The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, August 13, 1891, Image 1

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OMAHA, NIB., TH1'H50.( ALKRir n, m.
It ha been generally undirtood
that V, K. (lnon ha itouii it catidldato
fur Hoard of I'ul.lln Work, Ami ll linn
now trntxpirod ihnt lin will not doouro
tho amo, r, Croon's friend statu
thrtt thn onl' Jason the innyor refused
to wiiil lilt rKtiu to t ho council for
(lotillrmatU nrti'lim whollyto thl f sict ,1m
is a l'lote t If what itto friend of
Mr. Croon'sTy lit o ami It I In ill
root accord with thn action of other
" Komau every J'roloslant should re
member the notion of their Roman
Father Quay, tho Cnlbollo priest of
Snohomldh, W uh. , wa tarred and
feathered lat 'i'h u rnld y morning bo
twoen 12 and 1 o'clock, Tho oriino
with which ho wii charged I tho most
revolting tho huniitn mind can conceive.
llo ha boon enticing 111 tin girl ami
boy Into hid room and making out
racoou (tint mttnelo itddiiult n them
Thl hiiniiui florid lit accused of bi Ing
removed from Ht, Thonia, N. !. for
similar immoral anil Inhumane conduct
What other denomination woulil place
such it moral leper In olnirgo of it (ion
gregtttlou P
this nouuuH btmskt a had is,
it In assorted Unit whd n thn Injuno
lion wit ft or"od, somoiimn ago, on thu
uiiiifimtur who wo grading Dnuglit
street, most of tint mini worn resident
of Omaha, hut Unit rtflor thn Injunction
was served and tho tnuti wero laid oh"
nml tlmlr place filled hy camper. Lit
boring men who aro burnt fldo
of Omaha should bn given tho prefer
onco on public work, They pity liixnd
to ktrnp tin city out of debt nml do.
serve nil tho assistance thn oily can
gfvo. Every contract should contain a
stipulation compelling contractor on
nil public works to glvo preference to
. boutt Ih I ii citizens,
A fiiw wookf ago wo staled tlntt tho
Jesuit wore tho men who hint chargo
of most If riot nil tho Roman tidijoa
tlomtl Jnntllutlouit of thn tiountry, Tlntt
thoy rntvfl (loiiiploto oontrol of tho col
lego In thin ully bt fully jirovtur by tho
following Jlttlo Horn which ftpjumroil
1ihI week In tho dull Ion i
Tho fluidity of Crolgbtoii fiollngo for hiu boon Niilitoliiil rut followm
lUfV, (Jtttiioit Ilotill'cr, H. J., jrtiNhltiritj
lUw, Wllllum Klmoilbi, H, J,, ylco pro
Mrit Hov. John Mitlhcry, H, J,f troim.
urorf Kov l'olr Jloyoo, H, J,, (ih(iliilii
Itov, Jortdplr Hlggo, H, J., notirtitriry.
Jiimhhin tho rthovti, tho follnwfriff K""
tlomori will boon thonliilfof jirofimNorn!
Hev, Jitmoit Coobloy, H. ,h Itov, V,
Moolhir, H, J, Itov, M, Urorittgoiidl, H,
J. 1'rof, V, X, Mnr,H, J.i i'rof, A,
Kiihlmitri, H. iJ.i I'rof, M. J. Koitting,
H, J, I'rof, Kilwitnl I'urity, A. H.
Now, whitt (loeit H, J, xtitml for In
tho Honutii ohiirch? 4 For Hoi loty of
Jonii. Whitt In thin niiiflolyf1 Wohlr
niiyi "Thfl ortlor iiomkInU of ncholur
who tnkfl vowk inily of povorly, clout
tlly rtinl oboillnnco, and citn loitvo tho
unduly or bo dUuiInnm! from It, mid
profoKNPil im'Ionii, who rtboi rmtko tho
naiiin llirnu vown, but mimol bo dU-
mlmti'il from thtmocMy, imr dlindmrgiul
from thttlr oblljjiiiiuitii, Tho Ultir cUiw
U ngitlit ilividi'it into spiritual eoiulju
torn, who havo tho earn of hoiiU, nml
Jonu!Uof tho Four Vow, who add
tho throo obllgitllomt nlroady men
llonod it fourth vow of undertaking
any iiiImIoim to which they may bo
nltiiKKKit by tho proimr ituthorlty, and
from among whom mUlonaiiMi aro
mdnctod," Then, to thin, add tho fol
IowIiik ni I ex uiidor which tho momhnra
of that Hoololy work, that aro iiublUlutd
on pago Hll.'lll of tho "Amorlnanl.(id
KncyolopoMliit lirllaniiloii, UovUml and
Anicndod"i "I ought to dcnlro to bo
ruled by a mipcrlor who ondoitvorii to
imbjugato my Jiidgniont or nubdiio my
iindorntandlng;" "When it hooiiih to
mo that I inn comnuindud by my hii
porlor to do a thing agulriMt which my
coiihcIciico rovolu hh Mlnful, and my
mipcrlor Judgon olhorwlito, Ills my duly
to yield my dmililH to hltn. uiiIkmh I am
otherwlMO conHtraliied by evident num
ohm;" 'if niiIiiiiIhnIoii do not nppoiiHo
my oomtcliiiico, I tiniHt Impart my
dotiblit to two or threo pei'Momt of diM-
crutlon, and ttbldo by their decUlon;"
"I ought not to bo my own, but Hln who
created mo, and hlit, too, by whom!
