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aider human needs and social duties.
The author baa not a little liter jry in
vention and skill In handling truth.
One brief chapter, entitled, 'Read,"
consists of words, words only, words
destitute of Ideas. It is nevertheless
full of meaning.
Tk V.,.V,o V.. a rl much tO leSTO I
4 uo tuut vuo v - I
from this author, the proiession oi
journalism also, and lawmakers and law
executors. Bat it Is a book for all honest
ten to earner oncers
Wa.mBtU reauest Mr. Daniel to
W WW. a.w.rf " A
wnvo lor mo
other book, a book that shall give us
the story not of Individual, Industrially
norganized Christians, but of a truly
' Christian church, community, society;
for we have come to see that there can
i.. .n..l r'tivtettonittr arMptl
.lg not of a new-old sort. Love must
m . .
level property differences to do love.
It must unite men as it did at first.
when Christ's teaching was not covered
- by tradition, when it was sot loatln the
scramble for self and the every day
worship of mammon.
The above described book may be
ordered at us. Price, in paper, flifty
' cents.
Gibbon Neb., Jan. 10, 1894.
Publishers Alliance-Independent
Please send my bill and I will pay you
what I owe you, and you can slop my
paper. ..
1 am an Independent all over. But
when I want a religious paper I will
order one, and know what I am receiv
ing. I am not is love with all the
methods of Christians, but I do not
want to hear them found fault with
continually, until something better is
When vour paper confines itself to
Independent principles and doctrines, I
would like to read it. as I have been ai
Independent Ion? before the Omaha
convention. Yours,
F. G. Dickinson.
Sorrv our Independent friend can't
stand having religion and politics mixed,
at all. But we have never contracted
to please everybody. This subscriber
is the first man, however, to object to
our moral and religious teaching.
(Many, Including several ministers,
have commended It) He mistukenly
supposes we are attacking Christ and
his kingdom when we point out what
Is selfish and nn-Christ-like in the
church, or in church-sanctioned cus
toms. The best friend of Christianity
is he who does this clearly and faith
fully. Perhaps if our friend had read our
words in the spirit in which they were
written, he would have grasped their
spirit and meaning. At any rate he
cannot afford to cut himself off from
communication with other minds, sim
ply because they d not see all truth as
he does. Another thing he needs to
learn, namely, that Populist principles
and doctrines are the principles and
doctrines of Christ, and that Christians
must be brought to accept and support
them religiously. We know ef no way
to separate our religion and politics.
Senator Allen says that the proposed
bond issue is unlawful and that the
bonds, if issued, will be Illegal. He
will, as a consequence, advise all his
Populist friends to refrain from staking
their money upon a loan for which they
may possibly secure only a defective
claim to repayment. Secretary Carlisle
will not be justified in expecting any
bids from the Populist money barons.
Omaha Bee.
Mr. Kosewater's hired man is inclined
to be facetious over the poverty of the
Populists. He speaks with contempt of
those who constitute the party organ
ized to secure the rights of the poor.
He looks sneeringly down from a party
that makes bonds, to a party that
breaks bonds. He imagines all men
are supremely selfish like himself, and
therefore concludes that there are no
rich men or men with money accumu
lated in the Populist party, the poor
man's party. He has yet to learn that
to belong to such a party is the greatest
possible honor.
By the use of figures alone we can
demonstrate with mathematical accu
racy and certainty that any rent in ex
cels of usufruot demands, any net profit
allowed for the use of capital, or any
percentage obtained for money, carries
with it the power to gather into the
hands of the few all land, all capital,
all money an4 all liberty. The higher
the percentage charge the more rapid
will be the wealth concentration. Out
even one per cut. taken from one class
and given to another, gives the lending
claw an advantage which, fully made
ue of, would after a time reduce the
borrowert'to complete Industrial do
pendence and slavery.
