The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, August 06, 1891, Page 8, Image 8

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The eonrnn of )' niri which Kev
0. M. I leu mii hnn been dellvuHng nl
Jlnmmoitt Pink M. K. church each
Hnndny morning will bn continued, but
they will occur hereafter In tint evening
nl7s.'M. Whlin Hi" hint lecture wiw
much nhot ler llinii tho-m previously dc
Jlvered, It w ii, tit lint mime time, the
tnont replete Willi liunl, nlubboru fuel
Thcru In i boinbnnt itttotit thenn Icet
uren, mi wllil, nennntlomd chnrgen, but
plain Htalemeiitn anil liieontroverlnbln
truth proved nml nunliliicd by Hid lit
tlirilllHtt Of till! Illfldltlg llghln of tint
Itommi church. To thone who have
ntudlcd tli hlntory, uviiii In n thorough
manner, thcrn were many new nml on
tlrely original point brought oul, while
t(i ii largo majority of the vant nudlmicn
In attendance It wan matter of nurprlne
that llio church claimed her children no
hern body nml noulo ournn nml
iliiiiin or blnnn nml nnvo an nlm believed
would bent nubnervn her liilercntn; hern
to unit nml volt) nn hIih neon will, In tlm
mill, nmiilt In securing to her
Hut grcntettl licence mid tuont nectirlly
In her effort to perpetuate In our free
ooiinlry her dark-lnnler Imtlltutlonn of
tlm ulitteehlh century) nml hern to rob
of every dollar they earn for mannen
nml llio other (ixpennlvi) luxurlen of thn
holy mother church, Ami, while limy
were nurprlncd, they went, nl tint name
1 1 mo highly pleancd.
(Julio it number of Komanlnln went
prencnt, find whl In limy probably ilhl
riot concur In nil that wnn mild, I liny
will probably rend morn nml think
liioro for thcmntlven In Hm future, nml
In tlimi mm Ihnt thU wnr on tlm Koman
Goods Exactly as Represented -Nothing Shoddy,
In Mens Wear we Carry W, L Douolas, Reynolds, Bales, Etc.,
And the Slinns of Oilier FlrsKlass Fnctnrles, Which Wo ProDOso to Closn out at Cost, Therefore If You Want
Good Footwear at tho Same Price You Will Pau Others for Inferior Coods, Give Us a Call,
liollllcnl mnchlun In nn much for tlnlr
betielll nn It In for llm IVolnninntn,
Thn nubjuel which will ln dlneunnci
licit Niimliiv I'Vi'iilnif nt tiMO will be
thn "I'ollllenl Clnlmn of thn I'o. It
will well pay you to pi nml henr thin
Imiiorlitnt uueMloii dWeunned. Ncntn
f i en, Church nun Muck cut of I hum
com park,
Irish Roman Loyalty,
All Irmh Hoimui dloecnau journal,
pnbllnheil In Hi, liiiuU, culled tlm (lull,
Inn thin to miy:
Tlm biom nt'ipldily of thn prtliidltm
n ir nl n nt Iihh ('HlholicN U Miiklnily II
I u n ruled by tlm new knowiiollilnif
iiiovcimuit In thin country. Hurcly no
Niiim man will chiiriro JrUh ('nthollcit
with ImiI n cr iIInIoviiI to llm Anmriciin
rciiiuiim. j'-vcry nciiooiDoy in innniinr
with thn hlMtory or tlm ilnvotlon of Jrlxh
cinly;nuilii to tlm citumt of Anicnciin
Tlmru nro inmiy thnmiiiniU of mttio
men in tlm imiicn maum wto nro
rcmly to (Tlmrn mid provo that liith
HommiUlM nr dUloynl nml liiw-ilnfy-
ng. An to mihoolhoyit lining fnmlllnr
wllh llm hlxUry of tlm dnvollon of tlm
IiIhIi to tlm ciuimi! of Anmrlcitn llhiirly,
tlm Cult imiHt Ii n v it rofcrcuco to tlm
hoyi Unit urn rohlxid of our puhlki
Nchool tt! vuiitftdM nml dniooucd Into
KouiImIi pitrocliliil nohooU hy n guiig of
dlnloynl, lllinrlyliittliif prlimtn,
Wo know Hint n pcrnlntcnt ofl'orl In
mlii( imi'lii to ililvo Into tlm riilndn of,
MtlliHpn, n tnlllloii children In tlm
pnent or pnroidiliil nchooln Hint nil
Anmrlcnnn tiro Irnltorn to thin tuition,
mid only Irlnh Itoirimilntn nro loynl;
t f i nt thn Irlnh KhiiiiiiiikU hnvo iichlovml
nil our vlctorhm for im, whlla Aumr.
