The American. (Omaha, Nebraska) 1891-1899, August 06, 1891, Page 5, Image 5

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A correspondent of tlin Chicago
Inter Ocean, In Answer to tho question
whether thd Patriotic Order of the Sons
of America U a bigoted or nn un-Amer-limn
organization ayss
1, Ills nl;l to bo an order of bigotry
and un-American, because It excludes
from It membership till persons not
born in tho United States. '2. It Is
mill tlmlt (not by lt laws) practically
loos not admit members of tho Oath
olio dm roll.
i Now, while this last proposition In
'rtot truo, because prominent Catholics
have boon active In tho order, and an a
'matter of fact became vory wittily
members and broko up one camp In
this town, that U Camp No. II, when
tho president of that camp wan a Ro
man Catholic, and It was his bigotry
that oattsed tho trouble, but oven If
these propositions wero both truo, what
Han It coma to bo tho condition of
affairs that every nationality In tho
land can have Its Aoeiotios, and every
sect or trado can have Its orders, ex
cept tho native AmorloanP but that he
must stand aside and how ht head mid
xay, I urn an American, but I daro not
nay no In pubiio (P). I have been told
by tho people, "We are Americans, al
though born In a foreign land, and
when you exclude us you arrogato to
yourselves qualllloatlnns which you do
not possess, and you east reflection
upon tin who wore not born hero, honoo
you have no right to organi.Q such a
Now, I assume that we have a right
to oxolttdo person who are foreign
born, and that It 1 not arrogance on
our part, nor I it a reflection on them.
Do they not do tho saiuoP And are wo
offended thereby P
I have a right to organl,0 a society
and exclude red-haired people or peo
ple with black hair or black skin or
flat noses, and who has the right to
obJoctP Let us sooi
The (irand Army excludes all men
who did not servo between certain
dates during tho late war, How many
gallant soldiers have served the coun
try In tho Indian wars sluoo lHftif, and
yet they can not coino InP Who says
this l bigotry?
Tho Loyal Legion and tho Army of
tho Tennesson exclude private soldiers.
No one can Join except tho who
were commissioned officers during the
Tho gallant governor of Illinois was
a soldier tried and true, Was ho not
a part of that "legion" of loyal men
who dW mjblo work In the do's, and
yet ho Is excluded from tho Loyal
Legion. Has any ono called this
blgotryP I cannot Join tho Hons of HI,,
(loorgo, Although J havo been Invited
to lecture at an open meeting of that
order, and was assured that my views
were In perfect accord with theirs, I
was not born In Kngland,
Thfl Kngllsh can havo tho Hons of
tfl. (leorge; the Irish can have tho An.
went Order of Hibernians and tho
Knights of Ht, I'atrlck) the Hoots can
havo their Hcottlsh clans; the (ierniaus
may havo their turner societies and
their various verelnsj tho Jews havo
their special benevolent societies; and
nobody thlnki of their being exclusive,
And nobody falls It bigotry; but If the
mitivo American should organUc, thou
It Is railed bigotry,
Hut, say one, when you call your
selves patriotic, then you Insinuate
that nolnidy else Is patriotic. Again I
say this l not true, Certain commis
sioned ofllcers of tho Into war say,
li We aro the Loyal Legion." Do they
say that no ono tdso hi loyal? Certainly
Hnnco wo say wo havo a perfect
right to organljso tho Patriotic Order
Sons of America, to assume tho name
and to conflno our membership to na
tive Americans, and ho who objects to
such an action Is a selllsh, arrogant
bigot of tho most pronounced typo, ,
Hiioondly, It Is charged that tho or
der practically excludes Catholics.
Now, even If this wero truo, It Is not
bigotry; It ii our right, "Homo men
can not endure a gaping pig or an In
nocent cat; It Is their whim." What
do tho Cut holies do In this mallorP Ho
they itit havo tho Knights of Ht,
Patrick P Havo we objected P Nay,
more; they havo even Imported their
holiday Into America, and ask that our
schools bo closed to witness their public
Havo they not tho Order of Ht, Petrle
(French) and tho Ancient Order of
Hibernians, and wo havo never even a
desire to JolnP Again, wo havo a be
nevolent order In this city known as
the Independent Order of Foresters.