I..' .1L..J.UL.U...--, ' J.L.J
Cablylb lays truly, "It is not tu die
orea to die ( hunger tat makes a
nan wretched; many men have died;
all ru wust die. Pat It is Ij live
wuKirable, we know not way; to ward
ore and jet gala aothlog; U be heart
worn, weary, yet Ma to!, unrelated,
girt la with a eull universal lL
hawe.ulvk w cea with flfur
r rate to Via the railroads of N..
mka have (-ill ut.t of iht !Uuhit
caa party. The II M. UluJ la
Ibe Ian feet tmr I w aua ;al pat.
The U P. an4 ether Nshraeaeretlroeyl
Mt have Imu4 atWs.t a many were
AadtasM IttM) aiauat ! carrier
ari!va4 ! pulltitailafltMeoeake
attend the primaries, and at the rerj
least estimate they control In elections
one rote each besides their own. That
gires 24,000 rotes, and the 24.000 rail
road employes rotes gives them from
these classes alone 43,000 votes. The
I Influence of trip passes must be added
tO thlS.
Wk have in our several hundred ex
changes our eye s on the thought move
ment of the world. And we tell you,
brethren it Is a time of great awakening
and unprecedeatedly rapid spread of
the great saving truths. Clear headed
thinkers are breaking loose every
where, and we have passed beyond
where It is possible to drop to sleep
again, or to forget what Is being burned
into so many minds. Multitudes are
b'ing pushed forward and educated by
vents as well as by exchange of thought
and the Populist propaganda. Rally
the forces in your neighborhood,
brothers. Get ready for action. Tor
ward, all.
Mu. Laurence Gronluxd, author
of Ca Ira, The Co-operative Common
wealth and Our Destiny, is in Lincoln
to stay three weeks, and will deliver
his three celebrated lectures: Social
ism Economically a Bleosing;" "How to
Introduce Socialism Peacefully and
G adually;" sad "The Moral Regenera
tion of Our Country." A fuller notice
next week. Mr. Gronluad Is stopping
at 1,200 S street, where he will be glad
to see and converse with any one wto
may wish to talk with him concerning
In Boston a few days ago there was a
great gathering of organized working
men, and they were outspoken In favor
of breaking loose from the old parties
and voting with a party that advocates
tbe nationalization of the railroads,
telegraphs, coal mines, banking busi
ness, etc. And how It did stir up the
old party dallies to assure thtm again
that it is all on account t f the ta-r-r-r-f.
The tariff is getting played out at last,
thank the Lord. It can't fool the people
The right to work Is recognized in
Switzerland, and under the Initiative
the S wiss have obtained the 50,000 slgna
tares necessary to bring the matter to a
direct vote of the people. The law pro
posed requires shorter hours of labor In
order that more hands may be employ
ed, and will provide for the establish
ment of public workshops, and the
management of employment bureaus by
the state. The right to work is then
right to live.
In New Zealand the government has
abolished the contractor in building
railroads and other publio works. The
public officials give out the work in
sections to the working men who orga
nize themselves in co-operative groups,
choose a foreman, and share alike in the
earnings. Then tbe government owns
all the railroads and operates them
at cost, and with a great economic sav-
Mazzini says, "Mankind without any
common bond, any unity of aim, bent
upon happiness, has sought each aid
all to tread their own paths, little heed
ing If they trample upon the bodies of
brothers in name, enemies in fact. This
is the state of things we have "reached
Lending money is the most profitable
business in tbe world. Proof. One cent
loaned when Columbus discovered
America at eight per cent compound
interest, would now amount to $263,
882,790,744. Smith's old arithmetic
says "That one penny loaned for 1810
years at 5 per cent, interest compound
ed, would amount to 357,000,000 globes
as large as our earth, of solid gold."
Nebraska City News.
Andrew Carnegie has come out in
favor of the Wilson bill. This should
settle its fate at once. His reasons are
that it is so much like the McKlnley
bill that it would be better to let the
Democrats pass it, then both parties,
having passed a protective tariff,
neither could hereafter oppose the
principle ef protection. Very true,
Andrew, and, by the way, that removts
any excuse for the further existence of
the Republican party, navlng con
verted the wicked Democrats to protec
tion they might as well die haasy.
Mij we be invlud to the funeral?
twentieth Century.
