou a cru se has more power than
tho czar at homo. Tho 1 at tor must at
least huvo somo oxeuso for sending a
citizen to ills death. Tho former has
ouly to report him dead, and the de
tails are never asked for.
Mon were Hogged boouuso they
xnovod too fast or too slow bocuuso
they hud a certain look or didn't have
it bocauso tho captain thought that
they thought so aud so. There woro
several among thorn who could speak
English, and when wo lournod just how
thoy were being used wo expressed
our indignation and encouraged thorn
to resist It wasn't the right thing to
do, as I admit but wo woro in tho
merchant service and felt that wo had
Certain rights which no commander
dared trample on.
One dark and rainy night, while 1
was standing anchor-watch on our
craft, one of tho Russian sailors swam
of! to us. lie was about !!f) years of
ngo. Ho hud been degraded from tho
potty office ho hold and given twenty
ono lashes to boot because ho acci
dentally upset a lamp. Ho had corne
for a talk. Ho know nothing what
ever of geography, and could not toll
in which direction any coast lay. . Ho
asked particularly about tho coast of
Krar.ll, tho distance, tho pcoplo, tho
rivers, &o. Ho finally told mo that
tho crow of tho brig to n man had do
cided to mutiny, kill tho officers and
run tor the coast of Jiruzll. There thoy
would run tho craft ashoro and each
man would shift for himself until tho
excitement had blown over.
1 told him nil ho wanted to know so
far as I was ablo, and ho returned as
ho had coma Ho told mo when the
uprising would tako pU'oa There was
an English man-of-war in tho harbor
then.and of courso no movement could
bo made.
Tho days .wont by. There was the
usual routlno of Hogging aboard the
Ivan, and a sailor who sprang over
board, rather than bo lashed, was
coolly shot down alongside tho brig
vUbout having m bw wAtrtito i
return. At noon of the soeond day
the l.nguhmnti lefv and ntaoelovk
In tun afternoon tliti mutiny suddenly
hnrit forth. Tlmro wi-ro six mer
chantmen in tho harbor, but hnd tho
Run-Ian commander railed for asl.t
unco it would not, have leon afforded.
At leant fifty of us ouw the Russian
captain shot and flung overminrd, am
after him went his first lieutenant
Then followed tho paymaster and two
ot hers, and tho crew had tho brig to
themselves. Kcforo going out of tho
harbor mon wero sent to every ves
sol to show tholr raw backs and tell
bow they had been wronged, and ns
tho brig turned her head to sea she
Was cheorod.
It was a week later whon we got
ready for sea, bound for ltlo Janeiro.
Wo had no idea of over hoarlng from
tho Russians again, but whon four
days out wo ran across a New ilodford
whaler named Scott wh'eh guvo us
soma exciting nows. Two days beforo
eho had been brought to by tho Ivan
in mld-ocoun. An armed boat's crow
had como aboard and robbed tho whal
er of whatever they funoiod. Tho
captain had 700, which ho was oblig
ed to deliver up, and thoy took a share
of his water and provisions and all his
spare sails. Tho Russians wero not
ugly, but determined, and it was plain
that all had beon drinking and that
great confusion existed aboard tho
brig, from what tho crow of tho
whaler overheard thoy woro lod to bo-
llovo that the men hud abandoned tho
idea of making tho coast of IJrazil and
had decided to turn pirate.
Tho noxt news came to us two days
later. A galo sprang up from tho
southwest and beforo it was four hours
old wo woro compelled to lay to. It
struck us about 4 o'clock in tho after
noon and did not roach its holght un
til 7 tho next morning. Every thing
was boiling and howling, when wo
caught sight of the Russian down in
the southwest Sho must huvo run
beforo the gale much longor than wo
did, for sho was not in sight whon it
broke upon us. Kolng hlghor out of
water and moro heavily sparrod, sho
was also drifting faster.
About l o'clock sho drove slowly
past us at not more than a cable's
length away und wo saw many evi
dences that things woro notshlp-shupa
aboard of hor. Hlnco tho crow had
decided on a roving llfo they would
naturally shako oil all discipline. Wo
could seo plainly enough that thoy
had done so, although the brig was
lying to on tho sumo tack as ourselves
and making equally good weuther of
it Ky !1 o'clock in the afternoon sho
Wiu out of sight and about that tlmo
tho galo settled down into a fair sail-
lug breeze. We got ol! on our course
again, but au hour beforo sundown we
saw tho Ivan coming down upon us
from the north.