Catholics and Protestants wero Ad
mitted alike, but H did not suit our
Cathollo brethren, so they organized
tho Catholic Order of Foresters and wo
oro excluded. Families whom I have
attended for years and men who Joined
tho F trestors at my solicitation wero
taken out Joined tho Catholic Order of
Foresters and requested to have a Oath
olio physician. And wo did not ob
ject, wo had no right to object.
This Is a privilege accorded to every
man to Join any society he wishes, If It
does not teach disloyalty to tho nation
or disobedience to tho law, Wo do ob
ject to tho Mafia anil Clan-tia-Oaol, not
because of their nationality, but be
causo the records show that they teach
violation of law, Hence I say, so
condly, wo havo a right to exclude
Catholics if we so desired, and ho who
objects Is a bigot of tho mnst pro
nounced type.
Now, ns to tho next charge, that tho
Patriotic Order Is hors do combat to
the Cathollo church, w say that Is not
true; but when tho church or any of Its
authorities makes war upon our Insti
tutions, then wo aro ready to defend
those Institutions, and when tho Catho
llo clergy attack our public schools,
then we must declare ourselves In
readiness to defend tho schools ngilust
that attack,
Now, when Mr, Michael Corcoran
calls this order to account for Its posi
tion on this question wo say to hlni; If
you are lighting tho system of public
school education in Its frro, unsoetar
Ian form, then you may plaoo us on
the other side as your enemy, and wo
charge that this Is tho position of
certain portions of tho Cathollo clergy,
If Mr, Corcoran Is not opposed to un
sectarian schools, then ho has no part
In this controversy, for that Is tho
whole question,
Tho Hons of America charge that
persons high In authority In tho Catho
llo church nio at war nlth the vital
elements of our free unset tarlan schools,
and If Mr. C. or his friends are among
these then "him havo we offended;"
but If ho Is not, If ho sltnds by the
Kthool ns Put Urant does, and as cor
members of the Catholic Library Asso
ciation have, ami as every true Ameri
can should, then "hliu have wo not
Hut the very fact that these people
are so oxlremly sensitive about, the ex
istence of this patrlolla order U evi
dence to all plain, unbiased people
that thoro Is something wrong about
them or they would not bo so easily
In twenty years experience as a sur
geon I have always found that It Is
tho diseased tlssuo that is tho more
sonsltlvo to touch. Now as to speclllo
points. Witness tho war made on our
public schools Iff Wisconsin last full
by tho Cathollo and Lutheran churches,
and when a priest has openly said that
tho order will some day como to all
Catholics to shoot tho collector who
comes to gather taxes for the support
of the public school, Insieiul of that
priest being lobuked by tho authorities
of the church ho Is made a bishop.
This, wo claim, Is treason, and such
Catholics wo hope "wo" havoofl'eiided.
Again Waliop Cleary of Hamilton,
Ontario (where tho school fund Is di
vided and tho free unsoctarlan public
school is destroyed), said In a publio
address last September to tho school
children: "If It shall como to tho test
betwueu yielding tip our ptont claim
for division of the school fund or divid
ing tho Dominion, I shall tstand for
division of tho Dominion." If this is
tho spirit of tho Cathollo church then
It Is our duty to opposo It. If not then
there Is mo fight between us, Hut later
Jllshop Kean said only a few days ago
In his Central Music Hall address, "Tho
home, tho church, and the school should
bo free from slate control," Now so
fur as tho school Is concerned wo say
tho doctrine Is iiti-Anierlcan and at
open war with our Institutions and
heneo wo oppose It, Again ho said
In his Detroit Interview, "I am In favor
of division of tho school fund," etc.,
which Is un-American, And to this doe
trlno wo are opposed When such
doctrines nro persUtenly put forward
by the Catholic church ' It not high
time that we should tnk a stand ned
sao the pnblle schools from the de
graded standard which they bow hold
In the Province of Quebec? Does
any other church In the I find make
such elalmsP If so, then tho Hons of
America will oppose that effort Just
the same as they do In tho C.ilhollo
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