Mr. A. L. Sullivan of Lincoln, Neb.,
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Perot erons and Knglia Shire that
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We etMt to hr from fcitu t it
Kuiioe his advrUuat U another
IWe that your ttekU rva-t via the
M Uout I Pclne K U fm Ha ftaacUco,
lal, i'ity tiukvlMIMOsKiet.
Where the
Comma Was
Clakks, Neb , Jan. 26, 1S94.
Editor Alliance-Indkpindknt:
In reading your comment, In last
weeks Alliance-Independent, on the
report of our state Conference to the
Nonconformist by J. A. Edgerton, I
was very much surprised to see that
Mr. Edgerton had reported tbe pro
ceedings of the Conference before tbe
conference had proceeded to act I
have been personally acquainted with
Mr. Edgerton for several years, and
have always regarded him as a staunch,
able, and fearless Independent; and I
un glad to noie that you have in this
weku' Alliance-Independent cor
rected the mistake that you us wittingly
made last week. But you seem to have
been misinformed again this week, with
regard to the actions of the committee
which was appointed to outline a plan
of action for the ensuing year. You
speak of a minority if the committee
consisting of Porter, Poynter, Gafflo,
Greene and Ste art working and plead
ing for two hours in the committee
room to drop everything from our plat
form except state issues and free coinage
of silver. Your informant must have
rotten thices badly mixed, as toe five
above named gentlemen constituted the
entire committee, and so could not have
been sat down on by a majority of the
aforesaid committee. I think I speak
the sentiments of at least a majority of
that committee, when 1 say, that there
was no desire on tbe part oi the com
mittee to drop the Omaha platform, or
anv part thereof: nor was any such
proposition made in the committee
room. Our reason for recommending
that tbe next campaign should ps pros
ecuted larcrelv on state issues, was, not
to drop any one of our na'ional Issues,
but to keep constantly before the tax
payers of the state, the corruptness
which exists in many of our state in
stltutlons: as many of our state speak
ers have in the past ignored everything
not of!natlonal importance. It is a lac'.
I believe, that there are in Nebraska
today thousands of men who vote the
Republican ticket that seem unable to
grasp national issues, who, if it were
shewn them that the money they have
paid ia state taxes. Is much of it being
stolen, or squandered, by the party tney
have been voting for, would leave their
"rood old party" and vote with the
Populists. Our idea was to leave noth
in? undone, (which could be dona hon
orably) to get the people to stop voting
ror party ana vote lor their nomes,
their wives and their little ones.
No, Mr. Editor, the committee had no
intention of leaving tbe grand priLCl
plea enunciated ia the Omaha platform
I had the pleasure and the honor to bu
present, as a delegate, when those prin
ciples were adopted, and the man that
today favors dropping them and starting
a one lata party, is an enemy to au true
reform, i ours lor iuture victory,
W. . Porter, of Merrick.
Brother Porter has not correctly read
us in last week's issue. Observe where
the comma was placed. It was not the
minority whioh we named, but the
whole committee. The majority part
of the five which constituted the com
mittee, were for holding firmly by o r
national platform, 'and at the same tin e
wished to emphasize the Importance o
state issues. Please look again and see
particularly how the sentence Is con
structed. We are very glsd that all our
strong, Influential leaders oppose the
one Idea party and also the cutting
down of our party platform to one idea,
whioh would amount to the same thing,
What Representative Stevene Bays
About it
Editor Alliance-Independent:
Dear Sir: Allow me to say that you
were right in the position you have
taken in regard to the People's party
conference at Hastings.
The committee on program was ap
pointed at a meeting of the state cen
tral committee.
When the committee on program re
ported to the conference on the evening
of January 3d, oae of its recommenda
tions provided for a committee on reso
lutions. I made a motion to strike out
all of that part of the repert relating
to committee on resolutions, stating at
the time that we had no authority to
speak for our party, that we were at
most but self-constituted leaders.
The vote to strike out was so unani
mous that there were but few that
would or did expect another attempt at
The committee on plan and organiza
tion went beyond its authority, and
abused the confidence of the power that
made them a committee when they re
ported the resolution published in your
Issue of January 25.
