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MARCH 8. 1894
truck cinat the throne of fold, must
bear our name whether they choose it
ir not Here is a sample sentence from
a New York city dally: "Populist poll
.ticiansand Populists in business coa
"tinue to threaten the welfare or the
country by clamoring for further issues
of a dollar which is now worth only 47
cents." The Populists have also got
the credit of the income tax portion
t e Wilson bill. The oniywayiura
Dlitical leader to obtain any real honor
from the hands of his fellow country
men today is for him to espouse at least
Borne small portion of the Populist prin
A TheRetiewof Reviews has a very
ffine word to say this month for the
University of Nebraska, and the praise
it gives it is well deserved. It must be
) a. matter of cride to all Nebraskans to
read what this Meat magazine, which
in its circulation girdles the world,
magazine with a circulation as great in
England as in America, can so justly
and disinterestedly publish concerning
our quarter of a century old seat of cul
ture and learning. The ''wild and
woollv west" exists now only in the
imagination. The east still fondly
dreams that its learning Is greater, but
the star of truth which leads to all sal
vation now rests over this part of the
icountry. The new thought of America
is here, in the liberty-loving west, mov
lag and organizing the people, while
the east still sleets.
- Read what Dr. Shaw, writing of the
progress of the world, says:
The University of Nebraska has cele
brated its twenty-fifth anniversary. It
has grown into a Dosltion of maturity
ana strength that has secured for it wide
recognition as one of the leading in
stitutions of America and one f
of the ffreatest universities of the world
The growth of its student body and of
its scientific and advanced work has
been especially notable under the di
rection of the Dresent accomplished and
energetic head, Chancellor James ii
Uanntiic This state University, witti
those of at least five other Western
'States, will henceforth have little reason
to shrink from a comparison wltn the
leading institutions of the older States
east of the AUr gbanles.
Monday last, after a long period of
9t dreadful suffering, Mrs. Jay
Burrows, wife of the editor of the State
'Leader, was released from pain and
trouble. Sue has been called to linger
long In the vale of shadows, and her
husband and children have been com
polled to bear the sympathetic torture
of seeing her suffer. The long 3rawn
out agony must have been the most
terrible afli ction for all. With tbe
mmy friends w':o will here read the
B3ws of the sufferer's translation for
the first time, we join in tlncere ex
presslons of sympathy and condolence
to the living,' who will see their loved
one no more this side the river.
The Republican managers in the city
of Lincoln are passiag the word around
that the women must be gotten off of
the Board of Education. Perhaps, and
then again, perhaps not. The Board
of Education has had few if any better
members than the two ladies whoso
arms expire this spring. We shall see
whether or not the women voters of the
city will allow them to be ignored.
All the manufacturers of steel cast
ings in the country with one exception
nave oeen orougnt togotner to form a
pool and control output and prices.
Frederic R. Humbert of the Norris-
'town, Pa., Steel Works is chairman of
the committee of this gang of scheming
What Our
Populist Exchanges
Of It.
The Alliance-Independent,
I Lincoln, since G. H. Gibson bas man
g aged the rudder, has become a power
fn for education. It Is, in fact, the best
i state weekly thateomes tnnur exefeangn
; ratable. The Harrington Leader.
. Kditor Evans Wants Feb. 23 Articles
Circulated as Learlets.
The editorial articles In The ALU
Y ance-Indwkndent of February 22
1 showing the cause of the present labor
troubles and low prlcei of product and
iinuunjf nut mo euyior tue same,
are among the b . productions that we
have yet seen trtatlsg upon these all
Important fubjscts. Ttit.e articles
ought to be published In leaflet form
aid put into tbe hands of every voter
to th state of Nvtraka. In our opinion
- ..... . ... I. . t. -
tuo committee eouiu not da a
better thin for our grand cause than
hu anaoge for thoir publication and dlf
( y trlbutlon. We wish to stop right here
to ay The Ai iiinck Inikienik)it U
ftl ta log rank with the grandl of
the many grant rvform papur pub
lUh.J la tho United Htatc. Every
friend of truth, Ju.lloe mod gixal tuortlt
la Nobrak should rd U !.oujC
WbayurtUMk fo'a tft tbolr fd
' them (Jrounl Oil fak tu tor up
th ijiva. Huudroaa Uavcd Oil
Work, (Muha,
TT u mi iirurr ym nm i.iiiim
In U Atl-. Calif ral, I.mou r
Hrt ticket via VlMiiart l't- lU)
huj. t'i i U krt Bities l.xil u rt.