Icntm, In liultlc, lit nil thn wnr, worn
cownt-itft, We Inkn nrHl plcnmirn In
liifotiiiliiff thn Cell Hint Whcin trim
liUtory In tituglil tlii'tn nut no nchool
lioyn fnmlllnr wllh n hMory thnl flvc
to IiUh HouintiUtn nny credit wlmluvi-r
for dimitf nnylliiM In thn rcvolutlonnry
wnr, or thn wnr of 112, In IN Men
li'iin wnr thn Irish HomniiUln, nn
body, covered themnelven with lileiiiit
Infiimy by llmlr perjury nml dcnerllon
to thn Moklmuin, wlmrn ihey fonuei
llm "Itlley Hiillnlioii," which wiu met
nt Chiiruhimco, defenled, tunny of them
killed mid thn rent tnknn prlnoncrn,
tried hy court inurtlnl, thirty-one worn
hiinir, who denerted nfier wnr wnn iln-
cliired, u hi lo thonn who denerted bn
font wnr wnn declnred were brnuiled
on the eh. ick wllh tlm biter "1M mid
vhlpped nevcrely on lh burn bnck In
thn prcMcimo of thn whole tinny riot on
duty or In tlm hoNpltitl. fioyiil Amur
Hohert Hoyle, evldnntly nnxlounto
bribe hln wny Into heiiven, be'iuenthiid
t!lo,000 to tlm Cnthollo church of Nt.
iOiiln; but one of hln helm, Hiininel
Hoyle, having morn regard or hln own
imrthty hniplnennthmi fortlm Imnveiily
inppliienn of Hohert Hoyle, linn cnuned
nleitinliig hot boll In thin city by
it'll i null to 1renk thn will, Hut Arch.
Iilnlm) Kenrick, trim to thn dogmn of
robbing thn helm to ctiiich tlm (diurch,
thn niiiHt dmnmibln we lenrncd thin
ntyln of nwenrlng from thn pope on
thn fimn of thn curlli, will renlntHiiiiiiiel
!oyln to tlm litruont cuteut, No doubt
flintier wilt bn nt n niiiei'lnml,ed boil
ing hot point when Hut mm comcn to
Thon Mho contend for the right of
thn fttitle to direct thn ediient on of thn
yniilh of tlm liutd, should umlerntnml
jilnl whnl (hln proponltlott Impllen,
Thn Mule, with tin, In n cototlllutlottitl
majority of thn people, If thu tmtjorlly
of thn peopln, bee tioii-t'nthollc, limy
loduy decree Ihnt It In enxentliil for llm
good of tlm Mate Hint thn youth bn
ediumted In thn public nchooU, which
nhnll bn tion-necinrlmi, tlm tnnjorlty
tomorrow, If Cnlholle, tuny decrmi Hint
n rellgloun cdiicnllon In enncnlliil to thn
good of thn Main mid (hut thn Homln'i
religion nh nil bn taught In tlm public
nehooln. Tlm moral In that wn Hhould
look to it Hint llm UoiiiuiiInU do not
become tlm tnnjorlty or governing
force, I'ntrlotln American.
hut oilier place learn a Ionhoii from
Hockford, 111. Thu pollllclann mid
I'lngMtern of Kockford laughed nt nn
Anmrlonn oriler thern beoaiiMo they had
thn audacity to run caudidaten In thn
municipal election, but when thn Anmr-
cam elected their candidate tlm other
'cIIown miiI down on tlm eurbitoim to
recover from llm nhock, mid whllo tlmy
timdltated tlm conviction Mowly worked
Un f through their thick ukulln that
they went In America and that America
for American, Then tliey tumbled
over oacii other in their nmleavor to
dlmb Into the Aiiierlcau baud wagon.
t In to bn ho pud they will bn punhed
off In thn mud, profennlonnl olllce
neekern and wlru-pnllern me not thn
kind of men nn American order wanin.
Thn Hadlcnl,
Have your friend ndd
hln riamu to
our nubncriptlon lint.