I was ia the hall a few minutes after
the committee had made Its report and
action had been taken thereon. There
was not, I think more than one tenth in
the hall that were In attendance the
previous evening.
You w ill remember that there was sn
element la our ranks that tried very
hard to crowd Gresfcam on to the head
of our Uckst at the Omaha convention,
and you have never beard of that ele
ment loavlrg u.
New It ths People's party la eon en
tUn will be amused by a clown while
corpoiatlons write platforms and name
candidate for our ai ty, wbere, shall
we finally land?
land by your colors Mr Kditer. You
are making a good fight Your friend
will love ;iu and yur snetaks rct
leu all the more for the tetdao and
fatra of vour flint
Yun lav tot forguttea lb a we or
f aatit'd a new jarty to ox4 tbe so
ealUd intHwy tr, Twa tUt rwc
atie the tht powsr to roH through
uturylttae tregvt weapon that is
u'4 bj lad nudity power la t.p.f
the (Hwf or laboring eit
Askithe wetrel tt raL!rd,
have a sample ot that la the law of lat
wlslot ahich has beta M up la the
courts since the first of last August
This is good evidence that there is no
control this side of ownership.
Truly Yours,
Edison, Neb., John Stivers.
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It is facts, Information, education
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oppression and show what Is just, is a
fundamental, essential part of our work.
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A Co-operative Commonwealth.
A book for all wbo believe the competitive
commercial struKKls should be superseded by
a jUMt economic system of production and dis
tribution. A book also for tbose who believe
competition necessary. Postpaid, paper covers
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Etrera in Our Monetary System and the
25 cents. We have not yet seen this book.
but the editor of The Coinlna Natloa verr
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Tne Duties of Man.
The great Italian, whose heart embraced the
world and whose thoughts will never die. He
uvea ana sunerea tor the industrial and doI il
eal emancipation of tbe maasea. Postpaid, 15
Socialism From Genesis to Rsvslation.
This book contains the fullest argumeit for
and against Hoc allsm of any American book.
Pull of statistics from the uretest nollilcal
econo'Dl'ta. A book that should be read by
ministers and Christians esueclallv. Cloth
only. 11.75.
Six Centuries of Work and Wsges.
Abridged with rbart and summary. Tbe facta
and tbethnughtsummaryof six Urge volutins.
A bltitorle collect lou of most valuable 1 for
mation bea- tng on the present rrluK by Kev.
W. U. P. mite Introduction by Prof K T.
Kir ol the Miale University of Wisconsin.
Paper, tt cents.
Civilisation's Inferno,
iraa rniwru
Studies In thsiMN laiceiUr. A .ituuls. thrilling
rr rtoi w nail be Arms editor l,mi upon
ua hta own eye In ids leneutwni districts ol
itoalon. A boo WHICH lu l.l urilv lrila
and arouse turn, t loth (t bu, tMunr id outs.
Leok'nf Backward.
A book noon ran aflrd to iuus reading, "H
1)4 rvtutittlvd ibe ,,uuk) ol ttMfx,antry
aoutber ba has evr dune." TrauMi4
linu i.mj ail l.urolMMtt Ui sua-. tut
'iuriliiu4 story ikl tote in tn lull Hht ul
on tbe r4t social irub!m, alitilunt
ke ai.i tv4 it, Uta ! lu. tuiwr au
The Is van Financial Cortapiiaslas.
Vklsltltt .. aUk lu a4 tt rlreala-
iMtt itl lutiuvbre tu tbe rarmats Altuu,.
tttow how tke Mxir uvr k atk(Ml s
kiuutiet a tMK'h ta auw tr,4 ui t
the ..u l (t kui, tu u I Uw vt. t k t
Ten Ma ef llooey Ulnd.
BVttit. H. r NoKTtM.
Atitkf h ! aiuir ewjrh ft Is tke
4u,f aaj iM,ty4NtMi Wkloiii,''! ,
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Ths faijo4 y Jut ton.
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