UsiHi'it, .Nob
lUUlfotito! t.UOOBrU cUm fare
USa IraaolaoM'al.ivU Mtetourl It
rtn im. t all a ally ttabst afvat,
Oitue IM t hi , UawJa, Hh,
Mr. Wolfe. Discusses the Fusion
Linooijj, Neb., Feb. 27. To the
Editor of the World-Herald. In what
I shall say I wish it to be understood
that 1 express simply my individual
opinion, without desiring or attempting
to influence, much less to commit, my
party to any course of action in the
matter. The time, It seems to me, hai
arrived when all thinking men of ail
parties (and all men ought to be think
Ing men) owe It to themselves and . to
the great mass of their fellow men
without regard to party affiliation, to
form an intelligent opinion, and then to
follow it wherever it might lead.
have been in politics a little, but not
long enough, I hope, to regard success
from the low standpoint of simply being
elected to office all. or even the main
thing to be desired. And the longer
live the more I become convinced that
what many men call success is only an
other name for a successful failure. If
it never was before, the sentiment that
"I would rather be right than to be
president" is as true with me now as it
Is trite. Success, to me, has a broaden
a higher and a grander meaning than
simply to baat somebody. I can see no
difference in being elected to office, or
helping to elect others to office, by the
purchasing power of money, and doing
the same thing in any other reprehen
sible manner.
With much that your 'William V,
Allen Man" says I fully agree. Wfcen
he says that "the uulon of the Popu
lists and Democrats in the last legisla
ture was a success," I most heartily
agree with turn. Ana wnen ne says
further that there is no reasoa why
another such a union should not be
formed between the parties for the
campaign of 1894, I also agree with
him, or at least I have no reasons of my
own to urge against it. I will go still
farther and say that, while I do not pre
tend to speak for the Populist party, I
do think that I know what I am talking
about when I say that every Popu'ist in
Nebraska will agree to both these prop
ositlons. I will still go one step farther
and say that William V. Allen himself
will also agree with bis admiring friend
thus far. Let us look at the two state
ments with which I agree. First, was
that union a "success?" Where is the
Populist in Nebratki", or in the United
States, that says that W. V. Allen is
not a success, or that his election was a
failure? In the second place, what size
boots does the Populist wear, and how
much gray matter does his head con
tain, that could offer any reason why
"another such union" should not be
formed between these parties for the
campaign of 1804. Notice the language,
"another such union." What kind of
a union was that, and what would "an
other such union" mean? Your "Wil
liam V. Allen Man" well knows, if he is
at all posted fn the history of Mr.
Allen's election, that the Populist mem
bers of the legislature nominated Mr.
Allen in caucus, and that the "union"
consisted simply in the Dsmocrats vot
lug for the caucus nominee. And I
would, by no means, be understood as
detracting one lota from the merit of
tbeir act; A large majority of the
Democratic members of the last legisla
ture were true men, and went forward
in the conscientious discharge of their
duties, and on many, and even on most,
measures, voted with the Populists for
much needed reforms, and are deserv
ing, and will receive tbe lasting grat!
tude of a grateful people. But, while
history, in respect to this matter, may
never repeat itself, I am simply re
peating history. In view of these facts,
Mr. Editor, what would "another such
a union" m that mofn? It would, if it
meant anything, mean that the Popu
list party should hold its caucuses, or
nominating conventions, and select its
b?st men as its candidates for the vari
ous offices, and that the Democrats, who
are no more disgusted with Republican
rule than we are, should, and would, do
as they did in the legislature, vote for
and help us to elect our nominees. So,
repeat that I am heartily In favor
just such another "success," and
such another union, n and 1 am
po'sonally in favor of no other. And
In saying this, and la saying It in thli
emphatic manner, I do not wish to be
understood aa saying it In a harsh
plrit, or In any offensive sense. I say
It becauoe it Is not only my honest opin
ion but because i beiiera it to tx ror
u'y to say It, I ray It. not merely or
mainly from a party standpoint, but
from the far hlgnerronUleratlon of my
uty at an American oltluen. The Pop-
ul!t pirly la willing W receive and
would heartily welcome all Democrats,
na Kpui:iett, ion, ween they ar
ready ti j!a with u, and to help ut to
ndu the wrongs and Uaaoo th burden
of a long suffering and oppretaed jxo-
pie We hav pitched our tnt la the
open rieid, ana can a (Turd khelter and
a'ety for a'l who are without a hm,
or who political roof or ships a'
leaking We stand la the doer, and,
with uplift 4 v.'loe and wthitttruh-
rd arm aie reJy U recrlv a'l. Hut
not, even at ta Itvltatloo ut a "WU-
ILm V. Al'.ea Mao," or wjh, ara we
willing to tp out iw tk rata; t !,
till tfc fktltaf thowtr I over, Wei
may tut iui wed ia keeping ntirvly
drr and our hw may not b en
itrucUd, tbruugbuut, of the very bt
mtr'ai; but It It I tetter thua alaky
shlaora" J temple w,h U.Urln
pilars. No, Mr. rjltor, I dual any j
thing practicable, or even possible, in
tbe fully developed plans tf your Allen
man. Experience has but confirmed
me of its folly. It is easy enough to
promise the raw material, but it is very
difficult to deliver the manufactured
goods. The very party that your cor
respondent seems so anxious to defeat
succeeded only last fall, in our state, by
Democratic votes. While I am free to
admit that there are many Democrats
in Nebraska, both able and honest, and
who are making heroic efforts to bring
their party back to its old moorings is
a party of the common people, yet the
only visible effect of those efforts seems
to me to be to lessen their own in flu
ence in the party Itself. I would not
try to conceal my admiration for the
brilliant congressman from my own dis
trict, nor am I unconscious of his large
following, and I honor bis heroic cour
age, but I fall to recognize him, and his
followers, as the Democratic party, even
here in Nebraska. The action of the
l&bt Democratic state convention is yet
too fresh in my mind for me to harbor
the idea that he, or his friends could
even if they desired, control Democratic
action in this matter. The Democratic
party is entrenched in Washington, and
those who control its actions and are
shaping its future policy and destiny,
and doling out its patronage, are not of
the kind that composed a majority of
the Democratic members of the last
legislature and helped to elect William
V. Allen United States senator. Can
your "William V. Allen Man; give the
name of a single Democrat of the last
eglslature who voted for William V.