inoaiiH (bid govern run, yielding myitolf
to bo molded In hi hiiinU like no much
wav. 1 ought to bo Dko aoorpMO
which him neither will nor uiiloritlii:sl
Ing, or llko it Himi.ll crucifix, which Ik
turned about at tho will of lilm that
lioldx II, or llko a tair In tho hiindt of
an old man, who mum It as may bout ait'
ulnt or plotiNO hlin." On tho next pago
of tho nauio book thn genoral of tho
noclety hax boon dubbed. by tho nlirowd
populitco of Jlonio -tho "Ulack pope,"
and tho poim lit characterized tho
"Whlk J'opn," Add to thU tho toNtl
tnony of V, Mondo.u Knoolmr, ft Jomilt
orator and writer, vi herein ho dialed
tho Jomiiti aro "tho proceptorit of 1m
nioraltty and prevarication," (accord
Ing to Key, 0, K, Murray.) And, to
dhow what they will ronort to to rid tho
world of men who peak and wrlto
agairmt them look ntthfit quotation from
Htrpl, who, pulling tho dagger
from tho wound, and holding it aloft,
red with hln Ilfo blood, cried "Ho
hold tho pen of thn papacy," 'J'ako
in connection with rdl thin tho order
homed by tho Father of our Country,
on tho Jevo of a groat baltlo, "I'ut
norm but Ainerlcaiid on guard tonight,"
and yon will know why tho doclely
had cli urge of tho Roman children, and
why Ainerlcaiid regard tho order with
rt marked degree of diiHpicion and din-triidt,
Tho Roman Catholio kingdom ol
Kelgfum Id punning through it devoro
rtillglo'polilhml dlnturbanco, Ad In
Mexico and other oountrlod which aro
callml Roiiian ('at hollo, tho wIho dinted
men throw about tho dehool and other
mbllo liidtltutlorii tho dtrongoNt info-
guardd. They havo lenriied tho loddon
that tho United Htatod had yet to Inarn,
vi., that Jodiiltldiii, or RomarilMin In
every form, Id n curdo to all liberty ami
enlightenment. Ilodton (Jltlzon.
Tourldid, travel via U, & M,
Along about tho (Irwl nf tho mouth
Taggurt, tho UoniPii miderlrtker, rt
eelved an order from "headipmrterM"
to go to Eighteenth and Castellnr and
tako chnrgo of ft child that had died of
dlptherbt. lie put it baby colli u In hid
wagon and went down. When ho
came to place tho child In th.) colli u ho
found It wad not long enough to admit
tho body, no ho allowed tho head .Hid
feet to hang out over tho endd, accord
ing to tho Htatemont of neighbor who
claim to havo mum him carry tho little
ono to tho wagon. This Taggurt days
Id exaggerated, lit) admits tho colli n
wad too fthort, but that tho child'd toed
only appeared above tho cud, and that
ho did not put tho lid on but covered
tlio corpmi with a cloth, and took it In
that condition to hid oHlahllHhmeut
whero ho made a pluo tiox Into which
tlio body wad placed and In which it
was burled.
Can you think of anything moro
licarllndHp Cnn you concnlvo of any
thing moro carchtdd and moro dmi-
gisroud than driving through crowibd
dtrcelD In it city ot thld dl.n with it
oorpdo which id filled with dlpthcrio
Your after year you complain of tho
poor government) tlio high taxed and
hard timed! What chunon thidP Who
havo control of thld dtyP Komnrildld!