Our captain had no Idea of btlnir
plundered by tho fellows, and we
cracked on sail until It seemed that a
yard moro would tako the musts over.
board. Had tho Russian beon astern
of us wo should certainly have hold
our own, if not walked away from
her. but she was coming down at right
anglos, and every body real food that
sho was certain to cut us off. I had
not told any ot the officers or men of
tho talk I had had with tho Russian
sailor that night during tho anchor
watch. I knew he would bo elected
to somo ofllco by the mutineers, and I
believed he would Intercede to save
our bark from being despoiled. Thero
foro, whllo all others woro much ex
cited I was so cool about it as to at
tract attention.
Just at sunset the brljr fired a trun
for us to heave to. There was an
ugly oross-sea running now and we
doubted If thoy would lower a boat
We obeyed tho command to luff up.
Tho sjovonly way tho brig was han
dled as sho made reply to take a pos
itlon on our starboard quarter proved
that everything aboard was at sixes
and sovens. Thore was a fight on her
decks before the boat was lowered,
ft&A fcftf r puljinf hftlj wftj to Uf the
yawl, which bad ulcht men to fl re
turned, It was lying alongside the
brig when n solid shot, was tired at us.
Owing to the heavy ma tho aim wai
bad and It How above tho top inants.
The action startled us all, and the
captain had determined te put the
l ark on tier courso and try to run
away, when there eumo an awful ex
plosion. For a moment I thought tho
clear hnavens bad been rent In twain,
and every man of us was knocked
about over tho docks.
Wo soon realized what hud oocurrod.
Tho Ivan had blown up. Sho was to
tho windward of us, and about half u
mtlo away. Thero was a dark cloud,
an awful shock, and sho seemed to be
lifted bodily up t a holght of 100
feet and then to dissolve. Some of the
fragments fell upon our docks, and
the sou was Uttered for a mile around.
One man escaped Just ono solitary
man. Ho was ono of tho eight men
In tho bout Perhaps the othor seven
had loft tho boat when the explosion
came. The boat was not injured, and
it camo floating down upon us with the
man sitting bolt upright on a thwart
Ho wasn't cut or bruised, but the
shock had acted altogether on his
montal faculties. He had become an
idiot und was deaf and dumb on top of
that Ills face took on a childish grin,
which never left It and he conducted
hlmaolf just as Idiots do. Although a
man of 4li, and an old sullor, ho uetod
as if ho had novor soon a ship of any
sort beforo.
We couldn't got any nows from the
man, nor did wo pick up any of the
wreckage oxcopt tho boat Man and
boat woro turned over to a Russian
man-of-war at RIo, and it may bo that
tho poor fellow suffered death for his
share in tho mutiny. Every pains
was taken to hush tho mutter up, but
the nows got abroad and was touched
upon by various correspondents. I
have seen threo or four accounts of It
but none wero half-way correct being
colorod in tho interests of tho officers
of the brig. I have since then mot
plenty of Russian potty officers und
sailors who have novor ovon hoard of
tho disaster, all nows of it bolug sup
pressed in Russia. It was doubtless
doomed unwise to lot the Russian sailor
know that a Russian could bo driven
to a point whoro ho would mutiny.
M. Quad in tho N. Y. World.
An IntrroatliiK lllneovery.
Ernst Curtlus, tho renowned Greek
scholar und archaeologist of tho Uni-
verslty of Uorlln, has made an Inter
esting discovery regarding tho knowl
odgo of tho (Irook sculptors, During
tho examination of a number of heads
found In Greece, Curtlus devoted much
tlmo to the study of the eye. On ex
tending his observations to tho eyes of
perfect figures from tho classical
period ho learned that tho sculptors
made considerable" difference in the
forms of tho malo and fornalo eyes.
Whllo tho eyes of tho malo were
rounder and moro arched, thoso of tho
females were longer and flutter.
Theso observations agree with the
measurements of anatomists to-day.