Alien from his first start in the race,
that has received any recognition from
Ih9 present administration? And is It
not true that several of those who gave
an unwilling support in tbe eleventh
hour, have been handsomely cared for?
And is it not also true that even, tbe
brilliant Bryan, magnetic as be is, and
who lent his moral support to Mr.
Allen's candidacy, has been unable,
even when most heavily charged, to
lift an ordinary sized man, and a per
sonal friend and brother Democrat,
from a small print shop, where he has
labored for his party and its success for
years, and deposit him only a block
away in a big postofflce at a good fal
ary, even when backed up by an almost
unanimous public sentiment? I only
refer to these matters to show how im
praoucaoie ana even absurd such a
move would be.
But let me say here, that I admire
the World Herald for its liberty ir,
not only allowing, but in inyitlng opin
ions and discussions upon all Important
questions, and, if not trespassing upon
its valuable space too much, I would
like to make one or two inquiries, perti
sent, I think to the subject under con
sideration. In the first place, suppose
my opinion should be reversed by my
party, and it should desire to accept the
union" proposed, to whom shall we go,
or apply, in order to arrange the de
tails? In other words, who is the Dem
ocratic party in Nebraska, and who are
its prophets or exponents? Is it Bryan,
and Calhoun, and Helper, and Casper?
Or is it Morton, and North, and Castor,
and Wat kins, and the state central com
raittet ? Or are there two Democratic
parties to consult, and, if so which of
the two does your correspondent refer
to? Or is it to be an attempt at a triple
alliance? It seems to me that all ques
tions that might arise, in trying to
carry out the proposed plan, should be
considered, and if possible, settled, in
advance. Political parties, like churches
and all other organizations, used to
have some test, or tests, of membership,
but I know of no shibboleth by which I
can toll a modern Democrat from a
modern Republican. About the only
place I know of where a distinction is
at all visible is In either branch of con
gress, where an imaginary lino is still
kept up, and where each is referred to
by tbe other as Democrat or Republican
according to his geographical position
port the floor. Distinctions may exist,
differences have been laid ailde, and
while their voice upon the stump, be
fore election, may sound to the people
like the voice of Jacob, yet when they
get to congress, and bagtn to show
their hand, it is found to be the hand
ef. Ksau. Upor, vital questions, and
what were onoe great political Issues
Voorbee votes with SUerman, and Wol-
oott with Vest. Aad what does all this
moan? It may not be intended so, but,
to my mind, It meant the dawn of a
better day. It vuvmna the loosening of
party tie, and the bursting asunder
the shackles of party slavery. And.
Mr. Kditor, I bail with frrat delight
tkest auspicious omens. A wise Creator
town, In the corporate a he has
own In the human body, Mia trrd of
death, to that neither tnuuld long sur
ly U uMMu!iHit. O'd aiiU (he
res of immortal ambition, are fatt ism
umlrg both th 14 parties, and, from
their a)k, rroi-ala l is, will sprlog a
new, purer and btttr party t Uke
thi tr plaof I da not ay It will ha the
l'puht tarty, but i do ay ttat Vm
'opuIUt party I hea4d In tv right
direction, and that It It the only party
l nl ay that hat a ttl of nu-naU-rthlp, or
that raa five a rawnah!w etcu for
It further iUtcnt
lht' twin my honett teall uenU,
nil wbJU' they arw the vltwt of only
ne ma. I oul J tee A Vto cry aUn
the tin Ut mil ' keep It Mm aiidUUvf
the rttal .' Kail w way, for other
eoMi.iallo art mere llktly t he mu
that, tt mo, tnertot mora utttirtl, aad
tht, tti tuy mind, would piove suorw
tiiHjtual, tt when the tueolr t It aver
aad th NiMi I Ut or won, t akto
lor atvMlf alone, 1 waat tu return trt m
thafialj, "with ro or upon wy hti.'
J, V. Wn i a.
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Correepondence toltclted from all pertoa
Interested In mutual ins trance.
Cashier. H. S. FREEMAN.
J. D. Macfarland. R. E. Moore.
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Price, 4975.
Kimball Pianos and Organs
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Warchal & Smith Piano Co,"":;.
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