Who aro your olllclaldP Romiitildld In
tho tniiliil Why mh your taxed hlghP
Itenaudo tlicro urn thouHitmlit of dollar
worth of properly being held by tho
Roman church for djuiculativo purpodod,
wlilch dood not bear one cent of the
burden of taxation, Will you go on
electing Ronutiildld to olllceP Will
you continue to pay tho taxed which
tho Roman corporation rthould piyP
Will you continue to growl and griitu
bio at tho way tiling aro run? Many
of you will I Many of you do not have
tho dlaiuliift to bo Aiuorlcaiid. Many
f you will not. Many of you auk
Ainerlcaiid and wifX purify politic fu
thld city. No mat ter If It takod ten yeard,
a change will be wrought, and no
lower under heaven can prevent It
when wo havo Mitch poditlvo evidence
of Roman cruelty nml hcarlinddiiodd rid
wad exhibited by thld man Taggart,
oven according to hid own ridiiilddlon,
Cur lloriian contemporary moiinid
booaiido tho Roman rvnd I'rotedtatild
lo not agreeaccording n ltd dtory
In I ho jJrotherhood of Locomotive Jin
glunerd, and argue that tho gentlemen
who belong to tho American I'rotoctlvo
iiddoelatlon aro reporidlblo for I ho 111
feeling, which It declare cxldt. Tho
ftddociatloii that Id a thorn In tho dido
of every dldioyal pergon, to every hid
den traitor In thld country, hit been In
tixldteiien In tho oily of Omaha for more
than it year. In all that tlmo mi one
can point to a dingle cioni where It ha
riterfered In tho bitdlnedd all'iur of any
mnn, anil If there I any dldaflVictloii In
tho JJrotherhood of Locomotive F.ngl
rieerd it Id not duo to tho American ltd
dociallon, but to tho Roman who urn
nteiidlng to do ono of two thlngd,
Either they aro preparing to wreck tho
ulroiigent lulmr union in tho country,
under tho very thin and tranprtrent
plea that they are m, treated fairly by
the rrotcntftnt, and lly In a mdld body
to tho union ooncmctt 1 by Manning
and approved by l'ocnl, or they Intend
lo watch fur an opportunity to Htrikn,
and under the leadership Mid by tho
direct Ion of prlcKt, hold out long
enough to allow the placed of tho dlrlk
Ing l'rotedianl. to lie titled, and then, If
they havo tho ttiilhorlly, they will de
clare tho Htrlko nit and run back to tlmlr
Jobs, which tlio prlewtd will havo tlio
company nmorvo In coiiHiderallon of
their dervlced In lllllug the placed of tho
dlrlkerd. Thai Id tho little game they
want lo work. No Human denial or
explanation can dldprovo tlio charge,
but old Father Time In tlio oourao of
human nveni,d will diiMtaln tlio imMor
lion and prove tho trullifulnodof what
wo havo said,
Were tlio publlnlierd of tho Roman
dheet hoiindtly In favor of labor union
they would employ nothing but union
help and pay It union wage.
Tho third of tho rtorlo of lecture
which Rev. Hrown Id delivering at
llancoin 1'ark M, K. church wild Unt
uned to by a largo and tmlhualiiHtlo
aiidleiico IiimI Sunday evening. It wad
without doubt tho bent lecture ever'
delivered In Omahii upon thn (piimlioii
of Romaiildtii, Wo havo been rtopiodU
od deveral limn lo publldh the lecliiro
In full, and will do m providing Rev.
Hrown ha tlmo to put tho diimo on
paper, III next ledum will bo dn
votod to tho h lln ry of the Jediiild from
thn day of loyolit down to the predcnt
time. If you want to know what kind
of teacher aro In obiirgo of the Catho
llo youth of the country go out to Jlan
coiu Hark M. K. tdnirch and Union to
what Mr, Jlrown ha to day about them,
Wo uridordtaiid Rev. Warn of tho
Newman M, E, olwroh will begin, In
tho near future, a derle of lecture up
on the attitude of tho Roman hierarchy
upon tho public Nchool tpiodtion. Tho
ditto of hi fli'dt lecture will Hpoar In
thcdo column a oon it delermliiml
IwtNl week while wo were up on
Maunder direct our friend, II, h, Hur-
kot Invited u In to look hi undertak
ing (idtablldhmeiit over, llo hn ono of
tho Ilruidt place In tho city, Hid room
are arranged in it handy manner,
which will oii.tblo him to take charge
of bodle and keep them for an Indell
nllo period. Under hi place of bul
nod I a largo bitdomctit room, well
lighted and veiilillated, which will an-
dwor ndiiilrably for a morgue, While
1 1 riot a ploudaul thing to think you
may omo tlmo need thn aldtaiice of
an undertaker, It I no In a duty you
owe yoirrdiut and your friend to keep
II, it, Kurkel In mind,
liy It bit of careleddiiodd wo allowed
hi advortldciiinul to read II, K, inatoad
of II, it, Jlurket IiikI week, bill wo havo
remedied that thl week.
Hubcr!lio for Tiik Ammu ah.