The discovery that tho Greek wero
aware of this difference also will bo
valuable in determining tho identity
of many heads In tho museums of the
world. In numerous cases It has boon
impossible to say whether tho heads
huvo belonged to statues of mon or
statues of women. Professor Curtlus
will soon publish an accurate account
of his observations.
No Unfiling,
Homo Tooke ridiculed the nraetlnt.
of sea bathing and said if any ono of
tho soul species woro sick, it would b
Justus wlso for a fish physician to
oraor worn to go on shore. Porsoa
declared sea bathing was only rock
oned healthy because manv Persons
have boon known to survive it; but
Sheridan's objection to salt water was
the most quaint "Ficklos," said ho,
"uon t agreo with ma"
To T'lty dUtrcss Is but human: to relieve
It ll Uodllko.
T lHftrnt Thing, but Oft ral4
roil tht Mm.
Economy nnd hoarding are two
widely different things, nit hough one
is too often mistaken for tho othor.
The truo law of life is to receive, to
use. to pas on." Thus says a helpful
ttrtlcla It is whdom to make pro
vision for the future. For tho im
provident and shiftless I have small
ronpect It is not of this I speak, but
of what is useless to its possessor that
might do another good service, says a
writer in Good Housekeeping.
Ho not fill garret and closets with
eatit-olT clothing, broken furnlturo, old
books, eta This is waste, and adds
the burden of curing for worthless
things. Give your poor neighbor your
gowns and wraps that aro out of style
in fabric and fashiou. When tho day
for making over comes, if it ever ar
rives, 10 to 1 the now material and
cost of work will loud you to docido
upon now, and the old, growing older,
is still on hand. Pass on your old
garments; there Is a world of good for
somo ono in them. Tho home mis
sionary barrel would rejoice should
you docido to swell its contents. Do
not hoard ovon old trumpery. If you
allow yourhouso to be cumbered, moth
und rust will corrupt
It is a law of nature that nothing be
lost. Everything gravitates to pur
pose and uso. Follow this law and
send old books, magazines and papers
to thoso who have no tnonoy to buy
them. Thoy will bo a godsend to
many hungering and thirsting for this
very sort of mind food, and you will
bo enshrined in tholr memory, espec
iully if the packages you send are la
belled "pass on." You will undor
stund tho compound intorost that
If thero is positively no other uso
for old broken-down furniture let it
bo split up for kindling. It is bettor
so than to fill up and guthor dust and
bo consigned to tho wood-pilo at lat
How can a family live without n
storeroom for usofuC neodod articles?
What folly to fill it with usolos
trumpery! Lot everything that can
servo for convonlonce to others bo
passed on; otherwise clour out and
clour off. If truo that tho maximum
of good housekeeping is tho mlnimure
of old trumpery, our housokoepers
will rouso to tho subject Remember
Ihoro is that that icuttoroth, yet in
erensoih. Tlireo (ionoratloiu,
Thoro is a little lad of ten yean llv
ing in Now York City whose father
has long passed tho throo-scoro-and-ten
mllostono in his life, and whoso
grandfather was present at liruddock's
defeat whoro George Washington first
distinguished himself. Tho grand
father was a moro boy of some four
teen years, though hardy and woll
grown, when he received the king's
commission and donnod tho red coat
of a soldier. Afterward he hold high
rank in tho army of the revolution,
and died in this city at the ripe age of
nlnety-threo. In his old ago ho mar
rled a second wife, and left a son who
had not yet reached his majority, and
who in turn married vory late in llfo.
If tho liltlo lad of ten live to his
father's ngo tho three generations of
this family will have spanned 200
yours in this country'! history, and he
will bo ablo to suy at soventy-twoi
"My grandfather fought with Krad.
dock and at tho side of Washington
V!00 years ngo to-day.
A ttmnger Present,
Struggling Minister There was
stranger in church to-day,
Wife-What did he look llkoP
"I did not see him."
"Then how do you know thore wa
a stranger among the congregation?'
'I found a good quarter in the con
tribution box." New York Weekly.
Tlu.rji la nn frrnntitr tut nn fi'lt.mlHtif n Hum
to usk a friend to Ustuu to your troubles,